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2017 - 2018


COMMUNITY ACTION PROGRAM FOR CHILDREN (CAPC) For more information or to register for these programs please contact Sheena Sharp at 604-467-6055 Ext 105 or Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) FREE: This program is for children whose parents are attending some groups. The Play Focus Program helps to promote the health and social Development of children 0 to 6 years of age. Funder: Community Action Plan For Children. Let’s Play & Sing Together (Singing English) FREE: This is a parent/child interactive early learning literacy program for children ages 0 to 6 years. Snacks, singing, activities and free play are part of the program. Held at the Early Years Centre once a week for 1.5 hrs. for 8 weeks. Dates to be announced. Funder: Community Action Plan For Children. School’s Cool (Kindergarten Readiness Program) FREE: A program for children who are entering Kindergarten that year. Priority is given to children who have not attended preschool. The 72 hr program is an experienced based 8 week program taught by qualified Instructors. Registration to take place in early November. Funder: BC Gaming.

FAMILIES SUPPORTING FAMILIES PROGRAMS Weekly groups for parents. Discussion about parenting, child development, self care and other concerns relevant to parenting will be central themes. Contact Parenting Young Children FREE: Ongoing group for parents of children age 0 - 6 meets weekly on Thursday mornings, to support and learn from each other. Childminding for children ages 0 - 6 available and refreshment provided. Young Parents FREE: Ongoing support group for young parents up to the age of 26. Meets weekly on Wednesday afternoons. Light meal provided. Childminding for children ages 0 - 6 available. Single Mom’s FREE: This weekly support group gives single mothers an opportunity to come together for support, relaxation, a light meal, resource referral and guest speakers. Free childminding is available for children 0 - 12.

PARENTING AND PERSONAL GROWTH EDUCATION PROGRAMS: These program are funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development, BC Gaming and United Way, and fee for service from families who through their registration help to provide service for families who could not otherwise afford programming. We provide a wide variety of information and discussion based groups, designed to support the unique needs of families in our community. For registration contact Karen Hughes at 604-467-6055 (ext 101), or register online at For more information on the courses below contact Nikki Nevison Coordinator Community Development at Anger Monsters: Children’s program Price: $90 for 1 parent and 1 child. $25 per additional person 8 - 12ys olds learn what anger is, their triggers and tools for learning to control their anger. Parent’s program – Features skills from Neufeld Institute, anger cycles, goals of behaviour, how to support their child’s efforts to tame their anger monster, and calming techniques. 4x2 hr sessions. November 22 - December 13/2017, January 10 - 31/2018, May 23 - June 13/2018. *All Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:30. Anger Management for Men Price: $165: Deals with the complex nature of anger, recognizing triggers, alternative methods of expression, and how to diffuse anger. 5x4 hr sessions. October 14 - November 18/2017 (excluding the 11th remembrance day), April 7 - May 5/2018. *All Saturdays 10 - 2pm. After the Anger, Keeping the Change - Men’s Group Price: $165: A continuation of Anger Management for Men working on anger management, conflict resolution, effective communication skills, stress management 5x4hr sessions. February 24 - March 24/18, June 23 - July 21/2018. *All Saturdays 10 - 2pm. Brave New You - Women’s Anger Group Price: $165: Women learn about creating and keeping their boundaries, healthy communication, managing challenging conversations, expressing feelings and identifying your needs. 5x4hr sessions. October 14 - November 18/2017 (excluding the 11th Remembrance Day), April 7 - May 5/2018. *All Saturdays *Time TBA. Bold New You - Women’s Group Price: $165: A continuation of Brave New You focusing on boundaries, empowerment, self acceptance and enjoying the person you are. 5x4hr sessions. February 24 - March 24/2018, June 23 - July 21/2018. *All Saturdays. *Time TBA. Healthy Relationships - Resolving Conflict with Respect Price: $175/couple: Give your relationship the foundation it needs and learn new communication skills. 2x6hr sessions. September 30 & October 7/2017, February 10 & 17/2018, May 12 and 19/2018. *All Saturdays 9 - 3pm. Conflict Resolution for Teens Price: $100: 13 - 16 yr olds will learn conflict resolution, emotional awareness, stress management, anger management skills, focusing on relationships with the important adults and peers in their lives. 5x2hr sessions. November 3 - December 1/2017, March 2 - 30/2018, May 4 - June 1/2018. *All Fridays 5-7pm. Conflict Resolution Parenting Price: $30 per person: Learn how to use “I” statements, Conflict management parenting style, trigger scale, active listening, paraphrasing and open questions for parenting. 1x2hr. September 14/2017 Thursday, November 7/2017 Tuesday, January 17/2018 Wednesday, March 8/2018 Thursday, May 16/2018 Wednesday. *All 6 - 8pm.

