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...More on previous page The Garford Inrow rotary weeder displayed attracted interest from salad producers. Latest versions are available with electric motor drive requiring less power than the standard hydraulic driven version. Faster forward speeds are possible and the electric hoes can cope with up to six plants per second. Versions up to 20 rows are available and demand, according to sales specialist George Hall (centre), is from both organic and conventional growers of crops including brassicas, salad, chives and bunched onions. A tractor-mounted electric power pack produces 42 volts to drive the motors. Pictured with George are Harry Coppin (left) who joined Garford late last year after graduating from Writtle with a degree in agriculture, and Lincolnshire based Peck area sales manager Tom Clark. “We have an excellent relationship with George and the rest of the Garford team,” said Tom. “Their technical knowledge is superb and when we are setting up new machines for customers they have the hoe working in a very short time and the customer familiar with all the information needed.” New Stocks-Ag narrow dual wheels have been introduced to suit wide maize rows. Available in any width the version displayed was set at 750mm and suitable for tractors up to 300hp, depending on tyre rating. “We have had a lot of interest,” said Stocks technical sales representative Henry Potter (pictured) . “The standard Stocks wheels remain most popular but this new cotton reel hub design makes it easy to remove the hub and use the two wheels separately as single wheel sets for two tractors so it’s a versatile solution.”

Pictured on the New Holland stand (l-r) are CNH Ind Finance representative Bhumika Patel; New Holland area sales representative David Carver; Ian Loversidge; CNH Finance representative Francesca Jacobs; New Holland general sales manager Richard Shelton; Peck sales director Stewart Barnett; CNH Finance representative Anna Strozek; New Holland high horsepower tractor specialist Tim Lowden and Midlands area sales manager Des Connelly.

More over page... New and existing customers for JCB products had plenty of support available at the event from Pecks AgriTrac and JCB representatives; Pictured (l-r) Edward Roach; James Bumphrey; Richard Foxley; Ian Loversidge; Simon Dack; Paul Coffey; Ken Beard; Jon Wareing; Gregg Fitton; David Timmis; Matthew Buddle; Mark Eastoll and John Concha.

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