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elcome to our 2 year anniversary edition. Can you believe it? Fanbase has been going for two years.

I must say it has been both hard but mostly fun and worthwhile; I am so happy and proud of this magazine. Thank you to all our readers for sticking with us and we hope to give you another 2 years of awesome reading.

Editors Note

So with all that said and done we would also like to introduce our new look and logo. We hope you like it and understand that with this change we hope to go from strength to strength. Let us know what you think. So what can you expect in this jam packed issue? Well I am proud to announce that we have a metal band gracing our front cover this month. Can you believe it, it’s the first time that a metal band graces our front cover, yes we are ashamed to admit this but together with the changes we have in store you expect a bigger support system for our local metal scene. The metal band in question is Strident. Go read their interview in “Ryno’s full metal panic” section. Ryno also interviews and looks into the world of Tattoo, needles and ink, it’s quite an interesting topic. So go check it all out in his section. Unfortunately after nearly two years of producing good reading and not missing an issue, Danni Punk Pit will not feature in the January issue. We just had to give this hard working girl a break lol but she will be back in Feb. We do want to however congratulate Danni on passing all her exams - well done young lady!!! Finally I get to interview a grunge band called Very Ape; I am so excited about this band and can’t wait to show them off to the world. I also interview a band that has been working hard these last couple of months and their name, The Cheap Bad Habits, and last but not least, I interview a lady who is no stranger to Fanbase Music Mag, I am talking about none other than Holly. Go check out all these interviews!! Finally I do album reviews Volume Conflict, Ard Matthews and Wild Eastern Archers. Our Togger of the Month is a togger who goes by the name Storm Awesome Photography. Simone S factor has done a gig review on the last leg of the Rumbucket tour, which was an awesome success. Go check that out. Don’t forget to check out our “and in other news” section where there is a lot of interesting articles. With all these overseas acts visiting our shores you can read up on all of them and find out all the info you need to know when attending these events. Let us know who you would like to see visiting our shores by emailing us on I must say I’m really excited about Metallica and Rodriguez coming to our shores. Well that is it for this issue, thanx to all our readers for the support over the last two years and we hope to give another 2 years of good reading. A big huge thank you to my team, the real reason there is a mag out every month! You guys rock so much. You should start a band haha Hobo hugs Duwyne


Happy 2013 to our Readers


Full name:

Duwyne Clayton

Full name:


Full name:


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Nick name:


Nick name:


What is your occupation at Fanbase

What is your occupation at

What is your occupation

Music Mag?

Fanbase Music Mag?

at Fanbase Music Mag?

Editor in Chief


What do you like about Fanbase

What do you like about

Photographer and cover layout/ design

Music Mag?

Fanbase Music Mag?

Fanbase Music Mag has become a very great and unique platform for local bands. Although we love and support international acts, We are really passionate about South African music. Fanbase Music Mag has the best team who help every month to put our awesome issues every month. We are not a team, we are a family!!!

Our Team <3

What is your favourite band at the moment? Being in this business I come across such great talent daily, but one that practically comes to mind is Volume Conflict What is your favourite quote? “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are” ― Kurt Cobain

What is your favourite band at the moment?

What do you like about Fanbase Music Mag? The awesome interviews, articles and people involved with the mag! And the gigs off course.

Green Day (obviously;))

What is your favourite

What is your favourite quote?

band at the moment?

Anything that comes out of Billie Joe Armstrong's mouth is my favorite quote!

Red Hot Chili Peppers What is your favourite quote? “Damn the man, save the empire” - Empire Records.


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Marisa Horn

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Marisa HippieHeart

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Simone Factor

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S Factor

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Ryno de Lange

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Mr. Ryno


What is your occupation at

What is your occupation at

What is your occupation at

Fanbase Music Mag?

Fanbase Music Mag?

Fanbase Music Mag?

Columnist, freelance contributor

Full Metal Panic / Writer

Promoter/Researcher/Assistant Editor

What do you like about Fanbase

What do you like about

What do you like about Fanbase

Music Mag?

Fanbase Music Mag?

Music Mag?

I love it because it is a total celebration of local music and shows all the strength and possibilities of our musical community.

Fanbase is passionate about the music scene and promoting and spreading local music throughout South Africa. Fanbase also gives all bands and musicians a fair chance to be feature in the magazine.

Fanbase Music Magazine is colorful and fresh. It has a great team of editors, music lovers, promoters and photographers .

Who is your favourite band at the

Who is your favourite band at the




There are so many great bands out there…so many genres. It’s impossible for me to single out ONE favourite. I would however like to mention a few of my favorite local artists in various genres of course and in no particular order: The Paige Mac Band (Paige Mac Mahon), Volume Conflict, Brendon Shields, The Yoo and many others

What is your favourite quote?

What is your favourite quote? “I do believe Music is the highest form of art”

"today you are you , that is truer than true , there is no one alive that is youer than you " Dr Seuss

Who is your favourite band at the moment? Zombies Ate My Girlfriend - Local. Metallica (early days) - International. What is your favourite quote? tune Favours the Brave.


WRITING IS ON THE WALL Dear Fanbase This is the most awesome magazine—a must read for all music lovers and photography lovers. Please keep doing the mag for as long as you can! PS : It was so great to hear your interview on Zone Radio Dalton

Hi there Me again, LCEC, still reading your mag and must say that it just keeps on getting better. Loved your interview on Zone Radio—keep the music alive man ! LCEC xxx

Duzz replies: Thanks for the kind words Dalton—great name you have there. Hope you enjoy our mag for a long time to come. Keep rocking dude !

What’s up Fanbase

Duzz replies: Awesome to hear from you again LCEC and so glad to hear that you still enjoy the mag. Interview was awesome with some awesome people. Keep reading !!!!!!

Awesome magazine. Seems to be on top of it all. Love it keep at it guys! Kenneth Keiser

Hows it going? Love your mag keep it alive and fresh! From Sammy

Duzz replies : Thanks Sammy—always nice to hear that our mag is going down so well with our readers.

Duzz replies : Thanks so much Kenneth that is awesome coming from you as I am a big fan of you and your band. Its great to be able to feature your band “Very Ape” in this months issue of Fanbase Have a rocking day ! Duwyne

Keep reading !!!!!!!

Hey everyone out there—don’t be shy, drop us a note for “The Wall”. Would luv to hear from you all !

METALLICA LIVE IN SOUTH AFRICA Stadium Dates Confirmed for April 2013 Big Concerts confirmed that Metallica will perform two stadium shows in South Africa next year. The tour is scheduled for Wednesday 24th April 2013 at Cape Town Stadium and Saturday 27th April at Soccer City Complex, FNB Stadium, Johannesburg. Metallica Live in South Africa is another Big Concerts Experience presented by 5FM’s Power Nite of Rock and MK. Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo collectively known as Metallica, are one of the most influential and commercially successful rock bands in history, having sold 110 million albums worldwide and playing to millions of fans the world over. They have scored almost a dozen multi-platinum albums, including 1991's Metallica (commonly referred to as "The Black Album"), which is the bestselling album in history of Soundscan, scanning almost 16 million albums in the United States alone, and nearly 30 million worldwide. In October 2008, their latest album, Death Magnetic, debuted at number one on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart and in 27 additional countries around the world. Metallica have garnered numerous awards and accolades, including nine Grammy®Awards, two American Music Awards, and multiple MTV Video Music Awards. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009. In December 2011 Metallica celebrated its 30th anniversary. This past summer Metallica unveiled a brand new stage that featured iconic elements that spanned its 30-year career.

South African Tour Dates: Wednesday 24th April 2013 – Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town Presented by 5FM’s Power Nite of Rock and MK Saturday 27th April 2013 – Soccer City Complex, FNB Stadium, Johannesburg Presented by 5FM’s Power Nite of Rock and MK For more information on all things Metallica, visit Ticketing Information: Tickets go on sale for the Johannesburg show (web, outlets and call centers) – Wednesday 21st November 2012 (09:00 – local time SAST). Price from R340 – R900 Tickets go on sale for the Cape Town show (web, outlets and call centers) – Thursday 22nd November 2012 (09:00 – local time SAST). Price from R295 – R900. Tickets available online from, or Computicket. CONTACTS Dionne Domyan (Johannesburg, and National publicity) +27 (0) 833261776, Gwen Ironsi (Cape Town publicity) +27 (0) 726561906, Wendy Verwey Bekker (Universal Music - International Rock & Pop Product Manager) +27 (0) 8444 22216,

ZONE RADIO VISIT I was lucky enough to spend some time in the beautiful Mother City also known as Cape Town. Although this trip was a Christmas present and a mini holiday to me from my girlfriend Crystal, I also went over for work reasons, one of being to meet the presenters and be on Zone Radio. First of all I would like to say meeting all the presenters and getting to hang out with them was so awesome. What a bunch of nice people and it was good to catch up and be able to speak to them in person and put a face to the voice you hear on the radio. I arrived in Cape Town on Boxing day, and after spending a night and braai at the Unicorn’s (otherwise known as Richard Griggs) house, the owner and founder of Zone Radio, it was time to go to the Zone Radio studios and be interviewed by the Unicorn and Pumpkin ( Naledi) on what Fanbase Music Mag was all about!!! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous as it was my first time on radio, I didn’t want to make an egg of myself. I am happy to say the interview went off very well, better than I thought it would and although I made a few mess ups here and there with my answers, I think I was able to bring across to the listeners exactly what Fanbase Music Mag is about and what we want to achieve. Hopefully we have gained some new readers and also hopefully Zone Radio has gained some new listeners in doing this collaboration. Although it is not the first time we have worked with Zone Radio as both parties help each other out by Fanbase featuring the Zone Radio presenters in the magazine and them mentioning our mag on air and sharing the mag on their social networks. This interview just made all that so much better because we got to meet in person. Whether it was spending time with Richard Griggs and his wife in their lovely home and also getting to meet the Zone Radio admin Shirley Meyer, or being interviewed on the breakfast zone and meeting Naledi, or partying hard with Adrian Larger, or having deep convo with Brett Kennermeyer about Pink Floyd, or sitting in on Nicola Wondaboi’s, Nick Snow and Quinton Kotze’s shows, and eventually meeting Tombstone Pete wondering around the waterfront. My whole experience with Zone Radio was awesome and I really hope we can continue this friendship. I would like to thank everyone from Zone Radio that I met from the admin to the presenters including some of their family members. It was really great meeting up and spending some time with you all, I’m just sorry I couldn’t stay longer and next time I am in Cape Town I will defo be staying a little longer. If you don’t know Zone Radio by now, then do yourself a favor and log onto and start listening to the best radio station in the world. You won’t be disappointed. As they are an internet radio station you can listen to them anywhere in the world which brings meaning to their phrase :

“Going from Cape Town to the world”

Why not place YOUR ad here !!!!!

Interview done by: Duwyne Clayton

A few issues ago we featured a band from Durban called The Cheap Bad Habits. When I was living in Durban, they were one of my favorite bands, so I decided to catch up with the band and find out whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been happening. A lot has happened, they have finally found a new bassist by the name of Duncan Colville who we thought looked familiar because he was in a band called Sheepdown and we featured Sheepdown a while back. We talk to CBH and find out what is the latest with Cheap Bad Habits and also learn about the breakup of Sheepdown. This is such a cool funny interview. Give it a read!!!

