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MARCH 2014



Dear Members and Friends of Fairmont: Change is one of the many “constants” in life. This is particularly true of our religious Lenten observances which are celebrated in an attempt to deepen our commitment and to make more significant our spiritual life. Change becomes evident as we look back at past practices which were observed and then altered and, in many cases, finally Rev. Joe Hookey abandoned depending on their perceived effectiveness. Temporary Pastor The forty days of Lent usually included a period of fasting. The fast may have been related to the preparation of candidates for baptism which occurred at Easter. The number forty may have been traced back to Moses, Elijah or, more especially, to Jesus. Fasting, at one time, involved only one meal a day, usually at noon, and could include meat or fish. Eggs and lacticinia were strictly forbidden. Although many Christians do not fast during the Lenten period, it is generally seen as a time for penance by abstaining from festivities, almsgiving and devoting more time to religious observances. No matter how one observes Lent (an old English term related to the lengthening of days) all of us need to remind ourselves of the great love of God demonstrated in the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ and our obligation to respond in love as well. Our observances will vary with individual sensitivities, but all are designed to lift our awareness that we are loved and are agents of God’s love. Faithfully yours,

Rev. Joe Hookey, Temporary Head of Staff

3705 Far Hills Avenue • Dayton, OH 45429-2599 • (937) 299-3539 “Where FAITH Takes Flight!”

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Worship and Music at Fair mont

╬ ╬ ╬ Worship is the center of the church’s life and our highest calling as God’s people. Each Sunday morning we gather for praise, prayer, fellowship, and renewal in God’s Word. Fairmont’s two styles of worship offer an alternative every week, but both have the same purpose – to glorify God, celebrate the Good News, and seek the Lord’s guidance. 8:30 Casual Worship Music led by Fairmont's Praise Band in Fellowship Hall 10:30 Traditional Worship Music led by Fairmont’s Chancel Choir directed by Dr. Hank Dahlman in the Sanctuary Sunday, March 2: Annual Meeting 10:00 a.m.—Single Service, Communion, and Annual Meeting in the Sanctuary Tuesday, March 4: Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper at 6:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall Wednesday, March 5: Ash Wednesday Evening Service at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary

reader experience and understand the significance of Jesus' suffering and death in a way not done before. Questions are posed that invite selfreflection, penitence, confession and a deeper understanding of one’s self in relationship to Jesus Christ. Join a study group to retrace the last 24 hours of Jesus' life with us. The cost of the book is $12.00 and may be purchased in the Fellowship Hall following worship or in the church office. Sign-up sheets will be in the Fellowship Hall Sunday, Feb. 23 and Sunday, March 2. Ash Wednesday is March 5. The Lenten book study begins Thursday, March 6 and ends Wednesday of Holy Week, April 16th. Small Groups will be held: —Thursday night, 7pm, at the home of Glenn & Robin Stevens with Rev. Denise Weaver facilitating. —Sunday morning, 9:30 am, in the Upper Room with Amber Baer facilitating. —Sunday morning, 11:40 am, in the Chapel with Rev. Joe Hookey facilitating. —Wednesday, 12noon, in the Fellowship Hall. Facilitator TBA. —Wednesday night, 7pm, in Room 109 with Carol Bussey facilitating.

Pa s t o r N o m i n a t i n g C o m m i t t e e Pastor Nominating Committee Progress Report

Sunday, March 9: First Sunday in Lent (Daylight Saving Time Reminder)

Lenten Book Studies

The Pastor Nominating Committee is working diligently and making progress on the Ministry Information Form (MIF) that will be submitted to Session for approval soon. We have asked the office to include a drop-down menu on the church website so that we can keep you up to date on anything we are doing that we are able to talk about. Here is the link to the website:

No single event in human history has received more attention than the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. In his book, 24 Hours That Changed the World, author Adam Hamilton guides us through the last twenty-four hours of Jesus' life. Each chapter is designed to help the

Check often for updates and while you are there, take time to discover all of the other areas of our website. If you have any suggestions to make it even better, please let the office know. For many people, this will be their first stop on their journey to find a church home. This will also be a place

Sunday, March 16: Second Sunday in Lent Sunday, March 23: Third Sunday in Lent Sunday, March 30: Fourth Sunday in Lent and Fifth Sunday Mission

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that a potential pastor candidate will go to see what kind of a church we are. During this Lenten season, please be mindful that we are all on this journey together. The PNC encourages you to make it your mission to FIND YOUR MISSION for Fairmont Church and beyond! Keep praying for ALL of us!

