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September 24, 2012 Issue 1, Volume 12


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SPORTS Varsity football defeats Oakmont in the centennial homecoming game Page 10

Walkthroughs provide staff with feedback from different perspectives by jessica wang

Roseville High School administration has initiated new observational teacher walkthroughs this year. Each session lasts approximately 10-15 minutes. According to assistant principal Judi Daniels, the goal is for each administrator to go out to different classrooms at least 10 times each week. Teachers will receive an e-mail from their observer with a summary of their observations, positive comments and opportunities to improve on certain aspects. “Teachers need to learn and grow like students do,” said Daniels. RHS administration isn’t the only ones who go around doing observation. Other teachers have been invited to go out as well. “I think that sometimes we can get stuck in a rut doing the same things that we’re used to doing, that we feel comfortable with,” said Mower. “[Seeing] some of the creative ideas that our colleagues are trying out in their rooms can be beneficial.” According to principal Brad Basham the goal of teacher walkthroughs is to have teachers learn from other teachers. As the year progresses, more teachers will be going out to other classrooms. “I hope students understand that there will be adults coming into classrooms,” said Basham. “But this is all about helping RHS teachers and students to do better.” Anna Marie Clark has assumed the role of lead teacher and routinely visits other classrooms for observations. “My job is to become a resource to our teachers who would like to try new strategies or improve upon the ones that they are using,” said AVID teacher Anna Marie Clark. “By being in at least 10 classrooms per week, I have a better glimpse of where the experts are and can connect teachers so that they can learn from each other.”

Fireworks, floats, and open house all show case RHS’ 100 years of history By MEGAN BLUMM & JESSICA WANG

Roseville High School celebrated its centennial this year with a few special events. The homecoming game took place on September 14 and kicked off the events. It started with a parade prior to the game and ended with a fireworks show. Extra bleachers had to be brought in to accommodate the crowd. The following day featured the homecoming dance for current students. An alumni picnic and self-guided tours of the school took place on September 16. There were also performances from cheerleaders, the comedy sports team and the band. Many showcases and performances took place at the outdoor amphitheater, the JB Gale Theater, and Patti Baker Theater. The Roseville High School Band


Fireworks show kicks off centennial celebration at the September 14, 2012 homecoming game. Additional bleachers needed to be brought in to accomodate the large crowd.

performed with the alumni twice at the amphitheater. The cheer team also performed at the amphitheater. The Guitar class played multiple shows in the Patti Baker Theater. Both students and alumni performed for the guitar show. In the JB Gale Theater the Dichords quartette made an appearance, the comedy sports team performed and a video was shown about Roseville High School’s experiences during the World War II era. Senior Logan Stahl was

impressed with the turnout. “There was a good amount of people who showed up to enjoy the event,” said Logan The picnic for the alumni took place at Woodbridge Park with live music, centennial merchandise and food. The picnic was headed by Margie Hieter and Charlene Rhodes and was backed by the alumni association. The picnic featured performances by the Roseville Community Concert Band, along with rock bands Night Shift and Prophecy.

George Carreras provided the food by grilling and serving meals for $10. Nothing Bundt Cakes and Noodles & Company handed out a variety of free samples. Other activities at the picnic included a banner raffle drawing, an anniversary cake and the alumni float for display. Centennial yearbooks and merchandise were on sale as well. “[It is] important to the alumni association that the best of RHS traditions were celebrated and

that students begin to add to those traditions,” said former RHS administrator Scott O’Connor. “[The] Roseville High School staff [were] especially helpful in assisting us.” Some alumni were impressed with the events. “It’s pretty amazing,” said alumni Mary Daley. “I think it’s great that there is so much enthusiasm in our town.”

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Math department eliminates D’s in Algebra 2 By Megan.blumm

Roseville High School has decided to no longer assign “D” grades in Algebra 2. The decision was made by this term’s Algebra 2, Professional Learning Team (P.L.T) made up of mathematic teachers Michelle Walton, Chaundra Wood, and Kim Ceo. The group met once this year and

decided to adapt what Geometry and Algebra 1 classes have been doing for three years, dropping the “D” as a grade. The change will not be made for Calculus. The A-G college requirements are what students must meet in order to attend any UC college. In order to pass the A-G requirement for Algebra 2, a “C” grade must be achieved within the class.

As Roseville High School is a college prep school, passing the requirements is a high priority. Ceo believes that the change is a good idea. “I want students to understand the material they are given,” said Ceo. When assistant principal Matt Pipitone was a math teacher, he implemented a similar policy for his class and found it to be very successful.

“I had more students passing the class when I didn’t have the ‘D’ than I ever did when the ‘D’ was an option,” said Pipitone. “I know some students are unhappy about it, but usually at the Algebra 2 level they’re not trying for a ‘D’.” Some students agree with the change. “I think it’s a good thing, so people don’t do the bare minimum and slack off,” said senior Lena

Romero. “It’s rewarding to the people who try.” Junior Katelyn Foley disagrees with the new policy. “It’s a better feeling to have a ‘D’ in a hard class than an ‘F’, because you have a closer passing grade to lean on as you work to get it back up,” said Foley. “You still feel bad about it, but it gives you confidence that the grade can be brought up.”

Illuminate software speeds up grading, gives a detailed analysis of test results By leandra weinberg

    Roseville High School has started to use a new testing program. The Illuminate program grades and analyzes multiple choice tests, certain aspects of free response questions and essays for any subject using web based software and a document camera. The program was established district wide this school year and RHS has deployed 30 cameras to teachers that have been trained to use the equipment thus far. All teachers have access to the database and administration hopes to get all teachers trained and equipped with a document camera by the end of this year or the beginning of next.

    Grading is done by the teacher inputting the key or grading rubric into the database, then placing each individual test under the camera so it can scan it and grade it accordingly. Any computer camera is also able to grade the tests. “I like it better than grading on the scantron machine,” said science teacher Alejandro Uribe.      The programs most unique feature is that it analyzes all of the data available from the tests and the teacher can easily see things like which learning standards are not being met by most students and the most frequently missed questions.      “I think it’s an incredibly powerful tool,” said assistant principal Matt Pipitone. “It’s really going to help teachers help students learn more.”      Grading with Illuminate is also

quicker and easier for teachers. “Once I got the hang of things, using it went a lot faster and it was actually pretty simple,” said Uribe. Other features of Illuminate include an online item bank through the secure database where teachers can find AP test questions and share their tests and test questions among each other. “For me the bet part of this is the item bank,” said history teacher Marie Criste. According to Criste, the new item bank is her favorite because she’s able to pull higher level questions to test her students on. “I like it. I think it’s a good program,” said Uribe. “We have to work out a few kinks with the camera, but it’s working really well so far.”


Illuminate uses a camera to photograph multiple choice sheets similar filled in by students, similar to scantrons.


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Vandals strike swimming By katelyn rolen

On the morning of September 6, students and staff noticed that the Roseville High School pool had been vandalized. Goal posts used for water polo and bins used for swim team equipment had been thrown into the pool as well as trash from a nearby trash can which consisted of empty food wrappers and plastic bags. The gate leading to the pool had been left open the night before, which had allowed the vandalism to take place. Sophomore Darian Wurster noticed the pool vandalism yesterday morning while attending morning math tutoring. “I think that someone was just trying to play a game or something,” said Wurster. “[The vandalism] isn’t cool. We can’t go to another field like soccer players. We need the pool to practice and practice is essential.”

The tarp reel was also found halfway underwater in the pool which bent the bottom support of the reel. The cost to repair the tarp reel is estimated to cost at least $500. In addition to the damage done to the pool, posters in the hallway that were advertising the approaching homecoming dance were torn down. Assistant principal Jon Coleman discovered the vandalism yesterday morning and was disappointed to see the damage. “[To the vandals] get a life, get a job, get a hobby,” said Coleman. “I think that kids are bored and look for things to destroy.” Those who were involved in the vandalism are currently unidentified but if they were to be identified, they would be charged with the fee to repair the damages done to the pool. It is also still unsure if the persons involved are RHS students. “I hate to think that it’s our students causing so much damage to our school,” said Coleman.

Planners missing the bell schedule By katelyn rolen

   This year’s planners do not include a bell schedule. In previous years the schedule was located within the first two pages of the planner. Students find that not having the convenience of a schedule in their planner has become troublesome.      “I don’t know why they took them [the schedules] out, because they were helpful to all of us,” said senior Brianna Lawrence. “I had to look at my schedule and write it inside of my planner.”      According to assistant principal Matt Pipitone, the schedules shouldn’t have created as much hype as they have.      “We needed an extra page in the planner, the schedules are posted in the classrooms and the bells are going [to] ring anyway,” said Pipitone.      Though some students regard the missing planner schedules as an inconvenience, others feel more strongly about the subject.

    “I think it’s stupid because it is not like we just know when we are getting out [of class],” said senior Anamarie Serrano. “We don’t even know when lunch is supposed to end.” This year’s planners contain 128 pages and appear to be significantly thinner than previous planners. Last year’s planners contained 144 pages plus a 16 page section located at the end of the planner titled Employability Skills. Although there have been changes to the planner, some teachers appear to have not taken notice to the subject. “Nobody has said anything to me [about the schedules],” said Andreatta. “The bell schedules are still posted in the classroom.” Though some students feel negatively about the planner change, others do not feel that it makes a drastic difference. “It doesn’t really matter,” said junior Jozh Gonzalez. “I don’t use it [the planner schedule] for anything.”

