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A sprightly sheet full of the sprays of the old ocean ¯ Wednesday, February 16, 2011 ¯ Vol. 9, No. 2 ¯ Cape May, America’s Original Seaside Resort

Gangsters, Flappers And The Rum Runner’s Ball

Rita Marie Fulginiti, Michele Bright, Karen and Michael DiPalantino, Kathy Kindle and Debra Tower were at Congress Hall for the Rum Runner’s Ball. Aleksey Moryakov – more photos next week


Bundle Up, Folks...

It’s The ESKIMO Issue!

The Newly Updated Flying Fish Studio

Seventh Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper

Wine And Craft Beer At The Grand Hotel

Pages 3-10

Pages 18-38

Pages 40-64

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The Almanac THURSDAY February 17 Partly sunny


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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High Temperature: 49 Low Temperature: 35 Chance of Rain: 20% Sunrise: 6:49am Sunset: 5:39pm High Tides: 6:47am, 7:16pm Low Tides: 12:11am, 12:58pm

FRIDAY February 18 Partly sunny


High Temperature: 53 Low Temperature: 37 Chance of Rain: 0% Sunrise: 6:48am Sunset: 5:40pm High Tides: 7:35am, 8:04pm Low Tides: 1:03am, 1:44pm

SATURDAY February 19 Partly sunny


High Temperature: 43 Low Temperature: 26 Chance of Rain: 0% Sunrise: 6:46am Sunset: 5:41pm High Tides: 8:23am, 8:52pm Low Tides: 1:55am, 2:29pm

SUNDAY February 20 Showers


High Temperature: 35 Low Temperature: 29 Chance of Rain: 30% Sunrise: 6:45am Sunset: 5:42pm High Tides: 9:10am, 9:41pm Low Tides: 2:48am, 3:15pm

MONDAY February 21 Showers


High Temperature: 36 Low Temperature: 28 Chance of Rain: 30% Sunrise: 6:44am Sunset: 5:43pm High Tides: 10:00am, 10:33pm Low Tides: 3:41am, 4:03pm

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 3

2/5: Reopening Of The Newly Renovated Flying Fish Studio

Stephanie Madsen, Mike Bernstein

Sharren Dadswell, Karin Rossi Gleason

Janet, Sarah



r Out Ou Check eakfast!! y Br Sunda

Critic’s Choice “BEST LUNCH” - NJ Monthly

Serving Lunch & Dinner Daily from 11am Sunday Breakfast from 9am 1200 Route 109 South, Cape May

Lunch • Dinner Thin Crust Brick-Oven Pizza

(609) 884-BONE (2663)

Page 4

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/5: Reopening Of The Newly Renovated Flying Fish Studio PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV



Staff of Flying Fish: Megan, Sue, Manny, Brianna

Served with French fries or baked potato & coleslaw


CONCH CHOWDER .................. $5.50 pint


FRIDAY, FEB. 18 & SATURDAY, FEB. 19 APPETIZER SPECIAL Oysters Rockefeller ............................................................... $7.95 FRIED OYSTER PLATTER ................................................ $9.95 Served with Mac & Cheese and Stewed Tomatoes. Broiled or Fried CRAB CAKE PLATTER ...................................................... $9.75 Served with baked potato or French fries and coleslaw.

Laura, Julia and Anastasia McPherson

BUY ONE GET ONE FREE SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 20 Fried or Broiled SEAFOOD COMBO ........................ $12.95 Shrimp, scallops, filet of fish & deviled clam Served with french fries or baked potato & cole slaw.

Fisherman’s Wharf ª Cape May

609-884-3064 Call Ahead & We’ll HaveIt Waiting For You! Ken Grace, Sarah Bernstein, Nels Johnson

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 5


FRIDAY February 18

Karaoke with Jimmy J

Behind The Beautiful

SATURDAY February 19 5 Hour Jones

TUESDAY February 22 DJ Jon K $2 Miller Lites


(609) 884-3459 426 Washington Street Mall, Cape May

Page 6

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/5: Reopening Of The Newly Renovated Flying Fish Studio

Elliie and Mick Spillett

Drew Gandley, Lisa Bernstein



C-View Inn Cape May’s Oldest & Friendliest Tavern

Mondays - RIB DAY 1/2 Rack - $8.50 All Day Long Tuesdays - TAVERN PIZZA & TACO DAY $3.50 Small Pizzas $5.50 Large Pizzas $1 Tacos Wednesdays OUR FAMOUS WING NIGHT! starting at 3pm


Best Wings & Great Specials 

Corner of Texas Ave. & Washington St., Cape May • 884-4712

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 7

2/5: Reopening Of The Newly Renovated Flying Fish Studio PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Book Your 2011 Private Party! Wedding Receptions Rehearsal Dinners Birthdays Baby & Bridal Showers Any Special Occasion

Manny deOliveira, Julia McPherson, Megan, Brianna

Opening in April Reserve Now for Easter Brunch! Gift Certificates Available Beach Avenue & Howard Street at the Hotel Macomber

(609) 884 8811

Oyster Bay Steak & Seafood Restaurant

Bonnie Mullock, Flying Fish owner Sue Lotozo

OPENING PRESIDENT’S WEEKEND Serving Dinner From 5pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday

GREAT Menu NEW Martinis DELICIOUS Desserts Fresh seafood • Tasty steaks • Copper-top bar Bottle & draft beer • Free parking

Sue Lotozo with carpenter John Hassan, who worked his magic

609-884-2111 615 Lafayette St., Cape May

Page 8

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/5: Reopening Of The Newly Renovated Flying Fish Studio PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV


John Hassan, Stephanie Madsen

Serving Dinner from 5pm Thursday thru Sunday Feb. 17 thru Feb. 20

RESERVE YOUR PRIVATE PARTY FOR 2011 Rehearsal Dinners Reunions Baby Showers Bridal Showers Any Special Occasion

Mike Bernstein, Heidi Cummings

Reservations: (609) 898-9800 301 Washington Street Mall, Cape May, Corner of Washington & Perry Street

Betty Campbell, Randy Payne, Paige Canningham

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 9

2/5: Reopening Of The Newly Renovated Flying Fish Studio PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Nels Johnson, Donna Holmes, Ken Grace

February 19 Blue Bone

Page 10

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


2/5: Reopening Of The Newly Renovated Flying Fish Studio PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

HOURS OF OPERATION Monday-Saturday 7am-5pm Closed Sundays (for now) CHECK US OUT ON FACEBOOK OR CALL 609-884-8030 FOR OUR DAILY SPECIALS featuring The Depot’s popular homemade soups, salad selections, house roasted meats and local seafood specials TALK TO US ABOUT PLANNING YOUR NEXT CATERED EVENT!

Mike, Joanne, Kim

Eat In or Take Out • Catering for Any Event! 409 Elmira Street, Cape May (Next to the Train Station) • 609-884-8030

Dinner from 5 • Wednesday thru Monday

UPCOMING CHEF DEMOS Matt Zappoli 2010 Chopped Champion Friday, March 11 • 6:30pm

Ian Hanum, Finn Duffey, Anna Klineburger, Quinn Bithell

Rocky Fino Author of Will Cook for Sex Again & Again Thursday, March 31 • 6:30pm Dave Martin of Top Chef Friday, April 8 • 6:30pm Chef Demos are $40 per person Reserve Early - Space is Limited!

