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Sea Monkeys Mini Pet Activity Bundles

Ages 6+

Everything you need to hatch, grow and nurture your own swimming pets!

Bundles include:

Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo

Sea Monkeys On Mars Tank

Sea Monkeys Magic Castle Tank

Sea Monkeys Instant Life Mystery Egg

Ages 6+

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GIVEAWAY Worth £53 each


Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to get back outdoors! To entice you, we have some fabulous family walks from our friends at The Outdoor Guide, as well as some interesting outdoor spring activities for the kids to try. You can even find out how to teach them some Forest School skills in this issue.

It’s a packed couple of months with Mother’s Day and Easter just round the corner. Find something fabulous that dad can bake with the kids for Mother’s Day. Then, check our top recommendations for Easter eggs, take a look at our free Easter printables which will keep the kids busy and download our Easter chick craft activity.

Finally, in this issue, we have tonnes of fabulous giveaways on offer. By applying, you can ensure you receive our digital magazine with lots more content and goodies on offer.

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Easter chick


Looking forward to Easter?

Try this Easter craft from our friends at Orchard Toys to get everyone in the mood

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Developing a positive attitude towards learning

No matter how skilled or knowledgeable a person might be, their attitude may well be the deciding factor in their future success, both personal and professional.

The second a child is born, its brain, with roughly eighty six billion neurons or nerve cells, ‘hits the ground running’ making connections through senses and experience.

Everything a young child does, feels, hears and sees creates pathways between these nerve cells, building a reference bank of experience. In the first three years, the connections the brain makes have risen to one thousand trillion. This is an automatic process. Ninety percent of brain development is complete by the time a child is 5 years old.

Although there is a default setting for the brain to function whether we engage or not, when it comes to learning, children who are actively engaged in the learning process are

going to be far more effective and therefore, higher achieving than their peers who are simply ‘going through the motions’ of learning.

The child who loves practising the guitar is going to progress more quickly than the child who battles with you or resents practising!

The reason for this is that as we grow, the brain takes its lead from what we do repeatedly. Where we make a conscious decision to put effort is where the brain will focus connections.

Children who enjoy what they’re doing, who love learning, who have a positive attitude, actively engage. Active engagement creates the signal for the connections the brain makes to be ‘cemented’ in myelin, a coating of fat and protein which make it ‘automatic.’ This is how learning is assimilated and habits are created.

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Familiesonline.co.uk March/April 5 EDUCATION

Top educational gaming options for kids

Gaming isn’t all bad – there are lots of options which can benefit your child’s learning and development.


Fosters creativity, problem-solving and collaboration. Ages 7+.

SimCity Simulation game that develops planning, resource management and civic awareness. Ages 7+.

LEGO Worlds

Allows players to build and explore Lego creations. Ages 7+.

Karate Cats

A game that helps KS1 students with spelling and grammar. Ages 3+.

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster

Teaches empathy, cooperation and selfconfidence. Ages 3+.

Animal Crossing Simulates social interactions, community and nature. Ages 3+.


A series of fun games introducing algebra and geometry. Ages 3+.


Promotes creativity, design and teamwork. Ages 7+.

Zoo Tycoon

Teaches animal care, conservation and business skills. Ages 3+.

Familiesonline.co.uk March/April 6 EDUCATION

Developing a positive attitude towards learning

Continued from page 5

The brain doesn’t know whether what we’re doing is good or not, it just takes its lead from repetitious behaviour and feedback from our surroundings, in this case, parents and teachers.

The more positive our attitude, the more positive the connections and growth we make, which can lead to excellence in performance.

Gail Hugman is a teaching and learning expert at Lessons Alive

Familiesonline.co.uk March/April 7 EDUCATION APPLY HERE Everything you need to hatch, grow and nurture your own swimming pets! Sea Monkeys Mini Pet Activity Bundles Giveaway Worth £53 each T&Cs apply Ages 6+ Natural History Museum Let’s Learn Dinosaurs Bonus activity in packaging APPLY HERE Encourage early STEAM learning T&Cs apply Worth £18.99 each GIVEAWAY 5 available
and author of 100 Things to Learn Before You’re 10, plus the soon to be published Making the Pennies Drop – Helping your Child Build Skills. Available from Amazon.

Great podcasts for kids

Take a pick from our fabulous recommendations and find something that will really engage your child.

Girl Tales

A long-running podcast that reimagines fairytales through an empowering lens. Ages 4+.

But Why?

Kids ask questions and get answers from experts on various topics. Ages 5+.

The Story Seeds Podcast

Pairs young writers with professional authors. Ages 7+.

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

A time-travelling adventure series for kids.

Ages 5-8.

The Past and The Curious

A history podcast that makes learning fun for kids of all ages.

The Big Fib

A fast-paced game show that challenges kids to spot the liar. Ages 7+.


A family-friendly take on popular urban legends, scary stories and myths.

Ages 8+.

Brains On!

A science podcast that answers curious questions from kids.

Ages 8+.

Marvellous Musical Podcast

Fun, engaging intro to classical music and composers. Ages 7+.

