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November 3-­5,  2010   Workshop  Agenda   Fairhope,  Alabama       Wednesday,  November  3    

“You gotta  get  away  to  where  the  boat  leaves  from.”    Zac  Brown  Band    

5:00 p.m.                   6:00  p.m.          

Welcome   Fairhope  Museum  of  History   24  North  Section  Street   Dinner  @  Tamara’s  Downtown    

Thursday, November  4    

“To live  is  not  to  breathe;  it  is  to  act;  it  is  to  make  use  of  our  organs,  our  senses,  our  faculties,  of   all  the  parts  of  ourselves  which  give  us  the  sentiment  of  our  existence.”    Jean-­‐Jacques  Rousseau       “The  health  of  a  democratic  society  may  be  measured  by  the  quality  of  functions  performed  by   private  citizens.”  Alexis  de  Tocqueville  

8:30  a.m.                             11:45  a.m.     1:00  p.m.          

Workshop Part  One:  Community  Reflections     Each  of  you  work  tirelessly  in  your  communities  on  behalf  of       and  for  the  public  good.    You  are  a  diverse  bunch  with  varied  roles,  yet   you  have  much  in  common  related  to  community  development.     Reflect  with  us  on  your  community  and  your  work  with  citizens:       What  have  you  learned?    What  things  would  you  do  differently?     Lunch  @  Hampton  Inn,  catered  by  Mary  Ann’s  Deli     Workshop  Part  Two:    Building  a  Community  Learning  Program     for  Students  

“Education must  come  into  its  own.  It  must  become  the  conscious  agent  for  building  a  better   world.    It  must  be  true  to  its  high  mission.”    Marietta  Johnson,  founder  of  Fairhope’s  Organic   School  of  Education        


Rachel Naftel’s  Story  

3:30 p.m.                 6:10  p.m.            

The Experiment  and  Project  Course  Sequence     What  do  we  hope  students  might  learn  and  gain  through  the  program?       What  do  we  hope  citizens  might  learn  and  gain  through  the  program?     Workshop  Part  Three:  An  Immediate  Collaborative  Opportunity     to  Launch  Our  Working  Relationship  Together     Nan  Fairley’s  Community  Journalism  Course,  Spring  Semester  2011   Sunset  at  Fairhope  Municipal  Pier   Dinner  at  Wintzell’s  Restaurant  

Friday, November  5     Breakfast  at  the  Hampton  Inn  (both  mornings).    Our  team  will  be  available  in  the   dining  room  for  additional  questions  and  conversations.    Mark  will  also  handle   reimbursement  details  at  this  time.              

Spend some  time  in  Fairhope  and  enjoy  the  day!    

Fair Hope of Succss  

Agenda for first planning meeting.

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