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sep 2019 | issue 02 an art zine with a twist


Your First & Your Last

Cover Image : Sumantra Mukherjee

Contributing Artists Robert Connolly Farhad Babaei Bruce Rimmel Ioana Elecfi Denis Malbos Karen Grosman Sonja Hillen Kate Theodosiou Jola Gmur Romanho Cid Kaja Wielowiejska Sumantra Mukherjee Natalia Riabova Harshita Nandwani Ricardo Carioba Ginger Cochran Jack Kay Reanna Dipaolo Eliana Pernigotti ChaeWon Moon Alain Gavrilutiu Paul Edward Pinkman Artur Silva Rios Mani Saemi Pit Kinzer Kenneth Ricci Jacqueline Valenzuela Maxwell G Miller Karolina Cegiełkowska

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Issue 02, September 2019 www.fakeart.persona.co Instagram @fakeartmag fakeartmag@gmail.com Cover Image Artist : Sumantra Mukherjee (pg 52)


Editor’s Note Every time I meet an artist, I always find myself interested in how their work has evolved over the years. More often than not it’s difficult to understand their journeys. They go from practice scratchings on a paper as an art student to paintings on gallery-wrapped canvases in a brilliant solo show. And it’s not limited to “trained” artists. I have observed self-taught artists start with childish sketches and over the years their works are celebrated in the industry. And these journeys are always fascinating. FAKE Art is proud to present its second issue, that focuses on an artist’s journey. It’s difficult to chart this in two images only --- some have completely change their styles, some have changed medium, others have even changed their industries! And there are those who have retained their art personalities through the years. We have tried our best to choose a selection of works that have shown, either a lot, or very little variation, in work style. And each of the twenty nine artists are unique in their journeys. Some have taken months to evolve, some a year, and some have taken decades! It was a pleasure to see artists from around the world respond and an even bigger pleasure to see the calibre of work that was submitted. A big thanks to all the contributing artists! Happy arting! Amrita Chowdhury @amman.c


Maxwell G Miller As I grow as an artist, my work develops to reflect the artwork I enjoy. Since my first self portrait, I’ve started using oil paints as I have gained an appreciation for classical realism and an academic approach to painting. I’m excited to see where my work takes me next!

Self Portrait 12” x 16” Acrylic on Canvas 2017


Maxwell G Miller

Self Portrait 16” x 20” Oil on Canvas 2019


Mani Saemi My art journey started when i was 4 years old, I knew that I was creative and had a big passion for art from a young age. I see myself as an painter but I have more opportunity now to express myself by painting on canvas, paper, walls,coastal cliffs, clothes, mirrors, boards and naked skins. My work has changed a lot since 2017 and became more focused on fashion. The change from fine art to fashion started when I asked myself why not be the sculpture. I was tired of still art so I focused my career on something that I found myself fall in love with.

Today 18” x 24” Mixed Media 2014


Mani Saemi

Maninchaeism 35” x 35” Acrylic on Canvas 2016


Robert Connolly My work has changed surprisingly little - I still occasionally make things, but it’s mostly performance, as it was when I started, and there’s still often an element of humour or absurdity.

Meccanohead 9” x 11” Sculpture 1979


Robert Connolly

Into the Void LIfe Size Performance 2017


Alain Gavrilutiu What I learned while working on my paintings is that an artist should count more on instinct than on reason. To experience true creative freedom an artist should be able to empower his emotional self at such a level that will allow him to express his/her most intimate feelings, fears and wishes without thinking about it. As an artist I learned that to reach total honesty I must suppress the ego and with it the reflex of transforming intent into thought. The Cock, The Brain and The Ball 27.5” x 27.5” Acrylic on Paper 2016


Alain Gavrilutiu

Out of Control 31” x 31” Acrylic on Paper 2019


Ricardo Carioba I intent to create using the minimal elements of the visual and sound languages, often disturbing the habits of our sensibility. Many of my works were developed after laws or concepts from physics and use light to reveal some characteristics of space, present but usually invisible. I always try to explore in different ways the intervals, the emptiness that defines space. My intention is to disturb our linguistic and sensible habits in order to decondition it and make possible the birth of different forms of thinking and feeling. My works are created after recognizing a space empty of desire – they act inside of these empty spaces.

Untitled 45” x 75” Photography 1999


Ricardo Carioba

Organic Decline Variable Sound, Light, Video (Site SpeciďŹ c) 2018


Jacqueline Valenzuela Over the years I have learned to really experiment with my paintings. Ultimately resulting in better integrated compositions. My paintings are becoming what I had imagined after countless years of struggling to get my ideas onto the canvas. Although I'm not always sure I still continue to push my limits.