B u d g e t & S t e wa r d s h i p Budget & Per Capita Contributions—The Session has approved $561,994 for the 2014 church budget. This includes per capita contributions of $23.09 per member which are required by the General Assembly, Synod and Presbytery. This is less than the per capita amount requested last year as the result of a change in the Presbytery payment calculation. Please consider making your per capita contribution for 2014.

FYI When was the last time you looked at our church website? Maybe you should check it out now. For instance, did you realize that you can hear the Sunday sermon later that same week? Upcoming events are posted, as well as pictures of what’s happened at our church. There are even links to a daily devotion and to Presbytery news. The site is updated weekly, so make it a habit to check it out often! Also, please make it a habit to sign in on the pew pads each week. They are very helpful for guests and visitors. They may even help jog a memory for people having trouble remembering names! This is very helpful for the office to keep an accurate record of attendance. We are still working on our nametag project. Please be patient as we continue considering all the details and how best to proceed. It’s not as simple as it may seem!

E va n g e l i s m & M e m b e r C a r e Te a m

2014 blood drive dates: March 27 September 18 May 22 November 13 July 24

Volunteer Voice your opinions productively. Open your heart to serve. Look around to see who and/or how you can help. Uplift someone. Note challenges and be part of their solutions. Test your willingness to use your talents. Earn someone’s gratitude. Evaluate what you can do. Review your growth on your spiritual journey. How can you help? Share your insights in a Lenten study group, get better acquainted at GIFT, greet, help at the Welcome Desk, volunteer at House of Bread, participate at the third Sunday mission projects after each service. You fill in the blank ________________.

LIFE LINE SCREENING On March 11 Life Line Screening returns. For those of you who don't know, Life Line Screening provides testing for many of the 'silent killers'-diseases that don't show recognizable symptoms until it is too late. For years Life Line Screening has provided these tests at a very affordable rate. In the hospital they cost upwards to $500 per test and most insurance companies do not cover them, but Life Line comes to our church and provides the same tests for about 1/10 of the cost. And they also offer discounts on packages. In addition, they have an incentive program offering an additional testing discount plus a donation to our church. However, in order to participate in this program, you MUST call the number on the fliers distributed at the church (in the bulletin or at the church office).

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These tests are easy, most are non-invasive, and they have saved lives within our church and our community. Please consider participating in the testing. Also consider volunteering to help on testing day. If you have any questions about Fairmont's role in Life Line Screening or if you want to volunteer, please call Gail Richardson. If you have any questions about testing, packages, cost of tests or appointments, please call Life Line Screening at 1-888-653-6409.

through March 23. Sally Athmer, Fairmont Librarian (Information provided by Jeanne McIver, LRC director)

Fa i r m o n t M i s s i o n s Keith Wasserman to preach March 9 Good Works, Inc....What is it?

Presbytery Resources Available at Southminster In addition to the great resources in our own church library, we have a subscription that gives Fairmont members borrowing privileges at Southminster¹s Learning Resource Center (LRC). The LRC has a collection similar to ours as well as the Presbytery resources that were previously housed at Memorial Presbyterian on Smithville. Fairmont members may check out books or resources at Southminster and can ask for consultations. The center is open any time the church is open (8:30 am till 5 pm on Monday through Friday, evenings when there is a meeting (call first to be sure: 433-1810), and Saturday mornings from 9-12). The LRC is staffed on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 till 2, Saturday from 9 till noon, and other times by appointment. The catalog of resources is online at You can search for a particular subject, and you can look for a book by title or author. If you’d like to be able to reserve books online, visit the LRC first to declare yourself a patron by filling out a form. Then you can reserve online using your last name as your login and your first name as your password. The Southminster LRC has religion books, fiction, curriculum, DVDs and videos, fiction, and a large children¹s section. PC(USA) sends updates in areas of worship, evangelism, membership, stewardship, education, and more. Fairmont's subscription includes free classes and speaker presentations as announced by the Presbytery. Currently, David Hawley (previous associate at Fairmont) is teaching the Gospel of Mark on Sunday afternoons from 3 till 4:30

For several years, we at Fairmont have sent financial support and the past two years, we have sent teams of youth and adults to do handson mission work in Appalachian Ohio. On March 9, Good Works, Inc. founder and Centerville native Keith Wasserman will be sharing his story. In 1981, Keith started Good Works during his senior year at Ohio University when he opened his remodeled basement to people who were experiencing homelessness. This year marks the 34th year and by God’s grace, and the support of individuals, other organizations, and churches like Fairmont, they are “keeping our hand to the plow”. Keith will be talking about the struggles and challenges of people who experience hunger and homeless every day in southeastern Ohio and what we can do when we work together to alleviate their suffering. He will be preaching at both services. An open house to meet-and-greet Keith will be held Sat, March 8 at 7:00 at the home of Ann and Dave Diller. All are welcome to join!

