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ssue 29, and once again we have a jam packed issue for you. Our Team has

really put a great issue together.

Editors Note

On the front cover this month is a mighty metal band that goes by the name Terminatryx. Very cool stuff so go check them out in the Full Metal Panic section of the mag. Speaking of Full Metal Panic go check out our new team members helping Ryno put the full metal section together. Welcome on board guys and I look forward to working with you. Our Durban girls have also been busy this month with reviews and gig reviews. Go check out their stuff of The Hinds Brothers and also The Accidentals and a great Mother’s day gig review where The Parlotones played at the Old Mutual Botanical Gardens. Very Kewl stuff. I interview the band Reburn, go check out their interview and support this awesome band. I like them and I’m sure so will you. Ladies and Gentleman, I got 3 words for you, Kings of Chaos. Yep we have some awesome rock stars visiting our shores and I for one cannot wait. If you can get to the gig then we will see you there so come over and say hi. Our Togger of the month is Des Swan Photography, she takes some awesome pics so go check out her pics and interview and next time you need a Togger then get hold of her. You won’t be disappointed. With articles, interviews, gig reviews this issue is jam packed and we’re sure you’re going to be blown away so happy reading. A big thank you to my awesome team, you all rock and you are the real reason why there is a new mag out every month. Hobo hugs Duwyne



WRITING IS ON THE WALL Hi there guys Dear Fanbase Team Congrats on an awesome mag I look forward to reading your mag every month. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for keeping us up to date on what's happening in the music world. Fanbase Music Mag Rocks Sent in by Dillion Humprey

Sent in by Peter Crous

Hey Dillion

Hey Peter

Cool beans and thank you for the kind words. You rock man, enjoy this issue

Thanx for the kind words, we hope you enjoy this issue. Thanx for your email



Hey everyone out there—don’t be shy, drop us a note for “The Wall”. Would luv to hear from you all ! The Fanbase Team

I am so freaken excited, I really cannot wait!!! The Kings of Chaos is coming to South Africa. Now if you don’t know who The Kings of Chaos is then let me put it to you this way... Guns n Roses, Def Leopard, Velvet Revolver, Collective Soul, Deep Purple, Slash/ Alter Bridge… Do any of those bands mean anything to you? Well picture a super group where members of the above bands get together and play all their big hits. Well that is who The Kings of Chaos are, all on one stage, performing together in South Africa. The only disappointment of this event is original vocalist Sabastian Bach from Skid Row had to pull out due to unforeseen circumstances, but don’t stress, he was very quickly replaced by Alter Bridge/Slash Vocalist Myles Kennedy. So as you can see this all makes for one of the biggest rock shows you will EVER get to witness. If you haven’t got your tickets yet then make a plan quick because this will be the concert of the century!!!

We’ve had another busy month with loads to be excited about. We had a fab time interviewing The Accidentals and the wonderful Mothers Day show with the Parlatone s was something we still talk about. We cannot wait to see Johnny Cleg live for the first time. The Gardens sure know how to put together a show. Tuesday music sessions have been jamming with some really good talent this month. We met up with Gus Brown and The Hinds Brothers. Many more are still to come from our little Durban shore happenings. Peace out

Cool Runnings Gus Brown Gus Brown was the latest performance at this week’s Cool Runnings Tuesday Music Session @TuesdayMS. Gavin Welsh lead singer welcomed us as we walked in right before the show was about to start. He started off with one of my favourite musical instruments, the sweet sounds of the harmonica. Dale Vickery and Nick Vickery both on guitar. Gus brown band is a new band that came together just under a year ago for the love of acoustic music We got our drinks and sat down close enough to be in eye sight of this Folk Funk band. For me it has a very, not country but southern sound to it. All the songs are written by Dale as well. He will be getting married in a very short time and we wish him and his future wife to be the best for the future and many more to come. The band was singings tunes like, Coming Home, Time keeps Ticking Away, Sum People Say and Blind leading the Blind that’s play listed on ‘ I want my’. Their music is very catchy and easy to sing along to. They do have music out on ReverbNation so go ahead and listen to this rocking new band. A rumour has it that they will also host a Festival at the end of the year on the beach. Now I would not want to miss listening to this band barefoot in the sand with some fires going so we will keep you up to date as soon as we have some more info Xx Gig Review done by : Tania Meyer

The Hinds Brothers

The Hinds brothers are a new name for me but not one I want to keep that way. These two handsome young men seem to be free at heart and enjoy the simple things of making music. Aden Hinds & Wren Hinds form this Independent pair. Their new album "Ocean of milk" will be released early in the Winter. Born & Raised on the South coast of KZN you can feel the soul of the music & melody that they themselves write and sing. “Played from the heart of the beat� they have an Alt Acoustic Folk Rock feel. Tonight Bruce Baker and Richard Haslop accompanied the two on stage. Bruce on the drums and Richard on the Dobro & Mandolin. The twosome inspirations are from bands like The Beatles, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Van Morris and many more. The duo has agreed to give Fanbase Music an interview with the release of the album. These two guys hit the @coolrunning venue for the @tuesday_ms and what a feeling of country hit the music boxes. And you could see the boys where having fun as they were making jokes with the fans who were cheering them on to sing. Joining them on stage was Richard, and boy was he playing a mandolin and for the first time I got the privilege of hearing it. Lets not forget our drummer Bruce Baker sitting in from the Ard Mathews Affair. The Hinds Brothers Anden and Wren was bursting with excitement when they told the crowd about the new EP release that will soon be happening right under their noses. I enjoyed their country folk music and soon will be getting down for a chit chat with the gang. You can get them on Sound Cloud , Facebook & Twitter ./

Gigg Review: The Parlotones

3800 People at the botanical gardens on Mother’s day was one event I didn’t want to miss. We had the honour of attending this magical day with 3 “Fanbase” Moms thanks too Total Exposure and Old Mutual. From the moment that we walked through the gates the garden was packed with families from all walks of life. Thanks to all organisers Old Mutual, Impi Productions, ECR, for organising this fun filled day (be possible, but alas the heavens opened and the sun poked its head out in full force, what a nice winters sunny day.) All settled in front of the stage as our opening band takes to the stage, “Asleep in transit” was the band in question. My toes started tapping and the Indi beat was in my bones. We started asking and wondering where this band came from just lead singer were handing out copies of their new album Kaleidoscope fall out the sky to all the new fans around. I had found my new favourite. This five piece Indi band with their two guest stars Hezron Chetty (The accidentals) on violin and David Jenkins on banjo, were rocking the place out. I never did get to meet the “Asleep in transit” band members, Allister Christie (acoustic and vocals) Irina Buzdugan (lead singer and on instruments) Brother Vlad Buzdugan (synth) Joshua Woolf (drummer) and Chris Mcnabb. But I’m definitely getting hold of them for a future review. Maybe by then their second EP will be released. They are a young band with great inspiring attributes to the music industry. Their own individual styles bring them together in what they call “Asleep in Transit” is a new Durban-based Indie-Pop band who find their inspiration in the beauty of ordinary moments, and whose whimsical style and unmistakable charisma is fast making them one of Durban's favorites. Their set ranges from mellow and tranquil, to lively and full of energy. Sets appear like dialogues between a boy and a girl, combining to create contrasts and rich melodies, enriched by cello, bass guitar and percussion. Sparse and heartfelt at times, vibrant and full of texture, Asleep in Transit are a band whose sound is unmistakable.” I could not agree more.

Parlotones as the main event surely had all Moms old and young rushing to the stage. They have a great stage appearance in Red & Black and an upbeat, astoundingly humorous stage performance. With old favourites like “Sun Comes out” Colourful” and “I’ll be there “everyone was entertained. Kahn Morbee sang and played the guitar, Neil Pauw played drums, Paul Hodgson played guitar, Glenn Hodgson does keys, bass and vocals. To our luck one of our “Fanbase” Moms had her birthday on the same day as the show. Khan and the gang were more than happy to sign a cap and pose for a quick snap. At the end of the show two unknown songs where performed from their soon to be recorded album. It was electric and epic a must have for all CD collections everywhere. There travels and experiences have brought them far and surely made them one of South-Africa’s top bands.

Gig Review done by : Tania Meyer and Chantall van der Walt Photography done by : Lauren Fox

A Letter from a “Mothers Day” mother As a mother’s day tribute I was invited by Tania Meyer and Chantelle Van Der Walt the Durban writers for Fanbase Music magazine to spend an amazing Mother’s day with good friends and Family. The vibe was amazing!! So many happy faces, roaring crowds of people with so much excitement the buzz was a true experience from the young and old, I was amazed how many mothers brought their children to watch The Parlotones, a well-established South African band . It was a heartwarming experience to witness how many true South Africans support our local rock bands and how they install that in their children lives and as a developing country I feel it is very important to expose our children to our Local bands as a reminder there where our roots originate from

The saying goes without fail "LOCAL IS LEKKER”

A big, big thank you again to Music by the lake, Old Mutual, Total Exposure and Tania and Chantelle for the complimentary Mother’s day tickets from Fanbase Music magazine "the Durban team" YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

Simone Gail Fox

The Accidentals After some getting lost, and lost in time, we eventually met up with 2 members of an amazingly talented band The Accidentals. Matt Vend and Hezron Chetty very casually met up with us just after they had a performance at the Elizabeth Sneeden Theatre. Here is what they had to say.

Who are the members of the band? Hezron Chetty - Violin Matt Vend - Guitar, vocals Badger Mcfur - Bass Lappies – Drums What type of band are the The Accidentals? “The idea of giving the sound space to breath and move” Folk Rock Reggae is our genre but we pretty much try to please everybody, we write our own music from the experience we have gain from life, traveling Asia and Spain and singing in the small local seedy backwater of South-African. Who and what are your musical influences? Our Fathers old records, people like Shadows, Jimmy Reefs, Bread they all played a daily influence in our lives. I am a Michael Jackson fan says Matt, as he points out he even knew some moves. From a young age both men have had more than just one influence, and a dream of being a full time musician and live life making music.

Who and how did you come up with the name of the band? There are a lot of other bands around the world with this same name but we just decided we wanted to make one for here and keep the name going and we made it happen, slowly but surely piece by piece, band member by band member The Accidentals started jamming together and ‘accidently’ started a band. Badger Mcfur is one of matts old time friend and Lappies(Andrew Loubser from THC) who owns and does the production for Live the venue(Groundsweep Records) with Hezron and his musical violin these boys are making some good music What’s new in the recording of your music? We are expecting to release an album in 6months time.

A Little something on Matt and Hezron? The Incidentals are Matt’s and Hezron’s two piece duet band where both write and produce music. Matt on his acoustic guitar and Hezron the gypsie duke on violin. We have not been to one of their gigs but I’m sure we will hunt them down and join them for a show or two or three. Matt and Hezron are known for their music and there influence in the music industry and having many other band projects and ep they released under their own names. Thank You to both Matt and Hezron from The Accidentals for the great time spent. We wish you all the best of luck in your future. We will be keeping a close eye on this smashing group. Looking at their face book page the guys have been placing there music all over the place,

What are some of your pet peeves? Shows being played for free and some bands that play for bar tabs. We feel its talent wasted and that a false standard is put out there and hard to brake for the musicians who wants to make a living from this industry. What advice would you to give to other bands? Never give up work hard and promote hard. U got to put a lot of time in what u do to make it happen. You will always reap what you sow.

“never give up. Work hard and promote hard”

Eshowe, Toti, Ballito, and Bulwer. That’s just in one week. Winston Pub is also one of Matt’s venues around and often we are told to join them, Hezron also joins other bands as a guest star(Asleep In Transit)these gentlemen are striving in every way possible. There first release is up on the net and it is available for downloading through there bandcamp link http:// and you can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter

Awesome Surf Carnival in Durban this June June will be epic in Durban with the Durban Surf Carnival cranking up the heat along surf city’s legendary Golden Mile.

Presented by Jeep Apparel at New Pier between June 7 and 9, the Durban Surf Carnival has a feast of cool events for water sport lovers and competitors alike. Expect world class wave riding in the Longboarding, Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) and Retro Surfing divisions as well as during an unforgettable Traditional Longboard Expression Session that will showcase the golden days of surfing.

The Durban Surf Carnival includes the KZN Longboard Championships, the South African SUP Surfing Championships (Open men and Women’s divisions as well as the Juniors and legends division for over 45’s) and an all new Forgotten Soul Retro Surfing Division which will see surfers riding single-fin sub 7’0” surf boards.

Avid surf photographers can look forward to the SNAP Photographic Competition while beginners can expect to stand and surf before the weekend is over with the Mad Dog Surf School Free Learn to Surf clinic run by Shaun Sellman. Another new addition to this year’s event is the Club Zero fitness weekend. Club Zero will be running warm up and stretching sessions as well as some fun exercise programs on the beach.

For more information contact Nerve Events on 031-2012169 or go to

KARLA DU PLESSIS They say the grass is always greener on the other side, so welcome as we take a look and help you discover some artists that will rock your peanuts into butter. This month we kick off with Tzvika Force straight out of Israel, followed by an overview of the must-see Cape Town Rock Revival Tour featuring three crazy cool local bands and Wolftown’s hot new single launch! Enjoy! Karla

What sort of musical background do you have? I grew up in a musical house. My father was a cantor in the synagogue and has a great CD and LP collection. Music was always playing at my house. My older sister is also a singer and my little sister is a drummer. I never had any formal musical education, I'm an autodidact, I taught myself how to sing and play music. Are there artists which have influenced you growing up as well as currently? When I was younger I used to listen to Skunk Anansie, No Doubt, Anouk, Muse and Tori Amos. These days I usually listen to PJ Harvey, Regina Spektor, The Mars Volta, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Metronomy. What inspires you to write? It has to be some sort of an extreme emotion or state of being, either deep sorrow or great joy. It's always changing. I think I started writing when I was very sad and heartbroken and this feeling just stuck while I write songs, to this day. It feels more natural for me to create while I'm in this state. What do you hope to achieve with your music? I want to make music all the time. I want to tour the world and for people to can't wait to listen to my music. Here in Israel, the music industry is very small and it's quite difficult to get by, especially if you sing in English. I want music to be my profession, something I can make a living from. Which genre(s) would you label your style? Alternative rock Which is your favorite venue to perform at so far and why?

Lastly, what are your thoughts on the Industry vs the Artist? I'm an independent artist and I released this album completely by myself. It wasn't easy and cost me a lot of money. I strongly support independent work that's not subject to the industry's dictates, which sometimes can suppress and limit one's creativity, although I also realize that without the industry's support you can't really be successful these days. Therefore I really hope to see more labels that'll support independent music and not necessarily mass productions.

“I strongly support independent work�

I really enjoyed preforming at In-DNegev festival. It's an indie festival in the desert which attracts big audience who's waiting to listen and discover new, kicking music. There's was something about the heat and desert winds combined with the audience and great music that created a very intense, moving experience for me. This is your first album, correct? Which in itself is quite an achievement. How long have you been working towards this goal? I've been performing on stages for five years and yet I felt I needed to take a moment, just stop and put the songs I was working on aside and write some new ones. Just to refresh myself and try something new. So I wrote the songs on this album and it took us a year to finish it.