416 Broadway, West Cape May 6 609-898-1555

Brianna, Megan

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 11

Exit Zero (Staff AND Magazine) Travel To Eastern Europe

Exit Zero’s Dan Mathers visited EZ’s original photographer Maciek Nabrdalik in Warsaw, Poland

Dan and Tanya Mathers in Tanya’s hometown of Minsk, Belarus


Authentic Italian Cuisine

Seafood & Fine Dining New York Strip Steak • Filet Mignon • Veal Cutlet • Center Cut Pork Chops


We hope you’re enjoying your winter season.

Opening for Singer Songwriter Weekend FRIDAY, MARCH 25 - Dinner starting at 5pm SATURDAY, MARCH 26 - Breakfast from 8 to 12 Dinner starting at 5pm SUNDAY, MARCH 27 - Breakfast from 8 to 12. PRIME RIB SPECIAL Saturday & Sunday

EARLY BIRDS Sun. - Fri. 3:30-5:30pm

3704 Bayshore Road, North Cape May Cape Plaza Shopping Center • 889-6610


7 Ocean Street at the Inn of Cape May 609-884-5555

Page 12

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Police Blotter

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Police received a report of a newborn baby having been discarded in a Walmart trash can. Upon further investigation they discovered it was simply a burrito.

Classic Quotations

A Story From The Past The original settlers of Alaska apparently were Russian. – Jeff Goldblum You never really know your friends from your enemies until the ice breaks. – Eskimo Proverb Yesterday is ashes; tomorrow wood. Only today the fire shines brightly. – Eskimo Proverb Even the strongest eagle cannot soar higher than the stars. – Eskimo Proverb The caribou feeds the wolf, but it is the wolf who keeps the caribou strong. – Eskimo Proverb Unlike children in other countries, the Eskimos played no game of war. They played with imaginary rifles and harpoons, but these were never directed against people but against the formidable beasts that haunted the vast wastes of their land. – Marie Herbert Lisa, vampires are make-believe, like elves, gremlins, and Eskimos. – Homer Simpson

Weird Word Of The Week

Kunik Commonly known as Eskimo kissing, the act is an intimate, non-sexual greeting that involves pressing your nose and upperlip against a loved one and breathing in.

National Archives

The following land deed was made between the Leni Lenape Indians and the earliest settlers of Cape May on January 1, 1687: “Beginning from the creek and so running up into the woodland, along by Carman’s line to a white oak tree, at the head of the swamp, and running with marked trees to a white oak by a pond joining to Jonathan Pine’s bounds. All the land and marsh lying and between the bounds above mentioned and Cape Island.” – Ben Miller

Facebook Mystery Contest

KNOW your way around Cape May? Think of yourself as the observant type? Feast your eyes on the photograph above, prepared by our resident cryptographer Dan Mathers. If you think you know where you can find this view, then you have a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to spend at a local business. Go to the Exit Zero Facebook page before Monday for a full-size, full-color photo and instructions on how to enter – follow the instructions carefully. And, don’t worry if you have never used Facebook before – it’s easy! Just ask your six-yearold nephew. To enter, look for the mystery photo at Good luck!

Random Fact Of The Week

THE claim that Eskimos have an unusually large number of words for the word snow is simply an urban legend. There is no single “Eskimo” language, but the Inuit group of languages use suffixes like we use adjectives. It is believed this led to the misconception.

Fortune Cookie Of The Week J Q. What is contain it everything? A. Wisdom. J ONCE a week, the folks at Exit Zero eat at Cape Orient, the island’s fine Asian restaurant. Sometimes we find pearls of wisdom at the end of our meal. And sometimes we don’t. The above fortune cookie was eaten with an two orders of broccoli and chicken. Please note: Any typos are not ours, but those of the fortune cookie manufacturers. We print them as we find them.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 13

Ramblings From The Editors


Ideas, idle gossip and occasionally important odds ’n’ ends... by Jon Roth

NLESS you decided to hibernate for the past month, you probably know there’s been a lot of turmoil overseas lately. In Egypt, an 18-day revolution succeeded in overthrowing former President Mubarak’s rule of nearly 30 years. As revolutions go, this one was relatively non-violent, but it’s still a very dangerous time to be in the country. It’s easy to see images of civil strife on the TV screen and think ourselves far removed from struggles for freedom halfway around the world, but for Don Schweikert and Sandy Miller, two Cape May residents and owners of the Saltwood House and Windward House, respectively, it was an experience they’ll never forget – they were there. Don says that after landing with their tour group in Cairo on January 25, they travelled to Alexandria, Egypt’s second-largest city, for a day and night of sight-seeing. The next day, just before the mid-day prayers, they were “taken directly back to the hotel and put on lockdown.” That was when the demonstrations began. Don says “we could see from our hotel barricades being set up and tanks running up and down the Corniche [Alexandria’s equivalent of Beach Avenue]. We saw demonstrators and tear gas being used.” Don and Sandy were kept in their hotel for five days. Along with the other members of the tour group, Don says “we were the only people staying in a hotel that was about the size of Congress Hall.” During their stay they saw many tanks and military troops, but almost no police. “The police in Egypt cause a lot of problems,” Don says. “You had to pay them off to get anything, so they were much-hated in Alexandria.” During curfew, which ran from 3pm to 8am, they saw vigilantes maintaining security on street

corners. “They had barricades of trash cans and whatever they could find, and if anybody came down the street, they checked them for security. We didn’t see much in the way of confrontation, but some saw more than others.” Days later the tour group arrived at the airport in downtown Alexandria (driving past a burnt-out police station) and waited four hours past the scheduled take-off time, largely because the government internet ban had pilots scrambling to find their flight plans. Don says when the plane finally departed for Rome, those in the tour group “were the only people on board the flight. There were 48 of us on a plane that would have taken 140. There were applause as we took off from Alexandria and applause as we landed in Rome.” Meanwhile, locals in the Magallanes region of Chile were staging their own protests in reaction to a steep hike in natural gas prices. You might think Chile, being a South American nation, is generally pretty toasty, but the Magallanes lie at the southernmost tip of this narrow country, meaning they’re about as far from Antarctica as, say, Scotland is from the North Pole. In short, they need their heat. Joan and Dane Wells, two Cape May legends

and former owners of the Queen Victoria B&B, were the unfortunate recipients of the natives’ ire during their recent vacation there. Joan tells us that local protestors in Magallanes decided to blockade all the major roads in the region, “thereby holding hostage all of us who were scheduled to depart from the only major airport at Punta Arenas… I’m told there were over 4,000 people trapped in the region for some time.” She says they were never in any danger: “the protesters had a PortaPotty on site, offered us water and sopapillas, and were generally friendly.” Finally, Dane and Joan were allowed to take their luggage and walk a half-mile down the road, where buses were waiting to take them to a hotel. They spent the following day at a Red Cross shelter and another night in the hotel before they were airlifted out of the area and to the airport. “Other than missing our onward flight and our trip to Easter Island (at a substantial cost, I must say, since LAN Chile won’t refund our money), we only had a test of our patience and understanding,” Joan says. With stories like these, you’ll have a little more perspective the next time inclement weather delays your flight. To see a photo of Joan and Dane in Chile with Cape May’s finest periodical, turn to page 67. ON AN unrelated but important note, local and out-of-town subscribers to Exit Zero should rifle through these pages for a Golden Ticket. Whoever finds one wins a three-month subscription extension, a $25 store credit, and free copies of Cool Cape May and The First Resort. There will be two winners every month, so read carefully! PAY attention, advertisers! The deadline to reserve ad space for our first color issue for May/June is this Friday, February 18.