3rd Sunday Mission Project Your hands have done well since we began our hands-on mission work projects in November. Since then, you and other Fairmont folks have: * sent 16 packages of letters and notes to family members of those deceased in 2013 who were recognized on All Saint's Day;

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* provided 200 cold cut sandwiches to House of Bread; * provided 200 "Health Packs" of cough drops, band-aids, and tissues to House of Bread; * provided 200 "Hygiene Packs" of tooth brush, tooth paste, body wash, deodorant and tissues to House of Bread; * created 13 fleece blankets for youth needing safe housing at DayBreak; Thanks to all of you who have worked to extend our love beyond our own lives into the lives of those in great need. Look in the bulletin for upcoming projects every 3rd Sunday after each service. March 16: Letters of support and encouragement to college-age young adults; More projects to be announced! Mark your calendars! House of Bread Mission and Community Outreach Project The House of Bread is a non-profit community kitchen which serves a hot, nutritious, lunchtime meal to anyone in need 7 days a week. All meals are served in their dining room at 9 Orth Avenue. Many thanks to Fairmont members who volunteered last year—Paul and Carol Lamberger, Pat Smith, Annette Sakada, Sandy Gillaspy, Frank and Karen Sensel, Dick and Marilyn Hook, Dave and Ann Diller, and John Weaver. Fairmont’s Volunteer Dates for 2014 are: Friday, March 7, Tuesday, June 3, Monday, August 4, Monday, November 3. The volunteer day is from 9:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. Please help Fairmont in this wonderful outreach and mission project. To volunteer, please contact Sally Kaskocsak.

C h r i s t i a n Fo r m a t i o n Te a m A note from Children's Ministry: In addition to the popular 'pew packets,' there are now Biblical coloring books available for our younger

worshippers to enjoy during the service. You can find them at each entrance to the sanctuary near the pew packets. Feel free to borrow one for your child, but please remember to put it back after the service so that other kids can enjoy them in the weeks to come. Thanks to Peggy VanDeursen for donating these for our youngest members!

PYC CORNER The youth will be going to " Kids Against Hunger" on March 23. We will be packing food for children all over the world, if you are interested in going please contact me at: In April I will be taking a continuing education trip to Scotland. I will be going to the Worship Planning retreat for Holy Week on The island of Iona. The Iona community is an ecumenical Christian community of men and women from different walks of life and different traditions in the Church engaged together, and with people of goodwill across the world, in acting, reflecting and praying for justice, peace and the integrity of creation. I will be spending a little over two weeks in Scotland, spending one whole week on Iona. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn from people from all over the world how they plan worship. As we get closer to April be on the look over for more information about my trip. Thanks to all who came out to support my recital. Thank you to those who have all ready donated to my trip. It's still not too late to help send me to Scotland, if you would like to sponsor me please contact me. Thank you. ~ Ashley Ross

Wo m e n o f Fa i r m o n t N e w s

CIRCLE MEETINGS – Circle 1 – Mar. 10, 7:00 p.m. in the Church Parlor Hostesses: Pam Lowry & Linda Hammond Circle 2 – Mar. 19, 9:30 a.m. Hostess: Marge Cavender