Interview by: Karla du Plessis

CAPE TOWN ROCK REVIVAL TOUR Well the name pretty much speaks for itself: these guys are out to get all the music lovers out their rooms and rocking, and they’re getting it right. The tour features three alternative bands: Smugg Juggler, Caesium and Cold Hand Chemistry. Smugg Juggler has a slight tongue-in-cheek style of performance which means they have a ball on stage and so does the audience. Their sound is a mixture of styles, essentially hard rock, and from time to time the vocalist even whipped out a harmonica, giving it a slight blues feel. It is an absolute pleasure to witness these guys. Caesium, this band makes me so happy. Rock solid beats, fast melodic lead, passionate vocals, great progressions that flow smoothly into everything... musically, these guys are tighter than ever. Each song has a different feel to it while keeping to the same style. Few things beat progressive rock. Cold Hand Chemistry is a female fronted band with keyboard and bongos. Their instruments give it an extra element that you don’t often come across. The vocals and harmonies are beautifully complimented by the keys. Don’t miss out on your chance to watch these great bands perform! TOUR DATES: 

May 11th @The Jolly Roger, Plumstead

May 18th @ROAR, Gandalfs, Observatory

May 25th@The Rabbit Hole, Durbanville

June 15th @The Nameless Pub, Somerset West

June 22nd @Mercury, Zonnebloem

June 29th @Aandklas, Stellenbosch

WOLFTOWN – NEW SINGLE LAUNCH – 16 MAY 2013 This was really a special and well-organized evening. First off, the venue – fantastic. ‘It’s a House’ is a very vibey, uptown yet intimate setting with cosy couches that made me feel relaxed and right at home. The line-up consisted of three femalefronted bands: Jae Braun, Lexi Frame and headlining Wolftown. Jae gives off a relaxed, feel good presence with her beautiful vocals, swaying melodies and songwriter style stories. Lexi is a great performer who hits every pitch perfectly along a hot bass line and had the audience applauding wildly after each song. I waited in anticipation to hear Wolftown’s new single “Don’t You Know”, for their reputation quite precedes them. These guys have had their first single “Settle Down” feature on 5fm, ranked #3 on the rock chart and reached #1 on 2Oceansvibe Radio’s rock chart as well as Tuks fm. They have also performed at ‘Synergy’ and ‘Road to Rock’ festivals. They blew me away from the first beat. Doing an acoustic set, they started with a great 70s rock feel and followed with controlled vocals, ending her phrases beautifully, catchy melody lines and progressions, the instrumentals well written while keeping a raw element to their music, my ears were in heaven. This night actually made me realize how much our industry has to offer, and it makes me so happy to see local bands, that are really talented and passionate and have what it takes, getting recognition for their work. Thank you so much to everyone involved.


BACK IN CAPE TOWN FOR A SECOND SEASON Due to unprecedented public demand, Bovim Ballet is proud to announce a second Cape Town season of Sean Bovim's new Rock-'n-Roll Ballet, Private Presley, taking place at Baxter Theatre for a strictly limited season from 4th – 15thJune 2013. Sean Bovim's new Ballet pays tribute to the King. Featuring over 30 of Elvis Presley's hit songs, audiences can expect a kaleidoscope of timeless classics set to nostalgic, hip-swaying choreography. Bovim Ballet's multi-talented dancers are back to entertain people of all ages, and Bovim's signature choreography will continue to thrill, move and captivate you. Audiences can look forward to numbers like Always on my mind, Return to Sender, Suspicious Minds, Jailhouse Rock, Blue Moon, Blue Suede Shoes, Viva Las Vegas and many more foot-stomping, unforgettable hits. Top International fashion designers Ian West, Craig Port & KLÛK/CGDT who created brand new costumes for the first season, will once again have their creations showcased in the production. Set design by the renowned Ulrich Binedell and Lighting design by one of the top lighting experts in the country, Faheem Bardien. Says Sean Bovim, "I am so excited to reveal some of South Africa's newest rising stars in our second run of Private Presley. It is gratifying to be able to respond to the immense demand that we received for another run so soon after the first one. We’ve been told there were some people who saw the show 3 or 4 times! And those that missed it the first time round will have another opportunity to catch the show!" In the lead roles are some of South Africa’s most sought after dancers, including Trevor Schoonraad playing Elvis and Nicola Van der Merwe playing Priscilla, with the role of Natalie being played by Simoné Botha (Miss Deaf SA 2012). The full cast is Trevor Schoonraad (Elvis), Nicola Van der Merwe (Priscilla), James Bradley (Nick), Simoné Botha (Natalie), Devon Marshbank (Billy), Faye Dubinski (Juliet), Tanya Futter (AnnMargret), Grant Van Ster, Zandile Constable, Llewellyn Mnguni, Ché Milani, Martin Harding, Chris Ncekana, JV Mattei, Michele La Trobe, Tamryn Van Houten and Gillian Upsher. Critics raved about Private Presley's first run (Artscape Theatre April 2013 season): “The show is a hit.....Gripping Performance” - City Press “Treat fit for a King” - Cape Times “Visually Striking” – Cape Argus “Vibrant and Bubbly” - Dance Directory “What a Treat” - Dance Directory “Technically Perfect and Artistically Delightful” – FANBASE Magazine “Innovative and entertaining” - Dance Directory

Private Presleyfollows the gigantic rise of one of Rock ‘n Roll’s greatest legends. Set to some of his biggest hits, Private Presley portrays memorable and key moments from his jam-packed life. These include his romance and marriage to Priscilla Presley as well as his liaisons with women such as Natalie Wood, Juliet Prowse (raised in South Africa), and his camaraderie with the Memphis Mafia. The Ballet looks at Elvis’ private life, and well as his time in the US Army as a drafted soldier. You can expect to leave the theatre with nostalgic memories and a smile on your face, after having been thoroughly entertained by Bovim Ballet and lets not forget, Elvis Presley.

Bovim concludes; “We’ve received tremendous interest in this show both locally and internationally and so Bovim Ballet will shortly be preparing for additional casts to respond to this demand. It’s so heartwarming to be able to provide additional platforms to the incredible talent we have in South Africa.” Private Presley runs at Baxter Theatre for a strictly limited season from 4 – 15 June 2013. The show runs Tuesdays to Saturdays at 8pm with a matinee performance on Sunday 9 June at 3pm. Tickets range from R150 to R220 through Computicket or directly by calling the Baxter Theatre on (021) 685 7880. A 10% discount is available to Pensioners and Students. Private Presley has no age restriction although no under 3’s encouraged due to patron comfort. The show runs for 2 hours and 10 minutes including a 20 minute interval. For additional photographs and any interview requests, please contact Collett Dawson of The CoLab Network on or 082 653 1338.

Cape Town based Indie Rock band, Reburn, has an infectious, upbeat sound that sets stages ablaze everywhere they play. Led by two Scotsmen from Glasgow, they explode with the energy of British Indie Rock and razor sharp lashings of wit in their lyrics. Their onstage energy rips through crowds and gets the house shaking to their frenzied beats. Frontman Scottie Moore has a captivating stage persona which radiates energy. He is joined by Alex McFarlane (Guitar/vocals), Craig Hermanus (Guitar/ vocals), Quinton van Rooyen (Bass) and Wade "Potts"Brown (Drums). After independently releasing an EP, album and DVD, the band has been working hard in studio on a new album that includes the singles "We Are Here" and "You Shine". Reburn's music has been featured on the Animal Rights album "Innocent Blood", a Dead Kennedys cover album, and SuperSport's TV show "Girls Get Out There". They've also had significant radio success throughout the country with various singles including "Outta My Mind" and "Prodigal Son". The band has been filmed playing to a National TV audience and received airplay that included M-NET, MK, SABC, and Pro 20-20 Cricket. Reburn has appeared at all of the major music festivals in South Africa and received rave reviews for their live performances in the media. Stay tuned for their latest single, No Other Place, produced by London based producer, John Fortis (Prodigy, Razorlight, and Paulo Nutini) - due to be released soon.

Interview by: Duwyne Clayton

Did you all come from a musical background? Well, I think that everyone has an uncle that played guitar or an aunt that sang in church and we were all influenced by the music our folks played while we were growing up. I won’t mention who but one of our fathers is an exdrummer, 2 play guitar, one is a pretty good singer and one has moves like a spastic Elvis. What can you tell us about each member of the band? Alex: Scottish, Glasgow Celtic supporter, grew up listening to punk, Brit rock and alternative. Loves Indie Rock. Give him too much beer and he’ll teach you Scottish slang… Craig: Is the rhythm guitarist but surprisingly, he cannot dance. It doesn't matter though because very few people called Craig can. Quinton: Q is the bass player in the band. He listens to obscure music and has his own show on Assembly Radio called The Outsiders. He is also part of the Unhappy Hour Show on Bush Radio. People often think he's an avid sports fan because he is always seen shouting obscenities in pubs for the full duration of a five-day cricket match, PGA tour, even the Winter Olympics. He is not though. Scottie: Scottish, Celtic fan. Love taking the piss, movies, series and discovering new bands. A true passion for producing music and writing lyrics. Wade: Wade is the stereotypical drummer of the band, mainly because he plays the drums. He has a zen-like calmness about him despite resembling the The Predator in a certain light and angle. Who is the songwriter in the band and what is the process of your songwriting like? Generally each song will start with a riff that Alex or Craig brings to practice. Then we'll start to add parts, rewrite, and then all hell breaks loose. We can take 10 minutes, days, weeks or months to write a song and everyone has input on some level or at some point of the writing. Scottie is generally the guy tasked with lyrics since he is the one that has to sing it. Your song “No Other place” has been doing quite well and even been play listed on top radio station 5fm. What can you tell us about that song, what is it about and how did the writing of this song come about? Scottie: No other place, is a song about taking a look at my environment, our countries politics, my social standing, greener pastures and my short comings. Despite all of these issues we all face. There is still no other place I would rather be and no other face I would rather see because the love I have transcends all of the above.

Your second single, “Won’t Let Go”, is doing just as well on radio stations throughout the country, when can we expect a full length album? All things being perfect we are looking at the last quarter of 2013. What other albums/recordings do you have out and where can we get hold of them? We have an earlier album “All Tied Up” and a DVD available via mail order only. Knock and the door shall be opened unto thee. If we have never been to one of your gigs, what could we expect from your live performances? We love playing and we're always very excited to get out there in front of our friends and fans. We give it our all and see every opportunity to play as a chance gets more fans. We love hanging out with the audience and bands afterwards too. We're a very approachable bunch. Where is your fave venue to play at? The Assembly and Mercury have always treated us well and we love playing outside the City Bowl too. Buckley's in Edward Street comes to mind as a great venue with fantastic crowds. We find that the Sound Engineer has a lot to do with how much fun we have at a venue. There's a few top notch guys in town that whenever we walk into the room, we sigh with relief. Tyrone and Dirk from Point Blank and Neil Walters from R.O.A.R to name a few. There are some great engineers in town that can turn any room into a great venue.

“we love p always e there— approa

playing and we’re excited to get out — we’re a very achable bunch”

How can people get hold of you, do you have any social networks? We are quite active on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter and make a point of getting in touch with everyone that makes the effort to get in touch with us. For bookings, Erin at Southern Pulse handles our affairs, Ice Carstens handles press on an ad hoc basis and Marius van der Westhuizen is our general manager ( Thanx you so much for doing this interview with us guys, where can we expect to see you play in the near future? We are having our first gig on 21 June at Mercury with 3rd World Spectator as support. On 22 June we're playing Aandklas in Stellies and the week after we're hitting Mossel Bay for round two. We've been focusing heavily on songwriting as well working out internal structures for the band which demanded that we take a little bit of time out from gigs. We'll be back in full force from June onwards.

From sound track to graphic novel to theatre stage, South Africa’s brand new and original rock musical, Rockville 2069 comes to life at Pretoria SA State Theatre for 5 performances, from 27th June to 30th June 2013, for 5 performances only. The production then moves on to Durban in July and Bloemfontein in October. The futuristic Rockville 2069 is, at heart, a love story set against the backdrop of a postapocalyptic world and steeped in the philosophies that characterise the rebellion of the sixties, the seventies and those that are currently shaping our world. The story tells us of an Earth that has been destroyed by man's neglect and climate change, however one small archipelago of islands, known as Rockville, survives and is now home to a group of peace-loving rockers, sound technicians and musicians, celebrating 100 years of the Woodstock festival of 1969. The world comes to an end during the opening act of the music celebration and as survivors in the only breathable land left on earth; create a protective force field that shelters them from the frozen wasteland and toxic fog that is earth. In order to regenerate this vital shield with resonating sound waves, their musicians play each day at dusk and dawn. But their harmony and calm does not last long as a group of ragged outsiders wish to take control of their utopia and so a tale of betrayal, treachery and greed unfolds only to be saved at the very end in an epic "Battle of the Bands", fueled by loyalty and love. Rockville 2069 is a fully orchestrated production that sees over 50 artists and musicians collaborate to bring a new, sometimes discordant, always thrilling voice to the rock musical scene. Giving life to this contemporary rock musical is a top-notch creative team, led by composer Johnny Ray, with Bruno Paiola collaborating on the script and lyrics. Direction is by Gavin Wright (The Fresh Theatre Company) with music direction by Bryan Schimmel (Jersey Boys, Dreamgirls, Rent, We Will Rock You) and choreography by Celeste Botha (Boys in the Photograph). Denis Hutchinson is Lighting Designer, with Richard Smith being Sound Designer to complete the creative team. South Africa’s finest musical and acting talent will be taking the audience on this emotionally soaring journey of caution, hope, optimism, rebellion and joy. Lead Roles are performed by: Joseph Clark (Papa), Judy Ditchfield (Mama), Altus Theart (Ice), Norman Anstey (Starr), Khaya Maseko (Ozzimba), Bruce Little (Stache), LJ Urbani (Tyler). Shaun V plays our rebellious hero; JohnnyReb and introducing Caitlin Clerk as his love interest, Danielle. The ensemble joining them on stage includes; Dolly Louw, Natasha van der Merwe, JT Medupa, Marco Spaumer, Grant Towers, Suzi Swanepoel and Thiart Li. With 29 original tracks performed on stage combining rock ‘n roll sounds with techno music and a graphic novel adaptation, audiences will be treated to an evening of rousing and unforgettable experiences. The first three venues will be the musical adaptation aimed at introducing Rockville 2069 to the South African public, this will be followed by a stage show version in 2014. The first public performance of this developmental piece takes place at Pretoria SA State Theatre on Thursday 27th June, with a further 4 performances that weekend. The production then heads to Durban Playhouse Opera Theatre in July and Bloemfontein's Sand Du Plessis Theatre in October. Tickets range from R180 – R220 with a 10% discount offered to groups of 10 or more.

