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Are you all set for the warmer weather? Summer is officially just a few weeks away…!

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We have tonnes of ideas for days out and all the information about events and activities for families in our What’s On pages. So get your diaries out and start planning…. and, while you are at it, if you’re looking for a summer camp for the kids, start with our feature on page 10 and see what catches your eye.

Swimming is the only active pursuit that can save your child’s life. Take a look at our article from Swim England about the vital skills your child will learn at school and private swimming classes.

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Familiesonline.co.uk Families Upon Thames 3 CONTENTS RHS Registered Charity No: 222879/SC038262 Family
– Sun 2 Jun
into a blooming
this May half term. With outdoor trails to explore, fun planting workshops, craft activities and more, it’s a garden party for the whole family!
RHS Registered Charity No: 222879/SC038262
RHS Gardens
Stone editor@familiesuponthames.co.uk 020 8241 0423
Linda Editor, Families Upon Thames
babies & kids learn!
infants, toddlers and children to
part in fun studies at Birkbeck’s BabyLab & ToddlerLab in central London. All babies and children who visit receive a thank you gift and we refund your travel expenses. Register today!
3926 1207
We’re recruiting
babylab@bbk.ac.uk www.cbcd.bbk.ac.uk

Supporting your child’s memory retention

Does your child struggle to remember things they have learnt at school? Cognitive science can help us to understand how our children’s brains work and how they will learn best.

In order to remember, we need to store information in our longterm memory. Around thirty years ago, Australian psychologist John Sweller published a paper which has significantly advanced our understanding of how information passes from the working memory into the long-term memory. The theory that came from his work is called Cognitive Load Theory (CLT) and it is worth having a basic understanding of the theory, so that we can support our children when they are struggling to remember information they learn.

When a child first learns new information, it is held in their working memory. The working memory is limited and if it is overloaded, it becomes very difficult to transfer that information into the long-term memory.

Sweller estimated that only five to nine items can be held in the working memory at any one time. Interestingly, it is thought that the long-term memory is unlimited in its capacity. So, to give your child the best chances of success in both formal exams and in being creative, we must help them to shift information into their long-term memories. Once information is stored there, it can be retrieved when it is needed and has therefore been learnt.

The golden rule is to not overload a child’s working memory. A teaching method called ‘chunking’ is now helping children to

Ibstock Place School moves to two-form entry

This co-educational day school for children ages 4-18, adjacent to Richmond Park, has been championing coeducation since 1894 and moves to two-form entry to its PrePrep this September.

Ibstock prides itself on its joyful, nurturing culture, diverse environment and outstanding teaching, inspiring children to achieve. Small class sizes with exceptional staff to pupil ratios and dedicated Pre-Prep facilities provide a small-school ambience with the benefit of being part of a bigger family. First-class facilities include pool, Forest School, theatre and sports pitches. Specialist teaching in PE, music, art and languages and a huge range of co-curricular opportunities and trips allow each child to realise their interests and talents. Wraparound care is available from 7.30am to 6pm.

Register for Pre-Prep school entry in 2025 by Fri 30 Aug. www.ibstockplaceschool.co.uk/admissions

Upcoming Pre-Prep and Prep School Open Mornings

Tue 11 June: 9.30–11.30am or Sat 29 June: 10am–12pm

Find out more at www.ibstockplaceschool.co.uk/visit-us

retain information for longer. Chunking involves breaking down information into smaller (bitesize) chunks. By focusing on just one idea at a time, children are able to digest and recall the information.

Whilst this may sound simple and even obvious, breaking down information into chunks can be tricky, as they often need to be even smaller than you might imagine. For example, in answering a question about history, consider how many bits of micro information that your child will need. Try to keep information in the five to nine range.

Ultimately, CLT has helped educators to design learning to support the way that children’s brains work. This is, of course, largely the job of your child’s teacher. However, when parents understand and arm themselves with this knowledge, they can use it to support their child’s learning at home and help them flourish at school.

Erin Miller is a teacher with a keen interest in how research can be used in the classroom to improve learning.

Start by removing the technical distractions

Working memory is proof of our limited attention span. Our children are surrounded by modern technology which can overload their brains. Webpages and apps with lots of functions, images and options are likely to overload cognitive capability; research has shown us that simpler designs work better when it comes to memory.

Therefore, when you’re focusing on getting your child to remember something, try to eliminate distractions. This starts with removing technology. A mini whiteboard at home can be helpful in presenting just one piece of information at a time.

Where technology is necessary for the learning task, ensure only the relevant window is open. When messages or notifications are popping up, this takes up space in your child’s working memory. Multi-tasking is a myth when it comes to learning and remembering new information.

Ultimately, when your child is struggling to understand or remember something, one of the most helpful things you can do is to remove technology and start working on paper.

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An inspiring place An inspiring place

to flourish to flourish for girls and boys ages 4-18 for girls and boys ages 4-18

London, SW15 5PY


Developing skills for good school performance

Many parents worry about their children underachieving or not reaching the expected level by the time they leave primary school or sit 11+ exams but there is good news. By developing your child’s skills it may be easier to improve their performance than you might think.

Research has shown that to be our most effective as learners, we need to develop a specific set of skills known as executive function skills.

Don’t be put off by the name! You have all these skills. Some of you will be brilliant at them, others less so but you will not be a stranger to them.

We are all born with the potential to develop these skills over time but they are not specifically taught as part of the curriculum in school, even though they are critical for effective learning and for everything we do in life.

Where do you start? Self-control, focus and attention, organisation, memory (especially working memory), planning, time management, critical thinking, task initiation, perseverance and flexibility can all be taught.

As a basic minimum, when children go to school, they need to be able to control themselves, concentrate and listen. If any of these skills are weak, it is likely to be flagged up in the child’s school report.

Being able to boil an egg does not mean you can produce a gourmet meal! Likewise, being able to ‘sit up straight, look at the teacher and fold your arms,’ do not alone make you a good listener. Each skill - gourmet cooking AND listening - is a complex series of things we need to co-ordinate to accomplish a result.

By understanding the skills as a process, we can break down everything that needs to happen. For example, to be a good listener, we need to be able to stop what we’re doing, focus and make eye contact. This last may not be easy for children who are overwhelmed by eye contact, so use discretion.

Teaching concentration

Primary aged children need to feel the skill:

Fill the ice tray (or a glass) with water. Ask your child to carry it to the freezer (or across the kitchen) without spilling a drop. When you see they are completely concentrating, tell them ‘what you are now feeling is called concentration.’ This helps their brain recognise when they are doing it correctly.

Tell your child when they need to concentrate (eg when the teacher is talking) and ask how concentration went each day.

