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"Hi, my name is Chris Cobb, and I'm just 31 years old. I work no more than 2-3 hours a week from home... Yet the system that I’ve developed has allowed me to turn a debt of $80,000 into a million-dollar a year business in the space of only 3 years… And now I’m about to show you exactly how I did it… and how YOU can do it too! Dear Reader, Welcome to the first part of the Automated Income Stream Home Study


I’d like to begin by congratulating you… Why? Well, because getting started is always the most difficult part of any enterprise, and by signing up to this course, you’ve made the first crucial step on the road to financial independence. In fact, you’re now a lot closer to success than you even realise. And that’s because over the coming months, I’m going to reveal to you the income system that has completely changed my life, turning me from a wage slave with a debt of $80,000, into an online entrepreneur that pulls in as much $388,426.73 per month (this figure will be fully verified a little later on). And the amazing thing is, I knew nothing about this until recently...


Just 3 years ago in fact… And now I make my living based on a simple idea that was shown to me by a semi-retired multi-millionaire... And it takes me only 2 - 3 hours each week... Don't believe me? Well, during this course I'm going to show you exactly how he made this money, exactly what I did to copy his simple system... and precisely how you can copy these simple ideas as well to start making huge amounts of money online... But first, before I tell you what this is, I want to tell you what this isn't... to put your mind at rest... This is… NOT Investing… NOT the Stock Market... NOT Online Gambling... NOT Multi Level Marketing… NOT Online Auctions... … and certainly NOT a "Get Rich Quick Scheme". This is perfectly legal and ethical and I guarantee that you'll not even have considered, let alone heard of, at least 90% of what I'm about to tell you... I mean, if you’re anything like me, you're probably as fed up with all of the "how to become a millionaire" offers and "get rich quick" garbage that's all too common these days. And no doubt you’ve fallen for a few “once in a life-time” opportunities in the past too, just as I once did. You’ve probably bought various e-books, DVDs, videos, audio programs, manuals, books, betting programmes and trading systems. And you may even have forked out thousands of dollars to attend workshops and seminars in the hope that you’ll finally find the ‘secret’ to easy money. Don’t worry if you have, we’ve all been there!


And like me, you no doubt discovered that none of this helped you at all… or if any of it did, only on a very small scale. I know this because I spent years doing it myself. I know exactly what it’s like to find something truly exciting; something that you really believe will change your life, providing you with the freedom and the money to be able to live the life of your dreams. And I more than most know what it’s like to experience the huge sense of disappointment when your ‘miracle program’ arrives through the post and you find that it’s nothing more than a 10-page booklet on Google AdWords that looks as though it’s been ‘written’ by an 8 year old! Which is why… I want you to understand that this system is TOTALLY DIFFERENT to anything else you’ve ever seen or experienced… And over the next few months I’m going to supply you with all the information you’ll need to make this system work for you, so you’ll be able to do exactly what I’ve done, and what many of my students and Joint Venture partners are currently doing. And if you want proof of what this system can do, have a look at the screenshot below:


These are the sorts of monthly figures I was pulling in just a year after quitting my 9-5 job! The system I’m going to reveal to you is the exact same system that has netted me hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last 3 years alone, and frequently a monthly income like you’ve just seen! Oh, and by the way, the figures you see are real and fully verifiable… I’m not one of those people who use fake screenshots and make bogus claims about the car they drive or the money they make! No way… This is VERY REAL and VERY GENUINE evidence of what this system is capable of… And I’ll be showing you more proof a little later on, just in case you’re still a little skeptical! And just in case you weren’t sure, I’m very real too! If you want to check me out for yourself, take a look at my blog: Here you’ll see further evidence of what this system has done for me… How it’s enabled me to bank SIX figure sums in only ONE MONTH! And allowed me to buy a Porsche Carrera 911 C4S for myself, and a Lotus Exige S for my girlfriend, Victoria… as well as a dream car for my Mum as well (an Audi TT)! On top of that, I’m able to travel all over the world and do all the things I’ve always wanted to do, while my automated system works on auto-pilot for me! But a crucial thing to remember is that this system doesn’t JUST work for me. Oh no! It works for anyone… And now it’s time for it to work for you too! This course, and the system that it talks about CAN MAKE YOU VERY WEALTHY… and that’s a fact. But it requires YOU to do one crucial thing… TAKE ACTION!


That’s right. You need to commit to this course, act on the teachings and see it through to the end if you’re going to change your life for the better and start earning automated income, like this:

The above screenshot shows $191,240.84 that I made in just 2 years from JUST ONE income stream! So many people jump from one opportunity to another, and never truly commit to anything… They all say that they’d love to work for themselves and be their own boss… To enjoy the freedom that working from home provides and to have complete control over how much money they earn… But very few people take the necessary steps and ACTUALLY DO IT. And I think the main reason for this is because they don’t really realise just how easy it is to do… Most people have almost been brainwashed into thinking that the only way they can earn money is to work for someone else… Yes, this was perhaps true a generation or two ago, but with the arrival of the internet, ANYONE can start up their own business and make huge amounts of money online… The truth is… YOU DON’T have to get up in the early hours of the morning anymore… YOU DON’T have to jump on the train or the bus and spend hours commuting to and from the office… YOU DON’T have to spend a huge portion of your salary on just getting to work! 7

YOU DON’T have to be completely subservient to someone else, doing exactly what they say each and every day in the hope that they might reward you for your efforts… No Way! You deserve more than that, MUCH MORE… And this course is going to give it to you. But as I’ve said, it’s no good just reading this course and dreaming about what it could do for you. If that’s all you do, you won’t achieve anything, and I will have wasted a lot of time and effort putting this entire course together. And that’s why I felt it was crucially important that I really focus your mind, and let you know just what can be achieved through this system… You see, it’s absolutely vital that you enter into this with the right attitude. Because if you do… In the space of only a few short years, you could be financially free, sipping a cocktail on your beach-front terrace somewhere, enjoying your freedom without a care in the world… and doing this for the rest of your life. How does that sound? Just imagine that for a moment… Imagine what it would be like to have no financial worries of any sort. • • •

To be able to jet off on a plane to any destination you fancy, whenever you fancy... To be able to afford all the things you’ve always wanted... To be able to provide for your family for the rest of your life, and for the rest of theirs...

And imagine how it would feel to be sitting on that terrace, with a cold drink in your hand and the sun on your back as you gaze out at the beautiful blue ocean in front of you… knowing that you NEVER have to ‘do’ a traditional 9-5 job EVER AGAIN! And if you can’t quite imagine how that would feel, let me tell you something… IT’S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! And I don’t say this to brag or to boast in any way…


I say this because I want you to experience what I’ve experienced, because YOU CAN… You see, I’m nothing special. I never have been and I never will be, and that’s exactly the point. Anyone can do this… Anyone can achieve that lifestyle if they have the ambition and the drive to do it. But there’s only one person who can make it happen… and that’s YOU. However (and this is important) it’s YOU that could be the main problem. Yes, I know that sounds harsh, but it’s also very true. The fact is, I can show you exactly how to set this system up, and to achieve financial independence, but I can’t do it for you. You’ll have to do that for yourself… And on the face of it, that doesn’t sound too difficult does it? I provide you with the means to make a fortune, show you the ropes, give you all the tools you’ll ever need, and you simply follow my lead and copy my methods… Easy! And in the space of only 3 years, you could be where I am right now… An entrepreneur with your own business, in control of your own destiny, happier and wealthier than you ever thought possible… And in the space of 4 or 5 years, you could be a millionaire, with something that you can run from the comfort of your own home, involving no real hard work… But in order to make this happen, you HAVE TO COMMIT, and take action. We all know how easy it is to be distracted from our goals and ambitions. I know. I’ve been there myself. It’s never easy to start something new... something that you’re perhaps not that familiar with. It’s always much easier to do nothing. To carry on doing what you’ve always done, what you know and what you’re comfortable with. And that’s exactly the reason why so many people fail… 9

It’s the fear of failure that prevents them from actually trying something new and following it through to the end. And then they give up… This happens time and time again – I’ve seen it myself – and it’s because giving up is the easiest thing to do when you’re involved in anything remotely challenging! So it’s vital that you consider this… Do you think Bill Gates gave up when Microsoft ran into some early problems? Do you think President Obama gave up when he was faced with all that opposition on account of his race and his background? Do you think Lance Armstrong gave up when he was diagnosed with cancer? No, they didn’t! They all stuck it out, fought hard and became three of the most successful men in the world… for three very different reasons. The difference here however, is that your path to success is nowhere near as difficult as theirs. And it’s ridiculous that I’m even comparing them! I just wanted to make it clear that this system works, and the only reason that it won’t work for you is if you give up… I found something that I knew had the potential to change my life for the better. And I didn’t quit. And I don’t want you to quit either… I DON’T want you to just read these modules and then DO NOTHING… I DON’T want you to just sit there dreaming about what COULD be achieved I DON’T want you to finish this course and then say “that’s great, I’ll do that some day, but I’m a bit too busy at the moment!” I DON’T want you to dismiss this system and return to your normal life, hoping and dreaming that something even easier will come along to make it better… Because it won’t… this is it.