Dates of Rockville 2069 seasons in 2013: Pretoria SA State Theatre Thursday 27 June @ 8pm Friday 28 June @ 8pm Saturday 29 June @ 3pm and 8pm Sunday 30 June @ 3pm Bookings at Computicket.

Durban Playhouse Opera Theatre Friday 19 July @ 8pm Saturday 20 July @ 3pm and 8pm Sunday 21 July @ 3pm Bookings at Computicket

Bloemfontein’s Sand Du Plessis Theatre Thursday 24 October @ 8pm Friday 25 October @ 8pm Saturday 26 October at 3pm and 8pm Sunday 27 October at 3pm Bookings with PACOFS by calling 051 447 7772

Rockville 2069 runs for 2 hours 20 minutes including interval, and has no age restriction. No under 3’s encouraged for patron comfort. For more information, log onto Join the Facebook page for regular updates, cast biographies, character profiles and more: rockville2069arockmusical

Let your voice be heard – join the revolution!

International Electronic DJ—

Boys Noize

To play at Vodacom IN THE CITY Following the exciting announcement that UK indie sensations, alt-J, will be performing at this year’sVodacom In The City on 4 October, the word on Twitter, online radio and other social media platforms is: ‘will the next international act be a band or a DJ?’ In response, Vodacom In The City is proud to announce that award-winning DJ, Boys Noize, has been added to the growing international line up at this year’s event. Making music for over half his lifetime, Alex Ridha, well-known to the world of electronic music as Boys Noize , has graced some of the world’s biggest stages performing alongside huge industry names. Boys Noize has also cemented his place in Rolling Stone’s Top 10 ‘DJ’s Who Rule the Earth’ as well as a winning Beatport’s ‘Best Electronic Act’ three consecutive years. An undying work ethic and motivation to take electronic music to the next level on a global scale, Boys Noize has remixed and produced the biggest names in the global music world such as Depeche Mode, Draft Punk, Feist, Santigold, Scissor Sisters, Snoop Dogg and Skrilliexand is known for his innovative sound. Promising an explosive and electrifying performance, Boys Noize will be setting the decks on fire at the upcoming Bonnaroo, Rock AM Ring and Rock Werchter festivals before treating fans at this year’sVodacom In The City. Despite non-stop touring, his ever-expanding label roster and the increased demand for his time as a producer and remixer, Ridhaʼs primary loves continue to be the twin pursuits of making and performing music. Following the release of his third long-player Out Of the Black in late 2012, he presented the first Boys Noize 'Live' show to the masses. “I really wanted to give people a concert where I perform my music only. It ́s not that I don ́t like DJing anymore; I’m a DJ to the bone and will always be, but playing my tracks live and putting on a completely new show was something I wanted to do for a long time. It’s different, it’s fresh and that it’s what I love." See alt-Jay and Boys Noize atVodacom In The City at Mary Fitzgerald Square on 4 October 2013. Keep an eye out for the next international act, which will be announced soon! Fans are encouraged to get their tickets quickly from Webtickets as this event is expected to sell out fast. Event Information: Event Info: Email: Facebook: Twitter: @InTheCityJHB Tickets: Webtickets: Boys Noize information:


Boys Noize will also be performing at Rocking The Daisies alongside alt-J on the 5th of October 2013 at Cloof Wine Estate in Darling, Western Cape. For more info please visit Vodacom In the City is a Seed Experience: Like us on FB: /SeedExperiences Follow us on Twitter: @SeedExperiences

And watch us on YouTube:/user/weareseed1

Review by:

Duwyne Clayton

Photography by: Matt Williams

The SAMA nominee announcement in March was what was on everyone’s lips. Fanbase Music magazine was invited to all the fun and what a blast it was. The day started off with myself and Matt (Fanbase Photographer) making our way to the Nominee announcement which was held at the Turbine Hall in Newtown. We were greeted by familiar faces as Dianne and Sanesh from Total Exposure met us at the door, you can see they were busy as they were running around trying to get everything perfectly done. We made our way to our seats and waited for the event to start. As more people arrived you were able to see some familiar celebs taking their seats all hoping that they were one of the lucky ones to be nominated. Some well-known faces in the crowd was Elvis Blue, Lira, ChianoSky, Zonke, and even Randall Abrahams from Idols judges fame. As the event started and the people got seated, the nominee announcements were made. It was nice to witness all the excitement as each band/musicians name was called out. Well-done to all the Nominees and we wish you all the best of luck. After all the excitement of the Nominee announcement, the day was not yet over, as Matt and myself made our way back home for lunch, a short nap and change of clothes we made our way to the next location. It was time for the SAMAS nominee celebrations. Quite excited about this one we pull up to the venue in question which was held in Sandton at an awesome venue called The Sands. Very posh, I may add. We make our way to the entrance to register and are greeted by Sanesh and Diann (Total Exposure) who notify us that at about 8pm the local celebs are due to arrive so we were to make our way to the Yellow carpet for a chance to get some pics of the stars. A yellow carpet, I hear you say? Isn’t it supposed to be the red carpet? Well the event was sponsored by MTN hence why the color yellow. We got ourselves a drink and then made our way to the Yellow carpet to await the stars. The carpet soon filled up with photographers and television reporters all waiting to catch a glimpse or interview of the celebs. And Celebs there were.. It was so exciting seeing the stars walking past posing for pictures. Amongst the many stars were celebs like The Muffinz, ChianoSky, Lira, Zonke and even Freddie Van ‘Dango made an appearance who did some “uummm” sexy poses for the photographers hehe There were so many Celebs that it’s difficult to remember them all for this review but just know that the SAMAS nominee announcement is defo for the rich and famous and it was an awesome experience for Fanbase Music Magazine to get invited to such an event. Once again well done to all the nominees and good luck with the actual event on 1th May to be held at Suncity. There are some big names up for an award and I can’t wait to see who the lucky winners of the awards will be.


illions of viewers tuned into SABC 1 and

witnessed the glitz, glam and the pizazz at the 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards as Toya Delazy and Khuli Chana dominated the evening taking home 3 awards each at the Sun City Superbowl on Saturday, 11 May 2013. For Toya Delazy who had kicked off the evening with a high octane performance alongside rapper Reason, the awards for Newcomer of the Year and Best Pop Album serve as confirmation of her newly found status in the industry after a breakout year in 2012 with her debut hit album, Due Drop Deluxe. Jax Panix scooped the Best Producer award the previous night for his work on Toya’s album The outrageously talented Khuli Chana finally had his moment to shine in the spotlight as all the years of hard work finally paid off for the former Motswako protégé as he took home the coveted Best Male Artist, Best Rap Album and Album of the Year awards. Multi award winning Afro-fusion group Freshlyground scooped what must be fast becoming a familiar statuette for Duo or Group of the Year, further cementing their place as music royalty in South Africa. The fiercely contested Female Artist of the Year award saw songbird Kelly Khumalo beat off stiff competition from a very talented field. The almost three hour long show witnessed some unique and iconic collaborations from amongst others Zonke and Kabomo, ChianoSky with DJ Zinhle ft. Busiswa, Bobby van Jaarsveld with Oskido ft. Candy, Zozo & Sangere Superbeat, Desmond & The Tutus with Kabelo, Professor, Sfiso and Khaya ft. Proverb, Donald, Lira and crowd pleasers DJ Vetkuk & Mahoota ft. Dr Malinga & Manqoba amongst others. The guest presenters on stage to hand over the awards were some of the leading names in the entertainment industry: Rapulana Seiphemo, Tsholo Monedi, Gareth Cliff, Zahara, Loyiso Bala, Tailor, Pearl Thusi, Tumi Morake, Theo Kgosinkwe, Nhlanhla Nciza, Zolisa Xaluva, Glen Lewis, Tumi Morake, Greg Carlin and Thami Mgqolo. An emotional tribute to artists and other industry players that have passed on during the last year was movingly performed by Bongeziwe Mabandla, Nina Schumann, Steve Dyer, Herbie Tsoaeli and CH2 over a visual montage of these fallen icons. The Album of the Year medley was one of the major highlights of the star studded night as Khuli Chana, Kelly Khumalo, Maleh, Ntokozo Mbambo and The Muffinz took to the stage and left the over 5 000 strong crowd in rapturous applause. It was then left to the popular Menzi Ngubane and Sophie Ndaba to close off the night and present the coveted Album of the Year to an utterly surprised Khuli Chana. "MTN congratulates all the MTN SAMA 19 winners for the all their great effort put into consistently producing quality music. The standard of the music over the past year has seen our artists continuing to showcase sophistication which is fitting as we celebrate our 10th year partnership with the SAMAs in what is their 19th anniversary. We believe that the MTN SAMA 20 next year will continue seeing new, amazing talent emerging in the industry to give us more of the best in South African music”,said Serame Taukobong Chief Marketing Officer at MTN SA.

The full list of categories and winners for the 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards are: • Album of the Year

Presented by Menzi Ngubane & Sophie Ndaba Khuli Chana Lost in Time • MTN Record of the Year Presented by Serame Taukobong:MTN Sfiso Ncwane Kulungile Baba • Duo or Group of the Year Presented by Arthur Mafokate & DJ Pepsi Freshlyground Take Me to the Dance • Female Artist of the Year Presented by Theo Kgosinkwe & Nhlanhla Nciza Kelly Khumalo The Past, The Present, The Future • Male Artist of the Year Presented by Theo Kgosinkwe & Nhlanhla Nciza Khuli Chana Lost in Time • Newcomer of the Year Presented by Arthur Mafokate & DJ Pepsi Toya Delazy Due Drop Deluxe • Best Rock Album Presented by Rapulana Seiphemo & Tsholo Monedi Zebra & Giraffe The Wisest Ones • Best Pop Album Presented by Rapulana Seiphemo & Tsholo Monedi Toya Delazy Due Drop Deluxe • Best Adult Contemporary Album Presented by Greg Carlin & Zahara Elvis Blue Journey

Beste Kontemporêre Musiek Album Presented by Greg Carlin & Zahara Theuns Jordaan Roeper

Best African Adult Album Maleh Step Child

Best Alternative Album Presented by Kgomotso KG Moeketsi & Khetha Gwala iScream & The Chocolate Stix The Paradox

Best R&B/Soul/Reggae Album Presented by Kgomotso KG Moeketsi & Khetha Gwala Khaya For You

Best Rap Album Presented by Boity and Akhumzi Jezile Khuli Chana Lost in Time

Best Kwaito Album Presented by Loyiso Bala & Tailor Professor The Orientation

Best Dance Album Presented by Loyiso Bala & Tailor Black Coffee Africa Rising

Best Traditional Faith Music Album Presented by Boity and Akhumzi Jezile Various Siprit of Praise Vol.4

Best Contemporary Faith Music Album Presented by Kgomotso KG Mooketsi & Khetha Gwala Ntokozo Mbambo Filled

Best Traditional Album Presented by Pearl Thusi Soul Brothers Isiphithiphithi

Best Maskandi Album

Presented by Boity and Akhumzi Jezile Ichwane Lebhaca Inkunzi Yomthakathi •

Presented by Penny Lebyane and Ben Maitsapo DJ Kent for Thinking about You Ft. Zonke DJ Kent Remix (Theo Kgosinkwe)

Best Jazz Album Presented by Boity and Akhumzi Jezile Herbie Tsoaeli African Time

Best Live DVD

Presented by James Shikwambana & Amor Vittone The Captured Tour Concert Film Lira •

Best Collaboration Riot Feat. Zahara Thetha Nami

Best Music Video of the Year Presented by Penny Lebyane and Ben Maitsapo Claudio Pavan for Honey Spiders (The Parlotones)

Best Selling Album Presented by James Shikwambana & Amor Vittone Roeper Theuns Jordaan

Pretoria Symphony Orchestra •

Best Selling DVD Presented by James Shikwambana & Amor Vittone Vol. 16 Live at Carnival City Joyous Celebration

Best Classic & Instrumental Album Presented by Kgomotso KG Moeketsi & Khetha Gwala CH2 CH 2 Guitar Duo Live with the University of

Remix of the Year

Best Selling Tru-Tone Presented by Michelle Constant & Lerato Sengadi Follow Me DJ Cleo ft. Teddy Bears

Best Selling Ring-Back-Tone Presented by Michelle Constant & Lerato Sengadi Loliwe Zahara

Best Selling Full-Track Download

Best Producer

Presented by Michelle Constant & Lerato Sengadi You’re The Voice Shout/J23 – Artists for a safer

Presented by Penny Lebyane and Ben Maitsapo Jax Panik for Due Drop Deluxe (Toya Delazy)

South Africa

Best Engineer Presented by Penny Lebyane and Ben Maitsapo Mark Beling for Strong (BlackByrd)

SAMPRA AWARD Presented by Jared Orlin Heavenly Sent Mi Casa

ENCORE SABC 1 to rebroadcast the glitz and glam of MTN SAMA19 Mzansi’s favourite channel, SABC 1, will rebroadcast the sensational MTN SAMA 19 event. The 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards (MTN SAMA 19) which took place at the Sun City Superbowl on 11 May will air on Saturday, 1 June at 8pm. MTN SAMA 19 was a night sprinkled with highlights; for the first time ever, the MTN Record of the Year went to a gospel singer, Sifiso Ncwane for the hit song; Kulungile Baba. Lira performed on the MTN SAMA stage in what has been hailed as an iconic moment in the history on South African music with Zahara dethroning DJ Cleo in the digital downloads section. Big winners on the night included Khuli Chana who took home the awards for Album of the Year, Male Artist of the Year and Best Rap Album following his breakthrough year in 2012. New kid on the block and pop sensation Toya Delazy, who opened the ceremony with a sizzling collaboration with Reason, took home the awards for Best Newcomer and Best Pop Album. Jax Panik won the Best Producer award for his work on Toya’s debut album, Due Drop Deluxe. The three hour show saw some inimitable collaborations from stars like Zonke and Kabomo, MTN SAMA 19 award winner for Best R&B/Soul/Reggae Album, Khaya Mthethwa with Proverb and DJ Vetkoek & Mahoota featuring the hilarious dancer and show stopper Dr Malinga among others who had every one of their feet for their Via Orlando and Stokvel collaboration. Guest presenters handed over the awards which included some of the leading names in the South African entertainment scene; Gareth Cliff, the beautiful Pearl Thusi, the hilarious Tumi Morake and soapie favourites, Zolisa Xaluva, Menzi Ngubane and Sophie Ndaba to name a few. If you want to catch all the glitz and glamour of the 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards, be sure to tune in to SABC 1 on Saturday, 1 June at 8pm.

The Project Room presents:


Photo: Ravi Panchia.