Proper listening also involves cognitive skills: to concentrate, wait, reflect, make connections with reference, take in and sort information and finally, to respond appropriately.

Can your child stop what they’re doing when they’re asked? If not, work on it for a week and tell them that’s the target. Take each part of the process and focus on it until they get it.

Stages to encourage skill development

Define what your child is aiming to achieve; Explain the benefits of growing that skill to your child; Explain the downside of not having the skill in life; Create opportunities for your child to get feedback on how they’re doing with it; Congratulate small successes! The feedback you give your child helps their brain to get it right and consolidate it.

Support your child’s independence by focusing on developing their core skills as they progress through primary school. Find ways to work together with your child to use everyday life for working on the growing skills.

Plan homework; time activities; organise spelling; and practise self-control.

Gail Hugman is proprietor of Lessons Alive (www.lessonsalive. com) and author of A Short and Simple Book for the Why’s, 100 Things to Learn before you’re 10, plus the soon to be published Making the Pennies Drop, which shows parents exactly how to teach key skills to their children.

Preparing the ground

In general, your child’s skills will naturally develop as they mature during the secondary education years but you can prepare the ground earlier. Here are some tips to help you:

Critical thinking: ask questions about what they’re doing and what they produce. Encourage discussion about what they think.

Task initiation: explain the need to get things done when you are teaching them time management.

Perseverance: point out ‘the bigger picture’ and the steps to keeping going.

Flexibility: demonstrate being adaptable to change.

Familiesonline.co.uk Families Upon Thames 6 EDUCATION
Familiesonline.co.uk Families Upon Thames 7 JUNIOR AND SENIOR SCHOOL OPEN EVENTS BOOK NOW A SCHOOL FOR GIRLS AGED 7 TO 18 www.lehs.org.uk Find the edges of her brilliance at LEH LEH_ALL ADVERTS 2024.indd 2 3/22/24 13:35 Making your mark on the world begins on day one at Sir William Perkins’s School. Every student is supported to pursue their passions, whilst working to the highest educational standards. Guildford Road, Cherstey, KT16 9BN Tel. 01932 574 900 admissions@swps.org.uk THE GOLDEN TICKET TO A BRIGHT FUTURE An independent day school for girls aged 11 to 18. Book your place at an open event at swps.org.uk “ “ The Good Schools Guide The Good Schools Guide Spring24SWPS_FamiliesSW_B09126_130x180mmL_Final.indd 1 23/02/2024 13:08

Seven ways to help your anxious child

Seeing your child struggle with anxiety can be so difficult for parents and carers. Our instincts to protect our children kick in and while we may try to take away the source of our child’s worry, this can backfire in the long run.

Really supporting our children to understand and cope with feelings of anxiety means showing them compassion while empowering them to build resilience and it’s a tricky balance to strike! Here are some of my top tips for supporting children when they feel anxious.

Allow the feeling. Instead of trying to sweep away your child’s worries with logic or reassurance, acknowledge and show understanding for their emotions. You could say something like: ‘You’re feeling really worried, it’s so hard when you don’t know what’s going to happen next.’ When we show children that we see their emotions and we’re not upset or afraid of them, they’re reassured that they’re not alone and that emotions are not something they need to be afraid of.

Get moving. Movement, especially rhythmic movement like walking, dancing or jumping, is very powerful for calming anxiety. It soothes the parts of our brain that logic can’t reach and helps your whole body feel that bit less tense. If your child feels overwhelmed or is struggling to calm down, focus on getting their body moving first, rather than on talking it out.

Get your child to help you. Easy, low-stakes chores around the house are an excellent way to connect with your child, build their self-esteem and calm anxieties. When we have a simple, easyto-achieve task to focus on, it helps our brains let go of worries, even if just for a little while. What’s more, helping to care for our

Rise in measles prompts vaccination campaign

A national campaign to boost uptake of a vaccine that protects against measles has been launched in England after a rise in cases of the potentially deadly disease.

Measles outbreaks have occurred around the country, including in London, with the West Midlands experiencing cases at their highest level since the mid-1990s.

The situation has led the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) to declare a national incident, with health experts warning further outbreaks could occur in other towns and cities unless uptake of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine increases.

Figures from NHS England suggest more than 3.4 million children under the age of 16 years are unprotected against this trio of serious and preventable diseases.

The new campaign will encourage children who have not had MMR vaccinations to receive their missed doses.

More info: www.bit.lyNHSMeasles

homes increases feelings of wellbeing and belonging, which are wonderful antidotes to anxiety.

Remind them of their capabilities. Anxiety can involve picturing the worst-case scenario and it’s tempting to dismiss these thoughts in an effort to reassure our kids. However, often facing the worst-case scenario head on is much more powerful. Even if your child’s fears aren’t rational, you can still chat about a plan for the eventuality they’re picturing. Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse or getting lost in a new school, you can have a conversation about what they would do, how they could handle challenges and who they could turn to for help.

One-on-one time. Having the undivided attention of one of their parents or carers is incredibly powerful for all aspects of children’s mental health. It doesn’t need to be a grand or complicated day out; taking them along to the supermarket or asking them to help you cook dinner is just as (if not more) effective. Frequency is key, so learn to spot these little opportunities for connection throughout the week and use them for some pressure-free bonding time.

Play. Studies have found that play helps us learn how to navigate the unexpected, so the more we play, the less anxiety we feel about the world around us. Naturally, play will look different depending on the age and interests of your child, so let them take the lead. Play can be anything from making up silly songs to card games to drawing; whatever fun, pressure-free activity your child can get absorbed in is going to be a brilliant antidote to stress and anxiety.

Take a deep breath. In times of anxiety, breathing can become shallow and erratic. Deep breathing helps release tension in the body, improves mood and promotes a sense of wellbeing. Teach your child to breathe slowly and deeply and you’ll give them a valuable relaxation tool they can use whenever and wherever they need it.

Anxiety is a part of being human. The key is to help our children recognise and understand how it works for them, rather than try to do away with anxious feelings altogether. Each interaction you instigate contributes to your child’s wellbeing and relationship with you. It can be hard but by boosting our children’s resilience and trusting them to navigate difficult emotions, they learn to trust themselves.

Poppy O’Neill has written several books on mental well-being for children and adults, including the bestsellers Don’t Worry, Be Happy and You’re a Star. Her most recent book How to Support Your Anxious Child is published by Vie.

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Meet the Nursery

Families chats with Toad Hall Nursery in Walton-onThames and Chessington.

What is special about your nurseries?

Meet the Nursery

Special feature

Our dedicated, passionate, longstanding teams strive to make a positive difference in the lives of the children we serve. This makes our nurseries in Walton-on-Thames and Chessington truly special spaces where all children learn, grow and flourish.

