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Once a Squirrel, Always a Squirrel…

• Warm and welcoming nursery • Dedicated and experienced Early Years staff • Stimulating nursery garden

• Forest school weekly sessions, all year round • State-of-the-art facilities • 55 acres to explore

Register now for The Squirrels Nursery 2022 and beyond! warwickprep.com/squirrels admissions@warwickprep.com 01926 491545 An Independent Day School and Nursery for boys aged 3-7 and girls aged 3-11 2 Families Warwickshire editor@familieswarwickshire.co.uk


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Welcome to the Spring issue of Families Warwickshire Magazine. I’m your new Editor and as fate would have it, I’m also called Claire Jones! I have really enjoyed researching all the fun and exciting things for Families to do in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Claire Jones editor@familieswarwickshire.co.uk T: 07938 657719

familieswarwickshiremag @familieswarks familieswarwickshiremag

I’m married to Matt and we have a 9 year old daughter called Eva. We love spending time together as a family and are always looking for new adventures so I hope to share my finds with you over the coming months in our What’s On Guide!

In this issue 4.





What’s on

10. Schools

In this issue we focus on dispelling some myths around fostering, teaching your kids more about money, lessons to learn before you’re 10 and exploring different cultures through food.



12. Summer camps 14. Activities

Plus, the long summer break is just around the corner, so take a look at our summer camps feature and find out about some great local businesses running holiday clubs in our area.

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There’s so much to look forward to in May and June, including two bank holidays, one of them extra-long! Fingers crossed for some good weather so we can all enjoy some well overdue time with family and friends. There are some great ideas to make it extra special in our adventures at home feature. Hope you enjoy the magazine!


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My Baby Spa

An award winning sensory spa for 0-2 month olds

@MyBabySpaUK www.mybabyspa.co.uk

A hands on sensory spa for active 1-4 year olds @MyToddlerSpaUK


My Baby Spa was launched in lockdown by teacher and lockdown mummy Danielle Gibbs. It’s a small, intimate sensory group for 0-12 month old babies which includes baby jacuzzis, baby massage, mini mani-pedi and a spa photo all in a lovely spa-like environment. In its first year, My Baby Spa has won awards and is growing and now have officially launched My Toddler Spa for 1-4 year olds! Twos don’t have to be so terrible as this hands-on sensory spa is packed full of spa-related activities to keep even the most active of toddlers occupied. Sessions are currently in Warwickshire and include yoga-based stories, sensory foot spas, mindful activities, DIY facemasks and of course the famous photo in the Egyptian Cotton robes and turbans. Groups are still small with only 4 per class. Find them on socials @MyBabySpaUK and @MyToddlerSpaUK Book via www.mybabyspa.co.uk and www.mytoddlerspa.co.uk

Win a Great British Map of Wonders Let the adventures begin!


Families has teamed up with ST&G to offer ten lucky readers their very own Great British Map of Wonders.

There are so many amazing adventure-filled things to do here in Britain, that it’s hard to take them all in without a ginormous map! For children ages 6+, this map includes 1000 of the most fun things to do and places to visit around Britain, with great games to play, boxes to tick, notes to fill in and a huge colouring map. Find and explore amazing animals, awesome activities, brilliant beaches, thrilling quests, super-fun festivals, funny place names and legendary places. For more information, visit www.marvellousmaps.com

To enter, visit familiesmag.co.uk/go

Closing date: 20 June. T&Cs at https://bit.ly/MapofWonders familiesonline.co.uk

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9-22 May 2022


Five common myths about who can and can’t foster In the UK, 65,000 children live with almost 55,000 foster families right now. The Fostering Network, the UK’s leading fostering charity, estimates a further 8,600 foster families will be needed in the next twelve months. Foster Care FortnightTM organised by The Fostering Network, runs from 9 to 22 May this year and both raises awareness of fostering and celebrates the fostering community. The fortnight also serves as the UK’s biggest foster carer recruitment campaign. One of the challenges faced in recruiting is ensuring a broad range of carers, so every child in foster care can be matched with a family that meets their needs.

There are many misconceptions about who can or can’t foster. Let’s try to debunk some of the common myths.

Sons and daughters

Some people worry that not having their own children will bar them from fostering. That is not the case. Any relevant experience of working with or caring for children is helpful. However, a lack of relevant experience does not stop you from fostering. Equally, having children already can also be beneficial to your fostering experience. Sons and daughters of foster carers play a crucial role in a fostering household and by growing up in a family who fosters, they’ll gain valuable life skills.


As long as you are over 18 and can provide a safe and stable home for the children you look after, your age is secondary. Connie (30), a foster carer from Manchester, started her fostering career five years ago. “Fostering is the most rewarding job I have ever had and there has not been a day where it hasn’t lived up to what I dreamed it would be. I can recommend fostering to everybody. Not just empty nesters, or people who have had their own children, but anybody who has got the space in their house and their hearts.”


Foster carers come from all kinds of backgrounds. While some fancied a career change and are full time foster carers, others have kept their jobs alongside fostering. Whether this is possible depends on the needs of the children and whether you would be available to attend necessary appointments such as meetings and training. While you must be able to demonstrate financial stability, you don’t have to have a certain salary to become a foster carer. You can also apply if you are receiving benefits.


Having a disability or a named illness does not necessarily stop you from fostering either. Jon has muscular dystrophy – a muscle wasting condition that is life limiting – and became a foster carer eight years ago. He transforms his fostered children’s lives every day. “I foster because of my abilities, not my disabilities”, explains Jon. “I am resilient, compassionate and have a dogged determination. Due to my condition, I also understand adversity which I can use to relate to the children who I care for.” Even though a fostering service will seek a medical report as part of the assessment process, that is only one part of it and services must treat applicants openly and without prejudice.


It doesn’t matter what your religion is if you can meet the needs of the child placed with you. Before applying, however, you should consider whether you would be open to discussing alternative religious beliefs or certain ethical issues with a child, ensuring that you abide by the fostering service’s policies.

