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Fueled by Fan Passion:! FanFueled is a crowd-sourced marketing community that generates revenue for! its members by harnessing the power of word-of-mouth. Through patented! software that tracks the viral reach of each customer’s voice, FanFueled! converts passion and influence into cash and rewards, incentivizing fans to! engage with, shop for, and share the brands that they’re passionate about.! o  Identify and Reward Influencers! o  Accelerate Revenue! o  Increase Consumer Loyalty! o  Amplify Digital Marketing!


Revolutionizing Fan Engagement:! • 

On your FanFueled page, customize actions to amplify and streamline digital marketing efforts.!


Fans engage with and share your content to earn points. !


Drive online activity through site-specific actions and tasks.!

Accelerating Revenue through Engagement:! • 

Populate your ‘Shop’ tab with your products and promotions.!


Fans shop and share to earn points and cash.!


FanFueled sets aside a percentage of the commission to reward fans for influencing new transactions, driving shares and new revenue. !


FanFueled also shares a percentage of the commission generated through these transactions with you, the influencer.!

Accelerating Revenue through Word of Mouth:! • 

Fans curate their FanFueled profile with purchased products.!


Community members discover new products and experiences through their most trusted sources, their friends.!


If a fan purchases an item through your FanFueled page, you are tied to that order as an ‘Influencer.’!


As community members shop and share through their friends’ profiles, you earn commission on every transaction that’s linked back to that original purchase.!

Accelerating Revenue through Membership:! • 

Fans can also shop through the FanFueled Mall to earn cash and FanFueled points.!


Fans can use these points on ANY platform.!


When a Fan uses FanFueled points on your page, we pay you for those points! !

If you can think of it, FanFueled can track and reward it:
 Samples of Custom Actions:! Product Sales! Watch a video! Shares, Likes, posts, comments! Follows, Tweets & Retweets! Donations! Friend referrals! Check-Ins! Most importantly, and unique to FanFueled’s patented platform, FanFueled can track and reward these actions on multiple degrees of separation.!


Innovative Non-Profit Partner Integration:!

Customized Digital Scavenger Hunts:! • 

FanFueled also builds white-labeled Digital Scavenger Hunts for brands.!


Each week, one to two Challenges are released that drive online and in-store engagement.!


Each Challenge can include multiple steps. !


Hunts are 100% mobile optimized. !

Challenges Include:! • 

Posting custom content to Facebook and Twitter.!


Finding hidden links online.!


Answering trivia questions.!


Scanning QR codes.!


Checking in at locations and earning speed bonus points.!




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FanFueled Overview _ Pepsi  

A FanFueled Overview for Pepsi and its brands.

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