International Space Station: Twenty Years of Continuous Human Presence

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IFOS offers modular, plug & play, high-performance, distributed fiber-optic sensing I*Sense products and solutions for the monitoring, diagnostics and control of high-value assets in a wide range of applications and operating conditions. Our leading-edge I*Sense products are used in renewable energy, electric utilities, transportation, smart infrastructure, manufacturing, data centers, aerospace & defense, life sciences, and R&D. IFOS fiber-optic sensing interrogators provide the highest speed and dynamic range performance with unmatched capabilities to support from a few to a large number of multiplexed fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors along each fiber channel. Our solutions provide the best combination of speed, accuracy, multi-functionality, and dynamic range performance for a range of physical and (bio)chemical measurands including temperature, static and dynamic strain, pressure, acceleration, and acoustic emission. At the heart of our I*Sense interrogation system is an ultrafast, state-of-the-art photonic spectral processor (PSP) with sub-picometer resolution and no moving or scanning parts. We have implemented the core PSP optoelectronics engine of the products using our proprietary photonic integrated circuit technology platform. The modular and scalable architecture of our I*Sense product portfolio allows concurrent precision measurement of signals from a scalable number of spectrally multiplexed optical sensors, up to 1000s of FBGs. IFOS’ solutions are wideband in frequency domain and can support sampling rates up to 1.3 MS/s.

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