September 24, 2012

Upcoming Events


G i v i n g B a c k C l u b College Fair October 3 Fundraiser September 24

The Giving Back Club’s first fundraiser takes place at Costa Vida Mexican Grill. Participants must present a flyer for proceeds to go to RHS. Flyers can be picked up in room 936.

SAT Exam October 6

Colleges will set up booths at Students signed up for the SAT will Woodcreek High School during check in by 7:45 a.m. the college fair. The event starts at 6 p.m.

AP Environmental Science is a good class for students who are interested in a variety of science subjects By robbie short

Roseville High School added AP Environmental Science selection of AP classes this year. The class covers topics in biology, chemistry, geology, population, pollution and global warming. “It’s awesome, learning about realworld stuff going on with farms, the ocean [and] the atmosphere,” said senior Rohal Kakepoto. “It’s kind of like an AP Earth Science class.” Science teacher Alejandro Uribe went to a multi-week training course at CSU Sacramento over the summer to prepare to teach the class. He also talked with Nate Giorgi, the APES teacher at Woodcreek High School, to compare curriculums. “[The curriculum] has more of a geology slant [than the class at Woodcreek], but with the same major topics,” said Uribe. The course is open to juniors and seniors and there are currently 66 students enrolled. According to Uribe, the student response has been good thus far. “It’s a fast-paced class and every day we’re moving on to something new, but the kids have seemed pretty positive so far,” said Uribe. “The first test went really well.”

PHOTO BY Marian Abdelmalek

Students working hard in AP Environmental science class. Some students are glad that the class offers an alternative to the other science courses available at Roseville. “I’d already gone through most of the other science classes and [AP] Environmental Science seemed like a good choice for someone not really interested in physiology,” said senior Stephanie Mah. According to Uribe the class is doing well, there will be some changes next year.     “I’ll be changing the order of the

class around, maybe emphasizing different units,” said Uribe. “Also, a lot of my students have other AP or junior college classes and the workload can be pretty hard on them, so I will probably be reducing the amount of notes and labs.” Uribe recommends it to anyone looking for a fun, hands-on science class. “It’s a really fun class that focuses on very practical topics and current events,” said Uribe.

Stevens performs for RHS students By katelyn rolen

Singer Skye Stevens came to RHS to perform several songs in the amphitheater during one lunch. Stevens was accompanied by his two back up dancers, his manager, as well as various workers from radio station 103.5. The radio station held a competition between approximately four schools to compete with each other, where students were requested to vote in via text message to the radio station. The school with the most votes at the end of the voting would win the concert. Though student government initially commenced the voting, they were not the only ones to vote. “A lot of people, like random people voted [too],” said sophomore Maci Jordan. RHS beat out Whitney and Wo o d c r e e k H i g h S c h o o l who were also in the running to win the competition. Before the performance, Stevens expressed excitement. “I’m excited to perform for all different students, especially the ones that know the record and have reached out to me in a positive light about the record, so I’m super excited about that,” said Stevens. Stevens also wished to share an important message


PHOTO BY Marian Abdelmalek

Stevens doing his best to give RHS a perfomance they’ll never of motivation to students. “If you have a vision and a dream and a real passion for something, don’t ignore those feelings,” said Stevens. “You felt them for a reason and follow them, if you’re going to go for something, really go for it.” Students experienced mixed reactions to the concert. “That’s not my type of music, but it was a nice attempt to have fun,” said junior Paula Eschen. While some students didn’t particularly enjoy the performance, others thought positively about it. “I’m going to have to admit, his [Stevens’] songs are kind of catchy,” said junior Celine Nunally.




September 24, 2012

Cafeteria menu undergoes overhaul Changes come as result of new standards for nutrition value

Academic referral process asks teachers to discipline students for missing work By MIA MOORE


Roseville High School has undergone changes in school lunches this year. At the beginning of the year there was an addition of salads to every meal, which was soon taken away and replaced with the option of taking a bagged salad. Bosco Cheese Sticks are no longer sold and the pizza has a thinner crust. Ranch is now available on the side for most lunches and potato wedges are given as a side for the food served in the American food line. “It’s better that they put fries with the cheeseburgers,” said senior Hunter Vetterli. “But the salads aren’t that good.” These changes are due to an act that the first lady Michelle Obama championed for – the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act. It allows several reforms to be made in school lunches. A set of nutritional values is set and must be met by the available lunches in a school. This is why salad was added to every lunch in the beginning of the school year; to ensure it was in compliance with the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids act.

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PHOTO BY Marian Abdelmalek

New potato wedges served in the American food line due to first lady Michelle Obama’s nutritional plan. The Roseville Joint Union High School District food services department was eventually given word that they could give a salad as an option and potatoes on the side, which explains why students saw a change within the first few weeks of school. “A few weeks after school started we received information that showed us that potatoes could be used daily as long as a salad was

offered,” said RJUHSD director of child nutrition Jay Brown. “We changed immediately in an effort to make our students happier and reduce the waste.” Students have mixed feelings about the changes in their lunches. “I like them because they’re way better than the school I went to before [Buljan Middle School],” said freshman Ahamad Muntasin. Michelle Obama introduced

the act in 2010 to help reduce the childhood obesity rates in America and promote a healthier lifestyle. President Obama signed this in December of the same year. RJUHSD looks to meet all the requirements of the act while still providing quality food. “Your food service program is run by a group of people whose primary goal is to provide you with quality food that tastes good,” said Brown.

New tutoring class allows students to help each other By MEGAN BLUMM

This year Roseville High school features a new tutoring class for struggling students. Students Teaching Students is a new third period class where Students Teaching Students tutors help “power plus students” - a term used to identify those receiving help. Lisa Vaccaro is the supervisor for the new class. Her room is also being used for the tutoring that takes place before and after school. The idea for the class was brought up in the spring of 2011. After PAWS was abolished counselors and teachers met to discuss a way they could help kids who need academic help. So far there are 11 tutors in the PHOTO BY daniel wetter class and ten students enrolled to receive daily tutoring. Counselors Students help others by tutoring them in subjects they might need help in and can contact a student if they are helping them with homework. benefiting from it,” said Walsh. at my house.” struggling in multiple classes and said Fernanadez. Vaccaro believes the class will Senior Alatna Walsh is a tutor for “There are a lot of really good tutors ask if they would like to be enrolled, continue to grow and improve. but they will also make a call home the class. She also helps out after here.” Freshman Gilbert Escalante “I think we are off to a really to the student’s parents as well to school in the tutoring center twice inquire about the option to transfer. a week, and tutors math students is benefiting from the program good start, [and] we could help because it helps him get his missing more people,” said Vaccaro. “The Counselor Gracie Fernandez has struggling with Algebra 1. administration and counselors have Walsh and all of the tutors in the assignments in. faith in the new program. “It’s helping me with my been extremely supportive, and “With the passion and dedication class go through an online training of the counseling staff, Mrs. course to be a tutor on avidonline. homework,” said Escalante. “I’ve their continued support will help always struggled in math [and] I’ve us thrive.” Vaccaro, the tutors, the parents and com. “The kids who are here are never really had anyone to help me the students, it will be successful,”

Roseville High School has adopted a new academic referral process starting this year. “It’s not really a new policy. It’s more of a new process,” said assistant principal Jason Wilson. “The only difference is who gives out the referrals.” Instead of academic referrals being sent to the administration office, they can be directly handed out by teachers. Academic referrals are given for obtaining three or more missing assignments in any one class. Students are later required to serve detention in the classroom of the teacher who assigned the academic referral. If they serve the detention then they are later allowed to turn the missing assignments in for full credit. “It is a great way to make sure [students] prioritize homework and make a habit of doing it regularly,” said history Carol Crabtree. “It also provides them a time and place to

do so.” According to assistant principal Matt Pipitone, the reason for changing the process of the referrals was so that it would be more beneficial to students. “It just makes more sense to have the students serve detention in the class that they were given the academic referral in,” said Pipitone. “That way, students can get oneon-one help from the teachers and complete the assignment.”    Although the purpose of the new policy is to help students, some are worried that it will have the opposite affect.     “Some teachers are worried that the students will use academic referrals as an excuse to turn in assignments late, especially since they’ll be given full credit for doing so,” said Wilson. Some students do not agree with the new referral policy.     “They’re handed out too easily and the punishment for them is too extreme,” said junior David Keeler. “I got suspended for ripping one up.”

Newly sold geometry in construction house gives class money to fund themselves another year By NICK ESPINO

The house built by the geometry in construction students last year has finally been sold. “Building the house with the students last year was awesome,” said mathematic teacher Tyson Maytanes. “It took our district’s legal team a little while to figure out how to actually sell the house, and that’s why we weren’t able to sell it until now. Our ultimate goal is to sell the [new] house before school ends.” The house was sold to Cutting Edge Homes for $18,000 and is still on campus, but it is expected to be moved out by October. Students are working to build a new house for this year. The house will mostly be the same as the

previous one, but with a few new additions. All of the costs for the house this coming year are being covered with the money that was received from the newly sold house and with the help of donations. The donators from last year are also giving donation the new house being built this year According to Maytanes the selling process should be a little smoother this year, especially with some experience. “Going through last year and learning the different processes involved with selling the house there should be no problem witch achieving our goal and completing the sale before the school year ends,” said Maytanes.


