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Official newspaper issue of EYP-Ukraine #3 (14) July - October, 2012



aindrops on the window, yellow leaves on the trees… The second month of autumn is almost over, time flies so fast, distancing us from summer and bringing us to future EYP events. For Ukrainian EYPers these four months were overflowing with bright moments, and we are not sure that all of them are mentioned in this issue. Still, it’s a perfect time to refresh sweet summer memories and get inspiration while reading this newspaper. I’m happy to introduce the EYP – Ukraine journo team: Maria Romanenko, Nataliia Kalyn, Lidiia Zhgyr, Kateryna Baskenova, Alex Huzenko, Iryna Savchuk and Dmytro Kharchenko. From this very moment this brave seven will highlight all EYP – Ukraine events on a regular basis. We are extremely pleased to have talented photographers in our team - Oleksii Prylipka and Alex Huzenko. Though our team works pretty well, we are constantly looking for new talents! Always dream to become a journalist? Want to apply for the next session as a journo? Now you have the opportunity to practice, improve your skills and gain experience. As the main purpose of EYP is personal development and education, we’ve decided to establish regular trainings for journalists and editors, including master classes with experts. If you are not sure that journalism is your calling, but you have either a story or opinion to share with EYP – Ukraine community, contact me at or Pavlo Fedoriv at pavlo.fedoriv@ and express your ideas! I hope you will enjoy this issue, made with a huge love to EYP. Stay tuned and join our team! Maria Shcherbak, Editor/Layout Designer



#3 (14) July - October, 2012



hile summer rays were bronzing your skin, sea waves caressing your body and vocation romances embracing you heart – EYP – Ukraine was working hard. During this summer vocation the EYP – Ukraine took a breath of fresh air of mountains, swam in Black Sea and traveled a lot by railroad – but far not in recreational sence… Those tiny pleasures were possible while organising T4ET, Odesa IF and Interrail preparation accordingly. The EYP – Ukraine never rests! Therefore I would give a huge word of gratitude to all those who contributed to successful performance of the organisation during summer period! What makes our National Committee seem even more workaholic is a series of events held in the very first month of the autumn: InterRail itself, General Assembly, Leadership Weekend and Board Elections. I am constantly asking myself what makes us special and different from other unities of people (I intentionally omit using the word “organisation” in order to emphasise on human aspect). Answers vary greatly depending on the period of my EYPing. This summer i would definitely say the answer is the “crazy pursuit of workaholics capable of sacrifice for the sake of the group prosperity”. Zhenia Melekhovets, one more workaholic

Editor/Layout Designer Maria Shcherbak Journalists Iryna Savchuk, Dmytro Kharchenko, Maria Romanenko, Alex Huzenko, Lidiia Zhgyr, Nataliia Kalyn, Kateryna Baskenova, Oksana Korchak, Yegor Vlasenko, Anton Verkhovodov, Pavlo Fedoriv, Tetiana Korniichuk, Maria Shcherbak

Contents 4-7

General Assembly Alumni Weekend InterRail INITIATIVE


Independence Day Activists Sumy Organisers LIFE CHANGING ODESA






Maria Romanenko and Violetta Kolisnichenko EYP-UKRAINE TRAVELS ABROAD


Iberian Forum, Batumi Forum, Tallinn International Session FACE CONTROL


Yegor Vlasenko and Dmitrii Vyskrebentsev EYP QUOTES


by Sebastian Hosu, Bruno Moreira, Ugis Balmaks and Oleg Shymanskyi

Proofreaders Anna Suprunenko, Anna Lachykhina, Ievheniia Melekhovets Translator Tetiana Korniichuk Photographers Oleksii Prylipka, Alex Huzenko Letters to the Editor Tel: +380-93-509-71-72











n the 23th of September the record number of people gathered for the GA in Kyiv. Thanks to InterRail there were lots of newcomers from regions. Introductory words, a few reports on visited sessions, presentation about EYP – Ukraine, first coffeebreak and eventually all windowsills were occupied with people writing membership applications. After informatively entertaining part the time came for the most important, responsible and longest part of this General Assembly – speeches and debates of the candidates for EYP – Ukraine Board positions. Alex Huzenko (candidate for the position of a Secretary) called for building “bright future together”. Mike Rozhkov (candidate for the position of a Secretary) was more concerned “how to make EYP bigger and cooler” rather than who is going to become a Secretary. Julia Pustovoitova (candidate for the position of a Board Member on Human Resources) hopes


