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Summer camps


Summer fun

As the world opens up again, we have so many ideas for early summer fun in this issue.








Father’s Day

22 Home improvement 24 Family life 25 Early years 26 Food

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We know most families can’t wait to get away so we have a five page UK holiday special to inspire you. Many children will be eagerly awaiting a belated birthday party too, so take a look at our downloadable birthday party planner which might make things easier. In this issue, you’ll also find the opportunity to win outdoor toys for summer as well as exclusive giveaways for our subscribers. If you’re not a subscriber, why not sign up now so you don’t miss out on our future subscriberonly offerings? Competition Winners from our Jan/Feb issue Congratulations to Joanne Long and Jennifer Vlodyka who received subscription boxes of their choice. COURSES EASTER ONLINE

Critical thinking, problem-solving, design thinking and effective use of technology are key for the future jobs market. Fire Tech courses for 8-17 year olds build these skills, empowering kids to explore the tech universe. Through exciting and engaging project-based work, kids can learn coding, games design, digital music production and work with AI. Find out more. Familiesonline.co.uk


— Junior Inventor (NEW) COURSES — Creative Digital Design For Kids Aged 8-17 — Teen Coding with Python BeginGame 29th Design March — Video & MORE! — Python Coding — Game Design — Music Production — AI & MORE!


£25 OFF* Promo Code FAMILIES25

Join an adventure in a universe of tech

fire-tech.com *T&Cs apply

May/June 3


Life skills beyond the classroom How many of these skills does your child have? Help them learn with these great instructional videos.

Touch typing

Repairing a bicycle puncture

Dialling 999

Basic sewing

Making a bed

Pitching a tent

Tying a shoe lace

Performing a shout and signal rescue

Managing money

4 May/June



I don’t want to be THAT parent…..

Making science fun for kids

By Annabel Gray

By Oli Ryan

In my Facebook group Ask a Teacher, we always have a number of members stating that they don’t want to be ‘that’ parent with regard to expressing their concerns to teachers. I’m here, as a teacher, to tell you why teachers actually WANT you to be ‘that’ parent! READ MORE

Scientific processes happen all around us daily – just waiting to be discovered by curious, young scientists. Explore science with your kids outdoors, in the kitchen and even at bath time. Experiment with butter churning, toilet paper chromatography and making a rain gauge. READ MORE

Why we should prioritise stories this summer By Sarah Campbell

With summer on the horizon, we need inspiration for activities that help our children recover lost learning, support their mental health and bring some much-deserved fun to family life. What’s the one thing that embraces all these goals? READ MORE Familiesonline.co.uk


Disney princess wooden toys


T&Cs apply

May/June 5


Addressing Post-Covid Learning Loss By Emma Martin As our worlds slowly open back up and children are in school once again, for many parents a key question will be how they can support their child’s learning postCovid. There has been much in the news about children being ‘behind’ and needing to ‘catch up.’ However, just as important is their emotional wellbeing, in particular connection, play, making sense of the world and resilience. By focusing on mental health, we can help our children to be in the best possible place to learn. Re-build and strengthen connections Children do need to catch up this summer – but to catch up with friends and family. Social connections have been hugely impacted by the pandemic, so it is important that we give children the time and space they need to enjoy being social again (and not just via a screen!). By giving time to rebuilding social connections, parents will be helping their child to feel good about themselves and to practice all the skills they need to help them get on with others in a positive way. Making sense of experiences One of the most important things parents can do this summer is to help children make sense of the pandemic so they don’t store 6 May/June

concerns. We can do this by helping them to share the challenges and successes of their own ‘Covid story’ through conversations, role play or painting and drawing. Read Emma’s suggestions for helping your child process the pandemic.

Bella Learning Games

Fun educational games to download, print and play.

Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 Packs

Available Now!

For examples, tips and advice, find Bella Learning Games on Facebook and Instagram.

www.bellalearning.co.uk Familiesonline.co.uk


Addressing Post-Covid Learning Loss Cont... Let’s play! With opportunities limited during lockdown, by giving children the opportunity to play we can help them to develop their social, emotional and cognitive skills. Most importantly, play helps children to have positive thoughts about themselves which is exactly what we need to encourage right now. Nurture resilience Many people have commented on how resilient children have been during this tumultuous time. Whether your child has ridden the rollercoaster with ease or found it more challenging, placing a focus on problem solving and resilience is a sure-fire way to help your child make progress at school. One way to support your child’s ability to bounce back when things get tricky is to spend quality time doing an activity of their choice with them, whether it’s playdoh, kicking a ball about or playing a board game. By doing so, you are giving them a sense of safety and letting them know you are there for them. Let’s prioritise their wellbeing Think back to your own childhood and the things you enjoyed – being free to play, being yourself and being with friends. Let’s not give our children the message they are ‘behind,’ but instead celebrate their wonderful achievements during this tricky time.