I want this course to change your life, because it’s already changing the lives of many people just like you… • • • • • • • • • •

David has pulled in over $287,157.00 in just 10 months! Kevin makes between $9,000 and $30,000 each and every month… Steve Barrow is making $4,500 every month from a project that we started in May 2008 John pulled in over $110,000 in JUST one week from one Joint Venture Huey profited $2,030.00 from our first project together… John R is making over $67,500 every month!! From a project that we set-up very recently... Joe Evans is pulling in over $25,000 a month now... Ross made $4,052.50 pure profit in one month Phil has made over $52,000 in just 5 months from one project! Chris F made $910.00 from just one project…

I want you to take action, and NOT GIVE UP… I want you to look at your bank statement in 2 years time, or even earlier, and find that you’re earning $10,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 PER MONTH! Ok, I know… it might be quite difficult to imagine those sorts of figures right now, because it was for me when I first started with this system. I mean, $100,000 per month?! That’s an incredible amount of money that many people would have to work years to achieve, not weeks! But the crucial thing to remember is that these people are working traditional 9-5 jobs. They’re working for companies that take the lion’s share of the profits and hand out tiny ‘salaries’ to their staff. A huge amount of this money is then spent on getting to and from the job that pays them so poorly in the first place… And on top of that, they’re also losing up to 40% of these earnings to the taxman! It’s a truly incredible state of affairs… and one that I myself was locked into only a few years ago. I know exactly what it’s like to work long hours for little reward. But the fact is, there are many, many people who make this sort of monthly income online, and much more besides. And I know this because I’m one of them…


So before you start learning about the very system that achieves these levels of income, take a good look at yourself in the mirror and make the following promises to the person staring back at you… • •

You WILL take action and commit to changing your life You WON’T give up and settle for mediocrity

After all, the ONLY thing stopping you right now is YOU… But before we start on this journey, just take a step back for a moment and think about where you are in your life… Are you happy with your lot? And let’s be honest here… Has your life turned out exactly as you’d hoped? Do you currently have everything you’ve always wanted? Are you happy with the direction your life is headed? These are very important questions that you should be asking yourself… because if the answer to any of the above is ‘no’, then you need to take the necessary steps to change things. What do you currently have to look forward to? 20 something days ‘vacation’ per year? A couple of days off at Christmas and a few public holidays? And “freedom” at the age of 65, if you’re lucky? And are you happy with your job? Is that what you want to be doing for the rest of your days? You’ve probably already thought about it… how you could easily work there for the rest of your life, never earning any serious money, slaving away each and every day for someone else’s gain… COME ON, IT’S CRAZY ISN’T IT?! There’s absolutely no reason why you have to accept this, but unless you do something about it, this will continue to be your life. If you continue to say no to change, and to accept your lot in life, you’ll never be able to experience life itself, and what it’s really all about. 12

And in the blink of an eye, your life will have passed you by, and you’ll never know what it feels like: • • • • • •

To take exotic holidays all over the world, WHENEVER you want to To fly to these locations FIRST CLASS! To own the car of your dreams – in my case, a Porsche Carrera 911! To own a luxury villa abroad which you can visit any time of the year, for however long you want... To buy your perfect house outright, without needing to take out a mortgage... To have the sort of finances which mean you’ll never have to worry about “saving” ever again...

In essence, you’ll never know… What it really feels like to be completely debt-free, without any loans or financial concerns, and to spend the rest of your life without the stress or worry that this can bring. And you’ll never know what it’s like…

TO HAVE COMPLETE FREEDOM! And that would be a real tragedy, especially because right in front of you now, is a sure-fire way of getting ALL of the above… So I’m urging you to really think about your life, where you’re going and most importantly, where you want to be. I want you to think about what you’ve just read, and I mean REALLY think about it… I’m telling you this because I think it’s crucial to your understanding and ultimately the decision you make. The words I’ve written didn’t come easily… Instead they’re born from years of personal experience. I know what it’s like to live a life of frustration, to be unhappy and constantly striving for something more, something better. I know how difficult it is to make that first step, and to break away from the ‘norm’, the perception that a job entails working endless hours in a place you hate, doing something you couldn’t care less about and working day and night to make OTHER PEOPLE richer… But you don’t need to settle for this life… because MUCH MORE is possible, and NOTHING IS STOPPING YOU FROM ACHIEVING IT… 13

It’s time for you to realise your dream…


So, let’s begin… What exactly will you receive during this course, and how will it help you to start making automated income? Well, to put it simply, this entire course has been broken down into bite-size modules so that each one covers a specific aspect of an online business. The information therefore, is laid out in a step-by-step manner, so that you can gradually build your business from the bottom up, in a correct, fully sustainable and ultimately profitable fashion. Before long, you’ll discover that you have a complete and fullyfunctional internet business that is pulling in an automated income, just as I do. 14

I have constructed The Automated Income Stream Home Study Course in this fashion for a very deliberate reason… and I’m sure you can understand why. The reason is simple, and I often use a well-worn, but nonetheless hugely effective analogy to explain it… When building a house from scratch, for instance, you have to lay the foundations first, and lay them well… otherwise the rest of the building will collapse and fall. Once the foundations have been set in place, you can start building up, beginning with the ground floor, followed by the first floor, and ending with the roof. You can’t build a house any other way, and the same can be said for any successful business. You have to lay the proper foundations first, and build from there. What if I started this course by talking about payment processors and which ones you should be using to obtain the most customers? Do you think that would be helpful to someone who didn’t have much experience of a home-based business? Of course it wouldn’t! First they’d need to know how to get their own website and domain name. Then they’ll probably need their own product. Then they’d need to know how to go about marketing and advertising that product, as well as the website it’s on… And that’s the approach that I’m going to take with you… because that’s exactly how I learned to do it… step-by-step… And it’s so incredibly easy once you have all the pieces of the puzzle to hand, just as YOU will. Very soon, you’re going to discover how to make $10,000, $50,000 and even $100,000 per month… But in order to do that, I’m going to have to show you how to build your very own Automated Income Stream System in a step-by-step manner. As I said, I can’t do all of this for you, but I can show you EXACTLY how it’s done. And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing during this course… 15

How I Got Started… Before I begin talking about the Automated Income Stream System, I think I should explain a little bit about myself, where I’ve come from, and how the system itself was born… I want to reveal all the steps that led me to where I am today… to a position where I consistently bank monthly amounts like this:

That’s $786,140.05 in just 10 months, or approx $78,000 EVERY month from just this one project! I want to do this because I think it’s very important that you understand that I’m no different from you, or anybody else out there, and it will hopefully give you the motivation to follow my lead and do as I’ve done. Because of this, I urge you not to skip past any of the following… So here goes… Now, let me be clear. What you’re about to read is the truth… This isn’t some fictional story about how I rose up from the gutter to make my fortune… The truth is, I’ve never been poor, and I’ve never really suffered to that extent. I come from a good family who raised me to believe that hard work would bring its own rewards. At the same time, I’ve never been anything but ordinary, just like millions of other people out there… your typical “Average Joe” shall we say… with debts to pay! I had a typical white-collar job, and I earned a decent enough salary. But my entire life was consumed by that job… I spent hours driving to and from


work, spending hours stuck in irritatingly long traffic jams… Once I reached work I’d then spend the rest of the day at my desk, glued to my computer screen, or in boring meetings staring longingly out of windows, hoping that one day I’d be in a position where I wouldn’t have to do all this! Despite being fairly young, I found out what ‘stress’ was all about as I was constantly pressurized on a daily basis to meet ridiculous targets and shorter and shorter deadlines. I had a boss that wanted to know my every move and a pay-packet that didn’t really reflect the amount of work I was doing… Of course, all this wasn’t a major problem at first… I mean, I had a decent job, I was earning money and I thought I was doing well. After all, this was what life was all about, wasn’t it? A hard slog that you had to endure?! Well no, not exactly! But it took me a while to realize this… Although long overdue, it dawned on me that although I was earning a salary, my living expenses meant that I was left with virtually no spare cash at the end of each month. Worse still, my girlfriend was having to work longer and longer hours with her job... and we just seemed to be treading water, month after month... We had mortgage payments, monthly bills, credit card debts that were increasing at an alarming rate, increasing pressures at work, and we certainly didn't have the lifestyle that we both wanted... This wasn't what I’d planned at all! As the months went by, I became more and more frustrated with my life, my job, and the limitations that it placed on me. Essentially, to be able to live my mediocre “Average Joe” life, I had to spend every penny I earned from my full-time job. I really felt like I had no life whatsoever... and that I was well and truly stuck in the "rat race"... When I really thought about it, I was no better off than the average person... I had no real money to hand. I had nothing to look forward to (except the usual two week vacation) and there always seemed to be new bills on top of the existing outgoings that I could barely afford to pay... 17

Do you know that feeling? I guess you probably do. After all, that’s why you’re reading this course right now, because you’re feeling something similar to how I was feeling back then…

I had no freedom at all... Worse still, the life I was living was like my very own Groundhog Day, devoted to a tedious, repetitive routine that just went around and around, with no sign of ending. To paint you a picture (that may be all too familiar), I’d wake up at around 6.30 in the morning, have a quick shower, grab a coffee and jump in the car. I’d drive to work, slave away in the office all day, drive back home for about 8pm if I was lucky, have some food, watch some telly, and then go to bed… to make sure I had enough energy to do exactly the same thing the next day! I wasn’t really doing anything productive with my life… and I certainly wasn’t enjoying my life either. Instead, I was just ‘existing’. And the more I looked around the office, the more I saw that everyone was doing it... everyone was just 'existing'! There were clock-watchers everywhere... living for nothing but those two days at the weekend... and maybe a two week vacation in the sun if they could afford it. It was just a horrible existence... And it made me question things… I often sat there thinking; "Is this it?" "Am I going to be living out my very own Groundhog Day until I'm 70 years old?" “Will my future success and wealth be completely dependent on somebody else's perception of my abilities?" “Am I going to be struggling to keep my head above water for the rest of my life?” It was a truly depressing state of affairs… 18

And the answer was yes... if I continued the way I was... and didn't do anything to change it. You see, that's the key point here... If you don't change anything, don't expect anything to change... Yes, I know it's a bit of a cliché but it's SO VERY TRUE! I didn’t change anything for far too long… and I put up with all of this for a good few years, not really aware that something much, much better was out there, just waiting for me, if only I bothered to go looking for it… It still amazes me that I lived this life for so long… But when it boils down to it, isn’t this how most people spend their entire lives? Thankfully for me, the frustration and dissatisfaction that had built up in my mind led me to do something about it... The final straw arrived for me when I’d booked a week off work... I was trying to switch off and relax... but I was receiving phone calls from work on my personal cell phone... Now, I certainly didn't want to be taking the calls, but at the same, I couldn't ignore them either, so I found myself answering call after call during my supposed ‘vacation’… I was, for all intents and purposes, still ‘working’ (while I was supposed to be relaxing), and I absolutely hated it. At that point, I knew that I'd had it working for someone else... So, what did I do? Well, I decided that it was time that I did what I wanted to do - and I wanted to work for myself... and I really wanted to work from home... probably much like you... I wasn't sure exactly what it was I wanted to do, but I was certain of one thing - what I was doing at the time was not making me happy… mainly because I had no money, and no free time to actually live my life. And that day was when it really hit me... when I was supposed to be on vacation... "If I wasn’t happy with my life, then I really should do something

about it!”


There Had To Be Something Better… After deciding that I wanted to work for myself, I set about researching easier ways in which to make a living... And it was during this time that I looked for alternatives – quicker and easier ways to make money if you like... I looked at pretty much every imaginable alternative to my 9-5 job... and I mean EVERYTHING! I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I tried numerous "schemes" during this time, and all I did was waste money that I didn’t really have… Most of them simply didn't work… or they didn't for me anyway... If they did show any potential, I found myself glued to a computer screen or having to work long hours to make sure that I didn't miss out on anything... You see, I didn’t have the confidence to actually quit my job, so all of my spare time was taken up researching alternatives and testing them out. It drove my girlfriend crazy! So what did I find? Well, the first real alternative that I truly got my teeth into was Property Development... and I borrowed a lot of money to do this... This went on for a year or so while I was still working my regular job, and although I made some money doing it, I found this to be incredibly stressful indeed... Managing the plasterers, plumbers, electricians and decorators was a nightmare at times... so much so that I ended up doing most of the work myself! This was certainly not the lifestyle that I was looking for... This is me, enjoying a weekend at home during this time... I'd turned my full-time job into two full-time jobs! After realizing that I couldn’t carry on like this, I tried my hand at online gambling, and to be honest, I really wasn’t that bad!


I made a little bit of money in the time I devoted myself to it, but it clearly wasn’t something that I could do on a professional basis, or something that would provide me with a steady income… The earnings (if any) were obviously unpredictable and the stress levels… well, let’s just say they were quite a bit higher than my normal job! And it didn’t stop there! Oh no. After that I tried my hand at Paid Survey Schemes! I know, it’s embarrassing… but a man will do anything when he’s desperate! These schemes were truly awful, and I mean really awful… Basically the idea behind it is that you pay a joining fee to a middleman (the paid survey company), who then provide you with up-to-date surveys from big multi-national companies who are happy to pay people money as part of their market research. In theory, the idea is great. Say a huge company want to find out what their customers want… Well, instead of paying staff to survey people in shopping malls (which as we all know usually results in annoyed shoppers and unreliable data), the company will instead pay people a little bit of money to take the surveys online. Well, in reality these paid survey schemes are anything but great! From my experience, the ‘middlemen’ simply took the joining fee and disappeared! I didn’t hear back from most of the survey sites I signed up to. I couldn’t believe it! And on a couple of paid survey sites I’d paid money to, I couldn’t get past the application stage. All I did was fill out applications to take part in the surveys. And the sites were full of links that led to other sites asking for more money! The actual surveys (where I was supposed to make the money) were nowhere to be seen! Once I’d had enough of being ripped off by paid survey sites, I decided to hunt around a little bit more, and came across Multi-Level Marketing… You know the one, you pay a fee to join a team of go-getters and shell out for products each month. You then go out and try to sign up other people to the business, to work underneath you as part of your ‘down-line’…