It’s Her Ride 60” x 36” Oil Paint & Cardboard on Canvas 2018


Jacqueline Valenzuela

Mo’ Money 58” x 54” Oil Paint & Pastel on Canvas 2019


Maxwell G Miller Sheffield Lake, USA

Mani Saemi London, UK

Robert Connolly Oslo, Norway

I am a contemporary realist artist focusing mostly on portraiture and figure work. My primary influence stems from the emotional and dynamic visuals of romanticism artwork and capturing the expressive nature presented in classical realism. I hope that my work will introduce ideas of introspection through emotional and expressive imagery.

Mani Saemi, widely known as an Iranian painter, was born in Tehran, Iran in 1987. His passion of art emerged in the very early stages of his life which led him to work predominantly in the mediums of painting, illustration and graphic design. Living in a family with an artistic background helped him nurture his abilities in the field. Mani got his bachelor’s degree in visual communication with a focus on graphic design in 2009, beside which he pursued a degree in interior design.Through his art works, he has strived to separate himself from the intellectual bands that puts him in connection to this world. Instead, he has tried to get in touch with the world that is full of emotions and which is found in the different layers of our inner selves. The world that is the center of silence and that is defined by the colors and emotions. He believes his inspiration and energy comes from the nature and painting for him is a kind of meditation. Mani moved to England after seven years living and studying in art and Fashion design in Sweden. Mani is currently live in London and working as an painter and graphic and fashion designer.

I am a conceptual artist usually working in the category of performance art. My naturally severe authority figure-style appearance is typically combined with symbolically charged apparel and actions to enact a brief scenario or concept, often with an element of humour or the absurd.

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Alain Gavrilutiu Bucharest, Romania

Ricardo Carioba SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil

Jacqueline Valenzuela Whittier, USA

My name is Alain Gavrilutiu and I am a Romanian resident. I am a published writer with three books and I worked for a long time in TV as a scriptwriter. As far as i am concerned painting is my way of coping with everyday life. I use drawing and painting to deal with my inner demons.

Ricardo Carioba lives and works in SĂŁo Paulo.

Jacqueline Valenzuela is an East L.A born artist currently living in Whittier. She obtained her Drawing and Painting BFA from CSULB. Upon becoming a lowrider owner, she became more aware of the lack of representation for women lowrider. Her work began to magnify the important role women lowriders play. She has now shown her work locally in L.A. county.

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Ioana Elecfi I love drawing as I am interested in studying and developing my line and I am curious about how it helps me in all other mediums. I enjoy playing with colour. My canvases are all works in acrylic. I sometimes make collages and recently I am playing with negative space.

My Father 16” x 20” Acrylic on Canvas 2013


Ioana Elecfi

Zoom 40” x 48” Acrylic on Canvas 2019


Kate Theodosiou My ďŹ rst collective exhibition was while still at college studying photography. My ďŹ rst work remains, a work i personally love due to its medieval theme and also because it got published in National newspapers instead of the photo chosen by my college. I turned to drawing/painting through the years and my art has become more personal, more intense to match whatever it's happening in that particular moment in my life. My technique is improving as i'm drawing all the time and taking lessons experimenting with materials and mediums.

Joan of Arc (Part of Riciclando Project) Variable Photography 2003


Kate Theodosiou

Venus of Black Roses 12” x 18” Mixed Media on Paper 2019


I Like Rembrandt 11” x 11” Acrylic on Canvas 2010

Jola Gmur “The limits of my language means the limits of my world” Following the thought of Ludwig Wittgenstein we may conclude that naming colour or some object is directly related to our knowledge of its subject. Due to our intuition it is possible to interpret any abstract phenomena. Let’s make a theoretical assumption that the “colour” does not exist. Identifying something as “blue” or “red” is just a matter of a specific “code” which we use in order to communicate with one another. However, when contemplating the same object, do we absolutely see the same thing? 20

The Great Ruby 59” x 50” Oil Paint on Canvas 2018

Jola Gmur


Untitled 12� x 15� Acrylic on Canvas 2011

Artur Silva Rios In the beginning, my paintings used to be representation of monster, going through self-portraits of animals with my face, now only animals, and I'm cogitating to paint humans again, but not being myself. My work walks through the non-human-animal and the human-animal as part of a same thing.


