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Dear Supporters: On behalf of Florida A&M University (FAMU), I would like to thank everyone who has shown financial support through contributions to the University Foundation during the 2011-2012 academic year. In this edition of the FAMU Foundation Annual Report, you will be able to access vital information regarding contributions made to our Foundation and University from our many dedicated supporters. As custodians of contributions from alumni, faculty, staff, friends and the private sector, the continued support of the Foundation is indeed a critical element in the overall advancement of FAMU. As you review this important report, be mindful of the need for alumni and supporters everywhere to give monetary contributions whenever possible. In light of the sustained economic challenges faced by our nation, it is more imperative than ever that all members of the University family contribute financially toward the continued support of our institution and the students we serve. By doing so, we can continue to make great strides in our efforts to take FAMU to greater heights in our quest for excellence in all that we do. With this in mind, I encourage you to take the necessary time to review this financial publication. I challenge you to commit yourself toward helping to strengthen any areas that may show a need for additional assistance in this upcoming academic year. Again, thank you for your continued support of the University. Sincerely,

Larry Robinson, Ph.D. Interim President


Dear FAMU Alumni, Friends and Supporters, On behalf of all the deserving students, faculty and staff who have benefited from your generosity, thank you for your commitment and support. This year has marked a milestone that will forever be etched into the chronicles of our history—125 years. We are grateful for every accomplishment you have helped us achieve and with your continued support we can look forward to another 125 years of “Excellence with Caring.” This past fiscal year has not been without challenge. Despite that challenge and because of your generosity, we have embarked on opportunities that have yielded us a tremendously successful year. US News & World Report ranked us as the No.1 public historically black college and university (HBCU) in the 2012 ranking for HBCUs. According to Forbes Magazine, we are one of the “Best Colleges in the Nation.” The Princeton Review not only named us one of the “Best Colleges in the Southeast”, but also one of the “311 Green Colleges” for the second time. Our faculty has collected 23 patents and our students have competed nation-wide and repeatedly returned as champions. We remain one of the top HBCUs in producing African-American graduates in the fields of engineering, science and technology, pharmacy and more. Many were anticipating the start of a comprehensive campaign this past fiscal year. While various challenges called for the postponing of that campaign, we have been busy at work in preparation for its start. We have strengthened our infrastructure by adding new technology and expanding our staff. Additionally, we have purchased a new building and relocated our Foundation staff to a 30,000 sq. ft. building on Tennessee Street. This purchase facilitated a significant cost saving as we transitioned from renting to owning a building that will allow us to generate additional revenue. Much of what has been accomplished would not have been possible without your support. We understand that you have made a significant investment into the well-being and success of our students and we commit ourselves to producing a return on that investment. Thank you for the statement of commitment you make every time you make a gift to this University. Every gift is critical to helping us continue to remain competitive and successful in responding to the needs of our nation. Sincerely,


Thomas J. Haynes, Ph.D. Vice President, University Advancement Executive Director, FAMU Foundation, Inc.

Dear Donors, Alumni and Friends, The 2011-2012 fiscal year has been riddled with unprecedented challenges. Two wars left our economy weak, at best. Our nation has tirelessly fought to recover from one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression. College tuition rates have continuously increased nation-wide while the pool of financial aid is decreasing. Later on this year, students will once again face the chance that student loan rates will double. While these challenges are far from insurmountable, the success of our nation will be significantly impacted by the state of higher education. President Obama has challenged the nation to a goal of having the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020. As the largest HBCU, by attendance, we are committed to doing our part to meet that goal. We are looking for our alumni, corporate partners, foundations and friends to join us in this endeavor. Your giving will help our nation remain globally relevant and competitive in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). It will assist in the development of students with the talent and ability necessary to respond to the challenges of our nation and world. It will fund the research that will make our nation globally attractive. Now, more than ever, we need to see Rattler Pride and American Pride evidenced through giving. Our future depends on it. As you review this report, I hope you will not only celebrate our achievements but also recognize our needs. I hope that you will affirm your commitment to help us push our nation forward. Looking ahead, we anticipate the accomplishments of great things, ALL with your help. Sincerely,

Twuanna Munroe Ward Chair FAMU Foundation, Inc.


In 1887, the State Normal School for Colored Students was established to provide advanced training to black teachers. Offering one of the first opportunities to step out of agriculture and into the realm of professionalism, this white-framed building gave way to the University that we know today. As FAMU’s oldest college, the College of Education (COE) shares with the University its beginning. Laced with the tradition of “Excellence with Caring,” its history offers an unparalleled perspective on the legacy of FAMU. While sitting and conversing with the college’s interim dean and a few professors, this group willfully opened the vault of history—reflecting on days of old and outlining the vision for the future.


Back in the 1970s, the College of Education could have been described as the heartbeat of the University. “Programs offered by the College of Education were among the top offered by the University,” recalled Professor Robert Lemons, who joined the faculty in 1974. Presenting options to students limited by segregation, the COE attracted the “top and best students.” With a curriculum bearing the same caliber as that of other institutions and as one of the first institutions in the state to become NCATE approved, the COE also appealed to professionals seeking advancement through graduate level education. “It was a mecca,” described Lemons. “Hoards of teachers came back every summer to participate in the graduate programs. FAMU didn’t have enough

professors to offer all of the courses, so [students] had the opportunity to choose some of the best professors in their areas from across the country.” Interim Dean Dr. Patricia Green-Powell, a native of Quincy, Florida, recalled the excitement and anticipation of her siblings and their friends as they awaited news of the incoming summer professors. “It was something about coming back to FAMU during the summer. I don’t care if you lived in Detroit; you gladly made your way to Tallahassee for these programs.” Prior to becoming a member of the faculty, Dr. Green-Powell attended the University as a student in the 1970s. Majoring in speech pathology and audiology, she was a part of a group of students who trained to serve

making evidence-based decisions for continuous improvement to the unit’s programs and services.

as speech and language therapists in public schools as well as in local rehabilitation centers. During that time, clinical education was an active part of the curriculum and afforded students the opportunity to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge by performing professional duties under appropriate supervision. “In public schools, there were cases where students with articulation or stuttering problems and, in many cases, delayed language development caused them to shy away from class participation, thereby impeding academic progress,” said Dr. Green-Powell. “One of the most rewarding experiences of my program was knowing how much of an impact we had on these students.” Through collaboration with local rehabilitation centers, FAMU students also provided speech and language therapy for a condition experienced by stroke patients called aphasia. “For these patients, our primary aim of speech and language therapy was to maximize their ability to communicate.” Throughout its history, the College of Education has consistently responded to the demand for wellqualified educators. “From 1996 to 2004, we were the top producer of [black] teachers in the United States,” noted Lemons. While demands have changed, the goal remains the same—producing wellqualified educators, suited as leaders and fitted to make a difference. To help accomplish

this, the College of Education hosts two forums to address topics relevant to students each semester. Additionally, the school offers tutorial services, certification preparation and counseling services for students. “We have made tremendous strides to make certain that our students are academically sound,” said Dr. GreenPowell. On a much larger scale, leadership and faculty have begun constructing a new framework for preparing Transformative School Teachers and Leaders who are uniquely qualified to meet the needs of 21st century learners. Set to be implemented next fall, the framework will align the instruction, programs, and services of the college with Four Pillars of Excellence for 21st Century Teachers and Leaders: 1) Professional Expertise; 2)Cultural Competence; 3)Critical Inquiry; and 4) Reflective Practice. The faculty and staff have spent over a year in discussion and debate towards consensus on the reform of educator preparation at FAMU. The result will be a leaner, stronger system for

Now celebrating 125 years, along with the University, Dr. Green-Powell believes “our product is still a good product.” Many of the practices introduced when she was a student have been encased in titles and descriptions and modeled as standards for today. Understanding that “we teach with the same fervor and passion that we were taught,” the manner in which faculty extend themselves to students has not changed. “We are supportive and nurturing,” said Lemons. “I think one of the common threads running though our veins is that we make a sincere effort and investment in our product,” added Dr. Green-Powell. “With all of us, its [still] leading from the heart; teaching from the heart.” With every graduating class, the College of Education’s legacy of excellence continues to grow strong.


FAMU’s College of Law hosted its inaugural Par for the Bar Golf To u r n a m e n t in September 2011. Held at the Grand Cypress Golf Resort in Orlando, FL, the event featured representatives from some of the largest law firms in the city. These firms included: Broussard, Cullen & Degailler, Dean Mead, GrayRobinson, and Greenberg Traurig. Former NBA stars and current Orlando Magic Community Ambassadors Nick Anderson and Bo Outlaw participated as celebrity guests. All proceeds benefited College of Law scholarships and programs. While Turner Construction Company served as the presenting sponsor, other sponsors included OR&L Facility Services, Sodexo, Brightline Strategies, CenturyLink, Golfsmith, Toshiba Business Solutions, Votum Construction, and Rolling Green Landscape.



The dynamics of the classroom have evolved

With the help of our supporters, FAMU has been able to remain relevant in the continually evolving world of education. Now, “Excellence with Caring” not only extends beyond the main campus but has also found its place on the World Wide Web. FAMU’s Distance Learning Program has kicked of its 2nd year! Offering master’s degrees in business, nursing and public health, this program continues to respond to the demand for education outside

of the traditional campus environment. The Distance Learning Program extends the reach of FAMU while allowing the University to maintain relevance in a technological society. “The need for distance education programs is first and foremost because of student demand,” said Director for Institutional Technology Franzetta D. Fitz. “An online distance education program allows FAMU to compete with other institutions to provide the same quality of education online that our traditional students receive.”