Then, the more people in the company, the more money your down-line makes and the higher your commissions become! To be honest, there’s nothing wrong with the MLM method in theory. The problem is the people themselves who sign up to it... They jump on board, full of hope for the future, but then they sit around doing nothing, waiting for their down-line to make them rich. Meanwhile, their down-line is doing exactly the same… NOTHING! Most people then give up and move onto the next thing… Thankfully, I managed to avoid this one. I think I’d learned my lesson from the Paid Survey debacle! So then, how about a real, concrete business… Surely that would be a better bet? Well, after a bit of research I started to look into Franchises (remember, I was desperate for a way out at the time, and I was looking into absolutely everything)… “Brilliant”, I thought… “This is it, the answer to my prayers!” I mean, a franchise was a ready-made and proven business model that was guaranteed to make me money and allow me to work for myself… Wasn’t it? Well, after a few weeks of research, I soon realized that the answer was a big, fat “NO!” There was absolutely no freedom with a franchise, and the more I looked into different possibilities, the more I realized how utterly ridiculous a franchise actually was… In order to purchase a typical franchise, like my very own Pizza Restaurant in my home town for example, I would have to pay out $124,000… A whole lot of money! Essentially, I’d be buying myself a minimum-wage ‘job’ in a greasy, smelly little takeout joint where I would have to work 12 hours a day for months on end… just to get my own money back! Or how about this one… I could buy a franchise to my own snack delivery service… 22

What this means is that I’d be buying a weekly replenished box of candy, drinks and chips from the franchise company and I’d then have to drive around all day, stopping off at local businesses to try to sell people my products. I’d also get to drive around in the obligatory white ‘franchise’ van! Woohoo! But get this, nowhere in the package does it say anything about this van, so no doubt I’d have to buy that as well! So as well as driving around all day and trying to offload my snacks on hungry business people, I’d also have to pay for the upkeep of my van, and shell out for spiralling gas costs too… Wow, yes please, I’d love to spend my short life stuck in a van all day, trying to sell candy to strangers! On top of that, you’ll have to pay $35,624 (plus tax) for the privilege, which means you’ll be driving around for approximately 2 years before you even make your franchise fee back… And yet if you type ‘franchises’ into any internet search engine, you’ll see pages and pages of ‘opportunities’ that people can’t wait to waste their money on… It’s incredible! But wait, I’ve saved the best franchise until last. This is what you’ve been waiting for all these years… I just know it. Wait for it… You can clean other people’s houses for a living, and you’ll only need to cough up $26,310 for the privilege! That’s right… how’s that for a bargain? Wouldn’t you just love to hoover other people’s floors, clean their dirty kitchens and scrub their toilets? No, me neither! And apparently, according to the people trying to sell you this wonderful franchise opportunity, “we are in the midst of a 'Boom Time' for domestic cleaning” and more and more people are going to be employing a cleaning service in the next few years. 23

I had to laugh! Considering that we’re still reeling from the effects of the economic downturn which saw millions of people lose their jobs, I find it hard to believe that when people are desperately trying to save money, they’d be happy to blow what spare cash they have on something they could easily do themselves! Anyway, I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point… There are a variety of franchise opportunities out there for you, but the reality is that if you sign up to any of them, all you’ll be doing is buying a job for yourself, which you’ll then have to work very hard at, for a very long time, just so you can pay back the franchise fee… It just doesn’t make any sense! So after all that, it looked as though I was back to square one… So what did I do next? Well, I spoke to my girlfriend and some of my closest friends and the popular suggestion was this… “What about a traditional business that you owned outright, something with lots of potential where the profits would be yours… There are loads of them that you can buy and then own tomorrow…” “This is it (again)”, I thought. This was a much better idea. I could buy MY OWN traditional business, and then I’d finally realize my dream of being my own boss! This business would be mine, and mine alone. I’d have total control over how it was run and I wouldn’t have to share out any of the profits. So I started buying a number of newspapers, magazines and trade journals in order to familiarize myself with the market, and I spent weeks online, researching different opportunities in the hope that I’d be able to buy a traditional business… But it didn’t take very long for me to discover that this WASN’T A GOOD IDEA! What I soon noticed was how eager people were to sell you their business. “Hang on a minute”, I thought. “If your business has as much potential as you are claiming, why are you desperately trying to palm it off on me?”


And that was the key point… These salesmen weren’t offering me a thriving business with huge brand strength and thousands of customers… They weren’t even offering me a business with lots of potential… Instead, they were trying to get rid of a failing business that was losing money and going nowhere! And it’s no surprise when you actually take a bit of time to research the success rates of traditional businesses… Indeed, during my research I discovered that almost 9 OUT OF 10 traditional businesses FAIL EACH YEAR! What an unbelievable statistic! No wonder I found so many businesses up for sale… The owners just couldn’t wait to get rid of them and dump their troubles on some poor, unsuspecting sap like me! I mean, there were literally hundreds and hundreds of businesses, all claiming that they were ‘goldmines with loads of potential’! I came across every business imaginable, from restaurants, bars, takeout establishments and hotels, to carpet cleaning, landscape gardening, plumbing, hairdressing and health clubs. I could go on much more but I think you get the point… And the tragic thing is, the potential buyer of any of these businesses will most likely be someone who’s completely fed up with their ‘go-nowhere’ job and desperate to own their own business and actually make some money… And yet as soon as the ink is dry on the contract, they discover that their dream business is nothing but a total nightmare with all the income potential of the tool shed in your back yard. I mean, to even get started with a traditional business, I had to think about the premises I would be operating in and the inevitable renovation work and re-branding that would need doing. Then I’d have to think about staff costs, heating and phone bills, rental charges, leases, maintenance, insurance, health and safety requirements, and no doubt countless government regulations that I’d be forced to abide by or stump up more money for… And that’s just off the top of my head…


It makes that successful 10% look like miracle workers! So what did I think about starting up my own traditional business? Well, let me break it down… • • • • • •

I would have a 90% chance of failure I would find myself in a huge amount of debt just to get hold of the business in the first place I would be faced with untold costs before I could even begin to think about making a profit Years of my life would be taken up by stress and worry I would have ABSOLUTELY NO FREEDOM to enjoy myself And I’d still have a JOB!

Wow, sounds great… Let me sign up! And that’s pretty much why you’ll find a sack-full of businesses up for sale, because the owners know (only too well) that a traditional business means: A 90% RATE OF FAILURE, STRESS LEVELS THROUGH THE ROOF, A LIFE OF HARD WORK AND LONG HOURS, AND NO FREEDOM WHATSOEVER… And ultimately, all you’re actually doing is buying yourself a JOB! Yet there’s a big difference here… At least with a regular job you get to go home at the end of the day. And at least with a regular job, you ACTUALLY GET PAID, however small and unfair that salary might be! But with a traditional business, you’re talking about a 7 days a week, 12 hours a day slog to just turn the tiniest of profits… And you’ll keep going until the bitter end, because this is YOUR BUSINESS, and you’ll do anything to make it work, right? Of course, but why make things so hard for yourself? So no, don’t go anywhere near a traditional business… I certainly won’t! So Where Was I? Oh yeah… still unhappy, still hoping for a way out of the mire, and still searching for a new, better life for myself and my family.


I’d now tried out (or at least looked into) a whole host of alternatives that included: • • • • • •

Property Developing Gambling Paid Surveys MLM Schemes Franchises Traditional Businesses

I only point this out to tell you not to try any of the above... And some two years after my initial search began, I still hadn’t found what I was looking for… the dream method of making money, the Holy Grail, as it were.

Perhaps I Was A Little Naive... I just assumed that finding a different way in which to make a living that worked would be easy... And as you can imagine after reading the last few pages, it actually became somewhat of a joke to my friends… They would always ask me what my latest venture was... But it wasn't amusing in the slightest for me! So there I was, still stuck in my dull, 9-5 existence, still frustrated with my life, still full of stress, and still broke… However, what I didn’t know at this point was just how close I was to actually finding what I’d been looking for all this time… The Internet Is The Key… You see, during my research I'd read about people making fortunes on the Internet, building real, sustainable businesses and leveraging on its global marketplace… Yet I hadn’t given it enough attention or looked into it properly. Instead I’d just fallen for the classic scams like paid survey sites and the empty promises of MLM schemes… But when I returned to it, I was attracted by the amazing potential that an online business had, and the fact that there were a lot of "normal" and "average" people making phenomenal amounts of money online. I mean, it's very easy for big corporations and businesses to make money online, but when average people with no experience and no skills start to do it... you know it has to be real... 27

So, I started to look at this in a BIG way... and I bought a lot of information with every spare penny I could find! In a final act of desperation I decided to attend a workshop in Vegas, all about Internet Marketing. The workshop itself was fairly uneventful and tedious, and when it finished I cursed myself for wasting more time and money… Yet the day wasn’t over, and indirectly, my decision to spend this time to attend the workshop proved to be the catalyst for what I’ve got now… A life full of freedom, happiness, and automated income that floods into my bank account every single day without me even lifting a finger. You see, after the workshop finished, I got chatting to Jason, a young man from New Jersey, and we talked about the day’s events. As the conversation flowed, he told me about a multi-millionaire quietly banking a serious amount of money using the Internet… He also told me that he was working with this millionaire as a student of his, learning his system and applying all the techniques that had made his mentor so wealthy.

