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Your membership includes advocacy on all 3 levels: Federal-NAHB, State-BIAW and Local-NPBA

NPBA WORKING FOR YOU-YOUR VOICE AT THE LOCAL LEVEL  Has an active and involved Government Affairs Committee  Holds candidate interviews based on concerns expressed by members and the industry as a whole  Attends regular meetings with department leaders and administrators at the City & County  Attends meetings and provides input on such issues as Impact Fees, Shoreline Master Programs, Stormwater Ordinances, Building Codes and other industry concerns  Maintains contact with District 24 Legislators and meets with them in and out of session to address issues which have an impact on the industry  Encourages member participation on City and County committees shuch as the Permit Advisory Board, Stormwater Management Work Group and Shorelines Master Program Advisory Committee  Provides updates and status of issues facing the industry  Forms local coalitions with groups such as Realtors, Port Angeles Business Association and Chambers of Commerce to gain additional support on important issues

BIAW WORKING FOR YOU-YOUR VOICE AT THE STATE LEVEL 2011 Session Recap  Helped pass an unemployment insurance rate reduction bill  Supported Impact Fee deferral until closing, Energy Code deferral & SEPA Categorial Exemptions  Monitored over 300 bills during the last legislative session and were actively engaged in many more  Built coalitions with groups such as the WA Construction Industry Council, WA Realtors, Association of Washington Business, Enterprise Washington and the WA Water Policy Alliance  Met with the Governor, Senior Legislators, Department of Commerce, Revenue, Labor and Industries Directors and senior staff  Was able to defeat all harmful legislation and a budget proviso assisting with unregistered contractors was approved

NAHB WORKING FOR YOU-YOUR VOICE AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL Homeownership is under attack and the nation is facing an unprecedented assault on housing that threatens to derail nearly 100 years of national policy promoting the value of homeownership. The NAHB is working hard to ensure that the following radical policy changes such as elimination of the Mortgage Interest Deduction, abolishment of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac and mandatory minimum 20 percent downpayments do not threaten the American Dream of homeownership.

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Npba rack card back 3