Florida A&M University (FAMU) has taken significant steps to prevent hazing and to restructure the management of its famed Marching “100” band. The University conducted a nationwide search for a director of marching and pep bands, a high-level administrator to oversee anti-hazing initiatives and a new band compliance officer. As part of its broader on-going efforts to eradicate hazing, FAMU launched its new anti-hazing website — StopHazingatFAMU. com — to further educate students, faculty, alumni and others about the dangers of hazing, foster an online community and encourage collaboration to help end hazing at the University. “Everyone on campus needs to be unified in the fight against hazing,” said FAMU Interim President Larry Robinson. “We will continue to enact change, positively empower our students and provide resources going forward to ensure that we

provide a safer and healthier environment for learning.” In addition, in spring 2013, students will be required to sign an antihazing pledge attesting that they will not participate in any form of hazing. This will be a prerequisite for any student to register for classes. “We are confident that the anti-hazing efforts at FAMU will be successful and will serve as a model for other colleges, universities, and other entities within our society plagued with this unfortunate issue,” said Chairman of the FAMU Board of Trustees Solomon L. Badger III. “The overwhelming support and commitment to the efforts by the entire FAMU family and community is a strong testament of belief that we can and will succeed in our efforts.” During the spring 2012 semester, FAMU suspended new membership intake for all clubs and organizations as a result of the death of Robert Champion. More strict guidelines,

procedures and initiatives were implemented. According to the new guidelines, to be eligible to apply for admission to any club or organization, effective immediately a student must have completed his or her freshman year with a minimum of 24 credit hours and have a 2.0 GPA. Effective fall 2013, a student must have completed his or her freshman year with a minimum of 24 credit hours, have a 2.5 GPA and 30 hours of community service. To maintain membership in an organization, students must maintain an overall 2.0 GPA, be in good academic and judicial standing as defined by the University catalog, and accrue 30 documented hours of community service annually. Beginning fall 2013, executive board members of all clubs and organizations will be required to maintain a 2.5 GPA. Each club and organization will also have to follow strict guidelines for keeping the listing of executive board members up-to-date within the Office of Student Activities. Clubs and organizations will also be required to submit monthly community service reports to the Office of Student Activities by the 30th day of every month, with specific details of the service. Penalties for failing to submit reports could lead to the suspension of all activities. Among the revised and new procedures for the intake process are mandatory “Rattlers First” Membership Orientation, conflict resolution, new member rights and responsibilities, and student organization recertification provided by the Office of Student Activities for current and new members throughout the year. These workshops will address topics such as anti-hazing, community service, time management and professional development. Each potential member of the club or organization must attend these workshops to be considered for membership. Several anti-hazing initiatives have been launched. The FAMU Board of Trustees approved a 24-hour reporting rule and an anti-retaliation regulation. The development of new rules for the music department band and ensembles were established: • A four-year cap on the number of years a student can participate in music department bands; • A requirement that all band members be enrolled full-time at FAMU; • Limiting practice to 20 hours a week, with a ban on practices that are not supervised by music department staff; and • More rigorous academic requirements to ensure timely matriculation of students. In May 2012, the Marching “100” was suspended for the 2012-2013 academic year.


A known industry leader in electronics and electrical engineering, Siemens not only recognizes, but also invests in educational programs and opportunities designed to transform and empower our communities. Through a c o l l a b o rat i ve partnership, Siemens has joined forces with the University

in addressing the shortage of African-American engineers by making a $200k pledge over two years. Siemens has pledged to support the Florida A&M University 2012 Summer Engineering Concepts Institute (SECI) in the amount of $75,000. An intensive engineering school readiness program, SECI is designed to prepare pre-engineering students for the rigorous demands of engineering school. Siemens’ financial support will fund curriculum materials, technical

field trips, participant scholarships, and a Siemens professional as a guest lecturer for the SECI. Siemens will also support the University’s 2012 FAMU Green Coalition in the amount of $25,000. A student-led organization, the FAMU Green Coalition seeks to promote environmental sustainability in the greater FAMU community. One of the major initiatives funded by this agreement was the Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference. Under the direction of Dr. L. Donnellan and key identified leadership, the FAMU Green Coalition will meet with other “green” groups on campus in coming months to discuss sustainability priorities and plan initiatives for the upcoming semester. Additionally, the coalition is looking to create a website that will help to highlight the sustainability initiatives on campus.

In addition to financial support, Siemens will also be joining the Key Executive Council and the Business and Industry Cluster Program. Participation in these programs will allow Siemens to assist the University in strengthening educational opportunities and establishing priorities that respond to industry and education’s most pressing challenges. Desiring to

recruit engineering, finance, supply chain and IT students for internships and entry-level full-time positions, Siemens will participate in career fairs, a campus day, the Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP) and a CEO-to-CEO forum. Additionally, Siemens will participate in research, lectureships and capstone projects at the University.


$100,000 and Above CBS Corporation Sodexo, Inc & Affiliates $50,000 - $99,999 Career Sports & Entertainment JP Morgan Chase Shell Oil Company The Boeing Company $25,000 - $49,999 Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, LLC. Florida Region - FAMU National Alumni Association John Deere Foundation The Community Foundation in Jacksonville Turner Construction Virgil & Virginia Schenck Foundation Xerox Corporation

FAMU NAA - Polk County Chapter FAMU NAA - Washington DC Chapter Florida A&M University National Alumni Association Florida Board of Governors Foundation, Inc. Florida Lottery Gannett Foundation Geico Direct MillerCoors Navistar, Inc. NBC Universal, LLC Parks & Crump, LLC University Club of Orlando Inc Verizon Communications Walgreens Company Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

$10,000 - $24,999 Advancing Minorities’ Interest in Engineering Allstate Insurance Company Altria Group, Inc. American Honda Motor Company, Inc. BarBri Inc. Central Bank of Bahamas Chevron Corporation Darden Restaurants Deloitte Foundation FAMU NAA - Brevard County Chapter FAMU NAA - Greater Orlando Chapter FAMU NAA - Los Angeles Chapter

$5,000 - $9,999 220 Quarterback Club Akerman Senterfitt Black History Committee of Orange County, Inc. Culpepper Construction Company, Inc. FAMU NAA - JRE Lee Chapter FAMU NAA - Leon County Chapter FAMU NAA - Marion County Chapter FAMU NAA - SWFL FAMU NAA - Tampa Chapter Huntington Ingalls Industries International Paper Company Jackson Lewis LLP Mad Dads Of Fort Pierce FL, Inc.

National PB Convention USA Premier Commercial Construction LLC Publix Super Markets Charities Regions Bank Ruby Diamond Foundation Sam’s Club Foundation Shands Jacksonville Skanska USA Building Inc. The Dow Jones Newspaper Fund, Inc. The Maher Law Firm The P&G Fund The Tom Joyner Foundation Turner Broadcasting Systems Inc. $1,000 - $4,999 Accenture LLP Albert LeRoy Brown Foundation, Inc. Alpha Eye Clinic American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists American Bar Association Association of Extension Administrat Bernard and Shirley Kinsey Foundation for the Arts & Ed. BETA NU ALUMNI HOUSING FOUNDATION INC Brightline Strategies Broussard & Cullen, P.A. Busch-Transou L.C. C.K. Steele, Sr. Scholarship Foundation Campaign Account of Alan Williams Capital City Bank Capital Health Plan Central Florida Chapter National

Black MBAA CenturyLink Centurytel Inc. Chicago Bridge & Iron Company Chick-Fil-A, Inc. Church of the Ascension, Inc. Cintas Corporation Community AME Zion Church Cornerstone Solutions, Inc. Cunningham Foundation DAG Architects Inc. Data Set Ready, Inc. Dean Mead Egerton Bloodworth Capouano & Bozarth PA DuPont Insurance Agency Duval Partners, LLC Eli Lilly & Company FAMU 2001 Greeks FAMU NAA - Broward County Chapter FAMU NAA - Metro Charlotte Chapter FAMU NAA - Miami-Dade Chapter FAMU NAA - New Jersey Alumni Chapter FAMU NAA - Northwest Florida Chapter FAMU NAA - Palm Beach Chapter FAMU NAA - Plant City Chapter FAMU NAA - Seminole Chapter FAMU NAA - South Carolina Chapter FAMU NAA - South Dade Chapter FAMU NAA - Taylor County Chapter FAMU NAA - Volusia County Chapter FAMU School of Journalism & Graphic Communication First Baptist Church of College Hill, Inc. Florida Commerce Credit Union

Florida Realtors Education Foundation Ford Motor Company Funeral Funding of Florida, Inc. Gayla Parks Agency GlobalGiving Foundation Gray/Robinson Attorneys At Law Greater St. Luke Primitive Baptist Church Greenberg Traurig Hewlett Packard Company IBM Employee Services Center International Law Students Association ITT Corporation JBR Professional Services LLC Johnson & Johnson Live Communications, Inc. Macy’s Corporate Services Marta Employees Charity Club Medtronic, Inc. Merck Partnership for Giving Monts Law P.L. Moon Management, Inc. NACDS Foundation National Association of Black Journalists National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation NCCU Alumni Assoc.-South Florida Chapter New England Foundation for the Arts Northrop Grumman Corporation Ochlocknee River Kennel Club of Florida, Inc. Orlando Community & Youth Trust, Inc. Owens, Renz & Lee Company Palms Center for the Arts Parker Hannifer Corporation

