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Impressive test of latest Manitou handlers

p Cab access is excellent. Large grab handles and a wide opening door make it easy to enter and exit and a cutaway cab floor above the step means feet remain firmly on the steps even while leaning into the cab.

Farmers Guide was invited to try out Manitou’s latest NewAg handlers, with revolutionary features improving operating efficiency.

Supplies of the all-new telescopic handlers from Manitou were limited until production caught up with demand. David Williams tried out the new models. Manitou launched its MLT NewAg range with a host of new features designed to improve user experience and productivity. NewAg models cover the popular midsize market segment and getting them right is essential for the manufacturer to compete against some very stiff competition. A totally new cab provided an opportunity to start with a clean sheet in terms of control layout and comfort and adding new transmissions to the line-up means dealers can offer something for every situation and to suit user preference.

Transmission options Transmission options are Powershuttle; base torque converter with four manual gears. Powershift Plus includes manual or automatic gear changing with constant drive torque maintained. M-Varioshift is hydrostatic with two speed ranges, and M-Vario Plus is the top version with a single 0-40kph speed range

and the ability to automatically adjust torque. The range offers lift heights from 5.85-9.00m and capacities from 3,000-4,100kg. Deutz engines provide 101-136hp. Three specification variants are available for most models including Classic, Premium with additional features and Elite.

Compact model retained The smallest model is the MLT630, which replaces the previous MLT629. There are three versions, all with 101hp, including a compact MLT630105CP, which is 2.14m high, and 2.06m wide on 20in wheels. This is available only with Vario (hydrostatic) transmission incorporating two speed ranges and offering 40kph maximum transport speed. The MLT630-105 has a 4-speed manual torque converter transmission and is available on tyres up to 460/70R24, but is also available as the MLT630-105V with hydrostatic transmission.

Controls are all-new. Colour-coded operating buttons can be lifted out and inserted in different slots to suit operator preference without re-wiring.

New transmission The MLT635 has 3,500kg lift capacity and is available in 129hp 130PS+ 6-speed torque converter, and 136hp 140V+ CVT variants. V+ transmissions use two radial piston motors to provide the drive. This allows superb flexibility and great fuel economy as below 16kph both motors operate providing maximum torque for yard work equivalent to a torque converter, but above 16kph up to maximum 40kph just one motor operates, saving fuel with reduced oil flow. The V+ version with its more powerful engine also offers higher hydraulic oil flow rates up to 170 litres/min for faster cycle times.

Hydrostatic drive benefits Hydrostatic drive provides additional user-friendly features including selectable ‘Comfort’ and ‘Dynamic’ operating modes allowing drive take-up to be tailored to the work situation. For handling full buckets of grain on concrete, for example, selecting comfort mode provides gentle acceleration and direction changes to minimise spillage during shuttling. An ‘Inching’ feature allows the operator to speed up boom movements using increased engine speed, even while reducing travel speed. Eco mode allows the user to optimise engine speed for economy and reduced noise, without compromising boom and attachment movements for situations where maximum power isn’t required. Regenerative hydraulics are

standard on Premium and Elite V+ models, but an option on PS+. When selected, this allows boom descent by gravity rather than requiring pumped hydraulic oil flow providing faster boom cycle times and leaving oil flow available for other functions.

Intelligent Hydraulics Intelligent Hydraulics are an option on PS+, and V+ Classic and Premium models but standard on V+ Elite. This feature includes additional modes to aid users and increase work-rates. ‘Quicklift’ maintains a constant fork or bucket position relative to the front of the machine by simultaneously extending or retracting the boom during lifting and lowering. This is ideal for operations such as pallet stacking or trailer loading. ‘Bucket Shaker,’ as the name suggests, provides automated bucket shaking during tipping to free sticky materials. ‘Return to Load’ allows a bucket to return to a ‘memorised’ position with just one touch on the controls, speeding up each loading cycle. continued over...

Ease of maintenance features highly. The dashboard display includes service interval warnings and remote greasing points will be popular with users, avoiding the need to kneel in slurry for access.


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