In three words, how would you describe the atmosphere?

Safe, caring, magical.

How do you help children feel emotional secure and supported?

We foster a nurturing environment, with a personalised approach centred around each child's wellbeing. Central to this is the assignment of a dedicated key person to every child. Through close relationships, key people gain invaluable insights into each child's unique needs, preferences and developmental progress and milestones, advocating for them and meeting their emotional needs. Key people work with parents, providing updates on their child's activities and achievements and deciding on ‘next developmental steps.’

How do you create learning experiences that meet each child’s individual needs?

Each nursery has a bespoke, aspirational curriculum that reflects the demographic of its children and families, cultural capital and the needs of the children, whilst adhering to the EYFS framework. Each child's progress is continuously monitored to identify areas for additional support or enrichment.

Dedicated, experienced Special Needs and Disabilities (SEND) teams work with parents and relevant outside agencies to support children, with focused termly targets.

What are the highlights of your extra-curricular programme?

Both nurseries get children active with extra-curricular sport sessions, improving co-ordination and balance, encouraging healthy growth and developing team skills.

Our Chessington setting also offers a weekly Forest School, providing hands-on outdoor experiences.

What benefits does the physical space at the nurseries offer?

The spacious gardens offer free-flow access from inside and

plenty of outdoor resources for the children, including an allotment growing fresh produce. Our children spend time outside every day.

How do you prioritise the children’s nutrition?

Soil Association Food for Life nutritionist-approved meals are freshly prepared daily, on site, by in-house chefs who also cater for those weaning or special dietary requirements. Children learn about nutrition and healthy eating through regular cooking activities and helping in the allotment.

What is the nicest compliment a parent has given you about your nurseries?

‘It’s a lovely happy place with children at its heart. Once you’ve settled in it feels like an extended family.’

More information at www.toadhall-nursery.co.uk

Walton-on-Thames: 01932 252858

Chessington: 020 8391 4447

Familiesonline.co.uk Families Upon Thames 9 Walton-on-Thames Chessington 0208 391 4447 01932 252 858 info@toadhall-nursery co uk toadhall-nursery.co.uk places now available! Funding available EARLY YEARS

It’s time for summer camps

I once spent a freakishly hot week in the summer holidays learning to sail near the Isle of Wight. As a tween, I was dazzled by the teenaged sailing instructors who seemed endlessly cool. I’m not saying my sailing skills were Olympian but it felt like a modern version of Swallows and Amazons. The sense of freedom and adventure was amazing. My point? Any programme run with experience and enthusiasm can be more than just a childcare solution.

Holiday camps can be daunting and my children enjoy them more if they go with a friend. Perhaps the pandemic made them cautious? Having asked around, it seems they are not the only ones.

Jenny, a mother of a 7 and 9-year-old told me: ‘My kids weren’t interested in going at all but three hours at a tennis camp turned out to be a good first step.’ Half-day camps are a great introduction to camp life.

It’s also important to think carefully before automatically sending siblings to the same camp. ‘Choose carefully!’ warned Maggie, who has two girls with very different interests. ‘I sent both of mine off to the same sports camp. At the end of the first day, one came home on top of the world, the other refused to go back.’

If it is your child’s first time at a summer camp, you can ease their worries by choosing something that really dovetails nicely with their hobbies and personality.

If you think a tech camp might hit the mark, try something with a more specialist focus on robotics, coding and inventions. Next Thing Education run programmes across the UK led

Budget-friendly options

If your child is under 11-years-old, you may qualify for a Tax-Free Childcare account (which you can set up on the Government Gateway website). The government contributes £2 for every £8 you put into the account. To spend the money on a summer camp you will need your unique reference number from your account.

Many camps still accept childcare vouchers. The schemes are closed to new applicants but are still valid if you joined on or before 4 October 2018.

The Summer Camps Trust (www.summercampstrust.org) charity aims to make residential summer camp as normal for UK children as it is for kids in the US. Offering access to kids from all backgrounds, their Tryout camps offer reduced rates for first timers.

The Holiday Activity and Food programme (HAF) is a government-funded holiday camp programme offering free places to any child who is eligible for free school meals. Head to your local authority website and search for HAF. Note that each area has a different name for its HAF funded programmes.

by professional creators, inventors and tech enthusiasts. The children learn creative, technical and logical skills. See www.nextthing.education for details.

For outdoorsy kids, summer is the perfect opportunity to immerse them in the most inspiring local scenery.

Do you live near a woodland? Forest Schools are ideal for nature loving kids, encouraging play alongside learning bushcraft skills, all in a natural setting. You can find your nearest by looking on the database of the Forest School Association which ensures site leaders have Forest School L3 qualifications or equivalent. Visit www.forestschoolassociation.org for details.

If you are heading to the coast for a holiday or even a short break and your child can swim and enjoys being in the water, a surf school is a good option to consider. Surfing England (www.surfingengland.org) has a list of more than fifty accredited surf schools and coaches. They’ve also created the Grom Squad programme for kids to learn about protecting the environment and sea safety.

Ellie is a mum of two daughters, living in Surrey.

Questions to ask

Here are some important questions to ask when choosing a camp.

Is it Ofsted registered? If it runs for more than four hours in one day, Ofsted registration is compulsory.

What is the ratio of staff to children? For children ages 3 to 8, the camp should have a 1 to 8 ratio. For children ages 8+, a 1 to 10 ratio is recommended.

Ask if staff are enhanced DBS checked (Disclosure and Barring Service, formerly the Criminal Records Bureau or CRB) and who is the designated safeguarding lead.

If high-risk activities are included, double check the camp is accredited by the relevant association.

Check the instructors and staff have the relevant qualifications for the activities. Many camps employ teens who add a fun dimension but they should always be overseen by professionally qualified staff.

How does it handle medications and food allergies? What are the procedures if your child becomes ill or in an emergency? Will there always be a trained first aider on site?

Familiesonline.co.uk Families Upon Thames 10

Music & Lyrics by Kristen AndersonLopez & Robert Lopez.

Book by Jennifer Lee.