This Man Was Making At Least $150,000 Every Month... Apparently, Jason’s mentor had discovered a much easier way in which to make a living. Using the internet, he now made huge amounts of money online, and on autopilot… and Jason was following his every step, as an apprentice, as it were! He revealed to me how this system was based on residual, or passive income - the sort of income that hits your bank account automatically… So no matter where you are in the world and whatever you're doing, you still get paid... Jason also told me that he’d been able to quit his job as a result, and was now working from home, pulling in thousands each day. He strongly recommended that I contact him, and was kind enough to give me his email address. Well as you imagine, this was music to my ears… The very next day I emailed Jason and asked him if he wouldn’t mind providing me with some more details, and possibly a phone number or email 28

address of his mystery mentor… I gave him all of my contact details just in case, and waited. I heard nothing back… As the weeks went by... I'd actually forgotten that I'd contacted him. When, one day, to my surprise, I received a letter from his mentor. He explained that he’d received my details from Jason, and apologized for not contacting me sooner… He’d been relaxing in his private beach-fronted property... All paid for by his internet marketing business! This man didn't just have everything that I was looking for... the money, the luxury cars, the large houses... but he had the one thing that I really envied above all else...

FREEDOM! And in his letter he talked about how he'd discovered the "alternative" that I was looking for... and that he now only works a few hours a week... He had NO STAFF to manage, NO STOCK to house, NO PREMISES to pay for, NO RENT, and NO RATES… He never had to meet any of his customers, or even speak to them if he didn’t want to. And because he worked from home he didn’t have any of the usual costs that come with running an ‘office’, like heath and safety, insurance, public liability or anything like that. And the best thing was, he could get up whenever he wanted to and start work whenever he felt like it, because he had NO BOSS! And yet this man was making a truly massive amount of money and having the time of his life… How much money? Well, he went on to tell me that he'd recently banked $1.9 Million in just 12 weeks and over $750,000 in only 5 days... working just a few hours each week!


• • •

He explained that in just a few weeks of using his system, I’d be ready to ditch my 9-5 job and work from home… He showed me how I could be living the life I’d always dreamed of: One full of total freedom and untold wealth... He told me that before long, I’d be able to afford everything I’d always wanted: houses, cars and exotic vacations…

As you can imagine, I was unbelievably excited. This was the Holy Grail! I had been dreaming about this sort of lifestyle for years, and it now felt so close I could almost taste it! He then went onto explain how his system worked, what he'd achieved by working so little, and that he could help me to do the same... And when I saw some copies of his bank statements, I knew this was precisely what I'd been looking for all this time... He told me that if I was interested in learning more about what he does for all this money... with the lifestyle to match... to let him know. He'd send out some details with a little "test" for me to run... To prove that it worked... In fact, he knew that it worked - he just wanted to see that I was actually prepared to "do it"... It's precisely how he started... And, though I won't name him, he also told me about a friend of his that was using this exact "test" to bank over $30,000 + every month...

What Do You REALLY Want Out Of Life? At the end of the letter, he told me that once I knew how this system worked, the answers I gave to this question would all be within my reach… And exactly the same is true for YOU… You could start planning that luxury vacation, thinking about where you'd really like to live, and which car you'd really like to drive?


At the very least, you'll be able to start clearing your debts... before you start planning how you're going to enjoy your new financial freedom and happiness... It certainly beats fighting your way to work in the daily commute, trying to please a boss or keep on top of the office politics all day, and then fighting your way home to grab some time with your loved ones... Only then to look forward to doing it all over again the following day - and then not having enough time or energy to visit your friends and do the things that you really want to do. In essence, he'd discovered another way, and it was much, much easier...

What He Showed Me Was So Powerful And Yet So Simple But did I have any doubts about the authenticity of this ‘multi-millionaire? Was the sort of money he was supposedly making, and the life he was reportedly living really possible? Sure I had my doubts... Who wouldn’t? Like most people out there, I’d been practically brainwashed into thinking that the only way to live my life was to follow the typical route… You know, go to school, get a job, work my way up the ladder, retire at an age where I was too old to enjoy my freedom, and then leave what little money I had managed to accumulate to my grandchildren. Surely the luxury, care-free life that this man was living wasn’t really real, was it? Well the simple answer was YES, IT WAS! And I wanted a piece of the action. I’d decided that there would be… NO MORE wasted hours spent in my car and on trains NO MORE ridiculously early mornings NO MORE stress and worry NO MORE boss looking over my shoulder NO MORE arguments with my girlfriend about money 31

NO MORE debts, ever again!! I wasn’t prepared to live my life like that anymore. I wanted more, much more. And I was prepared to search every avenue, look under every rock and investigate every conceivable alternative to achieve it. So, what happened next? Well, a few days later I received the information that I'd been waiting day and night for... and I soon learned the secrets of how this man was able to achieve all this with little or no effort on his part... As I’ve explained, I'd used the Internet on occasions, but it wasn't until this day that I really saw and appreciated its true potential. A little corny I know, but it's true... So, how did my little "test" go? Well, I started with the simplest of "Income Streams", as recommended, and I started to follow the plan... the plan that would show me how to make money on the internet for the very first time! I launched my first "test" within a few days... and as I'd been told would happen, I had my very first "customer" within a few hours... Now, I didn't speak to this customer or even meet them, but they paid me (directly into my bank account) for a "product" that I was selling online. A product, by the way, that had been sourced for me... to get me started. I was just following one simple idea to the letter... in which he explained:

"I make in excess of $30,000 per month using this one simple method!" He made $30,000 each month, just by using this one technique?! I couldn’t believe it… But it was completely true, and this was how his system worked - a snowball effect if you like... building profits all the time! Despite never having done anything like this before ... I made a profit in my very first month! It was truly incredible - I'd found something that actually worked... I banked $4,135.97 to be precise and I only “worked” 2 or 3 hours a week to make this money... 32

In fact, I remember earning $450.00 while out at dinner, $290.50 while playing golf, and another $290.50 while I was sleeping... But How Is This Even Possible? To put it simply, the power of the Internet allows you to automate almost 100% of all processes involved in making Automated Income online, and what this means is that once you've set-up the system, you can literally sit back... relax... and watch the money roll in. Sounds good, right? Absolutely! And this is the reason that I rarely have to “work” for more than 2-3 hours a week... and only then if I want to make any extra money outside of my system... or even add more automated streams of income to my business... My automated system was working for me, so I didn't have to… Which is why I'm now able to decide exactly what I do with my time, when I work, when to take a day off (or a week off), and when to take a long vacation... And I started with absolutely nothing! Less than nothing in fact... As I’ve said, I was in debt when I first saw this. My initial test was a very small, simple test, to prove that this worked... and over the course of my first month, I simply let this run on auto-pilot... My ‘office’ was the spare bedroom in my house, and I began with nothing but a small desk, computer, printer, and black leather chair that I bought for $45. And that was it! NO FANCY OFFICE PREMISES… NO STAFF… AND NO OVERHEADS! Yet my "shop front" was open 24 hours a day, and customers simply ‘walked’ in, purchased a product from me, handed over their money, and left… without me even doing anything! They could choose to pay me directly online, or they could send the money in the mail... Simple... And they paid me because I had something that they wanted - a product or a service...


And I'll show you how to find suitable products and services of your own during this course... Or, you could sell other people's products or services… and I’ll show you how to do that too!