Facoquero Kitsch 24” x 28” Acrylic on Canvas 2019

Artur Silva Rios


Farhad Babaei I started photography while I was studying Electronics and when I decided to enter the world of photography, I had no support and knowledge of photography yet I believe in faith power and I believe that if one loves their job and try, they will be successful. I live in the Iranian society, an Islamic country full of social, political and cultural contradictions. I think that studying these contradictions and viewing this process made me have wider point of view in photography. As a photographer, I tried to witness some events in Iran and take photos of important ones without being extremely biased. During these years, I tried to improve my job qualitatively and quantitatively by studying more and having more interaction with people, however this process is endless to me and I am learning every single day.

Mental Disorders Sanatorium 41� x 27� Photography 2012


Farhad Babaei

The Decisive Moment 72” x 48” Photography 2019


Kenneth Ricci My early collages were image/improvisations on a large board 24" x 48" where I selected and assembled with a strictly visual metric of success. Happenstance brought me to work on a 8" x 24" board which begged for a narrative element. Incorporating the narrative by way of caption/image juxtaposition I hope to have the panel resonate with a sensibility beyond the image itself.

The Motion Pictures Shown In This Theater Are For Mature Audiences Over Twenty-One Who Are Not Easily Offended 48� x 24� Paper Collage on Hardboard 2016


Kenneth Ricci

Check-In at Hotel Kafka 24” x 8” Paper Collage on Hardboard 2019


Ioana Elecfi London, UK

Kate Theodosiou Paphos, Cyprus

Jola Gmur Gdańsk, Poland

Ioana was born in Resita in a mountain of the south west of Romania. Having graduated from Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts & Cinematography in 2011 Ioana knew that her love lied in painting pushing her on a voyage of travel and discovery. Spending 6 years in Rome, Barcelona and the Baleares, Ioana drew, painted and created digital images, anything she could use to explore her thoughts. She based herself in London to create her latest works and experiment with great complexity, intriguing the mind and reflecting feelings. Her effortless ability to create depth in expressing pain and happiness triggers self-reflection into the mix and confusion of feelings.

A freelance artist and illustrator born in Cyprus in 1980. I studied Fashion Design initialy in the UK and Italy from where i got another diploma in Photography After my studies I went on to gain valuable work experiences in both fields and in Mass Media. I worked for major magazines as a Fashion Editor and Stylist, and also in Theater as a Costume designer/ wardrobe responsible and set designer in minor projects. In the meantime I kept and keep challenging my creative limits by taking part in various artistic contests and exhibitions in my native Cyprus and internationally. Some of my works even managed to get me some recognition in the form of awards with the newest being the ‘’Judges Encouragement Award’’ from the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Center and also two of my works now belong in the permanent collection of the China Printmaking Museum.

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Artur Silva Rios Salvador, Brasil

Farhad Babaei Tehran, Iran

Kenneth Ricci New York, USA

Artur Rios was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brasil, where he lives now. Graduated in Visual Arts in UFBA. Nowadays, he is pos-graduating in Arteterapia (art therapy) in IJBA. He has participated of many exhibitions in and out of the state.

Farhad Babaei was born in 1984 in Bandar-e-Anzali, a city of Gilan province in the north of Iran. Graduated in Electrical Engineering. He started to self-teach himself in order to persuade his long life passion for photography and photojournalism back in 2007. With winning of Different Photo Contests in Iran and outside the borders and also with his works getting assigned/published in famous magazines such as Le Monde, USA TODAY, GEO Science Mag, Stern, Spiege, National Geographic, and Newsweek and so on. He is Currently based in Iran, working for LAIF Photo agency.

K.G. Ricci was born in 1948 and has spent most of his life where he currently lives in New York City. It has only been the last few years that he has devoted himself to the creation of his collage panels. Though not formally trained, Ken worked in the art department at the Strand Bookstore and familiarized himself with the works of his favorite artists, including di Chirico and George Tooker.


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Romanho Cid My work is an examination about the interaction between people and the news media. The sense of chaos we witness in whatever news we read daily make a huge impact in our daily life in different levels of our consciousness. We construct our life with those messages bombarded 24/7 designed to impact our social behaviors. A mental dialogue arises in us where we separate ourselves between us and them. Then my characters emerge in different forms and shapes, without shielding us from the world, creating a personal dialogue, altering the meanings of those words printed on the paper, transforming chaos into beauty. My raw emotions are shown on the subjects, graceful yet forceful, strong and defiant to tell my own story in a cubist/futurist dimension.

