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Formulated for success With glyphosate registration being extended until December 2017, Nufarm, one of the global manufacturers of this important molecule, is promoting Kyleo, a stateof-the-art optimised formulation containing glyphosate and 2,4-D. Nufarm marketing manager for UK and Ireland Jon Staton says: “Kyleo offers growers a whole set of benefits over and above straight glyphosate. “Growers using it for weed control in stubbles will find that it not only controls a wide range of grass and broad-leaved weeds not well controlled by normal glyphosate products, such as annual nettle, but also provides faster kill of weeds including volunteer oilseed rape to reduce potential for pest and disease carryover to new drillings. “Its major uses are weed control in stubbles, stale seedbeds and grassland destruction.” Kyleo’s formulation with its lipophilic action maximises uptake of both active ingredients, 13 per cent more glyphosate than standard glyphosate products, ensuring maximum activity and rainfastness

Black-grass is a major weed on the farm, particularly on the heavier soils. It infests all the crops and everything we do on the arable side is focused towards its control. “Stale seedbeds are an important cultural control measure for us, so Kyleo is an important part of our weed control strategy. “In wheat we use a stack of residuals including Crystal, Liberator and DFF as well as Avadex. I’ve stopped using post-ems such as Atlantis now, because of widespread resistance. “In oilseed rape we use Kerb and try to disturb the soil as little as possible when preparing the seedbed. I’m pleased with the way Kerb has performed, but we have to be careful to avoid burying any black-grass seed any deeper than 5cm. “This year we’ve seen more blackgrass in rape as the crop appears to be less competitive. “It’s important to use a range of cultural and chemical means as a weed control strategy,” Chris states. Jason Turnbull of Bartlow Estates, also in Cambridgeshire, used Kyleo

within an hour. National distributor Hutchinson’s technical development director Dr David Ellerton is also of the view that formulation chemistry for any glyphosate-containing herbicide is of major significance to its overall performance. He says: “Kyleo has the benefit of 2,4-D and its special formulation allows more glyphosate to get into weeds much quicker. It is also much more rainfast, which is a big benefit. “The addition of 2,4-D adds many more weeds to the spectrum, in particular weeds that glyphosate doesn’t control well, such as nettles and volunteer rape. “Kyleo is also a non-tallow amine formulation, which I think will be important for the future.” David also says that growers need to be aware of the following crop restrictions on the Kyleo label. Farm manager for Behagg Farms in Cambridgeshire, Chris Behagg has used Kyleo to spray off a stale seedbed. He says: “My weed targets were volunteer beans as well as blackgrass and Kyleo did a marvellous job.

Hutchinson’s technical development director Dr David Ellerton.

for the first time in January to burn off a cover crop prior to drilling spring beans and sugar beet. “The cover crop consisted of oil radish, spring oats and vetch,” he says. “Certainly Kyleo gave a much quicker knockdown of a highbiomass cover crop canopy when compared with glyphosate, which was much slower. “Kyleo cleaned up everything, with the possible exception of vetch which it stunted, and it has a good wide weed spectrum.” ■ 08R51B


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