Students put the finishing touching last May. The house sold for $18,000 last month.

Buildings around RHS campus go through new renovations By NICK ESPINO

Roseville High School’s buildings underwent some reconstruction to improve the looks of the school. The renovations were completed by the time school started this year. The school painted the 800 building, part of the 400 building, and part of the Patti Baker Theater. The RHS maintenance crew has other plans for the future to improve

the campus. “The goal is there will soon be funds allocated to paint the rest of the 400 [buildings], the 500 [buildings], 600 [buildings], small gym and all of the portables,” said RJUHSD director of maintenance Brian Gruchow. “The estimated cost to do all of this is $75,000.” The funds needed for the renovations, approximately $13,000, came from leftover money


from the previous year. The school also added new orange and black permanent trashcans in senior square, near the Patti Baker Theater, in the amphitheater, and between both 900 buildings. Some people believe that the campus is even cleaner now due to the addition of the new trash cans. “I’m really happy to see the new cans, they have made a difference and they are a little more accessible

for the students,” said campus monitor Nancy Rush. Some students have recognized the new additions to the campus. “The new paint looks good and really new,” said sophomore Carson Miller. On the other hand, many others have not noticed much. “I haven’t really noticed anything new,” said sophomore Nathan Cimino.


PHOTO BY Marian Abdelmalek

New trashcans may be cause for a cleaner campus.


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september 24, 2012


F eatures Tyson Maytanes competes for Teacher september

24, 2012

of Year Award, advances to state level By neilson powless & dean sideris dean.sideris@eyeofthetigernewscom

Last month, Roseville High School math teacher Tyson Maytanes was named the Placer County teacher of the year. The process started last May when RHS teachers voted to nominate Maytanes as the school’s teacher of the year. From there, Maytanes beat out representatives from the other seven schools in the Roseville Joint Union High School District to earn district honors. Then, on August 27, the Placer County Office of Education announced that Maytanes would represent the county as teacher of the year and move on to compete for the state title. “He was always a good

teacher,” said Principal Brad Basham. “He has good motivation.” Maytanes will be in speaking engagements around Placer County to possibly win the award at the state level competition. “It’s especially exciting because it’s the centennial year so I want to do my best to represent the school,” said Maytanes. “I have never received an award like this so it was really an honor for winning.” Sophomore Ryan Harlan is happy to see Maytanes receive this distinction. “Maytanes makes learning math easier, and he’s pretty fun in class,” said sophomore Ryan Harlan. “He deserves the award.”

The Roseville High School library held a centennial poster contest in celebration of the school’s hundred year anniversary on September 14. The poster contest, organized by librarian Lauren Zdybel, started the second week of school with advertisement in the daily bulletin and posters around campus. The deadline for the contest was September 7 and the library accepted 18 individual entries. Although there were no restrictions or actual rules for the contest, each poster submitted had either the number or the word “hundred” in it, as stated in the bulletin and posters when the contest began. All students who participated in the contest submitted a poster without a name. This was so that the judges would not be biased toward certain students when they assessed each poster, as all three judges were part of the RHS staff.

After the posters were entered to be judged, they were displayed in the library the week of Homecoming. Judging began on September 14 after the Homecoming rally, where a panel of judges, composed of English teacher Paige Powell, history teacher Ron Grove and art teacher Patricia Leong, critiqued each poster and awarded each grade level a winner. These winners included freshman Michelle Mah, sophomore Michelle Im, junior Tatyana Lubko, and senior Mackenzie Temme. Along with giving prizes to the winners of each grade level, the judges also had two other categories: best theme and best design/creativity. Senior Holli Pruhsmeier won the best designed/ creative poster and junior Hana Zarea was awarded the best theme. Although most of the entries included a modern edge, Zarea decided to go a different route and incorporated fashion and history

Brian Brosnihan (10) and Cali Ness (10) “I put little hearts leading from the 600s to dance, [in] big words [the poster said] ‘Homecoming Cali?’ and in small words ‘turn around’ and I was behind her,” said Brosnihan.


Tyson Maytanes advances to the state level of the Teacher of the Year competition after winning the Placer County title.


Six posters were awarded in the centennial poster contest. Above, senior Mackenzie Temme’s poster hangs with the other winners. into her poster. She drew the clothing choices of 1912 up until 2012, with each decade displaying its own fashion and style. The 100 years leading to the modern day clothing represented the birth of RHS and the change it, and the members of the school, endured over time. “I really like fashion design

and I’m interested in the different styles throughout the decades,” said Zarea The winners of the contest received a Target gift card, gum and a candy bar. All the winners where announced in the daily bulletin and their posters were hung in the library windows to show school spirit.

How would you describe your style? My style is really laid back and urban. I like comfortable clothes and still looking cute at the same time. I get a lot of inspiration from pictures. What kind of pictures? Stuff I find on fashion websites. Tumblr has a lot of cute stuff and [so does] Pinterest. Do you have any major fashion inspirations (specific people)? I really like Olivia Palermo. She’s one of my major inspirations. I follow a lot of bloggers on blogspot and Sincerely Jules she’s one of my inspirations. What do you admire about their style? I just admire that they’re so confident and they wear whatever they want but they still rock it, like they’ll wear sneakers and they’ll rock it. Do you use both your tumblr and your blogspot to post your outfits? I usually use Instagram to post those pictures. I used to do it on my blog, but I haven’t updated that in a really long time. Have you gained a lot of Instagram followers through your outfit posts? Yeah. It makes me feel good. How many of them do you think follow you for the fashion aspect of your posts?

Probably around 100 of them. What kind of outfit posts do you do on Instagram? I do outfit of the day, sometimes I show it from different perspectives. Other times I just tell my brother to take it with me. It all depends. What do you think your brother thinks of your style? I don’t know. I always ask him like, ‘Do I look okay?’, and he’s just like ‘Yeah, whatever, I don’t care.’ What do you think of your brother’s style? He has pretty nice style. What do you think are some main characteristics of your style? I really like wearing boots and short stuff. I love wearing skirts and big sweaters - anything that’s comfortable and I don’t feel too exposed [in]. What do you think of fall fashion versus summer fashion? I personally enjoy fall fashion a lot more because you cover up a lot more than summer and summer’s all about bright colors. I like the more neutral, brown colors. What are you most looking forward to about fall fashion? Wearing skinny jeans and wearing big sweaters. Do you have any favorite brands or stores? Not really, I go everywhere. Whatever catches my eye on display and makes me go, “Oh, I wanna go inside.”


Adam Stafford (12) and Julia Cardenas (12) Stafford decided to decorate Cardenas’s car while she was having dinner at Chili’s with a friend so that she would see it when she came out, but things didn’t go as planned. “[He] wrote Chris Brown lyrics all over the wrong car,” said Cardenas. Stafford then Instagrammed the picture and she came out. “I started cracking up but then we all ran away because we didn’t want to clean it up,” said Cardenas. In the end, Stafford got the answer he was hoping for. “I was pretty happy with it,” said Stafford. “She said yes.”


With the departure of counselor Michael Brockman, former intervention counselor Graciella Fernandez took his place as the new A-D counselor. Roseville High School then welcomed Nancy Munoz as an intervention counselor. Munoz begins her first year of intervention counseling after being a counselor for four years at three schools. Munoz studied at UC Davis and got her masters degree at Sac State. Munoz thought she wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, but later in life realized that she wanted to work more one-on-one with youth, and found counseling offered what she wanted. In 2009, she took two years off to have her second baby boy. According to Munoz, the

counseling program at RHS is so organized because it has been around for so long. “The counseling program, it just flows,” said Munoz. “I’m happy to be a part of it.” Fernandez is also adjusting to her new position. She loves being a counselor and realized she wanted to be one after her high school counselor tried to dissuade from going to college because she was Latino. “I think this is what I’m supposed to be doing,” said Fernandez. “Making a difference in just one child’s life would make me happy.” The students who were previously counseled by Brockman are adapting to the change. “I think she’s nice and she helped me change my schedule,” said sophomore Ariana Bouldt.


Mina Oh shares style through blogging

Skyler Buchman (10) and Sammeh Crittle (11) Buchman’s plan was to dress up as Batman and ask his girlfriend, Crittle, to homecoming in a Batman voice since she really likes Batman. “I went to his house, his sister ‘accidentally’ spilled water on him, [he got up] and changed into Batman, knelt besides me and said ‘I know you’re not the woman I deserve, but will you go to homecoming with me?’ in a

Batman voice,” said Crittle. Since Buchman hates Batman and is a fan of Captain America, Crittle thought that it was really sweet and cute. “It’s funny, but cute in the same way,” said Buchman.

Graciella Fernanez replaces Michael Brockman; Nancy Munoz joins counseling staff



In what way were you asked to Homecoming? By MARIAN ABDELMAEK

Centennial poster contest celebrates 100 years of Roseville High School, posters displayed in library By DANIELLE ULLE

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Above, junior Mina Oh shows off her urban style. She uses social networking sites like Tumblr and Instagram to gather inspiration PHOTOS BY MARIAN ABDELMALEK and share her love Former intervention counselor Graciella Fernandez (top) took of fashion. on Michael Brockman’s position of an A-D counselor and Nancy Munoz (bottom) became the new intervention counselor.



