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“Most People Can Tell You How To Make Money Online…If you Have This or That Skill  But Here Are Some Proven Ideas That Can Put Money In Your Pocket Even If You Are A True ‘Newbie’ With No Experience …As in Today!” If you are looking for a way to earn a living online, or you’ve been struggling to earn a meaningful income selling your services, then this will be best message you will ever read… You’ve probably asked this question yourself: “What is the fastest way to make money online? And the common answer: “Selling your services!” They will then tell you to evaluate your strengths, find what you are best at and then sell those services on websites like UpWork, or the micro-job sites. This may be good advice if you are good at web design, copywriting, graphic design, video editing, programming, etc. But what if you have none of these in-demand skills? What if you are the construction worker or food industry employee whose job has been cut back or eliminated due to the crappy economy? What if you are the stay-at-home-mom who has spent years raising children and taking care of her family and who now needs to help support her family? What if you are the retired person with little computer experience who needs to supplement their income?


What if you don’t know how to install WordPress, or how to create a header or to edit video, or to write effective sales copy? If this sounds like you, then you will have been looking for the fastest, easiest way for a true “newbie” to get up and running and making good money online without having to go through the huge learning curve… Thousands of people like you turn to the internet each month in hopes of finding a way to save themselves and their families from disaster only to find out that the prospect of earning a living online is slim to none with their current skills, or lack thereof. This is the idea behind EzIncome.Club… to showcase work-at-home, “business-in-a-box” ideas you can take today and start making money very quickly online… without having any special skills. So, if you are ready, let’s get into it… * There are two very powerful words when it comes to making money on the internet, especially if you have little or no experience: Leverage and Arbitrage. When I first started trying to earn a living online I asked myself two questions… that was before I learned about leverage and arbitrage: "How do I get started?", and then "What's a quick way I can make money without experience?" Basically I just wanted a simple system to make some money online that actually worked without all the fluff or spending months learning the complexities of internet marketing, or building websites.


I wish I had the information back then that I'm about to give you in this book. It took me years to figure it out but the simple answer to these questions above is "arbitrage"! Arbitrage is simply this: buy an item or service at a low price and sell it high for a profit. But it's extremely powerful! If done in the right way with the right tools & sources one can see vast earnings potential. That's what I hope to share with you today: arbitrage as a “business in a box” that anybody who can use a computer can set up at home in no time at all and earn life-changing income very quickly! Notice I said life-changing… It’s probably not a business model that will make you a millionaire. I know it hasn’t made me a millionaire, although, who knows… maybe you get luckier that I!☺ Let me give you a little back-story… When I first started trying to make a living online, I had big dreams. I bought lots of books on the subject… and read and read, and read. And then I would implement all this stuff – you know, building websites, trying this method and that. But three years down the road I had nothing to show for it. And it was really a shame for me not to make good money online - when so many average Joes seemed to do it so easily. Yes, there are lots of average Joes making money on the internet… The make money online folder on my hard disk looks like this:



These are just random snapshots… the list is looong! As you can see I have read a lot – and tried a lot too. Finally, after a lot of trial and error, and sweat, I started making some money… though arbitrage. Now let me give you 3 arbitrage businesses in a box that anyone can launch very quickly. Business Model 1: Selling Used Books Online Business Model 2a: Sourcing hot selling profitable items on Amazon and similar sites then selling them on Craigslist or EBay Business Model 2b: You find “goofed” listings on eBay, buy very low and then list the item yourself so it can be easily found (this will become clearer in the examples) Business Model 3: Services Arbitrage – Find businesses/people who need a service, outsource it for them, make a profit… 6

Selling Used Books/Textbooks Online  Arbitrage/brokerage is something you can do to make extra cash or even turn it into a full time job! Keep an open mind and remember that if you implement this method you will make money… Today, physical books are not as popular as they used to be, but they are still a crucial part of education, self-help, learning, entertainment and much more. So, don't think that paper books are “dead” by any means. Sure, ebooks are gaining immense popularity, but they haven't taken over quite yet. There are websites where you can sell textbooks and other rare physical books. This is a simple business to start. Here are the steps: Step #1 – Place a local free ad to let students know you buy textbooks. Step #2 – Check ISBN for current prices and buyers looking for that title when students contact you. Step #3 – Pick up, package, & mail books (buyer pays shipping) and wait for the funds to clear your PayPal account. The great thing about selling physical books from an arbitrage point of view, is that you can acquire the books very cheap. Think garage sales, yard sales, thrift stores, book sales, or even get them FREE (sometimes by the box!) from friends/family or other sources. Once you have the books, scan their ISBN number and check for prices online:


You need an iPhone or Android phone for this. Just install BookScouter App for iOS and Android (it's a FREE App). Basically, you will be selling physical books to websites that purchase preowned books from people. What makes this method easy is the BookScouter website and mobile application. With BookScouter, you can scan the barcode (ISBN) of any book and within seconds it will tell you how much you can sell the book for. It will list all of the websites that are willing to buy that particular book and how much they are willing to pay you for it. 8

If you bought a book for $0.25, or even $2.00, and then sold it on for $4.00... You've just made an incredible profit on your investment! How many times could you do this a day, a week or a month? How much EXTRA cash could you make if you sold 50 or 100 books?


Basically this is the method. You have enough here to get started. In the upgrade to this free report we’ll show you other places to get books to sell, how the selling process works, how you can scale this business up‌ also the best types of books to go for that fetch Big Bucks.

Earnings potential: If you can make $30/day (you can achieve this from a small handful of books or even just one or two of the right kind!), then your earnings would be just under $1,000/month.