Foster carers play a crucial role in society and are vital in transforming young people’s lives. Find out more about fostering and the Foster Care Fortnight campaign at www.thefosteringnetwork.org.uk

4 Families Warwickshire editor@familieswarwickshire.co.uk



Change your career to fostering – you CAN too! Our journey began in February 2012 when I saw an advert for By the Bridge. They needed Foster Parents and I read with interest. I had a 15 year career in the Leisure industry and Tom, my husband was a Police Officer. We had spoken about a career-change, as shift work was placing a strain on our family (at this point we had three of our own children). I convinced Tom to go to an information evening and he reluctantly allowed me to drag him along. Two hours later we left the venue, looked at each other and both said “We could do that”. We completed an application form and a day or two later we were invited to a training course – we loved it and met so many people from all walks of life who were interested in fostering too. To our delight we were invited to start the assessment process with an Independent Social Worker. This process was fairly intense and thought-provoking but as we came to the end we knew we were doing the right thing … in May 2012 we got the decision – we were going to be foster parents!

Katie and Tom By the Bridge has been exceptional. Their training and support is second to none and it really feels we are part of a big family. In the early days I needed to call the Out of Hours service a few times – we were well looked after and offered help and advice in tricky situations.

The ‘therapeutic’ training courses were a huge help, they helped us really prepare for looking after the young people we were to support. We quickly became friends with other families in our region - those families are still a big part of our lives today.

The young man who we currently foster has been with us for 8 years. We have had our challenges but have always felt reassured that we have plenty of support from By the Bridge. He arrived at 11pm as an emergency - 8 years later he is still with us, attending college and really enjoying his course.

That’s where it began. We have been fostering for nearly 10 years and it’s been a whirlwind. There has been highs and lows, days where we wonder what on earth we are doing but in general it’s been the best decision we ever made. We (unexpectedly) welcomed another birth son into the family in June 2015 which added a little pressure, but we made it work.

To find out how you can start Fostering and help change children’s lives, call 0800 6446230 or visit www.bythebridge.co.uk/families

Fostering changes lives Change your career. Change their future.

We wanted to Foster to help more black children from our local community.

Emmanuel & Happiness, By the Bridge Foster Parents

We need Foster families for over 600 children across the Midlands this month alone. If you have a spare bedroom and want to make a difference, contact us today.

Call: 0800 644 6230 familiesonline.co.uk

Visit: www.bythebridge.co.uk/families editor@familieswarwickshire.co.uk Families Warwickshire 5


BABLAKE & KING HENRY VIII SCHOOL 3-18 Independent Co-Educational Day School

Organisation Good habits created early on pay dividends in later life! Help your child put together a homework kit so all the stationery they need is at hand before they start working. Teach your child to get ready the night before, setting out tomorrow’s clothes and any extra kit they will need. Time homework. If it’s supposed to be thirty minutes, don’t spend longer on it. If your child is not finishing on time, either the teacher needs to know or they need to focus more effectively.

Time management

OPEN EVENTS Friday 24th June 5.00pm — 7.00pm

Organising time is a great skill but children first need to grasp how long things actually take. Our ‘just a minute’ might take five or ten minutes and young brains may understandably be fooled into thinking only a minute has passed. Have fun using a timer to count how many of the following things they can do in one minute: hops, writing their name neatly, reading words out loud, completing a colouring-in page. Show them a timetable of their day with blocks of playtime in which they can plan their own fun.


Brownshill Green Road Friday 24th June 5.00pm — 8.00pm


Saturday 25th June 9.30am — 12.30pm


For booking information contact

admissions@bkhs.org.uk 6 Families Warwickshire editor@familieswarwickshire.co.uk

Find out what Princethorpe can do for your child, come along to our

Open Evening on Wednesday 8 June 2022

To book your place visit princethorpe.co.uk

Year 6 Taster Days available in September.

Registration deadline for September 2023 entry is Friday 30 September 2022.

Princethorpe College An independent school for 11-18 year olds

Registered Charity Number 1087124.

For information call 01926 634201 or visit princethorpe.co.uk #princethorpeandme



Lessons to learn before you’re 10

By Gail Hugman

We live in a world where it’s easy to become overwhelmed. So teaching young children to make good use of their working memory, exercise self-control and get organised will really help them develop the skills they need to succeed in life. These key skills underpin everything we do in life and it takes just a few minutes a day to boost them so your child learns more effectively and confidently. What’s more, growing these skills can be fun! Developed by experts who understand how children’s brains develop and form, try these starter activities to set your child off on the right path.

Working memory

Play Kim’s Game To set up, gather ten objects together on a tray. Give your child one to two timed minutes to look at the objects, then cover them up. Depending on age and ability, ask them to tell, draw or write which ones they remember. As they progress, add more objects or give them less time to remember them. There are ways to help little brains recall objects; the trick is to make links and spot patterns. Give them these tips: To start with count how many objects you’ll have to remember. Look to see if any can be linked together either by colour or by material, such as all plastic or all wood. Or by shape or use such as knife and fork go together, tools go together and toys go together. Older children ages 7+ might be able to order the objects in a sequence or a story. The more children play the game, the better they will get at recalling the objects. Why not see for yourself and play along too! Keep a tally so they can track their improvement and praise them for being clever. Explain that this is more than just a fun challenge, it’s all about teaching their brain to have a really good memory.

Do this exercise a few times and congratulate your child on their self-control. Tell them that taking charge from the inside is a very grown up thing to do. Decide one thing you’d like your child to get under control. For example, it may be to resist the impulse to call out in class. Or leave their desk when they should be sitting quietly. Make it a positive. Explain to your child that you’d like them to focus on this one thing every day for a week. Remind them each day, ask how they got on and praise their progress. In this way, you’ll support their effort to control their impulses. Gail Hugman is the bestselling author of 100 Things to Learn Before You’re 10. A children’s life coach, she owns and runs Human at Core (www.humanatcore.com), which helps parents motivate and engage their children in developing a bright future and provides science-based online personal development courses for children and parents.