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been a while since you have graced the pages of Fanbase music mag guys. What has CBH been up to lately, you have a new bassist, who is he and, what bands has he played in before? Ryan- Yeah itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been a while, but we are still going strong, going through the motions, our new bassist is Duncan Colville (ex Sheepdown) Sidd- We've got a few new songs cooking, opened for The Narrow recently, made Duncan one of us and hatched schemes for the year ahead. Hello Duncan, this question is for you, how has it been for you since you joined the band, have you settled in? Duncan: It's been a bit of a new adventure. I've played with the same guys for almost 7 years in Sheepdown, so it is awesome to be jamming again, especially with the Cheap Bad Habits, they took me in like a musical orphan left on the steps of a church. We thought you looked familiar Duncan as we have featured Sheepdown before in Fanbase music mag, what is the latest with Sheepdown, have the band broken up, leaving you able to join CBH? Sheepdown was a major part of my life and I was fortunate to be part of it. Unfortunately due to family commitments and the realities of life Sheepdown is no more. On the up side I joined CBH and roach has started a new project called Roachy and the rock coaches.

Did the boys give you an initiation process before you were allowed to join lol? Duncan: Unfortunately not, I think they know that I will kill them but I was looking forward to something. You can't win them all. Sidd - Have you seen his arms? We're not initiating the hulk. Jed: Haha, just when he lets his guard down we gonna unleash the fury! Tell us something about each member of CBH that not many people know about? Duncan: We all have degrees, WTF... and Sidd and I could probably win "who wants to be a Millionaire" with our general knowledge of useless sh*t and quantum sciences. Ryan- None of us actually knows how to play our instruments. Sidd - I love The Velvet Underground and most of Lou Reed's solo work. Jed: I tweet. (@cheapbadhabits)

Has CBH sound changed in any way since Duncan has joined the band? Ryan- Yeah most definitely as Duncan brings a punk edge to this rock n roll monster, plus he’s added backup vocals, so the live shows def improves. Sidd - The backup vocals add that bit extra that you need in a live set and Duncan's quite alright at providing. Jed - Yeah, Duncan really threw himself into making the existing material his own and he definitely puts his stamp on the new stuff.

Have you been writing new material and when can we get to hear it? Our newest tracks would be Broken Hearted Sister and Young Money, both part of our set list atm. Sidd - We play a new tune almost every time we're at prac, and the one's that we still like the next week we start filling out and growing. From that we've kept those two as well as "Chasing down the Devil" and we've revamped the whole set list, so what you hear at gig now is not what you heard last time. Jed: The new stuff is faster and darker. "Young Money" is my new live favorite. There are lots of new ideas cooking too.

“we’re looking at focusing on tours” Is there chance of an album coming out in the near future? Ryan: We hope so, we're looking into it Sidd: So far we've got three two new songs formed and three more on the books, when we've got a full complement of material we'll get the gears turning. What has CBH got in store for the New Year, where can we see you guys gigging in the New Year? Jed : We're looking at focusing on tours and playing outside of our little hometown. Look out Cape Town in April! And finally probably the most important question of all, finish the sentence, Justin Bieber is??? Duncan: Justin Bieber is ... secretly Ryan Wilkins, our drummer. Ryan: Justin Bieber is Selena Gomez( Inception b*tches) Sidd: I'll sit this one out. Jed: My jam yo!

Photography done by: 35mm Shootout Photography Ryan Sadler Photography Stayt Photography

“and in other news! “ Black Water Gerald Clark’s Black Water music video masterfully executed by Yesterfang Puppetry & Animation Launched at a private screening on Saturday 8 December, the video for Gerald Clark's crooning ballad 'Black Water' has effectively taken the notion the South African public has of locally produced music videos and turned it on its head. Clark worked closely with Marius Joubert and Daneille Jacobs from Yesterfang Puppetry & Animation in Stellenbosch to create a theatrical action/combat scene that showed a progressive fight between two characters in which the undercurrent theme is the chase of desire and vengeance. Says Daneille from Yesterfang about their process: "The video as a whole took ten months to complete and include creation of concept, storyboarding, character development, set design, animating, filming and editing.The project consists of 10 771 photographs taken in sequence to create the illusion of movement. In each photo the characters were manually manipulated no more than 5mm at a time. The video was filmed on a constructed set in the centre of a dam in Trompsburg in the Free State Province, South Africa. The characters were constructed by sculpting realistic figures out of clay and were thereafter moulded in silicone. Each character is intact with a wire armature which serves as an operational skeleton. Additional materials used in finalizing the puppets include dog and horse hair, an old leather wallet, food colouring, fabric and olive oil." With this level of dedication to their craft, the pair succeeded in creating a beautifully moody backdrop against which 'Black Water' really comes into its own. Says Gerald Clark about ‘Black Water’: "Black Water was written a few years ago and never got to the place where it is now. I’ve recorded it twice but it didn’t have what the song needed. I feel I nailed it with this recording. The theme coils around my encounter with a beautiful woman and that moment when I realised how dangerously strong that addiction could be." A better pairing in terms of talent would be hard to find!

Social media links: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube:

F*kofpolisiekar Double Collector`s Disc to mark

10 Years.

To celebrate their approaching 10th birthday FPK have just released a double disc offering with a decade of FPK Rock-‘n-Roll. The double album consists of FPK fans` personal favourite songs, as well as all FPK music videos, official and previously unreleased bootleg stuff. This is the ideal must have for those who have lost their original FPK CD copies, the younger brothers and sisters of the original followers who were still in the lower school grades when F*k*f first broke the mould and those who are curious to see some unreleased video material of the band in their early days. The legendary 5-piece Rock outfit, originally from Bellville, made a massive impact on the local music scene since their first musical offering, As jy met vuur speel sal jy brand, in 2003. Since then FPK has had a controversial, exciting and successful career to date. Nine years later and a few months away from their ten year anniversary as one of South Africa’s most celebrated bands, FPK still exudes that magnetic stage presence at their shows. The band’s show at OppiKoppi Sweet/Thing drew one of the largest crowds at this festival.

Video Release: Freddie Van’ Dango – SHADOW. Freddie Van’Dango`s video for his single “SHADOW” from his debut album “TONIK” has just been released. Herewith the link to the video on YouTube and some notes by director Dan Roberts from Stoep Studios: Shadow video: “During production of the album I was very taken with Freddie's extraordinary lyrics. The great tunes and big voice are counter balanced by the lyrics that have a darker, more thought provoking side than you'd expect, they were the special surprise of working with him. So I went in this direction for Shadow which (my interpretation) reminded me of a song a dead person (Ghost) might sing to a lover. From there I went into the Mexican Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) where they celebrate their ancestors - usually in the cemetery with sweets and cookies in the shape of skulls, and skeleton decorations. This blended in with the Tex Mex influenced brass section and trumpet solo we used - with that Mariachi influence. Around the same time I was at the Luthier, Mervin Davis' place in Broederstroom and behind his workshop he had this ruin he was rebuilding into a venue and that reminded me of the film El Mariachi and we had all the elements to make this work.”

UP THE CREEK MUSIC FESTIVAL BROUGHT TO YOU BY 4TH STREET, SWELLENDAM: 31 JANUARY – 3RD FEBRUARY 2013. One river, three stages, four days, loads of music and comedy and festival goers with a passion for some of South Africa`s best music in common – get ready for Up the Creek 2013 brought to you by 4th Street. At Up the Creek everyone comes together. From 31st January to 3rd February, the usually quiet campsite close to Swellendam will once again be transformed into a slightly surreal spot of revelry, raging rock and soulful tunes, performances from another planet and shenanigans of the type you can only pull off when you`re safely tucked in next to the mighty Breede River for four days. No VIP nonsense. No pretence. No cliques. Just a beautiful river; three epic stage; thirty awesome live bands and some of our country’s coolest comedy acts. Pull in on Thursday 31st January for a chilled out preview gig at the Rolling Stone SA stage. You can choose the best spot for your tent and kick start the weekend`s carousing so that the place is cooking by the time your friends arrive. The line up for Up the Creek 2013 is going to be nothing short of fantastic and will be announced in November 2012. In typical Up the Creek tradition we will be running live music on 3 stages throughout the weekend: The 4th Street Main Stage, the MK River Stage and the all night long Rolling Stone SA stage. But remember, we will be running only one stage at a time, so that you don’t miss out on your favourite acts. Think about it, where else can you float on a river, headbang to sick, soulful rocking tunes and sip on a Titanic. (Up the Creek`s special signature cocktail. Tickets at or on our FB page: Thursday – Sunday: Presales: R600.00 – Gate: R650.00 Friday – Sunday: Presales: R550.00 – Gate: R600.00 Saturday – Sunday: Presales: R450.00 – Gate: R500.00 Kids 13 years and younger: free entry. Heartbreak Motel: If you want to rock out in a little more comfort, then the Heartbreak Motel is for you. There are various options of pre-pitched tents, hot showers, clean toilets, buffet breakfast and other luxuries. For more info and bookings go to: Competitions: We are running various exciting competitions for Up the Creek 2013. Check out our Competitions page on website for all the details: Up the Creek Competitions Good luck with your entries! Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: @Upthe_Creek. Website: The line up for the weekend will be released in November 2012. So remember it doesn’t matter if you have big biceps or skinny jeans, or an ironic moustache, or a non-ironic one, at Up the Creek you can be yourself. And get together. General queries: and Media queries: Up the Creek Music Festival is organized by Red Hot Events and Blue Moon. RED HOT EVENTS:

Red Hot Events offers a range of services dedicated to creating unique and memorable experiences. Due to the fact that we are perfectionists obsessed with every detail of event management, we start at spectacular and take it up a few notches. This is why we have a reputation for thinking outside the box, making creative use of space and going the extra mile. Whatever you have in mind, we`re ready to rise to the challenge. Visit our website for more information:” BLUE MOON:

Blue Moon, based in Nelspruit, is a fully equipped functions and music venue with a dynamic sound system and all the accessories, 2 bars, kitchen, stage lighting etc. Known to the music industry countrywide as the best venue of its kind in South Africa, Blue Moon is a totally unique indoor/outdoor venue. Visit our website at

Up the Creek 2013 would like to thank our sponsors: 4th Street, MK & Rolling Stone SA.

Vibrations Radio set to bring Africa the vibe African music history is rich and diverse, with many singular branches that include Maskanda, Kwaito, kwela, Mbalax as well as jazz, soul, hip hop, R&B, pop and world music. It seems almost natural to assume that there would be a channel exclusively dedicated to its promotion, but up until now these genres have received very little airtime on the internet, leaving a sizeable gap in the market. Cue: Vibrations Radio. Recently conceptualised and made in Africa, Vibrations Radio is the brainchild of Mohamed Fall (Brother Mo), who took it upon himself to create an online radio station to promote uniquely African music. As the owner and producer of Vibrations Recording Studio, Mo is uniquely qualified to head up this project, with over two decades' worth of experience in developing and promoting African artists. He also serves as board member on Cape Mic, Airco and the Western Cape Musician Association, which allows him to keep abreast of both local and international industry trends and developments. The idea to create an online radio station to exclusively promote African music was first put forward early 2012 and Brother Mo decided to use his sizeable influence to provide the platform on which to do so. The station went live in September 2012. Listeners can now enjoy six DJ’s presenting 6 fresh shows, 24 hours a day, every day. Some highlights include: A Jazz show presented by Buster Peterson. This show is dedicated to celebrating timeless jazz and jazz musicians from around the world, with special emphasis on African- and cross cultural influences. It also provides a platform to introduce new, up-and-coming jazz talent. A Hip Hop show presented by Young Marcus. The Hip Hop show has its roots planted in the townships of South Africa, from Mitchell’s Plain to Khayelitsha. The show also acts as a platform for Vibrations Radio to encourage debate and discussion on social issues such as gangsterism and drug abuse in our communities. Here's to celebrating our African heritage and making our singular music accessible to audiences around the globe. Visit Vibration Radio's here to listen in and hear what all the fuss is about. Vibrations Radio is giving away 10 CD gift-packs during December and January 2013. All you have to do is like our page on Facebook here. It’s that simple! Visit Vibration Radio's social media to stay up to date with future developments: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Media contact: For more information, high res images and/or interview requests with Vibrations Radio please contact Ice Carstens at

Thank you for doing this interview with Fanbase music mag, firstly what can tell you about this event, “Up the creek”? What’s this event and the reasoning behind it?