 

DINNER from 5pm on Friday Saturday & Sun day BREAKFAST & LUNCH 8am-3pm Saturday, Sunday & Monday

LIVE MUSIC Friday, February 18 JAY BETHEL

Japanese • Sushi • Chinese • Thai Cuisine

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK YEAR ROUND Lunch • Dinner • Take-Out • Catering 315 Ocean Street, Washington Commons Mall (609) 898-0088 •

Saturday, February 19 BLONDAGE


19 Jackson Street, Cape May 884-5970 •

Page 14

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

LCMR Athlete Of The Week

Seaside Cheese Co.

Your Neighborhood Cheese Shop! 600 PARK BOULEVARD WEST CAPE MAY • 884-8700 

 

  


DINNER Fri- Mon - 4 -10 pm Happy Hour 4 -6 pm SUN D PUB til 11 pm A $5 TA Y C LIVE BUF FE O T MU SIC & G DA NCIN Y A SATURD NIGH T


25  WINGS



LCMR wrestling finished its season Saturday, losing a tough bout to Brick Township. The Cape Tigers’ final record on the season was 10-8, and leading the way was senior captain Steve Rossi – our featured Athlete of the Week. Rossi has been the captain for the past two seasons and has worked hard to earn that title. According to coach Rocky Ciccozzi, “Steve has always done what I have asked him to do. He will wrestle anybody that I put in front of him and leave it all on the mat.” Rossi, born February 17, 1992, is the son of Steve and Rhonda Rossi of Erma. He has four siblings: Kelly, 28 (former cheerleader and track participant), Melissa, 27 (former cheerleader and track participant), Christine, 20 (competitive dancer), and Dan, 17 (aspiring filmmaker). Rossi’s dedication has grown alongside his talent throughout an outstanding career, as showcased by his favorite memory: his participation in the Rutgers Wrestling Camp. Rossi’s advice to future wrestlers? “Win, pick up bonus points, stay off your back, and win by trying your best.” PHOTOGRAPH AND STORY BY TIM GIPPLE

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/6: Super Bowl Cigar Party At Cabanas PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Up In Smoke’s Donna Reid, Chris Traficante, Kim Abate and Christina

Al, Perri

Jamie Keagy, Chase Petersen, Suzanne Treier, Maegan Walters

Page 15

Page 16

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/6: Super Bowl Cigar Party At Cabanas

Donna Reid, Chris Traficante

Eric, Felicia

Nate Douglass, Paté Behrens



WILD GAME DINNER Monday, February 21

Try Elk, Pheasant, Wild Boar and More! One Seating 6:30pm • Reserve Now 954 OCEAN DRIVE, CAPE MAY • 609-884-5444 Between


G a r d e n S tat e P a r k way & W i l dwo o d C r e s t O n


B ay


H a r bo r V i e w M a r i na

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 17

2/6: Super Bowl Cigar Party At Cabanas PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Tasting Room - Open Daily 12-5pm Winery Tours - Saturdays at 3pm Merlot • Syrah • Blush Chardonnay • Port • Blush Pinot Noir • Apple • Red Reserve John and Dawn DeMayo

Gift Certificates and Gift Baskets

Kim, Stu

(609) 884-1169

711 Townbank Road, North Cape May

Rich Cherichello, John Howell, Gary Howell, David Newcombe

Page 18

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1/27: The Seventh Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug

Barb St. Clair, BHB

Michael Bell, Patti Goyette

AJ, Casey


Try a 4 Week Ad Campaign with Exit Zero! AD SIZE 4 WEEK COST Full Page $700 Half Page $440 Quarter Page $280 Eighth Page $180 Sixteenth Page $120

TRADE $100 $75 $50 $25 $25

FINAL COST $600 $365 $230 $155 $95

5000 Weekly Copies - Many Readers You have nothing to lose... except business! Contact Jason Black to get your advertising campaign started Office: (609) 770-8479 • Email:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 19

1/27: The Seventh Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV



RE-OPENING PRESIDENTS WEEKEND Dinner from 5pm on Friday, Saturday & Sunday EARLY DINNER SPECIALS • 5-6pm • $21.95 1/2 PRICE RAW BAR ITEMS • 5-6pm in the Pub Only Sports TV in The Clipper Ship Pub

AFFORDABLE PUB MENU AVAILABLE! Rob Hudson, Barbara Hudson, Jack Maurer

Includes Crabcake Sandwich, Fish & Chips, Bag of Donuts, Chef George’s Soup du Jour & much more!

Re s e r va t i o n s : 6 0 9 - 8 8 4 - 5 8 7 8 9 9 1 O c e a n D r ive, C a p e M ay w w w. b l u e c l aw r e s t a u r a n t . c o m

A Local Café with ... a Wholesome Aroma

Open 8am-2:30pm (Closed Wed)


Bring out the haggis!

Available all day 8-2:30 Mon - Fri





Burrito 3 Breakfast w/ home fries

Two Eggs, # Meat Lovers Omelet Two Flapjacks (ham, bacon, choice of meat sausage & cheese) $4.99 w/ Home fries or Grits & toast $4.99





Crab Cake Platter # w/ fries and coleslaw $6.50

Platter 4 Fish w/ fries and coleslaw


$6.50 Chicken or Tuna Salad, w/ fries and coleslaw $6.50

Includes reg. coffee tea ice tea or soda. Thank You for Not Substituting. Not good with any other discounts.

406 N. Broadway, West Cape May (609) 884-6332

Page 20

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1/27: The Seventh Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV


Janet Greender, Bob Rumsey, Beth Rumsey

Steve Smith, Mark Chamberlain, Terry O’Brien

Dinner from 5pm Friday & Saturday

(609) 898-0100

1 Sunset Boulevard., West Cape May Matt and Mary Trella, Marlena Lustig, Roy Steinberg, Mary Stewart

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 21

The Ultimate Cape May Food & Drink Chart What you need to know about the food and the vibe

Meals served

Price range of entrées

Bar or BYOB?

Should I book?

Food for kids?

$15-$45 Cards: V, MC, AE, D




ALEATHEA’S 7 Ocean Street, (609) 884-5555, Ext. 226

This fine restaurant is closed for the 2010 season but will re-open in the spring of 2011.

B, L, D

AVALON COFFEE 7 Gurney Street, Cape May, 898-8088,

The Cape May location will open in March but the North CApe May branch is open now at 3704 Bayshore Road

B, L

$3-$8 Cards: V, MC, AE, D




AXELSSON’S BLUE CLAW 991 Ocean Drive, (609) 884-5878

Fine dining near the harbor. Elegant dining room, cozy fireplace, and the classic Clipper Ship Pub.