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MARCH 2014 3/1 3/2

3/3 3/4




3/8 3/9

1:00 PM Carolyn Eutsler Memorial Service: Sanctuary 10:00 AM Single Service/ Communion/Annual Meeting 11:00 AM Fellowship 4:00 PM Scouts Meeting 4:00 PM PYC 9:00 AM Preschool 12:00 PM Overeaters Anonymous 7:00 PM Alcoholics Anonymous 9:00 AM Preschool 10:00 AM Evangelism/ Membership Team (Library) 12:00 PM Alcoholic Anonymous (133) 5:30 PM Personnel Team (Upper Room) 6:00 PM Shrove Pancake Supper (Fellowship Hall) 6:30 Scouts/Den Leaders Meeting (012) 7:00 PM Christian Formation Team (Off-Site) 7:00 PM Worship Team (127) 9:00 AM Preschool 12:00 PM Lenten Study Group (Fellowship Hall) 12:00 PM Overeaters Anonymous (133) 6:30 PM Praise Band 7:00 PM Alcoholic Anonymous (012) 7:00 PM Ash Wednesday Service (Sanctuary) 9:00 AM Preschool 7:00 PM Choir Practice (Choir Room) 7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous (012) 7:00 PM Lenten Study Group (Off-Site) 9:00 AM Preschool 9:00 AM House of Bread 9:30 AM Child/Parent Yoga (Story Room) 12:00 PM Overeaters Anonymous (133) 1:00 PM Lilian Henkel Service at Routsong in Centerville Sunday First Sunday of Lent/ Daylight Savings Time 8:30 AM Casual Service (Sanctuary) 9:30 AM Advent Study Group (Upper Room) 9:30 AM Fellowship 9:35 AM Children’s Choir (127) 10:00 Sunday School 10:30 AM Traditional Service (Sanctuary)


3/11 3/12


3/14 3/15 3/16


11:30 AM Fellowship 11:40 AM Advent Study Group (Chapel) 4:00 PM Scout’s Meeting (012) 4:00 PM PYC 9:00 AM Preschool 12:00 PM Overeaters Anonymous (133) 7:00 PM Circle 1 (Parlor) 7:00 PM Building and Grounds (109) 7:00 PM Finance Team (Library) 7:30 PM Board of Trustees (109) 7:00 PM Alcoholic Anonymous (012) 7:30 PM Board of Trustees (109) 8:00 AM Lifeline Screening 9:00 AM Preschool 12:00 PM Alcoholic Anonymous (133) 8:00 AM Men’s Lenten Breakfast 9:00 AM Preschool 12:00 PM Lenten Study Group (Fellowship Hall) 6:00 PM GIFT (Fellowship Hall) 6:30 PM Overeaters Anonymous (133) 6:30 PM Praise Band (Fellowship Hall) 7:00 PM Bible Study 7:00 PM Mission Team (Upper Room) 7:30 PM Alcoholic Anonymous (012) 9:00 AM Preschool 7:00 PM Lenten Study Group (Off-Site) 7:00 PM Choir Practice (Choir Room) 7:00 PM La Leche Meeting (109) 7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous (012) 9:00 AM Preschool 12:00 PM Overeaters Anonymous (133) 9:30 AM Circle 7 (Off-Site) Second Sunday of Lent/Third Sunday 8:30 AM Casual Service (Fellowship Hall) 9:30 AM Fellowship 9:30 AM Advent Study Group (Upper Room) 9:35 AM Children’s Choir (127) 10:00 Sunday School 10:30 AM Traditional Service (Sanctuary) 11:30 AM Fellowship 11:40 AM Advent Study Group (Chapel) 4:00 PM Scout’s Meeting (012) 4:00 PM PYC 12:00 PM Overeaters Anonymous (133) 12:00 PM CALL Deadline 7:00 PM Alcoholics Anonymous (012)

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MARCH 2014 (cont.) 3/18 3/19

3/20 3/21 3/22 3/23

3/24 3/25 3/26


12:00 PM Alcoholic Anonymous (133) 8:00 AM Men’s Breakfast (Fellowship Hall) 9:00 AM Preschool 9:30 PM Circle 2 (Off-Site) 9:30 PM Circle 3/4 (Off-Site) 12:00 PM Lenten Study Group (Fellowship Hall) 1:00 PM Circle 5 (Parlor) 6:30 PM Praise Band (Fellowship Hall) 7:00 PM Circle 6 (Parlor) 7:00 PM Bible Study 7:30 PM Alcoholic Anonymous (012) 7:00 PM Choir Practice (Choir Room) 7:00 PM Lenten Study Group (Off-Site) 7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous (012) 12:00 PM Overeaters Anonymous (133)