Fresh off the back of their 2nd SAMA win for “Best Rock Album” and the success of their Top 10 single 'Sons', Zebra & Giraffe will hit the road from 18 – 29 June, to meet up with fans nationwide for their annual unplugged SA tour. They will be doing intimate, acoustic shows across South Africa, performing stripped down versions of popular songs from all three of their albums. The tour will be visiting the following cities: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Knysna, Port Elizabeth and East ondon. Zebra & Giraffe recently released their brand new single, Yesterday, after the previous single Sons reached no. 5 on the 5fm Top 40 and stayed on the chart for 8 weeks. They have undoubtedly earned their place as one of South Africa's best-loved and most respected bands over the past few years. Zebra & Giraffe beat Coldplay and Green Day to win Best Alternative at the MTV Africa Music Awards in 2009, and snatched their first trophy for “Best Rock Album” in the same year at the South African Music Awards.

With nominations streaming in and singles on continuous radio rotation, it's no wonder Zebra & Giraffe were chosen to perform in front of 60 000 people alongside Oasis and Snow Patrol at the Coca-Coca Zero Fest. Later in 2009, The Killers picked Zebra & Giraffe to support them on the South African leg of their world tour, where the band performed to over 50 000 people. The annual mid year tour brings all of the band’s successes and skill together in an intimate showcase that suits the seeking of warm winter gatherings. Grab a friend, a scarf and a beer and join Zebra & Giraffe for some cozy tunes at the following venues:

Date: 18 June Venue: Aandklas, 43a Bird Street, Stellenbosch Time: 19h00 Cover Charge: R10 Tickets: at the door Contact Details: 021 883 3545 Website:

Date: 19 June Venue: Cafe Roux, Farm Village, Main Road / Chapman’s Peak Drive, Noordhoek

Date: 26 June

Time: 19h30

Venue: Mozambik, 4 Boulevard Centre, Compensation Road, Ballito.

Cover Charge: R100

Doors Open: 18h00

Tickets: Table bookings essential - phone 021 789 2538

Cover Charge: R70

Contact Details: 021 789 2538

Tickets: at the door


Contact Details: 032 946 0979


Date: 20 June Venue: The Assembly, 61 Harrington Street, Cape Town

Date: 27 June

Doors Open: 20h00

Venue: Upstairs @ Spiga, 200 Florida Road, Durban

Cover Charge: R50 Early Bird, R60 Pre Sale, R70 at the door

Doors Open: 18h00

Tickets: and at the door

Cover Charge: R50

Tickets: at the door

Contact Details: 021 465 7286

Contact Details: 031 303 2231


Website: Upstairs/308606952506209 Date: 21 June Venue: Zanzibar, 5 Melville Centre, Main Road, Knysna

Date: 28 June

Doors Open: 20h00

Venue: Arcade Empire, 265 The Highway Road, Equestria, Pretoria

Cover Charge: R40 Tickets: at the door Contact Details: 044 382 0386 Website: Date: 22 June Venue: The Music Kitchen, 69 Mangold Street, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth Doors Open: 19h30 Cover Charge: R80 Tickets: Bookings essential - phone 041 364 1964

Doors Open: 19h00 Cover Charge: R50 Tickets: at the door Contact Details: 082 449 5144 Website: Date: 29 June Venue: Pop Art Centre, 286 Fox Street, Main Street Life, Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg.

Contact Details: 041 364 1964

Doors Open: 19h00. Cover Charge: R100 - limited pre-sales only


Tickets: itemid=405364486

Date: 23 June Venue: Murambi Country Kitchen, Sunrise Drive, Sunrise On Sea, East London Doors Open: 13h00

Contact Details: 083 245 1040 Website:

Cover Charge: R80 Tickets: Bookings essential - phone James 084 600 5716 Contact Details: 084 600 5716 Website:

Audio-Visual equipment for the tour is proudly sponsored by Audiosure, Allen & Heath and Martin Audio.

While most people would celebrate their 40th birthday with a landmark party, John Vlismas will be doing the two things he loves best - talking dirty, and making people laugh. The short but sharp troublemaker, who describes himself as "the thinking woman's scumbag" says that "40" will be his most audacious show to date: "I've always wondered what it would be like to hit 40 - I must say, I’m almost there, and I'm still chewing my own food, I get wood on demand, I don't get out of breath when I use stairs, and Steve Hofmeyr still hates me, so the signs are that everything is as it should be..." Having become well-known for his part in staging some of the best comedy productions in South Africa, including the SA Comic's Choice Awards™ and Mass Hysteria, Vlismas says he will be working extra hard on the design of this production to make sure that there are plenty of creative surprises for the audience, as well as a whole bunch of new material, including his most outrageous and thought-provoking yet - while he is loathe to divulge too much, he says that there may be nudity, live music and albinos. Rhinos may come in for a lambasting, as will people in wheelchairs, the illiterate, the rich, tourists, rugby fans and people who march. He describes the show as a semi-biographical and gut-wrenchingly funny tour of the rainbow nightmare, where horror and belly laughter are neighbours, where everyone gets it and no one gets out alive. While this may sound shocking and offensive, we have come to learn that Vlismas very seldom opens his big mouth without a great deal of reading and thinking first, and we suspect that this show will be no exception.

"40" is scheduled to Premiere at The Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City, Johannesburg 14th & 15th June 2013 Bookings Through Computicket

THE BOYS ARE BACK! Gets your pulse racing with ladies night at Carnival City Date: Every Thursday from May 2013 Time Doors open: 19h00 Show: 19h00 to 20h00 Men allowed entry after 21h00 Venue Carnival City Mardi Gras, Brakpan Cost R50 Tickets Available at the MVG Ticket Booth.

Six impossibly perfect, chiselled hunks will delight ladies and annoy less physically perfect males when they perform at Carnival City’s newly refurbished Mardi Gras Theatre every Thursday from May. Each male dancer has been buffed, trained, worked on, worked out, choreographed, staged and presented for the sole purpose of delighting female patrons at ladies night. Pulse, a professional male revue, promises a weekly 60-minute package of sizzling hot raunchy energy. And women who love men in uniform won’t be disappointed as they’ll be confronted by sailors, soldiers, policemen, cowboys and firemen to name a few, that is, when they’re wearing clothes. Purists can still look forward to seeing the hunky dancers in their trademark black bow tie and skin, lots of it. Whether you’re in your twenties or eighties, as long as you’ve got a single hormone this is a show you won’t want to miss. The show starts at 8pm and tickets are available from the door at R50. The show is not, however, recommended for men with inferiority complexes so they will only be allowed into the venue after the show ends at 9pm.



Tumi Morake (and friends)

Tumi Morake (and friends) Date Time Venue Cost

29 May 2013 Doors open at 19h00, show starts at 20h00 Mardi Gras Theatre - Carnival City R80.00

Date Time Venue Cost

5 June 2013 Doors open at 19h00, show starts at 20h00 Mardi Gras Theatre - Carnival City R80.00

If you ever wondered " What kind of people does Tumi Morake drink with", visit me in Brakpan - oh sorry, Carnival City - to find out. They are on the bill so I don't have to pay for their drinks. But I love them. I do.

South Africa is becoming an obese nation because we don't laugh enough. We cannot be blaming it on the donkey, hippo, kangaroo meat etc in our meat demet! If we don’t laugh we get sadder and hungrier and then it's a headache for government.

Tumi’s friends this week are: Simmi Areff, Mojak Lehoko, Robby Collins

Tumi’s friends this week are: Daliso Chaponda, Vittorio Leonardi, Celeste Ntuli

Tumi Morake show starts at 20h00 and tickets are available from the Mardi Gras door at R80.00

Tumi Morake show starts at 20h00 and tickets are available from the Mardi Gras door at R80.00

Gigg Review : Ballistic Blues Review done by Abdeah Davis

Photography by: Nadine Aucamp Photography

Four piece blues rock outfit Ballistic Blues, hailing from the Northern Suburbs in Cape Town released their long awaited EP at Aandklaas in Stellenbosch on Saturday the 13 th of April. The band consists of JP le Roux on bass, Tyan Odendal on guitar and backing vocals, Francois Keyser in drums and Nick Forbes on vocals. They were supported by the enigmatic Lucy Kruger. The place was packed with Maaties students, grabbing a beer and pizza with their buddies before dancing it off to two promising live acts. I too settled in, grabbing a bite with a few friends and just chatting as we waited for the young and talented Lucy Kruger to take the stage. The wait was definitely worth the while.

unexpected artist to be supporting Ballistic Blues at their EP launch, but a remarkable supporting act nonetheless. The crowd waited in anticipation, prepping and amping themselves for what was promised to be an energetic performance by Ballistic Blues. The band took the stage and blew the club away in the true name of rock ‘n roll. Their debut single No Harm is filled with raw emotion and soulful guitar riffs, which gives a very old-school rock feel to it. I found it extremely refreshing to see Maaties jocks dancing their balls off to an Elvis cover. Lucy’s unique Celtic, folky yet husky voice carried so well throughout the crowded venue, every song pure and honest. Her music border lines 90’s grunge with a hint of indie and folk.Heh One particular song that blew me away was “Shudder”, one of the tracks from her own album. The emotion Lucy Kruger translates with each note she belts, or chord she strums is eminent. She possesses the kind of talent that could give you goose bumps, definitely an Ballistic Blues have an amazing stage presence, Nick singing his heart out, his huge fro seemingly an extra member of the band, Tyan really getting into those guitar solos, playing them with so much soul and love for rock ‘n roll. This is the kind of band that could keep you dancing all night! The EP showcases five of their strongest tracks, and was on sale for R50 at the door. If their performance was any reflection of the EP, then it is definitely worth getting your hands on!


Bakgat Country Opskop Music Show

Date Sunday 09 June 2013 Time Show starts at 15h00 Venue GrandWest Grand Arena Cost R120 – R145 Tickets Computicket

Back by public demand, the team from Bakgat Promises will host the popular Bakgat Country Opskop at the GrandWest Grand Arena on Sunday, 9 June. As usual, the show features and exciting line-up of musicians and vocalists and this time, will feature among South Africa’s best country music performers such as Lance James, Barbara Ray, The Campbells, Wynand and Cheree Strydom, Billy Forrest, Alan Ladd, Matt Hurter, Tommy Dell, Manie Jackson, Rikus Nel and the Music World Band. If you enjoy country music, don’t miss a Sunday afternoon of great entertainment.The show starts 15h00 and tickets are available from Computicket at R120 – R145. (@GrandWestSA)

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At Stoep & Swing

On Saturday, the 18th of May, I had t he privilege and pleasure of attending a show, in Glencairn – Simonstown, at the ‘Swing’. And boy was it swinging! You see, Paige Mac were in the house! From the minute the trio, consisting of Paige MacMahon, (vocals, and acoustic guitar), Garry Van Vuuren (bass), and Marcus Christiansen (drums), stepped onto that stage, the audience was enthralled. Every foot was tapping, heads were bopping and eventually people couldn’t resist the urge to jump up and dance! The people were clapping loudly and the little dance floor was packed with young and old. Having previously attended the venue, I realized that it was a spot that attracted all ages. The place literally came alive like a bright burning flame! I turned to my friend at one stage during the evening and said, "Look at the elderly gentleman" – he was singing and couldn’t sit still. A fire was lit in our hearts! Paige has a way of drawing an audience in with her captivating smile and stage personality. Paige Mac has released an EP named ‘A Moment’s Nostalgia’. This EP is true beauty. The harmonies and clarity are superb. This beauty moves between my car, the house, and the PC. I have to add that listening to a beautiful piece of music via the radio or CD player is entirely different to watching a performer ‘live’ on stage. When one sees a performer perform in living, breathing form, it can only be described as a soul experience. This is what a person witnesses when you watch this trio together. Paige Mac brings their act together with such unity; it is a delight for the eye to behold! The trio play all over Cape Town, and have travelled S.A, playing gigs in bars, night clubs, restaurants, etc. Paige Mac has appeared on various television programmes, namely Top Billing, The Expresso Show, as well as ‘The Cosmopolitan Lingerie Show’ and the Grahamstown Arts Festival. It was shortly after Benji Mudie flew down to Cape Town that he signed this phenomenal band to Universal Records, and the rest is history.

The first time I heard Paige sing was on recommendation by a friend to watch her song ‘Atrophy’ on Youtube – I sat, mesmerized and just couldn’t believe that someone could sing like that; it was as if an angel had escaped from Heaven! I decided there and then I had to see this girl perform ‘live’. Since that day, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them perform ‘live’ on numerous occasions, and I am blown away each and every time. Watching an artist perform ‘live’ is an experience that every person, young and old, needs to witness and experience. You see, the visual impact of the experience touches a person’s soul. It’s like a part of the music becomes you, and you are taken on an unforgettable journey ‘Stoep and Swing’ was electrified by their presence and pure brilliance. The crowd loved every single tune, ranging from the likes of Play That Funky Music White Boy, Adele's Valerie, to their own tunes, namely ‘Atrophy’, ‘Cornerstone’, ‘Love Makes You Fat’, ‘Wish Upon A Star’, and many more. When Paige said "Last one", everyone roared, "One more". Paige humbly concurred. When Paige performs “Atrophy,” written for her adoptive mother, her sincerity is felt in every word. The pain and emotion is almost tangible. Their song, “Love Makes You Fat,” makes a person feel happy, and even want to giggle spontaneously. For an artist to take one through a myriad of emotions, ranging from heartfelt emotion to feeling frivolous- well that is someone who was born to be on a stage! If you love progressive acoustic soul with a folk rock edge, then this band is for you! Paige Mac is destined for just the very best, as this is what they give out. Their absolute love for entertaining people and their passion and soul for what they do is sure to take them to great places. Be sure to find out when they will be in your area.Be sure to find out when they will be in your area. Like Paige Mac on Facebook: Follow Paige Mac on Twitter: PaigeMacBand

Paige Mac at Stoep & Swing – A gig review Article written by: Rene Parking Maritz Photo’s by: Samuel Tomè

“and in other news! “ “HEAD” plays first Korn Full set list in over 8 years If you are a huge Korn fan as I am, then you too would also be happy to hear that Brian “Head” Welch is finally back in the band. He played his full set show with Korn this month. He has been out of the band for over 8 years after he shocked the world and Korn fans that he is leaving to find God and spend more time with his family. He later on went onto form a Christian metal band called Love and Death. So has he lost his way on the short and narrow path after he found God and now rejoined Korn? Absolutely not, “Head” is still a firm believer and he insists his other band Love and Death isn’t going to break up. In the past he has said that Love and Death will always be there to help him fill fill his soul’s needs. In a recent post to his fans Head had this to say: "Well, the word is out. I have officially returned to KoRn. For how long, I don't know. Only God knows. I do know that this move is 100 percent, without a doubt, meant to be. I am stronger than ever and ready to move into my destiny. Plus, I have gotten counsel from many people that I trust about this and it's going to be the best year ever. I want to make it clear that Love & Death is not done. Not even close! We will be in full force going on tour with KoRn. Love & Death will also be doing solo shows and tours with other bands whenever we can. Thank you all for your prayers and support… It's on baby!" –Head So there you have it folks!!! After 8 long years Head is back in Korn and I hope he is there to stay... Korn have also just announced that they have finished recording a new album with Welch on board for its entirety. In my own opinion Korn was never the same without him and having him back can only mean they will be able recapture the same magic they once had when they first started out!!!

