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The Wide Angle The wider angle

CONTENT In The Country Where I Come From............................1 What You Don’t Know About Your Chairpersons.........2 Oppa EYP Style.............................................................3 The Speed of Socialising in EYP....................................4 The ENVIsters (ENVI)..................................................5 IS Why Not?..............................................................6-7 Atomkraft? Nein, Danke! (ITRE)..................................8 One FEMMily of FEMMous People(FEMM).............9 LIBE II Won’t Traffic You (LIBE II)...........................10 The Committee on Ezhik Affairs (DROI)....................11 Meine LIBE I (LIBE I)................................................12 PED Remedy! ..............................................................13 Party on the Screen.......................................................14

The Issue is brought to you by: Alex Guzenko (Editor UA) Peter Vladimirov ( Journalist UA) Alexey Varavin ( Journalist BY) Lina Tarashevska (Video Editor UA)

Yigit Akdemir ( Journalist TR) Okechukwu Egbete ( Journalist UA) Ekaterina Yegorova ( Journalist UA) Alex Tychina ( Journalist UA)

in the country where i come from...

«But in the country where I come from...» - what a popular stament during the General Assembly at any EYP session. The controversial phrase usually ridicules, sometimes brighs new solutions, and rarely even makes participants mad during the most heated debates of an EYP session. But what is so ambivalent about it? The phrase is rediculous, because the person who uses it, literally separates his/her own country from the global, unified European state. If we are talking and promoting globalization amoung the European states, one has to be aware not only of Homeland’s concerns, but of the affairs of the whole Europe. We are no one as individuals, but we are a great force when are united, and not the other way around. Focusing on one state is too narrow, when you are a citizen of the global community, and knowing that each step you take affects only you is too miserable on the global level. EYP brings young people from all over Europe, and there is no way EYPers can negotiate if everyone says: «in the country where I come from..» Take risks, voice your opinions, think globally and see the wider angle! - because this is what we do in the country where I come from. by Alex Guzenko (UA)


What you don’t know about your chairpersons . . . Okechukwu Egbete and Peter Vladimorov caught up with your hard working chairs to reveal their secrets!

The questions are the following:

ANTON VERKHOVODOV (ENVI) 1. “Ukulele- It’s a Hawaiian guitar” 2. “I would love be a professional footballer or a Musician” 3. “Active, Relaxing and Vivid”

1. what is the weirdest thing that has ever been in your suitcase for a trip? 2. If you were to have another life, who would you like to be? 3. Describe EYP in three words?



1. “Socks in mayonnaise “ 2. “Dart Weider from the Star Wars” 3. “Oh sleepless night!!”

1. “One kilogram of paper with information on HIV stuff ” 2. “I would like to be either a cat, lioness or a vampire” 3. “Hardcore, fun and leadership”

BRUNO MOREIRA vice-president (ITRE) 1. “A mask for this session and a bottle of Ukrainian national drink with pepper inside” 2. “I would be Indiana Jones” 3. “Addictive, Life Changing and Passionate”

ANYA LACHYKHINA vice president (FEMM) 1. “I once had dead cockroaches in my suit case” 2. “Eternal spirit” 3. “Dreams come true”

MILICA SIMEUNOVICH (LIBE II) 1. “Once I had a knife and I absolutely didn’t know how it got in there” 2. “I would love to be OBAMA!!!” 3. “Awesome Educational and Family”

FRANCISCO SANTOS (FEMM) 1. “I had goggle sun shades with me” 2. “I would like to be a seagull” 3. “FEMM, FEMM FUN!!”

by Peter Vladimirov (UA) and Okechukwu Egbete (UA)


Oppa EYP Style! by Alex Tychina (UA)

The EYP lifestyle “For those who had already experienced – to be touched, for those who did not – to be ready to face personal alteration and inception of the new life stage in exclusive EYP style” Spring is finally here! This season is well known for us as the time for changes, renewal of all the conventions, period in our lives, when the nature itself helps us to start something new or even change a life style. Why not to change it for EYP’s one? You may ask: What is the EYP lifestyle? What does it include? What is so special about it? Well, according to the public opinion poll it turns out that there are not 8 planets in our solar system! It appears that a huge amount of people believe in existence of a planet called “EYP”.

