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Rules of moling hold firm The high-clear beam version of Miles Drainage’s mole plough.

Miles Drainage is exhibiting its trailed single-leg mole plough, offered both in standard and high-clear beam versions, the latter available with a pitch adjuster. These machines are recommended for use with tracklayers of at least 150hp or wheeled tractors of 200hp or more. Mole draining is a relatively cheap and simple operation, essential for the effective draining of clay soils. With the very dry start to the year, it’s difficult to gauge what moling conditions will be like post-harvest, says Miles Drainage. It’s therefore more important than ever to pay attention to the fundamental principles, it adds. The existing drainage scheme should have stone backfill to at least 100mm above the depth of moling, with the headland drain far enough from the boundary or margin, at least

14m. The soil moisture content should be such that the surface is dry enough for effective tractor traction and the subsoil is firm at moling depth, but plastic enough to compress into a channel. Above moling depth, the dryer the soil the greater the fissuring produced and, therefore, the more effective the water removal. Following mole draining, the field should be rolled, cultivated or ploughed to prevent any sudden rainfall from causing siltation or the mole roof to collapse. Based in East Anglia but operating nationwide, Miles Drainage provides a GPS-based quality land-drainage design and installation service to agricultural, equestrian and sports field customers. The company manufactures the single-leg mole plough, as well as supplying spares and wearing parts. ■ Stand 359.

New products buck regulatory limitation trend Agchem manufacturer Belchim Crop Protection is inviting growers onto its stand to enter a competition to win a Samsung 10in tablet and to leave armed with knowledge about additional tools to increase crop yields. Visitors to the stand will have access to experts who’ll be on hand to discuss the company’s expanding portfolio and provide solutions to a wide range of technical issues. Development and marketing manager Simon Leak (right) says: “As active ingredients continue to come under regulatory threat we’re aiming to redress the balance and 2017 will be another important year for Belchim and growers alike. “This year we’re launching a new post-emergence maize herbicide that picks up some of the key problem weeds and adds robustness to the herbicide


LEMKEN’s Diamant 11 and Diamant 12 series fulfil ultimate requirements regarding plough technology. They are not only easy to set up and operate, but impress above all through their outstanding efficiency. Experience the following highlights (among many others) and discover the benefits for yourself:

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programme. “Also with potential active herbicide ingredient losses in potatoes, starting with linuron, now confirmed for final use-up by 3rd June 2018, Belchim is putting the full force of its technical expertise behind a number of very recent introductions for this crop. “Gozai is a broadspectrum contact herbicide and potato desiccant, while Praxim is a preemergence residual herbicide with no varietal or soil-type restrictions.” The crop plots on Belchim’s stand will show these herbicides and other portfolio products in action to encourage discussions on how best to incorporate them into individual crop protection programmes. Refreshments are also being offered. Stand 610.

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Large clearance for fast turning Traction enhancement to reduce slip Hydromatic for disruption-free ploughing even in stony soils Skimmer with easy adjustment options - all without tools

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