Romeo and Juliet 24” x 30” Acrylic & Mixed Media 2003


Romanho Cid

Mumbai 24” x 30” Mixed Media on Canvas 2019


Reanna DiPaolo My art has changed over the years due to the materials I use and what my subject matter is. I started out using tons of texture and brushes to create abstract images, now I use pallet knives and more colors to excite the viewer.

Thinking of Kaylie 24� x 36� Acrylic on Canvas 2015


Reanna DiPaolo

Panic 48” x 48” Acrylic on Canvas 2019


Natalia Riabova Initially, my art was very formal, I was fascinated by the form and appearance of things, for me color had a particular significance. Gradually, I started to pay more attention to the essence of things, to the mythological foundations of the world culture, I consider the influence of religion and mysticism, the relationship of physics and metaphysics.

Pink Room 31” x 43” Oil on Canvas 2015


Natalia Riabova Initially, my art was very formal, I was fascinated by the form and appearance of things, for me color had a particular significance. Gradually, I started to pay more attention to the essence of things, to the mythological foundations of the world culture, I consider the influence of religion and mysticism, the relationship of physics and metaphysics.

Atomism 23” x 39” Oil on Wood Panel 2019


Kaja Wielowiejska At the beginning of my path, the main motive of my search were elements taken directly from nature (man and landscape) referring to the nostalgic theme related to dying. The turning point was switching to the language of abstraction while maintaining the same content that I undertook in early painting.

Senility 35� x 55� Oil on Canvas 2016


Kaja Wielowiejska

Dead Planet 60” x 60” Acrylic, Sand on Plywood 2019


Karolina Cegiełkowska On the very beginning it was more about flow and colours. Intuitions was my tour guide. The structure was important as well, but the new one. It took me years to find it and find the perfect combination and balance between these elements. On canvas and in my life.

Third Eye 8” x 8” Oil on Canvas 2010


Karolina Cegiełkowska

Purozento 35” x 35” Acrylic on Canvas 2019


Theemuts (Teacosy) 19.7” x 17.7” x 15.7” Mixed Media 2014

Sonja Hillen “Teacosy” was the first project I worked on for a show after I graduated. In that period, my work was primarily influenced by motherhood. It was humorous, slightly cynical and self mocking. Lately, my work has evolved to become more serious and quiet. I draw with coloured pencil and I use embroidery. My most recent project is called “To the Heartland” and it reflects the place where I want to be. That may be a literal location, or a place which only exists in my head and in my heart.


Christopher 35.4” x 27.6” Drawing & Embroidery 2019

Sonja Hillen


Romanho Cid Dallas, USA

Reanna DiPaolo Frisco, USA

Natalia Riabova London, UK

I am a Chilean contemporary artist living and working in Dallas, Tx. My work is presents at Dallas Art Galleries and in Rome, Italy. I work on community projects like NHO to Child Abuse in Mumbai, India,

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Andre Ramos-Woodard is a contemporary artist whose works evoke feelings of dreams and surrealistic narrative. Primarily working with drawing and digital manipulation, he conveys ideas of communal and personal identity through internal conicts.

Art historian, painter, decorator. Born in 1991 in Moscow. Now based in London. She has two diplomas: Bachelor of Interior Designer (Moscow Art and Industry Institute), Bachelor of Art History (Russian State Humanitarian University). Participant and organizer of various exhibitions, including cooperation with the Moscow Union of Artists, the international restaurant company Maison Dellos, the Bulgakov Museum, the Venetian Art Biennale 2019. Book illustration for Publishing house AST. Works are presented in galleries: ARTIS gallery (Moscow, Russia), White circle gallery (Moscow, Russia), Saatchi online gallery (London, UK), Galleria Nazionale di Cortona (Cortona, Italy). Press releases Architectural Digest, Forbes, 1art channel, Interior+Design.

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Kaja Wielowiejska Warsaw, Poland

Karolina Cegiełkowska Warsaw, Poland

Sonja Hillen Nijmegen, The Netherlands

I am a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the Faculty of Painting. I love minimalism art, which can be classified into a genre of geometrical abstraction and sometimes to the art of an object. Structured images, enriched with insertions of invoices referring to elements of nature.

I am two in one: architect and a painter. I was working in the biggest polish architecture office for ten years. Then I decided to look for my way in life. I found it in the process of painting. That was the way I started to express the real myself.

After a career as a nurse, I finished the art academy in 2004. Theemuts (Teacosy) was my first artwork in an exhibition. Christopher is my latest work. In both my two- and three-dimensional work, I use textile in a combination with drawing as well as embroidery.