You can say: “When your teacher shows you something in school, your brain will remember it better if you sort the information first. You’ll be able to remember names, countries, lists, linked facts and even do magic tricks by remembering a bunch of playing cards in order - how cool is that?” Self-control Ask your child to tell you really quietly what colour socks they are wearing. Then ask them to tell you again as LOUDLY as possible (it may not be such fun for you, but they will love it!) Each time they whisper or shout, give feedback to their brain by telling them “that’s great whispering, can it be quieter?” or “excellent LOUD voice, is that the loudest you’ve got?”


editor@familieswarwickshire.co.uk Families Warwickshire 7


Live Theatre and Family Shows The Albany

Coventry BOX OFFICE: 024 7699 8964 www.albanytheatre.co.uk Twirlywoos Live!

SAT 14 MAY 2022 Join Great BigHoo, Toodloo, Chickedy, Chick and their friends as they discover the wonderful world around us! Expect mischief, music and plenty of surprises as they set sail in their big red boat. Twirlywoos Live is an enchanting introduction to theatre for all ages.

The Wizard of Oz

SUN 5 JUNE 2022 Prepare for a magical adventure to the Land of Oz with Dorothy and friends in this exciting adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s classic. This spectacular, pantomimic, colourful story is packed with hilarious jokes, dazzling dance routines, glittering scenery and plenty more for all the family, plus at the end of the show you will have a chance to meet the larger-than-life characters.

Royal Spa Centre

Leamington Spa BOX OFFICE: 01926 334418 www.royalspacentreand townhall.co.uk Exciting Science

SUN 29 MAY 2022 Prepare to be amazed! Join the crazy scientists as they “Create a volcanic eruption, build an Air Missile Launcher, make mini rockets and create some pretty big bangs!”…Live on Stage! With loads more fun and other experiments to see, this highly interactive show is the perfect way to expand your mind in the world of science.

The Animal Guyz: Animal Antics

MON 30 MAY 2022 A show packed with animal effects, music and laughter, designed to both entertain and educate using stunning puppetry and special effects to bring incredible life-like and size animals and dinosaurs to the stage right before your eyes.

The Queen’s Knickers

SUN 5 JUN 2022 It’s a busy year for the Queen - she has lots of important events to attend. But disaster has struck the palace as Her Majesty’s knickers have been nicked- call the royal guard! This regal children’s musical is full of songs, silliness and a corgi or two!

In the Night Garden Live

FRI 10 - SAT 11 JUN 2022 Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and friends are back in their fun-filled live show Igglepiggle’s Busy Day! See your favourite characters beautifully brought to life with full-size costumes, magical puppets and enchanting music.

The Belgrade Theatre

Coventry BOX OFFICE: 024 7655 3055 www.belgrade.co.uk Oi Frog & Friends! Live on Stage

FRI 13 - SAT 14 MAY 2022 Join FROG, CAT and DOG in this Olivier Award nominated actionpacked stage adaptation of Kes Gray and Jim Field’s bestselling books. Expect songs, puppets, laughs and more rhymes than you can shake a chime at.

Private Peaceful

Adventures for the whole family this May and June All Things Wild Honeybourne

Get ready for summer with All Things Wild! Thu 2-Sun 5 May Pop in for some beach parties over the long weekend and enjoy pirate games, under the sea themed activities and more! You can also visit on the 2nd June to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee! Open every day 10.00-17.00. T: 01386 833083 www.allthingswild.co.uk

TUE 17 - SAT 21 MAY 2022 Set against the epic backdrop of WW1, join 18 year old Private Tommo Peaceful in the trenches as he takes you on a journey through his most cherished memories and tells his story of courage, devotion, family and friendship.

The Gruffalo

FRI 1 - SAT 2 JULY 2022 Join Mouse on a daring adventure through the deep, dark wood in Tall Stories’ magical, musical adaptation of the classic picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Songs, laughs and monstrous fun for children aged 3 and up and their grown-ups, in the much-loved show that’s toured Britain and the world!

Warwick Arts Centre

Coventry BOX OFFICE: 024 7652 4524 www.warwickartscentre. co.uk Squidge

SUN 29 MAY – TUE 31 MAY 2022 ‘Squidge’ is a fun interactive dance performance with live music and digital projection, which takes a light-hearted look at our sense of touch. Explore magical light-up boxes, full of exciting textures for little hands which will delight and tickle your senses. For children aged 3-8 and their grown-ups.

My First Concert

THU 2 JUN 2022 A relaxed and interactive concert brought to you by professional musicians designed especially for babies, children and their grownups. Whether it’s your very first concert or your 100th - it’s a great way to enjoy music together as a family! Recommended for 0-7s.

To advertise in Warwickshire

call Claire on 07934 657719 8 Families Warwickshire editor@familieswarwickshire.co.uk

An urban community woodland in the heart of Leamington Spa and Warwick. Learn about woodland habitats, wildlife conservation, traditional woodland crafts and more. Regular Forest School sessions, storytelling, creative workshops and lots of special events. www.foundrywood.co.uk

British Motor Museum Gaydon

World's largest collection of historic British cars, celebrating the past, present and future of British motoring. A great day out whatever the weather. Sat 28 May – Sun 5 June May Half Term Family Activities Fuel their imagination this May with something for the whole family to enjoy including some very special activities for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. T: 01926 641188 www.britishmotormuseum.co.uk

Compton Verney Nr Warwick Stunning parkland, lake and

Hamlet – The Comedy

TUE 14 - THU 16 JUNE 2022 Shakespeare’s famous tragedy is performed as you’ve never seen before with lots of laughs, music and memorable moments.

