Native Plant and Service Directory, Fall 2019-20

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Advancing the Next Generation for Native Plants Volunteer Bruce Turley, owner of a garden center and landscaping business, points out plant spacing issues in a design. Bruce’s decades of experience in maintaining landscapes enables him to pass on important information not generally available in textbooks. Volunteer Larry Teague, landscape architect and small business owner, discusses a student’s design, as part of a “Pin Ups” event for landscape architecture students on campus at the University of Florida, College of Design, Construction and Planning.

Research shows that landscape architects have the greatest influence on plant selection in urban landscapes. The foundation works with universities training future landscape architects to help students learn about native plants. We focus on providing students opportunities to get “real world” information based on practical experience with the plants. And through our partnerships with industry associations like FANN, students can network with industry professionals and gain exposure to future employers.

Volunteer Jerry Fritz (orange shirt), retired tree farmer, talks with landscape architecture students scouting out the site for their competitive landscape design submittals.

Native plants are a simple solution to address urgent problems of water supply and quantity, pollinators, climate resilience and the health of ecosystems that support our lives. With rapid urbanization of our planet, it’s essential to make many more native plants available and train professionals to grow, plant and maintain them.

YOU can make the difference, as does Wendel Martinkovic, pictured here with foundation staff on a visit to our office in Melbourne. A small organic grower of native plants and vegetables, Wendel understands the value of educating the public and the next generation of professionals.


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