19th - 23rd August 2024

29th July2nd August 2024

Venue: Normansfield Theatre, 2a Langdon Park, Teddington TW11 9PS

Familiesonline.co.uk Families Upon Thames 11 Book your place today online at www.englandsportsgroup.com Or call our friendly team on 0800 043 0707 9 VENUES ACROSS Greater London & Surrey Multi-sports, Tennis, Gymnastics, Little Sparrows Early Years, Total Teen Camp, and 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Camps. FREE EXTENSIONS 8:30-10am & 4-5pm GET READY FOR HOLIDAY CAMPS Not just childcare. Learn and develop new skills. JOIN US 8 VENUES ACROSS Greater London & Surrey Multi-sports, Tennis, Gymnastics, Little Sparrows Early Years, Total Athlete, and 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Camps. FREE EXTENSIONS 8:30-10am & 4-5pm SUMMER CAMPS Not just childcare. Learn and develop new skills. Book your place today online at www.englandsportsgroup.com Or call our f riendly team on 0800 043 0707 JOIN Great Value Camp Passes Flexible for all the children in the family For as little as £26.50 a day Childcare Vouchers and Tax-Free Childcare accepted Age: 6 - 18 year-olds Time: Mon - Fri,10am - 4pm Performance: Fri 3pm Cost: £185 (£170 for siblings)
Stagecoach Twickenham presents... stagecoach.co.uk/twickenham
0208 979 5276

Summer fun with Ultimate Activity Camps

Ultimate Activity Camps are for children ages 4 to 14, running Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and providing a full day of thrilling adventures (costs apply). Summer camps take place at Shrewsbury House School in Surbiton, Holy Cross Prep School in Kingston and The Rowans School in Wimbledon.

These Ofsted-regulated camps guarantee parents peace of mind, knowing their children will have a fantastic experience and be well-cared for. With dedicated staff who prioritise safety, Ultimate Activity Camps create a supportive environment in which kids grow, learn and form lifelong bonds. Memory-making adventures and challenges abound.

From sports and survival camps to art and tech adventures, there's something for everyone. Picture scoring the winning goal, creating art masterpieces or coding your own game—endless possibilities await!

Ultimate Activity Camps go beyond fun; they inspire personal growth through teamwork, problem-solving and leadership. Your child’s confidence will be boosted and they will build resilience and self-esteem.

More information at www.ultimateactivity.co.uk

Musical theatre summer schools in Hampton Hill

Do you have a child that would like to try musical theatre?

The award-winning Step on Stage Academy of Performing Arts will be hosting two fabulous musical theatre summer schools at Hampton Hill Theatre for kids ages 3 to 18 years.

Your child can join them from 29 July to 2 August and/or 5-10 August and enjoy, acting, music, musical theatre, drumming, stage combat and much more.

For further information and booking, contact Emma at info@steponstageacademy.co.uk, call 07973 900196 or visit www.steponstageacademy.co.uk

Dance summer school in Twickenham

Suzanna Raymond School of Dance and Strawberry Hill Ballet School are teaming up again this year for a Willy Wonka themed extravaganza at Twickenham Exchange Theatre.

Running 29 July to 2 August, for children ages 5-15, expect a week of dance, singing and drama, crafting, make up and SO MUCH FUN! Plus a spectacularly scrumdiddlyumptious performance on the last day.

For more information and booking, contact Lucy 07968 598507 (info@suzannaraymondschoolofdance.com) or Rachel 07941 122617 (rachel@balletforchildren.co.uk) to book your child’s place. Sibling discount available.

Camp England has nine venues across Surrey and its multi-activity camps are fantastic fun and a great way to try different sports and activities. At these tennis, gymnastics or dance and drama camps, your kids will find new friends and burn off energy.

Camp England tennis camps provide a nurturing platform for children to enjoy becoming a more technically, tactically and physically developed tennis player. Gymnastics camps, which suit first timers and experienced gymnasts, are the perfect way to have fun, keep fit and be creative. Meanwhile, NEW Dance & Drama Camps offer dance, drama and singing – everything from Matilda to Wicked – it’s covered!

Camps are suitable for ages 5+ and run at May half term and during the summer holidays. At May half term, camps take place in Richmond, Twickenham, Kingston, East Molesey, Chertsey and Guildford. A camp day runs 8am to 5pm (early drop of fee applies for drop off before 8.30am). Camp England also offers Early Years Little Sparrows Camps, Teen Camps and 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Camps.

More information at www.englandsportsgroup.com

Fun and affordable activity clubs for primary school aged children

Bouncy castle, discos and day trips

May Half Term: 28-31 May 2024

Familiesonline.co.uk Families Upon Thames 12 SUMMER CAMPS
Try Camp England Holiday Camps in Surrey Clubland Holiday Clubs What’s on offer
• Sports and games
Arts, crafts and cookery
Value • Outstanding Quality • Unlimited Fun Claygate Primary School, Esher www.clubland-playscheme.com

Learning to swim

Learning to swim is the only physical activity which can save your life.

In recognition of this, all schools must provide swimming lessons in Key Stage 1 or 2 (ages 5 to 11), as a statutory sport within the Physical Education (PE) curriculum.

In particular, pupils should be taught to perform safe selfrescue in different water-based situations; swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of AT LEAST 25 metres and use a range of strokes effectively, for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.

However, Swim England recommends that your child doesn’t give up on regular private swimming lessons once they start swimming with school as these are crucial to their continued development and ultimately safety.

The aim of school swimming and water safety lessons during PE are to teach your child to be safe in and around water, with the emphasis on water safety.

At private lessons, your child will be taught more in-depth skills and techniques than they will at school. Regular private lessons progress way past the minimum national curriculum requirements and your child continues their aquatic education towards an active and healthy future.

What will my child learn during school swimming?

As well as learning to swim the basic strokes, your child will learn how to be safe around different water environments eg beaches, lakes, canals. Your child will be taught how the skills they learn in their swimming lessons can be used in an emergency situation.

Your role

As a parent, guardian or carer you play a vital role in encouraging your child to swim and learn about water safety, survival and lifesaving. You can help your child grow their water confidence through enjoying fun family swimming sessions together and also talking about water safety know-how.

Make sure your child has everything they need to take part in their swimming lessons and also find out what their current attainment level is and what they should be achieving.

If you are in a Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

You have an important role to play. Children who don’t learn to swim at school often never learn at all. In your regular meetings, you can encourage and support your school to sign up to the Charter and take swimming and water safety seriously, as well as making sure it stays on the agenda.

For further information, visit www.swimming.org

Do you home school your children?

According to latest BBC figures, home-schooling in the UK has increased forty percent in the past three years. Parents who home school must ensure their children receive provide a broad and balanced, full-time education from age 5. Whilst you don’t have to follow the national curriculum, you will almost certainly want your child to learn to swim to its required standards. Swim England recommends your child completes the Swim England School Swimming and Water Safety Charter, to be competent and confident in all water environments and proficient in all the swimming strokes.

This will ensure they can swim the minimum required twenty five metres by the time they would normally leave primary school. Swim England also suggests enrolling them on regular lessons that follow the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme, as well as participating in water safety campaigns such as Swim Safe. Talk to your local lesson providers about the potential for taking part in bespoke school swimming lessons.