Emma Martin is an educational psychologist employed full-time by E-ACT multi-academy trust. She supports the trust’s primary academies in Bristol and is coauthor of its national Relationships and Recovery Curriculum.

Outdoor toy giveaway! Gazillion Rollin’ Wave

Stomp Rocket Ultra



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May/June 7


Books that challenge gender stereotypes Books can be purchased via Bookshop.org an online bookshop which financially supports local, independent bookshops and of which Families Magazine is an affiliate.

My First Book of Feminism

She Rex

Julie Merberg Ages 0-3.

Michelle Robinson & Deborah Allwright Ages 3+.

The Paper Bag Princess

Tough Guys Have Feelings Too

Robert Munsch & Michael Martchenko Ages 4-7.

Rebel Girls Lead: 25 Tales of Powerful Women Ages 6-9.

8 May/June

Keith Negley Ages 5-6.

Love Your Body Jessica Sanders & Carol Rossetti Ages 7+.

My Daddy is a Nurse

Kerrine Bryan & Jason Bryan. Ages 2-5.

Stories for Boys Who Dare to be Different 2

Ben Brooks & Quinton Winter. Ages 9-12.

Molly on the March Anna Carey Ages 10-12.



TryOut a week at residential summer camp for just £295! This summer any child ages 9 to 15, who has never attended a residential summer camp can stay at a TryOut camp, run by experienced providers, for just £295 for a week (including accompanied travel). The initiative is organised by The Summer Camps Trust to help share with children the joys of summer camp. Camps take place at Nettlecombe Court, a magnificent Field Studies Centre in beautiful grounds near Taunton, Somerset from 8-15 August and at Camp Redwood, a fabulous tented camp in the heart of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire from 15-21 August.

Recent UK attendees comment: ‘It was the best week of my life so far’, ‘My leader made me feel happy and safe just like my mum would do’. Parents said: ‘She came home with so many friends and memories and having had so much fun’ and ‘It was the happiest I have ever seen him’.

Get ready for games of all kinds. Explore areas of wood, hills and countryside. Enjoy tracking activities, unravel mysteries and stimulate the imagination. Participate in entertainment, songs and stories around the camp fire. Sleep under the stars, climb or enjoy water activities. Or relax and chat in the sun. Leave screens and peer pressures behind, reconnect with the natural world and with being a child again. Exactly what our children need right now.

So don’t delay, find out why summer camp is the best week of the year for millions of children worldwide. More information and booking. Or, for a brochure, email chris@summercampstrust.org

Attend a TryOut camp totally FREE! 6 places available



Being part of a small group, looked after by a well-trained 18 or 19 year-old leader who is like an older brother or sister, can be a unique experience and help children grow in confidence, social skills and positivity. Familiesonline.co.uk

May/June 9


Summer camp booking: what to ask General

What is the daily routine? What should my child wear? What happens if it rains (outside camps)? What does my child need to bring? Will my child be able to re-fill their water bottle? What is the sunscreen policy? What if my child needs extra help? Can I get some feedback on my child’s day? Can a friend or extended family member collect my child? Can I find out how my child’s day is going? Will I be able to contact my child if necessary?

Booking and Payment

What discounts are available eg early booking/siblings/groups? Can I make changes to my booking? What is the last date for making changes? Are all activities included or do I have to pay extras? Can I pay by instalments? What will happen if I am delayed in collecting my child? Will I have to pay extra? Do I get a refund if my child can’t attend due to illness? Do I need insurance? Are you signed up to the tax-free childcare/childcare vouchers scheme? Is an extension to the normal day available and what does it cost?

10 May/June

Your child’s safety

Is the camp Ofsted registered and where can I view the report? What are the camp’s policies on safeguarding, bullying, health and safety? Will any applicable Covid-19 guidelines be followed? What happens if a child or staff member tests positive for Covid-19? How many children are there on a camp? How many in each group? What age group will my child be in? What is the staff/child ratio? Will my child have a key worker?

Outdoor toy giveaway!

