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Farm Security

Electric gates give better Fencing solutions that last security

Solar powered sliding gate.

Electric entrance gates are a proven way to enhance security says Wellington Security. The north Essex based company specialises in both hinging and trackless sliding gates with options for mains or solar power. Its range of robust but simple gates offers a variety of access control measures including radio fobs, keypads, dial-in telephone relays, GSM intercoms, underground sensors and timers. Hinging gates (with up to 6m

opening width) are manufactured as standard with an underground crossbar enhancing the strength and simplifying the installation, says the company. Meanwhile sliding gates are available up to 9m width. These are galvanised and powdercoated and include six safety edges and two safety beams to ensure they meet current safety standards. The company’s standard 250W solar system is designed to power either type of gate.



Suffolk-based Kiwi Fencing offers a wide range of fencing solutions including stock, deer, rabbit and poultry fencing as well as security fences, gates, corrals and fencing repairs. “Stock netting is a major type of work we undertake,” says a spokesperson. “Our stock netting is from Tornado wire which we know stands the test of time in the most harsh conditions. It’s a product we have used for over 20 years.” The company uses high-tensile netting with large straining/corner posts and stay assemblies allowing the netting to be correctly tensioned. This combination offers maximum strength and longevity to the fence, it says. “We can source netting in heights

ranging from 80-200cm. There are standard specifications for every fencing requirement or we can offer bespoke products tailored to your needs.” Kiwi offers a choice of treatment in Class 4, chestnut or pressure treated creosote. It can supply timber gates from Charlton Gates in Somerset and metal gates from IAE. ■

Kiwi Fencing supplies a range of gates.

Secure storage containers Expensive tools and farmyard equipment can be securely stored in storage containers which have further benefits including fire resistance. Containers have an instant advantage over barns, as they are secure, waterproof and portable, says Stockton-based Mr Box. The company can supply containers from 8–40ft in length. A 40ft container will securely house even the largest of farm vehicles, says a spokesman. “This makes a container an ideal alternative secure garage to keep your quads, tractors, trucks, mowers and combine harvesters safe.” The company can supply bespoke chemical and COSHH stores which meet all Health & Safety Executive requirements. They are fire resistant, capable of retaining spillages, remain

dry and frost-free, are adequately ventilated, and ensure security against unauthorised access. Mr Box, part of the Mobile Mini family can also supply steel portable accommodation units and container conversions. Containers are available for sale and hire both new and second-hand.

Storage containers are ideal to keep farm equipment safe, says Mr Box.

Pressure treated C4 or pressure treated creosote posts options

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