text in Ukrainian by Pavlo Fedoriv translated by Tetiana Korniichuk

that her experience of working in HR-department will help her if she heads it. Kate Baskenova (candidate for the position of a Board Member on Human Resources) presented “four revolutionary ideas” to make spare time better and the amount of people involved bigger. Ira Garbuz (candidate for the position of a Board Member on Regional Development) wants to develop regions by holding events “on the local level”. Roksolana Pidlasa (candidate for the position of a Board Member on International Activities) says “EYP is me” (meaning vice versa – “all that she is – is EYP”). Liuba Dvoretska (candidate for the position of a Board Member on International Activities) hopes that experience of being the Board Member on International Activities from the previous year will help her to get the position again. Yegor Vlasenko (candidate for the position of a Vice-President on Fundraising) is self-critical and hopes that planning for the next year will become the basics of his work.

Anna Lachykhina (candidate for the position of a Vice-President on Public Relations) wants to highlight organisation’s activity and add publicity into it. Anna Suprunenko (candidate for the position of a President) is eager to make all the departments work and the organisation itself grow and develop. Presentations of candidates for the position in Auditing Committee reminded the talk-show: armchairs, questions from the audience... Vasyl Babych gets so inspired with his own speech that doesn’t notice that the time is running out. Kristina Chelmakina was in the Board the longest and calls the Committee itself the “council of elderly”. Anastasia Ianovytska has an experience of presenting the organisation on international level, but now wants to work on the national level. Anton Verkhovodov has been a member of the organisation for only half a year, but is incredibly active and has a lot of ideas.









n the 29th-30th of September all active members of EYP – Ukraine, who are willing to continue contributing to the development of the organisation, gathered in Kyiv for a two-days training. It was the first similar event ever in EYP – Ukraine. The program of the event included general teambuilding, teambuilding within departments, workshop on EYP iden-

tity, moduls on personal development, trainings and year strategy planning. The first training day was focused on long-term analysis of EYP development, building of the organisation’s identity and buiding stronger connections between members of the organisation. During the second day all the participants had a chance to participate in the workshops on team work, leadership and communications, as well as to per-

form with their own ideas within the special master classes. Apart from the intensive daytime programme, the event included evening activities and even a Birthday and a Farewell parties. All in all, the 1st Alumni Weekend of EYP – Ukraine gave a chance to over 30 active members of the organisation to gain new ideas and a better understanding of EYP and created a basis for forming a new leadership group of the organisation.




t all started back in 1987 with just one school in France... A quarter of a century of involvement, hundreds and hundreds of EYP Sessions, thousands of young Europeans changing their lives, contributing to their society, building a network of 39 countries… We remember birthdays because they are watersheds between

different ages, important turning points and usually occasions for reflection and looking ahead. For EYP, reaching 25 years is a great opportunity to celebrate the past and look into the future! The event took place on 5th7th October 2012 at EYP’s birthplace close to Paris. Besides the official ceremony, the event included EuroVillage,

EuroConcert and of course a special party to mark this great occasion. EYP – Ukraine was represented by Anna Suprunenko, Anastasiia Ianovytska, Maria Romanenko, Lyubov Dvoretska and Lina Tarashevska.





arly fall – just a perfect time for another big EYP event of the year 2012 – The 3rd Inter Rail tour. It was, probably, one of a kind event, the wingspan of which ranged from East to West of Ukraine. The 3rd Inter Rail of the EYP – Ukraine took place between 10th and 16th of September in 15 Ukrainian cities. 600 delegates from different regions took part in the conferences of the Tour. Officials were divided into 5 teams (5 people each), and ‘railed off ’ to 5 different destinations in Ukraine with an aim of holding three 2-day minisessions in a row. All the hosting cities were united into 5 regions: West I (Lviv, Lutsk, Rivne), West II (Ivano-Frankivks, Ternopil,


by Dmytro Kharchenko

Khmelnitskiy), Center (Kremenchuk, Cherkassy, Chernihiv), East I (Sumy, Zaporizhia, Luhansk) and East II (Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kriviy Rig). The entire process of the sessions was arranged and run by two Head-Organisers: Roskolana Pidlasa and Kristina Chelmakina, who coordinated the local organisers’ activities. Despite the difficulties that EYP – Ukraine has faced, Inter Rail as a whole can be considered a big success. Hundreds of high school pupils and university students have participated in this event, dozens of them have later become the new members of EYP – Ukraine. Young parliamentarians in every city, regardless the amount of participants, enjoyed those