I am Awesome: Spring Camp and Summer Camp Mentors 11 - 15yr olds 8x4hrs $175. 6 - 9 yrs olds 4x4hrs $86. This course is designed to help young individuals with communication styles, triggers, “I” statements, looking at their special inner qualities, how to deal with stress and how to be a friend. 11 - 15 yr olds will mentor the 6 - 9 yr olds in the skills that they have learned in the first part of the course all supervised under an extremely qualified facilitator. Spring Break 2018 Camp March (Mentor) 19 - 22/(Mentor/6 - 9yr) 26 - 29 8am - 12pm, Summer 2018 Camp July (Mentor) 16 - 19/ (Mentor and 6 - 9yr) 23 - 26 8am - 12pm. QMUNITY WORKSHOP 1x3hr $30 a person: Introductory in content, wherein we spend most of the time discussing definitions of words of significance in the LGBTQ community/ies . Overview of the gender binary and gender spectrum models, to bring to light how we understand and talk about gender and sexuality as a society (media, pop culture, in schools, etc), and how this rigid understanding of gender and sexuality can be limiting and exclusionary. Provide QMUNITY referrals to services and community contacts/referrals when appropriate Will cover definitions of words of significance in the LGBTQ community/ies, a greater exploration of the gender binary and spectrum models; will have time for participatory modules throughout. Exercise on gendered pronouns; respectfully asking people their personal pronouns and how often we assign someone a gender based on assumptions. Will also facilitate conversations on creating inclusive spaces and building out allyship. Exercise around privileges denied to members of the LGBTQ2S community, while exploring intersecting identities of oppression within the LGBTQ2S community/ies. Provide tools around supporting someone coming out. November 14/17, February 27/18. *Both Tuesdays 6-9pm. For more information on the courses below contact Christina Shearme Parenting & Personal Growth Coordinator at 604-467-6055 (ext 107) or STEP-E: Parenting Young Children FREE: For parents of children aged 0 - 6. Research based parenting program using common sense, practical strategies and democratic parenting methods. CAPC Childminding available. 8x2hr sessions. September 25 - October 23/2017, February 5 - March 5/2018 . *Mondays & Fridays 10 - 12pm. You Make the Difference FREE: Practical, skill based program gives parents time to try out new skills with their child, in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. CAPC Childminding is available. For more information please contact Sheena Sharp at 604-467-6055 (ext 105). September 25 - October 27/2017 1 - 3pm Mon & Fri. Parenting for Resilient Children: Price: $30 a person: 2hr workshop on the 4 components of resiliency. October 26/2017 Thursday, December 7/2017 Thursday, February 8/2018 Thursday, April 10/2018 Tuesday, June 20/2018 Wednesday. *All times 6 - 8pm. How to Talk So Kids Will Listen, and Listen So Kids Will Talk Price: $90: A positive parenting course for parents of children ages 6 - 12. 8x2hr sessions. September 27 - November 15/2017, March 28 - May 16/2018.*All Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:30pm. How To Be the Parent you Want to Be - Early Years 0 - 6 Price: $95: A new pro relationship parenting program with tools to equip parents with the power to enjoy modern family to the fullest. 8x2hr sessions. Thursdays 5:45 - 7:45pm October 19 - December 7/2017 *childminding available for this program. Strong Sibling Relationships Price: $95: Focusing on effective, developmentally appropriate communication skills, relationship building skills for children and problem solving skills that children can do without a parent. 8x2hr sessions. Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:30pm, January 24 - March 14/2018. Home Alone: Skills for Kids and Parents Price: $30 / 1 parent and 1 child: An opportunity for parents and children 9 - 12 year olds to gain information and learn new skills for being safe when staying home alone. 1-2 hr session. Wednesday 5:30 - 8pm November 29/2017, Thursday 5:30 - 8pm March 8/2018, Thursday 5:30 - 8pm May 31/2018. Raising Confident Boys Price: $95: This new program focuses on the distinct needs of raising healthy, emotionally intelligent, capable young men in today’s world. 8x2hr sessions. Thursdays 5:45 - 7:45pm May 3 - June 21/2018. How to Raise Resilient Children Price: $75: Focusing on tools that encourage and promote healthy resiliency in your children and teach them how to do stress well. Featuring curriculum from the Psych. Foundation of Canada. 5x2hr sessions. January 23 - February 8/2018, June 12 - 28/2018. Tuesdays & Thursdays 6 - 8pm.