Want to sell books online for quick emergency cash? Hit the ground running… buy the full report on this business model here. It’s only $6! Will there still be a market if 100 people did this, or 1,000? Sure! The action takers among you, get on it! Physical Product Arbitrage – Selling on Ebay  The next method to make easy money online is through product arbitrage on websites like eBay and Craigslist. Ebay is the world’s biggest auction site, with billions of dollars in business every year. Here’s your chance to get a piece of that action… There are so many ways to invade ebay, but one of the easiest is where you find listings where the seller has goofed the listing and then buying low from them – then putting up a better listing and making a profit. An example is below:

What would you say this seller is selling above? 11

Hmmm… A Dell Latitude what? There are many listings daily like this… where the seller forgot to include the main keyword in the title of the listing. The result? People searching on eBay for “Dell laptop” will not find this listing because of how search engines work… In short, this listing above is not optimized for eBay’s internal search engine. Other people misspell the name of the product:

You and I can do better, seeing as we are going in business! Many eBay auctions contain typos in the listing title. What this means is that when someone searches for 'Keurig' for example, the misspelled auction above will not be shown. Thus no bids are placed on it. Find this auction before it expires and you can literally name your own price on the item! Another way to start a business on eBay is to find products priced lower on other websites and listing them on eBay where the price is higher for 12

similar products. Once someone orders from you, you then buy the product at the lower price and send it on‌

The price here is $166.9 on this other site. The same item is selling for $202 on eBay!


And look how many items this son of a gun has sold already…4849! Tell me this isn’t a scam!☺ So, that there is the basic concept. Anybody, and I mean anybody, can do this! It’s the oldest business in the world in fact – find something at a low price and sell at a higher price. Let’s make a quick calculation: $202.72-$166.99=$35 in profit! If you can sell 42 of these in a month, that’s already $1500 Do you want to make $1500 a month or lots more from the comfort of your home? You have enough to get started here. But if you want to hit the ground running and supercharge your eBay business, buy the eBay Arbitrage Power Pack where I will show you: • Some great resources where you can find misspelled and “goofed” eBay listings you can quickly profit from • Little-known websites where you can find low priced products you can sell on eBay and profit • eBay basics and some of the best kept secrets how to profit from eBay 14

• A video walkthrough of how to use one of these websites where you can get crazy deals and bargains Get the eBay Arbitrage Power Pack here. It’s $6 to upgrade! Services Arbitrage  Every day people and businesses go online looking for services from outsourcers. Most of these people don’t have a clue where these cheap outsourcers hang out, and so, they post in classifieds and sites such as Craigslist. But you and I know where to easily find these outsourcers... And we are going to profit!☺ What this means for us is that you can easily build a highly profitable business with Zero (0) upfront costs…

See what I mean? This is how it works: 15

Okay… Let’s see some real life examples. A customer needs a Facebook cover image, searches for the service on eBay, and lands here:

Now, on websites like Fiverr you can get professional looking Facebook covers or business logos done for as low as $5. Just because these designers are charging low doesn’t mean their designs are inferior or poor quality. If you find high rated outsourcers the quality is just as good as that


you will get ordering for your logos on more expensive sites such as Want a piece of the action? Let’s get started… So, as we have seen every day there are tens of thousands of people going online who want services and there is also tens of thousands of people who go online daily looking for work… offering these services. How you make money out of this is you become the middleman. Your only task is to find these people who need services and link them to those offering the services, carefully vetted by you of course☺ Why this business model works is that the buyer hasn’t got time to look for these outsourcers, plus he couldn’t tell a scammer from a good web designer. You on the other hand have got time on your hands – plus you are going to vet these service providers and keep a list of outsources you know you can trust, who do outstanding work… One of the best places to find buyers is Craigslist:


Besides Fiverr there are lots of other places where you can find service providers. This is a simple to understand business model, and the income potential is huge. If this sounds like your type of thing, get the upgrade for this business model: Digital Services Arbitrage. Its only $6! I will give you the secrets you need to turn this into a full time income: • Places to find buyers and service providers • Sample emails to send to your buyers and outsourcers • How to find and vet the best outsourcers and how to build your “middleman” portfolio • How to sell your digital services on eBay and sites like Craigslist • How to craft winning listings on eBay and Craigslist • And much more 18

In closing, One of the reasons why it took me forever to start making money online was that I had this misplaced idea that internet income had to be “cool” and elegant… you know what I mean? But then I got this advice from an internet marketer. He made the point that of all the very rich people in this world, only a handful become rich from doing something extra-ordinary – think Bill Gates, or Zuckerburg, or the Google Gang… The great majority of rich people become rich from doing ordinary jobs (even mundane jobs sometimes) – think real estate, restaurants, or even tending shop☺ Do you know a well-heeled shopkeeper, er, storeowner in your local area? Well, s/he got rich doing pretty much what I’m asking you to do in this report – buying inventory at one price and selling it at a higher price… Another tip: the only secret to making money online is to find something that works, even if it only makes you one dollar a day, then scale it and/or better yet, automate it! eBay has made many millionaires… and still counting. Don’t go looking for a cool, more elegant business model. There are people on eBay earning five figures doing what I just showed you… If you want easy income online, forget stuff like building websites, offering your services and trading time for dollars, or scams like get paid to click☺… I have given you 3 business models that others are using to generate comfortable incomes from home – without a lot of hard work. Take any of these business models and run with it, scale as you go. I promised $1500 a 19

month but you should aim much higher. Only your dedication and persistence will limit how much you can make. Here are those links to the upgrade packs: Make $1500 A Month Selling Used Books Online Make $1500 A Month on eBay Through Arbitrage Make $15000 A Month Brokering Digital Services Remember, fellas, its only $6 for each upgrade‌ a real steal! Happy profiteering‌ Les Clark


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