one and a half days of involvement in EYP. The enthusiasm of all the participants appeared to be the key element for the overall Inter Rail tour. Oleksandr Huzenko, one of the local organisers, admitted that he had sleepless nights prior to the session and got exhausted getting ready for it, but at the same time he remarked that “the achieved results absolved the efforts I sacrificed”. In general, the 3rd Inter Rail tour resulted in being a triumph for EYP – Ukraine. “Filled up my suitcase with memories. Thousands of stories that nobody apart us will understand and laugh at” (Rodrigo Vaz, PT). Read more about the 3rd Inter Rail tour of EYP – Ukraine in the next issue.


Independence Day Activists EYP-Ukraine celebrated Independence Day participating in the Fair


ntellectual Capital Fair, organised by Center for the Future, on Independence Day gathered talented youth. Representatives of government and business, various NGOs had a chance to improve their cooperation. During the Fair young people presented their innovative projects, business representatives offered opportunities for training and employment, and national and international non-governmental organisations - opportunities for development. European Youth Parliament – Ukraine was represented by Anton Verkhovodov, Alyona Vishnevska and Yegor Vlasenko. Stand of EYP – Ukraine was located alongside partners that contributed to discussing


further cooperation between youth initiatives. Not only potential members, but also their parents and citizens, who came to support active Europe-oriented youth, have paid interest to EYP – Ukraine’s stand. All the visitors had a chance to see the brand-new EYP-UA brochure and become more aware of EYP.

by Yegor Vlasenko and Anton Verkhovodov

by Kateryna Baskenova

Sumy Organisers


here is a school where many Ukrainian EYPers studied, starting from legendary EYP alumni Kate Kondrunina to Kate Poluliashenko, Olga Kozlovs’ka, Dmytro Tsypkin, Julia Babenko, our current Vice President on Public Relations Ievhenia Melekhovets and our talented editress Maria Shcherbak. I also studied there and I bet you will soon hear about active newcomers from this school. The name of it is Oleksandrivs’ka Gymnasium. All of these prominent EYPers were brought up under a strict guidance of Svitlana Mykolaiivna Guz’- a striking example of true dedication to EYP. Here I want to introduce local organisers of the 3rd Inter Rail tour from Sumy: Yermolina Alesya and Budyanskaya Polina. Both of them are 16 years old and in the 11th form, members of dancing studio “Pigmalion”. Alesya is a candidate for the President of Gymnasium, participated in Inter Rail 2009 and EYP weekend in Sumy 2012. Polina was a delegate at Odessa International Forum 2012, as well as at Inter Rail 2009 and EYP weekend in Sumy 2012. After Odesa IF Polina offered her help in organising Inter Rail 2012 in Sumy. I really worried about everything as I knew that girls were new to EYP but everything went even better than great. There were 35 delegates and many of them performed on the high level. Session went smoothly and fruitful. At least half of the delegates from IR are members of EYP now. So, hurray! I asked Polina and Alesya about their feelings, fears and hopes regarding Inter Rail. They said they enjoyed organising. It was a pleasure for them to meet officials. They started to like being tired. You know

this feeling when you are incredibly tired but happy that you did so many things that day. Also they feel like they are able to even handle organising a National Selection Conference. Personally I am happy that we have such bright and initiative EYPers in Sumy. Oleksandrivs’ka Gymnasium continues to prepare future EYPers. Thank you, Alma Mater!




story by Lidiia Zhgyr

Life Changing

O d e s a

Odessa, the Pearl of the Black Sea, hosted guests from 20 countries beof EYP – Ukraine. tween 16th and 19th of August at the The Forum has left bright impressions in the hearts of all the participants. Here is a thrilling story written by one of the Forum’s journalists


he brighter the time is – the faster it passes. Same is here. The most exciting days of the summer 2012 have passed by like a shooting star, leaving a long trail of recollections, fed by thousands of pictures and gigabytes of video, behind it. Each time I bring some memories back, a cool feeling appears in my chest and in minutes of pleasant sadness I dream of recapturing those fabulous days of real EYP joy again. The realization of the fact that the forum has begun came to me when I entered the café Nota Bene after journalist’s teambuilding on the beach. I saw the first delegates there. That time I didn’t know yet, that they, hardly having known each other, were already a team, which would be working like a single or-


