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Carburetor Service Parts

R eplacement Har dw ar Hardw dwar aree Kit These kits contain all the hard to find replacement components that corrode or wear out on your Holley. These pieces are perfect for revitalizing your Holley or AED performance carburetor. Kits contain: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

New bowl screws and pump nozzle screws. New pump cover and throttle plate screws. Needle and seat nuts and screws. Baseplate screws and idle mixture screws. Idle speed position screw and idle speed spring. Sight plug screws and secondary connecting link. Miscellaneous clips, pins, and hardware.

Partȱ# 5150 5160

ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱDescription ȱ4150ȱDoubleȱPumperȱHardwareȱKit ȱ4160ȱVacuumȱSecondaryȱHardwareȱKit

Holley Metering Blocks These are new Holley Performance Metering Blocks which are great for modifying or replacing worn, damaged, or warped blocks. See page 12 for our new for 2012 Custom “Billet Metering Blocks” which are offered in several variations for special tuning.

Partȱ# 6550 6560 6570

ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱDescription ȱ650Ȭ850ȱPrimaryȱMeteringȱBlock ȱ650Ȭ850ȱSecondaryȱMeteringȱBlock ȱDominatorȱ3ȬCircuitȱMeteringȱBlock

A cceler at or Pum p Sq uir ccelerat ator uirtt er erss We feature two styles of discharge nozzles for accelerator pump circuit tuning: Standard and Tube style. Available in a variety of sizes, they are skin packaged two per card with gaskets. We also offer special hi-flow hollow discharge nozzle screws for higher pump volume. We recommend Tube type squirters when additional top end fuel enrichment is required.

Partȱ# 5431 5435 5437 5442

ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱDescription ȱPumpȱSquirtersȱStandardȱ(.031) ȱPumpȱSquirtersȱStandardȱ(.035) ȱPumpȱSquirtersȱStandardȱ(.037) ȱPumpȱSquirtersȱStandardȱ(.042)

5531 5535 5537 5542 5550

ȱPumpȱSquirtersȱTubeȱTypeȱ(.031) ȱPumpȱSquirtersȱTubeȱTypeȱ(.035) ȱPumpȱSquirtersȱTubeȱTypeȱ(.037) ȱPumpȱSquirtersȱTubeȱTypeȱ(.042) ȱHiȬFlowȱPumpȱNozzleȱScrew

Vacuum T ube Cap Kit Tube Our Vacuum Tube Cap Kit uses only the finest fuel resistant rubber and includes 2 large (3/8”) and 5 small (1/4”) vacuum caps for blocking vacuum outlet ports. Partȱ# 5420

ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱDescription ȱVacuumȱTubeȱPlugȱKitȱȬȱHolley 21 Phone: 1300 350 351

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2013 AED Carburetor Catalog  

2013 AED Carburettor Catalogue

2013 AED Carburetor Catalog  

2013 AED Carburettor Catalogue

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