Peter Brown Construction Pittman Law Group, PL Procter & Gamble/Gillette Company Worldwide Rattler Special Edition Club, Inc. Ron Sachs Communications, Inc. Sanofi-Aventis Shack Harris and Doug Williams Foundation Siemens Corporation Southern Company TEK Systems The Charmettes Inc. - Leon County Chapter The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, Inc. The Estate of Barbara Robinson The Florida Bar The National Rattler F. Club, Inc. The Nielsen Company The Rattler Booster, Inc. The Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Toshiba Business Solutions Florida United Healthcare Services, Inc. Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company

$25,000 and Above Betty P. Belin Jake Belin Stephen Andrew Belin R. Donna Dawkins-Baytop $10,000-$24,999 James H. Ammons Judy G. Ammons Felton Barnes Daryl D. Parks Helen E. Polite Leroy Ronald Polite Elan D. Taylor Joel C. Taylor $5,000-$9,999 Chanthina Bryant Abney Hattie E. Alexander Alfreda Douglane Blackshear William J. Bryant George W. Clark Shawnta S. Friday-Stroud Gerald C. Grant Brodes H. Hartley Jacquelyn T. Hartley* Joseph W. Hatchett Arthenia L. Joyner Harold Lynn Martin Rufus N. Montgomery Twuanna M. Munroe Ruena W. Norman Virginia P. Orr Craig Reed Deirdre Reed Jerry A. Simmons Lula C. Simmons Valencia P. Walker Joseph L. Webster $2,500-$4,999 Beverly M. Byrd Clinton F. Byrd

Hubert Reddick Tiffany S. Roan Norman B. Robbins Sharon Perry Saunders Willis E. Saun-

Garvey Clarke Yvonne H. Clarke Michael Colodny Robert B. Donaldson James E. Fayson Margie B. Fayson Tony D. Francis Tirrell Devon Hamilton Cynthia M. Harris Ivradell W. Haugabrook John R. Haugabrook Detra J. Hickson Terri L. Hines Eddie Jackson Jerrlyne J. Jackson Ralph Johnson Anika Khan Jerrell Lowery Reynold Martin Ray Mathews Richard. C Mathews Spurgeon McWilliams Darlene Moore Reginald J. Nickson Estella W. Sheppard Theodore N. Taylor Verian D. Thomas

$1,500-$2,499 Joseph A. Baldwin Janine L. Batie-Derricotte Jacqueline B Beck Richard K. Blake Dennis E. Buffington Charles T. Buggs Georgia S. Buggs Lloyd Cobbs

Jennifer Collins Lottie Collins Lisa J. Delancy Oteman C. Delancy Yao O. Dinizulu Samuel L. Donald Mazie S. Epps Eddie D. Evans Dale I. Favors Alvin B. Fridie Annette Madison Fridie Freddie L. Groomes-McLendon Alvergia E. Guyton James S. Guyton Carl Alvin Hamlet Adron T. Hankerson Charles C. Harris Laurestine Hatchett Mary Mourning Hiers Vivian L. Hobbs Derek J. Horne Joseph R. Hurt Godfrey Leo Jenkins Karen Jenkins Elijah Johnson Michael A. Johnson James E. Jones Penelope Ann Jones Rubye Mims Lucas Brandon W. Moore Michael Moore Nathaniel P. Moore Felicia J. Nickerson Kamau Nickerson Gita Wijesinge Pitter Kinfe Ken Redda

ders Shawn L. Tidwell Joanne O. Tyler Rebecca Walker Robert J. Warren Patricia P. Woodard Rodner B. Wright Stephen Caldwell Wright

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Carl E. Crowell Oscar L. Crumity Karel Danzie Arthur B. Davis Clara M. Davis Rayford L. Davis Billie L. Dean Marcie D. Dewalt Steven T Downey Janie Smith Drisdom George Drumming Saundra Twiggs Drumming Audrick S. Drummond Wayne A. Dunwoody Eugene Dyer Emily M. Echols Arthur Edwards Alvalia J. Ellis Charles P. Ervin Frederic Essien Adeline L. Evans Alfred M. Evans Virden Evans Stephany Fall Donneva M Falson Albert C. Ferguson Jennette C. Fields Naydene Fields Willie L. Floyd Jerutha Williams Ford Emma J. Fountain Alzada B. Fowler Matthew N. Gaines Beverly Gainous Fred Jerome Gainous Crystal A. German Cynthia Gibbs Jemal Omar Gibson Herman Gierke Leon Gilchrist John Glover

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Kenneth M. Vittor David M. Voss Diasha Walker Leila A. Walker Henry G. Wall Edith B. Ward Verlon Leon Ward Frank Washington Kenneth Washington Terena Washington Nathaniel Wesley Sheila A. Wesley Carolyn E White David A. White Julian Earl White LaTanya Y. White Tessie White Daniele N. Whitman Bobbie Williams Delaney L. Williams Dorothy Payne Williams Jacqueline P. Williams Lawton Williams Michelle J. Williams Nathaniel H. Williams Richard A. Williams Alfonso E. Wilson Norma Brooks Wilson Raymond Wilson Vaughn R. Wilson Gioia M. Wilson-Bufkin Jacquelyn M. Woodard Harrelyn Tyrese Woodfaulk Rory V. Woodfaulk Nellie C. Woodruff Christine Birdsong Wyatt Lucius R. Wyatt Christine C. Yant Roy Young Veronica B. Young Willie Young

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Elaine E. Armster Jermaine E. Armstrong Virginia Arnao Rajendra K. Arora David R Askew Nicole R Askew Betty L Atkins John Atkins Michelle Atkinson Douglas J. Austin Willie Lena Austin Samuel A. Awoniyi Maurice M. Babb Alice S. Bacon Ella Bagayoko Alice Bailey* Herbert G. Bailey Kelley E. Bailey Janelle R Baker Jordan E. Baker Shirley D. Baker Teresa L. Baker Wilmoth Henry Baker Kenneth Baldwin LeRoy Baldwin Samori O Ball JoAnn Balwin Cecil E. Barbee Beverly A. Barber Janet P. Barber Patrice A. Barber Linda B. Barge-Miles Victor L. Barkley John C. Barnes Krystal C. Barnes Martin T. Barnes Valerie O. Barnes Stanley K. Barney Christine Barriner Barbara S. Barrington Beverly G. Barrington Louieicello Barrington

Tony Barrs Damien R Barton Brian O Bason Brenda E. Bass Ira W Bates LaTasha S Battle Claudine S. Beale Latanya L Beauregard Charla A. Beck William E Beck Gina C Beckles Austin D. Bell Daisy M. Bell Katrinia R. Bell Leroy C. Bell Irene Bembry Kradesha A Beneby Elijah Benjamin Aronte’ M. Bennett Mary Bennett Alvin F Benton Derby Bernadel Louise V. Berry Jamilla-Ann V. Bethune Arthur Bialowas Dexter Billingslea Carothers Billingsley Darin C. Billingsley Nathaniel Birdsong Sallie Birmingham Gregg M Bishop Bernice Black Nettie T. Black Otis L. Blackshear Renee Lemons Blanks Lolitta Blount Ira Blue Allen Bogan Yolanda K Bogan Barbara Boles Bernard Walter Bolling Leah Annette Boney

Brian C. Booker James Richard Booth Tanaga Boozer Archie L. Bouie Keith Bowers Marian C Bowers Lenard C. Bowie Patrick L. Bowie Elizabeth M. Bracewell Amos Bradford Sonya H. Bradford Benjamin Bradley Gregory L Bradley John Bradley Matthew J. Bradley Shirley M. Bradley Isaiah R. Branton Rita L. Braswell Keith Braynon Algeria K. Bridges Princess L Brigham Paralee R. Britt Sally G. Brooks Ransom Browdy Akela N. Brown Ashley M Brown Barbara D. Brown Belinda A. Brown Carey L. Brown Charlene C. Brown Charles L. Brown Clare Moore Brown Clyde P. Brown Crystal L. Brown Dezra L. Brown Dora Amaro Brown Edithe Brown Elizabeth M Brown Frederick D Brown Gerald L. Brown Glory B. Brown Hubert R. Brown Jaime Trevis Brown Jamil R Brown

Jeffrey A Brown Joseph Brown Josephine J. Brown Kristy L Brown LaWanda K. Brown Mason B. Brown Michael E. Brown Mirasha Brown Oscar Brown Patrick L. Brown Rebecca Brown Vincent R. Brown William G. Brown Yolanda Brown Rosalie H. Bruce Omar A. Brumley Catherine Brunson George Bruton Queen E. Bruton Virginia P. Bryan Acquinonette N. Bryant Bettye J. Bryant Brenda A. Bryant Carl S. Bryant Clarice J. Bryant Eulice J. Bryant Linda M. Bryant Renita T. Bryant Robert H. Bryant Willie Bryant Victoria E Bryant-Riggins Constance Buckner Clifford M. Buggs Miriam Buggs Glynnis Bugna Michael J Bundy