ganism, partying like mad and then fighting for the resolutions after it during the next 4 days. While the journo team was chilling out at the Langeron beach, riding a banana and sunbathing, the organisers’ team was fussing around arranging perfect conditions for our existence in Odesa. I had no idea what their work would result in. Not taking into consideration Passage and Zirka hotels, 10 points for most bright impressions go to the shipboard party, which was so much expected, but nobody knew for sure that it would take place. That evening was the organisers’ triumph and I am sure that simply every participant appreciated this surprise. Euroconcert, which preceded the shipboard party, surprized me with the quantity and diversity of the talents rep-

Several facts spent discussing topics connected with the main theme ” of the forum - “ committee work was coordinated by the team of , led by the President of the Forum - Miss Valentina Mina from Cyprus Organising team, headed by Anna Lachykhina and Vitalii Ovsiiuk, dedicated of their life to arranging the session

resented during the evening. Singers, guitar and piano players – they made me proud of standing at one stage with them. Journalists’ Odesa song success can be proved at least by Dr. Flowers shaking his head and articulating the original lyrics from the song… All EYP sessions have one thing in common – each of them changes your life to a particular extent. Of course, Odesa IF doesn’t have as strong life changing power as someone’s tweets, but after witnessing the Sunrise of ECOunity at the Potiomkin’s Stairway before the GA my life couldn’t have stayed the same. I saw it with my own eyes, I felt the first sunbeams touching my skin, I smiled to ECOpeople and I know that the ECOunity smiled to me back. They made my time, and I long for having it again. I just didn’t know those days, that the brighter the time is – the faster it passes by.

The media team, headed by Vitalie Popov from Moldova, has created an unofficial concept of the Forum in Odesa that is not well known to the world but keeps thousands of mysteries (including Around CJOs) from have participated in Odesa International Forum 2012

Opinions Oana CotoarA

(Chairperson, RO) “Odesa International Forum” - three words that still manage to bring a smile to my face, more than a month after the session ended. Random moments instantly pop into my head everytime I think about it: long morning walks to the Academy, using eco-cups during coffee-breaks, the boat party, barging before 7 a.m. for a hot shower, the most delicious pizza for dinner while proofreading the resolutions, committee cheers with my dearest ENVI I, mid-night GA procedure with my committee and chairs meetings on the third floor, filming “Chairs And The City”. I miss all those, I miss the people. It was a nice session. Thank you, EYP – Ukraine!

vitalie popov

(Editor, MD) EYP-Ukraine is growing every year and this summer we saw an unforgettable example of that at Odesa International Forum. The exciting event surprised me with exceptional mood which could be felt everywhere around: within committees, at coffee breaks, in orga-room or hotels. But the emotional earthquake was felt at the boat party. It seems that EYP – Ukraine was going fancy-green last year. We saw limo party at last regionals, now boat party, what should we expect next? I bet something outstanding again, because organisers are really doing a great job over there!

maris rutkis

(Delegate, LV) Odessa International Forum was a very funny and memorable way to end my summer. To me the Forum once and for all signified that you do not need an enormous budget to organize a good EYP event. The EYP atmosphere was priceless and EYP-Ukraine did an amazing job at providing it. I really enjoyed the evening events, the fun, lengthy walks through Odessa from venue to venue, and the overall warm, easy going atmosphere of the Forum. Thank you once again to all the organisers and EYP – Ukraine in general for their hard work!


