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Animals That Fly...


What if all animals could fly? Then many humans would be vegetarian, And turtles would smack down on my head, And leopards would be exceedingly dangerous. Or what if everyone could teleport? Then everyone would be obese and sluggish, And walking would become out dated, And surprises would be exceptionally easy. Or what if everyday was my birthday? Then everyday I would consume tons of cake, And I would have far too many presents, And everyone would be curious about me aging remarkably fast. What if all animals could fly?

The Color Blue Blue is the color of unhappiness, The color of feeling down, Blue is also the color of Nighttime in your town. Somehow, blue isn始t quite the color Of blue cheese, But is the color of a beautiful sky. Blue is the color Of a sparkling sapphire, The color of a blueberry pie. Blue is the color of crystal clear water, The berries bitten by a bluejay, The color of a swimming bluefish, The blue tea on a tea tray. Imaginative, enthusiastic, Is what blue typically means, Turquoise is similar, It is blue and green.

Nicholas September 1st, 2011

NICHOLAS Neat and well-kept describes my desk, In school I quite dislike writing and swimming. Canada is the home country of my mom, Helpful when helping in math or spelling. Observant when pointing out grammar mistakes, Likes to play ice hockey and skiing. Almost always takes time to make work perfection, Simple is my favorite way to do things.


Rain Rain, Rain, Rain, Light rain, Heavy rain. Occasional, often, non-stop rain, Dripping, flowing, flooding rain, Those are just a few. Wet rain, Moist rain, Evaporating, raining, flowing rain, Drizzling, dropping, pouring rain, Cats and dogs rain, too. Lack of rain, Stormy rain, Don始t forget cleansing rain. Last of all--best of all-I like acid rain.

The Celebration A beautiful double rainbow enchants the sky, The unique scenery of fireworks, A lovely cyan ocean holding up a boat. The picturesque city could make you cry, The storm has fled, the Autumn leaves falling, The boat atop of the water surface, afloat. It’s a wonderful view, so it’s nice to get fresh air, Though some choose to stay working, indoors. They work with machines in a power plant over there, Inside a steel structure, isn’t it a bore?

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My poems in grade 5

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