Check out the setlist Korn played with “Heads” return into the band


01. ‘Blind’

18. ’4 U’

02. ‘Ball Tongue’

19. ‘Get Up!’

03. ‘Twist’

20. ‘Got The Life’

04. ‘Chi’

21. ‘Freak On A Leash’

05. ‘Falling Away from Me’ 06. ‘Narcissistic Cannibal’ 07. ‘Dead Bodies Everywhere’ 08. ‘Coming Undone’ 09. ‘Did My Time’ 10. ‘Shoots And Ladders / Somebody Someone’ 11. ‘Here To Stay’ 12. ‘Kill Mercy Within’

Climate Control Releases Debut Album Preludes Is Out Now! FOR FANS OF: UNDEROATH, BRING ME THE HORIZON, THE USED, A DAY TO REMEMBER Having been a constant in the South African rock scene since 2007, Climate Control is ready to break down the walls between the underground and mainstream with the release of their debut full-length album, Preludes. Produced and engineered by Clinton Watts (Bury Tomorrow, Freedom for Your Life, OneDaySky) at Watts Productions, Preludes is a love affair between melody and aggression, which successfully captures and channels the Johannesburg band’s energetic and intense performance. “I've always placed emphasis on writing songs with hooks, and our band will always have that element of melody, as well as aggression,” says clean vocalist/guitarist Nicolas Gonzalez. “We want to make relevant music – but, at the same time, music which isn't compromised for the purpose of fitting into a specific scene.” The first two singles [“A Bouquet of Hate, An Ocean of Questions” and “This Chemical Overload”], from Preludes, have received critical acclaim and been playlisted on major local radio stations, such as 5FM and Tuks FM, and the US radio station Rock Radio. Furthermore, “A Bouquet of Hate, An Ocean of Questions” stormed to the #1 spot on The Rock Dimension’s Tenacious 10 chart, and the music video for the track has also been featured on BlankTV and MK Ondergrond, as well as in a video game montage by the FaZe Clan YouTube channel, where it has racked up an incredible 350, 000 views to date. Watch the music video for “A Bouquet of Hate, An Ocean of Questions” here: v=fk7CFaDdLtE Stream “This Chemical Overload” here: Buy the album here:

Preludes Track Listing: 1. Exordium 2. Clear Perception 3. Death Rattle 4. Thoughts of a Weak Minded Individual 5. The Road 6. Unforgiven 7. This Chemical Overload 8. A Bouquet of Hate, An Ocean Of Questions (ft. Spencer Martin) 9. Te Amo, Adiós 10. Intermission 8 11. Spiralling… 12. Praelüdium (Preludes) “[Climate Control has] delivered one of the standout albums of the past couple of years…” – (4/5) “Preludes is a superb listen and highly recommended…” – (82%) Climate Control is: Nicolas Gonzalez – Vocals/Guitar Jacques du Toit – Drums Wesley Smuts – Bass/Vocals Luca Zeeman – Guitar Climate Control is proudly sponsored by Music Connecti

Chester Bennington from Linkin Park Joins Stone Temple Pilots on Vocals Chester Bennington has been talking about his future endeavors with the rock band Stone Temple Pilots. The Linkin Park frontman joined the rock legends earlier this month at the KROQ Weenie Roast in Los Angeles, where he sang a number of songs. Bennington replaced Scott Weiland as the lead singer of the band after Weiland was fired earlier this year The new frontman told KROQ Radio after the show that the group are now working on new material together, stating, “Every band has it’s own kind of vibe. Stone Temple Pilots has this sexier, more classic rock feel to it. Linkin Park is a very modern, very tech-heavy type of band. I grew up listening to these guys.” The rocker then went on to add, “When this opportunity came up, it was just like a no-brainer. We couldn’t really plan a tour until now because we couldn’t let people know what was going on. Now the cat’s out of the bag so we’re going to go out and make more music and go play more shows and have some fun.” Meanwhile, fans of Stone Temple Pilots have been reacting with disgust to Bennington’s appointment. The band uploaded a new song, entitled “Out of Time,” to their soundcloud page, and people instantly started to bash their work. One user on Facebook wrote, “I listened to this song. It makes me wanna throw up. It was ok till the vocals kicked in. Linkin Park sucks, Chester sucks, and now STP sucks too. A damn shame.” Another then commented, “Chester sounds like he’s trying to do something he’s not. It’s terrible. Just like what everyone else said, Scott Weiland = STP and at least he’s not being passed out in his car at the studio from being strung out. I’ve been a huge fan of STP, but this is it!” Meanwhile, Stone Temple Pilots Sue Scott Weiland As previously reported, Stone Temple Pilots recently filed a lawsuit against their former singer Scott Weiland, while Weiland has responded with a few harsh comments about the band’s decision to continuing on under the STP name with Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington as their new singer. Now, Stone Temple Pilots are attempting to explain their reasons for taking legal action against their former frontman. The band issued a statement Thursday night (May 30) via their website in which they stated that their actions were not meant to intentionally hurt Weiland but were necessary in order to continue their career. Their statement reads as follows: “ You may have read we recently filed suit against our former singer, Scott Weiland. We wanted to clarify a few things: Our purpose in taking this action is not to hurt Scott. We want to move forward productively, and Scott’s choices and actions have prevented us from doing that. We were in the process of putting our 20th anniversary tour together to celebrate the release of our first album, Core. The plan was for a big tour where we’d perform the album in its entirety, along with some other favorite STP songs. So, you might imagine our shock and disappointment when, without any notice, we learned that Scott had seized this tour for himself as his solo tour, and decided to do exactly what we as a group had planned. We found out about it the same way you did—we saw an ad for it. Without getting into legal details, the band has a binding agreement that clearly states what each of us can and cannot do outside of STP. Unfortunately many of the decisions Scott made violate this agreement, have been harmful to the band, and prevented us from moving forward. When our requests to Scott and his representatives that they abide by the agreement were ignored, we finally had enough. So now, we’ve made our choice. It was beyond time we made some new music, which was impossible in the dysfunctional environment we were in. We’ve lived in it long enough and have decided to move forward with STP. We wish Scott well. We’re really excited about the new music we’ve been making with Chester, including the song we just released, “Out of Time.” We love this band and respect everything it means to you. We want to always give you our best and the choice we made is completely in that spirit. Dean, Eric & Robert

HABIT TO are currently in studio working on their third full length album due for release in 2013 .

The recent success of their second album, ‘Boomerang Saturn’ demands an increasingly busy touring schedule for the band. With 66 national show dates under their belts over the months of 2012, they have been burning up the tarmac and stages of South Africa. HABIT TO is rocking hard, tighter than ever and hungry to record and divulge the new music they’ve been brewing behind the scenes. These three musos come together in one harmonious blend of New Age Rock. Having studied music at tertiary level, HABIT TO synchronise a thought process that digs deeper than the basics of song writing. Formed in 2003, HABIT TO have built up a strong following not only in Durban, but around the country, winning over new fans with every gig. The band has also performed at most major festivals and shared stages with the likes of Prime Circle, The Parlotones, Goldfish, Fokofpolisiekar, Springbok Nude Girls and many many more. In 2006 they won the Durban Burn the Bands competition, which awarded them the studio time and funding they needed to produce their debut album, ‘Secrets to a Triangle’. This achievement also gained them huge popularity and opened up many opportunities. The single ‘Cast in Stone’ received extensive radio airplay, while the music video for ‘Gratitude’ was put into rotation on Go TV, MK and MTV Base! Following on the success of the previous album, HABIT TO unleashed their second album ‘Boomerang Saturn’ in 2011. The music video for the albums first single ‘R10.40’ hit frequent broadcasting into daytime TV screens nation wide on MK and was play listed on various radio stations! The band was also able to celebrate the music video hitting #3 on the charts for Guitar TV (USA) during the month of September 2012. Other familiar singles from the album ‘Boomerang Saturn’ that continue to be heard on various radio stations locally and internationally include: ‘Movin’, ‘Knuckle Down’, ‘That Moment’ and ‘Space’. In response to the bands’ success with their ever-growing popularity, HABIT TO signed up with Sheer Publishing, which has boosted the group to new horizons. GIG GUIDE SAT 15 June, Zini Music Festival, Mtunzini, KZN. 8pm. R200 (weekend). THU 27 June, Schivas Rock, Pretoria, GP. 8pm. R30 guys R20 girls. FRI 28 June, Boston Rock, Edenvale, GP. 8pm. R50. SAT 29 June, The Bohemian, Richmond, GP. 7pm. R50. THU 04 July, Barmuda, Port Alfred, EC. 7pm. Free. FRI 05 July, Pool City, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, EC. 8pm. R30. SAT 06 July, Quay Four, Oyster Festival, Knysna, WP. 12-3pm. Free. SUN 07 July, Quay Four, Oyster Festival, Knysna, WP. 1-4pm. Free. MON 08 July, Barleycorn, Claremont, WP. 8pm. R20. FRI 12 July, Bay Harbour, Hout Bay, WP. 6-9pm. Free. FRI 12 July, Raggazi, Cape Town, WP. 10pm. R40. SAT 13 July, Blizzards, Durbanville, WP. 8pm. R30. FRI 19 July, Zanzibar, George, WP. 8pm. R30. SAT 20 July, Raggies, East London, EC. 8pm. R50. WED 31 July, Die Mystic Boer, Bloemfontein, FS. 8pm. R30. FRI 02 Aug, The Red Door, Pietermaritzburg, KZN. 9pm. R30. FRI 09 Aug, Live The Venue, Durban, KZN. 8pm. R50. our brand spanking new website is up and running! here's the link:

DRAADKAR TOURS THE NETHERLANDS IN JUNE 2013 The Afrikaans electro outfit, DraadKar, is excited to announce a mini tour to the Netherlands in June 2013. DraadKar started introducing their ground-breaking electronic sound to music lovers on the local scene since August 2011. Mario Cronje and Méshelle Gey van Pittius are the two pillars of DraadKar; each bringing their unique talents and flavours to present South Africa with something totally unparalleled. With Méshelle’s love for the 80s new wave pop dance movement and Mario’s more classical approach, electronic sounds is the one thing that unites these two divergent personalities. DraadKar makes use of modern computer techniques to successfully blend vocals, saxophone and synthesiser with the help of specialised music software. The group has impressed many an audience all across the country, including at the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival, Wacky Wine Festival, Vryfees and at numerous ATKV Beach Festivals. They have also ventured to Puerto Ibiza in Spain as part of the Ibiza Summer Season. DraadKar started their musical journey by adapting traditional Afrikaans FAK songs in an avant garde, electronic style. Their debut album, titled ‘Dans Elektrokaans’, was the natural result of this pioneer project and has been excellently received by audiences and critics alike. The FAK celebrated its 75th anniversary last year and therefore DraadKar’s timing with this concept was perfect. Mario and Méshelle have also recorded a few self-composed, self-written house tracks. Although they want to keep on developing and experimenting as artists, they plan to keep Afrikaans as their language of preference when writing. However, these Afrikaans songs will always be dressed in a glittery, couture jacket that surpasses language and culture boundaries. Netherlands Gig Guide: Saturday 15 June 2013 17:00 - Festival Voor Het Afrikaans Theater aan het Spui, The Hague Ticket details: Sunday, 16 June 12:30 - Festival Voor Het Afrikaans Theater aan het Spui, The Hague Ticket details:

Sunday, 16 June 16:00 - Hosa Summer Tour Meijer aan Zee, Zandvoort Ticket details: Friday, 21 June 17:00 - Hosa Summer Tour Tjing Tjing restaurant, Amsterdam Ticket details: Saturday, 22 June 16:00 - Hosa Summer Tour Safari Beach Club, Zandvoort Ticket details:

Date: Saturday 01 June 2013 Time: Doors open 16h00 Show starts 17h00 ends 23h00 Venue: GrandWest Grand Arena Tickets: Computicket R100 to R150 If you love ballroom dancing, don’t miss Cape Town’s first Ballroom Bands Festival on 01 Juneat the GrandWest Grand Arena. Audiences will be treated to the smooth sounds of local bands “Cool Sounds”, “Elginaires”, “Five Stars”, “Strand Combo” and the “Trevarians” who will showcase their unique collection of ballroom, jazz and pop music. Come and support your local bands and get ready to Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Tango, Cha-Cha and Jive the night away. The doors open 16h00 show starts 17h00 and ends 23h00 tickets are from R100 to R150 at Computicket. Twitter handle @GrandWestSA

Ballroom Band Festival

Cape Town’s first Ballroom Bands Festival

Thank you Zone Radio If I am completely honest with you, I actually thought we still had two more presenters to get through of the Zone Radio crew before we end this run of featuring all the Zone Radio presenters in Fanbase Music Magazine. But as I was going through this month’s magazine and putting it together, I realized I have no more presenters to feature. We have featured the entire Zone Radio crew over the past few months. It has been such a great few months of us teaming up with Zone Radio and I can honestly say we have formed a very special bond and friendship with them. During our walk together we have accomplished so much, Fanbase Music Magazine has featured all the presenters in the magazine. I visited the Zone Radio studios in Cape Town and was able to talk about Fanbase Music Magazine on air. Zone Radio has shared our magazines on their social networks every month upon the release of every issue and have constantly mentioned our mag on air. Zone Radio have played a huge part in the success of Fanbase Music Magazine and without their help and support we would not be where we are today, and for that we would like to thank them for their love, help and support. To Richard Griggs (Unicorn) and crew, thank you very much for all you have done and we look forward to continuing the friendship with Zone Radio. A very special thank you to Shirley Jenner who has worked hand in hand with me to feature all the presenters in the past few months and making sure every presenter has submitted their interviews in time before our deadline. I could mention every presenter in this article and say how great they all are but it would take me forever so let me just say from all at Fanbase Music Magazine, a very huge thank you to ALL at Zone Radio. You all rock and we look forward to a lifetime of working together to help the South African music industry. Tune into Zone Radio via stream audio by logging into Duwyne Clayton

TIPPING POINT – a story of hype and not much knowledge... Now you may not know but many a music aficionado regards the 80’s as the high point in (music) recording history. Presuming you are as stunned to hear this as I was (after all this was the generation that gave us “Yah Mo Be There”, “Rick Astley” and “The Final Countdown”) so let me elaborate... We currently reside in a generation where music has never been more accessible, that is to both the artist and the listener. All music is found (when you know where to look) for free on the internet and the only thing separating massive hit artists apart from that pesky kid next door starting a band with his mates from school (or more likely aspiring Dj) is the salary at the end of the month and even then, this is not always the case. So before you go round to tell his parents to control their child, consider for a moment that, that may not be his parent’s house and he could quite possibly be bigger in some Asian country with 10x more (loyal) listeners than the popular white chap you bumping on the home stereo. The micro stars are all around us these days and to their listeners they are bigger than Dylan ever was. His music doesn’t have to have mass appeal as he has tapped into a culture and should the turning wheel land on his micro sub genre, watch out because he is about to become very rich, very quick and may even do some annoying remixes/covers of your favourite artist from back in the day just to add insult to injury. In a world littered with sub culture upon sub culture, quality is the first to take a dive in the face of “forward thinking” ideas and as every off shoot genre is entitled to at least a handful of experimental artists who “break boundaries” in the name of their movement. We end up with a whole lot of weird music that hasn’t really been put together well or at least not as well as it could have been and thus generally makes it difficult for the layman to grasp and therefore keeping it very niche market. This you will find is much the same as a fashion show, there are interesting ideas (usually opposing anything that is) but nothing of substance (for now at least). The people in the know are able to see passed the audacious puffy sleeves (that the rest of us are by now laughing at and mocking) as part of the show or as a gimmick to emphasize a certain style/point of view. While the more ignorant of us go home confused, chuckling and with a reinforced notion that fashion is a joke (anyone could do it), the people of the industry who noticed the interesting stitching/material or maybe even the “Way Farer” sun glasses (made popular by Ray Ban) the model was wearing, go about incorporating and fine tuning these rough ideas in their own designs. Over time and many people on the bandwagon, the industry and enthusiasts unconsciously decide on how best to use a certain look and what is a fashion no-no (If you are wearing stripes, make sure they going the same way. Leg warmers and moon bags just aren’t ever cool) I’m sure we can agree they are right for the most part? These people move onto the next idea as that is their job, hobby, interest or just their basic M.O. After much time the rest of civilization catches on through media, endorsements or maybe the style is just that cool? So there we are out on the town wearing our Buffalo’s and moon bag or maybe it’s a pair of Doc Martins with anything other than skinny stove pipe jeans because it is our first time in London and we reckon we going to find the combo that’s going to inspire a Goth in Camden Town to change. Returning to Jozi “genuine” blokes, we dispose of our PT shorts and pedal pushers because we realise all those Goths can’t be wrong and I really want keep wearing Doc Martins, so if they not going to work with these puffy sleeves I think we can all agree the look is best with skinny jeans? Anything else would be silly!