by Maria Romanenko


ime goes by so…quickly! And the moment comes when with a diploma in your pocket (and in some cases with even two) you say a long awaited: “Bye university, hello world!”. At this point the next chapter in many lives appears to look like a cozy office table with a coffee mug on a coaster that was brought by some colleague from his last vacation on Mallorca, a boss, always arriving late and being very annoyed in case he is not the last to arrive and… 24 vacation days. Just 24. A brain of an EYPer immediately transforms into a calculator: 24 days = 2 International sessions (10 days each) + 1 smaller session (4 days). And this is per year! But, no panic please – there are still millions of opportunities to stay involved in EYP or simply apply the skills obtained in your future career. First of all, make sure you have a profile on the EYP – International portal ( With this easy step you will be informed on all ongoing sessions and projects held by the international network of EYP. Additionally, the portal is an amazing tool to interact with your EYP-mates. Secondly, you can still participate in the activities of your National Committee – EYP – Ukraine. For the information relevant to ex-members sign on the EYP-Ukraine alumni mailing list ( or if you are still planning to devote much of your time and energy – remain on the leadership or members list. EYP – Ukraine is very active and always welcomes new ideas, good piece of advice and any kind of contribution. And the last - always mention your EYP experience in your CV. As a potential event/project manager, you can fascinate HR with storied on last-minute problems solutions during one of the sessions; as a potential PR manager you can include links on some session’s media coverage you managed to achieve; in all cases you can demonstrate outstanding skills to work in a multicultural team. I have no idea if there is life after death, but there is a bright and adventurous life after EYP – this is an undeniable fact!


Lucky EYP number W e continue the column, dedicated to the members of EYP – Ukraine. As every one of them is unique, we decided to introduce the luckiest ones to our readers. According to a special mathematical scheme, two lucky numbers are chosen from the database of the Parliament. Meet our winners!


1. What are you expectations for this autumn regarding EYP? 2. What is your motto? 3. If you could arrange a meeting with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Maria Romanenko

Violetta Kolisnichenko

23 years old, BA and MA on IT engineering Has attended around 20 EYP sessions and considers herself as a “retired” EYPer

19 years old, studies Chinese language at Taras Shevchenko National University Number of sessions attended: 6

1. I am planning to assist IA department of the EYP – Ukraine to prepare the GA in September and, of course, to go to the 25th anniversary of the EYP in Fontainebleau in October. I am very excited to meet my old “EYP-retired” friends there. 2. “Impossible is nothing.” Nothing to explain here - any person can achieve anything, unless it is not against the laws of physics. 3. Mario Gomez. No comments here :P I just enjoyed EURO-2012 in my own way.

interviewer: Nataliia Kalyn

1. To my big regret I’ll be studying abroad this autumn and I will be far away from EYP. But still I know that Inter Rail sessions will be something unbelievably cool. I wish I was there. 2. “Do not regret about the past.” The explanation is pretty simple: nothing could be changed. The only thing we can do is to find something good in things that have happened and try not to make the same mistakes. 3. Princess Diana. I can’t even imagine how such a beautiful women could have such a beautiful heart and be such a strong personality, successful woman and good wife at the same time.


EUROPEAN FORUM BUDWEIS Budweis, Czech Republic 3rd-12th of August Iryna Savchuk (Delegate)

INTERNATIONAL SUMMER FORUM Menden, Germany 9th-15th of July Anton Verhovodov, Angelina Tarashvska, Olena Vyshnevska (Delegates)

EUROPEAN YOUTH FORUM Tulln, Austria 17th-21st of August Oleksii Prylipka, Angelina Tarashevska (Delegates)


THE 3RD IBERIAN INTERNATIONAL FORUM Girona, Spain 18th– 26th of July Valeria Cherednichenko (President), Anna Suprunenko (Chair), Oksana Korchak (Chair), Stanislav Kalanteev, Olena Vyshnevska (Delegates)

THE 70TH SUMMER INTERNATIONAL SESSION Tallinn, Estonia From the 27th of July to the 5th of August Oleg Shymanskyi (Chair), Olga Popovich, Violetta Kolisnichenko, Iryna Garbuz, Dmytro Kharchenko, Oleksandr Huzenko, Oleksandra Gipsh, Kateryna Popovich, Olga Shvets, Ievheniia Melekhovets (Delegates)

THE 10TH NATIONAL SESSION OF EYP LATVIA Riga, Latvia 4th-9th of July Anna Suprunenko (Jury member)

THE 1ST KRAKOW YOUTH FORUM Krakow, Poland 12th-17th of July Nazar Zhovtovskyi, Marichka Ihnatova, Mike Rozhkov (Delegates) THE 5TH NATIONAL SESSION OF EYP SERBIA Subotica, Serbia 16th-19th of August Lyubov Dvoretska (Jury member)

THE 4TH BATUMI INTERNATIONAL FORUM Batumi, Georgia 18th-23th of July Oleg Shimanskyi (President), Oleksandra Gipsh (Chair), Kateryna Baskenova (Chair), Alex Huzenko (Journalist), Anna Kondratiuk, Victoria Klimova, Vasyl Tsyktor, Iryna Selska, Hrystina Pasenko, Iulia Obikhod, Ganna Tokarenko, Denys Nedin (Delegates)