There are distinct personalities, outstanding, incomparable people, with an exclusive view of things and unbiased believes among its population. They have strong life standards, that are based on deep philosophic bases. Despite of their severity, those people are splendid experts in having fun and enjoying life in all its aspects. Actually, an EYP society is not that different from the regular one, the differences are minor, but as you may know, the essence lies in details. EYPers are benevolent, respectable, favorable and very sincere people. If you look at any of the emails or any first-time meeting chats, listen to the criticisms and slight denouncements during the committee work - only constructive and detached words are used, that is why there is no way one can take an offence or get hurt. But words are not the only thing

that makes them an “elite” European youth. There exists a special tradition to wear bowties in EYP - Ukraine. It might be too conventional, or even outdated from the first glance, but there is an extensive background behind it, which indicates that the progressive youth tolerates the “specialties” of the past. Passion for having fun does not exclude responsibility for things they do and say. List of old fundamental rules – some are strict, others not so much, do exist and following them is the thing that keeps EYP such a prosperous and tempting place to come and stay. Leading an EYP lifestyle is a thing one should be proud of and be respected for. So, if you are ready to change your life once and forever, make your life brighter and more interesting - the whole EYP world is waiting for you. Welcome!


by YiÄ&#x;it Akdemir (TR)

The Speed of Socializing in EYP

Have you been to any other event in which you become very good friends in 3 - 4 days with the people you have never seen before? - Probably not. This is where EYP especially stands out. On the first day of the session, delegates were standing in the Mariinskyi Park with no clue of what will happen next and what will they do afterwards with more than ten strangers in their committees. Then the teambuilding started and they began to exchange information starting from the name to hobbies, from how much they weight to their attitude towards the committee’ issue and many other things which they would never consider learning from their closest friends. At the end of the day, the newly created teams of friends emerged from groups of strangers. These teams had the ability to discuss very controversial issues and reach a consensus in every part of the topic without breaking the rules of friendship. The following day presented the Committee Work and the delegates began discussing their committee topics. Lots of different and sometimes contradicting opinions were voiced by the committee and the most appropriate decisions arose during a long and stressful process. The fruitful committee work soon lead to the coherent and competent motion for the resolution in each committee which will meet its fate at the General Assembly. The GA is where the committee defends its effort and it does not matter if the motion for the resolution passes or not: If it passes, then it is the common success of the committee’s each delegate. If not, the struggle of defending the motion before the voting becomes a valuable memory for each delegate. This is where the sense of being together is strengthened no matter the outcome is. The process clearly states that there is no other place where one can make friends faster and create strong bounds with them. EYP is a unique opportunity for this and after the session, the made friendships will be maintained by the unforgettable memories from the session and future hopes and endeavours of meeting at any session again. Each EYP session brings new experiences and memories, creates and maintains friendships, shapes the successful future of the elite European youth.


The ENVIsters Let me introduce to you the ENVIsters of the committee on Environmental Affairs, Public health and food safety… Putting on curious faces at first committee meeting just after the teambuilding, one might misinterpret them as some boring group of people. However those faces quickly changed as our lovely chairperson Anton and Miss President Mila began to conduct the team building for the committee, What else would they have asked for?? “We have the president in our committee!!” The committee work day kicked off in an interesting way, we had the privilege to listen to an expert from the water museum in Kyiv. The ENVI delegates were able to receive essential information, facts and data which they needed for their discussions. “I personally learnt a lot while we were discussing with the expert, he raised comparisons on water management between Ukraine,

EU and the USA which I found really interesting” Vira stated. She continued… “Our chairs were extremely professional - they let us the freedom to express our views without any interruption”. Being a Journo for the first time I couldn’t have wanted a better committee other than ENVI, they gave me all the necessary support I needed and they let me take awesome pictures of them countless times during the committee work without complaining. There is a famous saying that says “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. They capped off the day with funky chicken what better game can they play to ease their minds after heated discussions? Having written the least I could about these ENVIsters I would like to dedicate the remaining space left, for the ENVIsters to pour their thoughts about the past few days in a few words.

“It was really a memorable event for me!!”-Vincent “I am very pleased to be in this session”- Maryan “It absolutely an interesting event for me”- Nazar “Man I love Kyiv and Ukrainians, my feelings are coming from heart and I would like to invite you to Georgia!!”Lasha “I’ll remember it as my first experience great time and lots of fun”- Tania “It is my very first experience, however it was very memorable and heart taking one. Thanks for that!!”-Maria “It was just okay”- Daniel

by Okechukwu Egbete (UA) 5

IS Why Not? Everyone is so ecstacic about any International Session, but what is so special about them? Let’s find out!