AquaPlay Lockbox

CAT Power Haulers


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Making the most of the summer By Claire Winter Summer is almost here - time to start planning fun family activities! Book it! Most venues will have a booking system to avoid overcrowding and to ensure Covid-compliance. Book and arrive early. Less is more. Don’t over schedule. You will have become accustomed to less stimulation. Brainstorm quieter places to visit, or plan events on alternate days/weekends. Don’t forget the food…. Don’t get stuck in long food queues. Hungry kids and ‘hangry’ parents don’t mix. Take a packed lunch and snacks. Enjoy the spontaneous. After months of restrictions, embrace spontaneity again. Why not take a day trip to the seaside or visit somewhere new?





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Go to a movie. Get lost in another world as cinemas reopen. There are lots of new films due for release this month. Visit museums and galleries Why not research a weird and wonderful museum like the Dog Collar Museum in Leeds Castle to visit? It’s perfect for all dog lovers! Take a day trip Head off the beaten track. You could visit stunning lavender fields in the Surrey Downs or the Yorkshire Sculpture Park? Go to a local event What’s on in your local area? It’s good to support your local community. Invite your friends and family to join you.

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Half term highlights

r to be P

May/June 2021


Activities Tips/Advice Days Out familiesonline.co.u


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May/June 11


Outdoor toys for summer We asked our friends at The Good Toy Guide to put together their recommendations. You can read reviews of each toy on their site.

Walkie Talkies



5 in 1 Outdoor Measure Mate


First Weather Science Kit

Hop Skip Jump

Discovery Adventures Metal Detector

The JUNKO Kits

12 May/June



I don’t want to return to my workplace… By Mandy Garner As lockdown eases, you may find yourself under increasing pressure from your employer to return to the workplace. For some, this will be a welcome relief; for others, a source of stress. If it’s the latter, what are your options? Firstly, if your reluctance to return to your workplace is due to concerns about safety, it’s important to know that, while government guidance on working from home is likely to change, businesses will still have to show they are Covid-secure. You can report a business to the Health & Safety Executive if you are worried.

any legitimate concerns of your employer.

Firstly, you need to consider what works best for you and your family. If you have school-aged children and little wraparound care available, hybrid working means you can get the benefits of both face to face contact and remote working and One of the outcomes of the pandemic is that previously resistant still be around at least part of the week to do the school run. But employers have seen that remote there are also other considerations, working is effective, although including your own motivation. Can remote working through Covid-19 has been far from normal. For many, you easily stay motivated when working alone? it’s been much more isolating and difficult. Once you have established how you want to work, think through how So your employer may be open this might affect your colleagues, to discussing with you different your ability to do your job and your ways of working. Many businesses career prospects. Whilst many jobs are anticipating greater hybrid can be done remotely, different jobs working, with people working lend themselves to different forms of some days from home and some in the workplace. Others may need flexible working. more persuasion. It’s important to Read more about remote working be clear about what you want, to options and getting the most out of think through the possible impact hybrid working. on your colleagues and to address Familiesonline.co.uk

May/June 13


My Ways to Feel Better Poster

Help your children to handle difficult feelings. Download and pin up this poster from Partnership for Children with ideas to help them feel better.

My Ways to Feel Better Poster When I feel angry, sad or worried, I can choose to do one of the activities on this poster to help me feel better. Which will I choose?

Dance to your favourite song

Have a drink of water

Think of the three best Think of a happy memory of your moments of the day friends/family

Talk to a friend

Think of three solutions for your problem

Do some colouring

Smell your favourite smell

Hug a toy

Do five star jumps

Ask for help

Take some deep breaths

Write down how Think of a happy Watch television time you are feeling

Have a nap


Say you’re sorry

Make a list of things you are good at

Imagine your favourite place

Do a full body stretch

© 2020 Partnership for Children. Registered Charity number: 1089810. All rights reserved.




Overcoming emotional eating

Staying sun safe this summer

By Pranita Salunke

By Dr Sweta Rai

Struggling with the kind of pressure the last year has delivered can create stress in the body. One of the results can be falling victim to emotional eating - eating beyond hunger, to comfort or reward ourselves. So how can you overcome this problem? READ MORE

Summer often means spending more family time outdoors. So it’s important to be aware of the risks of over-exposure to the sun and how best to protect your skin and that of your loved ones. This applies even when outside in the UK.