24, 2012 Features Giving Back Club aims to give back Seniors pioneer Tropical Tuesday to community through fundraising trend, gaining student followers Page 6


The Giving Back Club is a new club at Roseville High School. The club’s aim is to support local charities and volunteer for the community and it will be holding various fundraisers throughout the year. According to club founder, senior Akaash Nagra, 93 people signed up during Club Rush. “I think that Club Rush was successful for us because we had a ton of positive energy surrounding our table and it was clear that not only will our club be helping the community to the utmost of our abilities, but we’re going to have fun doing it,” said Nagra. Nagra had the idea of starting the club last year because there were no club organizations at our school with the aim to support local charities. “I felt like the club needed to be started because all charity organizations could use help,” said Nagra.


English teacher Paige Powell is the club’s advisor. “I chose to be the teacher advisor because I like what they’re doing and Akaash is very organized,” said Powell. The club has now signed up over 100 people but is still looking for new members. They PHOTO SUBMITTED BY ALYSSA SLEADD hope to volunteer Seniors Ryan McFadyn and Heather Hopas a group kins pick up flyers for tonight’s fundraiser at at children’s Costa Vida Mexican Grill. hospitals and soup kitchens, and hold fundraisers such as car washes and Jennifer Simon. Their first fundraiser is being bake sales. held at Costa Vida Mexican Grill “I’m really excited for this tonight. Attendants must bring a school year and a big reason for flyer for proceeds to go to RHS. that is definitely the Giving Back Flyers can be found in room 936. Club,” said senior club officer


The recent phenomena known as Tropical Tuesdays hit Roseville High School this year, resulting in students wearing Hawaiian shirts on Tuesdays. Tropical Tuesdays was created by several seniors, including Adam Stafford, Hunter Fournier and Jared Demariano. “Bro-adventures with Tropical Empire [inspired Tropical Tuesdays],” said Fournier. “Broadventures is our bonding time where we find cool spots in Northern California, meet girls and make rope swings.” Stafford is the mastermind behind the creation of Tropical Tuesdays. “[Tropical Tuesdays] started when I wanted to wear Hawaiian shirts on the first day of school and then Hunter said ‘Let’s just wear them on Tuesdays’,” said Stafford. According to Demariano, the


Seniors Max Jensen, Lauren Stafford and Cole Jacobs wear Hawaiian print shirts for Tropical Tuesday. group chose Tuesdays because Mondays are too depressing. Senior Roman Tyukayev is one of the participants in Tropical Tuesdays. “Its fun to take part in it,” said Tyukayev.

Stafford is enthused about Tropical Tuesdays. “I think people participate in Tropical Tuesdays because it’s awesome and incredible and we pioneered a trend,” said Stafford.

Foreign exchange students join campus Italian exchange student experiences being an average American teenager



Roseville High School’s new Italian exchange student, Eleonore Cardella, has been enjoying her first month as an American high school student.     “Everything about it [is] different but it’s been good so far,” said Cardella.      Coming from a small campus near Venice with a student body of around 500, the move has been a big change for her. In Italy, Cardella had school from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday thorough Saturday with no lunch break. Although this is her senior year, she still has one more year of high school.      Cardella has been placed in standard classes as opposed to ones requiring extra help and students have a positive attitude regarding her.      “It’s nice to have cultural diversity at our school,” said junior Gabriel Lira, a classmate of Cardella.      According to Cardella, the hardest part of adapting to American life is following a conversation.          “[People] speak too fast, it is hard to understand,” said Cardella.      She also finds the flavors of American food to be unique.


Eleonore Cardella, from Italy, is being hosted by Spanish teacher Paula Righello. She will stay there until June.     “It’s not bad,” said Cardella. “It’s just different.”      Cardella entered the World Heritage program, where students don’t have a choice in where they will be going. She ended up in the United States and is being hosted by Spanish teacher Paula Righello.      “It’s good because I wanted to go to California,” said Cardella.      She has been to Southern California with her father but has never visited Northern California.      “She is a wonder to have and she

has been adapting to the changes pretty well,” said Righello.     Righello has even assigned Cardella household chores to do when she is home, giving her a better experience of life as an American teenager.      “She didn’t know how to vacuum or use the laundry machine so I had to teach her,” said Righello. “She learned quickly.”      Cardella will be staying with Righello for the remainder of the school year.

Conversate grows from former Ignite Meetings held at Erb’s house on Mondays nights By danielle ulle

   Conversate is a club run by

peer helping teacher Valerie Erb which was derived from the already existing Ignite club. Originally, Ignite was a Christian youth group that held meetings during lunch on Mondays. Eventually Erb and the other members of Ignite decided that there was a limited amount of time that the club members could actually assemble during lunch. Therefore, the club decided to

German and Swedish exchange students learn about American culture during 9 month stay

forge another club and agreed that the new club would hold meetings every Monday evening at Erb’s house in addition to the original Ignite club assembly at lunch. Thus, Conversate was born.      Both clubs are faith oriented and essentially the same thing, however, Conversate is more personal and allows the club more time to meet up and ask questions. The club starts at 6:30 p.m. with a dinner supplied by Erb herself. By 7 p.m., the students in the club come together and have a discussion session, and by 8:30


Roseville High School welcomes two new foreign exchange students. Hellen Muller is a junior from Germany and Erica Jagedal is a junior from Sweden. Muller and Jagedal are part of the same foreign exchange program and came to California after going to a camp in Rhode Island on August 3. Both students will be here until the end of June 2013. According to Jagedal, American school is easier than the school she is used to, but it is very hard to understand everything the teachers talk about. “I have been studying for seven years,” says Jagedal. “It is different speaking so much English.” Along with going to school and learning about American culture, Muller is able to travel on the weekends. For the first time, Muller got to spend a weekend at Donner and went jet skiing. “I want to learn how to play softball, football and I want to barbeque,” said Muller. According to Muller, speaking English all the time was not that hard, although she does catch herself speaking German in the middle of a conversation or when she is answering a question from the teacher. Even though Muller slips a response in German every now and then, she is good at speaking


Hellen Muller (top) from Germany and Erica Jagedal (bottom) from Sweden came to California together and are adjusting to American school-life. English, and has been learning since she was in third grade. “They’re awesome,” said

culinary teacher Angela Ash. “They bring a whole different part of the world right to our kitchen.”

p.m., the meeting is officially over.      When Conversate first started meeting, students from Peer Helping classes joined, and from there it soon spread. Students all over campus got word of the club and joined to become part of the Christian youth community. Students on and off the Roseville High School campus are able to text the number 412 the word “Rock” to keep in touch with the club meetings and announcements. RHS students who are part of Conversate are even bringing friends from other schools and religions to come experience the sense of comfort that Conversate meetings offer.       “Kids feel free to be here,” said Erb.



Decision to remove the bell schedule from planner was not made with students in mind by Danielle Ulle

This year, as the new planners w e r e distributed, students all over the campus were probably shocked to find no bell schedule before the table of contents page. I know I was. You don’t really know what you have until it’s gone, and that’s what I feel happened with the planners this year. Because there isn’t a bell schedule in the front, the excitement of knowing when the class period ends has been completely erased. It’s like being given a gift on your birthday but it’s unwrapped and dirtied, like they didn’t even bother to give any thought into what they gave you. That present was a cheap, insincere item from a local gas station. The reason for the removal in the planner was that administration wanted extra space, for God knows what. Not only was the bell schedule page erased from this year’s planner, but so were quite a few of the pages in the back. Compared to the planner from last year, there is no Bill of Rights, no North American map and measurements and conversion page. We don’t even have a Trigonometry or Physics page. And to add even more to that, we students don’t get any of the 16 pages of Employability Skills in the very back. The 32 pages that are missing makes this year’s planner slimmer and a slimmer planner is not something we need. Though I rarely used them, the pages eliminated were a convenient study tool and helped students remember equations and formulas. My question for the administration

O pinion 916 Hoes is another form of cyber

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September 24, 2012

is why is this extra space needed? Was the removal of all those pages to provide for additional space in our student planners? Or were they to add new content? If this is so, where are the new pages that should be replacing the ones that were eliminated? Shouldn’t the students, who the planner was designed for, be the judge of what we want in the pages of our own personal planner? Shouldn’t our opinion matter most because it is our school and our student body that is affected most? I understand that each page printed in the planner costs the school money, and the elimination of the 32 pages for every planner distributed, in a school of almost two thousand, could actually help Roseville High School financially. However, I think that those involved with the planner layout expressed a lack of concern for their students here. I don’t think they realized that something as trivial as the removal of one page from a school planner could make students feel betrayed in a sense. The school shouldn’t decided whether or not the student body is allowed to see what time the class period ends or when lunch begins. I’m surprised that they didn’t put in any thought about how removing the bell schedule from our planners would be like putting a baby in a plastic bubble, afraid that it would hurt itself. We are not babies, we are not toddlers; we may look like kids, but we are aspiring adults. Please treat us like we are, because taking away our freedom to be excited over a lunch break or the end of our dull first period class is unacceptable. To eradicate the bell schedule is to strip us of our simple right of knowing when we get out of class.

