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Family Justice Center Alliance

International Technical Assistance Update

In 2011, the FJCA worked on exciting international initiatives and witnessed three impressive international Family Justice Centers make their mark on the world stage. We worked with the Netherlands Police Department and others to replicate the FJC model at their safe houses in May. We celebrated the opening of the Centro de Justicia para las Mujeres in Chihuahua, Mexico in August. (Gael Strack and Casey Gwinn authored their fifth book in the last five years “Como Iniciar un Centro de Justicia Para Las Mujeres� which is slated to be released by the Mexican government in a few weeks.) We attended the grand opening of a 53,000 square foot facility in the Peel Region of Ontario called the William Davis Centre for Families in October and visited the amazing Project Karin in Malmo, Sweden in November.

Opening of the William Davis Centre for Families in Peel Region, Ontario, Canada

Mexican President Felipe Calderon is pursuing his vision to develop 12 Centers in 2012 with the next Mexican Center slated to open shortly in Cuidad Juarez. The Alliance, in partnership with USAID and MSI, Inc. is supporting this effort with training and planning services. Government officials in The Netherlands and Sweden are also looking to develop more Family Justice Center models in 2012 and the Alliance has pledged our full support. Opening of the Centro de Justicia para las Mujeres in Chihuahua, Mexico

We hosted site visitors from Africa, Asia, Canada, Mexico, and Europe at the San Diego Family Justice Center and the FJCA this past year and continue to encourage professionals from around the world to come visit Family Justice Centers across the United States and see how the model can help provide more comprehensive services for victims of intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.

Casey, Gael and Charles Wilson working with the Police Department in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

International Technical Assistance Update  

International Technical Assistance Update