Gwendolyn Burgess Jo Ann Burgess Phylecia E Burgess Kimberly C Burke Lekisha Burke Vanzil T Burke Vincent D. Burleson Mario D. Burney Sabrina Burnham Samuel L. Burnham Bakari F. Burns Toya M. Burns Marshana D Bush Rosa Bush Clinton Butler Jonnye Butler Kalestine E. Butler Katie Montine Butler Mark D. Butler Robert M. Butler Ron A. Butler Courtlandt Butts Vanessa W. Byers Raleigh Bynum Amanda Leslie Byrd Knorcia P Byrd-Newman Clinton D Cagle Robert E. Cain Shaundrea Caldwell Tanya L Caldwell Bobby G. Calhoun Irene G. Calhoun Darlene Y. Callender Kaamilya N. Calloway-Hutchinson Ellen S Campbell

James Campbell Marc J. Campbell Sarah D. Campbell William R. Campbell Karemah S. Campbell Manselle Renilde C. Campos Arien P Cannon Valinda Carlton-Morris Albert Carmichael Edith Carnley Nutoshia Carr Shirley H. Carrington Linder Diann Carroll Robert D. Carroll Kelly E. Carter Kenneth Carter Lauren A. Carter Lisa D Carter Phyllis M. Carter Rodney J. Carter Monique L. Casey Stacey D Cason William H. Castine Ruby Lee Williams Caswell Rhoda P. Cato Elester Cawthorn Meagan D Cekala William N. Chamberlain John H. Chambers Gene H. Chandler Isaac Chandler Sandra Chandler Warren T. Channell Debra M. Chappell Isaac S. Chappell Joseph S. Chappell LaSonja S. Chapple Leroy Charlton Jennifer Cherrier Sophia Cherry Tori Cherry Albert D. Chester Karen T. Chester

Altamease C Chestnut Mui Cheung Sam Childers Clarence N. Childs Andrew Chin Erin Chomat James Chrishon Marixcia W. Chrishon Charles S. Clark George A. Clark Benjamin D. Clarke Sherwanna D. Clarke Robin Clayton Berton Clemons Delores H. Coachman Oyinka M. Coakley Selvin Cobb Gilda Yevette Cobb-Hunter Phaedra D. Cofield Rolanda D. Colbert Christina L Coleman Corliss C. Coleman Eleanor Coleman Esther D. Coleman Lisa Marie Coleman Lucy Coley Brandi Collier John Collier Kera D Collier Carolyn Leora Collins Emmanuel Collins Jessica Collins Juanita B. Collins Norris H. Collins Thad Collins Violeta M. Colova Marie W. Colson Etta Jean Colston Yvonne C. Condell Kate Warren Condra Catherine L. Cone

Tamra Connors Bruno Contreras Imogene Conyers Kelli Carolyn Cook Marjorie Cook Sandra A. Cook Trecie M. Cooke Rayne J. Cooks Barbara Cooper Harvey Cooper Markita D. Cooper Rose Cooper Sandra Cooper Frederick Copeland Nicole K Copemann Betty Corbett Jerome K. Corbett Angela Corley Kenneth S Corley Milton D. Corley Rutha Beatrice Corley Vivian Corley James L. Council Marion Council Valerie J. Coverson Alvin E. Covin Lillie Mae Covington Alvin J. Cowans Bernita Cox Kevin Creuzot Cox Thieshia Louise Cox Carolyn Crawford Jakae K. Crawford Patrick Crawford Dominic Antonio Cromartie Charles Crosby Craig S. Crosby Demetrias M. Crosby-Woods Juanita M. Crumity John Cummings

Andre M Cunningham Crystal A. Cunningham Juanetta Curinton Rufus Curry Valarie H. Curry Christine Custis Jasmine B Cutler Maria R Dade-Reams Richard Danford Kathleen J Danger Rodriguez Dangerfield Gregory C. Daniel Booker T. Daniels Doris Daniels Jacqueline W. Daniels Rudolph Daniels Lilly Darity Jack DeLong Dash Amelia C. Davis Anita L. Davis Anthony P. Davis Bobby Davis Catherine Davis Charles S. Davis Claretha M Davis George A. Davis Jadee Davis Jerome Davis John M. Davis Johnny Davis Lakisha A Davis Mary K. Davis Myesha M Davis Nancy G. Davis Rasheeda M. Davis Sikira M. Davis Tara Y. Davis Kaluna M. Davis-Footman Arnika Dawkins Cupidine D. Dean Delores A. Dean Dwight Dean

Joe DeBose Janet L Decosmo Ethel B. Denmark James Denmark Erika L. Dennis Lawrence E. Dennis Chiquita Dent Mondestin A. Derelus Tushaar V. Desai Mikeco Desir Moses Desir Terry Dewdney Youssouf Diallo Lois Dickerson Linda Dixie James V. Dixon Janice Dixon Maryse Dixon Seabon Dixon Emily Patricia Dobard Mary Dolby Ida S. Donald Robert Donald Celeste D Donaldson LaRae Donnellan Randy Dortch Elizabeth S Dorworth Erika M Dotson Dorothea Haugabrook Downing Jean C. Downing Tiajuana J. Dozier Dominique Drake Sharnette W. Driver Shauna D. Drumming Clora T. Dubose Andrea J. Duckery Fred R. Dudley Linette C. Floyd Dudley Benjamin T. Duhart Artis Dukes Odilon Nicholas Dulcio

Harriet F. Duncan John Duncan Simone M. Duncan Tcherina S Duncombe Dorothy A. Dunlap-Leonard Alfred Dunn Annett Dunn Marge Dunn Arnita Dunwell Joseph Durant Trineall Durden Edward Durham Norma J. Dwight Reginald Earl John Earst Kevin G. Eatmon Maurice D. Edington Alexander Edmonds Sunday Edukore Audrey Edwards Betty Edwards Bradford C. Edwards Jacqueline M. Edwards Jesse Edwards Richard Edwards Sandra Edwards-Monlyn Hallie R. Elam Benjamin F. Ellis Dionne Renee Ellis Theresa Ellis Brittany Elmore Juanita Elmore-Curinton Jenelle K. Enoch-Moore Sundra M Epps Younes J. Errahali Aletha Ervin Gussie J Ervin Xaviera Maya Estes Eisenhower C. Etienne Miriame Etienne George Evans Kimberly D. Evans

Tyrone Evans Wendy Evans Charles A. Everage Caretha Everett Saleema Y. Fahmi Cassie Hannah Farmer Jennifer L. Farmer Kelvin DeWann Farmer Phyllis Gibbs Fauntleroy Anika C. Fields Anthony B Fields Edna Fields Jonathan Fineman Julius Fisher Marqus E Fisher Jerome A. Fitz Thomas J. Fitzgerald Norris K. Fitzpatrick Josephine H. Fiveash-Porter Dara Gill Fletcher Everett Fletcher Kristen G. Florence Ralph Lorenzo Flowers Geraldine Delores Floyd Vernon H. Floyd Byran L. Forbes Garry R. Forbes Kathryn Forbes Lallye Forbes Angie C Ford Felecia A. Ford Lonnie J. Ford Marie Ford Myrtle R. Ford Tabatha Ford

Wanda Ford William Ford Marva Jean Ford-Jones Natasha Fornaris Mykeesha C. Fowler William O. Fowlkes Faran Foy Ronald Fraizer Lenard Franklin Roschelle J. Franklin Doneith A Fraser Adolphus Frazier Apryl J Freeman Joi Celine Freeman Mattie C. Freeman Taquasha L. Freeman Terrell Freeman Robert E. French Susan Fristoe Edward D. Fulbright Rashad J. Fulcher Viola Fuller Richard A Furman Rosalind Fuse-Hall Elizabeth Futch Gayla S. Futel Robert E. Gahagan Cynthia W. Gaines Sylvester Gaines Tyrone A. Gaines Vanesta Gaines Victor R. Gaines Ellis Gainey Jeannette L Gainous Redrick Gainous Archie Gallon

Elliot Gamble Cynthia D. Gammons Maxine K. Gant Carol A. Gardner Cassel S. Gardner Mary F Garrett Henry Garrigo Earlene Valerie Garrison Johnny Garrison Carrie M. Gavin Kirk E. Gavin Anne R. Gayles-Felton Debra M. Gaymon-McNair Michael L. George W. Andrew George Parstou Ghazvini Marian L. Gibbons Michelle N. Gibbs Tianekquia L Gibbs Clarence Gibby Alonzetta T. Gibson Dia-Lisa E. Gibson Cecelia C. Gilbert James L. Gilchrist Cynthia Giles James J. Gill Frankie Gilliam Gregory Gilmore Jeffrey Scott Gitto Clarence C. Givens Richard E. Givens Janie M. Glenn Clinton Glover Malcolm E. Glover Lisa Gober Shelton M. Goins Fidel S. Goldson Adam S Goldstone Doris J. Gollman Zamar Ricardo Gooden James R. Goodman

Barbara M. Goosby Claudette Gordon Corine Gordon Terry Gordon Yanela N. Gordon Wilson E. Gosier Courtney R Goss Bettye A. Grable Jamahl A Grace Richard D. Gragg Patrice M. Graham Shalonda L. Graham Cornelius W. Grant Nelson Grant Shannon Grant Geraldine M. Gray Phyllis Gray-Ray Rahman A Grayson Shamarcus P Grayson Anthony C. Green Barbara A. Green David Green Jennifer L Green Jerome Lamar Green Joyce H. Green Marvin E. Green Mary F. Green Reginald Green William Green Dayle A. Greene Jacob Greene Patsy Greene Tiffany A Greene Yvonne S. Greene Patricia Green-Powell Beulah B. Gregory Joy W. Gregory Wilbert L. Gregory Glen F. Greisz Clarence M. Griffin Deloris K. Griffin Genevieve Griffin