bullying and should be removed by marian abdelmalek

partners and other things of that nature. Personal information is sometimes given out as well, like cell phone numbers and first or last names. Anybody can send in information about any person- most of the posts on the page are people messaging the 916 HOES account owner a picture of a person and what they want to be written about them. This may or may not get posted. This group is open to public so basically anyone can see it and share it. I don’t know what is worse, the person who made the page or the people who are taking part in commenting, sharing and asking for more. Obviously, we all have met some jerks in our lifetime, so I am not surprised that someone created the page, but I am actually shocked

that people are encouraging it. Not only is it disrespectful to send in things about people, but to share and ask for more is also just as bad. How would you feel if that was you? This generation is beginning to shock me each and every day by the things that people post on the internet, say to each other, and how many kids are bullied every day. 916 HOES was banned from posting anything for one week by Facebook and in retaliation a 916 HOES #2 was made, which also got banned, only leading them to create a 916 HOES #3. This action is not only wrong by the person doing it, but also by Facebook. They should have not only banned the first page for a week, it should have been banned completely. Facebook is one of the biggest

social-networking sites and they should have taken greater action, whether it was banning that person from making a group completely or not allowing them to have Facebook anymore, further actions should have been taken. Cyber-bullying should never be allowed. A lot of people don’t think that cyber-bullying actually happens, but I hope that this group lets a lot of teenagers and adults realize that it does exist and it needs to stop. If you post on the 916 HOES group page, let’s just say I will be judging you. You never know what someone is going through in their life and one comment can do more than you think it does. Every word matters, especially words told to others.

“Hey I don’t even care about my homework. I just wanna get hecka big.” This is a common phrase heard among the halls of Roseville High School. Bodybuilding has become a new fad among the student body. Students go to their nearest nutrition store, buy the most expensive creatine they can find and then carry around jugs of water and believe they are members of some elite bodybuilding society that does not exist. A common belief of the uneducated is that once one gets larger in mass, they

automatically become stronger and more attractive; two misconceptions that are pervasive throughout this new craze. Acquiring more mass to one’s body does not mean that it is all muscle. Anything that adds more volume to the body produces massthis could be water, fat, or ideally muscle. So if someone just starts eating hundreds of excess calories a day and does not pay attention to what those calories are coming from, they can cause a negative effect on their health. Some may refer to this unorganized consumption of junk food as being “manly,” and claim that eating large quantities of burgers and fries makes them a “real man.” Well it doesn’t. The excess calories will only cause an unhealthy rise in fat mass levels,

but not necessarily in muscle mass levels. A rise in fat percentages without a significant gain of muscle will not result in more strength. But it may result in becoming fat and fatigued. Excess calories need to be monitored in order to more effectively increase muscle mass while keeping fat at a minimum. If monitored correctly the increase in mass will be mostly muscle and result in the sought after increase in strength. Having more mass to ones body does not mean it’s going to be sculpted to your ideal physique or that the mass will be added to the area you want it. Gaining weight with an expectation that all of it will be added to your bicep is irrational and childish.

Weight will be added to areas depending mostly on genetics. Being “the big guy” just because you have 20% body fat is not necessarily a compliment. Gaining weight needs to be redirected into gaining muscle in order to acquire a more attractive physique. The desire to become “hecka big” is not an intelligent approach to becoming stronger or more aesthetically appealing. It will most likely cause obesity and a lethargic lifestyle. Any increase in the volume of one’s body is not automatically equivalent to an increase in strength unless proper measures are taken to ensure that the gains are mostly muscle. Gaining mass has the potential to improve one’s physique but again; only if the majority of massed gained is muscle.

Middle School even has a mascot and so do many other schools in the surrounding districts. Think of the Lincoln Zebras or the Granite Bay Grizzlies. Why is it that they have a mascot but we, being a much better school, only occasionally see ours? I wasn’t even aware that Roseville High had a tiger suit until I saw him during one of the rallies sophomore year. The only other time I witnessed our ever elusive tiger was during the Homecoming float parade this year, but that was only a brief visit. He wasn’t even there during our homecoming rally. What I really want to point out is not that we don’t have a mascot (even though it feels like we don’t), but that we have one and no one has stepped up to support our school in the form of a striped feline. I

understand that there are those who have taken on the role briefly to show support to our school, like the parade, but we need someone who will commit themselves to becoming this feline character and attend most of the games, rallies, and events that our school holds. If I could find more time, I would ask without hesitation to be the school mascot. I mean, think about it: almost no one would know who you are so you could do anything you want while in the suit. Besides, what’s better than being beloved by the entire school? During rallies, you just have to act silly and make people laugh. You have to pump up the crowd and show that you have spirit: it can’t honestly be difficult or boring. Maybe time consuming, but never mundane.

bykatelyn rolen

the point that you can’t tell if they have blue eyes or brown, let alone decipher any flaws on their face. From the amount of editing I’ve seen on some pictures, the girl could have the nose of Lord Voldemort and a lazy eye and you would never be able to tell because of the random bits of color, extreme white balance or whatever else they felt like throwing into picture. If you are confident enough to show others how you look without a stitch of makeup on, then more power to you. But if you’re not that is okay too because there are a lot of other girls that feel exactly the same way as you do. Just don’t post pictures of yourself claiming that you aren’t wearing makeup when you and everyone else know that isn’t true. Also, don’t edit the picture to the point that it’s passed the point of recognition, because if it’s a picture of you, don’t you want it to at least look somewhat like you? When it’s all said and done, not all of us have this amazing and powerful confidence that some girls are gifted with, but that doesn’t mean that you should lie or stretch the truth even a little about your appearance. If you think that you’re not the prettiest girl out there, I can guarantee that almost every other girl thinks that about herself too. We all have flaws, so what’s the point of hiding them, or worse, lying about them?

marian.abdelmaelk@eyeofthetigernews. com

It seems as if society has taken another step down as cyberbullying is now starting to become more of a direct attack. There is a new group on Facebook, 916 HOES. The person who made the account posts pictures of females and males in the Sacramento area, which includes a number of Roseville High School students, who have been featured on the page a number of times, stating, supposedly, that they have had sexual intercourse with multiple

Misconceptions about working out result in unhelthy lifestlyes

by simon richardson

Someone needs to step up and volunteer to be school mascot

by Danielle Ulle

Mascots. They are the physical representation of the school. And as the symbol of our school, why is it that we don’t seem to have a Tiger during the rallies or the sports’ games? I know that a tiger suit exists; what I’m wondering is where it has been. Is it collecting dust in a storage bin? Or perhaps just laying haphazardly on the floor in the student government room. Who’s to say where it is when no one can claim they have seen it? As an extremely spirited and prideful high school, I thought that someone would have volunteered already

to take over the responsibility of boosting the excitement during a basketball game or even a school rally- but the ever elusive tiger mascot for Roseville High School has not been seen in a long while. Generally, I am not a very fond of crowded or loud spaces, so I tend to avoid them whenever possible, however, I have gone to quite a few rallies and sports games, and I have only ever seen our Tiger mascot twice. Twice! It is possible that a lack of volunteers is the reason why our mascot never shows up. Or perhaps it is too much of a strain to attend every rally and school event. I’m not sure. All I know is that our beloved high school is being outdone by middle schoolers. Yes, you read correctly; Buljan

Douglas hair controversy carries racial undertones by mia moore

In today’s society, there is no doubt that we are judged mostly, if not completely, based on our looks. If you wear black, you’re “emo”. If you wear glasses, you’re a “nerd.” If you wear baggy pants, you’re “ghetto.” And if you wear expensive brands, such as American Eagle, Aeropostale or Abercrombie, you’re “stuck-up.”

2012 Olympics star, Gabby Douglas, was called “unkept” after wearing her hair in a ponytail during the gymnastics portion of the competition. Surprisingly, there were more than just a few viewers who were upset by Douglas’ hair. If you search “Gabby Douglas hair” on Twitter, you receive quite a few results. Many viewers failed to remember that not only is Douglas is a teen girl, she is also a teen athlete; an athlete who is competing in the Olympics at that. A lot of people watching the

Olympics also failed to realize that Douglas is also an African American woman. When you play sports, you will more than likely sweat. When an African American woman chooses to wear her hair straight and moisture comes in contact with it, it will undoubtedly revert to a curlier, afro-like texture. However, it is not only the Caucasian members of society who are commenting on Douglas’ hair. There are people both within and outside of the black community who are still ignorant about the increasing influence of

textured or natural hair on media, business and culture. Unfortunately Douglas is not the only African American woman in the media who has been criticized for their choice of hairstyles. Michelle Obama, her daughters, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and almost any other African American female artist has been criticized for their hairstyles at least one point in time. Although Douglas was repetitively criticized, she continues to hold her head up and enjoy the fame she has received.