Familiesonline.co.uk March/April 8 EDUCATION

Teach your kids Forest School skills

Shelter building

Build a den for toys using natural materials. (Ages 2-4)

Erect a temporary shelter making use of woodland materials. (Ages 5-7)

Create a tarpaulin shelter in a woodland. (Ages 8-9)

Make a tipi shelter with camouflage. (Ages 10-11)

Use tools

Safely use a soft hammer to bash leaves. (Ages 2-4)

Use secateurs and loppers to cut wood safely and make something from natural materials. (Ages 5-7)

Whittle a stick safely or use a bow saw to cut wood into sections. (Ages 8-9) Use a saw independently to make a tree cookie. (Ages 10-11)

A Day at Forest School

Cooking with fire

Toast marshmallows - a fun introduction to cooking with fire. (Ages 2-4)

Melt chocolate or make popcorn on an open fire. (Ages 5-7)

Bake damper bread on a stick or fry scotch or Welsh cakes. (Ages 8-9)

Make and tend a campfire safely and cook roast food. (Ages 10-11)


Teach little ones map reading with this Easter Egg treasure hunt map. (Ages 3-7)

Learn basic map symbols with Map Symbol Bingo downloadable. (Ages 5-7) Make a simple orienteering course around your home or garden. (Ages 8-9)

Combine map reading and compass skills with handy guides and videos. (Ages 10-11)

How to light a campfire

Familiesonline.co.uk March/April 9 PARENTING
See children enjoying the activities at a Forest School.
Learn how to safely teach basic fire lighting skills to children.

Essential family travel accessories

Heading away for an Easter break? Don’t miss these essentials when you pack!

Hanging wash bag

Lightweight. Sits flat in your luggage. Unzip and hang. £36.

Family document organiser

A must-have to ensure a smooth journey to your destination. £30.

Compact travel cot

Compact and lightweight, this cot can double as a playpen. £45.

Electronic accessories organiser

Ensure your family’s cables and chargers are not lost. £16.99

Travel First Aid kit

Essential for scrapes, bumps and burns. £12.

Travel game set

Travel-sized 3-in-1 version of classic games. £16.

Travel towels

Soft microfibre towels. No soggy towel, no odour, no bulk. £42.

Reusable bamboo drink straws

For cans, bottled soft drinks, smoothies and milkshakes. £6.95.

Travel toddler & child booster seat

Transforms into portable carry bag. Store bottles, nappies, snacks and more. £26.

Familiesonline.co.uk March/April 10 TRAVEL

Adventure travel for families

We asked Ashley Lutz from Travel Counsellors for her recommendations for those who have a sense of adventure.

New Zealand

Think volcanoes, thermal springs, beaches, cityscapes and offshore islands

Sri Lanka

Think exotic wildlife, ancient forts, captivating culture, peaceful villages, safaris and beaches.


Think hiking, cycling, zip-lining, rafting, horseriding and fishing – off the beaten track.


Think action - rope parks, toboggan runs, swimming/boating, mountain hiking and biking.

South Africa

Think ‘big five’ safaris, cosmopolitan Cape Town and even Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.


Think one of the most impressive wonders of the natural world .


Think outdoors - Niagara Falls, the Rockies, whale/ bear spotting round Vancouver Island.


Think rainforests, gorges, rice paddies, snorkelling, white water rafting, delicious street food.

Costa Rica

Think national parks, unspoilt landscapes, cloud forests, volcanoes, sandy beaches.

Familiesonline.co.uk March/April 11 TRAVEL

Top Mother’s Day bakes

Grab dad and head to the kitchen to bake an extra-special gift for mum.

Rhubarb and orange custard tart

This tangy rhubarb custard tart includes orange for added zest.

Vanilla cupcakes

Decorate with buttercream and a topping of your choice.

Easy chocolate cake

This chocolate cake recipe is super easy and quick to make.

I love mum biscuits

The perfect way for little ones to learn letters while they bake.

Chocolate fridge cake

No-bake cake - simple to make. Ideal treat for the special day!

No-back orange cheesecake

An easy cheesecake for kids to prepare with just a little supervision.

Lemon and blueberry loaf cake

A simple, springtime lemon and blueberry loaf cake.

Butterfly cakes

These classic bakes are great for kids or baking novices.

Luscious lemon pudding

Simple ingredients and easy for kids to help with.

Familiesonline.co.uk March/April 12 MOTHER’S DAY
Familiesonline.co.uk March/April 13 GIVEAWAYS Never want to miss another issue? SIGN UP NOW IT’S FREE Grab a new Bloxies collectable 4 pack Check out each animal’s unique movements Stack, press the top and watch them perform in sync T&C’s apply 10 packs available Styles may vary APPLY HERE GIVEAWAY Ages 3+ Worth £14.99 each APPLY HERE Everything you need to hatch, grow and nurture your own swimming pets! Sea Monkeys Mini Pet Activity Bundles Giveaway Worth £53 each T&Cs apply Ages 6+ Natural History Museum Let’s Learn Dinosaurs Bonus activity in packaging APPLY HERE Encourage early STEAM learning T&Cs apply Worth £18.99 each GIVEAWAY 5 available


Best Easter Eggs 2024

Take a look at our selection and choose something your kids will love!