For more information about the PE curriculum, visit gov.uk/ national-curriculum

Familiesonline.co.uk Families Upon Thames 13 KIDS' CLASSES
C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Team Swim CLEAN (1).pdf 1 27/03/2023 14:34 Free Assessment Book your child now! Based in Cobham Warm water Max 5 children in a group Teachers in the water Dry coffee area UV filtered water Adult lessons Private car parking 07915 510720 info@teamswimschool.com www.teamswimschool.com Never want to miss another issue? SIGN UP NOW IT’S FREE

Join Perform for Fairytale Magic or an Intergalactic Adventure this summer!

Perform’s confidence-building summer term classes are off to a flying start and there’s no better time for your child to try a FREE trial class.

Packed with self-esteem boosting activities, these weekly classes are the best fun of the week for every type of child. They help reticent children develop confidence in their abilities and provide an outlet for energetic children to sing, dance and make friends.

The curriculum is focused on building the 4Cs - confidence, communication, concentration and co-ordination - using drama games, improvisation, role-play, catchy songs and funky dances.

This summer term, ages 4-7s are entering the Fairytale Forest for an adventure based on favourite well-known stories. Children ages 7-12s are blasting off on a journey with Robinson Crusoe where he gets stranded in space!

Every child is welcome to try a free class, and with venues in Brentford, Esher, Hampton, Kew, Kingston, Richmond, Surbiton, Twickenham, Walton on Thames and Weybridge, there's sure to be a class near you! Book a no-obligation FREE trial class at www.perform.org.uk/try

More about Perform’s weekly classes

Confidence building weekly drama, dance and singing classes for 4-7s and 7-12s. Classes are designed to boost confidence, communication, concentration and coordination.

Don’t miss Perform’s summer courses

Looking for the best fun of the summer for your child?

Perform Superhero School summer holiday courses are coming to Richmond, Twickenham and Walton on Thames this July and August.

For summer fun for children ages 4 to 10, Superhero School is the place to be this summer for an action-packed Top Secret Mission to save the world!

To find out more and book, visit www.perform.org.uk/ superheroes

Visit www.perform.org.uk/try, email enquiries@perform.org.uk or call 020 7255 9120 to book a FREE trial class in one of the following venues.

Brentford: St Paul Church of England Primary School

Esher: Church of the Holy Name

Hampton: Linden Hall Community Centre

Kew: Kew Community Centre

Kingston: Alexandra Infants School

Richmond: Vineyard Life Church, The Russell Primary School & Holy Trinity Church Centre

St Margarets: St Margaret’s Catholic Church Hall

Surbiton: Surbiton Hill Methodist Church Hall

Twickenham: The Crossway Centre & Twickenham United Reform Church

Walton on Thames: St Andrews Urc

Weybridge: St James’ Parish Centre

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you like to advertise your clubs or class in our next issue? BOOK TODAY Call Amanda on 07835 848066 or email: amanda.biggs@familiespublishing.co.uk

What’s on

All listings are correct at the time of publication. Please check with the venue before you visit in case anything has changed.

Daily until Sun 2 Jun

Bing's Nature Explorers at London Wetland Centre

Join Bing and Flop for activity trails, storytelling, character appearances and more.


Daily until Tue 18 Jun

Family Trail at Osterley Park and House

A fun family trail that celebrates the Little People, BIG DREAMS® picturebook series. www.nationaltrust.org.uk/osterleypark-and-house

Every Mon to Sat

Get Crafty at the Museum of Richmond

FREE simple crafts including materials & instructions from 1pm Mon-Fri and all-day Sat. www.museumofrichmond.com

Every Tue

Storytelling for Under-5s at Landmark Arts Centre

Play based art, yoga and musical storytelling for 2-4s. www.landmarkartscentre.org

Every Wed from 12 Jun to 17 Jul

Story Explorers at Polesden Lacey Morning of fun with a story, rhymes and a fun nature-based craft activity. www.nationaltrust.org.uk/ polesden-lacey

Every Thu Story & Rhyme Time at The Alligator’s Mouth, Richmond Staff read favourite picture books and rhymes. Ages 0-4. 11am. www.thealligatorsmouth.co.uk

Every Fri until Fri 24 May

Friday Froglets at London Wetland Centre

Play in nature, learn new songs and share stories, make nature crafts and finish with quiet time.


Every Sat ParkPlay at Osterley Park

A FREE two-hour long play session for everyone. 9.30am. Registration required. www.park-play.com/parks/greaterlondon

Every Sat & Sun Steam Train Rides at Hampton Kempton Waterworks Railway

Train rides every half hour and picnic area open (not every Sat). Booking required. www.hamptonkemptonrailway. org.uk

Every Sun Junior Parkrun

Free 2k event for ages 4-14 at Bushy Park, Laleham, Hanworth, Osterley, Surbiton & Twickenham. www.parkrun.org.uk

Fri 4, 17 May & Fri 7,21 Jun

Museum Monkeys at Chertsey Museum

Join Charlie the Chimp for singing, stories and crafts for under 5s. www.chertseymuseum.org

Sun & Mon 5-6 May, Sun & Mon 26-27 May, Sun 2 Jun & 7 Jul

Public Running Days at Thames Ditton Miniature Railway

Take a ride, have a picnic but make sure you book! www.malden-dsme.org

Mon 6 May

May Day Fayre in Walton Festival including Duckathon, funfair, face painting, live entertainment and food stalls. www.lovewalton.co.uk

Tue 7 & 21 May & Tue 4 & 18 Jun

Curious Tots at Orleans House Gallery

Sensory musical session uses puppets, instruments and creative activities. www.orleanshousegallery.org

Wed 8 May & Wed 12 Jun

Music and Movement at Kew Gardens

Music-making, nature-inspired songs, dance and traditional rhymes for 3mths to 2yrs. www.kew.org

Fri 10 May & Fri 14 Jun

Messy Play at The National Archives Kew

Join in fun, messy play sessions for children ages 2-5.


Sat 11 May

Richmond May Fair

Hundreds of charity stalls, craft fair, funfair and entertainment all day on Richmond Green. www.richmondmayfair.co.uk

Sun 12 May

The Dittons Fair at Thames Ditton Arena events, tombola, sideshows, craft & charity stalls, refreshments. www.thedittonsfair.co.uk

Chestnut Sunday in Bushy Park

This fabulous family day out is back. Bring a picnic for some fun. 12-4pm. www.fbhp.org.uk/chestnutsunday-2024

Mon 13 May & Mon 10 Jun

Bring Your Baby Pub Quiz at The Bear, Esher Fun, brain-stimulating daytime socials for parents of babies and young children.