"I earn money, even though I'm not at my desk" Almost every day for months on end, I would receive payments like these below, received automatically and fulfilled automatically as well…

Can you imagine receiving ten or more of these payments while away on holiday? Each order was between $60 - $90 in the screenshot above and although this doesn’t sound like much that’s over $1,000 for the day – before 1pm in the example above! Compare this to what I used to do to "make a living" and it just doesn't make sense does it? I was working 7 days a week at one point, and now I was earning more... much more... by doing so much less... using one simple "shop front"... It Still Amazes Me That You Can Make So Much Money By Working So Little... Especially when I consider how hard I used to work for so little reward... 34

This was all quite a long time ago now, and things for me have changed quite a lot since then! In fact, the business model that he showed me has now been developed much further, into what I now call my Automated Income Stream System… the very same system that I’m going to reveal to you in these modules. The same system that enabled me to pull in £31,253.62 in just one week (below) from a project I had running in the UK... That’s almost $50,000!

And this is something that anyone can get involved in... There really are no limits - the Internet brings everything I'm about to tell you within the reach of everyone... Especially when you know the Inside Secrets, such as your website being your sales team, a sales team that never stops working for you... Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you don't have to be... And what you need to remember is that YOU could be in exactly the same position as me... if you’re willing to follow the simple steps laid out in this course. I'm going to show you how to create your very own Automated Income Stream System... You can begin with the basics, and then progress until you’re developing an income of $10,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 per month! This is certainly enough money to make a huge difference in most people's lives... And, it'll take you no more than a few hours each week... In fact, you could make much more money than this if you wanted to... I'm not exactly working hard for my income! 35

And I Can Show You Exactly How To Do This... How You Can Make Money By Using The Power Of The Internet... What's more, The Automated Income Stream Home Study Course is BRAND NEW!! It’s never been made available to the public, except for a few students that I’ve tested it out on… who’ve all gone on to make money with it… And this means you won't be competing with me when I show you how to do it… In fact, we may even be able to work together in the future! Because of the system I’m about to reveal to you, I now jet off all over the world with my girlfriend, stay in first class hotels, work the hours I want... and pretty much decide what I'm going to be involved in EVERY single day. In short, I have control. And all of the money I earn through this system floods into my bank account automatically! I now go to the store when it’s empty, buy things that I really want and not because they're just within my budget... and I never go out in ‘rush hour’ anymore, because I don’t have to… I now live the life I used to dream of not the one that society tells me to! There's so much more out there... and it's at your fingertips right now!

He Showed Me That You Could Be Anywhere In The World And Still Earn Money... After all, what use is making all this money if you don't have the time to enjoy it? I’M NOW MY OWN BOSS, and I want to show you how to follow in my footsteps and GET OUT OF THE ‘RAT RACE’... Just think about it… No more boring 9-5 routine – You can get up whenever you want, work for as long (or as little) as you want, and say goodbye to that alarm clock once and for all!


Your Automated Income Stream system can be operated from the comfort of your own home... or even from a laptop while you're on vacation! All you need is a computer and an internet connection. No more stress and worry - Once you've set up your system... you can sit back and relax... because the system will do all the hard work for you. You'll then have lots of spare time to do all the things you've always wanted to do... like take a vacation, spend quality time with the family... or take a midafternoon nap! No more daily commuting to work – You’ll never have to sit for hours in a morning traffic jam ever again, or spend hours of your week standing up on a train because apparently your annual $2,000 ticket doesn’t actually buy you a seat… Imagine that for a moment... No more traffic, no more rushing around... and no more 6.30am starts! Instead, you can get up when you want, and work as much or as little as you want to... Not only has this business generated huge profits for me, it's also benefited me as a person too… You see, I now have time to enjoy myself and do all the things that make me and my family happy... I'm no longer under pressure trying to meet deadlines at work, I no longer get home at 8pm because of train delays or heavy traffic... and I can't remember the last time I felt 'stressed.' The freedom that my system provides has enabled me to take a vacation every month and leave my system to work on auto-pilot for me (I've been to Canada, Italy, France, Greece and South Africa in the last few months alone)... And I can now afford all the things I couldn't before, like a second home and my dream car! And it’s all because I didn’t settle for less… I didn’t want to be average… and neither should you. My Automated Income Stream System now generates thousands of dollars each and every month, without fail. In fact, this is what I've personally banked in just a 12 month period:


April...................... $89,765.23 May....................... $88,562.34 June...................... $108,072.83 July....................... $269,040.62 August................... $251,906.11 September............. $322,726.61 October................. $388,426.73 November.............. $245,625.60 December.............. $287,014.77 January.................. $201,156.92 February................ $190,594.44 March.................... $179,511.47 Just think what you could do with monthly incomes like those! Now then, before I begin telling you how I’m able to bank as much as $388,426.73 in a single month using this system, we need to run through some basics… THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS CANNOT BE OVER-ESTIMATED! “And why is that”, you ask? Well, because it’s critical to your future success that you understand the basics of the Automated Income Stream System and the crucial rules of business that it’s founded upon… Only then will you be in a position to take advantage of its potential and start to realise your dream of financial freedom. So then, let’s begin by taking you through the basics… And please don’t skip this section because it really is important to your overall understanding. I’m sure that you’re champing at the bit to get started and begin earning money right away, but I hope that you can be patient for a little while longer. Remember, what you have in front of you right now is a genuine ticket to financial independence and a life of total freedom… It took me years to discover this system, and a further year to test it and finetune it so that it became a streamlined, fully automated and highly efficient cash machine. So please be patient and read this entire section… We’ll get to the system itself very, very soon, but as I said, without understanding the basics, you won’t be in a position where you’ll be able to make it work… 38

Now let’s take a look at the 6 CRUCIAL BUSINESS RULES that make The Automated Income Stream System so successful, and will allow you to bank thousands of dollars each and every month.

RULE #1 Find low-cost products with HIGH RETURNS Ok, this may sound like a simple principle, and a bit of a no-brainer, but you’ll be amazed how many people just ‘don’t get it’! You’ll never become wealthy if your profit margins aren’t VERY HIGH. If you remember, we spoke about traditional businesses earlier and how a staggering 90% of them fail within the first two years… Well, a huge reason for this failure is their low profit margins. You see, because a traditional business has so many additional costs (staff, rent, bills, insurance, maintenance etc) their profit margins are hugely affected. This is why it’s increasingly rare for anyone to become truly wealthy by operating a traditional business or franchise these days… Sure, you might be able to reach financial independence with a profit margin of, say, 10%, but you’d need to work for a very, very long time in order to do it… I definitely don’t want to do that, and I’m pretty sure you don’t either! And the likelihood is that anyone who ran a business on these margins wouldn’t survive very long at all, and they’d come out of their little venture far worse off than they went in. So what am I saying? Well, I’m saying that if you want to become financially free in the next few years, working just a few hours a week, your projects need to produce VERY HIGH PROFIT MARGINS. And that’s exactly what the Automated Income Stream System is all about… As you’ll discover as we move through this course, if you sell a product online for $19.95, and sell it to thousands of people across the world (remember, with the internet you have a global marketplace), you’ll soon be pulling in a fair bit of money. But if you’re selling multiple products, at higher prices, and at the same time (which I do), it doesn’t take much effort to make those SIX FIGURE PER MONTH sums I showed you earlier! 39

Let’s look at a couple of examples to illustrate this now. I sell limited edition safari photographs printed on canvas for thousands and these cost approximately $300 to fulfil (depending on where we are sending them in the world). I also sell a number of skin care products, costing around $7 to produce and fulfil and I sell these for between $60 - $100! These are two great examples of HIGH profit margin projects that I run.