$24-$30 Cards: V, MC, D




BELLA VIDA CAFÉ 406 N. Broadway, (609) 884-6322

“The local café with a wholesome aroma” is what they call it... and that’s how we describe it. Very apt!

B, L

$5-$25 Cards: V, MC, D




THE BLACK DUCK 1 Sunset Boulevard, (609) 898-0100

A chic interior and stylish food, but the ambience is anything but pretentious. Modern American cuisine.


$15-$28 Cards: V, MC




THE BLUE PIG TAVERN 251 Beach Avenue, (609) 884-8422

Congress Hall’s restaurant is better than ever, serving classic tavern food with a twist or two along the way.

B, L, D

$12-$36 Cards: V, MC, AE, D




BROWN ROOM 251 Beach Avenue, (609) 884-8421

Such a classy, yet convivial place to have a cocktail. Plush seating, great drinks, a friendly bar scene... it’s got it all.


V, MC, AE, D




CABANAS 429 Beach Avenue, (609) 884-4800

It’s always warm and friendly in this lively beachfront bar that features some of the best live bands around.

L, D

$8-$25 V, MC, AE, D




CAPE MAY WINERY 711 Townbank Road, (609) 884-1169

This beautiful winery is open daily from 12-5pm. Make a reservation to tour the winery on Saturdays at 3pm.


$5-$27 V, MC, AE, D




CAPE ORIENT 315 Ocean Street, (609) 898-0088

Great food every time, whether you are looking for Chinese, Thai or sushi. Service is superb, too.

L, D

$12-$19 V, MC, AE, D




COPPER FISH 416 Broadway, West Cape May (609) 898-1555

Chef Geoff Johnson’s popular Copper Fish is under new management, at a new site – Broadway and Sunset.


$24-$32 V, MC, AE, D




CUCINA ROSA 301 Washington Street Mall (609) 898-9800

Nicely located at the beginning of the mall, this Italian restaurant is a mustvisit. Simply superb food.


$12-$29 V, MC, AE, D




C-VIEW INN Texas Avenue & Washington Cape May (609) 884-4712

A locals’ favorite, the oldest and friendliest tavern in town with great wings, excellent pub fare and cold beer.

L, D

$4-$18 V, MC




DEPOT MARKET CAFÉ 409 Elmira Street, Cape May (609) 884-8030

New owners Chris and Lisa Shriver are keeping the old favorites at this locals joint AND adding new specials.

B, L, D






u Onsite parking

b Handicap accessible

H Takeout available

Other details

u b



H u b

H u



u b

H u b

H u b

H b

H u b



u b

H u b

H b

H u

H u b

U Dog-friendly patio in season



Page 22

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1/27: The Seventh Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug

Clyde and Patricia Sain... Burns Supper legends

Lissy Fritz, birthday girl Shirley Stiles

Melissa Trout-Baron, Andrew Baron


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 23

The Ultimate Cape May Food & Drink Chart What you need to know about the food and the vibe

Meals served

Price range of entrées

Bar or BYOB?

Should I book?

Food for kids?

THE EBBITT ROOM 25 Jackson Street, (609) 884-5700

With the remarkable cooking of chef Lucas Manteca, there’s even more reason than usual to visit. Sublime concoctions.


$26-$33 V, MC, AE, D




GECKO’S Carpenter’s Square Mall, Cape May (609) 898-7750

The opening of Gecko’s always signals a change of season in Cape May. Superb southwestern food. Opening in March.

L, D





HARBOR VIEW 954 Ocean Drive 884-5444

A Key West vibe, great views of the harbor, good food and regular entertainment.

B, L, D

$6-$30 V, MC




HARPOON HENRY’S Beach Drive and Browning, (609) 886-5529

There’s no better place to watch a sunset. It’s this area’s little slice of the Caribbean. Opening in April.

$10-$21 V, MC, D


HAWK HAVEN VINEYARD 600 S. Railroad Avenue Rio Grande (609) 846-7347,

Every Friday night in the winter the Wine Bar and Barrel Room is open. A fun, well-run vineyard.


V, MC, AE, D


HARRY’S Madison & Beach Avenue (609) 884-6113,

The restaurant at the Montreal Inn waws relaunched last summer, to fine reviews. Excellent family fare. Opening in April.

B, L, D

$8-$24 V, MC, D, AE




HEMINGWAY’S 1045 Beach Avenue (609) 884-5611,

A relaxed yet elegant island ambiance, featuring USDA Prime Steaks and classic seafood creations.

B, L, D

$15-$38 V, MC, AE, D




THE LOBSTER HOUSE Fisherman’s Wharf, (609) 884-8296,

Take-out, fish market, restaurant, raw bar, breakfast diner... The Lobster House has it all. A romantic spot in the winter!

B, L, D

$5-$25 V, MC, AE, D




LUCKY BONES 1200 Route 109, (609) 884-BONE,

It’s a huge hit for a reason. Excellent food, great bar vibe, superb service. Gets it right every single time.

L, D

$6-$22 V, MC, AE, D


For tables of eight or more


MAD BATTER 19 Jackson Street (609) 884-5970,

The original fine dining restaurant in Cape May and still one of the best. The food is always creative.

B, L, D

$19-$30 V, MC, AE, D




MAGNOLIA ROOM 301 Howard Street (609) 884-8409,

The venerable restaurant at the beautiful old Chalfonte Hotel offers classic southern food. Opening in May.

B, D

$10-$34 V, MC, D, AE




MARIE NICOLE’S 9510 Pacific, Wildwood Crest (609) 522-5425

Marie Nicole’s serves modern American cuisine with a European ambiance in a relaxed atmosphere. Opening in April.


$19-$44 V, MC, D, AE




MARQ’S PUB & RESTUARANT 501 Beach Avenue (609) 884-3500

The new spot on the first floor of the Marquis de Lafayette hotel. A good old-fashioned pub atmosphere.

B, D

$4-$22 V, MC, AE




MARTINI BEACH 429 Beach Avenue, Cape May (609) 884-1925

A lively nightspot with a friendly vibe, fine Mediterranean dishes, and a panoramic oceanfront view.


$15-$30 V, MC, D, AE





u Onsite parking

b Handicap accessible

L, D

H Takeout available





Other details

u b

H u b



u b






u b

H u b

H u b



u b

U Dog-friendly patio in season

H b

H b u b b

Page 24

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What They’re Wearing On The Streets Of Cool Cape May

Doreen Campbell, 26, manager at Zoo Company. Top from Coca Cola, jeans from Old Navy, footwear from Casales, jewelry from Marlene’s, jacket from Max Azria.

Kait Corkery, 17, cashier, North Cape May. Top from Forever 21, jeans from Delia’s, boots from Target, jewelry and accesories were gifts.

Debra Shields, ageless, store owner, Cape May. Top and pants from Yala (Bamboo Shack), jewelry from Lalo, bag from Big Buddha Bag.

Lissy, 56, ex-merchant, West Cape May. Top from TJ Maxx, jeans from Pearls, shoes from Marshalls, jewelry and scarf from Tradewinds, hat from ZeBop.