Mon 13 May, Mon 3 Jun & Mon 1 Jul

Little Explorers at Kew Gardens

Fun, hands-on ninety minute learning session. Ages 2-5. www.kew.org trail

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at Osterley Park and House
Inspires all kids to believe BIG, think BIG and dream BIG this spring and summer!
© National Trust 2024. Registered Charity no. 205846. Little People, Big Dreams® Alba &/or Beautifool Couple, © 2024 Vegara, Mirza, Noh, Karsten, licensed by Quarto
1 May–18 June, 10am–5pm nationaltrust.org.uk/osterley-park-and-house

Brooklands Museum

Explore planes, buses and racing cars this May half-term at Brooklands Museum in Weybridge!

From 27 to 31 May, there’s plenty for families to enjoy, including crafts, peddle vehicles, outdoor games, simulators and vintage bus rides around the local area. Concorde tours are also available, pre-booking recommended.

Brooklands has a fabulous line up of family-friendly events this summer, so get out your diaries and make a plan to join them. Expect hundreds of visiting vehicles to admire and enjoy food stalls, live music and fairground rides.

Bank Holiday Monday 27 May

Best of British Day with special guest, Paddington™

Saturday 28 July

Working Vehicles Day with special guest Bluey™

Sunday 15 September

Emergency Services Day with special guests from Paw Patrol™

Pre-booking recommended via webite. Book online and save. You can also upgrade tickets to annual membership with a family membership from £74.

More information at www.brooklandsmuseum.com

Dig, plant and play at RHS Garden Wisley

From 25 May to 2 June, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) plans to plant a lifelong adventure with gardening by inviting young visitors to RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey to dig, plant and play at the Family Gardening Festival. In collaboration with Burgon & Ball and their ‘Growing Gardeners’ range of tools and accessories for family gardening, there will be a mix of fun activities for young visitors, including crafts, planting sessions and a garden adventure trail.


Painshill is an award-winning 18th century landscape garden in Cobham where, at each turn you take, you will discover a picture perfect view and spring and summer flowers adorning the landscape with swathes of brilliant colour.

Offering everything from history to outdoor play, Painshill is a day out which delights every member of the family.

Running from 25 May to 23 June, don’t miss the Bugs & Butterflies trail. Let your kids become nature explorers and find all the bugs and butterflies hidden around Painshill.

Stroll the winding paths through woodland and past follies to discover the Serpentine Lake, the Ruined Abbey, the Gothic Temple and the Turkish Tent.

The amazing Grotto, covered in sparkling crystals, creates a shimmering space that captivates adults and children alike.

Find plentiful picnic spots in this wonderful park or opt for the lovely Tea Room serving breakfast, lunches and snacks. Dogs are welcome on short leads.

More info and booking at www.painshill.co.uk

Little People, BIG DREAMS® trail at Osterley Park & House

Inspire the whole family to believe BIG, think BIG and dream BIG with an exciting new trail at Osterley Park & House.

The trail showcases stories from the best-selling biography series: Little People, BIG DREAMS® created by Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara. These stories delve into the lives of extraordinary people surrounded by nature.

Running 1 May to 18 June (10am to 5pm), the trail is £2 with normal admission. FREE for National Trust members.

More information at www.bit.ly/OsterleyEvents

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Enjoy Painshill in spring and summer Enjoy May half-term at

Fri 17 May

Sensory storytelling at the National Archives Kew

Dani the Storyteller will use music, play and toys for a fantastic adventure. Ages 0-3. www.nationalarchives.gov.uk

Fri 17 May, 31 May, Fri 28 Jun

Play:Make:Art at Orleans House Gallery

Have fun exploring art skills and techniques in these workshops. Ages 2-5. www.orleanshousegallery.org

Sat 18 May

Esher May Fair

Traditional village fair with arena events, funfair, bric-a-brac, birds of prey and more www.eshermayfair.org.uk

Bach to Baby Concert at Barn Church Richmond

Specially designed programme of classical music for the whole family. www.bachtobaby.com

Sat 18 May & Sat 15 Jun

Young Archaeologist’s Club at Chertsey Museum

Learn and get hands on with the past. Ages 8-16. www.chertseymuseum.org

Sat 18 to Sun 19 May

Steaming Weekend at Kempton Steam Museum

Watch these unique and enormous ancient steam engines in action. www.kemptonsteam.org

Wed 22 May & Wed 26 Jun

Bring Your Baby Pub Quiz at The Anglers, Teddington

Fun, brain-stimulating daytime socials for parents of babies and young children. www.bringyourbaby.org

Fri 24 May, Fri 7 Jun

Twirling Toddlers at Richmond Theatre

Storytelling, movement and dance class for children. Ages 2-4. www.atgtickets.com/richmondtheatre

Sat & Sun 25-26 May & 22-23 Jun

Steam Up at London Museum of Water & Steam

Marvel at the amazing working pumping engines that helped make London the city it is today. www.waterandsteam.org.uk

Sat 25 May to Mon 27 May

Foodies Festival at Syon Park

Top chefs, tasty food, delicious drinks and live music with The Kids Cookery Theatre. www.foodiesfestival.com

Sat 25 May to Fri 31 May

Garden Friends Half-Term Trail at Claremont Landscape Garden

A garden-themed nature trail created by local children’s author, Rachel Lawston.

www.nationaltrust.org.uk/ claremont-landscape-garden

Sat 25 May to Sun 2 Jun

Half-Term Butterfly Trail at Hatchlands Park

Pick up your FREE spotting sheet and see how many butterflies you can see.

www.nationaltrust.org.uk/ hatchlands-park

Family Gardening Festival at RHS Wisley

This May half-term, plant a lifelong adventure with gardening by visiting the Family Gardening Festival at RHS Garden Wisley, in collaboration with Burgon & Ball. There will be a mix of fun activities including crafts, planting sessions and a garden

adventure trail. Normal garden admission applies – FREE for RHS Members. Garden open 10am-6pm weekdays, 9am-6pm weekends. www.bit.ly/RHSFamily

Sat 25 May to Sun 23 Jun

Bugs & Butterflies Trail at Painshill

Be a nature explorer and find all the hidden bugs and butterflies on this family walking trail. www.painshill.co.uk

Sun 26 May & Sun 23 Jun

Passenger Day at Staines Society of Model Engineers

Take a ride on the miniature railway in Staines Park, alongside Commercial Road. www.stainessocietyofmodel engineers.co.uk

Mon 27 May

The Rotary Fair on Twickenham Green

A great family day out with entertainment, stalls and food galore. www.therotaryfair.uk