Robert U. Griffin Loyce I. Grigsby Daniel Grisham Wei Gu William Guzman John E. Hale Shirley W. Hale Amber D. Hall Boris Hall Cynthia Hall Elmira F. Hall Eugenia Hall Gene C. Hall George M. Hall John A Hall Kimberly Hall Stacey M Hall Edwin H. Hamilton Elizabeth H. Hamilton Thaddeus L. Hamilton Jerome Hamlet Tammy Renee Hamlet Shenetta R Hammond Kenneth R. Hammons Brandon J Handy Tanisha V Hanible Allen L. Hankinson Audrey L. Hankinson Tony Demarco Hansberry Larry D. Hardaway Cassandra L. Harmon Lavonne T Harmon Tony Maurice Harmon Andre M. Harper Angela L Harper Frederick D. Harper Kristin R. Harper Lawanda C. Harper Vera J. Harper Harry B. Harrell Janice Harrell Kim Harrell

Annette W. Harris Avery D. Harris Curlie Stewart Harris Danita O. Harris Doris A. Harris Early Harris Lorraine S. Harris Renysha Harris Stanley Harris Anthony L. Harrison Cheryle Harrison Vernice Fayson Harrison Raymond Harry Gary T. Hartfield Mary Hartsfield Eunice Eugenia Harvey Tekisha Harvey Crystal V. Haston Andrea Hawkins Reynolds E. Hawkins Faydre D. Hawkins-Brown Destiny T Hayes Elmer J. Hayes Florence V. Hayes Otis F. Hayes Larry S. Hayman Antoinette Haynes Earl Haynes Flozell Haynes Thomas J Haynes Samuel Hearns Casinova O. Henderson Harold Henderson Sharon Henderson Cheryl D Hendricks Barbara B. Henry Cora Laster Henry Cornelia Henry Cynthia E. Henry Kristle C. Henry Mary L. Henry Priscilla B. Henry

Ronald E. Henry Channa A Henry-Moore Arnett Hepburn Louversa Thomas Herbert Carrie S. Herring Summer L. Herring Simone O Heyliger Edwinlyn R. Heyward Kim Hickman Doris L. Hicks Barbara J. Hickson Glover M. Hickson Sarah A. Higginbotham Roscoe Hightower Carl L. Hill Catherine Hill Edna C. Hill Emma H. Hill Gary D. Hill Glenwood F. Hill Hunter M. Hill Karla L Hill Kendra L. Hill Delores D. Hills William C. Hines Ann J. Hinson Darren Hinson John V Hinson Prince Hinson Elliot Hobbs Arnitra Ayers Hodge Carrie B. Hoffman Donal D. Hogan Regina S Hogan Irene Holden Bishop C. Holifield Dorothy J. Holley Joseph E. Holley Wilbert Holliday Lorenzo Hollinger Hamilton Hollins Mildred T. Hollins

Charles M Holloman Celestine Nealy Holman Betty Holmes Kenneth E. Holmes Robin Holmes Harry K. Holt Robert G. Holt B. F. Hooks David Hoover Terry D. Hopkins Michael Horton Angela M Howard Dolphus Howard Saundra L. Howard Sylvester R. Howard Mark E. Howse Simone Hruda Yuch-Ping Hsieh Betty B. Hudson O’Hara D. Hudson Adrienne N Huffman James A. Huffman Brett T. Hughes Gloria Y. Hughes Barbara B Hugley Gladstone A. Hunter Henry C. Hunter Leewine N. Hunter Terry Keith Hunter Jacqueline J. Hurchins Victor Inge Demetris D Isaac Stephanie A. Isaacs Adrienne Jackson Alicia Jackson April D Jackson Chevon Jackson Dorothy D. Jackson Gladys V. Jackson Marcus R Jackson Miracle C Jackson Nikki R. Jackson Sonya L. Jackson Huberta Jackson-Lowman

Frances M. James Kenneth A. James Kenyatta James Malinda W. James Neil A. James Shaylor L. James Tiajuana C. James Brenda Jarmon Karen Jasper Gracie W Jefferson Maia I. Jefferson Rosa Lee Jefferson A Jefferson-Saboor Maude Jenkins Precious Miceala Jenkins Sandra J. Jenkins Tiffany R. Jenkins C. William Jennings Cheryl D. Jennings Maria A. Jerkins Patricia L. Jeter Teressa A. Jeune Tomas Jimenez Lenita Jones Joe Ronald Mack Joe Alpha Johnson Alphonso L. Johnson Alvena W. Smith Johnson Annie R. Johnson Barbara Ann Johnson Betsy Johnson Brandi J Johnson Chadrick Johnson Clarissa Johnson Cora Johnson Curtis E Johnson Cynthia N. Johnson

Daniel Johnson Darrell W. Johnson Dorothy L. Hayes Johnson Gail Johnson Gary L Johnson Hyacinth B. Johnson Joel K. Johnson Judy Johnson Landry A. Johnson Marilyn H Johnson Michael K Johnson Napoleon C. Johnson Natasha W. Johnson Ronald Garfield Johnson Tawanda Johnson Lue E Jolly A. Lanier Jones Barbara C. Jones Barbara H. Jones Barbara Ritter Jones Carolyn P. Jones Chakevia Tanyelkia Jones Edward L. Jones George I. Jones Hazel Redden Jones Irene T. Jones Jerome T. Jones John Jones John Jones Joseph V. Jones Joyce M. Jones Kendall D. Jones Lewis A. Jones Luredene Jones Milton L. Jones Nicole T. Jones

Olive Jones Patricia A. Jones Reginald D. Jones Samuel Jones Shameka S. Jones Tisa M. Jones Toi R Jones Yvette S. Jones-Gaskin Adrian T Jordan Bobby G. Jordan Jochebed K Jordan Monique M Jordan Inez V. Joseph Philson McCleavan Joseph Rae-Ann I. Joseph Shawn A Joseph Danielle Joyner Dora C. Joyner Joan Kaigler Michael Kaiser Peter N. Kalu Sandra Marcita Kay-Weaver Sean N Keel Horace R. Keith Stevenson Kelley Joseph Kelly Joy Y Kelly Kimberlee Kelly Walter Kelly Yakini B. Kemp Joseph Kennedy Wanda Kennedy Lawrence Kershaw Alma L. Kicklighter Mary A. Kidd Alethea Kilgore Ann L. Kimbrough Elicia D King Howard O. King Mark King Wilhelmina King Natalie King-Pedroso Tonya R. Kinlow

Bradshaw P. Kinsey Penelope Jones Kinsey Ricardo Kinsey Henry L. Kirby Carl Kirksey Karen Y Kirksey Otis W Kirksey Virginia Kirksey Gebre-Egziabhe Kiros Antoine M Knight Cornelia A. Knight Herbert L. Knight Horace Knight Jahlisa K Knight Joyce W. Knight Stanton Knight Harold M. Knowles Lisa LaBoo Harvey L. Lacount Nazarius Lamango Ola Sylvia Lamar Sheffield Jennifer Lampton Calvin Lang Johnnie M. Lang Charles M. Langston Henry O. Langston Lundy Langston Ronald J. Langston Timothy L. Langston Moeub Lanh Karim P Lannaman Jacqueline A. Laramore Velma W. Larkins Margareth Larose Christee T Laster Conrad Lastique Lekan Latinwo Donald Latson Joyce Latson Charles Lavery Katye M. Lawrence Kelvin M Lawrence

Alfred Lawson Delores B. Lawson Linda F. Lawson Calvin L. Leaks Cheri Leath Valerie D Leath Clint Ledford Richard Ledford Buenita C. Lee Delores W. Lee Frances L Lee Fred Lee John Lee Leonard Lee Maude Lee Stephanie V. Lee-Blount Stacy Lemay Deborah A. Leon Deldrick A. Leonard Pamela Leonard Stephen Leong Mekall D Lesane Edna Lester-Boykin Andrew Leven Celestine Levy Helen Lewis Ronald Lewis Maggie Bert Lewis-Butler Chao Li Ingshang Liao Janis Anders Lindsay Adrian Lita Sheniqua K. Little Bobbie Locke Lan My Lockley Corine B. Lofton Stanley Lofton Bettye M. Logan Ruffie London George D. Long Nicole S. Long Alfredo B. Lorenzo

Lourder R Louis Barbara G. Love Lorin C. Lovely Janice Lowe Danielle S. Lowery Gloria Lowman Brian C. Lucas Robert T. Lucas Harold Lumpkin Ronald B. Lumpkin Omar Luqmaan-Harris Jarian N Lyons Trinetta D Lyons Bulmuo T Maakuu Joe Mack Kervin B Mack Monroe W. Mack Ronnie Mackey Betty Dawey Major Consuela V Mallard Joyce N. Mann Douglas L. Mannheimer Robert L. Manning Twilla Mannings Kenneth L. Manuel Melinda A. Marbes Jeanwill Marcelin Saminque March Jane A. Marks John R. Marks John Marsh James L. Marshall Janet G. Marshall Malcolm D Marshall Antoine W. Martin Carmen Cummings Martin Dexter T. Martin Lucille Martin Marvin L. Martin Sammie Martin Tonya Martin Chaquita L. Martin-Moore