The Exit Zero Clip Art And Fake Ad Contests Start looking through the paper... you could win a gift certificate to an advertiser!


Somewhere in this paper is a fake ad!

CLIP ART CONTEST Hidden somewhere in the paper is this IGLOO... Find it & enter to win!

But be aware as it may be a real business in our area, but the product or service will not be real... Check closely! This Week’s Prize: $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO RIO STATION

Actual Size Shown Here:


WHEN YOU FIND THE ANSWER(S)... ENTER BY ONE OF THESE WAYS: 1. E-mail your name and address along with the answer to: 2. Mail us your name, address, and answer(s) on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper to: Exit Zero Publishing, 109 Sunset Boulevard, Suite D, Cape May, NJ 08204 Entries Deadline Date: Tuesday, March 1. Draw Date: Wednesday, March 2. One entry per address or email address. Prizes will be mailed to the winners.

If wailing your entries, please use two 8x11 sheets of paper. If you put both answers on one sheet you’ll only be entered into one of the contests.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 25

The Ultimate Cape May Food & Drink Chart What you need to know about the food and the vibe

Meals served

Price range of entrées

Bar or BYOB?

Should I book?

Food for kids?






B, L, D

$9-$30 V, MC, AE, D




Other details

u b

MERION INN 106 Decatur Street (609) 884-8363, merion

The dim, amber lighting, dark wooden bar, period fittings and classy staff give a special ambience. Opening in March.

OCEAN VIEW Beach & Grant Avenues (609) 884-3772

A large and very reliable menu. Classic diner food, and very reasonably priced. A locals’ favorite.

OYSTER BAY 615 Lafayette Street (609) 884-2111

A lovely dining room, a beautiful coppertop bar and classic, generous dishes. Now serving delicious new martini!


$12-$29 V, MC, AE, D




PETER SHIELDS 1301 Beach Avenue, (609) 884-9090

The Georgian revival mansion is magnificent and the modern American menu matches it all the way.


$22-$39 V, MC, D





THE PILOT HOUSE 142 Decatur Street(609) 884-3449

A classic pub and restaurant offering good burgers, excellent comfort good and an authentic ambience.

L, D

$15-$25 V, MC, AE, D





RIO STATION 3505 Route 9 SouthRio Grande (609) 889-2000

While all around it has changed, the Rio is still serving excellent food with old-style, friendly service.

L, D

$13-$29 V, MC, AE, D




SEASIDE CHEESE COMPANY 600 Park Blvd, (609) 884-8700

A huge plus for the area when it opened, and this place continues to delight with gourmet treats.

L, D

$4-$12 V, MC, AE, D




TISHA’S 318 Washington Street Mall (609) 884-9119,

This local favorite moved from Convention Hall to the mall, at the former site of Stumpo’s.

B, L, D

$18-$35 V, MC, AE, D




THE UGLY MUG 426 Washington Street Mall Cape May (609) 884-3459

A Cape May legend, and even better now that they’ve put those wonderful booths in there. Such a treat.

L, D

$12-$25 V, MC, AE, D




UNCLE BILL’S PANCAKE HOUSE Beach Avenue & Perry Street Cape May (609) 884-7199

Reliably-excellent food – there is a reason why people wait... excellent breakfasts. Opening in March.

B, L





UNION PARK Beach Avenue & Howard, (609) 884-8811,

Elegant dining in a classic old hotel, and the food is magnificent and inventive. One of the best in the area.


$18-$35 V, MC, AE




VINCENZO’S LITTLE ITALY II 3704 Bayshore Road, North Cape May (609) 889-6610

If you want to bring the family for a fine and fun Italian meal, look no further than here! The kids will love it.

L, D

$8-$20 V, MC, AE, D




WASHINGTON INN 801 Washington Avenue (609) 884-5697

Superb gourmet food, and a great cocktail and wine bar to get your night off on the right foot. Amazing wine list.


$18-$34 V, MC, AE, D




ZOE’S 715 Beach Avenue, Cape May (609) 884-1233

Zoe’s has large portions at affordable prices. And they have a great dog-friendly patio! Opening in April.

B, L






u Onsite parking

b Handicap accessible

H Takeout available



u b

H u b

u b

H u b

H b b

H u b

H H u b

H u b

U Dog-friendly patio in season

H b



Page 26

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


1/27: The Seventh Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

OPENING FRIDAY, FEB. 18 Fri, Sat and Sun 7am-9pm Mon 7am-2pm Marlena Lustig, Roy Steinberg, Mary Stewart

Beach Avenue & Grant Street, Cape May 884-3772 •

Charlie Daniel, Chad Randle, Jan Randle

Linda Gazso, Janet Granitz, Nancy Ridgway

EB&LunchSpecEZ Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Announcing Cape May’s Employee Of The Week PHOTOGRAPH BY DANIELLE O’NEAL

2/13/11 Page 27

Early Birds


1/2 sandwich with a cup of soup or salad $ NEW 4.99


Name: Lesley Finneran. Workplace: Bay Springs Alpaca Farm (and Splash). Age: Thirty-six. Hometown: New York City. How long have you worked there? I’ve been working on Sundays (my day off from my other job) since the spring of 2010. I work with another woman, Erin Peek. We handle regular barn chores, moving hay, feed and bedding. We give the animals preventative shots and vitamins, and trim their toenails. We also work on handling the animals, getting them halter-trained, loading and unloading the trailer and preparing for alpaca shows. Best thing about the job? Lots! It’s outside, I have excellent bosses, a fun coworker, great animals, warm socks and yarn. What do you recommend here? Come for a visit, learn about the animals, and shop at the farm store – it’s worth the trip. The farm is open for visitors Saturdays and Sundays; Erin and I are there Sunday mornings. What’s your OTHER dream job? I have two: stock contractor for the Professional Bull-Riders’ Association or having a Saxon Merino sheep farm. Favorite thing about Cape May? I really like the Whale’s Tale and Splash (which, coincidentally, is where I work full-time). Interview by Kate Chadwick


Page 28

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the Washington Inn

1/27: The Seventh Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

“Contemporary Dining, Classic Cocktails”

PRESIDENT’S DAY WEEKEND Marion McCabe, Tess Bell, Jane McGonigal

Dinner From 5pm Friday Thru Sunday

John Trainer, Maureen Maloney, Donna Kass

If George Washington were alive he would eat at The Washington Inn for President’s Weekend!



WWW.WASHINGTONINN.COM Lissy, Shirley, Vickie

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 29

1/27: Highlights From The Seventh Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV



MONDAYS $2.95 Cheesesteaks All Day & Night! TIJUANA TUESDAYS “Now All Day & Night” $1.50 Tacos & Burritos

WEDNESDAYS The Irish Pipe Brigade and friends




Awesome Talent - 8pm

(609) 884-3449 WASHINGTON STREET MALL, CAPE MAY The pipe brigades plays around the bar of the Ugly Mug

G Page 30

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Exit Zero Random Gift Certificate Giveaway

Chart a course for...