Only now can I return to the fashion show and see it for what it is, see it the way the enthusiast or designer did that day. Puffy sleeves on a model? No problems, I’ve seen these before, I can look passed them or maybe even understand the visual notion/metaphor the designer was going for and for those of us who managed to get the stick all the way out (from you know where!) maybe even appreciate actual forward thinking in the fashion industry from then on. Let’s leave that to the pro’s and fiends for now though... got a bit blinded by the lights coming off how kiff those Docky’s were! Ok so now that we got the stick out! The latest trend in pop culture is Electronic Dance Music or as we say it all cool like, EDM, which would be any Dj from the 90’s dream but boy o boy does it catch on quick. If mass appeal is your thing, you have nowhere to hide! From people who told me it is rubbish to now “schooling” me in what and which artist is supposedly very different, to yes, even hip hop (pretty much the opposing ideals within the two club cultures!!!) I just want to make one thing clear, if you are rapping over rave that is not very gangster! What is this 2unlimited? Nope, no it’s not but here we are listening to archaic synth lines that resemble that of one of the original Moog synthesizers while the enthusiast is off creating the “next” sound, which always seems to be the opposite of what pop dictates. Instead of moving along at lightning pace we perpetuate the cycle. If only that micro sub genre star I mentioned earlier had access to quality/possessed the knowledge or able to look passed the puffy sleeves from someone who did? Maybe the rest of the world would have a chance at “seeing the future” as he did. Imagine Nirvana – Nevermind without Butch Vig (Producer) and the power that came out of the legendary Sound City Studio. Probably still all hits but probably for a much smaller market as I wouldn’t be left in awe at the raw power that grunge and therefore rock can possess. How many people outside of rock can name another Nirvana studio album? I find more people able to remember the picture on “In Utero” more than the title or any of the music. Although it is said that Kurt Cobain was against the amount of processing on Nevermind (so as not to lose rock n roll’s routes) and even though by today’s standards is a bit much, it enabled me to get a glimpse into what he saw and if you will, the emotions he felt. As a result I was able to enjoy their previous material the way the band and enthusiasts saw it. However we are left listening to what sounds like an updated version of “Boom, Boom, Boom” and I just don’t feel like saying; “Wayoh!” this time around. Take the classic folk rock hit; “House Of The Rising Sun”. Most people believe it to be from “The Animals” and even though Bob Dylan had recorded it two years earlier, said he had to stop playing it because people thought it was plagiarism. Never mind that no one knows the true origins of the song and is thought in some cases to be around 400 years old, although more likely about 200 years. Despite the names who recorded it before, including as above Bob Dylan, Nina Simone and Joan Baez to name a few, we remember the British Band; The Animals, by no part a bigger act. With producer Mickie Most at the helm, you will be hard pressed to find someone now days to go so far as to achieve a sound, never mind getting it... So you say; “what’s the point of quality when we are fresh with quantity in the future?” Well consider this, if the generation regarded as the era of highest quality recordings but not at all for the most part of its musical offerings, how is it that we remember them as much as a (to be fair) a 200 year folk song recorded by a handful of anyone worth mentioning over the last 70+ years, including South Africa’s very own Miriam Makeba? Many artists from the early 60’s claim that Bob Dylan had stolen their version (ironically attributed to a Kentucky woman named Georgia Turner on a field recording in the early 50’s), which the hit is believed to be modelled on? So many factors had to take place before people could see it the way it was originally intended and the way countless “game changing” artists could. Now that is a song damn it! I battle to think of a song that will be as widely remembered that is recorded today? It will probably be “Gangnam Style” and not even because it has been viewed more times than “cats flying pigs doing back flips in space” or whatever on Youtube! Simply because of the amount of cognitive effort that went into the entire project. There was a goal in mind which was mass appeal and even though it’s nothing different to any other cheesey dance pop hit, it has a much higher level of production in the music and video than most, if not all and unlike the others (undoubtedly laden with half naked girls, and punters reaching for lazers, with the occasional sunset to words that have no meaning.... yawn) captured the true essence of the period and the music, nothing more than a novelty, no club banger here! Throw on some Doc Martins for all I care, at least I’d understand the joke. Not to mention the guy in the video is already a famous comedian in his homeland. Well done people, the future is going to look at us like dorks in an Aspen Ski movie from the 80’s! All because we don’t know how to work together... Sing it; “Never gonna give you up, never gonna...” yeah that’s right you know the rest. – THE ULTIMATE OBSERVER

The creepiest, most alluring band you're ever likely to hear. Hersuit is a Neo-Folk duo from Pretoria, South Africa, formed in late 2012 by Singer / Songwriters Wilkie Louw and Tim Bland. By combining elements of Folk, Blues, Rock and Jazz with smooth, laid-back beats, Hersuit marks a collaboration that both tantalises the senses and defies description. The cornerstone of Hersuit’s sound is the unexpected partnership between Tim Bland’s trademark gravelly basso profundo and Wilkie Louw’s unsettling, almost effeminate soprano / mezzo soprano, affectionately referred to as his “creepy little girl voice”. These two voices could not be more different, yet they somehow manage to not only work beautifully together, but to create a melodic landscape that is as soothing as it is unsettling. Twisting and weaving into each other, the pair narrates seductive tales of overwhelming beauty and insurmountable pain, their lilting vocal melodies dancing mysteriously over a raw backdrop of twin acoustic guitars. With an obviously original yet soothingly familiar sound, Hersuit is a band that both intrigues and rewards. Delivering an intoxicating blend of allure and unease, their timeless sound and hook-laden songs are sure to captivate and enthral listeners from all corners of the musical spectrum. Interview by: Donovan Fourie

When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together? We first met when we started working together in early 2007, as part of the on-again off-again CouchPotatoes. After they went on hiatus, we often spoke about creating another, equally unique musical project. After a few non-starters we finally hit upon the magical formula in September 2012 – it was a lazy summer afternoon when Wilkie randomly broke out his creepy little girl voice. Tim started harmonising and we both knew immediately that this was the direction we were going to pursue together. Tim knocked up a quick drumbeat, we recorded the vocals, laid down the guitars, and from out of nowhere our first track “Where I Sin” was on the bag. We then played it for some friends and they enjoyed it as much as we did – and so Hersuit was born – part serendipity, part inevitability.

What genre of music do you consider yourselves to be? Who are your major influences? Putting Hersuit into a genre box isn’t an easy thing - we draw on so many sources that it’s hard to pinpoint any one specific influence or identify with a specific movement. We’re a modern Folk Rock band. There’s a definite Delta Blues influence, and strong elements of roots Rock ‘n Roll, but Hersuit is not just another rock band. The focus on storytelling would hint at a Folk background, but calling Hersuit merely a Folk band would be selling us short. As far as specific artists go, well, there’s everything from Nick Cave and Tom Waits to Nina Simone in there – from Kyuss to Johnny Cash, from Faith No More to Francoise Hardy, from Everlast to Edith Piaf.

Are you looking for an independent label deal or a major label deal? Why? Although we’d never turn down a major deal, we feel Hersuit is more suited to an independent label since it will allow us to maintain the creative control that results in our signature sound. It will also enable us to maintain a far more intimate relationship with our fans, and to explore niche markets more thoroughly.

If you can perform anywhere in the world, where would it be? Wilkie: At Sin-e in New York when Jeff Buckley was still around or maybe for my mom and dad in their living room. Tim: I would have loved to play CBGB in its heyday, but these days I’d have to say somewhere like The Knitting Factory in New York, or any number of little dives in either New Orleans or Nashville.

What was your first “Rock Star” moment?

Wilkie: I’d have to say playing in front of 15,000 crazed fans when my previous band Scarlet Box opened for Seether in PE. Tim: Well, my FIRST “Rock Star” moment was fronting my first punk rock band at age 15, standing in front of the entire school and blasting out the first 3 chords of our set on my cheap guitar – I knew then that this was something I’d do for the rest of my life.

Keenan E’Silver Where did it all start? What inspired you to make music?

Tell us a bit your last band you played for before you went solo?

‎t‎started‎as‎a‎child‎of‎5yrs‎old,‎my‎dad‎ I used‎to‎be‎in‎a‎band‎that‎was‎quite‎famous‎ in‎South‎Africa‎called‎White‎Lightning!‎I‎ remember‎listening‎to‎Uriah‎Heep,‎Led‎zeppelin,‎Black‎Sabbath‎and‎guns‎n‎roses,‎I‎ suppose‎music‎has‎been‎in‎both‎side‎of‎my‎ family!!‎I‎used‎to‎sit‎in‎his‎studio‎listening‎to‎all‎his‎records‎and‎just‎get‎lost‎ in‎the‎music,‎he‎taught‎me‎everything‎I‎ knew‎about‎music!‎So‎that‎was‎the‎core‎of‎ my‎inspiration‎for‎music.

‎ell‎we‎were‎originally‎known‎as‎Lyshon,‎the‎ W bassist‎and‎the‎drummer‎left‎and‎started‎a‎ new‎band‎call‎Sui‎Generis-‎which‎means‎a‎ kind‎of‎their‎own!‎Which‎spoke‎about‎our‎music‎in‎a‎way,‎cause‎it‎was‎old‎school‎rock‎ with‎a‎modern‎twist,‎a‎similar‎sound‎to‎Audio‎slave‎meets‎Led‎Zeppelin!!‎We‎went‎ strong‎for‎three‎years‎got‎an‎offer‎from‎a‎ record‎label,‎but‎shortly‎after‎we‎broke‎up‎ due‎to‎changes‎within‎the‎band!!

What was your ultimate Rockstar moment?

What are your goals as a musician? What would you like to achieve as a solo artist within your music career?

‎t‎was‎at‎a‎plot‎a‎couple‎of‎years‎back‎in‎ I Limbro‎Park,‎there‎was‎a‎massive‎crowed‎ that‎night!‎We‎had‎one‎of‎the‎best‎sets‎of‎ our‎lives‎and‎the‎band‎was‎sponsored‎with‎ 9bottles‎of‎jack‎Daniels!‎Needless‎to‎say‎ we‎lived‎up‎to‎the‎rocks‎n‎roll‎motto-‎Sex,‎ drugs‎and‎rock‎n‎roll‎and‎some‎fine‎groupies!

‎‎would‎like‎to‎release‎an‎album‎one‎day‎ I that‎really‎speaks‎about‎music‎and‎how‎it‎ used‎to‎be‎where‎it‎had‎meaning‎to‎the‎soul,‎ I‎find‎that‎music‎is‎missing‎that‎essence‎of‎ true‎rock‎n‎roll.‎

What is your massage You want to put out there with your music? Create‎the‎music‎you‎want‎to‎create,‎ don't‎let‎the‎music‎industry‎warp‎your‎ perception‎of‎music!‎Sing‎it‎from‎ your‎soul‎and‎let‎your‎music‎be‎heard‎ through‎the‎ages!! Interview by : Donovan Fourie


Why did you decide to become a session drummer? When I was younger, I was exposed to a vast selection of music. From rock to pop to dance to hip hop to just about anything. When I started playing drums, this same approach came through my playing. I was inspired by every drummer from every genre and just wanted to play. I love the ever-changing landscape, playing with different musicians and different styles of music. What Bands/artists do you session for? I have previously done session work for Melanie Louw, Krystle Temmerman (Krystal T), Sloppy Folk, Jet Black Camaro, Son of 1000, The Carniwhores, Energy Related, and currently Jenna Sighed. I have also done long term stints with Mute, No Equal, Submachine, Death Valley Blues Band How long have you been a Session drummer? From a session point of view, I started officially in 2009 but before then had been playing for 11 years with numerous bands, projects and theater What was your most exciting project you’ve ever worked on and for who was it? This is a really hard question because I have had the opportunity to play so many amazing shows, with so many amazing musicians. For Melanie Louw, we played a “woman only” show in Drakensberg for a Smoking Dragon festival. I played Krystle T’s album launch which was packed with press and celebrities. I have done shows and recording sessions with Energy Related. This was a great

experience as we saw all those tracks come together and they sound awesome. Jet Black Camaro’s session gig I did left me with a week to get their album down before the gig. With Jenna Sighed we recently completed the Battle for Wacken Festival. There is just so many to mention but I have had great memories with every single one. What are your contact details for people to get hold of you for some session work? I am alive and well on the internet. Find me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as Storm Awesome. When in doubt, just google it J

Stephan Ferreira is just an ordinary guy suffering from a severe case of insomnia and an unhealthy love for books. Apart from reading, Stephan spends most of his time hating Kylie Minogue. He is also an avid supporter of anything chocolate and hopes to one day discover the secret on how to quit smoking without the constant urge to kill everyone around him. His opinions are his own and cannot always be trusted.