Mon 27 May

Best of British Day with Paddington™ at Brooklands Museum

Children’s entertainment/activities, a fair (additional charges), a host of British vehicles and appearances by special guest Paddington™! www.brooklandsmuseum.com

Mon 27 May & Fri 31 May

Family Art and Crafts at Marble Hill Park

Join in for some fun arts and crafts and create your own masterpiece. www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/ places/marble-hill

Mon 27 May & Wed 29 May

Experimental Drawing at Strawberry Hill House

A painting and drawing workshop for children focusing on spring flowers. www.strawberryhillhouse.org.uk

Mon 27 May & Sat 22 to Sun 23 Jun

Let’s Get Creative at Orleans House

Join an artist to explore different themes and techniques. Ages 4-11. www.orleanshousegallery.org

Mon 27 May to Fri 31 May

Celebrating Surrey Stars at Dapdune Wharf

Celebrate local Surrey identities and take part in challenges. www.nationaltrust.org.uk/riverwey

Tue 28 & Thu 30 May

Time Travel Craft Club at The National Archives Kew

Spend time getting crafty during the school holidays. All ages. www.nationalarchives.gov.uk

Tue 28 May to Fri 31 May

Zoolab Animal Encounter at Osterley Park and House

Meet snakes, snails and tarantulas in this fun interactive show. www.nationaltrust.org.uk/osterleypark-and-house

Family Workshop at Museum of Richmond

Discover the story behind a one hundred year old money box and design your own to take home. www.museumofrichmond.com

Wed 29 May

Welly Walk at Marble Hill Park

Join the Park Ranger for a fun Welly Walk for children under 5 years old around Marble Hill Park. www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/ places/marble-hill

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Discover London’s world-famous transport Book online WHAT'S ON
Covent Garden Piazza


Sat 1 Jun & Sat 6 Jul

Museum Makes at Chertsey Museum

Fun family craft activity where imagination meets history in a hands-on experience. All ages. www.chertseymuseum.org

Fri 2 Jun to Fri 9 Jun

Giffords Circus at Chiswick House

Giffords Circus return with new show Les Enfants du Paradis. www.chiswickhouseandgardens. org.uk

Fri 7 Jun

Twirling Toddlers at Richmond Theatre

Storytelling, movement and dance class for children. Ages 2-4. www.atgtickets.com/richmondtheatre

Sat 8 Jun

Shepperton Fair

Over two hundred stalls, arena attractions, great food, big Procession, huge marquee, FREE entry. shepperton-fair.org

Ham Fair

Great village fair with famous dog show, children rides, junior art competitions and more. https://hamandpetersham.com/ ham-fair-page

Sun 9 Jun

Mum2mum Nearly New Sale at Twickenham-Whitton

Buy quality second hand baby & children's stuff at Whitton Community Centre, 12-2pm. www.mum2mummarket.co.uk

Tue 11 Jun

Ibstock Place School Open Morning

Co-educational independent school for ages 4-18 near Richmond Park. Open Morning 9.30–11.30am. Register online. www.ibstockplaceschool.co.uk

Wed 12, 19 & 26 Jun

Story Explorers at Polesden Lacey A morning of fun for pre-schoolers with a story, rhymes and a fun nature-based craft activity. www.nationaltrust.org.uk/ polesden-lacey

Sat 15 Jun

Lyne Village Fete and Dog Show

Popular village show with petting farm, dog show, fun fair, arena events, live music, stalls and more. www.lyne-village-hall.co.uk

Sat 22 Jun

Kew Fete

Victorian fun fair, stalls, craft, live entertainment, dog show, tug of war, inflatables, mobile farm. www.kewfete.org

Bug Hotel Building at Marble Hill Park

Craft your very own miniature bug hotel for your garden. Ages 7+. www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/ places/marble-hill

Mum2mum Nearly New Sale in Surbiton

Buy quality second hand baby and children's stuff at Hollyfield School. 2.30-4.30pm. www.mum2mummarket.co.uk

Sat 22 & Sun 23 Jun

Barnes Children’s Literature Festival

London’s largest dedicated children’s literature festival with family workshops and meet the author. www.barneskidslitfest.org

Sun 23 Jun

Mum2mum Nearly New Sale at Staines

Buy quality second hand baby and children's stuff at Ashford Community Association. 12-2pm. www.mum2mummarket.co.uk

Bug Catching at Marble Hill Park

A morning of creepy crawly hunting in the park. Ages 5+. www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/ places/marble-hill

London Bus Museum Summer Festival at Brooklands Museum Fun and entertainment for families with rides, activities and food. www.londonbusmuseum.com

Sat 29 Jun

Ibstock Place School Open Morning

Co-educational independent school for ages 4-18 near Richmond Park. Open Morning 9.30–11.30am. Register online. www.ibstockplaceschool.co.uk


Sat 6 Jul

St Margaret’s Fair

Jam packed full of fun that will keep the whole family thoroughly entertained. www.stmargaretsfair.org

Sat 13 Jul

Claygate Flower & Village Show

Traditional village fair includes children's races, fancy dress parade, funfair and farmyard animals. www.claygateflowershow.co.uk



www.chiswickhouseandgardens. org.uk

Giffords Circus: Avalon 6-23 Jun

A cast of acrobats, magicians, musicians and clowns from all over the world in a show that will combine poetry, music and performing art all set on the mythical island of Avalon.



Fireman Sam 27 May 12pm & 3.30pm

Join Fireman Sam and friends on his camping adventure and help save the day.

Comedy Club 4 Kids 29 May 2pm

Stand-ups and sketch acts from the international circuit perform for children and families. Ages 6-12.



The Extraordinary Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen 27 May 1pm

A family-friendly, improvised, storytelling comedy show. Ages 6-12.

Rubbish Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet 8 Jun 2pm

Family-friendly treat featuring clowning, slapstick and mischievous storytelling.

THE EXCHANGE, TWICKENHAM www.exchangetwickenham.co.uk

Bring Your Own Baby Comedy 15 May 12pm

An afternoon of hilarious comedy, where you can relax and have laugh without needing childcare.

The Extraordinary Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen 28 May 2pm

A family-friendly, improvised, storytelling comedy show. Ages 6-12.

Comedy Club 4 Kids 2 June 2pm Stand-ups and sketch acts from the international circuit perform for children and families. Ages 6-12.

G LIVE, GUILDFORD www.glive.co.uk

Don't Panic! We Can Save The Planet 25 May 2pm

A live comedy show for anyone who wants to swap being an Eco Worrier for being an Eco Warrior. Ages 6-11.

WiFi Wars 8 Jun 3pm & 7pm

Live comedy game show where you log in with your smartphone or tablet and play along. Ages 6+ and 12+.