Prime Steaks • Sensational Seafood Open Daily for: Lunch, Happy Hour, Sunset Dining, Dinner & Late Night Entertainment

Winter Lunch Menu Daily from Noon - 4:00p

$3 Bowl of Soup or Large Salad $5 Hot Sandwiches $6 Over-stuffed Sandwiches

Breakfast Buffet

Saturday: 8-11 Sunday: 8-Noon

Winter Dinner Menu Sunday - Wednesday 4:00p - 8:00p $12.95 Three Courses Soup, Salad and Choice of 12 Entrees!

Prime Rib Night $13.95 Wednesdays 4:00p - 8:00p


Land & Sea Buffet $24.95 Thursdays 4:00p - 8:00p

EVERY week our photographer Danielle O’Neal roams the streets of Cape May on a mission... to give away a $50 gift certificate to spend at a local business. But it’s not quite THAT easy – first of all, the lucky recipient has to answer three questions related to our theme issue, which this week is all about Eskimos. This week’s winner is Steve Hurtt, 63, from Brigantine, New Jersey. We found Steve strolling the Washington Street Mall with his lovely companion. Here are his answers to our piercing questions: Guess how many words Eskimos have for snow? Seven. Have you ever had an Eskimo kiss? Yes Where do Eskimos live? The Arctic.

Oceanfront at 1045 Beach Avenue 609.884.5611 •

Steve wins a $50 gift certificate to Rio Station. Congratulations, and enjoy! PHOTOGRAPH BY DANIELLE O’NEAL

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 31

1/27: The Seventh Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Dinner Served Nightly from 5pm Breakfast & Lunch Served Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 8am

Bill Furey, Amy Furey, Don Pocher

“Rub a Dub Dub, Thanks for the Grub! Food was aweome!” ~ Frank and Erin

R. Starr, Lady Gaga, Dwight

(609) 884-9119 322 Washington Street Mall, Cape May Most Major Credit Cards Accepted Alice Litzenberger, Alice Dalla Pallu, Rick Dalla Palu

Page 32

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1/27: The Seventh Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug

Mary Den, Robert Den

Jack Wright, Heather Turner

Judy Kulp, Liz Shay


OPENING PRESIDENT’S WEEKEND! Friday, Saturday & Sunday


Serving Soups, Salads & Sandwiches

$2 Bottled Beers All Weekend! DJ & Dancing on Saturday Night! Beach & Jackson Street, Cape May • (609) 884-4424

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 33

1/27: The Seventh Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug

Betty Steger, Bob Fite

John and Kay Luedeke

Mark Mallia, Lynda Fraizer

Jim Suplee, JM Kearns

Shirley Stiles, event host Jack Wright


PRESIDENTS DAY SALE! Monday, February 21

We’re making room for Spring merchandise! Bring this ad to Whale’s Tale and receive an additional 20% off any already reduced item! Jewelry, Gifts and More! WHALE’S TALE Open 5 days Thursday-Monday 10-5 SPLASH Saturday & Sunday 10-5

Page 34

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1/27: The Seventh Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Open Every Day in Cape May on The Washington Street Mall & on The Promenade... Stop In for a FREE SAMPLE of Our Creamy Fudge!

Whipped Creamy Fudge Premium Chocolates Saltwater Taffy Hand Dipped Ice Cream

Your Candy Headquarters for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter!

Andrew Baron, Melissa Trout-Baron, Lynda Fraizer, Mark Mallia

Bonnie Mullock, Bill and Elaine Winter

We Mail Anywhere in The World!

Call 1-800-23-FUDGE Shop online at:

Our Lucky Leprachauns are now hand-rolling our famous


Jennie, Vickie, Shirley, Lissy

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 35

Customer Service


The life and times of a waitress in Cool Cape May... by Molly Stone

OST people think that the hardest thing about waiting tables is dealing with grumpy customers. Others assume it’s tiptoeing around sensitive cooks who spend an entire night fuming after table four sends back an undercooked salmon. Still others guess that wearing the uniform, one that could make even Heidi Klum look frumpy, is the most difficult part of the job. But a server learns to handle the tantrums of a line cook with grace, and the badgering of unruly guests with poise. And the uniform, well, she learns to grin and bear it. But there’s one thing that a server never gets used to, one thing that always manages to turn her from a composed professional into a gawky fool. Servers hate waiting on people they know. Last night, I served my dermatologist. I didn’t want to acknowledge him as I would a perfect stranger – with a generic welcome and a run-down of special entrees. This would have been rude; I’ve known the guy for years. But what was I supposed to say?

“Hey, doc, the last time you saw me, I was wearing hot pink undies and complaining about the mole on my butt. Can I bring you a wine list?” Instead, I recommended that he stay away from the Sunrise Martini – “Get it? SUNrise?” – and awkwardly backed away from the table. Once, I had to wait on a former teacher, one whose class I skipped nearly once a week my junior year of high school. Every time I approached her table she raised an eyebrow as though she was stunned, and just a little disappointed, to see me wearing an apron instead of a prison jumpsuit. A few weeks later, on the next table over, I served a guy I’d been smitten with

since my hooky-playing days. I’d seen him a couple of times enjoying wings at the C-View and I’d been hoping that one day, he might notice me. He finally did, as did his beautiful date, when I exploded a bottle of Veuve Clicquot onto their tablecloth and the sleeve of my frumpiest uniform shirt. This is the reality of waiting tables in Cape May. The man you once told off at Wawa for snaking your parking spot might be leering at you from across the dining room, and those mean girls from elementary school might show up demanding more bar mix. This is a small town, and a girl’s personal life is bound to collide with her professional one from time to time. But it isn’t all bad. After so many nights of waiting on people you know, you learn to appreciate those you don’t. So when the anonymous couple on table three complains about their food, I can’t help but look at their unfamiliar faces and smile. Sure, they’re needy and might not leave the best tip, but at least these particular customers have never seen me in my underwear.

RSVP ANNUAL KNITTING RETREAT March 11-12-13 Register for any or all... Workshops, Fashion Show & Banquet, Charity Knitting Event for more info, or call 609-898-8080

FIBER ARTS YARN SHOP Washington Commons 315 Ocean Street, Cape May, NJ

(609) 898-8080 OPEN 7 DAYS - FREE PARKING

ALL IRISH IMPORTS This style Cape goes well with jeans!

401 Lafayette Street Cape May (609) 884-4484

Page 36

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Million-Dollar SMILE in Every Package!

1/27: The Seventh Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Exclusive Area Retailer for PANDORATM Jewelry Arlene MacDonald, Janis Q, Cathy and Armando Pelaez

Judy Branin, Elizabeth Moss, Diane and Rich Flanegan Since 1972 Cape May’s Landmark Jeweler

Open Friday thru Monday 10am-5pm Expert Jewelry Repair done on premises.


Cape May’s Landmark Jeweler Since 1972

407 Washington Street Mall, Cape May NJ 08204 • 609-884-0334

Steve Smith, John Cooke, Jon Roth

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 37

1/27: The Seventh Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug




L A C E M A T S ~ K I T C H E N T

Jon Roth, Jack Wright, Victor Grasso


A R E A R U G S • E G Y P T I A N C O T T O N T O W E L S

CAPE MAY LINEN OUTLET Open Every Day Year Round!

Friday & Saturday 10-6, Sunday-Thursday 10-4

PRESIDENTIAL WINDOW SAVINGS! Take 20% off all Window Treatments! In stock and Special order! Now through February 28th, 2011!