MULTICULTURAL SERVICES CENTRE Providing Multicultural awareness and education programs to the community to help strengthen participation and increase understanding of cultural diversity in Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and Katzie. Contact Jassy Maghera at 604-467-6055 (ext 108) or Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) FREE: Community based partnerships that work to improve the coordination of services that facilitate settlement and integration. A strong community Council representing various sectors meets monthly to discuss local trends, issues and needs. View the newcomer asset map, and resources and supports for newcomers online at Interfaith Bridging Committee FREE: A volunteer Committee who work in connecting and creating dialogue among diverse faith groups for the purpose of harmony, peace and understanding.

Multicultural Women’s Group FREE: Meet women from around the world and learn about different community services, programs, and issues, and practice your English. Group runs weekly. Registration is required to attend. Immigrant Parenting Program FREE: This program will inform and educate parents about parenting as immigrants in Canada. Free childminding is available. Registration is required to attend.

FAMILY MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCE PROGRAMS Family Mental Health Resource Programs provides training

and consultation to create the capacity for delivery of the Mental Wellness Parenting Group in the Fraser Health region. Contact Karin Rai at 604-467-6055 (ext 104) or Mental Wellness Parenting FREE: This is an eight week group is designed with the specific needs of parents experiencing major depression, bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, and features mental wellness material, parenting information and support delivered with an emphasis on parents’ mental wellness. Tuesdays October 17 - December 5, 2017 & April 17 - June 5, 2018.

GOLDEN EARS FEAST is the local food security planning table. It covers all aspects of food from farming to processing

to eating to composting. GE FEAST delivers several low income access programs including Community Kitchens, the Gourmet Grannies at the Farmer’s Market and Let’s Get Cooking and the Farmer’s Market Nutrition Coupon Program. For more information or to register please contact Candace Gordon at . Community Kitchens is a GE FEAST initiative sponsored by The Family Education & Support Centre and funded by United Way Food Security, MR Community Grant and the Haney Farmer’s Market.


Fibromyalgia Support Group FREE: Drop in support group for people living with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and other Chronic Pain. Call Lea at 778-878-0650. The last Tuesday of each month from 11 - 1pm. Acquired Brain Injury Support Group FREE: Support for individuals suffering from brain injuries that have affected their lives. Contact Nora Chambers at 604-462-9392. The 1st Tuesday of the month. Relaxation & Therapeutic Touch™ Support Group FREE: Support group for people and their families, living with cancer, pain, stress and/or any debilitating illness. The group practices relaxation/meditation, sharing and caring, and Therapeutic Touch. Contact Jean at 604-463-7771. The 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month. Care & Share - Family Support Group FREE: Support group for family members and friends of people living with a mental illness. Contact Nancy Friesen at 604-720-3935 or 3rd Tuesday of each month. 7 - 8:45pm. Strengthening Families Together FREE: Support group for family of people with serious mental illness, focusing on the major psychiatric disorders. Contact Nancy Friesen at 604-720-3935 or Mental Health Family & Friends - Information Group & Meet and Greet Service FREE: Support group at the Ridge Meadows Hospital every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 6:30 - 8pm. Located in the Kanaka Wing Room 125.

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22554 Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 2V1 Facilitating growth and development in families and communities, since 1971, by providing information, education, resources and support through public and private collaborative partnerships.

2017-18 Family Education Brochure  

2017-18 programs and services guide.

2017-18 Family Education Brochure  

2017-18 programs and services guide.