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Buying Everything at the Beginning of the Year While it’s not a bad idea to plan ahead and buy winter coats at a discount in August, buying everything at once for the entire school year may be detrimental. Children grow at varying degrees throughout the year, and the size you bought at the beginning of the year may not fit your child by the time the season arrives for them to wear it. Not to mention, you may forget what you bought in August and accidentally buy unnecessary duplicates. If you must buy everything at the beginning of the year, you may want to consider purchasing a size larger than your child is currently wearing.

a power struggle and a stressful start to everyone’s day. Instead, ask your child what they like before you go shopping. Have them show you examples from magazines, sale papers or websites. By allowing your child to have some input in what you buy for them, they’ll be more likely to wear it.

Buying Clothes the Kids Won’t Wear Not every child enjoys clothes shopping. Some go kicking and screaming, while others want to buy everything in the store. It may seem easier to go shopping without your child, but if you don’t incorporate your child’s tastes and preferences, they probably won’t wear the clothes. You may spend hundreds of dollars on items you think are cute or quality-made. However, if children don’t like the clothes that were selected for them and are forced to wear them, having them get dressed for school in the morning can prove to be


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Forgetting to Consult the School Dress Code Dress codes can be strict, depending on the school and the school district. To avoid a dress code issue, consult the school’s dress code policy before purchasing clothes. For example, researching the proper skirt and shorts length in the school’s dress code policy can spare your child from a dress code violation. This will keep you from buying items that your child can’t even wear to school. However, there are some modifications that can be made to certain clothing items that will keep them out of violation, such as adding a jacket or cardigan over a sleeveless shirt your child really wants to wear.

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