Chenille Bedspread Closeout/$7.50 Any Size! Pair of Curtains $5.00! Pillow or Sham $3.00!

Month of February Specials Take 20% off all Decorative Pillows, Chair Pads, Rugs & Lap Blankets!

110 Park Blvd, West Cape May 609.884.3630/ S H O W E R C U R T A I N S ~ B A T H B RU S H E S

Jim, Jack, Doug, Stacks


O D D S I Z E S H E E T S ~ V A


Peggy and Haland Goodman, Drew Gillece




Page 38

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

1/27: The Seventh Annual Exit Zero Burns Supper At The Ugly Mug

Bill, Linda

Matt and Mary Trella

Marlena Lustig and Roy Steinberg

Joan Green, Lois Harris

Nick and Pat Korlaet

Kathy Daniel, Bob Gibb



• Cape May hoodies and tees • Hermit crab accessories • Cape May mugs, wineglasses, books, tie-dye sweats

OPEN PRESIDENTS DAY WEEKEND: Sat & Sun 10-5/6 • Mon 10-3


OCEAN AVENUE & WASHINGTON STREET behind the Horse & Carriage! (609) 884-9032 •

Perfect for Cape May Lovers! CAPE MAY & EXIT 0 CHARMS


Featuring L’Erbolario... Perfumes and Herbal Skin Care from LodiAlviero Martini... Sophistocated Designer Handbags from Milan and Handmade Glass Jewelry from Murano



Large selection of high quality vintage sports cards & memorabilia at reasonable prices.

Wintry winds create havoc...but not for you, when you moisturize, exfoliate, and nourish your skin with L’Erbolario!

• Current Stars, Hall of Famers and Rookies • • Certified Autographed Items • • Vintage Yearbooks, Programs and Publications •

(609) 884-2300 510 CARPENTER’S LANE, CAPE MAY

Phone: 609-898-3332 email:

TEA BY THE SEA and ANTIQUES EMPORIA would like to welcome

to their shopping mall.

in Sterling Silver & 14k Gold! Available Exclusively at...

PATRICIA JACKSON JEWELERS 414 Bank Street, Cape May • (609) 884-0323 • Open Fri., Sat. & Mon. 11-6; Sunday 12-5

They are now open for business at


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 39

The Old Fogey

Ah, those good old Cape May days... by Jackson D’Catur


T’S the Eskimos I feel sorriest for. As the planet warms, the seas rise and the glaciers melt, their ancestral lands vanish and they are lost, drifting on shrinking ice f loes, miles from the arctic wastes they call home. They pace mournfully, shaking their heads, sometimes rising on their hind paws to look around and sniff the air. Their fur grows dull and loses its white sheen, their cubs… Oh hold on, my faithful manservant Kitchener is running at me across the lounge, from the library, to where I am dictating this to the new telephonic device which connects me to this newspaper’s Scotch f lâneur of an editor-in-chief as he scribbles down every word I utter. What’s that, Kitchener? A pictorial dictionary, open at E… Oh, I SEE… Well damn my eyes. Who knew? Right, well, Eskimos, eh? They’ll be just fine. Cheery little chaps, great teeth, smiley faces, they can all come to Cape May and take the summer jobs from those inconsolable eastern European teens. It’ll brighten the place up to no end.

I remember when I first met the Inuit, as they love to be called and which as a result I never DO call them face-to-face. It’s one of the first lessons I learned about dealing with savages: look them right in the eye, smile without showing your teeth and mispronounce their names. Teaches them what to expect. It did me well in the jungles of Borneo, the mountains of Tibet and the dark heart of Wildwood. I was hunting the great white whale with Ernie Hemingway and a demented

chap who seemed to go by the name of Mishmael, and we had lost the track somewhere shy of the North Pole. Sea creatures leave tracks – you just have to know what to look for. I once tracked a cod across the Atlantic after it took the wedding ring from my finger (along with the finger) one summer. I retrieved the ring, sewed the digit back on and had lovely fish ’n’ chips for tea. Well, those Eskimos were a game lot, and thanks to them we finally cornered the white beast in an ice lake during a blizzard. Imagine, if you will, how hard THAT was to spot – a white whale in a white lake in the snow. Finally we located it using our fingertips and killed it with karate chops only, plus a stick of dynamite I had brought along and shoved down its blowhole. Or I think it was a blowhole. And I think it was the whale. Anyway, when the smoke cleared there was a lot of mess and the Eskimos were boiling a pot of water for either the whale or Ernie, whom they despised. I didn’t hang around to see which.

ESTATE JEWELERS Specializing in:

Appraisals Engagement Rings Vintage Jewelry Jewelry Repair

Get Her Something Nice for President’s Weekend!

We Buy: Gold Estate Jewelry Diamonds Coins

(609) 898-0202

523 Lafayette Street, Cape May •

Page 40

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/4: Wine And Craft Beer Tasting Fundraiser At Grand Hotel

Barb Hunt, Alan Gould

Mark and Linda Tomlin

Brittany, Pam


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 41

Cape May Must Haves

The finest things from the shops of this charmed city... by Kate Chadwick

Scarf From Fiber Arts Yarn Shop

Coffee From Tommy’s Folly

Tea from Tea By The Sea

This scarf would be hand-knit by you, of course! Three-week knitting courses, a floor-to-ceiling yarn selection, knowledgeable staff, and a couple of winters like the ones we’ve just had should be more than enough to get you motivated. It’s $40 for a three-week session; yarn prices vary. 315 Ocean Street, Washington Commons, 609-8988080.

When the cold is really biting, wrap your chilly little fingers around a steaming cup of joe from the hottest coffee shop in town. Select a delectable muffin or a breakfast bar to go along with it. Too late for coffee? Savory soups and scrumptious paninis are on the menu, too. Located in Congress Hall, 251 Beach Avenue, 609-884-6522.

If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, don’t fret, just stroll down the street to Tea By The Sea for a different kind of beverage break. There are more than 250 teas to suit your fancy – from basic black and green varieties to any herbal mixture you can imagine, as well as oh-so-civilized china sets for your next tea party. 405 West Perry Street, 609-884-4832.

Uggs From Casale’s Shoes

A Home Check-Up From PPS

Socks From Bay Springs Alpaca Farm

Come wintertime in these parts, it’s all about the Uggs, and selected styles are on sale right this minute at Casale’s (spring styles arriving now, too!). The Casale’s family have been keeping Cape May feet properly outfitted since 1959, and carry Uggs for men, women and children. 415 Washington Street, 609-884-4138.

If Cape May is your home away from home, ensure that it’s being properly looked after in the chilly weather while you’re off on your private island, courtesy of the folks from Professional Property Service. Window replacements, after-storm inspections, and HVAC are among the many services they offer. 609-770-8357.

As they say at Bay Springs Alpaca Farm, wearing these socks is just like having two feet in heaven. If getting warm and fuzzy on the outside keeps you warm and fuzzy on the inside, these heavy-duty alpaca work socks will definitely do the trick. Available in sizes medium, large, and extra large for $22. 524 New England Road, 609-884-0563.