Foundry Wood Leamington Spa

Assembly Festival Garden Coventry Calling all brave heroes! Enter into a magical world of myths and legends in this fantastical new show for all the family. From the creators of the Coventry 2021 and West End smash hit Dinosaur World Live, who bring spectacular puppets to life, don’t miss this brand new spellbinding adventure, live on stage! Dragons & Mythical Beasts 15 Apr – 3 Jul 10:30 & 12:30 | Queen of Flanders Age 3+ Dragons and Mythical Beasts has just been nominated for an Olivier award for Best Family Show and is just one of the fantastic line-up of theatre, comedy, music and more to keep the whole family entertained at The Assembly Festival Garden in Coventry. www.assemblyfestivalgarden.com

woodland adventure playground. Awardwinning art gallery. Restaurant and gift shop. Regular Early Years Thursday Forest Club and Wild Wednesday sessions. Closed Mondays except Bank Holidays. Tue 31 May – Wed 1 June Queen’s Platinum Ju-bee-lee Family Fun Days Celebrate the pollinators who help to keep the planet green with exciting bee themed events and activities. T: 01926 645500 www.comptonverney.org.uk

Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve Coventry

Brandon Marsh runs regular Nature Tots sessions for pre-school children, Wildlife Watch after school clubs, plus activity sessions during school holidays, including crafts, den building and pond dipping. Learn about different animals and have lots of fun! T: 024 7630 2912 www.warwickshirewildlifetrust.org.uk

Coventry Transport Museum Coventry

Housing the largest publicly owned collection of British vehicles on the planet, the Museum tells the story of a city which changed the world through transport. Captivating displays, interactive galleries and highly immersive exhibitions. Regular Mini Museum Engineers sessions for 2 to 5 year olds, Chat and Play for under 5s, and Family Museum Engineers sessions. Plus, workshops and activities during school holidays. T: 024 7623 4270 www.transport-museum.com

Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly Farm This half term the whole family can enjoy the relaxing pleasure of walking amongst some of the world’s most stunning and colourful butterflies in a tropical rainforest setting, complete with fish-filled pools, splashing waterfalls and beautiful blooms. Meet the Mini-Beast handling sessions and Beetle demonstrations in the Discovery Zone and visit the giftshop for a wide range of nature inspired fairtrade gifts and treats. To guarantee entrance, tickets should be purchased in advance online. 28 May – 5 June T: 01789 299288 www.butterflyfarm.co.uk


WHAT’S ON Hatton Adventure World Nr Warwick

Pub in the Park Warwick The UK’s biggest celebration of food and music, Pub in the Park, is returning to St Nicholas Park this June! Expect awardwinning restaurants, top chefs, delicious food and a great music line-up. You can tuck into dishes from the likes of The Butcher’s Social, The Hand and Flowers, Atul Kochhar Restaurants and then get ready to party the night away to McFly, Natalie Imbruglia & Sophie Ellis-Bextor and more! Book online. 10 -12 June www.pubintheparkuk.com/ warwick Go Ape Coventry

With a Treetop Challenge, Treetop Adventure Plus and Treetop Adventure, Go Ape at Coombe Country Park has something for all thrill-seeking adults and funseeking children. www.goape.co.uk

Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Garden

A fantastic place to let kids run free and get plenty of fresh air. Explore the ruins and have a great day out. Sat 28 May – Sun 5 June Kids Rule! Get ready for a right royal kneesup this HHalf Term! Celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in the grounds of Kenilworth Castle with historic performers, hands on activities and outdoor family fun. T: 01926 852078 www.english-heritage.org.uk

Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum

Exhibitions, events and galleries. Learn about local history and what life was like in Victorian Leamington Spa. Weekly arty tots sessions in the craft studio on Thursdays except school holidays. T: 01926 74200 www.warwickdc.gov.uk/ royalpumprooms

Fantastic day out for all the family. Indoor and outdoor attractions and entertainment. Farmyard animals, guinea pig village, scales and tales, indoor soft play, adventure play and more. Sat 28 May – Sun 5 June Whitsun Pirate Invasion Swashbuckling pirate-themed adventure, activities and entertainment including Pirate Adventure pantomime, epic pirate battles, Zoobeard’s ‘Yo-tto-tto and a bottle of fun’ family show and more. T: 01926 843411 www.hattonworld.com/adventureworld

Herbert Art Gallery Coventry

Events and exhibitions all year round. Runs regular art and activity sessions for pre-schoolers, sensory play days, storytelling, family friendly art talks and more. Sat 28 May – Sat 4 June (excluding Sundays) Spectacular Self Portraits Self-portraits can be a wonderful way of exploring art and ourselves. Drop in this May Half Term to create your own using an array of upcycled and recycled mediums. Designed for age 3+ but all welcome. T: 024 7623 7521 www.theherbert.org

Hill Close Gardens Warwick

The National Trust Warwickshire

Rain or shine there's always something to discover, plenty of space to run around and an outdoor adventure to be had at our local National Trust properties: Baddesley Clinton; Coughton Court; Packwood House; Charlecote Park; Upton House and Gardens and Farnborough Hall. www.nationaltrust.org.uk

The MAD Museum Stratford-upon-Avon

Housing an impressive collection of eccentric and ingenious creations. Interact with artworks, contraptions and machines. A fun place to visit for all the family. Free family activity sheets. T: 01789 269356 www.themadmuseum.co.uk

Redwings Horse Sanctuary Oxhill

Public Open Days: 28-29 May & 25-26 June Home to 80 rescued horses, ponies and donkeys. Café and gift shop, plus the opportunity to adopt a horse, pony or donkey. Entry and parking are free and dogs on leads are welcome. Booking is required. Private visits for supporters can be booked Monday – Friday. T: 0870 040 0033 www.redwings.org.uk/visiting

Lovely Victorian Gardens to explore. Children’s trail, and special events and workshops throughout the year. Thu 2 June (10:00 – 12:00) June Family Workshop Boggling Bugs and Creepy Crawlies Become an insect inspector and find out what’s creeping around in the ground, explore the gardens, go on a Bug Hunt, make your own crawly critter and enjoy a story about a very ugly bug!