Lies about having no makeup on Facebook photos does not lead to positive opinons

Lately I have been noticing that a lot of girls on Facebook have been posting pictures of themselves titled “no makeup.” I have also noticed that this is a lie. When looking closely at these pictures, you can blatantly see a touch of mascara here, or the perfecting effects of powder there. I don’t care who you are, I just know that your eyelashes are definitely not that length or that color naturally, and maybe it is Maybelline because I’m 90 percent sure you weren’t born with that flawless skin. I love the concept of us girls finally being comfortable in our own skin enough to post pictures of how we look naturally, but I would love it even more if we practiced the concept of it more and if we practiced it honestly. I shouldn’t say that every girl lies about having no makeup, because that wouldn’t be true. Some girls actually stay true to the no makeup claims that they make, and good for them because they have the confidence to actually do that, and they don’t feel like they have to lie about it. Some girls edit the picture to

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Movie Reviews


September 24, 2012

Album Review

End of Watch has something satisfying for all Carly Rae Jepsen can’t audiences, entertaining throughout whole film match hype of ‘Call Me

Maybe’ with new album


End of Watch is an action crime film about two street cops, Brian Taylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Mike Zavala (Michael Peña), stationed in south central Los Angeles. On a routine traffic stop, the officers confiscate guns and money linked to a Mexican drug cartel causing them to become targets to the cartel. The movie does a good job in its portrayal of the two officers. They do not appear to be stereotypical cops who pretend they’re God-like, they’re just two regular guys trying to do there job. The acting among the officers is also very believable and the two have excellent chemistry on camera. Another good aspect of the film was that it did not take itself too seriously either. There was a good balance between humor, action and drama, satisfying every viewer’s pallet. The movie was filmed in a first person point of view, which looked cool but didn’t really make sense. It’s not very believable that a cop would still be carrying a camera to record for personal reasons while in a gun fight. Not only did the directors have Officer Taylor recording every

By marian abdelmalek


Jake Gyllenhaal and Micheal Peña share good chemistry on screen as Officers Brian Taylor and Mike Zavala incident, they also never made it Sometimes I just felt as if I was trying too hard to be tough. For clear why.  To anyone who asked watching a sequence of clips, the all you soft hearted viewers, him, he would say, “It’s for my clips were very entertaining, but another positive to this film, project.” Look at that whatever didn’t really create a good story. it showed the companionship, way you want to, but that sounds a The Mexican gangsters in loyalty and trust between two best little sketchy to me. the movie were also extremely friends. My only real complaints on this annoying with how stereotypical However, even with the pretty movie would be how slowly the they were. Foul language in there weak storyline, End of Watch plot developed and how almost conversations was way overused is definitely worth seeing. It is seemed to not even be there at all. making them seem like they were entertaining until the very end.

House at the End of the Street is just another Hollywood cliché horror film By Akaash nagra

House at the End of the Street is a horror movie that manages to get the viewers to jump in shock and fear multiple times, which is certainly a good thing. It also features attention-grabbing plot development and good acting from most of the cast. However, to the more cynical viewer, the movie’s plentiful plot holes and cookie-cutter feel, paired with cringe-worthy high school clichés are enough to leave

one unimpressed. It begins with a prologue that shows a daughter murdering both of her parents using a club. Fast forward four years and Sarah Cassidy (Elisabeth Shue) and her daughter Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) are moving into a house close to the one where the double murder occurred. Soon, it is discovered that the son of the murdered parents still lives in the house. One day while walking home in the rain, Sarah is offered a ride by a mysterious young man who ends up being Ryan Jacobson

(Max Thieriot), the son who lives in the house. Ryan is kind and shy and is not as creepy as one might assume from where he happens to live. The two quickly fall for each other. However, events take an interesting turn one day when Elissa is over at Ryan’s secretladen house. The movie almost seems to be a mocking recreation of the stereotypical 21st century “scary movie.” It features divorced parents, typical new kid at school scenes, the “cool kids” and outcasts, awkward teenage parties

with kids drinking and romance between the two who weren’t supposed to fall for each other. The movie’s efforts to stay within its PG-13 bounds ultimately limit it to making the viewer jump a few times, in terms of scariness. Overall, the movie is a good time-waster if you’re bored with friends and want to watch some scary situations play out and maybe jump out of your seat a couple of times. If you are the type who is disappointed by overdone Hollywood clichés then stay away from this House.

Game Review

Slender offers easy to play, free entertainment By Haylee sexx

Slender, a newly released psychological horror game, is a very suspenseful and horrific game. When you first start playing Slender, you are lonely in an isolated forest and only equipped with a flashlight. The objective is to search around the forest for eight pages, while Slenderman is following you the whole time. Slenderman is a faceless guy in

a suit and every time you collect a page his pursuit of you becomes more urgent. Many people began to film their reactions of encountering Slenderman and posting them on Youtube. One video, called “Bane Plays Slender,” shows Bane’s perspective of coming across Slenderman. This video is highly entertaining and I recommend everyone watch it before playing Slender. The first time I played Slender, I wasn’t sure if it was

as frightening as everyone said it was. I was carelessly walking around not caring if I found any pages or not. The walking soon turned into sprinting because the dreaded music started to play and I knew Slenderman was going to get me. After ten minutes of crazily running around, Slenderman killed me and I almost cried because I was so spooked. However, on the technical side, Slender doesn’t really have the extraordinary graphics that recently released games have. The

trees look a little too pixilated and the bathroom and house look very boxy and cube-like. Slender’s game play is highly intense for a very basic game. At first, it seems as if it is going to be a very boring, simplistic game. But as you progress further in the game, you start to feel shivers and you get jumpy as it gets more intense. All in all, Slender is a game everyone should experience as it is simple, entertaining and is also free.

Carly Rae Jepsen released her first album, Tug of War, in Canada back in 2008, then her EP Curiosity in February of this. The Canadian artist went rather unnoticed in the states until Justin Bieber announced she would be signing to School Boy Records, the label run by his manager Scooter Braun. Shortly following the announcement, the release of her fun, energetic single ‘Call Me Maybe’ last summer went #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and Jepsen’s career officially took off. Now, the artist has recently released her full length American debut album Kiss, consisting of twelve tracks, two of which being the pre-released radio singles ‘Call Me Maybe’ and ‘Good Time’ featuring Owl City. Overall the album is exactly what you’d expect, with a lot of energetic and fast beats on almost every track. The lyrics were also very predictable, singing about a breakup or a boy; not surprising at all. Although, Jepsen has a pretty decent voice, it sounded very

high-pitched and autotuned throughout the whole album, not actually showing the quality of her voice. The songs also had too much going on to really concentrate on it. If you like fast beat, good vibe pop music, then this is definitely the album for you. If you like more of a slow and mellow kind of music, this isn’t something you should go out and buy. But maybe you should give it a listen just to say you did. Fortunately, the album has a few softer songs that you can really notice her voice on. One of which is ‘Beautiful’, which features Justin Bieber. Both Jepsen and Bieber’s voices blend nicely and they harmonize well, making that a song that is definitely worth hearing. However, although it is one of the slower songs on the album, it doesn’t fail to have a beat that will keep you awake. Kiss was definitely not one of the best albums, but it was not one of the worst. For this being Jepsen’s first real album on a larger, American label, I give her a pat on the back and hope that the next album will be a little less filled with fast, pop beats and more filled with the talent I know she has.

Restaurant Review

Blue Nami offers quality food at affordable prices in a comfortable setting At a glance...

By MAtt tawlks

Blue Nami, located in Roseville on Eureka Road, has cheap prices, great sushi and a friendly atmosphere. However, their service is sub par. For example, once, my glass of water was empty with just the ice left. The waitress filled up my glass, but only half full. It was weird. I know it takes time and precision to make sushi, but sometimes I wonder what takes them so long to prepare and serve the roll. However, on a positive side of the service, they are pretty quick on bringing your check at the end of the meal, which is great because I’m the type of guy that likes to dip right after I eat. A very good roll is Jack # 2, which consists of deep fried shrimp, crab and tobiko. The price of this roll is extremely cheap sitting at $10, which is a little cheaper than the average roll. Another good roll is the Stardust ($14). Stardust is deep fried shrimp with spicy tuna, avocado, a slim yellow tail and sea steak. The restaurant also offers a special where every sushi roll

Address: 1465 Eureka Rd. #120 Roseville, CA 95661 Price Range: $5 – $25 Star rating: Four Stars


Another good roll is the Flying Tiger, consisting of deep fried shrimp, crab, chashew, cilantro, avocado and lemon. ($11) is 50% off. This deal is offered during all hours of business everyday, so whatever the price of the sushi roll is on the menu, you’ll always actually be paying half of that. Along with cheap, quality sushi, Blue Nami also serves more pricey traditional Japanese style appetizers, chicken entrée options, soups and their own Blue Nami Specials.

Horoscopes: What’s Your Sign? By megan blumm

Libra (9/22-10/22) Things may get bad this week with your financial situation, but if you work hard the problem will resolve itself. Don’t stress out and stay calm. Scorpio (10/28-11/21) Get involved

in something you have a strong opinion about in the near future, you may have a chance to make a change for the better. Sagittarius (11/22-12/21) Strength can be your weakness soon, know when and how you can use it and know when you should not.

Capricorn (12/22-1/20) Don’t let any bad news in the future


discourage you, keep on moving forward because things will work out in the end.

fear, for they will not make it as far as you in the far in the future. You’re going to go places.

Aquarius (1/21-2/19) New changes should be welcome in your life this week, as they will create good opportunities in the future.

Aries (3/21-4/20) In the near future you may feel untrustworthy of a close friend, but keep those feelings to yourself as they will blow over quickly without conflict.