Steven L. Massey Nelly Mateeva-Tarkalanova Keith Charles Matthews Valencia E. Matthews Vickey S Matthews Rosalyn Mattingly Thomas M. Maultsby Jacquelynne Maxey Delores J. Mayes Ruben Calvin Mayes Robin F. Mayweather Edward Mazion Odemari S. Mbuya Elizabeth McBride Kevin C McBride Reginald V. McBride LaCharee McBurrows Niesha McBurrows Calvin K McBurrows Jr Layla Masika McCall Clarence McClain William McCloud Lenetra S McCord Andralica McCorvey Jesse McCorvey Rose E. McCoy J. Candace McCrary Freddie McCray Rita D. McCray Barbara J. McCreary Elaine McCreary Richard D. McCreary Juliette L. McDonald Lee McElroy Robert McElroy Elizabeth S. McElveen Lorestine McFarland Annie L. McGhee Marion McGhee Rayfield M. McGhee Clinton D. McGill

Aundra McGlockton AnnieBelle O. McIntosh Yvonne E. McIntosh Queen McIntosh-Chamberlain Carolyn R. McIver Smith Gwendolyn McKay Ann McKinney Doris E. McKnight Howard McKnight Sabrina R. McKnight F. Jahra McLawrence Candice McLemore James McLemore Gabrielle M McMahan Alma McMillan Wesley J. McMillan Hardric McMillion Eric McNeal Ella R. McNeary Rudolph McNeil Shawnda S McNeil Marjorie H. McNeill Melva McPherson David McQuay Jacques Paul Meadows Wilnita T. Meadows Wyvetta Meadows Carrie Pittman Meek Artanase Meme Walter A. Mercer Larry D. Merritt William M. Messer Joel Mieses Kaylor T. Miles Keith Alexander Miles Katherine Milla Delane Yarbrough Miller Evelyn M. Miller Freddrick Miller Mitzi D. Miller Rhonda J Miller Robin Y Miller

Angela E. Mitchell Carlotta A. Mitchell J. B. Mitchell Karen A. Mitchell Mildred F. Mitchell Gilda R. Mixon Daryl M. Mobley Robin Mobley Sabrina Mobley-Hyde Gloria Moffett Thomas D. Moffett James E. Monroe Robert A Monroe Robert Lee Monroe* Euclid Moody Allen L. Moore Audrey S. Moore Donald Moore Joseph Kevin Moore Joyce G. Moore Juanita P. Moore Leola Moore Malinda P. Moore Mamie A Moore Roosevelt Moore Sherellia L Moore Tyrone T. Moore Kina L. Morgan Mary L. Morgan Detrick A. Morris Edward H Morris LaWanda Morris William A. Morris Kimberly L. Moses LaMarr D Moses Alisa L. Mosley Samuel N. Mosley

Tara Mosley Catherine Moss Dorothy M. Mount Tarsha A Moye Fanchon J. Muhammad Jacquelyn Muhammad Rabbani Muhammad Arvid V. Mukes Ora Mukes Georgia Muldrow James T. Murdaugh Angela J. Murphy Ira E. Murray Jonathan L Murrell William D. Murrell Musiliyu A Musa Joe M. Musgray Jeffrey Charles Musgrove Mitwe N. Musingo Ethel Iles Mussington Jimmie L. Myers Nicole L Nails Geraldine A. Nappa Brenda Neal Kevin J. Neal Reginald Neal John Nealy Nise Nekheba Nicole Nelms Gladys Durham Nelson Janice Nelson Louis Vandross Nelson Tony Nelson Djanan Nemours Mary E. Newell Jettie D. Newkirk Luvenia Q. Newman

Noah H. Newman Stephen C Newsome Leedell W. Neyland Elaina M. Niblack Paul T. Nkansah Katrina Northington Carmin Nowlin Hudson Nwakanma Willie J Oberlton Alvin T. Odom Uche Ohia William Oliphant Debora Oliveira Nancy Olon Zacch I. Olorunnipa Raymondo O’Neal Uloma D Onubogu Agatha Onwunli Chuks Onwunli Edith (Eggo) Onyeozili Ebenezer T. Oriaku Eric Orr Tonita L. Orr Khalil J. Orsborn Chris Osborne Quinn R. Osborne Vivian T. Osborne Karen Overton Larry D. Owens Nobedine P. Packer Thomas Packer Eleanor Padgett Angela G. Page James L. Palmer Margaret M. Palmore Sunil K. Pancholy Shirley B. Paramore Brenda Parham Alfreda W. Parker Florida F. Parker Samanthia Parker Sherard K. Parker Tiawana Keys Parker Winfred Parnell

Longineu W. Parsons Doris J. Partridge James Pasely Lena A. Pasely Michael Pate Apurva R Patel Candyce Lashay Patterson Christopher Patterson Carol Paul Harriett A. Paul Melvina Paul Anita Paulk Tracey L. Payne-Tellis Travis B Payton Paula Pearcey Edwin Barry Pearson Gayla Pegues Bernice Pelham Jerome N. Pemberton Evelyn Pemberton-Hackney Lucye W. Penn Jeffrey W Pepper Aubrey M. Perry Clemmie Perry Irene T. Perry Janae Nicole Perry Martha Perryman Narayan Persaud Shiv Persaud Mary A. Peters Shakaye B. Peters Elnora W. Peterson Angelo Pettis James Pettiway Tangela Nichole Phillips Ayesha D Philyaw Nathan J. Philyaw Oliver Phipps Victoria L. Pilate Courtnay V. Pilcher Michael Pillow

Ollistine A. Pinkard Yolanda L. Pinkard Joan Pipkins Freddie Freeman Pittman Herman R. Pittman Myrtice F. Pittman Nielza L. Pittman Arthur Pla Patricia Yvonne Plair Quentin Jerome Plair Artie Polk Artisha R. Polk Edward Pollard Leonard M. Pomata Valerie S. Ponder Rena D. Poole Thomas H. Poole Kecia E. Porter Robbin Porter Robert E. Porter Josephine Powell Nicole A Powell Zenzile Powell Nichol J. Poyntz Bernice C. Pratt Candace M. Pratt Felisa Preciado Vincent PremDas Charles E. President Evelyn L. Price Lena Price Lucy H. Pride LeMorris Prier Virginia Proctor Leon Prosper Karen L. Proudford Renee C Pruitt Patricia Pugh John S. Purvis Willie R. Pyfrom LaTrika J. Quinn Alfred Wayne Rachal

Freddie Raines James Raines Dorothy Rainey Eddie L. Rainey Subramanian Ramakrishnan Julian K Rambo Charles D. Ramsey Deborah Randall Mary E Randolph Roosevelt Randolph A. J. Range Shirley Q Range Ben Ransom Elzena Virginia Ransom Johnson Andrew Rasmussen Margie Rauls William H. Ravenell Joyce Ray Rachel Ray Tara Rayner Estrellita H. Redmon Fanolla M. Redmon Yvonne Reed-Clayton Craig L. Reeder Norma Reese Tremaine K. Reese Garth C. Reeves Ricardo A. Reyes Marcus Rhodes Sharon Z Rhyce Marlene Rice Traci L. Richards Carla K. Richardson Constance D. Richardson Keith A Richardson Larry T. Richardson Lenora Richardson Robin T. Richardson Vivian Richardson Vonda H. Richardson-Ant-

wi Cheryl Richmond Timothy M Richmond Ephraim N. Riggins Tiffany L Riley Antonio D. Rivers Clarence Rivers Henry L Rivers Mary D Rivers Claretha Roache Bevans L Robbs Collen M Robbs A. H. Roberts Delores Hart Roberts Dora M. Phelps Roberts Geraldine D. Roberts Mary F. Roberts Monica Roberts Paul Roberts Velma Roberts Gervin LaDell Robertson Kelly Robertson Charles Robinson Dale Robinson David K. Robinson Elizabeth Robinson Freddie M. Robinson Larry Robinson William H Robinson Willie Robinson Josephine Robinson-Floyd Michelle D. Roddenberry Jim L. Rodgers Lyndon F. Rodgers Stephanie Roeser Lathen L Rogers Annie R. Rolle Cliffornia Rolle Dorrin D. Rolle Sylvia A. Rolle Anika Noni Rose Charles H. Rosenberg

Erle Roshell Rosa Rosier Calvin Ross Inell Ross Vernell Ross Kineta A. Rotan Floyd M. Roundtree Larry Roundtree Alton W. Royal Louise B. Royal Valerie D. Royal Benjamin Rudolph Robert M. Ruggles Ronnie Ruise Isaiah Rumlin Thomas C. Rumph Cherrae L Rushton Nathaniel Russ LaToya S Russell Everard O. Rutledge Mercerlene A. Rutledge Michael K. Rutledge Stephanie Rutledge Barbara M. Samuel Bennie W. Samuels N. S. Sanders Tillman Sanders Patricia A. Sandlin Woodrow Anthony Sands Lindsey B. Sarjeant Veronica Sarjeant Eunice Saunders Kimberly E Saunders Lawrence Saunders Frank C. Saylor Lucile P. Saylor Alpha O. Scott Ann Scott Kacey Scott Laureatte A. Scott William Scott Yama E Scott Lalisa I. Scudder-Durden Alvin L. Sermons