RULE #2 Automate your ENTIRE business! As you may have realised by now, the concept of automation is pretty integral to the way I make my money online… It’s called the Automated Income Stream System for a good reason you know! And that reason is that automation is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of any online business… Without automation, any online business would be unable to sustain itself… it would be unable to cope… and it would crumble before your eyes. Every process, every task and every outcome is inextricably linked to automation, and during the course of these modules I’m going to show you why this is the case… and how you can use this concept to rake in $10,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 each and every month… If your online business is to entertain any serious ambitions of making big, life-changing amounts of money, it ABSOLUTELY HAS to include various forms of automation. Why? Well, imagine you have a product and you desperately want to advertise it. How can you get that product of yours seen by thousands, perhaps even millions of people in an instant, just as I do? Shout it from the rooftops? Rely on a bit of word-of-mouth advertising? No. The answer is that you’re going to use specific techniques to automate your marketing campaign, so that you’re absolutely guaranteed to turn a profit… And imagine you have 2,000 buyers for your product…


Are you going to ask them to post checks to your home address? And when you receive each one, are you going to mail each product out, and at the same time pay the money in at the bank, each and every day? No, of course you’re not! You’re going to set up a professional and automated system to take payment for you, process the orders and then deposit the sums into your bank account… without you even lifting a finger! In fact, the skin care product that I sell is a product that I’ve never actually seen (although I was involved in choosing the brand name and designing the packaging)! That’s an example of how automation is used to absolutely EXPLODE the profit margins on my products, and during this course you’re going to find out exactly how I do it.

RULE #3 Stay at home! When I was dreaming about working from home, my initial thoughts were based on the ease of living… You know, I could get up when I wanted and stroll over to my desk. I could cook my own food in my own kitchen, and maybe even have a nap during the afternoon!! What I didn’t realise at the time was how much money working from home can actually MAKE you… What I mean by this is that you’ll never achieve real wealth if you’re spending all of your profits on things like paying staff, renting offices, furnishing the office, and then having to deal with all the additional costs that this brings. This is another big factor in why 90% of traditional businesses fail EVERY SINGLE YEAR… Remember, you shouldn’t be spending money to run your business. Your business should be making you money to spend! Oh, and I might have forgotten to give you another very striking statistic… Where 90% of traditional businesses fail in their first year, a recent online study shows that ONLY 20% of home-based businesses fail. And one of the biggest reasons for this is that working from home negates nearly all of the typical overheads that a traditional business is saddled with. 41

So if you’re still thinking about starting up your own traditional business, just have a think about that!

RULE #4 Guarantee Profits on Each Investment! Basically this means that every time you run a project or put a product out there, you’re guaranteed to make a profit with it. Now to those brought up on a diet of traditional business, this may sound unrealistic and unworkable, but it really isn’t… In fact, being able to guarantee a profit on each product I sell or each project that I start is the key to my Automated Income Stream System… Using the example of a traditional business once again, the only way they can generate an income is through ‘old school’ marketing techniques and scattergun advertising methods. Their methods are out-dated and ineffective. Their advertising is never focused enough on the actual target audience – the people who REALLY want the product or service in question… And they have no real control over the money they’re putting into their marketing campaigns. Contrast that with the Automated Income Stream System, and things are very, very different. In fact, my advertising methods are so focused, and so targeted, that I only ever advertise to people who WANT my product! People who will never want my products will NEVER see my advertising! And because of this, every penny I invest in marketing my products is ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to turn a profit… And that’s why my system is so lucrative. I’m able to manage any potential risk and eradicate it, so that I have complete control over the money I’m investing at all times. Once again, this will become much clearer and you’ll understand exactly how this works as we progress through the course, so don’t worry! And please be patient… As I said earlier, it’s very important that I teach you the basics first, so you understand how the system is built and how it all works. Only then will you be able to utilize these methods properly to make life-changing sums of money.


Remember, I’m going to show you how to set this up yourself so that every time you come to sell a product or a service online, you’ll be in complete control, and you’ll be absolutely certain that money will come flooding into your automated accounts as a result!

RULE #5 Find A Hungry Market… Then Find The Product! Naturally, to make the sort of income that we’ve talking about, you need to find a HUNGRY MARKET who actually want the product or service that you’re offering… After all, you can have the greatest product in the world, but if there’s no market for it, you won’t make any money. And this is the most common mistake that beginners make… They approach things the wrong way round! So instead of finding out what people want, and then creating the product, they create a product and then hope that people want it! It’s this mind-set that results in so many failed product launches. My system never falls into this trap. Instead, I source products for HUNGRY MARKETS full of people who can’t wait to hand over their money! And make no mistake, there are plenty of red-hot markets out there, and as you’ll discover during this course, I know exactly what they are, and how to capitalize on them!

Rule #6 Leverage On Other People’s Hard Work! Generally speaking, there are two ways to become wealthy in this business… As we’ve discussed, one is to own a product that a hungry crowd of customers are willing to pay for. The other is to leverage on other people’s products and make money doing virtually nothing! I know, it sounds unlikely doesn’t it?! But it really isn’t. You see, this is one of the main tools in the Automated Income Stream System’s arsenal… I make thousands of dollars each day, simply by taking the bulk of the profits from other people’s products.


In fact, I could live a very comfortable life right now if I quit everything else I was doing and just concentrated on this method alone! Of course I wouldn’t though, because I’d literally be throwing away hundreds of thousands of dollars that I don’t really work very hard for as it is! I’m going to show you how to make BIG MONEY with this technique… • • • • •

WITHOUT having to create any of the products yourself WITHOUT having to handle, stock or ship any of the products WITHOUT having to meet - or even speak to - any of your ‘customers’ WITHOUT having to worry about payment, order fulfilment or refunds, because it’s all taken care of for you WITHOUT having to deal with any of the customer service involved with the products

… And WITHOUT even having to leave your house to do it all! Making money via this method is quick, safe and virtually effortless, and as with everything else we’ve spoken about so far, I‘m going to show you exactly how I go about selecting these red-hot products, how I promote them and just how lucrative my techniques really are… Sometimes it takes me just 20-25 minutes to set-up one of these projects! These are the 6 CRUCIAL RULES that I follow, and this is why I’ve been able to pull in $388,426.73 in one month alone and over $4 MILLION since I set up my Automated Income Stream System. And I want YOU to do exactly the same…

The Automated Income Stream System itself is therefore all about sourcing high-profit products, and marketing them with the most sophisticated and efficient methods available in the world today… and in no way is that an exaggeration. You will be shown how to source the most popular products with hungry and targeted markets… You will then be shown how to set about creating your very own automated business system so that you can market the products with 100% effectiveness, take orders, process payments and deliver the products to the customer, all without lifting a finger yourself. And before long you will have reached a position where you know what it’s like to have a 6 FIGURE MONTHLY INCOME, just like me… 44

So with these 6 rules in mind, let me give you an example of just what my Automated Income Stream System can do… A few months ago I was looking around for potential products online, and I came across a set of DVDs... I purchased the resale rights for these DVDs and had a duplication house reproduce a whole batch of them for me. This initial outlay came to about $1,000 for the first batch of DVDs… a fraction of the figure I was about to get back! When I picked up the license to sell these particular DVDs the license was fairly cheap because the owner of the DVDs had no idea how to market the product online… And as a result he decided to make his money simply by selling the resale rights! This is fairly typical. There are many fantastic products out there but often the copyright owners or creators simply DON’T KNOW HOW TO SELL THEM! And in this example, I knew that this product would be very popular, and my Automated Income Stream System would make it possible to turn a huge profit, and fast… And if you’re not convinced, here are the results since I first started selling these:


1,186 x $60 = $71,160.00





The costs involved refer to the duplication and fulfilment that I paid to produce and deliver the DVDs.

And not only that, but I’m still selling those DVDs now! This is automated income that arrives into my bank account every single day. And all I have to do is monitor my advertising campaigns and occasionally reorder more copies of the DVDs!