Ryton Pools Country Park Bubbenhall


Shakespeare’s Schoolroom & Guildhall Stratford-upon-Avon

T: 01926 493339

Lunt Roman Fort Nr Coventry

Explore the unique Roman Fortress, taking in the sites of the ramparts, the granary building and the world’s only known gyrus! Mon 30 May – Thu 2 June Gifts for the Gods Ensure you remain in the Gods favour by creating a gift for them! Sculpt your own votive offerings and learn all about this ancient and important Roman custom. Designed for 5-12 year olds but all are welcome. T: 024 7623 7522 www.luntromanfort.org

Don’t miss Midlands Air Show Ragley Hall, Alcester

The Midlands Air Festival returns for a fourth year of excellent family fun as we commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! This spectacular aviation event will once again consist of Nightfire, Weekend Air Displays and Hot Air Balloon Launches! Plus there will be great trade stands, children’s rides and more entertainment than ever before! Thu 2 – Sat 4 June www.midlandsairfestival.com


& Nature Inspired Gift Shop The UK’s Largest Tropical Butterfly Paradise!

Over 100 acres to explore. The park has miles of flat, surfaced footpaths, picnic areas, lakes, two exciting adventure play areas, a visitor/education centre and a café. Events and hands on activities throughout the year. Dog friendly. New cashless pay and display car parking. T: 024 7630 5592 http://countryparks. warwickshire.gov.uk

Visit the 600-year-old building where William Shakespeare was educated! Fun for all the family including dressing up Tudor-style, traditional Tudor games, quill writing and a lesson from a Tudor School Master! Plus, a newly launched Family Trail around town with key highlights from Shakespeare’s childhood.

T: 01789 203170


Picnic in the Park Film Festival Warwick Racecourse

Outdoor Cinema is back! Catering units onsite or BYO! Limited tickets available so advance booking recommended. Fri 20 – Sun 22 May www.cinemaoutdoor.co.uk/ warwickoutdoorcinema

The Kenilworth Show NAC, Stoneleigh

Warwickshire’s largest one-day agricultural show. Book tickets in advance online for best prices. Sun 4 June (09:00 – 17:30) www.kenilworthshow.co.uk

BOOK YOUR TICKETS ONLINE TODAY! Open throughout the year from 10AM daily

Swan’s Nest Lane, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 7LS

Tel. 01789 299288



New for Spring 2022 The Gruffalo Discovery Land Twycross Zoo

The only land of its kind in the UK which aims to inspire more children than ever before about the importance of conservation and the natural world. The four-acre land brings the story of The Gruffalo to life with real-life animals, animatronics, film clips and much more. Visitors can encounter the characters Fox, Owl, Snake, Mouse and the Gruffalo from the bestselling children’s book created by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler along their interactive journey through the deep, dark wood. Enjoy a family fun day out at the zoo! T: 0844 474 1777 www.twycrosszoo.org

Zog Playland Warwick Castle

The world’s first Zog Playland at Warwick Castle is now open! The new land is inspired by Zog and the Flying Doctors, by author Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler, and combines sensory and physical play elements for children up to the age of 10, as well as accessible activities. There’s even the chance to meet some of the key characters from the story- including Zog, Princess Pearl and Sir Gadabout! The new Playland, along with the popular Zog and the Quest for the Golden Star Trail, Horrible Histories Maze, Princess Tower, The Falconer’s Quest, The Bowman Show and so much more are included in the price of a day ticket. A great day out for the whole family! Warwick Castle is open from 10am daily. T:0871 2652000 www.warwick-castle.com

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Prestigious national double win for King’s High, Warwick King’s High School, Warwick is celebrating a prestigious national double win, after being announced Senior School of the Year and winner of the Excellence and Innovation in Performing Arts Award, at the Independent Schools Association’s UK awards. King’s High was also Highly Commended for Sport and Fine Arts. Head Master, Dr Stephen Burley, said: “These are significant national accolades that our whole school community can take great pride in. Over the last year - along with so many others - everyone has worked incredibly hard, pulled through challenging times, and shown such a positive and inspiring spirit. I am incredibly proud of the team effort that has gone into these achievements, and the superb work of our students, staff and

governors which has been recognised. It is exciting for us all to see the success of the school celebrated nationally, and how the tremendous work of the whole community is strengthening King’s High’s position at the very forefront of girls’ education. The award for Excellence and Innovation in Performing Arts is a particularly apt accolade for our superb Drama and Music Departments. Recently, we have been treated to an outstanding Senior Production of Everyman at the Bridge House Theatre, which showcased the strength and depth of theatrical talent across King’s High and Warwick School. The quality of music in school continues to flourish. Our weekly Inspire Music series has been a huge hit with pupils and their families and combines our own musical talent in school through encounters with worldclass musicians.”

Independent schools Contact details and open days Arnold Lodge Leamington Spa (Ages 4-18) T: 01926 778050 www.arnoldlodge.com Sat 21 May 10:00 – 13:00 Bilton Grange Rugby (Ages 3-13) T: 01788 810217 www.biltongrange.co.uk The Kingsley School Leamington Spa (Ages 3-18) T: 01926 421368 www.thekingsleyschool.co.uk Senior School Open Day: Sat 14 May 09:00 – 13:00 Prep School Open Week: 6 – 10 June

Prep and Junior Schools Bablake and King Henry VIII Pre Prep Coventry T: 024 7627 1285 www.bkhs.org.uk Fri 24 June 17:00 – 19:00 BKHS Bablake Preparatory Coventry T: 024 7627 1260 www.bkhs.org.uk Fri 24 June 17:00 – 20:00

BKHS King Henry VIII Preparatory Coventry T: 024 7627 1160 www.bkhs.org.uk Sat 25 June 09:30 – 12:30 Crackley Hall School and Little Crackers Nursery Kenilworth T: 01926 514444 www.crackleyhall.co.uk Thu 19 May 17:00 – 19:30 Crescent School Rugby T: 01788 521595 www.crescentschool.co.uk Tue 10 May 17:00 – 19:00 The Croft Preparatory School Stratford-upon-Avon T: 01789 293795 www.croftschool.co.uk Henley Montessori Primary and Merrydays Montessori Nursery Henley-in-Arden T: 01564 795722 www.henleymontessori.co.uk

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Check websites for full details. Pre-booking for open days is required.