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Vogeltodtanz 3 15.3� x 20.5� Etching 1987

Pit Kinzer 1987 the magazine "Graphische Kunst" wrote about Pit Kinzer's art combinatoria "...he stages and arranges, associates and quotes, he illuminates a theme from different perspectives and behind the mask of reality unexpected connections, meanings and subliminal backgrounds become visible ...". The same applies to his current working phase too.


Germgroß Models Zseitensprünge: Let´s dance 3 60.6” x 78.7” Digital Photowork 2019

Pit Kinzer


Rebuild 51.5� x 51.1� Acrylic on Canvas 2015

ChaeWon Moon I painted the status of misunderstanding and denying with collapsing structures, such as blasted buildings or fragmented diagrams. As a sort of diagram become diverse, I placed more weight on the complexity of indication. In recent work, I pull off information from manuals and reassemble them into a pseudo diagram.


Untitled (Scribble) 12” x 12” Mixed Media on Wood Panel 2019

ChaeWon Moon


Jack Kay My work and how I create it has evolved significantly. Previously I crafted sculptures through imitating relevant items or incorporated pre-manufactured objects to convey my chosen subject matter. I have now simplified my compositions to an abstract form, although I am always experimenting in adding and subtracting various elements.

Corrupted 5.59” x 4.92” Mixed Media 2016


Jack Kay

Rot 7.09” x 7.09” Mixed Media 2019


The Mind In The Cave 16� x 24� Inks and Markers on Card 2007

Bruce Rimmel Over the past eleven years, my work has deepened and widened in its scope. Thematically I now tend to eschew tightly-focussed ideas towards conveying multiple imagistic experiences. My media has also radically transformed away from illustration into an innovative approach to painting with distinctive aesthetics which retain illustrative avours.


Laughing Out The Neurocosmic Joke 30” x 30” Mixed Media on Canvas 2018

Bruce Rimmel


Cloud 9 58� x 78� Mixed Media on Canvas 2009

Sumantra Mukherjee My images develop from personal realizations, which initially moved from one painting to another within the studio practice. Over the years and through varied experiential turns, my practice has become more inclusive of multi-disciplinary elements such as taste, lyrics, movement, varied forms of energy--- creating an overall mood or environment.


Chiriya Chug Geyi Cake Variable Mixed Media Installation 2018

Sumantra Mukherjee


Ginger Cochran When I began exhibiting my work professionally, I started experimenting with watercolors and painted watercolor abstracts and animals. The first gallery where I exhibited preferred my smaller watercolor abstracts and they sold very well. "Destiny" was one of the first larger paintings I created and was slightly figurative, as I am heavily influenced/inspired by music. As my work has evolved, I began experimenting with various media and added notions of flora. Now I create small and large scale mixed media paintings on canvas. The changes in my work over the years have paved the way for several exhibitions, publications and juror opportunities.

Destiny 16” x 20” Mixed Media on Paper 2015


Ginger Cochran

Magnify 36” x 36” Mixed Media on Canvas 2019


Pit Kinzer Markt Rettenbach, Germany

ChaeWon Moon Brooklyn, USA

Jack Kay Inverness, Scotland

Born 1951, freelance artist, former typesetter and architect. nearly 800 solo shows and other exhibitions all over the world.

ChaeWon Moon is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn. She pull off pictures and texts from the manual and reassemble them into a pseudo-logic. Her work parodies the language of the manual; the document which supposed to present a concrete and helpful solution as a tool for alluding imperfection of rules and system. The original utility is edited during the process of painting and printing, and this transfer allows the viewer to think about multiple meanings instead of a single, concrete conclusion.

I am a political/protest artist, using alternative materials such as leather and acid to produce sculptural compositions which illustrate the social and personal political aspects which can and/or have affected the everyday lives of people. These pieces not only illuminate the physical “pain� but also the psychological scars left behind.

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Bruce Rimmel UK

Sumantra Mukherjee Kolkata, India

Ginger Cochran Denton, USA

Bruce Rimell is a British visual artist whose work addresses visionary, ethnographic, archaeological, queer and cognitive themes. His imagery combines these disparate elements towards a single holistic aim – Beyond-The-Self Exploration – and multiple narratives are enfolded to create the sense of experiential depth and hyperactive visual engagement.