3/28 3/29 3/30

7:00 PM Choir Practice (Choir Room) 7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous (012) 9:00 AM Preschool 12:00 PM Overeaters Anonymous (133) Fourth Sunday in Lent 8:30 AM Casual Service (Fellowship Hall) 9:30 AM Fellowship 9:30 AM Advent Study Group (Upper Room) 9:35 AM Children’s Choir (127) 10:00 Sunday School 10:30 AM Traditional Service (Sanctuary) 11:30 AM Fellowship 11:40 AM Advent Study Group (Chapel) 4:00 PM Scout’s Meeting (012) 4:00 PM PYC Middle School/CIA (109) 5:00 PM PYC High School/ 29:11 (109) 9:00 AM Preschool 12:00 PM Overeaters Anonymous (133) 12:00 PM Castle Lunch (Kitchen) 7:00 PM Alcoholic Anonymous (012)

Third Sunday in Lent 3/31 8:30 AM Casual Service (Fellowship Hall) 9:30 AM Fellowship 9:30 AM Advent Study Group (Upper Room) 9:35 AM Children’s Choir (127) 10:00 Sunday School 10:30 AM Traditional Service (Sanctuary) 11:30 AM Fellowship 11:40 AM Advent Study Group (Chapel) 4:00 PM Scout’s Meeting (012) Click the picture below to solve a puzzle. 4:00 PM PYC Middle School/CIA (109) 5:00 PM PYC High School/ 29:11 (109) 9:00 AM Preschool 12:00 PM Overeaters Anonymous (133) 7:00 PM Alcoholic Anonymous (012) 9:00 AM Preschool 12:00 AA (012) 7:00 PM Board of Deacons (109) 8:00 AM Men’s Breakfast (Fellowship Hall) 9:00 AM Preschool 10:00 AM CALL Mailing 12:00 PM Lenten Study Group (Fellowship Hall) 6:30 PM Praise Band (Fellowship Hall) 7:00 PM Bible Study 7:30 PM Alcoholic Anonymous (012) 9:00 AM Preschool 3:00 PM Blood Drive 7:00 PM Lenten Study Group (Off-Site)

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Circles 3 & 4 – Mar. 19, 9:30 a.m. Hostess: Mary Davis

names on to either Carolyn Wimer or Ann Diller. Blessings to all. ~Carolyn Wimer

Circle 5 - Mar. 19, 1 p.m. in the Church Parlor Circle 6 – Mar. 19, 7 p.m. in the Church Parlor Hostess: Terese Cupp Circle 7 – Mar. 15, 9:30 a.m. Hostess: Cindy Youngerman

With grateful hearts and appreciation we are so thankful for all who have shown care and concern for us during Dotty's recent hand surgery and recuperation. ~Jim and Dotty Getty

Wi t h i n t h e Fe l l o w s h i p

WOF News The Women of Fairmont enjoyed a Winter Gathering during the snow days of February. The speaker was Pastor Cliff Haddix from Central Presbyterian, who spoke of the successful Community Dinners that they hold monthly.

Expressions of Gratitude Greeters—A great big thanks to everyone who so graciously agreed to be greeters this past year when I called. You are the ones who show people that Fairmont is a friendly and welcoming church. If there is anyone I haven’t called, who would like to be a greeter, please call me. ~Esther Kremer The show in Nov. was another success and we have started working on the next one to be held on Nov. 22. We increased what we gave to House of Bread, Backpack program and the local food bank. The vendors were quite happy with the efforts of members who helped them in so many ways. Setup on Fri. was a bit eventful with 2 vendors showing up with contract in hand. We scrambled and found places for them. And then the car fire in the parking lot. Church smelled pretty bad for a while but by Sat. AM all was gone and we were ready. Karan Bowden and her committee did a great job in the kitchen, and all the volunteers who participated by helping set up tables, making the space in the parlor available, putting things back in place. All done efficiently and in great time. Another word of thanks to Callie Johnson and Carol Lamberger who took on the responsibility for the decorations. They were so beautiful. Thanks to all. If you know of vendors who might like to participate this Nov. please pass their

Baptisms: Alexandra Grace Barnett daughter of Kate and Jason Barnett and granddaughter of Bill and Pam Lowry was baptized February 23. Address, Phone & E-mail Changes: ALLBERY, Mary

HIBBS, Bill and Lynne

Upcoming Events Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper March 4, 6 p.m. The Deacons will again be hosting an all church Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper. This is for all ages and will include the best pancakes in town. Shrove Tuesday is also called Fat Tuesday (in French, “Mardi” means Tuesday; “gras” means fat) because on that day a thrifty housewife would use up fats that she had kept for cooking, but could not use during Lent.