Stratford Preparatory School Stratford-upon-Avon T: 01789 297993 www.stratfordprep.co.uk Sat 14 May 10:00 – 12:30

King’s High Warwick T: 01926 494485 www.kingshighwarwick.co.uk Fri 1 July 16:30 – 19:30

Warwick Preparatory School Warwick T: 01926 491545 www.warwickprep.com

Princethorpe College Rugby T: 01926 634201 www.princethorpe.co.uk Wed 8 June 18:30 – 20:30

Warwick School Warwick T: 01926 776418 www.warwickschool.org Fri 1 July 16:30 – 18:30

Senior Schools

Warwick School Warwick T: 01926 776400 www.warwickschool.org Fri 1 July 18:00 – 20:30

BKHS Bablake Senior Coventry T: 024 7627 1200 www.bkhs.org.uk Fri 24 June 17:00 – 20:00 BKHS King Henry VIII Senior Coventry T: 024 7627 1111 www.bkhs.org.uk Sat 25 June 09:30 – 12:30



How to teach your kids more about money By Gillean Dooney Approaching the topic of money with your kids can often seem like a daunting task. Many parents are unsure of the best time to start introducing it and struggle to verbalise it appropriately for young children to understand. As a mother myself, I’ve learned the best ways to simplify the concept of money for kids over the years - and the earlier the better! A great place to start is by chatting to your kids about everyday items that cost you money as a family household, such as sharing how much you spend on weekly groceries and how you’ve budgeted for past holidays, family meals out or other leisure activities. Helping your kids understand that none of these things come for free will allow your child to slowly get a grasp on the concept of money from a young age. You can then help them build on this as they get older. Whenever your child receives money, whether that be for birthdays or Christmas, encourage them to save a percentage so they can start to see their money grow. Teach them that out of sight means out of mind and explain the benefits of stashing it away so that they can use it for something they truly need one day in the future. If you’re looking for a fun way to engage your kids around the topic of money, why not play board games that involve handling cash? For example, Monopoly is a great way to show how money can be used to purchase a house, as well as teaching children the importance of having ‘emergency funds’ available. Not only are these games educational and a great bonding moment for families but the important money management themes will stick with them for the long run. Another way to get stuck in with a creative financial lesson is to set up a tuckshop at home. By giving your kids a set amount of money to spend on snacks and treats each week, this is an easy way for them to start understanding the nuances of money exchanges in everyday scenarios. Challenge them to make their money last the whole week, so that they can also start to grasp

the concept of budgeting. If you choose to make the price of sweet treats more than that of fruit, you’ll not only encourage them to think about where they’re spending their money but they will also learn how to make healthier choices.

Pocket money

Giving your children pocket money from a young age is a good way to get them thinking about and handling their own money. You could create a list of weekly chores and then award them with pocket money once these tasks are complete - whether that’s dog walking or doing the dishes. In fact, new research from Barclays revealed how much parents value having their children lend a hand around the home, with over two thirds (68 percent) rewarding them with pocket money.* Having a specified amount of money to spend each week will teach them to prioritise what items they need the most, and how to distinguish between ‘want’ and ‘need’, based on their allocated budget. For example, they may have to choose between saving up for a new toy they’ve had their eye on versus buying a birthday gift for their friend. *Consumer research was conducted by OnePoll surveying 1,000 parents with children under the age of 16 in the UK between the dates of 19.11.21 and 23.11.21 Gilliean is Managing Director at Barclays and mum-of-two. For more info on teaching children about money, visit www.barclays.co.uk/money-management/guides/kidspocket-money/

Prospecti tivve Year 7 Open Evening (for current Year 5 students)

Alcester Grammar School Thursday 30th June 2022 - 5pm to 8pm Please visit our website to register your att tteendance (www.alcestergs.co.uk) AGS students are happy, secure and highly successful in realising their potential. That’s why each year students come from over 70 feeder schools to take advantage of the outstanding education on offer. Parents and prospective students, who are currently in Year 5, are welcome to join us for tours, displays, and to meet students and staff. Due to anticipated high interest, all guests must register their attendance and pre-book a time slot for scheduled talks.

Contemporary, coeducational 11-18 Grammar School Intake of 150 into Year 7 • 18 subjects in Year 7, taught by subject specialists • Enviable track record of academic success • Excepti tio onally high quality pastoral care • Superb variety of extra-curricular acti tivviti tiees ‘Possibly the best school I have ever visited.’ HMI Inspector • •


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Local holiday clubs, camps and workshops Aspire Active Camps

North Leamington School, Leamington Mon 30 May - Wed 1 June 8am - 6pm Enjoy a fun filled school holiday at Ofsted registered Active Camps! Includes a range of sports and activities for an action-packed half term. Book for one, two or all three days. 1st June is a FREE OPEN DAY themed around The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! T: 01926 298 178 www.aspire-sports.co.uk/ active-camps/leamington

Onside Coaching

Warwick, Leamington, Southam, Stratford upon Avon and Rugby Whether it’s Sport, Dance, Gymnastics or Forest School there’s something for everyone on offer to keep little ones active across the school holidays. T: 01926 496406 www.onsidecoaching.co.uk

Fit for Sport

Stratford upon Avon Mon 30 May - Wed 1 June 9:30am – 4:30pm Fit for Sport’s Camps are designed to engage all children from 4-12 years old through multi-sports, games and arts and crafts so that they can make friends and keep active throughout the holiday. T: 020 8742 4990 www.fitforsport.co.uk/ holiday-activity-camps