The event started as a private party and was based on the organizers love of music and the outdoors. Once a year, approximately 3000 people come together to enjoy local rock music on the banks of the Breede River

Does “up the creek” happen every year, how long has it been going for? We have been running the festival for 22 years. Initially we held the festival twice a year, one in summer and one in winter. Then from 1997, we ran 1 a year, only in summer. We took a hiatus in 2006 and 2007. Due to popular demand we were back at it in 2008. In total, we have run 25 festivals (if you count the years where we had 2 a year). When will “up the creek” be taking place this year? Thurs 31 Jan – Sunday 3 Feb on the banks of the Breederiver, near Swellendam.

How many artists do you approach to play an event like this? We have a lineup of 38 bands and 2 comedy slots.

What kind of genres of music tastes will be playing at this event and how many stages will there be? The lineup includes rock and folk with contemporary and pop elements as well, generally a wide variety of top class SA Music. There will be three stages: The 4th Street Main stage, the MK River Stage and the Rolling Stone SA Late Night stage.

What is the age group for people who want to attend this event? There are no limits.

Who will be playing this year at “up the creek?” Karen Zoid, ISO, YOAV, Jeremy Loops, BEAST, Dave Ferguson, Goodnight Wembley, Machineri, Tailor, Tombstone Pete, Piet Botha & Liz, Peachy Keen, Lucy Kruger, The Mysticcs, No One`s Arc, Black Cat Bones, Nomadic Orchestra, Grassy Spark, Dirty Bounce, December Streets, Woodstock Mafia, Trenton & the Radicals, Saint Fearless, Desmond & The Tutus, Taxi and Friends, Janie and the Beard, Shotgun Tori, Akkedis, Peter Mitchell and DJ Dirtroad. Comedians include Siv Ngesi and Nik Rabinowitz. What sort of planning goes into organizing the event “Up the creek”. Seven months of planning with a team of 6.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;up the creekâ&#x20AC;? is a great way to showcase South African music, what do you think about the talent of South African music? We support SA music. At UTC we only showcase South African music. There is no doubt about it that there is a great variety of bands in SA and certainly no shortage of good performers. We had over 300 bands applying which made our job choosing our lineup very tough.

Where can people find more info about this event? Our website: Facebook: Up the Creek Music Festival and Twitter: @Upthe_Creek

SixLove Events, proudly presents

the 5th annual

CAPE TATTOO EXPO (Southern Ink Xposure 2013)

January 25 - 27, 2013 at Cape Town City Hall Now going into its fifth year, the Cape Tattoo Expo has evolved into the most important lifestyle festival of its kind on the African continent. With a greater range of top international tattoo artists attending and a very exciting arts and concert event schedule, next year`s Cape Tattoo Expo promises to be the best one yet. The 2013 festival will be held at the iconic Cape Town City Hall. Event organizers Manuela and Allan Gray are thrilled with the new venue: “We are very excited. The event has grown significantly over the past few years and City Hall is the perfect space for the size and vibe of the expo. For the first time we can host all of the related events: the expo, art exhibition and concerts under one roof. About the Cape Tattoo Expo: It was back in 2009 that renowned tattoo artist Manuela Gray realised a dream of putting together an international tattoo convention on South African soil. Held at the CTICC, the inaugural event was attended by more than 75 artists, amongst them some of the brightest stars in international skin ink. For the 5 500 members of the public who attended the first event it was a clear sign that tattoos and tattoo culture had outgrown the stigma of being a ‘fringe’ or ‘backstreet’ art form and found its place in mainstream society. Over the following four years, the event attracted scores more top international artists to the Cape shores, to the point where artists from over thirty countries have attended. In 2013, Southern Ink Xposure will again bring the best in global tattoo culture and lifestyle. Attendees can look forward to thrilling in the artworks of big-name international convention “regulars” such as Bob Tyrrell (US), Laura Juan (Spain), Randy Englehard (Germany), Robert Hernandez (Sp/Pol), Mark Bester (UK), as well as the very best that South Africa has to offer. Ticket sales: A day pass will cost R100 (which, for the first time, includes admission to expo concerts), and an all-access weekend pass R250. Tickets will be available through the Cape Tattoo Expo website and select retail outlets nationwide from 26 November 2013.

Visit for updates about attending artists, pre-convention concerts, competitions, and info. Also be sure to join the Southern Ink Xposure and Cape Town International Tattoo Convention facebook and Twitter groups for all the latest news about related events and artist info. Twitter: @CapeTattExpo Facebook:

Hailing from Johannesburg, Donovan Fourie is a solo artist embracing the freedom to play whenever and wherever , and no matter what happens, his music and lyrics will continue to reach the ears and hearts of listeners everywhere. We catch up with Donovan and find out the latest with Energy Related and his decision to become a solo artist.

There are rumours going around that Energy Related is going to break up and that you are going completely solo. Is this true? Well it’s not 100% true, Energy Related will always be my personal backing band for my solo career. But the part where I’m going completely solo is true. From 2013 all my music will fall under “Donovan Fourie” and not as Energy Related. Energy Related is basically my solo career backed up by session musicians. Energy Related will always be alive as my Backup band that fill in my music but all my music that I write and compose will be advertised and put out as “Donovan Fourie” in the music industry as well as in the media starting from 2013.

Oh I see now… So has Energy Related always been a backing band filled with session musicians for your solo career? Basically this is how Energy Related started out: In the year 2010 my first project “Endless” ended. All the band members from “Endless” left to start a metal band leaving me Solo. I wasn’t able to carry on the project “Endless” cauls we were making loud Grunge music with electric guitars using distortion on all of our music. I needed a whole band to carry on making the same sound as we did. I bought an acoustic guitar so that I can continue doing what I love “writing Songs”. I started writing acoustic music and got into Blues, Folk and reggae so that I can play my music to people to carry on doing what I love without having to worry about relying on others to make my dream relevant. In 2011 I recorded my first solo album called “Strings of Life” featuring only me and my guitar. At the time I really missed the feeling of playing together with a full band but at the same time I didn’t want to be in a band so I decided to look for Session musicians. I got in session drummer Storm Awesome Thomas to do the drumming in my solo album. Not long after the drumming was done I felt that there was a missing piece so I decided to get in session saxophonist Sheldon sham to help me with some lead pieces in the songs. I couldn’t find a bass guitarist at the time so I decided to record the bass guitar myself. At the time I didn’t want to release the album under my personal name

“Donovan Fourie” so I used a name from one of my songs I wrote in my previous band called “Energy Related”. All the other session musicians only joined after the first Strings of Life Album was released. And that’s how Energy Related was born.

Very intrusting concept I must say, so what made you decide to go completely solo only now by putting out your music under “Donovan Fourie” and not as Energy Related anymore? Well there are a few reasons. All the session musicians in Energy Related also have other projects that they have to commit to. I cannot expect from them to be 100% committed in in Energy related at all times as they also have other responsibilities. If I decide to go on tour or if I get invited to play a show they might be busy with something else that they have committed to. When people hear Energy Related is playing a show or bringing out a new album they expect to hear Energy Related as a full band which makes it hard for me because sometimes I play with just the drums or just the bass guitar sometimes I play alone sometimes I have only the lead guitar joining me etc… it looks bad on us if I advertise Energy Related and only two of the members pitch up. Unfortunately Members of Energy Related come and go…some get added, some get replaced and some choose to leave. That means if one of the members decide to leave or if we add new members the whole band is held back by training new people to learn and get up to date with all the music so that we can carry on.

What do you think is the advantages and dis advantages of becoming a solo artist and not being involved with a band. There are a lot of advantages and a lot of disadvantages in going at it as a solo artist. As a solo artist you get to make your own decisions, solo artists get to follow their vision that they have in mind. As a solo artist you face lower cost on Marketing, touring, recording music videos, studio time etc.

As a solo artist there are more opportunities to perform your music such as corporate events, cafĂŠ bars, busking on the streets, filling in-between slots while bands set up their equipment before their shows or just being a guest artist for the night. There is never any fuss because it is just you, your guitar and your voice and that makes it convent for people to invite you to pretty much any event as a guest. There are ales a lot of disadvantages that goes along with being a solo artist Solo artist donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have the feel of a full band unless they are prepared to pay for session musicians Performing as a solo artist is a bit more scary cauls you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have your band on stage to back you up Solo artists also carry all costs of the band such as the recording of their albums, doing music videos and doing tours, paying of session musicians etc.

Interview by Makemore Records

2013 has finally arrived and with it another year of heavy metal. In this issue of Fan Base Music Magazines 'Full Metal Panic' we feature the power metal kings of South Africa Strident and I get down and dirty with Deon van Heerden Strident's front man. Venturing into the world of the tattoo industry I jump down the rabbit hole with Elsarize Rossouw to talk ink, needles and the industry.The Underground In: Chapter II is on its way along with The Devil Sent Me Back: Animals Unleashed Tour. Have a peek at what these two metal journeys have to offer in this issue of Full Metal Panic. Metal greetings: Ryno de Lange \M/

“When Strident Walked the Earth” By Ryno de Lange. Merging from the hell-womb of the South African heavy metal music industry in 2008, Strident South Africa's longest running and most beloved power metal band has recently made history in the South African metal industry as the first metal band in South Africa to have recorded a full length album with a choir. Strident was born out of the passion and the need to peruse melodic, epic and well written power metal by Deon van Heerden and George van der Riet, who have been ever since the master minds of the Strident helm. I for one can carry on about Stridents history as if I were a historian dwelling into the mid-evil ages researching King Arthur or Joan of Arc. Yet I do not wish to do so, as that would be going along the lines of the norm of what most writers would do.

The South African metal industry can be somewhat spinal-tap at times, without the spandex that is. Last year when emerging myself into the heavy metal industry I could not help but clench my fist and flinch at the flood of scene-core bands sounding alike, looking alike all bundled into their tight little fan groups of girlie looking hair do's, jeans tighter then Vernon Koekemoers muscles and sullen looks of despair and a yearning, perhaps for more hairspray or better metal. I was in despair with little hope of finding something fresh and then a very good friend of mine from the band Sindulgence, Ryan Eberlin sent me a link, mentioning that this is a band with originality and quality. Behold it was Strident, the first track I had the pleasure to feast my ears upon was Stridents “Pirates” a violin soothing one in only to have ones face melted off with a hot cast iron; Taverns, drinking, fighting, feathered hats, and impaling men with hooks to only set sail on a search for treasure, I was surly in manly heaven. What a refreshing change to the self loathing and whiny lyrics of the scene kids. Story tellers who have the ability to writer awe inspiring and vast music that builds an atmosphere of epic proportion as if one was battling the Orc's at Helms Deep in Lord of The Rings. I have since been a dedicated Strident fan and have travelled long distances to trudge out and support Strident with their mass of fans. I have since been a supporter of Strident. South Africa leading heavy metal organization released the announcement of Stridents latest endeavours of recording their second full length album “When Gods Walked the Earth” along with renowned Stellenbosch choir Acastella which I may add is rated currently as the #1 choir in the world. Making history in South Africa as a metal band I always thought was impossible, as us proud South African metal-heads all know, there is very few or no opportunities present for bands in the music industry. I was proven wrong, Strident has proved that with their task at hand they have made way for future metal bands to make history, as our metal industry is young, there is ground breaking opportunities for bands to take on, what has been done in the metal music industry around the world has yet to happen on our shores and Strident are surely the first to break that ground. I had the utmost pleasure of interviewing Strident front man Deon van Heerden to get know more about Strident and to find out what a bit about Stridents journey with the Acastella choir.