IONIAN INTERNATIONAL FORUM Corfu, Greece 21st-29th of August Maria Hud (Chair), Seyran Aliiev (Delegate)


e n i a r k U – EYP travels abroad 18

a, Iryna Savchuk, ov en sk Ba a yn er at K , by Oksana Korchak and Maria Shcherbak Ievheniia Melekhovets

Iberian Forum

This year’s Iberian Forum was proud to have on board 3 Ukrainian officials at once: two chairs (Anna Suprunenko and Oksana Korchak) and the President of the Forum – Valeria Cherednichenko. The Forum took place in a wonderful city of Girona, which is definitely the place to linger in. Only an hour north from Barcelona, the city manages to feel distinctly Catalan, giving off a sense of coolness and restraint that reminds you of somewhere much further north, while also being typically Mediterranean in style and spirit. All the participants of the Forum lived an eventful life during 8 days. Teambuilding, much sun, Committee Work with swimming pool breaks, the whole day spent on the seaside, wonderful Euroconcert, open air Eurovillage, Treasure hunt, charming committee dinner, fruitful General Assembly – these are not all the things, which made Iberian very special to all the delegates and CJOs. The main thing of Iberian peculiarity is people, who did their magic with everything EYP can offer. The 3rd Iberian Forum was unforgettable and will always remain in the memories of all those who participated as a colorful session.

Photo by Alex Huzenko




On 18th-23th of July hospitable EYP – Georgia held the 4th Batumi International Forum. It has already become a tradition for Ukrainian EYPers to participate in international EYP events in Georgia. This time the Ukrainian delegation was represented by experienced EYPer Oleg Shimanskyi - the President of the Forum, 2 chairpersons - Oleksandra Gipsh and Kateryna Baskenova, 1 journalist - Alex Huzenko and 8 delegates - Anna Kondratiuk, Victoria Klimova, Vasyl Tsyktor, Iryna Selska, Hrystina Pasenko, Iulia Obikhod, Ganna Tokarenko and Denys Nedin. The main topic of the Forum was “Eco-Technological Europe”. More than 80 delegates discussed the important political, cultural, and economical problems of Europe within 7 committees. Apart from traditional teambuilding, Committee work and General Assembly the Forum’s program included Batumi city tour, free time on the beach, Committee dinner and unforgettable parties. The main venue of the Forum was hotel Marina located right on the seaside. Batumi State University and its conference hall were the venues for the Committee work and the closing ceremony. The teambuilding was held in Batumi central park near the marvelous lake.


Only here and now Kateryna Baskenova is sharing her impressions about Batumi Forum... Just imagine: pool in the hotel, teambuilding at the seashore, Opening Ceremony at Sheraton Hotel (the most luxury one)… Session went really great. First of all I would like to send my big thanks to the organising team, to charming Asmati and handsome Giorge (Head-Organisers), as they were extremely friendly and helpful, . The whole atmosphere of the session was really impressive. ... and Forum’s gossips The funniest people were Estonians. Even though they were making stupid faces all the time they were really charming. One of the Ukrainian chairs was voted as the hottest one. And I’m not telling you who she is. Guess who? One small hint – she is blonde. Another Ukrainian chair was very popular among guys. Moreover she had one of the best “pieces of cake” – Estonian Editor.

It was really nice to find out that many Georgians are good not only in Georgian and English but they also know Russian well. Every foreign delegate would agree that the Georgian hospitality was remarkable. All participants had a possibility to taste national Georgian food, learn national dances and songs and get to know more about

customs and traditions of this country. Batumi International Forum has brought an invaluable experience, lots of new friends all around Europe and emotions, which will remain with us forever. I strongly recommend everyone to try at least one Georgian session and you will fall in love with EYPGeorgia!