Kingsley School Playing Fields, Leamington Mon 30 & Tue 31 May Half Term Football Camp open to both boys and girls. Coaching will be provided for all levels and children will develop technically and improve their social skills for later life. £15.00 a day or £25.00 for both days. T: 07747562469 www.go4goals.co.uk


Workshops & Bir

k nimate.coe..u .uk www.letsa co llo@letsanimat

0797 3354567



Harris Sports Centre, Rugby Tue 31 May – Thu 2 June 9am – 4pm Children from 6 – 16 can learn and enjoy Basketball this holiday. All levels welcome. Lots of prizes up for grabs including trophies, basket balls, t-shirts and awards. Get fit and have fun this Half Term! T: 07775 670375 www.hotshotsbasketball.co.uk

Belgrade Theatre

Coventry Week 1: Mon 8 – Fri 12 August 10am – 4:30pm Week 2: Mon 15 – Fri 19 August 10am – 4:30pm The theme of this year’s Summer School is Play in a Week, and challenges children aged 8-16 to create and perform their own brand-new piece of theatre whilst being creative, making new friends, learning new skills and having fun! Places are limited so book early. www.belgrade.co.uk/events/ summer-school-week-1/ www.belgrade.co.uk/events/ summer-school-week-2/

Warwick School

Warwick Warwick School provides an ever expanding range of holiday activities. Open to children from Reception to Year 7 (up to and including 12 year olds), these courses provide a fun way to experience new or favourite activities. From swimming to art and craft, cookery to wall climbing there’s something for everyone. T: 01926 735473 www.warwickschool.org/ may-holiday-action-2022

Leamington & Warwick Gymnastics Club Leamington Mon 30 May - Wed 1 June 9am – 4:30pm Active and fun packed gymnastics holiday club for children age 4 and in Reception up to teens. Non members welcome. T: 01926 614489 www.thegymnasticsclub. co.uk/holiday-clubs

Let’s Animate

Fargo Village, Coventry Animation workshops. 7+ and family sessions available. Check website for full details. T: 07973 354567 www.letsanimate.co.uk/ bookings


Leamington Mon 1 – Fri 5 August Kenilworth & Warwick Mon 8 – Fri 12 August Children and Teenagers can make friends, have fun and develop some great new skills at the fabulous Stagecoach Performing Arts Summer Workshops. www.stagecoach.co.uk/ warwick www.stagecoach.co.uk/ leamingtonspa

Multi -Award Winning!

Book your trial class today!

Spanish, French, German & Italian classes in Coventry & Warwickshire sessions available for ages 1 month - 7 years hello@bilinguasing.com We make languages fun again!

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bilinguasing.com familiesonline.co.uk


The lowdown on summer camps By Andrew Campbell Summer holiday camps, schools and workshops are not only an ideal way to fill in childcare gaps during the long summer break but offer the opportunity for your child to discover a new hobby or take their existing passion to a new level. Multi-activity day camps Offering a varied daily programme of sports and creative activities, with each session lasting between one and one and a half hours, multi-activity camps are ideal for children who have a range of interests or have not yet found their ‘thing.’ Some camps offer an astounding range of sports, arts and crafts, outdoor exploration, games and challenges. Generally, camps can be booked for single days, half days and full weeks, including extended hours and multi-week discounts. Sport/single activity camps or workshops These intensely focused summer schools offer specialisation. Think a specific sport such as football, gymnastics and cricket, one creative activity such as painting, photography and cooking, a single performing art like drama, musical theatre or dance or an area of STEM such as computer coding, robotics and game design. Generally operating for two to five hours per day and running for just one day or as a progressive course from a few days to two weeks, these camps or workshops often cater for all ages of children and culminate in staging a performance, playing a competitive game or demonstrating a completed project. For children who have an established interest, single activity camps or workshops offer a valuable opportunity to receive

elite coaching and tuition, often from highly qualified or experienced instructors which can result in a significant boost to their existing skill level, confidence and enthusiasm in their chosen endeavour. For a child curious about an activity, single activity camps or workshops are a great opportunity for an immersive experience which will test their interest and aptitude. They will also gain an appreciation of what a regular commitment to weekly term time classes, often run by the same organisation, could offer. For children who may struggle to find school friends who share their ‘passion,’ activity camps or workshops are a great way to meet ‘like-minded’ peers in their local area. And for you? A patchwork of activity camps and/or workshops can be expensive but there is a distinct advantage in that they offer some mainstays of childcare across the summer that simultaneously allows your child to be doing something enjoyable, fulfilling, exciting or unique.




8TH - 12TH AUG 2022

1ST - 5TH AUG 2022

ROOM ON THE BROOM Age: 4 - 6 year olds Time: 9.00am - 4.00pm

PIRATES VS MERMAIDS Age: 4 - 6 year olds Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm

JOSEPH AND THE TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT Age: 6 - 18 year olds Time: 9.00am - 4.00pm

WE WILL ROCK YOU Age: 6 - 18 year olds Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm

stagecoach.co.uk/warwick warwick@stagecoach.co.uk 07432638990

stagecoach.co.uk/leamingtonspa leamingtonspa@stagecoach.co.uk 07483914041

Wrap around care available (Stagecoach Kenilworth & Warwick) Stagecoach Performing Arts is the trading name of Stagecoach Theatre Arts Limited. Stagecoach Theatre Arts schools are operated under franchise and are independently owned by their Principals. Stagecoach and Creative Courage For Life are registered trademarks of Stagecoach Theatre Arts Limited.


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Adventures at home By Zoe Lake I’m a big fan of planning fun-filled family adventures at home for weekends and holidays. Here are some of our favourites, which can be easily adjusted if the weather does not behave. All the activities can be tailored to children and adults of all ages, adding a little magic to precious family time.