How did Strident start its journey to becoming the wellestablished South African metal band that it is today? When we first started attending gigs as teenagers, we were frustrated by the lack of melodic metal bands. We also felt that there was an excess of homogeneity with regards to sound and presentation. When we saw Kobus! Live at Corner Bar in 2007, however, our eyes were opened to what could be achieved. Here was a band that didn’t give a damn what anyone else was doing, who weren’t afraid to be unique, theatrical and bombastic. I think that gave us a lot of courage. When Francois Blom offered us a slot opening for Kobus!, we leaped at the opportunity. We didn’t have a singer, or a whole lot of songs, but we weren’t going to let that stop us. We were swept along by the endless possibilities, and our set came together in a relatively short period of time.

Strident was one of the first metal bands that I was introduced to by a friend via Facebook; how has social network platforms such as Facebook impacted Strident’s ability to gain fans? Our primary means of gaining faithful fans is still very much through our live performances, but social networking does make it possible to reach people on other continents or in local towns where we don’t get to play. We have more fans in South America and Mexico than we do here, which is quite gratifying, if a little unreal.

With the local metal scene as small as it is and only having a handful of proper promoters in South Africa such as and Emalyth; what is Strident’s opinion on new promoters coming into the metal scene and what other companies or promoters have Strident worked with that have made an impact on the metal scene? I think being a metal promoter in South Africa is one of the most challenging undertakings imaginable, for a number of reasons. We’ve had to deal with a number of fly-by-nights who are either there to make a quick buck and take advantage of the bands and fans, or who just genuinely don’t know what they’re getting themselves into; we have, however, also had the pleasure of working with a handful of intelligent, established companies who are devoted to developing the scene. Some names that immediately spring to mind are Patrick Davidson from Metal4Africa, and Dave Sass from Subterania. They’ve been good to us from day one, and they continue to go from strength to strength. The Fourie brothers who run Ramfest have also done wonderful things, not only for metal, but for our music scene in general.

Interviewed by: Ryno de Lange

Strident have recently gone through a change with their line up; what happened to the formed members and who are the new members? It’s not easy being in a band in South Africa, particularly a power metal band. It’s very expensive and time-consuming, and unfortunately certain personal and economic realities have kicked in for various members over the years. No-one’s ever been ‘fired’ from the band; it’s generally been a case of members facing unavoidable realities which make being in a band in any meaningful way impossible. Our line-up changes have always been amicable, and anyone who’s been in Strident is considered to be a member for life. Our new members are the incomparably passionate George “ShredKing” Engelbrecht on guitar, who drives over 150km each way to attend each gig and rehearsal, and the massively overqualified keyboardist Helgard Muller, who’s both a classicallytrained pianist and singer. They’ve opened new doors for us, and it’s a very exciting time within the band.

Strident have recently started recording their second studio album, When Gods Walked the Earth, with Stellenbosch-based choir Acastella; how long have Strident intended to record an album with a choir? Since we first heard Rhapsody, long before we formed Strident - long before most of us ever picked up an instrument, for that matter. There’s just something monumental and awe-inspiring about a large group of well-trained human voices, and that feeling compliments the mood and power of power metal perfectly.

Strident are the first South African metal band to record an album with a choir; how long have Strident prepared and planned to accomplish such a goal? The actual preparations took place on-and-off over a period of about 18 months. We don’t have a label or outside management, and we don’t know anyone who’s done anything like it before, so the logistics were rather intimidating. We also weren’t certain exactly how we’d use the choir, so the first thing we had to do was establish a context for it. When we recorded “Above the Ashes” in January, we realized that that would be the perfect vehicle for a choir, in terms of mood, theme and production. We were then incredibly fortunate to be put in touch with Antoni Schonken, who is Acastella’s choir master, and he took the project and ran with it. Having a producer like Jo Ellis, who not only has experience recording choral works, but who is also as passionate about the project as we are, also helped tremendously, and we doubt that it would have become a reality without him. Gerhard Roux - the resident engineer at Stellenbosch Studios - and the members of Acastella were all incredible on the day, and the end result speaks for itself.

Can you give Strident fans a bit of an idea of what they can expect from Strident's forthcoming album, When Gods Walked the Earth? Polished songwriting, incredible production and an expanded musical palate. While our first album was very much a homage to our influences, on this album we seem to have found our own voice. We’re also incorporating musical elements which one doesn’t often find in power metal, while exploring a host of new lyrical themes. It’s not entirely a concept album, but we’re broadly exploring religion in its various incarnations throughout the ages. A few of the themes we’re touching on are the practice of, and philosophy behind, Aztec sacrificial rituals, ancient and contemporary heroic archetypes, and patriotism as the selfless, and ultimately dangerous, worship of the nation.

Something for my own interest; why did the band name itself Strident and what is the story behind the name? There was a period shortly after the band was formed where we were throwing around a lot of potential names, trying to find something that felt right. One of the founding members, George van der Riet, came across a dictionary that had been left open by his brother, and he saw the word “strident.” A lot of the connotations with that word – “loud,” “vehement” and “presenting a point of view… in a forceful way” – just resonated in the right way with our musical philosophy.

What has been Strident's biggest musical influence? There are many, but our sound seems to be primarily a combination of European power metal, soundtrack music and thrash.

Strident have been confirmed for Ramfest Cape Town 2013 and I am sure the band is excited to be a part of such a prestigios alternative gathering; does Strident have anything special and fancy planned for their set and Ramfest or will the fans just have to wait and see? We are working on two exceedingly exciting covers, and a new song of our own which is possibly the most challenging song we’ve written. It also happens to be the next song we’ll be recording for the album. We do, of course, have a few more exciting surprises in store, but everyone will just have to wait and see!

2012 has come to an end and 2013 has just arrived; what are Strident's plans for 2013 thus far? 2013 is looking amazing. We’re hitting the studio again in February to record some more material for the album. In March, we’re playing some new territories, including the West Coast, as well as Ramfest. After that we’ll be setting time aside for final songwriting for When Gods Walked the Earth, and recording, recording, recording. Finally, we’ll be announcing an exciting new collaborative project that we’ve been keeping under wraps for the past few months. It’s going to blow your mind!

The Lord of The Rings is the most epic movie that I can think of and Strident is the most epic local band I can think of; can you compare any of Strident's members to the characters of The Lord of The Rings? The most direct comparisons would have to be Chris, our drummer, who is basically Gimli without the social graces, and Piet, our bassist, who is our very own Treebeard. The rest aren’t quite as clear-cut, but we really do feel like a fellowship on an epic quest to bring power metal to the masses; Mount Doom is still a long way off, but we’ll never stop fighting.

What other local bands would Strident suggest their fans to go and support? All of them! We all have our favourites in the band, of course, but I think the one we all agree on is Infanteria, who are amazing. There are also so many other bands that metal fans often miss out on, such as Ballistic Blues, Dan Patlansky and Lark, who we think are awesome.

Bands at times witness fans doing the strangest things to prove their loyalty; has Strident ever had such a fan, and if so, what did that fan do to prove their loyalty? Not something strange as such, but we do have a number of fans who have been attending our shows consistently for nearly 5 years, which is truly humbling. There’s no greater show of loyalty than that, I think.

Strident played a show at Aandklas Stellenbosch a while ago and with things a bit behind schedule the band had to cut of their set a bit short leaving the fans singing Strident's Power Metal From Space; How proud does one feel to have an entire venue singing your own song to you while you are on stage? It’s really an incredible feeling. It took me back to the first time I realized people were singing along to the songs, that the songs had taken on special meaning for them. It’s just an unforgettable moment.

Other than been an epic power metal band what does the members of Strident do occupation wise when not battling the mainstream music dragon with fire and steel? We’re a bunch of nerds, really. Piet is a programmer who has turned down a job offer from Google. Niell is an Honours student in Social Anthropology, and teaches part time at Stellenbosch University. Chris just finished his sound engineering degree. Deon has a Master’s degree in English Literature, and works as a junior lecturer and writing consultant at a number of universities. George teaches guitar full time, and is building up the finest guitar school on the West Coast. Helgard just finished his Electrical Engineering degree and works as a junior engineer.

When will Strident's fans expect to see another jaw dropping performance other than Ramfest? We’ll be hitting the studio hard after Ramfest, but will also be looking at expanding into new territories, both locally and further North into the rest of Africa. But for the moment nothing is set in stone.

To end of the interview; who have been Strident's main supporters and personal pillars? Time to give thanks. Too many to count! The biggest shout-outs would, however, have to go to Jo Ellis and family, The Knights of Stridentia, Alida “The Metal Mom” Delport, Martina Muller, Patrick Davidson, Daniel Louw and everyone else who keeps the metal faith alive!

“we’re a bunch of nerds really”

“Somehow the interest in tattooing found me. It could’ve started by listening to heavy metal with all the band members fully tattooed” – Elsarize Rossouw Quoted Text. Taking a coffee break from the ensemble of metal. I set out for an exploration into a world of needles, ink and zeal; tattoo artisty, a decipline I must admit I myself am not acquainted to yet I am quite inquisitive about. Tattooing is an art form that has long been a part of mankind’s history; tribal, religious, recreational and more which over time has formed into a modern culture. For those who practice the art of tattooing, it has become more than an art form; it is their passion and way of life.

I took to finding out more about the tattoo industry and a bit about the passion, thrive and what it means to the individual tattoo artist to be practising what they love. I had the pleasure of interviewing Elsarize Rossouw, a young tattoo apprentice who is on the track of reaching her dreams and goals of becoming a professional tattoo artist

I am sure the readers would like to know a bit about who you are before we take a look into your world of tattooing, tell us a bit about your personality?

Since we are covering this interview in the metal section of FANBASE Music Magazine; what heavy metal bands are you a fan off?

I tend to day-dream very often and can be found in a state of fantasy. I’m a very curious, strong-willed, empathetic, independent person and can be somewhat harsh. I also have a tendency to sometimes be over-dramatic. I am a HUGE perfectionist. It’s a bad habit but I consider it one of my strengths. I can enjoy a good few hours of listening to metal, pirate and gypsy music. Very shy, as well as loud.

There’s lots, but to give you an idea, Avenged Sevenfold, Lamb of God, Asking Alexandria, Motionless In White, Cradle of Filth and Marilyn Manson. Think that covers it?

Art has long been something that you have loved and had a passion for, how did your interest grow into tattoos? Oh my, that’s a trick question. Somehow the interest in tattooing found me. It could’ve started by listening to heavy metal with all the band members fully tattooed and it eventually led to watching ‘Miami Ink’ and all that sort of programs. And so my interest grew and grew.

Most young individuals that have gone on the pursuit of their dreams have a story to tell of how they got to were they are now; what is the story behind your pursuit of becoming a professional tattoo artist? It took a lot of hard decisions, seeing that I dropped out of school. I just felt school was my downfall and because of my strong-willed personality I decided to take the risk. I moved out of my home and hometown into the huge city, all alone and having to take care of myself while still being very young. It was hard…still is. But this is all to prove to myself that I can become what I want to be despite of what others say.

In every interview I do with a band I ask them to share a story of something strange or rather random at one of their gigs; like seeing speakers fall on guitarists caused by crazy audiences and a lot more that I would rather not repeat for your sake and the reader’s sake. What strange or out of the ordinary things have happened at the tattoo parlour that you are currently practising your apprenticeship at? Everyday there’s at least one weird, random, idiotic thing that happens. Like people ask if we sell gold teeth. I mean why the hell would a tattoo parlour sell gold teeth? Or airtime?

What aspect of your tattoo apprenticeship do you enjoy the most? Well, obviously the tattooing! And the fact that I can talk as much sh*t as I want to. Meeting new people in a work environment is really awesome.