HAMPTON HILL THEATRE www.hamptonhilltheatre.org.uk

Seussical the Musical 21-25 May

A musical perfect for the whole family, based on the works of Dr. Seuss.

LANDMARK ARTS CENTRE, TEDDINGTON www.landmarkartscentre.org

WiFi Wars 12 May 2.30pm & 6pm

Live comedy game show where you log in with your smartphone or tablet and play along. Ages 6+ and 12+.

LONDON WETLAND CENTRE OUTDOOR THEATRE www.wwt.org.uk/wetland-centres/ london

The Adventures of Dr Doolittle 14 Jun

A guaranteed night of fun for all the family set amongst the beauty of the wetlands.

NEW WIMMBLEDON THEATRE www.atgtickets.com/newwimbledon-theatre

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 21-26 May Brand-new production of this muchloved family favourite. Ages 5+.

Pop Princesses 31 May 3pm

Fabulous fairy tale princesses are back in a pop concert with a difference.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical 21 Jun–1 Jul Spectacular stage show follows with the memorable songs from the original motion picture.

Welcome to the World 15 Jun 11.30am & 3.30pm

Filled to the brim with original songs, dances and puppets for little ones.

The Ballad of Billie and the Tree Stump 16 Jun 1pm

Featuring music, laughter and some serious silliness as two actors bring a story to life.

OSO ARTS CENTRE, BARNES www.osoarts.org.uk

The Sound Collector, 11-12 May

A charming new family musical by beloved poet Roger McGough.

Comedy Club 4 Kids 25 May

Top stand-up comedians and sketch acts but without the rude bits. Ages 6+.


The Further Adventures of Doctor Dolittle 30 May

Funny, exciting new family musical performed with flair and wit. Ages 5+.

POLKA THEATRE, WIMBLEDON www.polkatheatre.com

Ten in the Bed 8-12 May

Humorous and inventive new show celebrates the power of imaginary play. Ages 3-8.

The Colour of Dinosaurs 11 May-9 Jun

Enter the multi-coloured world of dinosaurs with music, songs and mind-blowing science. Ages 6-12.

Claytime 15-19 May

A play with clay, where the audience are invited to participate. Ages 3-6.

Handa’s Surprise 22 May-23 Jun

A blend of physical performance, puppetry, live music and song. Ages 2-5.

RIVERHOUSE BARN, WALTON ON THAMES www.riverhousebarn.co.uk

The Little Prince 11 May 2pm

Beautiful adaptation of classic book with mesmerising puppetry and music. Ages 5+.

Henry VIII-An Interactive Show and Drama Workshop 28 May 10am

Two actors portray a slice of popular history serving up lashings of laughter.

Paddington Bear's First Concert 30 June 2pm

Children’s narrator recounts the story of Paddington Bear’s exciting journey. Ages 3+.

THE ROSE THEATRE, KINGSTON www.rosetheatre.org

Zog & The Flying Doctors 28 May2 Jun

Based on the bestselling books - the crew are back for another ROARSOME adventure. Ages 3+.

RICHMOND THEATRE www.atgtickets.com/richmondtheatre

Awful Auntie 9-12 May

Expect laughs, spectacular effects, ghosts, schemes, twists and more. Ages 5+.

YVONNE ARNAUD THEATRE, GUILDFORD www.yvonne-arnaud.co.uk

The Hare and the Tortoise 15 May

An energetic spin on an old fairy tale which will enthral and inspire. Ages 0-4.

There's A Monster In Your Show 17-19 May

A high-energy 50-minute adventure featuring lively original music. Ages 3+.

The Giraffe Who Wouldn't Bath 26 Jun

Inventive, interactive and creative play for your little ones to enjoy. Ages 0-4.

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Upon Thames

Clubland Holiday Clubs

Fun and affordable activity clubs for primary school aged children in Claygate during school holidays



Warm water Small groups FREE assessment Classes in Cobham

Free Assessment Book your child now!

07915 510720 www.teamswimschool.com info@teamswimschool.com

Book at www.perform.org.uk/try

Chertsey, Hinchley Wood & Esher, Richmond, Staines, Teddington, Twickenham, Weybridge

Pre-school dance classes from 18mths Kingston and Twickenham

Top quality performing arts classes

Hampton Hill and Twickenham

Ages 3 to18


Smoby Flower Market Creations

Kit Giveaway

office@danceforceschoolofdancing.com www.danceforceschoolofdancing.com

Design and construct flowers with Smoby Flower Market Creations Petals can be re-used plus refill packs available Includes flower press and flower parts

Ages 3+

Worth £39.99

APPLY at familiesmag.co.uk/go

Please call 07973 900196 or e: info@steponstageacademy.co.uk


Summer in the Alps

The Alps may be an obvious destination for the ski season but how about a summer visit? Summer offers enough green (the mountains) and blue (the sky) to set you up for the whole year - and plenty of fresh air to fill your families’ lungs.

With reasonably priced flights from London airports to Geneva, followed by just a short drive to Morzine, there is a warm welcome waiting from Paul and Francesca Eyre at Chilly Powder.

At the main chalet, Au Coin du Feu, plus the two chalets next door, you can organise your own meals or join the party at Au Coin du Feu for dinners that you usually only dream of. With family-friendly early evening meals for the children, a daytime crèche for less active little ones and drinks in the bar or in the Jacuzzi on the terrace for the grown ups, Paul and Francesca will make you wish that this was home!

More info at www.chillypowder.com and for info about summer in Morzine visit www.bit.ly/morzinesummer

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T&Cs apply
Try a FREE drama, dance and singing class CONFIDENCE BUILDING FUN
Familiesonline.co.uk Families Upon Thames 20 ENROLLING NOW FOR NEXT TERM Singing, dancing and acting classes for 4 - 18 year-olds CHERTSEY, ADDLESTONE 0772 517 6102 stagecoach.co.uk/chertsey COBHAM 07848 208274 stagecoach.co.uk/cobham HINCHLEY WOOD AND ESHER 01372 238238 stagecoach.co.uk/hinchleywood RICHMOND 020 8332 6741 stagecoach.co.uk/richmond STAINES 07802 800633 stagecoach.co.uk/staines Creative Courage For Life® ASK ABOUT OUR TWO WEEK TRIAL TEDDINGTON & TWICKENHAM 0208 979 5276 stagecoach.co.uk/ teddington stagecoach.co.uk/twickenham WEYBRIDGE 07476 714272 stagecoach.co.uk/weybridge BOOK ONLINE AND SAVE KIDS ENTRY FROM £9.50 * DISCOVER *When you book tickets online in advance of your visit. Children aged 4-17. Children under 4 go free. WEYBRIDGE, surrey
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