Aliaksei Varavin ( Journo, BY): The biggest EYP session that will leave the brightest memories in your life! Just imagine – 36 international delegations, 15 people in each committee, 9 unforgettable days and uncountable number of new friends from the whole Europe. Also you can observe the highest organising level because the preparation for such conference starts 2 years before the Session and you’ll be amazed by the quality of academic preparation as it starts 6 months before the Session. The main EYP events during IS consist of Eurovillage, EYP cafes and a Euroconcert so you have the opportunity to taste delicious European food and show your talents. So if you ask me what is IS, the answer is quite simple – an event that will completely change your mind.

Maria Shcherbak (ITRE Chair, UA): “Want to feel the spirit of competitiveness, enjoy the highest level of General Assembly, experience cultural diversity for the fullest, spend 8 sleepless nights and have the hottest parties in your life? In this case it’s a must for YOU to participate in this amazing event!”


Francisco Santos (FEMM Chair, PT): “Do not let anything stop you from attending an International Session. Not even a volcano. After attending the extraordinary international session in Lillehammer, Norway, one year after planned due to the ashes that spread across Europe in that year. You can delay it but you can’t miss it. Going from Portugal to Norway, the December snow of this country took me to the clouds, just as bright as the brief 5 hours of sun a day. I’ll be more descriptive: I’ve met the Eurovision winner, I did toboganning, met people from all over Europe and even fell asleep during General Assembly. Expect this and much more. This is EYP.”

Julia Pustovoitova (Board Member of EYP-UA): “If you are searching for the highqualityl debates, eager to express your opinion and be heard, want to find new friends from all over the Europe, seeking for unforgettable memories of how stoned guys were hitting on you at 3 a.m. in Burger King in Amsterdam, how you fell asleep there and was woken up with a rat then do your best at the National Session and get selected to the International one. Believe me, you will never forget it!”

by Yekaterina Yegorova (UA) 7

Atomkraft? Nein, Danke!


The using of nuclear energy is one of the most controversial issues in Europe. Many countries believe that the waste of nuclear power plants would be a huge problem for them, while others have efficiently been using it because of being a clean, cheap durable source energy. Besides that, accidents occurring in nuclear power plants have a disastrous effect raising discontent on nuclear energy; therefore the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy discussed the reliability of nuclear energy and how the risk of nuclear energy could be reduced, if nuclear energy could be trusted at all. Since the members of the committee possessed highly divergent opinions, the discussion was almost always hot and exciting. The both sides about the question of nuclear energy’s reliability could be justified due to the many factors influencing the issue. Fortunately, the committee eventually reached a consensus that nuclear energy was not reliable with current security standards and if the using of nuclear energy was inevitable within a country, these standards should definitely be stricter, therefore allowing the country a long-term transition to renewable energy. On the other side, what the delegates thought on the flow of their discussion was quite interesting: While Anastasiya (Kyrychok; there are 4 Anastasiyas in the committee) stated that they had a fruitful discussion and worked cohesively, some delegates such as Salome wanted to relate on the tiring side of the debate; since some points had to be discussed for a long time. Still, the committee was really content that all delegates were involved in the discussion and all different ideas could be evaluated. Just one and a half hours before the end of the CW, the committee was still working on the solutions it has brought forward, but everybody is sure that they will manage to write a comprehensive motion for the resolution within the remaining time. “Everything was discussed, it shouldn’t take so long to write the draft”, the mood of the delegates sounded like. Even if it is likely that the committee won’t be able to implement every point to their drafts, one should be glad that the committee had a hot discussion with the participation of everyone and their draft will be consisting of intensively evaluated solutions.

Yiğit Akdemir (TR) 8

One FEMMily of FEMMous People by Ekaterina Egorova (UA)

Of course, it’s not the whole list of words that can describe this amazing committee! Open-minded and sincere – they try to find the best solutions to tackle the controversial issues of the modern Ukrainian society and therefore implement them in real life because the committee topic is closely connected to many Ukrainian families. Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone, yet the problem is often overlooked, excused, or denied. This is especially true when the abuse is psychological, rather than physical. Noticing and acknowledging the signs of abusive relations is the first step to ending it. No one should live in fear of the person they love. So our lovely Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality was working hard in order to present a clear vision of the current situation upon this issue during the General Assembly. Some people have known know each other for years, others just met at the session for the first time, while playing the “silly”, however bonding teambuilding activities. For a short period of time they revealed a lot of interesting facts about themselves, cheered each other, yelled and debated, became “animals in jungles” and simply befriended. “Women don’t have to live in fear!” – a passionate discussion during the challenging committee work made me aware of the serious attitude of these young people to the controversial topic. The problem, which is often hidden behind the mundane issues was so vigorously exposed by the committee members and soon turned into coherent operative clauses of the resolution.