There is a lot more that meets the eye behind tattoo artistry like most professions. Can you give us a walk through of how a tattoo artist works her magic? I don’t really know the general answer to that but my creativity with the work that I do just comes naturally. Like, I see the image in my head before-hand.

The first time on the job can always be nerve wrecking, how was your first experience inking a client? It was really chilled. I started off with just colouring in a tattoo, while my boss did the line work so that I can just get the feel of tattooing on skin. And one other artist and our secretary showed their support and everything. So it was amazing!

Do you have any tattoo artists that may have inspired you or that you may be a fan off? I’m a big fan of Ami James, his personality, artwork, past, struggles and etc. really has inspired me.

Do you have any tattoos of your own? Yes. I’m at lucky number 5 now. I want to go big but I’m keeping it casual. On my upper left leg I got my very first tattoo at 15, which was Avenged Sevenfold’s death bat. On my hip I have a rose with a tribal design at the back and water flowing through the rose. Right shoulder blade I have a dandelion. And the treble and bass cliff on my wrists.

Before we end this interview can you tell the readers were they would be able to contact you for your tattoo services? They can just send me a message on Facebook (Elsarize Rossouw) or follow me on Twitter @Elsarize978 or email me @

To end of the interview let’s see if we can not give one of the readers some tips; what advice do you have for aspiring young tattoo artists who would like to go into an apprentice ship and how does one go about going into an apprenticeship? Well, approach a tattoo artist/parlour. Then there is a nice and fun amount needed to get paid to the tattoo artist that will teach you. It’s really not as easy as people think. Tattooing is hard work and an interest in art is crucial.

Just send me a message on Tell us about the day in the life of Elsarize Rossouw?

Facebook (Elsarize Rossouw)

You would be surprised that there is nothing interesting about a day in my life. The regular old story. Get up, make coffee, smoke, shower, music, work, work and work, watch some series and sleep again. I’m so bloody tired all the time it’s not funny.

or follow me on

Each person would usually experience their passion for something differently than that of another; what does your passion for tattoos mean to you? It gives me a feeling that I belong somewhere, that I’m not completely hopeless and useless. It proves that no matter what someone else thinks or says I can still follow my dreams. I want to make myself happy for a change. I want to be selfish for a change. If I make a mistake, learn from it otherwise you will make the same mistake over and over again. And never get any better.

What are your plans for the near future, were would you like to take your tattoo artistry? After my apprenticeship I am going to take a long month off…to rest and just relax and have some peace of mind. At this stage I am still stuck with some decisions I need to make. Of what I should do. Open my own parlour and take the risk or to work for my boss again. The ball is in my court. I will wait and see what will happen.

Twitter @Elsarize978 or e-mail me @

Event Horizons launches The Underground In: Chapter II. 12th of January 2013 will see the return of The Underground In: Chapter II at Cape Towns most beloved alternative venue Gandalfs / R.O.A.R in Observatory. The Underground In will host nine alternative & heavy metal bands including; Female fronted industrial metal Terminatryx, 80’s based thrash metal with a modern twist Wargrave, Grahamstown metal-core pioneers The Devil Sent Me Back, Port Elizabeth Betray the Skyline core with a twisted of Southern, the obscure insanity and twisted horrors of Sindulgence, East London death-core misfits We Seek Vengeance, Afrikaans hard-rock foursome Geheime Skaduwee, freshly grounded NO. 15 and the damned united of Amora Mortem. The second The Underground In will be just as exciting as the first, with well coordinated entrances and build up of heavy metal over the creeping night hours.

The Underground In is a three part journey at Cape Town's most notorious metal and alternative venue; R.O.A.R./Gandalfs. A showcase of alternative bands from Cape Town and South Africa spread across two stages; R.O.A.R. (up-stairs) and Gandalf's (down-stairs. The underground In: Chapter II sets yet another platform for South African music media to utilise and promote the bands on the line up and to promote the South African heavy metal industry. Event Horizons will be establishing a broadcast schedule with various radio stations including; Valley FM 88.8, Zone Radio and Radio Overberg to name a few to circulate the participating bands songs, interviews with the bands on air and create a metal camaraderie over the local airwaves. FAN Base Music Magazine and SA Music Scene will be joining The Underground In Chapter II as official press relations and sponsors of the event. We are extremely excited to be able to carry on with The Underground In and to host some of the hardest working and finest metal bands established within the heavy metal industry.

Tickets will be sold at the door of Gandalfs/R.O.A.R. for R40pp from 19:00pm onwards on the 12th of January 2013. The Underground In: Chapter II is a strictly no under 18’s event and I.D’s will be requested at the door.

Facebook event link: Project director: Ryno de Lange 076 433 4422

The Devil Sent Me Back Animals Unleashed Tour 11th of January 2013 to the 26th of January 2013 will set the stage for Event Horizons second tour for the Western Cape with Grahamstown metalcore band The Devil Sent Me Back. The tours purpose is to not only introduce TDSMB to the Western Cape metal fans but to promote and introduce their début EP “Animals” throughout the tour regions. TDSMB will be accompanied by Port Elizabeth's Betray the Skyline who will be the official supporting act throughout the tour. Both bands are well acquainted with each other and play at shows together regularly, a certain camaraderie has been established between both of the bands which will surly reflect upon tour. The final touring band to be added to the touring bill is East London's We Seek Vengeance who will only be performing at four specially selected tour gigs. WSV is in the process of moving down to Cape Town to establish their band and further their music career. The tour will be an exceptional opportunity for WSV to discover the Western Cape local metal scene and give them an opportunity to plant their roots and expand themselves within the Cape Town metal scene The Devil Sent Me Back: Animals Unleashed Tour will visit eight different local music venues in The Western Cape, the tour is set for a two week period spanning over Durbanville, Observatory, Long Street, Stellenbosch and more. Local Cape Town metal bands will also be booked to support the tour, at the moment Event Horizons is sorting through an overwhelming amount of submissions from local bands to participate as a supporting act on the tour. Event Horizons has also decided to re-schedule The Underground In: Chapter II double stage event from the 1st of December to the 12th of January to incorporate the tour line up with the second The Underground In event at R.O.A.R./Gandalfs.

The Devil Sent Me Back's music is heavy yet melodic, unlike most metalcore bands, TDSMB does not base their musical structure around the usual breakdowns but expands their music with melodic guitar lines, snarling vocals all influenced by an assortment of various metal influences. TDSMB have released a new single entitled "A Sunny Day in Hell" which is available for download for fans on Facebook. While Betray the Skyline's music is motive driven harmonically and rhythmically, still very much glued to their respective elements of metal-core with a hint of Southern style elements. We Seek Vengeance have a more brutal twist to their style of technical metalcore with a slight injection of death metal. Together these three bands chemistry will ensure an eruption of heavy metal and core throughout the Western Cape. January - 11th - Friday – Hok 11 , Durbanville. Main event tour listings. (More to be announced) For more information and tour listings please visit: http://

January - 12th - Saturday – R.O.A.R./Gandalfs, Observatory.

Or call project Director: Ryno de Lange – 076 433 4422

January – 25th Friday – The Nameless Pub, S.West.

January - 19th - Saturday – Aandklas, Stellenbosch.

January - 26th - Saturday – Die Balke, Worcester.

5 sold out dates 2 additional dates added With three sold out Johannesburg dates and two sold out Cape Town dates Big Concerts have confirmed that they will be adding two additional concert dates to assist with ticket demand for Rodriguez. The new dates are Sunday 10 th February 2013 at the Grand Arena, GrandWest Cape Town and Wednesday 13 th February at the Big Top Arena, Carnival City, Johannesburg. The tour will be produced by Big Concerts, and is presented by Talk Radio 702, 567 CapeTalk and M -Net. Tickets and tour details are available from or Computicket. CEO Attie Van Wyk commented ‘The documentary ‘Searching for Sugarman’ was fantastic. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be a major coop for South Africa to bring him back to perform. The ticket demand has been phenomenal. We can’t wait to see him live on stage’ Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see the iconic Rodriguez live in South Africa performing his classic hits in support of ‘Searching for Sugarman’.

TOUR ITINERARY Johannesburg – Presented by Talk Radio 702 and M-Net

Cape Town – presented by 567 Cape Talk and M-Net

13th February 2013 – Tickets on sale now

10th February 2013 – Tickets on sale now

15th February 2013 – SOLD OUT

20th February 2013 – SOLD OUT

16th February 2013 – SOLD OUT

21ST February 2013 – SOLD OUT

18th February 2013 – SOLD OUT

Grand Arena, GrandWest

Big Top Arena, Carnival City

Tickets from R310 – R520

Tickets from R225 – R520 Tickets available online from or Computicket Talk Radio 702: 567 CapeTalk: M-Net:

Another BIG Concerts Experience: (, or FOR FURTHER MEDIA INFO: Dionne Domyan (Johannesburg, and National publicity) +27833261776  Gwen Ironsi (Cape Town publicity)  +27726561906 (m)


RODRIGUEZ FINAL JOHANNESBURG DATE ADDED Big Concerts confirmed that they will be adding a final Rodriguez Johannesburg tour date on Tuesday 12 th February 2013 at the Big Top Arena, Carnival City. Demand for the tour has been exceptional with four sold out Johannesburg dates already. The tour will be produced by Big Concerts, and presented by Talk Radio 702, 567 CapeTalk and M-Net. Tickets and tour details are available from Computicket. Entertainment manager for Carnival City, Jaco Saaiman, commented ‘This is a first for Carnival City. We have never sold five shows for one artist consecutively. The response has been fantastic’ Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see the iconic Rodriguez live in South Africa performing his classic hits in support of ‘Searching for Sugarman’.

Tour Itinerary

Johannesburg – Presented by Talk Radio 702 and M-Net

Cape Town – presented by 567 Cape Talk and M-Net

12TH February 2013 – Tickets on sale now

10th February 2013 – Tickets on sale now

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CIRQUE DU SOLEIL RETURNS TO SOUTH AFRICA WITH DRALION In Cape Town from March 5, 2013 and Johannesburg from March 21, 2013 Exclusive tickets offers available now for Cirque Club members Tickets available to the general public on Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Embargoed until Monday 19th November at 9am South Africa, November 19, 2012 - Cirque du Soleil is pleased to announce its return to South Africa with Dralion performing from March 5, 2013 at Grand Arena, GrandWest, Cape Town and March 21, 2013 at Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg. Since its debut in 1999, Dralion has wowed over 2.5 million people worldwide. Presented by 567 CapeTalk, 94.7 Highveld Stereo and M-Net. Exclusive tickets offer for Dralion are available now online to Cirque Club members. Cirque Club membership is free and benefits includes access to advance tickets, special offers and exclusive behind the scenes information. To join, go to Tickets for the general public will be available nationwide starting Tuesday, November 20 at and Computicket. About the show Fusing the 3000 year-old tradition of Chinese acrobatic arts with the multidisciplinary approach of Cirque du Soleil, Dralion (pronounced “Dra-lee-on”) draws its inspiration from Eastern philosophy and its never-ending quest for harmony between humans and nature. The show’s name is derived from its two emblematic creatures: the dragon, symbolizing the East, and the lion, symbolizing the West. In Dralion, the four elements that govern the natural order take on a human form. Thus embodied, each element is represented by its own evocative colour: air is blue; water is green; fire is red; earth is ochre. In the world of Dralion, cultures blend, Man and Nature are one, and balance is achieved.