Cocoba Candy Bean Egg

£11.95 250g

Belgian milk chocolate decorated with chocolate drizzle and candy beans.

Toast & Marmalade Easter Sandwich

£10.95 135g

Two slices of luxurious chocolate with a chocolate egg.

M&S Chocosaurus Rex

£6 135g

T-Rex shaped hollow milk chocolate surprise.

H!P Oat M!lk Salted Caramel Egg

£10 160g

Chocolate oat milk egg with salted caramel and chocolate buttons.

Moo Free Strawberry Sundae Egg

£4.50 85g

White choc alternative. Strawberry flavour & marshmallows.

Chocolate Gonks

£15 230g

Colourful characters made of milk, white and dark Belgian chocolate.

Bryn the Welsh Dragon

£8.99 180g

Fuses together sweet milk chocolate with Welsh legend.

Make Your Own Chocolate Easter Egg

£14 300g

Plastic moulds, chocolate for melting and sweets for decoration.

Thorntons Unicorn Egg

£4.50 151g

Milk chocolate egg with unicorn decoration.

Familiesonline.co.uk March/April 14

Easter activity printables

Perfect for when you’re out and about, when you need a break or when your kids need some downtime.

Peter Rabbit


Help Peter Rabbit find his lost chicks.

We’re Going on an Egg Hunt Activity Pack

Fun activity pack based on book.

Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory


Can you help Mr Bunny find his chocolate eggs?

How to draw a chicken

See if you can draw a chicken using this activity sheet.

The Odd Egg: Colour by Numbers Follow the colour key to complete this scene.

Number Easter Egg Hunt

Colour the eggs, cut them out, then hide them around the house.

Make a Hungry Hen Headress

This hen-shaped headdress is a great alternative to bunny ears.

Pip & Henry Easter holidays eco activity pack

Easter crafts, games and activities.

Paddington’s Easter Egg Hunt

Activity Sheets

Fun Easter activities with everyone’s favourite bear.

Familiesonline.co.uk March/April 15

Fabulous buggy-friendly walks

Our friends at The Outdoor Guide are passionate about making the great outdoors accessible to all. Check out their buggy-friendly walks.

River Ness & Ness Islands, Inverness

Experience a walk full of nature with some city sights along the banks of the River Ness, taking in Ness Islands. You may be at the gateway to the Highlandsbut you don’t need to go further for a lovely walk.


War Memorial Park, Coventry

This 48.5 hectare park is just a stone’s throw from the centre of Coventry and offers buggy friendly pathways, open space for little ones to run free and a cafe to grab an ice cream. Make sure you take a moment to enjoy the Japanese Peace garden on your walk.


Arundel Park, West Sussex

This lovely walk, just a short distance from the centre of Arundel, takes you into the West Sussex countryside. The boating lake at the start gets busy but you’ll soon feel like you’re miles away from anywhere.


Cliveden House, Buckinghamshire

The National Trust managed grounds at Cliveden House are great for a buggy-friendly family walk. The Story Book Den is bound to capture the imagination of your little ones. Plus there’s the all-important cafe at the end of the trail for a well-earned cuppa and snack.


Familiesonline.co.uk March/April 16 OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES

Fabulous buggy-friendly walks

Our friends at The Outdoor Guide are passionate about making the great outdoors accessible to all. Check out their buggy-friendly walks.

Monsal Trail, Peak District

Following the old route of the Midland Railway Line, this walk takes you along one segment of the trail, which is all fully accessible - perhaps you’ll want to do more another day?


Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire

The largest monastic ruin in the country and a designated World Heritage site, Fountains Abbey is a truly special place. The accessible paths are great for your buggies and there’s a great play area for little ones after your walk.


Golders Hill Park Sensory Walk, London

This walk really is a delight for all the senses - the sound of bird song, the smell of the flowers, beautiful woodlands to see - and tasty cake at the end! What more could you possibly want?


SW Coast Path, Mt Edgcumbe, Cornwall

This is a great circular walk that offers views out across The Sound towards Plymouth. There’s also wide open spaces for your littles ones to run around and a beach for some rock pooling fun. During summer months, there’s also a lovely cafe serving delicious refreshments.


Familiesonline.co.uk March/April 17 OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES

Outdoor activities for spring

Spring is in the air! Time to choose an activity and head outdoors with the kids….

Go on a bluebell walk

Find your closest bluebell wood using this Wildlife Trust list.

Fly a kite

Learn how to fly a kite in just 3 minutes.

Spring stargazing

Top tips for spring stargazing from the National Trust.

Grow sunflowers

Grow these spectacular flowers easily with this kit. £5.59

Raise tadpoles at home

Learn how to care for tadpoles and raise them into frogs.

Build a den

Check out this handy guide from the Woodland Trust.

Spring scavenger hunt

The thrill of a treasure hunt combined with learning.

Grow butterflies

Watch the magic of a butterfly’s metamorphosis in your own home. £21.

Go paddling

Find a paddle-friendly route on a nearby canal or river.

Familiesonline.co.uk March/April 18 OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES

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