Pisces (2/20-3/20) People who you work with this week may not do their share of the work, but never

Taurus (4/21-5/21) Take some time this week to appreciate some of the


things you have, for they may vanish very quickly soon.

always go as planned. It may come in handy in the future.

Gemini (5/22-6/21) Don’t let your anger get the best of you, keep calm and go about your day and you will avoid conflict that would regularly affect your daily life and happiness.

Leo (7/23-8/22) Pride should not be your only focus this week, because it may get in the way of your judgment for the worst.

Cancer (6/22-7/22) Try to find a new hobby or way to occupy time this week because things won’t

Virgo (8/23-9/21) Have some time to yourself this week to relax, you may need it after dealing with difficult people and situations.



24, 2012

Varsity girls volleyball


Girls volleyball team holds an overall record of 13-10 BY MARCUS GARCIA

Last Thursday, the Roseville High School varsity girls volleyball team traveled to Rio Linda High School in search of their fourteenth win of the season. They were successful, as they swept the Knights in three straight sets 25-8, 25-4, 25-8 to win the match. Last Tuesday, the team took on the Yuba City Honkers in their twenty-third game of the year. They made number 23 count as they won the match in fashion by winning three straight sets for the sweep. The scores were 25-18, 25-19, and 2519. This non conference win gave the ladies an overall 13-10 record on the season.     “We played really well and that’s why we came out victorious,” said senior Kirsten Merlino.      Two weeks ago on September 13, the Lady Tigers hosted the Monterey Trail Mustangs in a non league game. The ladies bettered their record to 12 wins and 10 losses after the victory over the Lady Mustangs. The match went to four sets with scores of 21-25, 25-20, 25-18 and 25-20.      “The team played well,” said senior captain Marrisa Dumford. “We bounced back from the first set loss and won the next three.”   On September 11, the ladies took on Placer High School in their first game following their tournament played the previous weekend. It was a hard fought game by the ladies. Despite losing their first two sets, the ladies didn’t give up as they picked up their game by winning the next two sets with scores of 25-23 and 27-25 forcing a decisive fifth set. The ladies put up a fight but came up a bit short losing the set

Last Tuesday on September 18, the Roseville varsity boys water polo team played Woodcreek High school for their first game against the Timberwolves. The game took place at Roseville and the Tigers did not pull out a win, loosing to the Wolves 21-12. “We really played as a team and

jv boys


During the weekend of September 15 the boys JV water polo team traveled up to Bear River for a tournament. The team finished in first place after going 3-0 with a tie. Nevada Union claimed the same

Varsity girls BY MATT TAWLKS

Above, senior Kirsten Merlino comes up to spike the ball against the Yuba City Honkers. with a score of 16-14.     “We bounced back from the first two sets and played well,” said senior captain Jordyn Smith. “We fought hard but just came up a bit short in the fifth set.” On September 8, the Lady Tigers took part in a tournament in which they played seven games in one day.

The ladies dropped their first three games of the day at the hands of Davis, Golden Sierra and Christian Brothers. They bounced back to win the next four games to end the day. Their victories came against Bradshaw Christian, Vacaville, El Dorado and Colfax high school.

Girls JV volleyball open by winning 9 of first 10 games, sweep Rio Linda In their first 10 games of the season, the Roseville High School JV volleyball team has posted an impressive record of 9-1. The team is led by three returning starters, which are sophomore setter Kylene Landenberger, sophomore libero Valerie Rodgers and sophomore outside hitter Stefanie Christofferson. All three girls are captains on the team. Last Thursday, the Ladies took on the Rio Linda Knights in an away game. It was an absolute massacre, as they swept the Knights in two sets 25-14, 25-9 to win the match and improve their overall record to 10-1. “We played really well,” said

Landenberger. “We came out ready to play and destroyed them.”     Last Tuesday the Lady Tigers faced off with the Yuba City Honkers. They made quick work of the Lady Honkers by beating them in two straight sets to complete the sweep and win the match 2-0. The set scores were 25-18 and 25-12.      “The girls played very well tonight,” said head coach Cindy Simon. “They came out mentally prepared and ready to take care of business.”      Two weeks ago on Thursday September 13, the Lady Tigers took on the Monterey Trail Mustangs. This was yet another easy victory for the Tigers as they took care of the Mustangs in two straight sets

for the sweep. The set scores were 25-21 and 25-9.     On Tuesday September 11, the Ladies hosted Placer high school in their eighth game of the young season. This was a very hard fought match for the Lady Tigers as they dropped the first set with a score of 18-25. The Ladies would not be discouraged as they stormed back and won the next two sets 25-23, 15-11 to win the match. The win against Placer improved the girls overall record to seven wins and one loss.      “The girls are competitive, driven and determined hard workers,” said Simon. “I am proud to be their coach.”

freshman volleyball

The Lady Tigers freshman volleyball team has started their off their season with a solid start. The Lady Tigers are 3-3 in their first six games and look to improve and make some final adjustments as they head into league starting Wednesday. Last Tuesday, the team took

on Yuba City Honkers and started off well by winning the first match, but fell short losing two straight matches, allowing the Honkers to run off with the win. “We played well we just need to talk more, communicate better and work on hitting,” said team captain Marina Efsthiu. On Thursday, the Lady Tigers faced off against the Rio Linda


The varsity girls water polo team played their first league game last Tuesday against Del Oro. Unfortunately for the Tigers, they

jv girls BY ALEX GOMEZ

On Tuesday September 18, the Lady Tigers JV water polo team played against the Woodcreek Lady Timberwolves. The Lady Timberwolves won.

Knights. The team started off well and never looked back. The Lady Tigers were too much for their opponent, defeating the knights in just two matches. The first match was won by a score of 25-11 and the second match by a score of 25-14. “We had good hits, we served well and we all just played a really good game,” said Efsthiu.

everybody contributed to our game even though we lost, [it was] a good game all around,” said junior Jacob Darby. Stand out players of the game were seniors Eric Waters, Evan Artica and sophomore Nick Sapp who led the team in scoring. Artica was the leading contributor by having three goals, five assist and one steal. Players like junior Elijah Keaton and senior Justin Young also

chipped in goals for the Tigers. “It was good for our new players to get some experience and show their talents,” said Darby. During the first period, the Tigers came out dull allowing 6 goals and only scoring 1. The rest of the game was still in favor of Woodcreek. The Tigers next game will be against Bear River High School at their house for an out of league match.

record as Roseville, but Roseville got the top spot due to score differential. Sophomore Joey Costa contributed greatly coming up big with 29 blocks from inside the goal. The offense was led by sophomore Bailey Clark, who led the team in scoring for the tournament. According to Costa, the team has been working very hard and is

looking forward to having a good year. “We are looking really good, we have good incoming freshman and the sophomores have really stepped it up this year,” said Costa. “We are looking forward to having a good year, and putting up a lot of competition against our opponents.”

failed to get a win. Entering their second league game of the year, they faced a good team in the Granite Bay Grizzlies. They once again, lost in an entertaining game led by senior Delaney DeMello. “Were getting better as a team and more confident individually,”

said DeMello. “We are also close as a team, which helps us a lot.” DeMello also contributed to the next league game against the Woodcreek Timber wolves. The Tigers also won that game, and DeMello chipped in with three goals of their total eight in the contest.

“We played well in the first half, but they had more subs than us, so we were tired,” said sophomore Makenna Vulgas. “Skill-wise, though, we were pretty equally matched.” On Thursday September 13, the JV Girls Water Polo team faced the Lady Miners of Nevada Union. The

Lady Tigers were defeated. “[The game] was good,” said Vulgas. “We held them off pretty well in the first half, but we didn’t have as many subs as them, so we got pretty tired by the end.” The Lady Tigers are next in action on Tuesday, September 25 against Bear River High School.

cross country

Roseville cross country continues winning streak with second win


The Roseville High School cross country team competed in the Asics Invitational meet held on September 15. The meet was held at Nevada Union. Roseville High School placed first at the meet making this their second victory this season. “League is starting off great but the rest of the season is going to be hard,” said sophomore Aturo Sotomayor. Arturo was the third Roseville runner to finish the three mile race behind senior Logan Stahl and sophomore Neilson Powless. Their times were18:12, 17:18, and 16:23

respectively. “I think the season will end up being really successful. We have already won two meets,” said Stahl. On September 12, the cross country team ran in its first SFL meet this year at Folsom High School. Teams from Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Woodcreek and Del Oro competed against each other for the fastest times. Roseville placed fourth of five teams. Freshman Emma Sessano ran the 5000 meter race in 22:11 finishing first for Roseville girls varsity. Sophomore Neilson Powless finished second overall for boys varsity with a time of 16:38.