Show Schedule Cape Town Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 8pm Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 8pm Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 8pm Friday, March 8, 2013 at 8pm Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 4pm and 8pm Sunday, March 10, 2013 at 1pm and 5pm Cape Town: R330 – R495. Plus off peak shows on 5th March/6th March, 7th March and 10th March (5pm only) priced R275 – R440 Johannesburg Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 8pm Friday, March 22, 2013 at 8pm Saturday, March 23, 2013 at 4pm and 8pm Sunday, March 24, 2013 at 1pm and 5pm Johannesburg: R365 – R515. Plus an off peak show on 24th March at 5pm priced R340 – R490.

A limited number of Premium and Front Row tickets are also available for all performances. Tickets are available nationwide at and Computicket. Group bookings are available through Computicket For show and ticket information, please visit Cirque du Soleil From a group of 20 street performers at its beginnings in 1984, Cirque du Soleil is now a major Quebec-based organization providing high-quality artistic entertainment. The company has 5,000 employees, including more than 1,300 performing artists from close to 50 different countries. Cirque du Soleil has brought wonder and delight to more than 100 million spectators in more than 300 cities in over forty countries on six continents. For more information about Cirque du Soleil, visit To find out more about the ONE DROP Foundation, visit

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS SOUTH AFRICA 2013 Big Concerts have confirmed that multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers will perform live for the first time ever in South Africa. The tour is scheduled for Saturday 2nd February at the Soccer City Complex, FNB Stadium, Johannesburg and then Tuesday 5th February at Cape Town Stadium. One of the most successful acts in rock history, Red Hot Chili Peppers have sold more than 60 million albums, including five multi-platinum LPs, and won six Grammy Awards, including “Best Rock Album” for Stadium Arcadium, “Best Rock Performance By a Duo or Group” for “Dani California, “Best Rock Song” for “Scar Tissue,” and “Best Hard Rock Performance With Vocal” for “Give It Away.” The band holds the record for the most No. 1 singles of all time at Alternative radio, a total of 11, and a combined 81 weeks at No. 1. They have also won 8 MTV Video Music Awards. In April 2012 the band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Their newest release, I’m With You, was produced by Rick Rubin, who has produced the band’s previous five albums, 2006’s Stadium Arcadium, 2002’s By The Way, 1999’s Californication, 1995’s One Hot Minute, and 1991’s Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Both ‘Californication’ and ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’ have ranked in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest albums of all time. ‘I’m With You’ was mixed by Andrew Scheps and Greg Fidelman and features the hit single ‘The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie’ and latest release ‘Brendan’s Death Song’. Red Hot Chili Peppers, which is singer Anthony Kiedis, bassist Flea, drummer Chad Smith, and guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, will perform live for the first time in South Africa. They will be supported by local zef rave group Die Antwoord. Tickets go on public sale via all Computicket channels for the Johannesburg performance on Wednesday 29th August, followed by Cape Town the following day (Thursday 30th August). The tour is presented by 5FM and M-Net. Another Big Concerts Experience.

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2nd February 2013

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**** BAND TO BLAZE A TRAIL ACROSS THE GLOBE IN 2013 *** South African Stadium Dates for May 2013 Presented by 94.5 KFM, 94.7 Highveld Stereo and MNET October 29, 2012 – The best just got bigger. Bringing their signature brand of rock ‘n’ roll back to the people, Bon Jovi will hit the road in 2013 to fill stadiums and arenas worldwide with “BON JOVI Because We Can – The Tour.” Blazing a trail across the globe, the tour will kick off in North America in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day, and travel throughout Europe, the Far East, Africa, Latin America and Australia. The band’s return to the road in 2013 will cap an incredible run which has secured Bon Jovi’s status as the essential live rock band – having performed more than 2,700 concerts in over 50 countries for more than 35 million fans, and earning the #1 grossing worldwide tour twice in just three years. “Because We Can – The Tour” will also debut brand new songs from new album What About Now, due out in Spring 2013, loading even more ammunition into the band’s huge arsenal of hits including “Livin’ on a Prayer,” “You Give Love a Bad Name,” “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” “It’s My Life,” and many more.

With one of the greatest catalogues of songs in the history of rock n’ roll, Bon Jovi has sold more than 125 million albums and racked up a stellar resume of career accomplishments.

South African Tour Dates: Tuesday 7th May 2013 – Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town Presented by 94.5 KFM and MNET Saturday 11th May 2013 – FNB Stadium, Soccer City Complex, Johannesburg Presented by 94.7 Highveld Stereo and MNET For more information on all things Bon Jovi, visit Ticketing Information: Tickets go on sale for the Johannesburg show (web, outlets and call centers) – Thursday 1st November 2012 (09:00 – local time SAST) Tickets go on sale for the Cape Town show (web, outlets and call centers) – Friday 2nd November 2012 (09:00 – local time SAST) Tickets available online from, or Computicket. A limited quantity of exclusive pre-sale tickets opportunities are available beginning Monday 29 th October 2012 from, and Computicket. Pre-sale tickets are limited to 35% of the available stadium inventory and will be available strictly while stocks last! About BIG Concerts: BIG Concerts (Pty) Ltd., founded in 1989 by Attie van Wyk, is South Africa’s premier live entertainment company and consistently rated as one of the best in the world according to Pollstar magazine’s annual list of global music promoter’s (Big Concerts was rated #20 at the end of 2011). Amongst many past accomplishments, Big Concerts staged the first international concert held in celebration of the lifting of the cultural boycott of South Africa in 1992 featuring Paul Simon. Since then, Big Concerts has been involved in almost every significant international live music event promoted in South Africa during the last two decades and have promoted over two hundred major international tours, featuring more than 500 artists (including The Killers, U2, Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams, Metallica, Elton John, The Eagles, Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie, Usher, Coldplay, Neil Diamond, Sting, Kings of Leon, and Bon Jovi), as well as major international theatre productions such as Mamma Mia!, Lord of The Dance and Tap Dogs, and various other global live entertainment events, including Live Earth, World Wrestling Entertainment and Dunhill Symphony of Fire. Over the past two decades, Big Concerts has entertained more than 10 million people. CONTACTS Dionne Domyan (Johannesburg, and National publicity) +27 (0) 833261776, Gwen Ironsi (Cape Town publicity) +27 (0) 726561906, Wendy Verwey Bekker (Universal Music - International Rock & Pop Product Manager) +27 (0) 8444 22216,

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been a while since the beautiful and talented Holly graced our pages. She has been up to quite a lot in 2012 with new singles and gigging here and there, this lady just goes from strength to strength. Her new single Inhliziyo Yami which experiments with pop and afro jazz is making huge waves on various radio stations and TV stations around the country. Read this interview and check out Holly and what sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been up to.

Interviewed by: Duwyne Clayton

First of thanx so much for doing this interview Holly, it’s been a while since you have graced the pages of Fanbase music mag, How has life been treating you?

You are a white girl but you seem to be experimenting with Afro house music, which is great, was that sort of thing planned? You seem to really embrace the new South Africa kind of vibe?

Life has been great. I took 2012 off from gigging and live performances so that I could focus on my new album. There is only so much a girl can do and with all my study commitments in 2012 it just felt right to focus my energy on the album and then launch the new sound back onto the live scene in 2013. Working on the album has been an awesome experience and I am just so amped for this year. There are some big songs on my album and it has been so hard to keep them to myself but we are releasing the album towards the end of Feb so I can finally unleash these puppies.

Well I was born in 1995. I am who I am and if that is a new South African then yes, that’s me. House music in Africa is a big movement. It has grown alongside Kwaito as the sort of Post-Apartheid theme music for a new generation. It is impossible to ignore this style of music and it has always drawn me in. I like international music but I am true to my roots. My journey in music has just been a natural process. When I was traveling with my band we would all bring music on the road trips. We drove to Cape Town once listening to Zakes Bantwini, Black Coffee, Liquid Deep, Big Nuzz, Oskido and a whole lot of other stuff and that was it. I just connected and decided to take my music in more of a dance direction. I then came back did 2 remixes from my afro pop album and fought my way on to the Nyusi Volume platform. I was not really booked I just arrived and hustled my way on to the stage. A girl has gotta hustle. I have never admitted this to anyone but there it is. The cats out the bag. I am a hustler! I met a whole lot of people at the three Nyusi Volume events that I performed at. I met Mondli Ngcobo a producer and DJ Websta. Mondli said he wanted to produce an album for me and Websta said he wanted to come on board to promote and nurture my career. They have both been wonderful influences in my life and I guess I am lucky that we collided.

Well-done on the success of Inhliziyo Yami It’s been making huge waves on various radio stations and even on channel O and Sabc 3, How has the response been to that single? Wow, where do I start? It was daunting releasing the song because I did not know how the market was going to react. But people just love the song. It’s crazy it does not matter where I go to perform people know the song, girls sing along. I recently performed at an event in one of the Durban Townships and I asked if anyone would like to come up on stage. I got mobbed by a dozen girls who all came up to sing and dance with me. It was awesome. I love that people from all sectors of the market have connected with the song. It is getting plays all over the world on Soundcloud and I am getting messages from around the world about it. People just love it. What is the story behind the music video of Inhliziyo Yami, where was it shot? We just decided that we wanted to do a music video that showed what my life in music was all about. I spent a weekend with a crew and they just caught the weekend on camera and then edited it into a music video. I wanted to keep away from a cheesy storylines and just do something that showed how vibrant the house music scene in Durban is. There are so many beautiful people at all the parties around Durban and hope the video shows what a stunning City Durban is but from a different angle. Not the usual tourist spot perspective but more from the vibrant Kasi Culture angle.

You started music at a very young age and even found fame at the early age of 14; looking back on it all did it affect your childhood in anyway? I am not sure that I have even found fame yet. I would be lying if I said that getting into the industry at such an early age did not have an effect on my childhood. It really changed the way I saw the world. I have had to learn some seriously harsh lessons about people, the kind or lessons you only learn when you’re in your 20’s. I have also had to make allot of sacrifices for my music, so basically I just had to suck it up buttercup and grow up.

“I have never admitted this – I am a hustler”

You have a new album coming out, what can you tell us about that? What is the album called and when will it be available for the public? Okay the album is called Vanilla House. It is mostly Dance Music but there is an acoustic track and a pure Jazz number on the album. I have also done collaboration with a Nigerian Artist, which is pretty exciting. The track is on the album but we release it as a single with a video a little later in the year. Off to Nigeria soon to shoot the video. I did a collab with another artist in 2012, which got massive radio play in Nigeria, and so it opened the market for me. What was your inspiration for the song writing of this album? The album is about strength, and being able to move on when things donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work out. It is just an upbeat album about having fun and being fearless. The inspiration has just come from wanting to do an album that reflects who I am and what my world is about. Where can people catch you gigging in the New Year? I will be doing an album release tour. The dates and venues need to be finalized but it will be national. I am also going to Nigeria and Ghana next month so it is going to be a tight schedule but the dates for the tour will be announced pretty soon. People can follow me on Twitter and Facebook to get updates. How can people get hold of you, any sociable Medias?

Interviewed by: Duwyne Clayton

Quote of the Month â&#x20AC;Ś..

Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can't Johnny Depp


SYNERGY It started out as a grey and rainy morning and when I woke up it was pretty much a case of do I really have to head out to another festival that I really don’t have too much interest in? I charged my batteries and prepped myself for a day of standing in the rain and headed off to JHB for my first Synergy Festival. Now if I was one to critique the actual organization of the event, I could spend a hell of a lot of time complaining about the bad layout, poor signage of the event, that the crew working knew nothing about anything. I could also sympathize with the 1000 strong crowd that was left standing at the gate for over an hour and half as the organizers had not been given the permissions to open the gates on time but the most important part I would bitch about is how unfair it was to the 4 local bands who were forced to cut their sets down to 4 or 5 songs. Surely it’s not the bands fault for poor planning, so why in heavens name must they be punished for it? Good thing I’m no longer an events manager and merely a reporter and photographer these days. Right then, onto the bands. The SA contingent of the bill included Newtown Knife Gang, Man as Machine, Gangs of Ballet, Wrestlerish, Bittereinder, Desmond & The Tutus, Zebra & Giraffe and The Narrow (if you still consider them an SA artist now that the band is based in New Zealand). Headline artist was international group - The Prodigy, who were gracing us with their presence for the third time (the novelty has pretty much worn off).

