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Firstly, the name itself has caused many heads to turn with raised eyebrows. Based on some iPad reviews, certainly a well-known manufacturer of excellent IT products could have come up with a better name. Apparently, earlier options were thrown in the air and only iPad made the cut. iPad's physical appearance is not overly spectacular. It comes with clean cut lines, smooth curves and a glossy black bezel bordering the screen. Reviewers were initially critical on the wide bezel but later accepted its practicality in avoiding accidental contact with the touch screen. Since it bears a resemblance to its family of past appliances, it reduces the learning curve. The lack of a USB port or SD card reader, common devices in use today, is a let-down. Absence of a web camera also disallows the user from conducting video chats. Screen quality is good with its wide dimension and sharp resolution, allowing the user to read and watch content with clarity. Once again, being built on the same operating system as its family of appliances, iPad interface is easy learning for past users. For first time users, the interface may take some getting used to as iPad doesn't follow the conventional method of files, folders and windows. Lack of multi-tasking abilities is also a perplexing issue for most users. Since its built-in web browser doesn't support the most common platform for rich media experience, iPad reviews are disappointing when viewing other sites' pages built on this platform. Fortunately, iPad interface is good for reading e-books with its friendly layout, clear display, built-in dictionary, easy search and bookmark options. Viewing of streaming videos is great via its large screen. Its compatibility with other apps within its family of devices provides a seamless experience as the user is able to synchronize information between iPad and these other devices. Third party applications come aplenty, chargeable or free. Some apps work really well for readers of news publications and comics, whereas others focus on streaming video via its Wi-Fi or GPS connection, Wi-Fi being the faster option. Battery life received favorable iPad reviews as tests by user groups outlasted the manufacturer's claim. iPad's manufacturer is touted to be a formidable force to its old rival, possibly even topping it. Whether it will ring true remains to be seen in iPad's ability to go past its limitations and live up to the publicity.

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Apple iPad Review  

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