It is amazing. They make me feel like I came to Ukraine just for sightseeing. As I stand across the room, I silently observe them debating and understand that the job of a politician can be actually fruitful. I must admit the fact that they might just leave everything behind and focus on the main issue, passionately arguing and validating each point, until the ultimate solution is found.

Our delegates are eloquent English speakers. They analyze and evolve the discussion. All the committee members possess strong personality types, which they are not afraid to express and I get an extreme pleasure working with them. If they will maintain their aptitudes, I am convinced, they will implement them in the real political arena in Ukraine, Europe or world.


LIBE II Won’t Traffic You Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to my lovely committee for giving me such a great pleasure working with all of you. It’s always very exciting to observe the progress that committee archives during the session. Meeting for the first time, being shy, silent and unconfident is quite usual for delegates of all times. The LIBE II was not an exception, but the manner they did it was quite interesting. Having fun during the first day they were looking so light-hearted as if there will be no committee work or the General Assembly after, like that day was their last chance to have fun and spend good time. They were doing everything with a huge responsibly, but still so passionately and ardently that their somewhat reluctance to start a serious part of the session was not noticed by me and our sweet chair Milica as well. The atmosphere during the committee work was quite relaxed. Besides the fact that for four LIBE II delegates it was the very first session; they confessed that the other committee members radiated such a huge amount of support that their fear of failing the given task disappeared at once. Personally I am proud of my committee’s ability to be at the same time serious about the topic and full of enthusiasm about games: “ezhik”, energizers and various mind breaking games. When the committee got really stuck at some point, one of the delegates - Halina tried to teach everyone to make small origami and during that process the magic came to the room and, as Brogan and Sasha said “the ideas flowed like water”. I tried to find at least one delegate who was not involved in the teambuilding, committee work, energizing or writing the resolution processes, but on that stage I managed to fail. It was a pleasant surprise to open the fact that everyone found their place in the team and enjoyed participating. Well, somebody may need to shout some slogans loudly with the aim to prove the strength of their team, somebody else – write and perform different lyrics connected with the committee, but LIBE II had no need to do that. We all know how amazing we are without any proofs. We DID become good friends, and personally I believe our delegate’s statement that they will never forget this special city, this unique outstanding session and bright personalities involved.

by Alex Tychina (UA) 10


The Committee on Ezhik Affairs

What is DROI? It is the Committee on Human Rights. Most names of the committees are just abbreviations from the full ones, but, as you see, this principle does not work here. The European Youth Parliament has French as an official language as well as English, and DROI derives from French. But lots of people do not think about it and the community is split in two: some tend to say DROI in French, and others just say DROI in an English manner. Let’s ask the committee members what they think about it. - Actually, the same situation can be seen within our committee. We have been arguing a lot, but as we are the best committee ever, we found

a great solution – our shout. And I would agree, the best way to escape from problems is to try to make fun of it. “Call us DROI [French], call us DROI [English], anyway we will enjoy!” And believe they surely do.

It is a great pleasure to be the part of such a friendly and smart committee. You feel really good when you are with them. This is what the DROI chairperson, Dmytro Kharchenko from Ukraine, says:

- They have so much trust. I am proud of them, they achieved great results during the past couple of days, they are a real team. I sometimes felt they even don’t need me, they are so independent, calm and intelligent. And I would agree here as well. DROI even has the committee game – “Ezhik”. - We adore this game. This is really a good way to easily relax and to get new energy to work further. And, of course, silly dances make us crazy. If you want to work efficiently and at the same time have a lot of fun – “go to DROI, anyway you will enjoy”

by Alexey Varavin (BY) 11

Meine LIBE I

LIBE I Drum-roll is spreading around… Let me introduce the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, or in short LIBE! The chairperson of representing committee, Irina Sulima, has come to the session from sunny city of Moldova – Chisinau to assist young parliamentarians with their fruitful job. It seems like she picked and brought with herself the silliest games of EYP for the committee on Civil Liberties at 6th Kyiv RS. Regarding games, according to the committee’s opinion, the drunken bottle seemed the most memorable and the most effective when establishing the ties of friendship. This game taught us how to trust people, especially, how to trust people with whom we have to work hand in hand, and write a coherent resolution – the chief product of the committee work. Committee work looks like going upstairs, doesn’t it? And if that is so, a resolution is similar to the stairs. Every stair cannot exist without a base; the absence of the base can be dangerous for the stairs and it can become unstable,