Garden music festival Dig out your tent, drag out your blankets and cushions, power up the radio and set up camp. Spend the day listening to music in the comfort of your own garden. Homemade ribbon wristbands and VIP lanyards allow unlimited access to the snack cupboard, fruity mocktails and ultimately, the lavatory - without needing to queue!

Twenty four hours without electricity Challenging the family to go without electricity is great fun. Not only does it encourage you to get creative with your time, it also opens up the broader topic of eco-living and which small changes can be made at home. Activities for the day might include painting, poetry, games, bird watching, cooking over an open flame and sleeping outside.

Stargazing Our favourite way to stargaze is in an old inflatable pool, patched with duct tape and filled with duvets! It keeps the chill out whilst we snuggle down and watch for the first star to appear amidst the myths and legends. Look out for the Big Bear, the Pegasus and Draco the dragon, which snakes across our sky.

Garden fete

Mini Olympics

Wildlife hunting

Village fetes are often a washout but you can schedule yours when there’s glorious sunshine! String up your bunting, bake some scones, set up a raffle and a lucky dip (from old goody bag items), provide an (unplugged) microphone for announcements, hold a pet show, even set up a Pimms’ tent (no judgement here).

Our annual garden Olympics is one of our favourite days of the year. Open with a (tissue paper) Olympic flame and homemade hanging flags, followed by competitive rounds of egg and spoon, sack races, hula hooping, bean bag throwing and swing ball. Keep score on a chalkboard and finish with salt dough medals at an elaborate award ceremony.

Find out who you share your garden with, using a nature guide to help with identification. Or encourage a few new residents with a log pile house for insects, hanging feeders for birds, a compost heap for worms, upturned pots for frogs and a colourful flowerbed for bees and butterflies. Keep an illustrated journal of what you all see.

Family heritage

Reading nook

Spend a bit of time asking relatives about their own adventures, jotting them down as you go. If the weather is a bit rubbish, this is the perfect excuse to scour old family albums full of photos of when they were young. And if the weather is kind, ask them to take you around their old haunts, perhaps to where they grew up.

A reading nook is a wonderful place to spend a lazy afternoon. Set up a den or a teepee and make it cosy inside. Fill a basket with books and make the most of little ones curled up in your lap for story time. Or even have a go at writing your own story together.

14 Families Warwickshire editor@familieswarwickshire.co.uk

Zoe Lake’s book Adventures at Home (Pimpernel Press) is available at all good book shops and at www.zoe-lake.co.uk familiesonline.co.uk

FOOD © Puffpuff Ministry

Exploring different cultures through food By Fola Williams Food! Such an important part of life, isn’t it? Are you a family of foodies who are interested in exploring culture through food? Here are some ideas to get you started on exploring the tastes and culture of Africa.

Specialist businesses are a great way to try a delectable selection of Africaninspired condiments, food and drink. DVees www.dvees.com Providing a luxurious taste of West Africa, DVees offers carefully crafted food and drink products that either take you down memory lane or introduce the unique and vibrant flavours of West Africa to you. Their signature mocktail DVees chapman is simply to die for, with perfectly combined ingredients that bring nothing but absolute refreshment. Puffpuff Ministry www.puffpuffministry.co.uk The puff puff connoisseurs make puffy dough balls aka puff puff, like doughnuts but better! With flavours and toppings such as Oreo, Kinder Bueno and Lotus Biscoff syrup, they’re the perfect snack or dessert to follow a good hearty meal.

For a window into colourful food prep ideas, Instagram has some inspirational bloggers and creators showcasing a variety of authentic cultural dishes, as well as African lifestyle. These are some of my favourites: Yemisi @sisi_yemmie

Ronke Edoho @9jafoodie

Yemisi delights followers with incredible plating and flavour combinations, as well as general lifestyle content. You can download her menu planner to organise and simplify your life for less than £10. Even better, follow her to a local Lagosian market as she shops for ingredients on her YouTube channel.

Follow Ronke Edoho for recipes and meal inspiration. She also runs @loseitnigerian for a more healthconscious view of cooking Nigerian food.

Jollofcode @jollofcode

Ghanakitchen @ghanakitchen

For the green-fingered, follow jollofcode and see how to grow Nigerian vegetables and spices such as okra, ata rodo (scotch bonnet peppers) and garden egg, which you’ll be pleased to hear is not an actual egg but a vegetable that can be either eaten raw or used to make stew!

Zoe runs live cooking workshops on @ghanakitchen where you enjoy an immersive experience in cooking Ghanaian food. Her shop, though momentarily closed, sells amazing spice blends that provide a wholesome introduction to authentic West African flavours.

Subscribe You could also try food subscription boxes from a different culture. Cook with Pika (www.cookwithpika. co.uk) makes it super easy to cook Nigerian by including several ingredients in the right proportions as well as simple recipes and cooking instructions in their boxes. They also have delicious vegetarian alternatives to some of our traditional dishes.


Alhaji Suya www.alhajisuya.com If you can handle the heat, the spicy meat snack known as suya, is often grilled with a blend of spices over an open fire giving it a distinct smoky flavour that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Suya can be made with different meats (beef, chicken or lamb) based on preference and is often served with a blend of dry peppers, onions and tomato slices.

Food Festivals Keep an eye for any African Food Festivals in your area. They are a great way to sample a wide variety of African food and drink as well as some music! Failing that, the world food aisle at the supermarket might just unearth some gems which can be used to cook meals following simple recipes online.

Fola Williams is proprietor of Sheni and Teni (www.sheniandteni.com) which offers diverse books, toys and games for kids. editor@familieswarwickshire.co.uk Families Warwickshire 15

W o od s , Ob s ta c l e s , L a k e s & Fi el d s

War Memorial Park, Coventry

2 0 2 2







L e a m i n g t o n S p a , S ta n f o r d H a l l ,

W a r k s L e i c s


Plus lots more acts over the weekend, family attractions and licensed bars.

Book now and save £££ www.godivafestival.com/buytickets

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