“It was really hot at the meet and several runners still managed to beat their times from last year,” said Stahl. The team has state qualifications ahead of them. “Our goal is to finish in the top three in league,” said coach Vaccaro. “We want to get as many runners as possible to qualify for state.” The state meet is scheduled to be held on November 24 and the team has from now until then to progress. “We’ve made a lot of progress since last year and I think we’ve matured into an experienced team,” said senior Ben Beckwith.

girls tennis

The girls tennis team is 5-6 in season, hoping to improve throughout year BY AKAASH NAGRA

Freshman volleyball team feels confident in their abilities for the upcoming season BY NICK ESPINO

Water polo teams start the season off shaky, but are sure that they can pull together to make for a strong season BY WILL WHITE

jv volleyball


water polo

varsity boys


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The Roseville High School girls tennis team began their season a 5-7 record, as well as one win and one loss in league play. The team played Woodcreek High School last Thursday in their second league match, winning 7-2 and lost to Granite Bay High School in their first league match last Tuesday 8-1. The team’s league matches are leading up to important team goals for the season. “We have a streak going of coming in fourth in league every year and this year we want to beat Rocklin High School and take third in league,” said head coach Donny


Nush. The team practices every weekday after school to pursue this goal. “I’m trying to push them harder in practice,” said Nush. “We have to take it up a notch to achieve our goals.” Junior Emma Carlson is the number one seed this year and has consistently won matches. “I feel that if we keep on competing with the high level teams and practice closing out the tight matches, then we will have a lot of success as we get further into the season,” said Carlson. “We definitely have a very deep lineup.” The team competed in a tournament in Fresno the weekend

of September 6-8. The tournament represents the major event of the preseason for the team. “We lost all three of our matches in an extremely competitive group the first day of the tournament,” said coach Nush. “The next day we won both matches. We beat Pleasant Grove High School and Lodi High School.” According to Nush, sophomore six seed Kelechi Ukaegbu has won the majority of her matches this year and has been one of the most consistent players. Sophomore Nicole Treza has also been performing consistently according to Nush.



Page 10


Varsity football beats Oakmont Vikings for homecoming game BY MATT TAWLKS

After the third straight loss to open up the season, the Tigers were in need of a win. It was also homecoming week, which is more the reason to get their first win of the season. That they did, beating their long time rival the Oakmont Vikings with a score of 21-7. Opening up the game in the first drive, junior running back Matt Razzano escaped on a 20 yard touchdown run to give his team an early 7-0 lead. Unfortunately for the Tigers, the Vikings scored on the very next drive. During the second quarter, the Tigers scored twice, one on a one yard by junior fullback Isaac Carrel. Sophomore pull up, Bryce Crouch, also scored on a 17 yard slant route from quarterback Kyle Downie. “I like what Bryce brings to the team,” said junior linebacker Jordan Kunaszyk. “He’s athletic, smart and he works hard on both sides of the ball.” Crouch also contributed with 12 total tackles on the defensive side of the ball. “We played well, and all three levels won, so it was a good day for Roseville,” said head coach Larry Cunha. Razzano ended the night with 144 rush yards on 12 carries “It was a good first win, because we came together as a team on a big


Above, sophomore Bryce Crouch breaks away from the Viking defense.

stage in front of a lot of people,” said Razzano. Junior quarterback Kyle Downie gets more and more used to the game speed every week. Although his numbers have been up and down, Downie is feeling more comfortable with the feel of each game. “It’s getting easier and easier,” said Downie. “I’m getting more used to going through all of my reads, and studying defenses.” Although Downie doesn’t have much time to throw, he uses his athleticism to scramble free of defenders and either throw it on the run or take it himself. This is

an advantage for the team because Downie is one of the leading rushers for the Tigers. The Tigers are entering week 5 with a 1-3 record, going against a very tough team in Pleasant Grove. With a tall task in front of them, Roseville is doing everything they can to prepare for Friday’s game. “Were going to need to play physical against this team, they are very big and us on the other hand aren’t,” said Cunha. Last Friday, the Tigers lost to Pleasant Grove 48-14. Their next game is a week from Friday when they host Granite Bay to open league play.

Last Friday, the 4-1 Roseville Tigers battled hard against the Pleasent Grove Eagles with a come from behind win. The Tigers were outscored by the Eagles in the first half 29-14 but were able to shut out the eagles from then on with a win of 34-29. In the first week of the season, the Roseville Tigers traveled down to Cosumnes Oaks and came out on top 34-27. Touchdowns were scored by sophomore running backs Jake Vaughn and Max Fereira and sophomore quarterback connected to sophomore receiver Amran Bisla. The next week, the JV team went up against Rio Linda and won 14-7 putting them at 2-0. Vaughn scored both of the touchdowns, while the defense played a strong game. The following Friday, Roseville hosted Folsom and lost 27-12. The game stayed close going into the second half, but Folsom pulled away despite touchdowns from Fereira and an interception return


Above, Roseville player runs through the eagles defense. for a touchdown from sophomore cornerback Ryan Andrada. Looking to bounce back, Roseville played Oakmont for homecoming. Roseville dominated the whole game scoring seven unanswered touchdowns in the first quarter. Roseville was up 42-0 at the half

and Oakmont remained scoreless throughout the entire game with a final score of 56-0. “Seasons been pretty good but shaky,” said sophomore Matt Lanoie. “Our team is finally coming together and hopefully will end up 9-1.”


Team moves to 2-2 after victory over Oakmont

The freshmen football team has started off the season with a 2-2 record. In their first week they faced Del Campo and unfortunately lost 28-14. The next week, the freshman team came out on top winning 26-6

beating the Rio Linda Knights with two touchdowns each scored by freshman running back Owen Carrel and quarterback Blake Raybach. As the freshmen played their first home game, the Folsom Bulldogs came in and won 41-14 but the game was kept close until the second half. “Our defense played well for the

most part, but we need to refocus on next week,” said freshman defensive captain Luke Sayles. On September 13, Roseville battled Oakmont for the homecoming game. The final score was 33-27 with Roseville scoring in the final minutes of the game.

varsity soccer

Varsity boys soccer team comes out 3-1 in league after loss against Granite Bay BY AKAASH NAGRA PHOTO BY CECIL MORRIS WWW.CECILMORRISPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

Above, junior Virgie Velazquez returns to the greens after having to sit out due to a injury to her back. had Roseville’s best score of 48. The Lady golfers played their first league match on Tuesday, September 11 against Granite Bay at the Granite Bay Country Club. The Lady Tigers’ score was 247, which was not enough to defeat the Lady Grizzlies who scored 224. Junior Courtney Lemos was Roseville’s

top performer, shooting a 45. Star player Velazquez didn’t compete in the matches against Woodcreek and Granite Bay due to her back injury. The Lady Tigers next challenge will be on Tuesday against Del Oro at Sierra View Country Club.

jv soccer

Team acquires first league win against Rocklin High Last Thursday, the Roseville JV Boys Soccer team played Granite Bay High School for there first league game of the season. It was close, but Granite Bay just beat the Tigers 2-1. “We played good and really communicated and we almost got

Tigers 4-1 after win over Pleasant Grove




Girls golf team performs despite an injury to their number one


24, 2012


girls golf

Last Thursday, the Roseville High School Lady Tigers golf team faced the Nevada Union Lady Miners at Diamond Oaks Golf Course. The Lady Tigers won with a team score of 240 to Nevada Union’s 247. Junior Vergie Velazquez was the top performer shooting a 36. On Tuesday September 18, the Lady Tigers went to Whitney Oaks Golf Club for a match against the Lady Thunder of Rocklin. The good news for Roseville is that their number one player, Velazquez, was returning from a back injury. Unfortunately for the Lady Tigers, however, it was not enough as the Lady Thunder won with a team score of 216. Roseville shot a 273 with Velazquez as their top performer who shot a 46. On Thursday September 13, the Lady Tigers took on the Woodcreek Timberwolves in their second league match of the season. Roseville’s final score was 264, but Woodcreek had to forfeit due to lack of players. Junior Natalie Farahani


the win,” said sophomore Chad Alves. Alves scored the only goal for the team. The Tigers’ defense held up well by allowing Granite Bay to only score twice. “All week we have been practicing on ball possession and we have slowly improved,” said Alves. According to coach Paul Stewart,


the team is improving. “We are playing so much better now that most of our players are cleared to play,” said Stewart. “We have picked it up and are doing well.” The Tigers next game will be against town rival Woodcreek High School for there second league game of the season.

The Roseville High School boys varsity soccer team lost their first game in league play last Thursday 3-1 to Granite Bay High School. They finished out the pre-league play last Tuesday against El Camino High School losing the game 5-2. Their preseason record was 2-5. Senior James Baradaranakhjavan saw positives in the result last Thursday against Granite Bay High School, despite the loss. “We played a good game against a strong team,” said Baradaranakhjavan. “They went up early but we tied it back up. We played with heart.” Junior foreign exchange student Manuel Walter scored Roseville’s only goal of the game on a half volley from the penalty area. The team’s preseason campaign contained more losses than the players had planned for. “Our team did not reach expectations in the preseason,” said senior captain Max Jensen. “Our defense allowed too many goals.” The team made a major change to their defense last week in response to a perceived weakness in the back line. It will now consist of Baradaranakhjavan, senior Mauro



Above, senior Alex Roper takes the ball down the field attempting to score an important goal for the Tigers. Proo, junior Bailey Jensen and senior Alex Roper. “We felt like our defense wasn’t getting the job done so we thought we should put some of our stronger players back there,” said junior Chandler Crawford. According to senior captain

Simon Richardson, top performers so far this season have been Roper, Max Jensen and Bailey Jensen. “We’ve been working hard to improve as much as possible,” said Bailey Jensen. “Our focus is to do well in league play this year and win games.”



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