increasing the probability of collision. The committee teambuilding was became this base for LIBE. The topic of LIBE affects the difficult nowadays question – the question of discrimination of HIV-positive people. As this problem has huge influence on today’s society, because of numerous of HIV-positive people, it requires immediate actions toward tackling this discrimination. The whole committee work was based on seeking those unique solutions, which could remedy the existing discrimination of HIV-positive people. But LIBE committee is not only about serious discussions, it is about joyful, creative, active youth, so during the debates it was normal to hear a funny joke and a giggle, normal to suddenly stand up and begin playing any game to relax. Nevertheless, they never forget thinking about their topic, even while playing. Their fruitful resolution is already finished and ready to be passed.

by Peter Vladimirov (UA) 12

PED Remedy! All of us after this session will experience a sensation of gloominess and isolation, a mixture of feelings which we call Post EYP Depression (PED) it is a syndrome associated to EYP. You will miss the teambuilding and the so called weird silly games, the tensed discussions and arguments during the committee work, the remarkable atmosphere of the General Assembly and of course the friends you have made in the last couple of days. This is a very common diagnosis for many EYPers and will most likely affect you in many more sessions to come. However do not panic, for there are many of Experienced EYPers who have had a lot of PED periods over their adventurous EYP career and I can assure you that they will give you the right antidote for it. You know you have been hit by PED when you begin to lack focus in school or university just after the session because you found yourself reminiscing the memories you had at the session. You might be missing the amazing group of people you met at the session to the point where your friends at home begin to think that you don’t actually like them anymore. We will

likewise like to warn you about sudden addiction or obsession to Facebook or Vkontakte because of endless stream of photos, status updates by participants of the session, tireless visits to the profiles of several officials and obviously numerous friend requests nipping out from every angle. As one adage says “to every disease there is a remedy”. To get over this depression there are quite a few things you can actually do to help yourself. The most effective and well known tip is to attend another EYP session as soon as possible. Until then you should do yourself a lot of by spending a couple of days on the bed with bars of chocolate you have to read the session newspapers and watch the videos numerous times!! You will momentarily realize how unique session was for you had. We strongly advise every victim of PED to contact your national committee of EYP, and to browse upcoming sessions. Find something that you think will work perfectly for you, apply as delegate or official and continue your EYP career. Either you go alone or you plan your trip with friends. EYP will always welcome you all!

by Okechukwu Egbete (UA)


Party on The Screen

Going upstairs at “the City” complex, sounds became louder and louder at each step, finally we got inside the party room. Bright rays of colored light started to irritate our eyes, our bodies began to move at will along with the music and the rhythm, and heads obviously began to spin in the excitement for what was to be an interesting part of the day after the teambuilding. Do you recognize the event? Of course you do! One might have marveled at the variety of characters at the event. Met Anonymous, the mysterious hero of “V stands for Vendetta” movie, with his top hat and as dark as starless night mackintosh, walking among dancing characters. Then you noticed that there are two more anonymous beings in the dance floor, and stunned at sight of them. Approaching the bar you could see the lonely Cat Woman looking anxiously for Batman. And Batman is hiding like he always does. Passing over sofas you recognized the Red Riding Hood holding the well-known case with different stuff for her grandmother. Pretty, isn’t it? It seemed absolutely incredible when you notice the ninja turtles crawling on

the floor. One may be a bit scared when noticed Zorro dancing with his rapier. Wow, wow! Take it easy! A perfect black coat disappears in the midst of dancers. Seems like it was James Bond, wasn’t it? Yes I’m dead sure it was him. Looking around you probably observed the top of a hat then looked in detail and understood that this long hat belongs to one of the character of “Alice in Wonder world” movie. And absolutely shocked when one heard “Luke, I am your father” and then Dart Wader passed over you. What a dream! All these character the delegates were able to meet while dancing. They were trading places, and there was a possibility to see a new mask next to you in a split second. Talking about movie character that were presented on the dance floor…..All night one has seen several movie characters but it would have never been complete without observing the legendary characters like, Redfoo from LMFAO with his wild hair style and the Harlem shake’s hat. What a night it was, full of mysterious characters which we all probably tried to comprehend. by Peter Vladimirov (UA)


2013-04 Kyiv RS Issue 2  

The 2nd Issue of the 6th Kyiv Reginal Session of EYP Ukraine

2013-04 Kyiv RS Issue 2  

The 2nd Issue of the 6th Kyiv Reginal Session of EYP Ukraine