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Grow With Me Yoga: Child and Parent This class will take place in the Pre-School Story Room on Fridays from 9:30-10:00 a.m. beginning March 7. Annie Booth, a Registered Yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance, will teach the class. There will be a drop in fee of $5 (cash or check only). Wear comfortable clothes (no jeans) and check in at the church office before each class. Generations In Fellowship Together (GIFT) March 12 6 p.m. in Fellowship Hall GIFT is a monthly potluck where members of all ages gather together to share a meal and our joys and concerns with each other. This fellowship event is held the second Wednesday of every month and offers a great opportunity to get to know other members of the congregation whom we may not have met before. Please bring a dish to share. For more information, you may contact Julie Boden.

Men’s Lenten Breakfast Series 2014 The theme of this years men’s Lenten series is Christian Education. Larry Welborn, professor of New Testament Studies at Fordham, will be back for his 16th year of presenting his unique way of informing us on the early church and how Jesus grew in wisdom. Greg Gibson is back by popular demand with a thought provoking title of “The Greatest Speech Ever Given.” Both of our pastors plus Jenny Fiden and John Weaver have consented to add their thoughts on Christian Education and Christian Influence in the church, schools and colleges.

Programs are on Wednesdays, starting March 12, in Fellowship Hall. We meet at 8 a.m. for breakfast followed by the speaker and announcements from 8:30 - 9:00 a.m. March 12: Greg Gibson – “The Greatest Speech in American History” March 19: Larry Welborn – “Jesus' Growth in Wisdom, as reported by Luke” March 26: Jenny Fiden – “Fairmont Preschool and the Christian Influence” April 2: John Weaver – “The Role of Presbyterians in Higher Education” April 9: Rev. Denise Weaver – “The Role of Presbyterians in Christian Education” April 16: Rev. Joe Hookey – “Lent and Our Preparation for Easter” WINE & CHEESE PARTY There will be an adult wine and cheese party Saturday, April 12, 2014, at 3:00. You may leave at a time that is convenient for you, since there is not a fixed ending time. We thought we would try an afternoon party, since this might attract people who are busy in the evening and people who do not like driving at night. Please join us at A Taste of Wine, 90 South Main St., Miamisburg (in downtown Miamisburg). Your cost for the evening will depend on the wine you select, the number of wines you try, and the food you order. This will be the perfect way to sit and relax, to talk to your friends, to make new friends, and to try different wines. Every adult is invited. Please call Cindy & Dave Youngerman for more information.

All the men of the church are the hosts, but we do not want to exclude women to this years interesting presentations. Breakfast and Christian fellowship will continue to be a vital part of each program. Reservations can be taken by signing the attendance pads on Sunday, or calling the church office by Tuesday noon prior to each session. The cost this year will be $8.00 per session.

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Daylight Savings begins Sunday, March 9! Set your clocks AHEAD one hour!

Fairmont Call Fairmont Presbyterian Church 3705 Far Hills Avenue Dayton, OH 45429-2599 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

Temporary Pastor: Joe Hookey Associate Pastor: Denise Weaver Youth Ministry Coordinator: Ashley Ross Interim Children’s Ministry Coordinator: Rachel Boden Director of Chancel Choir: Hank Dahlman Praise & Worship Leader: Jerry Mahn Bookkeeper: Becky Hegwood Receptionist/Bulletin: Donna Schoonmaker Information Specialist: Bill Miller, III Preschool Director: Coleen Petrello Organist: Judy Bede Custodian: Glenn Stevens Church Office: (937) 299-3539 Fax: (937) 299-5974 E-mail: Website:

Third Sunday Mission Project in Fellowship Hall (February 16, 2014)

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In This Issue: 1 Message from Joe Hookey 2 Worship & Music at Fairmont 2 Pastor Nominating Committee 3 Budget & Stewardship 3 Evangelism & Member Care Team 4 Fairmont Missions 5 Christian Formation 5 PYC Corner 5 Women of Fairmont 6 Calendar 8 Expressions of Gratitude 8 Within the Fellowship 8 Upcoming Events

**DEADLINE FOR THE NEXT CALL** Deadline for the next issue of the CALL will be Monday, March 17. You may submit your articles either by sending them to the office or e-mailing them to Karen Eizenga.

M a rc h 2 0 1 4 April 2014 Call deadline: Monday, March 17

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