I am proud to say that the South African artists were far more impressive than The Prodigy. Given that the first four bands had short sets, this didn’t hinder them in giving it everything that the had. Newtown Knife Gang started the day off to a small crowd of eager and loyal fans. The rest of the people who had been waiting at the gate were either rehydrating at the bars or dancing their feet off at the Red Bull dance stage. Being the stalwarts that the band are, they performed their big numbers to a screaming crowd who let out a combined groan when they heard the band had to leave the stage. I’ve heard a lot about Man as Machine, unfortunately I hadn’t had the opportunity to watch them before Synergy. Maybe this was a good thing. Man as Machine are an up and coming Johannesburg rock n roll band (think a younger version of Shadowclub). Their passion, energy on stage and the actual music made me fall immediately in love with this band. There is a clear reason why this band is taking the industry by storm - check them out if you haven’t. It was pretty random to be sitting in the grass backstage when Gangs of Ballet arrived, I haven’t seen the Klynsmith brothers in a good year so it was a strange place to bump into each other. Being a Durban girl, I have known GOB since their first performance in Durban and have watched them grow from strength to strength. Their performance was unfortunately not something I enjoyed although the majority of the crowd did, so people must like their tracks.

Up next was the epic Bittereinder. I had heard a lot about this band since moving to Pretoria. I wasn’t quite prepared for what I experienced. Move over Jack Parrow and Die Antwoord - there is a real Afrikaans rap band in SA. The dynamic three piece fronted by Jaco and with Peach and aldfkjaklsdj on the decks, the crowd were whipped into a verbal frenzy. I couldn’t keep up with what was being sung until Desmond and the Tutus frontman, Shane Durrant joined the group on stage to sing the current single “Kwaad Naas”. Overall the group are tight, fast paced and amazing. However I’m not if I should mark them down or up as Peach reminded me a lot of a lab mouse in a science coat. #youdecide Desmond and the Tutus and Zebra and Giraffe have kind of morphed into one performance in my mind. There was nothing spectacular about either of their performances. Unfortunately both bands are kind of overkilled in Gauteng. You’ve seen one of their shows, you’ve pretty much seen them all. Both cranked out the crowd favourites while throwing in new tracks. The tried and tested method. Zebra & Giraffe were tighter than I’ve ever seen them which was something to be said? The real reason I even bothered to get out of bed was for The Narrow. Having seen them live about 10 years ago, my nervous energy was rife as I was bouncing around backstage with the guys... We were then promptly thrown out as the band had a little diva moment because the other bands were bringing hordes of people backstage to try sneak a peak of The Prodigy. Standing in front of one of my ultimate SA bands, as the first note was struck, the goose flesh broke out on my arms and I just stood there in awe. For a band that has been going for as long as they have, it’s really impressive to hear how tight they are. We’re talking almost album sounding, auto-tuning, amazingness here. The band performed to a 5000 strong crowd who I think at least three quarters knew more tracks than just Lonely Lonely and sang along to the high intensity performance. The band gave it everything they had, Hanu screaming his way through 45 minutes of performance that flew past. As the band broke into Lonely Lonely, I had to stop myself from crying as all the Burn nightclub and long ended friendships were brought to mind. The Prodigy are one of those bands a person either likes or dislikes. I fall into the latter group of people. I think their performance was cr*p. However people have raved about the performance. Don’t get me wrong, they are true performers. Choreographed lighting, loads of guitar changes, barely a break between tracks, if you had come to see The Prodigy, you got a show and a half.

Review by : Simone Martufi

RUMBUCKET TOUR So it was a hot Cape Town summers night and we found ourselves at Zula Bar in Long Street to catch the last leg of a tour affectionately called the rum bucket tour. An intriguing title as well, for a tour by four bands who have made their way to the mother city playing at various intimate venues and now have ended up for the last leg at the aforementioned venue. Able only to be present at this last leg I had to guess the title had something to do with one of the bands called Part Time Pirates and the fact that they’ve cruised through some significant cape watering holes and rum in this instance could be any poison of choice. Nothing but nothing about all these bands performances can indicate they kept the best for last because their kick ass performances this last night and their very stage presences told me that they are so super talented that they have probably been thrilling audiences for most of their existences. This once again affirmed for me the South African music industries nature to be a cauldron ready to bubble over and ignite into a force never seen on our shores before.

Particularly the first band that performed , called De Wallen, a terribly cute ( in looks ) five piece group from Kuils River but there was nothing cute about their raw, gut wrenching, soul illuminating skills . Front man Craig Jeandre came on wearing a (what I can assume is his signature) white lab coat and kept the audience in rapture with his superb vocals and stage presence. One part rocky horror theatrics and one part just simple smouldering rock and roll. The three guitarists eventually took their shirts off and grace the ladies more than just aural pleasure as they absolutely thrashed their set. I definitely heard many influences such as zeppelin, guns and roses, nirvana and pearl jam yet these guys are so original with their lyrics and song writing they still come off as totally unique and ultimately supremely talented. The same could be said for the next act that came on, a three piece outfit called Very Ape. Their sound was also very much like Metallica and even a bit of System of a Down yet the lead singers clean cut looks belie the simmering and moody undertones of the band’s sounds. All the other bands that played after, the Part Time Pirates and After Robot were just as entertaining especially the Pirates who brought their own special brand of pirate swagger to the stage. If rock and roll existed in the pirate days of the bygone era this is what they would sound like, a hilarious Jack Sparrow inspired rock troupe. I indeed started to get the feeling that it was not a random pick of bands thrown together and touring insignificantly but working together to promote one another and compliment each other’s sounds and characters .Each one is unique and talented and a superb showcase of local talent the like of which it can only be said that it’s a privilege to see., If the times are fortunate I see a big future for these bands , who can command a stage like any Axl or Kurt , who’s sound can cater to stadiums , festivals and concerts alike . I will look out for them for sure and can only say watch this space, big things are coming!!! My only regret, and it’s not the rum hangover, is the fact I didn’t catch them every night of the rum bucket tour.

I’ve heard of Very Ape before, although I’ve never heard their music. I did kind of like the band name as it is taken from a Nirvana song, But it’s not until I heard them on Zone radio that I really got to hear how awesome this band is. To describe their music, I would say is a bit grunge Nirvana kind of a vibe, Although if you read Simone’s gig review of the Rumbucket tour that Very Ape took part in. She said she could hear a bit of Metallica coming through the songs. With influences like that, how can you go wrong? Enjoy this interview guys and get to know this awesome band!!! Thank you so much for doing this interview, where did it all start as a band? No no, Thank you for giving us this opportunity to be interviewed. Very Ape started Around September 2010. We were a couple of Guys that were passionate about music and got together, messed around a bit, straightened out quite a few kinks and here we are.

Did you all come from a musical background? Gareth has played guitar for 17 years and has always been passionate about music. Kenneth has always had passion for music and found his place in music behind a bass guitar 8 years ago. Garrick grew up watching his father play drums and followed in his footsteps.

Very Ape is such a cool band name, where did you get it from and does it have anything to do with Nirvana’s song” Very ape”?

Who is the song writer in the band and where do you get your inspiration from?

We did steal the name from Nirvana’s In Utero Album. We went through a couple of band names but settled on that name. It describes our music pretty well too!

Gareth is the song writer. Inspiration comes from daily life; songs will reflect a certain outlook of feeling at the time of writing it.

How would you describe your music, what genre would you classify it in?

If I have never been to one of your gigs, what could I expect?

Grungy/ Melodic Hard Rock

Do you still get nervous when you on stage?

Tell us a bit about each member of the band?

Occasionally we still do, but we are getting more used to playing in front of people. Having a couple of butterflies flying around in your stomach is never a bad thing.

Gareth Greenlees – Guitar and Vocals, he was the founding member of the band. Also does all the song writing.

Plenty of energy, a couple of Jokes and a wall of Sound

Kenneth Keiser – Bass Guitar, most probably the most passionate member of the band, he also organizes bookings, gigs and the band merchandise.

Do you have any rituals before you go on stage?

Garrick Bennett- Drummer, he is loud and energetic and provides the heartbeat of the band.

Do you have an album out or anything in the pipeline?

Not really, we pretty much check our gear, have a beer and get on with business.

We have recorded a few songs but we need to concentrate on recording a few more. We hope to release an EP in the near future.

You guys have been involved in the Rum bucket tour, what can you tell us about that? (please note this gig would of already happened by time of print) Well, The RumBucket tour was initiated by Drummer of Part-Time Pirates ‘Adriaan Schoombie’ and Kenneth from Very Ape, Kenneth booked gigs organized here in Cape Town and hosted the Johannesburg bands Part-Time Pirates and After Robot. The tour was initiated to give bands outside Cape Town the feel of our music scene, and create a connection between other musicians and bands. How can people get hold of you? Social medias? We have a facebook page with all the info you need ( but do follow us on twitter ( We also have our demo and EP preview uploaded on soundcloud for free download ( , Also do feel free to check out our videos on youtube

“Grungy/ Melodic Hard Rock”

Press Release: RAMfest 2013 presented by Red Heart Rum. RAMfest, South Africa`s biggest annual Alternative Music Festival is proud to announce that Rise Against (USA) will be headlining RAMfest 2013 in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Brittish Metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon, as well as Paul Harding en Ben Verse from Pendulum (Australia and England) will also be joining the international line up. Yes RAM family, we are going big in 2012!

Rise Against is an American punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The band`s first two albums “The Unraveling” (2001) and “Revolutions per Minute” (2003) met with considerable underground success. Their major label debut “Siren Song of the Counter Culture” brought the band mainstream success, producing several successful singles. The two albums after that “The Sufferer and the Witness” and “Appeal to Reason” respectively debuted at number ten and number three on the Billboard 200 Chart. All three albums reached platinum status in Canada and Gold status in the USA.


Twitter: @riseagainst Website: Formed in Sheffield in 2004, “Bring Me the Horizon” has had many highlights since the launch of their career. They have won 3 Kerrang Awards – One in 2007 for Best British Newcomer, the second in 2011 for Best Album for “There Is A Hell...”, and most recently the 2012 award for Best British Video for “Alligator Blood.” In 2011 they were officially the biggest band on MySpace UKin 2011; they have over 3.4 million fans on facebook and over 50 million UK & European views on youtube for their official videos. In late 2011 BMTH supported Machine Head in UK and Europe, including a return to UK arenas. For the first 6 months of 2012 the band has been in the studio working on their next album, to be released through Sony in 2013. Website: https// Twitter:

Facebook: After the success of their performance at RAMfest 2010, Paul Harding en Ben Verse from Pendulum (Australia and England) will also be returning to perform at RAMfest 2013.



Facebook: Website: The SA band line up will be announced during December/January. Stay in touch on the regional Facebook pages to follow the announcements:

RAMfest events: CPT:

DBN Origin: JHB:

DBN: WaveHouse: PE:


RAMfest 2013: 4 cities including Cape Town back to a weekend Festival and good news for Johannesburg: officially a weekend festival as well.

7 -10 March

15 March

RAMfest CT, Circle of Dreams, Riviersonderend – including all international acts.

RAMfest Durban, Wavehouse – ft. Rise Against and Bring Me The Horizon.

8 March

15 & 16 March

RAMfest presents Pendulum DJ set & Verse, Durban, Origin Nightclub.

RAMfest JHB, Riversands Farm, Fourways – including all international acts.