Bettye J. Sessions Theressa M. Sessions Daaim Shabazz Devendra Shah Naomi Shamatutu Dzikunu Sam Shannon Glenna Sharafeldin Rauland A Sharp Ila Sharpe Patricia A. Shaw Robert Shaw Marye Shelton Cedric Shepheard Valencia Sherman-Greenup Charlotte Shipman-Smith Justin Terrell Shirley Carlton Shoemoe Tyrika Showers Humberto Silvestre Avis V. Simmonds Keith Simmonds James R. Simmons Jimmy Simmons Jonnette Simmons Thomas Allen Simmons Thomas W. Simmons Tim Simmons Audrey L. Simmons-Smith Ella B. Simms Michele Simon Ricardo Simon Jean E. Simpson Bernice Sims Harriett O. Sims Deshay Sinclair

Gwendolyn L. Singleton Charles O. Slater Annie Slaton Cynthia Sloan Andrew D. Smalls Aaron A. Smith Adrian T. Smith Alexander H. Smith Alicia E. Smith Arnett Smith Barbara W. Smith Bobby T Smith Brielle Smith Charlie Conoly Smith Dedria Smith Dora L. Smith Edward Smith Edward L. Smith H. T. Smith Homer E. Smith Ione Williams Smith Jay Thomas Smith Leola Smith Marcelina Smith Mary Smith Phyllis C. Smith Sarah Smith Walter L Smith Wilbur I. Smith Yvonne D. Smith Bernard B. Smothers Betty A. Smothers Janet Snyder Joanna Sobkowska Muriel M. Solomon Alisia D. Souter LaKeisha M. Souter

Denise E Spence Brenda C. Spencer Michael E. Spiller Cedric Spradley Lennette Springfield Frances H. Stallworth Latoya E. Stallworth Ronald L. Stancil Joe Standley Thyra Echols Starr Olivia Statum Latondra A Steele Bernard R. Stephens Eddie N. Stephens Eugene Stephens Benjamin F. Stephenson Ronald L. Stevens Esther Stevenson Anthony Stewart George B. Stewart Patricia Anne Stewart Aaron Stillings Fred Stokes Lula W. Stokes Taras J. Stokes Achara J. Stone Hugh B Stone Roderick A. Stovall Richard J. Strachan Jacqueline Stratton Chelsea Jenae Strayhorn Mattie M. Streeter Claudy Strong Kenneth Strong Sonjia M. Strong Stanley Strong Victoria E Stroud Howard Stuart Willie Stubbs Felecia G. Studstill Scott Study Christopher Lamont Stukes

Telly Ramon Suarez Heidi M.V. Sullivan Norris D. Sumrall Sandra Suther Nancy Sutton Esscia A Swain Jerome Swaine James W. Sweet Wilnetta Sweeting Bobby R Swoope Donald T. Sykes Livingston B. Sykes Dexter L. Sylvester Elisha Y. Tarver Tenyse N. Tasby-Turknett Melissa Taveras Kamal S. Tawfiq Annie F. Taylor Carolyn Taylor Christine J. Taylor Claire T. Taylor Curtis Taylor Curtis H. Taylor Derrick S. Taylor Donald F. Taylor Geraldine Taylor Herman Taylor Ida Taylor Joseph D. Taylor Kaia M Taylor Lionel A Taylor Lorenzo Taylor Verdell Taylor Pamela Tennell Doris Terry Amadea R. Tette Cassandra Theramene Cindy Thienard Rodnert M. Thimote Alonda Nicole Thomas Charlie A. Thomas Cheryl K. Thomas

Diane P. Thomas Drucilla Thomas Eddie L. Thomas Eugene Thomas Jennie Montgomery Thomas Kadesha M Thomas Laughton D. Thomas Leeshawn D. Thomas Marlon Thomas Marva J. Thomas Michael H. Thomas Nevaida Thomas Ocea Bolden Thomas Russell L. Thomas Sharon C. Thomas Terrye M. Thomas Tracy A. Thomas Nikesha Shonta Thomas-Black Stephanie Thomas-Murphy Camille A Thompson George H. Thompson Jerome A. Thompson Joseph Thompson Leroy Thompson Robert Edmund Thompson Deshauna M. Thornton Doris Thornton Jerelean Thornton Karen Anita Thornton Michael Thornton Peqwita L Thornton Cornelius Threatt Sandra Threatt Derinda A. Thurmon Perry E. Thurston Larry G. Tillman Kisiah K. Timmons Sherry W. Tolbert

Edward G. Tolliver Amir R Tonsul Reginald L. Tooley Louise Toppin Carlos J. Torregrosa Linda Treece-Pinkard Torri A. Trippett Laurence Tromly Andrea N. Turner Henry W. Turner Annis Turney Kwadwo Ampofo Twumasi Ngozi H. Ugochukwu Vivian B. Underwood Virgil Valdez Jami M. Valentine Leon Van Dommelen Alphonso B. Varner Sonja H. Vaughan Eugene Vaughn Gladys Vaughn Lewis G. Vaughn Lynette Vaughn Janice Voorhees Beatrice P. Wade Marion J. Wade J.W. Walker Kesha Walker LaTonya Walker Michael Walker Richard E. Walker Robert L. Walker Tanya L. Walker Wayne B. Walker Netter Wallace Nicole Wallace Sharon L. Wallace Myra D. Walton William Wanza Alana J. Ward Arnette Ward Brian A. Ward

Charlie Ward Jason L Ward John Wesley Ward Linda D. Ward Willard Leontine Ward Collette K. Warren Linda F. Warren Regina M Warren Irene Washington Janette M. Washington Ka’Juel J. Washington Katherine Washington Lavern A. Washington Lizzie Washington Willie James Washington Brenda Washington-Young Barbara S. Watson George W. Watson Margaret C. Watson Reginald B. Watson Reva M. Watson Timothy S. Watson Derrell E Watt Ervin Watts Clinton Weathers* Frank Weathers Mark H. Weatherspoon Edna B. Webb Joy B. Webb Yvette A Webster-Jones Karen Wells Luther D. Wells Margie Wells Laverne Wells-Bowie Eugene Wesley Angel L. West Carlos West Ashley N Westbrook Vernell F. Whitaker Alvin G White Byron D White Charles J. White

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A graduate of Florida A&M University (FAMU), Harris became a Rattler in 1970 after graduating as Valedictorian from Richard High School in Lake City, Florida. Introduced to the field of science by her mentor, Dr. Ralph Turner, Harris followed in the footsteps of her older siblings. At FAMU, Harris gained an interest specifically in the field of chemistry under the guidance of chemistry professor Dr. Abraham Ollalappy. Captivated by this newfound interest, Harris developed a passion that eventually led to cancer research. She sought to simplify and combat the side effects of chemotherapy. Harris was actively

involved outside of the lab as well. She served in the Student Government Association, was a member of the White and Gold Honor Society, was president of the Chemistry Club and also served as Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Eta Alpha Chapter Basileus. Upon graduation, Harris accepted a position with Proctor & Gamble Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. Successfully guiding product initiatives in the food services, tissue, patient care and facial product categories, Harris’ career flourished as she quickly rose to management. She became a highly regarded manager, having

won the admiration, respect and love of her colleagues as well as upper management. Harris went on to be awarded a patent for a commercially successful high-yields coffee under the Folders name. According to Proctor & Gamble’s former VicePresident of Research & Development J. Richard Andre, Harris was on the path to becoming the first black female associate director for that department. Harris believed in pursuing opportunities for other women in management with every step she took up the corporate ladder. In a

letter to the family, Andre praised Harris’ “attention to the people with whom she worked and her commitment to the advancement of all women managers, not just minority ones.” Harris made an impact in her community as well. She received numerous accolades for her leadership, community involvement and service. In order to encourage philanthropy in fellow alum, Harris even organized alumni in the Cincinnati area and orchestrated the charter of the FAMU Cincinnati Alumni Chapter in 1988-89. The Marva Bradley Harris Endowed

Scholarship not only allows Harris’ legacy to continue, but also pays homage to her first love—chemistry. “The scholarship…honors Marva in a permanent way and one she would have chosen,” said Andre. This endowment provides an opportunity to sustain life and plants a seed to revel in the joy of giving. “Thanks to all who helped start and contributed to the Scholarship Fund over twenty years ago! Marva believed that life was God’s gift to her and what she did with her life was her

gift back to God,” said Harris’ widow, Charles Harris. “Family, friends and colleagues will be renewing fundraising efforts for the Marva Bradley Harris Endowed Scholarship with a goal of doubling the endowed amount over the next seven years.”