Will Young – Funny Peculiar

about their achievements. So when I discovered that Will Young published an autobiography, I was in two minds. I’ve always been a fan of Young’s music, because let’s face it, the man has talent. But I was not in the mood to sit through another boring book where he goes on and on about his great career and his fabulous life. I was however pleasantly surprised. Young became very famous, very quickly when he entered the first British Pop Idol contest in 2002. Not only did he win, but his debut album shot to number one in the UK and his first single broke records when it became the fastest selling single in UK chart history, selling 1.7 million copies. Young’s next four albums enjoyed similar success.

“The look that Julia Roberts’ PA gave me could have turned someone to stone. It was a look that said: ‘Oh, right, you’re one of those. You’re a psycho fan. I need to get my artist out of this room right now.’ Which she promptly did.” I have read a lot of celebrity autobiographies in my life, and to be honest, they’re pretty much all the same. For the most part celebrities recruit someone else to assist with the writing and the end product is basically two hundred pages where all they do is brag

Although there is no denying that Young is a very successful recording artist, Funny Peculiar shows that is so much more to him than music and he is very open about both the highs and lows of his life. From dealing with constant criticism to coming out in the glare of the media spotlight and courageous struggles against depression Young opens up completely and his brutal honesty is both beautiful but also humorous and totally charming. He has the ability to laugh at himself and his sense of humour is totally addictive.

“Have you seen my latest video? It’s brilliant and shows I am very much still active as a pop star. I mean, I’m dancing with a shopping trolley, for f**k’s sake.”

Augusten Burroughs – Running With Scissors

When Burroughs meets Neil Bookman, the gay adoptive son of Dr. Finch, he is quickly manipulated into a sexual relationship although Bookman is more than twice his age. At first Burroughs appears to be the innocent victim but it soon becomes apparent that he too mastered the art of manipulation and the affair has many ups and downs before finally coming to an end. Running with Scissors tells the story of a young boy and his incredible journey into adulthood. His quest for survival provided funny, sometimes unbelievable, an often heart warming moments. An extremely honest book that might just make you realize that the truth is stranger than fiction.

“My mother began to go crazy. Not in a ‘Let’s paint the kitchen red!’ sort of way. But crazy in a ‘gas oven, toothpaste sandwich, I am god’ sort of way.” No one knows the workings of a dysfunctional family quite like Augusten Burroughs who, at the tender age of thirteen, was sent to live with his mother’s psychiatrist after his parent’s separation. At first Dr. Finch appeared to be quite normal, but Burroughs soon found at that this was no ordinary doctor. In the Finch house, rules and routine are nonexistent and children of all ages are free to do whatever they want. Eating cat food is a common practice, the Christmas is set up throughout the year, and an old electro shock therapy machine provides a means to deal with any suppressed feelings. Burroughs immediately struggles to fit in to a world without limits. Hope, Dr. Finch’s second oldest daughter, believes her cat is dying. She then traps him under the laundry basket without food or water and sits with him for days until he eventually dies.

“I look at her and she creeps me out. She looks like she would eat a baby. Not that she’s fat. She just looks hungry in some dangerous way that can’t be explained. She’s always so nice and friendly. Exactly the disposition of a baby killer.”

Portia de Rossi – Unbearable Lightness While most of the cast members enjoyed close friendships, and often spent time together after shooting their scenes, Portia kept to herself. Even though she wanted to fit in and be accepted, she was so afraid that anyone would discover the two things she desperately wanted to keep secret – the eating disorder that ruled her life, and the constant struggle to accept her sexuality. De Rossi’s insight into the workings of a mind held prisoner by an eating disorder is not only heart breaking, but also truly inspiring.

“When it’s quiet in my head like this, that’s when the voice doesn’t need to tell me how pathetic I am. I know it in the deepest part of me. When it’s quiet like this, that’s when I truly hate myself.” Most people are unaware of the fact that Portia de Rossi enjoyed quite a bit of fame from a very early age. As a child she modelled for various print and TV commercials and even landed a few small roles as an actress. Her big break came in 1998 when she joined the main cast in the hit show Ally McBeal, playing bitchy lawyer Nelle Porter opposite Calista Flockhart and Lucy Liu. De Rossi’s character was well received but even though her career was taking off, her personal life was less than perfect.

Reading this book was just another reminder that there is always more than meets the eye. The world took notice of a beautiful woman who effortlessly graced the covers of beauty magazines while in reality, de Rossi was an insecure wreck who could not help but succumb to her own unrealistic desires to be perfect. Unbearable Lightness takes the reader on an honest and remarkable journey of a woman’s quest to self acceptance. Her relationship with food might be difficult to understand, but there is no denying that de Rossi is an incredibly strong woman with an unbelievable desire to succeed.

“Chopsticks were useful for obvious reasons. I’m not Asian, nor am I coordinated. They were unnatural and awkward for me and as a result, the food fell through the little obtuse triangles making me eat slower. If I ate slowly, I didn’t eat as much.”

Quote of the Month …..

Mark James Klepaski Markus James "MJ" Klepaski, born 11 September

1975 is an American bass guitarist, best

known as the former bass player for the American post-grunge/alternative metal band, Breaking Benjamin and current bass player for Stardog Champion.

on't make music for eyes. I make music for ears. “MUSIC SHOULD MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD”

So hope all you music lovers enjoy The Wild Child Chronicles this month. Check out my review of the latest Just Music Session at The World of Yamaha. Then the big news is our first offering for bands to get their name out there, get involved in our Battle of the Bands. It will be held at Crossroads venue in Boksburg on the 31st May. Any bands who want to get involved, check out the poster in my section. A free band shoot is up for grabs and a 2 page exclusive in Fanbase Music Mag. Let's make it big and it promises to be the first of many! Everyone keep safe and hope you enjoy the latest issue of Fanbase Music Magazine!

DJ Dylan Interview by : Camella Reed

What is your current favourite local song? I like Euphonik’s “Shut Up”, Jack Parrow’s “Rattex”, Crazy White Boy & DJ Fresh. Tell us about yourself, what makes DJ Dylan unique as a South African DJ? I am really young. I started when I was 9 and at 11 I am releasing my first album on 31 May called Bump Junior. I am really privileged to have been qualified as DJ by Soul Candi and I am also one of their artists. Tell us what is the most memorable event you have played at and why? I will never forget playing at Club Shakes in PE. It was my first big club event. I was only 10 and really didn’t know what to expect. I had never been in a club before and wasn’t sure if what I was doing is what DJ’s do in clubs. I played my set and was so happy to see how the people enjoyed it and rocked to my beat. If you could collaborate with one artist (living or dead), who would it be and why? International: Skrillex, SA – I’d like to DJ with Rodger Goode! I love Dub-step and so do they! Besides DJ’ing what do you do for fun? I recently got my Padi Open Water Scuba Dive Qualification in December and I love diving in Mozambique, cycling, target shooting, gaming and watching movies. How do the kids at school treat you, since you have been featured in the public eye? Some kids are so supportive. They acknowledge my success and they are happy for me. Unfortunately you will always get the guys that like to make fun of people too. I am playing at our school disco this Friday for our fundraising day and I look forward to it. What makes you excited to play at a gig? I love it when people dance to my music and really enjoy my music. When I do birthday parties, I have as much fun as the quests. Sometimes it feels like my own party!

What influence does your family have on your promising music career? My family have a very positive impact on what I do because they all support me. They go with me to my gigs, help me set up for parties, drive me around to get equipment and take me for practise sessions at Soul Candi. I have even had my Ouma in the DJ box! They also teach me to run my own business. They helped to set me up with the basic and made finance available for extras which I pay back with my gig money. Where can people get hold of you on the social media scene? Facebook, twitter etc? Facebook and Twitter – djdylansa

Tell us about your current plans, what are you up to music wise? Big for me this month is my launch of Bump Junior on 31 May and for the few weeks after that, we will tour the album.

Website – For bookings:

Junkyard Gauteng invasion OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE Junkyard Lipstick is proud to announce that they will venture up to Gauteng for their very first mini-tour. We are very excited to have the opportunity to play a different province in our beautiful country and hope that the Gauteng audience is ready for a good thrashing and some great fun times. We get to share the stage with our friends, well accomplished musicians and up-and-coming talent in the Gauteng Alternative Scene. After the release of our debut album “Hellbent” we felt that it would be necessary to invest even a little more and tour to a province we haven’t played before. Even though it’s only for 2 nights, we hope all our fans up country and Gauteng alternative music listeners will come out to support and experience the energy and music that we have to give. Mini-tour date as follows:

SATURDAY – 01 JUNE 2013 EMALYTH ARTS EXPO – WOLMER ESTATE (PRETORIA) with - Mizera - Bloodbeast - Theatre Runs Red - Deity’s Muse - 11th Hour - Bleeding Spawn And many more!


New Cape Town Electro Act, ROBOTOKYO, Release Their First Single EMPIRE

Within the Cape Town electronica scene a force in cinematic electro pop has reared its head -

RoboTokyo. "RoboTokyo is a place and state of mind where we feel safe to explore ideas. We have no set boundaries and we had to create this world to give us that freedom of expression." The latest export from within the scene consists of cousins Peter Crafford and Elan Schnider, who are both members of Stellenbosch-based alternative rock band 3rd World Spectator. The idea for the project originated from a fictional string ensemble that 3rd World Spectator credited for their work on their debut album, The Theory of Everything called The Ro-

boTokyo String Ensemble. In early 2013 Elan approached Peter with songs he was working on and they decided to experiment with it. By combining Peter's four-octave vocal range and affinity for pop culture and science fiction with Elan's love for French electronica and huge productions, they have produced their debut single, EMPIRE. The song serves as a anthem and battle cry to immerse yourself in noise and sound, and creating a legacy from music.

Photography by: Kevin Schnider




ss / e n i s ur bu o y s at e s u ti t r c a adve cont o t e ill be s e a w k i e l l e ould nd w e ine, p a z w a u g m nabl a o o c . s m l i If yo a r gma ry re n ou i e @ v y g t b a hob te, a sicm o u u q m e as you a e fanb v i y to g p p a h s. price



JUNE 2013

Embargoed until Tuesday 26th March Due to exceptional demand Big Concerts confirmed today that an additional Johannesburg performance has been added for John Cleese Live on Saturday 22nd June at 3PM at the Teatro at Montecasino. Comedy legend John Cleese returns to South Africa after the sold out success of his 2011 tour. John Cleese live is Another Big Concerts Experience, presented by Algoa FM, 567 CapeTalk, Talk Radio 702, East Coast Radio and SABC3. Best known for his idiosyncratic turns in Monty Python's Flying Circus and Fawlty Towers, John Cleese will once again bring his unique comedy perspective to audiences across South Africa. Cleese has done it all, and now it’s time for him to tell you about his jam-packed life. The show will be split into two halves. The first will be a conversation session hosted by local radio celebrity John Maytham from 567 CapeTalk, who will be chatting to John Cleese in more detail about life up to and including his Monty Python career. And, the second half will be John talking about Fawlty Towers, A Fish Called Wanda and other controversial and hilarious matters as well as answering questions from the audience. If you didn’t manage to catch john Cleese last time, now’s your chance. For those who did… prepare to be entertained all over again with his hugely successful show ‘John Cleese Live’

Port Elizabeth – Presented by Algoa FM and SABC3

Johannesburg – presented by Talk Radio 702 and SABC3

Saturday 15th June

Friday 21st June

Sunday 16th June

Saturday 22nd June – NEW SHOW ADDED AT 3PM

Feather Market

Sunday 23rd June

Tickets on sale now from Computicket priced R395 – R510

Teatro at Montecasino

Cape Town – presented by 567 CapeTalk and SABC3

Durban – presented by East Coast Radio and SABC3


Tickets on sale now from Computicket and priced R380 – R510 Tuesday 25th June

Tuesday 18 June

ICC Hall 1AB Durban

Wednesday 19th June

Tickets on sale from Computicket priced R340 – R510

CTICC Tickets on sale now from Computicket and priced R395 - R510

IF COMEDY HAD A GOVERNMENT, THIS WOULD BE IT With police shooting innocent people, Presidents building funfairs for fat ladies, Rhinos lying dead on the road back from Mangaung and legless runners shooting people in the toilet – let’s face it, when you read the papers today, it’s hard to believe that the country isn’t being run by a bunch of comedians already. Isn’t it time you voted for a better class of leadership? From their phenomenal success in 2012, your comedy cabinet is back: with one or two changes (floor crossing is allowed in Parliament, you know…) Mass Hysteria 2013 - if you don’t laugh, you die. Following on from 2012, witness the triumphant return of one of the nation’s sexiest and most provocative stand-up shows ever, Mass Hysteria – Viva Haha, Viva! Come see the new national leaders of our country take to the stage and give you something to really cry about. With laughter, that is… Watch them effortlessly tear the government a new one, poke fun at themselves and come down hard on current events. Casper De Vries, Nik Rabinowitz, Joey Rasdien, Chester Missing, Ndumiso Lindi, John Vlismas, Tumi Morake, Mpho Popps Modikoaneand Kurt Schoonraad together for the first time ever, are guaranteed to cause Mass Hysteria. Check Computicket listings to see which of these Ministers will be coming to your area.

CAN YOU HELP ?? We received this email a little while back and when we read it, we just needed to help and get involved. If there is anyone out there who can help out and would like to donate then please get in touch with Fanbase Music Magazine on

Good afternoon I don’t know where to start. My sister ( Tahnee 17 years old ) was knocked over by a motor vehicle whilst she was walking on the pavement on the 27.03.2013 ( her birthday ) she was rushed to King Edward hospital then taken to Albert Luthuli hospital where they did an emergency operation on her brain ( craniotomy ) the right side of her skull was fractured so badly they have removed it and she is due for another op in August. She was in a coma for 3 weeks. She was 6 months pregnant (not to my knowledge ) she had an emergency c-section and baby was 3 months prem and in ICU. She since has woken up and discharged to my mother’s care as well as baby. I am the breadwinner in my family – it’s only my sister, Mom and I. I do not stay with them however try contributing financially where I can which is extremely difficult. My mother is unable to work as she now has the baby and my sister to look after it’s an extremely hard job as my sister needs constant care as well as the baby. I cannot be there to assist as I have an 8 month old baby and husband and work full time and some overtime where I can. My Mom recently found out my sister was pregnant we have minimal items for them thanks to a few strangers that heard our story and have been kind enough to assist with nappies, formula etc. I found an organization Headway to assist with the rehabilitation for my sister however I still have to pay for these services. The father of the child has disappeared and his family are not interested either, it really feels like we are at a dead end. My sister has made a miraculous recovery she is walking but very off balance , she can talk a little and eat however the extent of her damages are severe ( the left side of her brain is damaged ) she will never be the same again. The driver of the vehicle was drunk and blood was not taken, she was not arrested, to even get hold of the investigating officer is a fruitless effort I have not received a call from them in 1 month after complaining to their boss. The treatment we received from King Edward and Albert Luthuli was shocking – dealing with anybody there is like speaking to a brick wall. We are totally exhausted. I was told to email you for help I would never normally do this as I am proud but at this point I am desperate Thank you Kind Regards,

How did you get into photography?