Photo by Alex Huzenko





The 70th International Session of EYP in Tallinn was probably the brightest event of the year 2012 for more than 280 young and active EYPers from all over Europe. The session took place in the capital of Estonia from the 27th of July to the 5th of August. Ten days of EYP‌ well, this brings a question of surviving, as both work and partying were intense. Even though it was the summer IS, where every aspect of the venues was considered to be less formal, the young parliamentarians put the maximum efforts into both work and amuse-

Dima is going hippie


ment. The Committee Work and the GA were enjoyable but competitive. The resolutions presented at the GA were of the highest caliber. And the party time was even more colorful than always because of the most memorable hippie party. EYP – Ukraine was represented by Olga Popovich, Violetta Kolisnichenko, Iryna Garbuz, Dmytro Kharchenko, Oleksandr Huzenko, Oleksandra Gipsh, Kateryna Popovich, Olga Shvets and Ievheniia Melekhovets. There is a general truth that

you have no free time on the EYP session. Time-table is so compressed that EYP session feels like an army. You got to know how to do everything several times quicker: dressing up, taking shower, working, eating and even putting on makeup (girls will understand me). You probably noticed that when coming back after the session you feel like a superman: speed of completing everyday tasks is just amazing, you are all-mighty for another week at home. But despite the no-free-time-on thesession myth, Ukrainian delegates found some time to ex-

Tallinn bikers

plore picturesque city of Tallinn by bikes. With such eventful schedule and almost 24-hours per day activities Ukrainian delegation had to put all their efforts in order to not to miss a thing. And they did. Well, almost. Till the very last days. On their way from Tallinn to Helsinki Ira Garbuz and Zhenia Melekhovets fell asleep in the National Museum in front of reception after the farewell party held the night before. But they concealed their embarrassment by glasses as any professional EYPer would do.

Sleeping beauties

Photo by Alex Huzenko





by Alex Huzenko

Yegor Vlase n



hen did you meet?

Yegor: At the airport before the 66th IS in Athens. I met the Russian delegation and they thought that I’m an organiser :) Dima: In Athens at the 66th IS. We were in different committees, but got to know each other during the room parties


hat was your first impression about him?

Yegor: This guy is so tall! Dima: A nice guy from Ukraine, who likes to party A LOT


Dima Vyskrebentsev

hat is his favourite EYP game?

Yegor: Don’t know why, but “Bear Hunt” comes to my mind Dima: To pass the coin


he story or phrase that only two of you know

Yegor: Cool Mediterranean sea in April in Loutraki :) Dima: I guess we do not have that story


he best feature of him

Yegor: Open-mindness and positive thinking Dima: The best feature about Yegor is that he is really calm... always


hom of the super heroes would he be?

Yegor: Superman, of course :) Dima: Captain America. No comment


here will you to meet again in 20 years and at which conditions?

Yegor: This world is so small that we can meet at any point of it and definitely sooner than in 20 years :) Dima: We will meet at a conference on inter-galactic relations


hy do you do EYP?

Well, I guess EYP is a “get and give” kind of organisation. In the beginning you get a lot from EYP. You get new experiences, new challenges, new friends but once you’ve gotten enough, you are at the point where you are ready to start giving. After the many sessions I’ve attended and the many things I’ve learned, it is my greatest pleasure to use this EYP-confidence to help create great experiences for the younger generations all across the continent. This opportunity to give and make others feel as good as I did when I was a beginner in EYP is what keeps me going. Sebastian Hosu, Austria


ny funny EYP stories to share?

Getting lost in Chernihiv before the GA. I was thrown into a bus by some middle age Ukrainian lady and I tried to speak English with the natives (bad move). After a couple of stops and a lot of tension between me and the driver who wouldn’t let me stand or leave the bus, the Messiah (a.k.a. an English speaking Ukrainian guy) walks in and gets me to the City Hall. When I finally found the very well dressed group of people, I gave the man the tightest hug of his life and ran like there were no tomorrow. Bruno Moreira, Portugal


id EYP influence where you are now?

Sure, it did. It is mostly due to my involvement that I was able to gather CV worth a full Open Society Foundations scholarship to study at Maastricht University (MA European Public Affairs). The latter studies brought me to my current internship in Jakarta (Indonesia) to work for the EU Delegation here (ASEAN relations section). Oleg Shymanskyi, Ukraine



id EYP change somehow your life?

Yes, I think so. It helped me better realise what kind of person I am and then enabled me to use the strengths that I have. Ugis Balmaks, Latvia



In the next issue Summarizing 2012 - Planning For 2013, Training For EYP Trainers, The 3rd Inter Rail Tour, Alumni Weekend of EYP – Ukraine


2012/03 July-October Issue  

EYPigeon- The official July-October 2012 edition of the EYP-UA newsletter covering both past and future events including; Inter-rail, EYP-UA...

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