Supporting brain health

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Studies show that Omega-3 fish oils improve brain function, concentration and behaviour. In fact, a clinician-led year-long trial of Omega-3 and 6 brain health supplement Equazen was shown to lift reading scores in mainstream children ages 9 to 10 years. Equazen is a clinically proven range of Omega-3 with 6 supplements for children, which supports brain health, by offering the recommended amount of 250g of Omega-3 DHA, blended with Omega-6 GLA. Watch out for our Equazen giveaway coming soon! Familiesonline.co.uk


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May/June 15


Family-friendly UK city breaks We’ve picked nine top UK cities with heaps on offer for families. So start planning your trip now!










16 May/June



Win a family holiday with Away WIN Resorts! Win a three or four night stay for four people in luxury accommodation at an Away Resorts park of your choice. Fall in love with a new type of holiday at one of its fabulous UK locations - where your accommodation is off-the-scale amazing and new experiences abound. Explore the New Forest at Sandy Balls, go wakeboarding at Tattershall Lakes or hit the golf course at Boston West, both in Lincolnshire. Sample the local cuisine at Mersea Island, soak up the sun beachside or mountainside at Barmouth Bay in Wales, discover the new-look Hayling Island gem, Mill Rythe, or enjoy a bucket-and-spade holiday at Whitecliff Bay on the glorious Isle of Wight. ENTER HERE. T&Cs.

Five things to take on a staycation

Beach Towels. An essential for having a dip! Wind-breaker jackets. You’ll be lucky to avoid a breeze when holidaying in the UK! Pack waterproof and windproof jackets. A portable BBQ. Not essential but happy faces are guaranteed when you whip up some delicious burgers and hot dogs. A picnic hamper. Taking a hamper will ensure everyone stays hydrated, nourished and happy. Games. Whether it’s cricket on the beach or card games by moonlight, pack something fun that all the family will enjoy. Familiesonline.co.uk

Five staycation “must-considers”

Make decisions now! UK staycations are booking fast. Avoid popular hot spots. Particularly during summer school holidays, when they may already be booked. How will you occupy the kids? Weather may be poor, so make sure there are bad-weather entertainment options. Consider a city break. There may well be more accommodation and more entertainment options. Think about journey time. The roads are likely to be super-busy. If you are travelling a long way, are you are prepared to endure longer than usual time in the car? May/June 17


Top UK camping locations Availability for 2021 at time of publication but booking fast.

Whittlebury Park

Pop-up site at Silverstone during the British Grand Prix 13-19 July.

Home Farm Glamping

North London’s nearest glamping escape.

Andrewshayes Holiday Park

Award-winning and something for all budgets in East Devon. 18 May/June

Trevornick Holiday Park 5* holiday park in stunning Holywell Bay in Cornwall.

Camp Elwood

Pop up site from 26 July-9 August in Norfolk.

Little Retreats

Glamp in castle grounds on the Pembrokeshire coast.

Sacrewell Farm

Beautiful Cambridgeshire location. Adjacent to rare breed animal farm.

Walnut Grove Camping

Quiet, well-maintained site in Hampshire. 20 mins from Stonehenge.

Green Hill Farm Holiday Village

Dog-friendly, luxury holiday homes in the New Forest. Familiesonline.co.uk


Top tips for a great camping holiday Before you go….

When you are there…

Making it cheaper…

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s Magaz














Borrow equipment, buy second hand, rent a tent from Tentshare A great idea if this is your first trip… and it may be your last! Take your own duvets, pillows and blankets They may be more comfortable than sleeping bags. Book outside of peak season With the right clothes, autumn is a great time to camp. Collect wood If cooking on a campfire, do this when you arrive. It’s likely to be cheaper than buying firewood at the campsite. Buy a portable grill Cheaper than numerous disposable BBQ’s and better for the environment.

Don’t break the rules Camping involves sharing the peace and quiet of the countryside with others. Keep the noise down and be respectful, especially at night. Don’t leave food unattended It will attract unwanted animals. Tidy up outside your tent before spending the day exploring or going to sleep. Don’t leave a trace Leave the campsite as you found it. Take your rubbish with you or use on-site bins and dedicated recycling stations; Put out your campfire.

Fa m

Have a packing list Turning up with tired, hungry kids and no tent pegs isn’t funny! Pack eye masks, earplugs, hats, socks and blankets. Invest in a thick self-inflating mat (SIM). Don’t rely on Sat Nav/Google Maps Phone signal can be unreliable and can take you to the wrong place. Pack a paper map and compass (that you know how to use!) Plan your meals Take ingredients with you. This avoids last minute panics and unnecessary spending in on-site shops. Take plenty of snacks!

to be



familiesonline 1

May/June 202


May/June 19


The perfect weekend away We’ve found some top UK days out in areas of the country that have lots to offer families. Perfect options for an overnight or weekend stay.