I’ve now made over $600,000 from this project alone, and we’ll be coming onto how I do this – just from selling some DVDs in later modules! And here’s another example of what my system can do… Only a few months ago, a complete stranger contacted me via email and asked me if I could help her promote some skin care products as a Joint Venture project… I asked her to send me some more information about her proposal and thought nothing else of it… When I received the full project details it was absolutely fantastic and I loved it straight away! Essentially, everything had been done for me in terms of the product creation and fulfilment. I just needed to piece together the marketing and the automation and we were all set. The product was backed up by scientific studies, tests and testimonials and I knew that a product like this would be hugely popular. Plus this market is one where people are almost pre-programmed to keep buying the product over and over again (which would only make us more profits!)… We agreed a 50/50 split on the profits and I set up a quick advertising campaign that took me no more than a couple of hours. Then I let the product loose! The project was so profitable in the long-term that I was prepared to pay $43 to get each customer… effectively losing money in month 1… and to explain why, here are the results two months after the product went live:


724 free trials were ordered, costing us $43.00 each!


449 (62% of people remained active in month 1) x $59.95 + 82 additional sales to customers at $69.95= $32,653.45


$43.00 x 724 = $31,132.00



$1,521.45 (the real profit kicks in during month 2 with an expected 45% due to renew = $19,543.70 PROFIT)


$19,543.70 profit in month 2, increasing with new customers and month 3, 4, 5, etc customers!

My Share:


Incredible! In just two months I have another income stream added to my business! Selling someone else’s product using my Automated Income Stream


Think about what I’m saying here… Here’s a business where: You DON’T have to create the product… You DON’T have to deal with any of the customers… You DON’T have to fulfil or process any of the orders… You DON’T have to stock, ship or even SEE the product in question (in fact, I have never even seen this particular product myself)… You DON’T have to sell anything over the phone or face-to-face… You DON’T have to buy or rent any premises, and finally... You DON’T have to deal with any of the customer service issues that most businesses can’t get away from. Yet you’ve made an amazing profit! In short, you can make huge sums of money doing very little, while everyone else does the actual “work”… Now even I’d have to admit that this sounds like ‘fantasy’… But it isn’t. In fact, it’s very, very real, and that’s because of The Automated Income Stream System I’ve developed… And it’s so profitable that it has enabled me to completely change the way I live my life... And you can operate this business from anywhere in the world…


That’s the beauty of the internet! You don’t have to be in your ‘office’ and sitting at your ‘desk’ to make money anymore. Those days are gone! In fact, it’s so easy to set up and operate, you could be lying on a beach in the Caribbean, and still be making more money than you ever thought possible in a traditional office job! And this course is going to teach you the ENTIRE STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS… Everything you need to know, from setting up the system at home, finding the products, securing the rights (if required), creating a website, building a customer base, advertising the products, setting up joint venture arrangements… to banking the profits! Very soon you’ll have an almost exact replica of my Automated Income

Stream System… • • • •

The same system that’s enabled me to bank $388,426.73 IN ONE MONTH The same system that has allowed me to buy my dream car, a brand new Porsche Carrera 911 C4S, as well as a brand new Lotus Exige S for my girlfriend! The same system that works on auto-pilot for me, so that I can enjoy my life, spend time with my family and do all the things I’ve always wanted to do… And the same system that enables me to ‘work’ only a few hours each week and still pull in more money in a month than I managed in 4 years at my boring 9-5 office job!

And all this could be YOURS very soon… So that’s almost it for Module 1, but before I go I just want to make two things clear to you… 1.) Please don’t think that this system works ONLY for me. The truth is, it will work for anyone who follows the process laid out in this course. In fact, I’ve designed the modules so that even people with absolutely no experience on the internet can run with it and make money…


2.) And please don’t think that this course is just another ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme that you see so much of on the internet these days. Most of the time these people haven’t made a penny themselves and their programs are entirely unworkable. If you ask them to provide proof of their earnings, the likelihood is that they won’t reply to you… And do you know why? Because they can’t actually verify any of the wild claims they’re making… or if they can, the chances are that the ‘income’ is merely turnover and they won’t tell you that they’re spending almost as much as they’re making on advertising! They can’t show you evidence of their supposed success because there are no REAL profits… They can’t show you evidence of them driving their fancy cars, because they don’t have any! They can’t show you pictures or videos of their trips abroad, because they haven’t made enough money to actually live the lifestyle they’re talking about… They can’t show you their bank statements or checks because their bank account is empty and they don’t have any customers! In short, a lot of people on the internet aren’t telling you the whole truth… Well I’m very different, and so is my Automated Income Stream System… and I’m sure that after reading this first module you will have come to the same conclusion… And that’s because I do make the sort of income that I claim, and throughout this module I’ve showed you REAL PROOF. I DID make $388,426.73 in one month, and I pull in at least a 5 figure income each and every month, WITHOUT FAIL! I DO own a Porsche Carrera 911 C4S and I DID buy a Lotus Exige for my girlfriend, both paid for by my Automated Income Stream System (and you can double check this fact by taking a look at the videos on my blog at:


I HAVE been able to buy a new house with the profits from my business! (In fact, at the time of writing I own 7 properties in total, both in the U.K and U.S.) I HAVE been on holiday to Canada, France, Italy, America, Greece and South Africa in recent months… And as I said, it’s not just me who’s benefitted immensely from my Automated Income Stream System. Oh no! I have many students as well, who are all making huge sums of money using the exact same system… And that’s why I felt NOW was the right time to release this system to the public, and let YOU in on the secret too! I want to show you exactly how you can follow in my footsteps… I want to show you just how easy it really is to throw off the shackles of the rat race and start living a REAL life, one full of happiness, wealth and freedom! The arrival of the internet has made it possible for anyone to do this, and to do it fast. It’s enabled someone sitting in the spare room of their house with nothing but a laptop to trade with the rest of the world and earn millions of dollars in the process! Start Living The Life You Deserve... I hope by now that you’re excited about the future that lies ahead of you… No doubt you’ll have many questions, but I assure you that they’ll be answered in the forthcoming modules when I’ll start to explain exactly how to set up your own Automated Income Stream System! In the meantime I’d recommend that you take a few days to think about your life, and the opportunity that this course holds for you. I want you to really think about your life and whether or not you REALLY WANT what I’m offering… If you do, then I’ll see you next month when we’ll begin your training. If you don’t, then that’s fine too. I wish you the best of luck working your fingers to the bone for the rest of your life!! I really hope for your sake that you want more out of your life, and if that’s the case… 50

YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION. That’s exactly what I did… And that’s why I’m in the position I’m in now, enjoying my freedom and the wealth that my system has brought me… Sure, I could have DONE NOTHING, and carried on in my go-nowhere 9-5 job. No doubt I would still be earning the same salary I was earning back then. I’d probably still have the same boss ordering me around. I’d still be getting up in darkness, commuting to and from the office, working in a job I hated and getting home at 8pm, too tired to enjoy what was left of my evening. I’d still be slaving away each and every day, only to have the taxman take a whopping chunk of MY MONEY! I’d still be frustrated, miserable, and wishing for something better. But I didn’t settle for this existence… Instead I took action and made things happen. Now I'm able to decide exactly what I do with my time... I have no loans, no credit card debts and, more importantly, I am my own boss... I now make more money working from home than I ever thought possible. I drive my dream car and live in my dream house, and I have the freedom and the finances to drop everything and go on vacation, wherever and whenever I like! So think seriously about everything I’ve said in this first module… Re-read it, absorb it and really think about where you want to be in 5 years time… And then make the decision to commit yourself to changing your life for the better. Don’t settle for mediocrity… If you do, you’ll find that in 5 years time, you’ll still be in exactly the same position you are now, stuck in the same boring old routine, doing the same old things, and wishing you had more money and more time to enjoy life. Is that what you want? 51

If it is, that’s fine. But just so you know, if you decide to do nothing, the above will happen, and it will happen a lot quicker than you realize. But imagine the alternative, that you made the decision to take action and to change things… In just a few short years you could be lying on a beach somewhere, sipping a cocktail and loving life, safe in the knowledge that you’re financially free for the rest of your life! • • • • • •

No more Groundhog Day! No more boss looking over your shoulder No more early mornings No more commuting to and from work, and getting home late No more deadlines, pressure or stress No more debt, loans, mortgages or financial worries!

Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to do whatever it is you want to do with your life… and all the time in the world in which to do it… Does that sound like something you want?

SEE YOU NEXT MONTH! When we’ll begin your training…



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