What style of Photography do you like?

I have always loved looking, taking, admiring photographs for as long as I can remember, so about 6 years ago I invested in some good glass (lenses) and a Canon Camera DSLR from overseas then studied two years ago and became a qualified Professional Photographer.

Lifestyle Photography. I love shooting weddings, it’s one of the most stressful shoot as you cannot re-schedule a wedding but the end result is the best. When the new couple takes a look through the wedding album for the first time and they are super excited smiling from ear to ear some even cry as they are reliving their very special day through your pictures – is priceless.

What camera are you currently using? When I bought my first Canon 6 years ago it was the Canon EOS 30D but will be upgrading to the 7D at the end of the month. What do you like about Photography? EVERY THING. Seriously I love the interaction between me and my subject whether it be a baby, the bride or a family. To capture memories that will last a life time gets me excited as photographs tell so many stories. Photography is something you get immersed in. You lose yourself in shooting, and all your worries and daily stresses just melt away. Photos make you feel. They can produce every emotion, from happiness, to sadness, fear and excitement. There is so much contained in one small frame—learning to produce them, and read them certainly opens you up to feeling.

Newborn or children – these shoots I love as well, children have an innocence about them. They love unconditionally and trust whole heartedly. They see the world so different to how we see it. Free spirited little beings life’s precious gifts that should at no time be taken for granted.

Where do you see you’re self in five years, in terms of your photography? As an International wedding photographer

dress, then fun shots of her and the bridesmaid’s and Mom. Dash off to the church and do shots of the reception (if in same venue) then get the shots of bride arriving at the church and the reaction of the groom. OK from here it’s pretty much snap snap snap as much as you can so not to miss anything. Then it is everything in between and before you know it its 22:00 or 22:30 and you say good bye and head home. Normally I would down load images onto hard drive so I have them ready for editing the following day. Editing can take up to 72 hours this may sound allot but remember you have taken about 800-1000 images. You have to now sort out your best and bin the rest. Then the magic happens where you start editing. This is a lengthy process, well for me any way. I could edit an image go out make a cuppa come back and I don’t like what I see so I start again. Depending on what the bride has chosen editing could range from 200 and 300 images. You then make your disc send to the happy couple who then chooses their best images and from that I make up the album. This process is normally 6-8 weeks.

Who is your favorite photographer and why? Brett Florens as his ideas are fresh, new and out there where most photographers don’t dare go Lara Scott – her images are light and milky especially for her new born shoots. Just love her work Andrea Carlyle – her images are really classical love the detail in her work. Describe a day in the life of a photographer? Shew where does one begin… If I am doing a wedding much prep has gone in weeks before the big day, I have gone to the venue and done some shots to get a feel of what I will do on the big day. Had a few meetings with the Bride (sometimes the Groom will come along) to go over exactly what the couple wants on the day (what pics are wanted, what poses she wants included, will it be a fun creative shoot? traditional shoot? Etc) On the big day I will check and re check that I have all my cameras/lenses batteries spare batteries memory cards umbrella and tripod packed. Make sure I pack a snack bag as my day will consist of about 11 hours. 10 hours will be shooting the big day. You have to have an itinerary where the bride, groom and bridesmaids have a copy of, as timing is everything. You have to get the bride ready (which is about 3 hours) drive across to where groom and groomsmen are and take shots of them too. Dash back to the bride to take shots of her getting into her

If I was doing a normal shoot say for a new born or model shoot then it’s a little less stressful. I have props that I will take along to my client’s home set up my area and it’s all up to the babies. It’s their schedule. Babies and children are VERY unpredictable you just have to pray for the best mood on the day. I had a shoot once with a 5 week prem baby and the baby was only 2 weeks old on the day of the shoot. Well it lasted for just over 5 hours this poor little bundle cried and was hungry and every time she settled it was time to move her into another position. The parents and I were very patient and just went along with the babas needs. These shoots last about 2 hours. What advice do you have for upcoming photographers? You have to remember that it’s a very competitive world out there. It is A LOT of hard work and constant promoting (when you are new to the business) it’s important to create your own style and implement them in your work. It’s good to

look at others work but then put your own spin on it. When people see the same images in Peoples Portfolios all the time they get bored and you won’t have an impact on them. If your work is new and fresh they will remember you as being different. Don’t get despondent in the first few years because its takes about 3-5 years to get established and to have a good cliental. Don’t ever give clients images that are not your best or post them onto your website as people will judge you like they judge a book by its cover. Always act professionally and always no matter where you are. Dress like you are promoting your brand every day, people will see you and then that’s how they will perceive your work to be. If you dress sloppy with dirty hair, that will reflect on your work. If you want to target Upmarket Clients dress accordingly. If you live in a dodgy area and your clients are from an upmarket area - find out where they work and meet at the closest coffee shop and you pay for the coffee. (Dress high key)

How can people get hold of you? My website on Or email on 0r cell 0736724209

Interview by: Duwyne Clayton

STIMELA, TSHEPO TSHOLA & KABOMO A night with Stimela, Tshepo Tshola & Kabomo Date Time Venue Tickets

Saturday 08 June 2013 Doors opens 18h30 show starts 19h30 Carnival City Big Top Arena Computicket R260 to R380

Massive Events Live presents A Night with Stimela, Tshepo Tshola and Kabomo, a live music show on 08 June at Carnival City, Big Top Arena. With such a legendary line up of heavyweights, they will perform hits such as, Whispers in the deep, Zwakala, Where did we go wrong, Go on living your life, Turn on the sun and many more. Tshepo Tshola says; ‘The Big Top Arena at Carnival City will never be the same after this gig. Look forward to a night you will never forget and promise to be so. Me and the band are ready, be ready’. The doors opens 18h30 and show starts 19h30 tickets are from R260 to R380 and available at Computicket.

Happy Bir

Park Ac



Gigg review and photography by : Willem Kotze

It was the last Sunday of the month. The Sunday that we all can’t wait for each and every month as it is time for Park Acoustics. BUT this one was different. It was the 3rd birthday party of Park Acoustics and they promised that it was going to be huge and HUGE it was! I made my way to the Park as early as possible as there was a limited amount of tickets left and all online tickets sold out yet again. I knew i was in for one great party! Getting in the smell of Braaiboys boerewors rolls hit me almost flat on my back and just had to get one! getting addicted to his food is really easy! Soundcheck on the main stage soon started with Blue Array Productions doing an awesome job yet again with the sound! Now, let me tell you. Three stages with some of the best talent out there really makes a great party. The acoustic stage rocked with bands like Tamara Tree, Janie and The Beard and Die See. I made my rounds through the stages, watched some live Graffiti being done on canvass by two great artist and joined the electro stage for a couple of songs. The Dollfins started their gig getting the crowd warmed up for the rest of the line up. Those girls sure know how to kick off a party on the right note! Dune Rats all the way from down under, Mr Cat and The Jackal and Shadowclub all followed with amazing performances making the sold out crowd going crazy. Finally it was time for the main act, The Springbok Nude Girls to get onto stage. And man they just never disappoint! They were definitely one of my favourite acts of the day and I'm sure for a lot of fans as well. The Park Acoustics crowd has been waiting and hungry to see them for three years and they've been fed with the show of a lifetime A Big thank you to everybody that makes Park Acoustics what it is today. Cheers to a great 3 years and a lot more! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BLACKSTONERADIO BEGINS SEARCH FOR ‘SWEET MARY JANE’ Blackstoneradio, a groove rock band from Bellville, are looking for a fun, quirky girl to star in their latest music video. This video will be for their second single, ‘Sweet Mary Jane’, off their recently released debut album, ‘Out of Rock’. The video will be shot in and around Cape Town’s northern and southern suburbs on 21/22 June (dates are weather dependent) with the help of experienced digital media production company, Retroyspective ( The suitable candidate needs to be a fun, charismatic, natural beauty between the ages of 18 and 28, and must be available on either of the shooting dates. If you think you’re the Sweet Mary Jane Blackstoneradio are looking for, mail the following to on or before Sunday 9 June:  Name  Age  Contact number  Where you stay  3/4 pictures Short description of yourself Listen to ‘Sweet Mary Jane’ here: Blackstoneradio media pages:

Samsung GALAXY Experience Presents The G&G Live Marquee at the Vodacom Durban July

The G&G Live Marquee is back at this year’s Vodacom Durban July and as one might expect with a Samsung #GALAXYexperience event, it is guaranteed to deliver the ultimate in party atmospheres! Building on the success of their debut daytime tent at last year’s race day, the G&G Live Marquee is not only back, it’s better. Situated between three water hazards on the golf course, it is the most striking of all the tents with chic and comfortable lounges, stylish décor and a winning party vibe. Production and hospitality have been stepped up to new levels, creating a relaxing milieu that doesn’t compromise on buzzing party spirit. The G&G Live Marquee will offer the discerning race-day goer more than just a little extra as the Samsung #GALAXYexperience continues to deliver on its promise to be at the forefront of the electronic music scene in South Africa. This year’s entertainment includes the recently awarded ‘Best Drive Show DJ’, the man with the most distinctive laugh on the airwaves, 5FM’s own DJ Fresh. Also from 5FM’s folds, the ever-popular Roger Goode will be keeping patrons dancing long into the night. To complete the 5FM trio is the man you either love or hate: Gareth Cliff. The well-read and highly opinionated shock-jock will be partying up a storm as he spins eclectic tunes exclusively for G&G Live Marquee guests at one of the most anticipated days in South Africa’s social calendar. Support acts include resident DJ Graeme, Funky B, G-Funk, Benny Maverick, Lulo Café and Sp!ndoctor. Where other tents fail to defy the ubiquity of providing drinks alone, the G&G Live Marquee features three levels of superior hospitality and entertainment. As in 2012, R495 will get you entry into the tented village site, access to multiple bars and the #GALAXYexperience dance floor, a food village, smoking lounge, chill areas, screens featuring the day’s horse racing action and betting totes. For R895, a VIP ticket affords guests access to the separate VIP tent with additional lounges,bars and private bathrooms. VIPs will be treated to a scrumptious selection of finger foods and canapés throughout the day. A VVIP ticket at R1,595 grants patrons access to the Skyy VVIP lounge area where they will be treated to an open bar (excluding premium champagnes and spirits) until 18h00, as well as private bathrooms and access to the marquee’s decks which overlook the water features. The Vodacom Durban July is all about the glitz and glamour and, of course, the racing. For those who bring along their lucky rabbit foot and take an active interest in thunderous galloping to the finish line, they need not miss a thing with screens large and small scattered throughout the G&G Live Marquee displaying each riveting race. To keep energy levels up, the G&G Live Marquee will have a food court serving a variety of delicious meals, from sushi to wraps and much more.

For those after that extra extravagance one would expect at a day at the races, G&G Live has a limited number of lounge areas in both the VIP and the Skyy VVIP areas which can be reserved for the day for a party of up to six guests. These lounge areas will be attended by waitrons and are on offer for R3,000 for a lounge in the VIP tent and for R4,000 in the Skyy VVIP tent. These prices are in addition to individual entry ticket and places are limited. Secure your place at the G&G Live Marquee now from Computicket for this exclusive oasis on Saturday, 6 July 2013, 12h00-23h00.

DETAILED TICKET OPTIONS: Regular: R495 Includes: Entry to G&G Live Marquee Village, several bars, food area, totes, smoking lounge, cloak room, chill areas, Samsung Galaxy experience main dance floor and photo areas.

VIP: R895 (only 800 tickets available)

Includes: All facilities and benefits available to regular ticket holders. Additional chill area, decks and bars, finger lunch and late afternoon canapés, additional tote facility, separate ablution facilities. Option to buy a private lounge with waiter service. Skyy VVIP: R1,595 (only 500 tickets available) Includes: All facilities and benefits available to regular and VIP ticket holders. Additional chill areas, decks and bars, finger lunch and late afternoon canapés, Additional tote facility, separate ablution facilities, complimentary full bar until 6 pm. Does not include Champagne and top-line premium drinks. Option to buy a private lounge with waiter service in the Skyy Lounge. Table Buying Options VIP lounge: R3,000 (excluding tickets). Lounge setup for six people, including waiter service. Can be tailored at an additional R500 per [additional] person. Skyy Vodka lounge: R4,000 (excluding tickets). Lounge set-up for six people, including waiter service. Includes a bottle of Piper Champagne and Skyy 90 Premium Vokda. Can be tailored at an additional R600 per [additional] person. Tickets are for the G&G Live Marquee only. Event attendees will need to purchase their general access ticket to the Vodacom Durban July via the ‘Gold Circle’ precinct. Details at Line-up and times: Graeme (11:00-13:00) Funky B (13:00-14:00) G-Funk (14:00-15:00) Benny Maverick (15:00-16:00) Lulo Café (16:00-17:00) Sp!ndoctor (17:00-18:00) Gareth Cliff (18:00-19:00) DJ Fresh (19:00-20:00) P.H. (20:00-21:00) Roger Goode (21:00-22:00)

RIHANNA DIAMONDS WORLD TOUR CONFIRMS SOUTH AFRICAN CONCERT DATES! Worldwide superstar Rihanna - the “#1 Person On Facebook” with over 63 million fans – is bringing her DIAMONDS WORLD TOUR to South Africa this spring. World tour promoters Live Nation together with Big Concerts confirmed today that the tour which kicks off in North America this week is set to dazzle fans with concerts confirmed at FNB Stadium Johannesburg on Sunday 13 th October 2013 and Cape Town Stadium on Wednesday 16th October 2013. Rihanna has dominated global charts with “Diamonds,” the fastest-rising single of her career to date and first single to be release from UNAPOLOGETIC her 7th studio album for Island Def Jam in just seven years. The recipient of six Grammy Awards® and seven Billboard Music Awards, Rihanna has sold over 41 million albums and 150 million digital tracks worldwide, and currently holds the record as the top-selling digital artist of all time. Forbes named Rihanna the world’s #1 social media star with over 2.9 billion views on YouTube/VEVO, the most ever for any female artist, over 63 million Facebook fans, and over 27 million Twitter followers. In addition to her 12 Hot 100 #1 singles and overall 24 Top 10 singles, she also has 18 #1 singles on the Billboard Dance Club Song Charts. Tickets for the Diamonds World Tour in South Africa will go on sale for Johannesburg on Thursday 11th April at 9am priced R330 – R930 and in Cape Town on Friday 12th April at 9am priced R275 – R820. Tickets will be available from,, the Computicket call centre on 0861 915 8000 or any Computicket outlet at Checkers and Shoprite. Rihanna Diamonds World Tour is promoted world-wide by Live Nation Global Touring. SOUTH AFRICA 13-Oct Johannesburg, South Africa FNB Stadium 16-Oct Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town Stadium Itinerary subject to change. For complete tour and ticket information, visit: and FOR FURTHER MEDIA INFO: Dionne Domyan (Johannesburg, and National publicity) (Tel) +27833261776 * Gwen Ironsi (Cape Town publicity) (Tel +27726561906 (m) *


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