Llechwedd Slate Cavern

The Needles Chairlift

Peppa Pig World

Overnight on the Isle of Wight.

Overnight in the New Forest or Southampton.


Overnight in Windsor or Maidenhead.


Overnight in North Norfolk.

The Eden Project

Jorvik Viking Centre

Bram Stoker’s Dracula Experience

Dinosaurland Fossil Museum

Overnight in York. 20 May/June

Overnight in Whitby.

Overnight in Snowdonia.

Overnight in South Cornwall.

Overnight on the Jurassic Coast.



DIY Father’s Day gift ideas Help your child make something special for Dad this Father’s Day.

Lego photo pen holder

Scribble mug

Dad Rocks paperweight

Zig-zag Father’s Day card

Keepsake box

Printable Father’s Day book

Remote caddy

Dad’s special supper

Father’s Day card


May/June 21


Top tips for sprucing up your garden By Svetlana Blakeley-Sargeant The simple joy of being able to entertain in the garden is something we’ll definitely never take for granted again! But what if your garden isn’t quite up to the job? Our tips will help you: Set the scene for new plant life; Rekindle your love affair with your lawn; Vertically ‘green up’ a small, urban garden; Use container gardening for quick transformation; Transform an uninspiring garden; Embrace sustainability; Enjoy family-orientated garden activities and ideas. Set the scene for new plant life Start with a good garden clean up. Remove dead plants and Outdoor accessories for summer

winter weeds like chickweed and bittercress, prepare your flower beds and improve the soil. Give your trees and shrubs a trim and tidy up your hedges. Rekindle your love affair with your lawn Lawns act as a contrast to colourful blooms and focal evergreens and offer an inviting play area for your kids. De-thatch, aerate, and address weeds and bald patches. Overseed your lawn if needed and feed it with a slow-release fertiliser. Mow regularly. READ MORE Outdoor accessories for summer

Ornamental fire pit

Patio heater

Garden gazebo

Outdoor pizza oven

Garden bar

Garden table

Outdoor kitchen

Picnic table

22 May/June



Renovating your child’s room By Claire Winter With countless interior trends online, paired with your child’s ideas for their room, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to home improvement. How do you combine practical with exciting?







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May/June 2021









Get the best out of family life!


Claim £10 off your first booking with Fantastic Services! Use code FANTASTICFAMILY10 when you register and create an account HERE Be it help with the house, garden, or any other domestic service, Fantastic Services is the place to find help. With an easy online booking process and live quotation, home maintenance becomes easy. Same and next day visits. 7 days a week. Fixed price.



Design themes Practicality Homework/play space Storage Colour and design trends Unique bedroom ideas – including

Design themes This year has seen a strong desire for escapism, using exoticallydesigned items and location wallpapers to transport us to other countries or worlds. Children will definitely enjoy a star-gazing galaxy above their heads when they go to bed, or an ocean-themed wall so they can imagine the whooshing of the sea lapping up to shore. These kinds of themes keep their imagination and dreams fuelled.


Here’s how to create smiles all round, considering:

space savers, wall art, plants and DIY items


During the pandemic, there has undoubtedly been a shift in the way many of us approach home living. Not only do we need functional and zoom-friendly spaces for us as adults, but we need safe and welcoming spaces for our children.


Activities Tips/Advice Days Out familiesonline.c o.uk

May/June 23


Helping your child make friends

Your Child’s Relationship Legacy

By Poppy O’Neill

By Neil Wilkie

Rejection, big life changes, sensitivity and shyness can impact children’s ability to make or keep friends. Without guidance, they can feel baffled by friendship up and downs. What techniques can parents use to help their children build fulfilling social lives? READ MORE

Who teaches us how to have a loving and fulfilling relationship with another person? How parents relate to their children in the first three years, will shape their attachment style and influence their relationships for what is likely to be the rest of their lives. READ MORE

Two homes – the practicalities

Foster care: are you eligible?

