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Spring Spraying

Trailed and tractor-mounted sprayer additons Hermes, Berthoud’s new mounted sprayer with EcoMatic.

Sprayer manufacturer Berthoud has unveiled two new ranges of sprayer – the high-specification trailed Vantage and the tractor-mounted Hermes. The Vantage features Actiflex II axle suspension, Dualmatic systems operation valve and its motorised version Dualelec, as well as the Berthoud boom range. It offers customers a ‘made-to-measure’ spraying solution adapted to their farm and their crops, says the

manufacturer. Standard EC Tronic controls provide simple accurate operation. Alternatively Isobus technology is available either with the Berthoud VT Tronic touch screen or Isotronic directly on the virtual screen of the tractor. The hand-held remote joystick E Pilot is available on all systems. The Vantage has a low centre of gravity and dynamic tank design. The compact proportions mean

good handling and stability both on the road and in the field while also limiting residual volumes. Other features include the Omega pump and the simple to use Berlogic panel. The Vantage range of trailed sprayers comprises five models of 2,800, 3,500, 4,300 and 5,500 and 6,700 litres that can be fitted with three boom types ranging from 24–44m. Meanwhile the Hermes features a modern and compact design, reducing overall length by up to 30cm from models it replaces. Its close coupling optimised weight and centre of gravity, improve weight distribution on the tractor, thereby ensuring better balance. Another feature is EcoMatic operation. The main innovation lies in the assembly of function valves fitted directly to the body of the Gama spray pump (101 or 130 options) and its unique control

mechanism. The single control offers simple and economic functions for the operator. EcoMatic also allows the operator to follow a simple, pre-defined sequential rinse procedure. The new Hermes is available with a choice of three tank sizes: 800, 1,000 and 1,200 litres and a new range of ALSR rear-folding booms of 15, 16 or 18m. Suspension on Axiale central pivot system gives the boom excellent stability and good performance on slopes, turns and headlands. Robust and compact due to its L-shaped structure, it complies with the regulatory road width of 2.55m. ■

Berthoud EcoMatic.


Only BoomControl Pro keeps you this close to the crop. Our extensive research show that maintaining a small spraying distance from the crop is essential in controlling costly drift. BoomControl Pro keeps the boom less than 40cm from the crop at 30kph over hilly terrain.

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Farmers Guide February 2018  

Farmers Guide Magazine February 2018 Issue

Farmers Guide February 2018  

Farmers Guide Magazine February 2018 Issue