I am a graduate from The Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata (2005). Since then I have been practicing and being participating in several shows. I make imagery reflecting my everyday surroundings, living in contemporary Indian society. Like my surroundings the works are loud, colorful, whimsical and chaotic. Subjects are chosen through emphatic involvement and understanding of local difficulties and changes. This allows a local public, not necessarily interested in artistic practice, to be involved and addressed by my images. Although I am aware this might cause the work to be less accessible to those who are not familiar with daily situations faced here, I hope the visualization of the particular, might lead to a broader understanding of the universal. Trained as a draughtsman, I feel most comfortable when approaching my work as a drawing, even though my physical practice extends to (wall-and-street) painting, sculpture and design.

Fresh. Romantic. Uplifting. Those are only three of the many ways my paintings have been described. It’s this that I strive to have my artwork embody….a feeling or story that someone cherishes in their own part of this life. A dear relationship with a loved one, a dream, or even a memory. But how to do I describe my paintings? A creative journey. A small snapshot into my personal expedition. And through my journey, I hope for viewers to create their own stories and journeys; to ponder what each piece brings to them on a personal level.

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Harshita Nandwani Art pulls you towards itself. My well-paid job could not tilt the balance. I started with painting the outer world, but art made me aware of my inner-self and it reflected in my work too. My work become more abstract and mature with time. It started connecting with people. My work is now a reflection between my hands & heart, without letting my brain interfere.

Wish Tree 36” x 24” Oil on Canvas 2016


Harshita Nandwani

Fierce 80” x 40” Acrylic on Canvas 2019


A La Limite 73” x 42” x 32” Stone, Steel, Galvanised Cable 1988

Denis Malbos Frustration, transparency and fascination. “You can see it but not touch it!” led to onanism – obviously a comfortable but rather limited derivative. And to reach for the inaccessible, to explore the limits, absolutely. Why is it forbidden? What is behind, what is inside? How to realize the impossible. How to lift up the mountains? These are the fundamental unanswered questions that still drive my life and work.


Frontièritoire Variable Concrete, Sawdust Bags, Video 2019

Denis Malbos


Meat 6” x 8” Oil Paint on Panel 2013

Karen Grosman In my practice I experiment with different materials and surfaces. I am constantly trying new materials and exploring new ideas. “Meat” was mostly painted with palette knives and the surface is panel. “Nymphalidae”; is painted on canvas and began with gold leafing the background, the painting technique is more traditional than before.


Nymphalidae 30” x 30” Oil Paint on Canvas 2019

Karen Grosman


Corrigan 68 52” x 40” Oil on Canvas 1978

Paul Edward Pinkman


Beauty and Beast 48” x 54” Acrylic on Canvas 2019

Paul Edward Pinkman


Eliana Pernigotti

Fem 7.8” x 17.7” Oil on Canvas 2017


Eliana Pernigotti

Blood Queen 27.5” x 19.68” Mixed Media 2019


Harshita Nandwani Surat, India

Denis Malbos Bry sur Marne, France

Karen Grosman Toronto, Canada

Harshita is an abstract artist. Her work reflects her journey. Painting is akin to meditating for her, her way of looking at the world - joys, sorrows, achievements, failures, dreams, aspirations and beliefs find a perfect blend on the canvas. Harshita founded Atignas Art, which is dedicated to her mother.

Malbos showed his work in Grenoble museum and Centre National d'art contemporain. Galleries Askeo (Paris), de Galbert (Grenoble), Muséee Geo Charles, Lulea's Biennale (Sweden), Bussan's Biennale (South Korea), a number of symposiums in France, Belgium, and Germany. He works with Aponia Centre d'Art Contemporain in Villiers, near Paris. He also works on stage design from a number of years.

Karen Grosman is based in Toronto, Ontario. Recent paintings deal with concepts of death, rebirth, and impermanence. Ceramics explore ideas of superficiality, hidden meanings, the façade and the abject. Her sculptures are represented at Coastal Eddy Gallery. In 2018 she participated in The Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Regional Semi-Finals painting competition.

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Paul Edward Pinkman Plainfield, USA

Eliana Pernigotti (Perni) Cañuelas, Argentina

Authenticity has been a driving force in Mr. Pinkman’s work. He paints ambidextrously avoiding studied strokes and lines. An enduring goal is to illuminate his essential self through the perception of space and object. “My works are conceptual in the truest sense; the idea is as important as its execution.”

Perni is an artist from Argentina. Her work has been published in "WotisArt Magazine", UK (December 2018), and "Good Art Guide", USA (June 2017). She participated in the Art Fair "BADA", the "Buenos Aires Arte Experience", and the International Art Fair of Contemporary Art in the Borges Cultural Centre.

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