Over the years at Only Mums & Only Dads, we’ve heard many separating parents express their concerns about their children having two homes. How will everyone cope? What can be done to make it easier for everyone? We have some answers to these questions and others. READ MORE

Foster Care Fortnight® organised by The Fostering Network, runs from 11 to 24 May. It raises awareness of fostering and celebrates the fostering community. There are some common myths and misconceptions about who can or can’t foster. Let’s attempt to clear some of these up. READ MORE

24 May/June



Helping pre-schoolers re-engage with each other By Sarah Mundy Yesterday I was on the beach playing with my 3 year old son when a little girl ran up. She was interested in his toys, got straight in there, and then tried to give him a hug! Her awareness of personal space, even by pre-Covid standards, was non-existent and her excitement at seeing another child was simultaneously heart-breaking and warming. Her father explained that she had barely socialised with any children over the last year. Definitive evidence around the impact of lockdown on young children is yet to emerge. However, many parents are concerned about the lack of social experiences their children have had. They have missed out on things like toddler classes which help them learn the skill of being with others. In the early years, a child’s key relationship with their primary caregiver frames their view of themselves and the world around them. When secure, it acts as a buffer to adversity, meaning that children who have been doing okay at home will feel more able to confidently explore the world again, despite being potentially behind socially. Despite this, it wouldn’t be surprising if children are behind Familiesonline.co.uk

socially. By age 3, children actively seek to play with peers, but they need help in navigating social situations. Friendships can be complex and children need to learn about managing disagreements, understanding feelings (theirs and others), taking-turns, listening and co-operating. So, how do we support our children to feel ready to go back to preschool and help them (re)learn social skills? READ MORE

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May/June 25


Family-friendly al fresco dining recipes Get the family into the kitchen to help prepare some perfect food for eating outside.

Sticky chicken drumsticks

Easy traditional lemonade

Nutella fairy bread

Rainbow Jam tarts

Cheesy spinach muffins

Super sausage rolls

Layered rainbow salad pots

Child-friendly hummus with crudites

Simple tuna salad with pasta

26 May/June



Party ideas for different ages By Simone Ryder If, despite a year without socialising, you are a parent who feels that party planning is yet another of the daunting challenges to be faced on the hazardous path to parenting success, then read on…. Love or hate party planning, we hope this thumbnail guide will help you on the road to a successful event

co-operating. Keep the party to about ninety minutes to avoid overstimulation. By age four, children Age 1-2 are full of energy and imagination, Your child’s first party is your which makes them wonderful celebration – the anniversary of partygoers. Plan short games and becoming a parent. Your 1 year old will have no idea what’s going on, so keep things moving as they may you can make this a celebration for still find it hard to wait their turn. Treasure and scavenger hunts work adults only, if you prefer. well but many parents opt for soft Two year old can catapult from play venues or similar to allow little excitement to temper tantrum ones to burn off energy. Entertainers in minutes — so you need to at your home or hired venue are be prepared. Most age twos also popular. Plan for a party of one are still very possessive of their to two hours. toys so do put away your child’s favourite things beforehand. And Age 5-6 avoid opening gifts at the party Five year olds know parties are very since most of the guests won’t important and may have all sorts of understand they can’t just take the wonderful (and wild) suggestions birthday child’s new things home! about the event. Theme parties Organised games aren’t really work well at this age. Children are necessary since children still play usually ready for games that involve independently at this age. instruction like Hokey Cokey and Simon Says. They are acquiring Age 3-4 fine motor skills necessary to use Now your child is likely to be scissors and string beads so they’re familiar with celebrations. Singing and circle activities work better than ready for simple crafts too. Plan for a party of about two hours. group games as they will usually enjoy playing with other children More ages and stages. briefly but may still have trouble Familiesonline.co.uk

May/June 27

Birthday Party Countdown Planner

Plan your party the easy way using our cut-out planner and checklist! 3 months before

6 weeks before

4 weeks before

★ Set a budget and a date

★ Send out a ‘save the date’ by email

★ Prepare invitations

★ Make a guest list

★ Pick your theme

★ Book a venue/ entertainer

★ Plan the party food you wish to order

★ Buy/make party decorations ★ Order cake

✸ ✸ ✸ ✸ ✸✸ TIP




Don’t forget cost of venue, party entertainment, food and decorations.

Popular options may need to be booked even earlier!

Ask for an RSVP.

Choose a theme your child loves.

1-2 weeks before

1-3 days before

★ Sort out the party bags

★ Buy party food

★ Plan party games ★ Send out reminder by email

★ Pick up cake ★ Write list/timings for party day

✸ ✸ ✸ TIP



Allow research time and get the birthday boy or girl to help.

Don’t just leave this to chance. Roughly plan enough games to last for at least half the party.

Reconfirm party food if ordered from a supplier.

28 May/June




Get your child to hand out invites at school/ nursery.

Decorations can make or break the party vibe!

Party Day

Enjoy the day and take lots of pictures!


Leave plenty of time to get to the venue…


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