15 March RAMfest present Pendulum DJ set & Verse and Das Kapital, Old Grey. Port Eizabeth.

Johannesburg camping

TICKET SALES: Tickets at

CPT: JHB: BN Wavehouse: Ticket prices for RAMfest “main” shows: Cape Town : 7-9 March: R550 pre-sold, R650 at the gate. Johannesburg : 15 & 16 March: R550 pre-sold, R650 at the gate. Durban : 15 March: R350 pre-sold, R450 at the gate.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY There are only 5 000 camping spots available at RAMfest Johannesburg. Read options when purchasing tickets carefully to select Ticket including camping or Ticket excluding camping. If purchasing Tickets excluding camping, you will have to leave premises after each night and return the next day. If keen to camp, purchase tickets soon to avoid disappointment.

Luna Paige – “Storielied” – Review by Marisa Horn For the past 13 years, Luna Paige has been entertaining South African audiences with her heart-warming lyrics, beautifully composed melodies and her unique performances – taking listeners on a mesmerizing journey of song. Luna’s first three albums were written and composed in English, but she decided that the time was right to offer music lovers something new and fresh – her debut Afrikaans album – “Storielied”. “Storielied” is exactly what the name of the album suggests - each song on the album telling a heartfelt story. The stories captured in her songs were inspired by Afrikaans novels and short stories written by some of South Africa’s most acclaimed writers like Ingrid Winterbagh, André P. Brink, Margaret Bakkes, Elias P. Nel, Dana Snyman and many more. “Storielied” was born as a result of combining literature with music. I was fortunate enough to meet Luna and see her perform live at one of her shows where she promoted the release of her album, “Storielied”. I was swept away to France in a “story-song” about forbidden lust and the East where I smelled the spices and the scent of women who no man could the South where I met the old Bushmen of the a small town called Raithby where I danced around the fire with freed slaves... and then... she took me “home”... where my own mommy lay dying with Alzheimer’s - her once strong hands that kept the world outside and kept me safe from harm...shaking...frail...clenched in mine as I said my last goodbyes... Luna Paige did a live audio and visual recording of this unique musical creation with her 14 piece band. This live DVD and CD were released in October 2012 and although the lyrics are in Afrikaans, the stories speak a universal language. “Storielied” is one of the best albums I have had the privilege of reviewing in 2012 and I would like to congratulate Luna on this masterpiece. For more information on Luna’s upcoming shows or how to get a copy of “Storielied” visit her website on: Blog:


JUSTIN BIEBER LIVE IN SOUTH AFRICA Big Concerts have officially confirmed the Justin Bieber tour dates for South Africa. Justin Bieber will be performing live for town stadium shows on Wednesday 8th May at Cape Town Stadium and Sunday 12th May at FNB Stadium Johannesburg.

May 2013

Justin Bieber became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut record to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 when he released ‘My World’ in 2009. His first full-length album ‘My World 2.0’ (2010) was certified platinum in the United States and spawned hit singles "Baby" ‘Somebody to Love’ and ‘U Smile’. His most recent release ‘Believe’ (2012) became his fourth chart topper in the United States, debuting at number-one on the Billboard 200 and went to number one in 30 other countries. With hit singles ‘Boyfriend’, ‘All Around the World’, ‘Die in Your Arms’ and ‘As Long as You Love Me’ which all placed in the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100. He has received numerous awards including Artist of the Year at the 2011 and 2012 American Music Awards and was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album at the 53rd Grammy Awards. He also recently won 3 MTV Europe music video awards including ‘Best World Stage Performance’.

With worldwide album sales in excess of 15 million units, Bieber has dominated pop culture and social media for more than three years. He has more than 44 million Facebook fans, more than 23 million Twitter followers, and more than three billion YouTube views, making him the most popular YouTube artist of all time. Now he performs live in South Africa for the first time with two stadium shows. South African Tour Dates: Wednesday 8th May 2013 – Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town Sunday 12th May 2013 – FNB Stadium, Johannesburg Ticketing Information: Tickets go on sale for the Johannesburg show (web, outlets and call centers) – Monday 10th December 2012 (09:00 – local time SAST). Price from R315 – R750. Tickets go on sale for the Cape Town show (web, outlets and call centers) – Tuesday 11th December 2012 (09:00 – local time SAST). Price from R315 - R700. Tickets available online from, or Computicket. Important Information All minors must have a valid ticket. Children 14 years and under must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

On 10 December 2012 Chief Editor of Fanbase music magazine Duwyne Clayton invited Makemore Records to join him for an awesome night out of FPK at the Barnyard theatre Cresta. The night started with an awesome sit down acoustic set but in true Polisiekar style that only lasted for 3 songs before François couldn’t hold back and put on a show to remember. They played some well-known songs on the night such as “Monoloog in stereo, Wintersdag By Die See, Hemel Op Die Platteland etc” As the evening went on fans started moving forward towards the stage and going crazy, it got to a point where it was out of the security’s control when fans started jumping on stage to join their stars, singing together and partied with FPK. It was personally one of the best concerts I have ever attended at the Barnyard theatre and I would love to see FPK live again. To all the people that has heard of FPK, do yourselves a favour and attend one of their shows and experience the awesome vibe these guys put out there within their music, FPK knows how to put on a show and rock out. We would like to thank Duwyne Clayton from Fanbase Music Magazine for inviting us to such a memorable show and Liny Kruger from LK media for the tickets. We had loads of fun and the music was exactly what we expected from FPK… AWESOME If you see or hear that these guys are coming to your town or a town near you, do yourselves a favour and check them out. You wouldn’t want to miss out on a show of Afrikaans rock at its best like FPK live.

Gig review done by: Donovan Fourie (Makemore records)


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What do you like about Zone Radio? That I can say what I want on the air.

What made you get into radio? I always had an interest and started reading the news on FMR since 2001.

What’s your fave genre of music? I like Alternative Afrikaans music, which is why I do the “Local Zone”. What would be your dream play list if you had to play your top 10 songs of all time? Wow OK I need a week to think about this, but if I had to think quickly:

Full name: Emerina Bakkes.

“Imagine” – John Lennon “Piano man” – Billy Joel “A 1000 years” – Christina Perri (Twilight soundtrack)

Nick name: My friends call me

“Angel” – Sarah McLachlan

“Emmer” (as in “bucket” in Afrikaans).

“Fields of gold” – Sting (but the Eva Cassidy version...sorry, Sting) “The blower’s daughter” – Damien Rice

Occupation: My husband and I have a

“She” – Elvis Costello “Voshaarnooi” – Louis van Rensburg

Spar in Bellville where I do mainly HR

“Tussen treine” – Richard vd Westhuizen & Lochner de Kock

and Marketing.

“Koningin binne” – Riku Lätti (Hanna Hoekom soundtrack).

If you weren’t in radio, what would you be doing?

Your show name and time/day: Local


Zone, Tuesday 19h00-21h00. Now is your chance to sell your show for Zone Radio... Tell us why we should tune into your time slot...123 go!!!? Because you don’t hear good Afrikaans music a lot these days and we have it!

Zone Radio is the best radio station….why? Because we’re in the zone....

“Tues 7pm—9pm”

Any last words for the readers and your listeners? Keep listening!

What’s your fave genre of music? I have many, Rock, Pop, Alternative and then of course Afrikaans musiek What would be your dream play list if you had to play your top 10 songs of all time? Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen Imagine – John Lennon Thriller – Michael Jackson Hey Jude – Beatles Edge of Glory - Gaga Your Song – Elton John The Script – Science and faith The Killers – Mr Brightside Voshaarnooi – Elvis Blue Tussen Treine – Richard van der Westhuizen Laurika Raugh – Mense op die Bus

Full name: Charl Ellmann

I know its 11….there is just sooo many awesome songs.. If you weren’t in radio, what would you be doing?

Nick name:Charlie Occupation:Accountant Your show name and time day: Local Zone, every Tuesday between 19:00 – 21:00

I would be travelling the world and experiencing new cultures and experience life from someone else’s perspective. I would love to do a travel show. Now is your chance to sell your show forZone Radio... Tell us why we should tune into your time slot...123 go!!!? We are the only show on radio focussing on South African, especially Afrikaans music, you want to hear. We have a newage hybrid Afrikaans feel when we present. Basically we always have something interesting we talk about or give an opinion in a fun way…loads of laughing going on and I’m sure the listeners have a few chuckles when listening to us. Zone Radio is the best radio station….why?

What you like about Zone Radio? This might sound very cliché, but Zone Radio is like a family. Everyone is really supportive and some of us banter like siblings… Shirley…wink wink.. What made you get into radio? It’s a very weird story - my best friend Ernest Gravett (aka Marcus MacGravett) took the wrong turn one day. He walked into the Zone studio, then still based in Edgemead. Started chatting to Unicorn and that evening he told me he will start training, as this is what he’s always wanted to do. My Co-Host Emerina Bakkes was on holiday a week or two later and he stood in. He got his own show (Hip2beZone), just before the Local Zone, so every day I would go in with him, at some point we did a slot within the Local Zone with Emerina, it became a regular thing and now I am her Co -Host and I absolutely love it!

We as presenters have the freedom to present and produce in our own styles. Zone Radio gives us the opportunity to live out our own unique personalities on every show. Zone Radio is truly a family and everyone at Zone Radio is there because they love what they are doing and because they want to be there which makes is so much more special. Zone Radio gives anyone who has a passion for radio a chance to become a great presenter. Any last words for the readers and your listeners? Have a great festive season, be safe and tune into Zone Radio as we play the music you want to listen to.

“Tues 7pm—9pm”

Interviewed by : Duwyne Clayton

How did you get into photography? My first job when I was 16 was a casual position at Foto First. I did the training and got great experience in sales and client servicing. To sell a camera you have to understand the selling points about it and what makes it better than other products on the market. And so I used to play with the cameras and learn about the features and technical aspects. Eventually I moved in to the back room studio and manually taught myself how to correct the lighting and settings.

What camera are you currently using? I have a Canon 20D in for repairs currently and am using a Canon 450D

What do you like about Photography? I love being creative, looking through the shutter and planning my shot. I love the angles mixed with the science of light and art. I love the people and capturing those moments of magic.

What style of Photography do you like? I honestly love all styles of photography and get to do a lot of shoots with people. To understand, conceptualize and capture those special moments is an amazing achievement. Especially when I have a look at the photos in the postediting phase and I see what I have captured.

Where do you see yourself in five years, in terms of your photography? Photography is and will always be a part of me. No matter what happens in the future, I will still have a camera in hand and will still be doing photography.

Who is your favorite photographer and why? I have had the opportunity to work along some great photographers and people. My wife is a model and sometimes I will join her on her shoots with other photographers. It is so great to see the immense talent that these guys have and I find it so inspiring. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m a big fan of the work of Lionel Lodewick, Donovan Eva, Nicholas Goldworthy, Samantha Williams. They all have the pure talent, passion and technical know how.

Describe a day in the life of a photographer? Wake up in the morning and drink some strong coffee. Get out your To-Do Checklist and make sure you have spare batteries that are charged, formatted memory cards, tripod is in your car and you are dressed to the occasion. Make sure you have the itinerary for the day or idea of poses (depending on what type of photography you are shooting). Program the GPS to location and GO, GO, GO ! The clue here is, always be a step ahead.

What advice do you have for upcoming photographers? Never stop learning no matter how much you know. Leave the ego and listen to other photographers, read many books and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be afraid to learn on location.

How can people get hold of you? I am all over social media and have a site: This has my online portfolio where you can see all my work.

Not sure what to give as a gift? Why not give a voucher for a photo-shoot to your loved one, friend or family member? Vouchers range from R100 to R450. Contact me for package prices and to order your voucher. Buy a voucher and stand a chance To win a shoot for yourself!


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