Cleveland J. White David M. White Dennine A. White Doretha L. White Jasmine N. White Kareem A. White Lucille White Marcel K. White Natalie Alane White Nicole White Sophia S. White Tereather White Venus S White Walter H. White Mary White-Darby A. Whitehurst LaKeisha E Whiting Paula A. Whiting Katrina Whittaker Ronnie Wideman Romeo Othello Wiggins* Veronica Wiggins Ella Lanier Wilcox Shawanna D Wilder Kimberly Wiley Stephani V. Wilford Cherise L Wilkerson Jerry L. Wilkerson Dawn Du Verney Wilkins Aaron O. Williams Alice T. Williams Alice W. Williams Alonzo Williams Angelia N. Williams Annie L. Williams Audrey K. Williams Bonita Marie Williams Charles L Williams Charley J. Williams Cheryl B. Williams Curtis J. Williams Curtis W. Williams Donald Williams Earl E. Williams Eria C. Williams

Anthony R. Wright Barbara E. Wright Brenda M. Wright Charles Henry

Frances H. Williams Harry B. Williams Harry R. Williams Henry L. Williams Jacques Williams Jorosylan J. Williams Joyce S. Williams Katie L. Williams Katina M Williams Keith Williams Kim Lyles Williams Larry T. Williams Lena H. Williams Leona M. Williams Mae F. Williams Marilyn Williams Marvin Leon Williams Nannette Williams Palmyra L. Williams Paul D. Williams Roselyn E. Williams Rufus Williams Russell O. Williams Saundra Williams Tella Marie Williams Vancilla Williams Willie H. Williams Willie J. Williams Willie Mae S Williams Paulette J. Williams-Clay Virginia A. Williams-Pickens Betty Williford Carla S. Willis Edward Willis Tracey L. Willis Alexis Wilson

Cassandra Wilson Cressie S. Wilson Errol R. Wilson Leona Yvonne Wilson Mazie Wilson Michael E. Wilson Myrlande Wilson Nathan Wilson Orlan B. Wilson Price H. Wilson Tamesia A. Wilson Tyrah Elizabeth Wilson Ulysses Wilson Tiffany W. Wilson Ardley Harris R. Wiltsher Jacqueline Wiltshire Edward W. Wimp Lynette Paulin Wims Sherran Y. Winchester Dorothy L. Winston Roosevelt C. Witherspoon Tracy A. Womble Barbara G. Woodard Lawrence Woodard Oziemar Woodard Adelle C. Woodberry Flora G. Woodfaulk Diane Woods Kandy T. Woods Linda D. Woods Leah E. Woodward Gloria T. Woody Robert Woolfork Takiyah K Worthy Vincent J. Wrice Adriene B. Wright Ameer A. Wright

Wright Clarence A. Wright Elester Wright Gladys B. Wright Jahi K Wright Jonnie L. Wright Karla Wright Kemba Wright Shani Wright Sidney Wright Taralyn C. Wright Patricia A. Wright-Friday James E. Wyatt Charles A. Wynder April Wynn PaQuita M. Yarborough Tristen Dionne Yarborough Bettye E. Young Dottye Young Emerald C Young Frances Young Freddie L. Young Kisha R. Young Mildred E. Young Sylvia Young Iris M. Young-Clark Pamela C. Zackery Cloretha Zanders Micah Zeno *Denotes deceased

Florida A& M University makes every effort to ensure accuracy in the Annual Honor Roll of Donors. However, unintentional errors do occur. Please call our Donor Relations and Stewardship Office at (850) 599-3860 or email donor_relations@FAMU.edu to report any errors and/or omissions.

Twuanna Munroe, Current Chair Corey L. Alston, Former Chair Joseph L. Webster, Sr., M.D., Secretary Chan B. Abney, Esq., Treasurer Rufus Montgomery, Board of Trustee Liason Thomas J. Haynes, Jr., Ph.D., VP of University Advancement Larry Robinson, Ph.D., University President Thomas L. Mitchell, Sr. President FAMU NAA Mirion P. Bowers, M.D. Retired Los Angeles, CA Hosetta B. Coleman Senior VP of HR Fifth Third Bank (Tampa Bay) Joseph W. Hatchett Counsel Attorney Akerman, Senterfitt & Edison, PA Carmen Cummings Martin Executive Director Office of Alumni Affairs William J. Bryant, D.D.S., Sc.D. Orthodontist Orthodontics and TMJ Center of Stuart

Gerald C. Grant, Jr. Branch Director of Financial Planning AXA Advisors’ S. Florida Branch Milton L. Jones President MLJ Construction, Inc. Alfreda D. Blackshear, M.D. Pediatrician/Owner Alfreda D. Blackshear Pediatrics Keith Clinkscales Senior VP Content & Dev. Enterprises ESPN Inc. Brodes H. Hartley, Jr. President/CEO Community Health of S.Dade Thomas Jones, Jr. Partner

McConnell & Jones CPAs Oscar A. Joyner President REACH Media, Inc. Harold L. Martin, M.D. General Surgeon Albany, GA Shundrawn A. Thomas President Northern Trust Securities, Inc. Rubye M. Lucas Retired/Community Volunteer Atlanta, GA Betty S. Holzendorf Honoary Board Member Retired/Former FL State Senator Jacksonville, FL Cecil B. Keene (Posthumous) Emeritus Board Member

Giving by Constituency License Tags 14%

Alumni 26% Source: Donor Relations & Stewardship

Friends 9%

Corporations & Foundations 51%

giving by purpose Unrestricted Gifts 11% SCI Discretionary 9%

Endowed Scholarships 15% Non-Endowed Scholarships 25%

Temporarily Restricted Gifts 41% Source: Donor Relations & Stewardship

STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION June 30, 2012 and 2011 2012 ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents Unconditional promises to give, net Loans and advances receivable Other receivables Fixed assets, net Investments, at market TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITY AND NET ASSETS Liabilities Accounts payable and accrued expenses Scholarships payable Agency liability Total Liabilities




Net Assets Unrestricted net assets Temporarily restricted net assets Permanently restricted net assets Total Net Assets TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS

University Scholar

270,992 582,247 19,874 38,239 707,887 108,216,593 109,835,832

225,988 834,680 1,382,052 2,442,720

2011 $



329,365 27,204,359 79,859,388 107,393,112 $


941,831 1,109,206 24,926 31,616 8,132 111,515,814 113,631,525

171,310 664,528 1,396,816 2,232,654

683,212 30,985,603 79,730,056 111,398,871 $


Serving as the youngest student to ever serve as the Florida A&M University Senate President, Tonnette Graham has learned to welcome challenge while responding with hard work and humility. Having received several FAMU Foundation scholarships, Graham displays her gratitude by encouraging student philanthropy. Majoring in Healthcare Management, Graham is an honor roll student with plans of graduating in Spring 2015. After that, Graham plans to attend graduate school with her eyes set on becoming the executive of a children’s hospital.

University Scholar Having joined the University as a Life Gets Better Scholar in 2009, Michael Jefferson, II has spent the past four years capitalizing on all of the opportunities availed to him at this University. Now as he prepares to graduate this coming Spring, Michael has already made plans to give back to the University that has helped to shape his future. Upon graduation, Michael will join Johnson & Johnson as an Associate Business Analyst with plans to pursue an MBA with a concentration in Sustainability Science and Management.

Source: Division of Student Affairs

Source: Division of Student Affairs

University Scholar Jacoya Seastrunk has centered her educational pursuits around her desire to give back. As the daughter of military veterans, Seastrunk was taught the value of serving others and has committed to using the opportunities she has been given to, in turn, give back to those who have served her. Seastrunk is a University Scholar, having received both the George W. Gore & Florida Medallion Scholarships. Upon graduation, she plans to attend medical school and become a licensed psychiatrist with hopes of working in a military based VA hospital.

STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES June 30, 2012 and 2011 UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS Support and revenues: Administrative fees

2012 $


2011 $


Interest income Other income Total unrestricted support and revenues

200,212 1,041,343

200,499 2,637 1,050,271

Net assets released from restrictions Restrictions satisfied by payments Total unrestricted support, revenues, and reclassifications

6,736,746 7,778,089

7,804,251 8,854,522

2,825,589 2,010,661 1,074,128 2,244,948 8,131,936 (353,847)

3,737,643 2,110,269 1,109,703 2,357,680 9,315,295 (460,773)

Gifts, grants and scholarships Contributions Investment income Dues and subscriptions Net realized and unrealized gain/(loss) Other income Restrictions satisfied by payments Increase (decrease) in temporarily restricted net assets PERMANENTLY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS Support: Contributions

2,798,773 787,072 2,673,698 88,945 (3,553,744) 160,758 (6,736,746) (3,781,244)

3,893,159 1,024,941 2,546,559 89,775 14,006,506 160,939 (7,804,251) 13,917,628



Dues and subscriptions Other income Increase in permanently restricted net assets Increase (decrease) in net assets Net Assets: Beginning net assets Ending net assets

43,400 55 129,332 (4,005,759)

29,299 33 477,981 13,934,836

111,398,871 107,393,112

97,464,035 111,398,871

Expenses: Program services University support Scholarships and grants Fundraising Management and general Total unrestricted expenses Decrease in unrestricted net assets TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS Support and revenues:

Larry Robinson, Ph.D. Rodner Wright

Interim President Interim Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs Special Assistant to the President Linda Barge-Miles, Esq. Vice President, Student Affairs William E. Hudson, Jr., Ph.D. Interim Vice President, Joseph Bakker Administrative & Financial Services Richard Givens Vice President, Audit & Compliance Vice President, University Advancement Thomas J. Haynes, Ph.D Executive Director, FAMU Foundation, Inc. K. Ken Redda, Ph.D. Interim Vice President, Research Sharon Saunders Chief Communications Officer Avery D. McKnight, Esq. Vice Presidnet, Legal Affairs & General Counsel Derek Horne Athletic Director Tola Thompson Director of Governmental Relations Executive Assistant to the President Ora Mukes

Renita Smith Tawana Anderson Juanita Johnson Pamela Tolson Epiphany Intuitive Solutions, LLC


Program Manager, Donor Relations & Stewardship Business Manager Contributing Writer Graphic Design & Layout

The FAMU Foundation, Inc. 2011-2012 Annual Report was published through the Florida A&M University Office of University Advancement

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