Page 42

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wildly Imaginative Toys


Toy Shop

2/4: Wine And Craft Beer Tasting Fundraiser At Grand Hotel PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

of Cape May

Fun for the Kids... and grownups too!

PRESIDENT’S WEEKEND SALE!! 20-50% Off Everything!

Edwin Flores, Budman, Morgan Cevalinski, Wilber Lucero

Open Saturday thru Monday Open Daily starting March 5

510 Washington St. Mall


Marilyn Glenn, Mary Maldy, Dana Gehring

Marilyn Glenn, Mary Maloy, Dana Gehring, Kourtney Perry

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 43

2/4: Wine And Craft Beer Tasting Fundraiser At Grand Hotel

Fred Sylvester, Christian Weiser

Melissa Stocker, Tom Stocker, Ginnine Vietro, Katie Simpson, Todd Simpson


Not Your Everyday Hallmark Shop Warm up with our new Bean Pod Candles & Himalayan Salt Lamps




New Willow Tree Collection Full Line of Cards & Gifts Clearance on many items!


New items arriving daily!


Open Friday 11-5 Sat/Sun 10-5 Monday 11-5

We specialize in Hello Kitty and stuffed animals... including Webkinz, safari animals and TV characters

SILLY BANDZ BLOW OUT! Open Friday & Monday 11-5 • Sat/Sun 10-5

Engagement Rings • Estate Jewelry • Lladro • Antiques Hummels • Antique Dolls • Jewelry Repair WE BUY DIAMONDS, GOLD & SILVER BY APPT.

511 Washington Street Mall, Cape May (next to Fudge Kitchen) ~ (609) 898-8786 Other Location: 15 N. Black Horse Pike, Runnemede ~ (856) 939-0230

Home of Cape May’s Coolest Souvenirs





Global HQ

109 Sunset Blvd [across from Shell Gas] OPEN DAILY FROM 10am-5pm (609) 770-8479 «

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 45

The Answer Lady


HE Answer Lady invites inquiries from gentle readers on all manners of relationship quandaries, matters of the heart, and ethics. If you’d like to send a query, write to Dear Answer Lady I lost some weight last year, and I was able to buy a bunch of new clothes. It’s so nice to have pretty skirts and things that never quite looked right before in my wardrobe! But I still don’t feel like I’ve got the look I want... Don’t clothes make the woman? – Still Not Model Material Dear Model Not to be impertinent, dear, but have you given any thought to your bra? We put all this time, effort and money into shopping for the clothes we love, and apparently a whopping 70-80% of us are running around (well, hopefully not running around) wearing the wrong-sized bra. Get thee to a bra therapist – yes, a bra therapist! – at Lace Silhouettes to make sure your foundation garments are worthy of your cool new couture. And let’s not forget eye-

Wise answers to perplexing questions

wear. Make an appointment with Dr Arlene Hughes Gorny to update your glasses – they’ve got a winter sale on right now. Think about your hairstyle and color, and even your make-up. Putting new clothes on while still sporting the same style from the neck up is like putting the proverbial lipstick on the proverbial pig – no offense. The good folks at Shear Sunsations will see to it that you have the most updated ’do. Clothes can make the woman, and we all want to look divine, but the devil is in the details.

Dear Answer Lady My boyfriend just left me for a younger, better-looking girl. I am devastated. How do I get over this? – Broken Hearted Dear Heart Would you feel better if your boyfriend left you for a younger, better-looking boy? He left you, and it hurts, but stewing over who he left you “for” is not doing us any good here, gentle reader. Clearly he is not the man for you – and if he DID leave you just for the sake of youth and beauty, he is a cad as well. So to him we say (repeat your new mantra after the Answer Lady): “Screw you, good luck with your chippie and have a nice life – it is onward and upward for me.” The Answer Lady is not in the habit of using such coarse language and she apologizes, but sometimes the situation calls for it. It is irrelevant whether or not you actually believe this new mantra, by the way. Repeat it until you do believe it – there is transformative power in words. Pamper yourself for now and know that somewhere there is a man who deserves you.

Page 46

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/4: Wine And Craft Beer Tasting Fundraiser At Grand Hotel

Joe Caruso

Sherry, Lisa, Erminia, Eileen, Mandy, Melissa


Dive into winter feet first with a pair of heavenly alpaca socks!


542 New England Road, Cape May, NJ 08204. Farm Store Hours: Sat. & Sun. 10:00 - 4 pm Monday (Presidents' Day) 1:00 - 4 pm Ph. 609-884-0563 MID-WINTER YARN & PRESIDENTS’ DAY SALE Save 10 - 20% on alpaca yarn, throws, & socks!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 47

The Exit Zero Guide To Shopping In Cool Cape May ACROSS THE WAY 304 Washington Street Cape May (609) 884-4199

Stop in here for an exciting collection of furniture and home decor including quirky clocks, whimsical lawn chairs, books and games that will get you thinking, and top-quality lamps and fixtures to make every room a bit brighter.

CAPE MAY SPORTS MEMORABILIA 405 West Perry Street Cape May email:

Everything for the sports lover – especially if you’ve got a particular allegiance to team in NJ or PA. Vintage baseball cards, programs, team sets, framed items and signed baseballs and bats - the perfect place for a seasoned or new collector.

ALL IRISH IMPORTS 401 Lafayette Street Cape May (609) 884-4484

They carry T-shirts, hand-knit fishermen’s sweaters, pewter, Waterford crystal, Belleek, jewelry, perfume and even biscuits and kilts. Make sure you ask about their ladies capes, hats and scarves, including cabbie caps.

CAPE WINDS FLORIST 860 Broadway West Cape May (609) 884-1865

Cape Winds Florist is family-owned and has more than 30 years of experience. They always go the extra mile to make their floral gifts perfect. Offering beautiful, elaborate floral arrangements plus prompt, friendly service.

ARTISANS ALCOVE 523 Lafayette Street Cape May (609) 898-0202

When shopping for jewelry, why not opt for a piece that carries a bit of history with it? Artisans Alcove boasts a great selection of Art Deco, Victorian, Edwardian and Modern jewelry, so whatever your tastes, you’ll leave satisfied.

CELEBRATE CAPE MAY Ocean Avenue and Washington Street Cape May (609) 884-9035

They specialize in “one-stop shopping” and they don’t disappoint. Looking for fleeces, embroidered T-shirts or cardigans? What about postcards, personalized magnets, keychains, postcards and hermit crabs? Look no further, friends.

ANTIQUES EMPORIA 405 West Perry Street Cape May (609) 898-3332

There is always a great selection of Americana, furniture, costume jewelry, watches, clocks, vintage postcards, magazines and more. Pick up some vintage jewelry to top off an outfit. The stock is always changing, so stop in often.

DESATNICK’S Cape May (609) 884-2545

This family-owned and operated business offers the final accessory for every room: window treatments. They carry all kinds of blinds and shades as well as elegant drapes. The styles and variety offered by DeSatnick’s is beyond compare.

BAY SPRINGS ALPACAS 542 New England Road Cape May (609) 884-0563

This charming 10-acre farm is great for a family visit. Come and meet the alpacas, see how alpaca fiber is spun into yarn, then pick up a sweater, scarf, blanket or hat made from it. Treat your feet to ultracomfortable alpaca socks.

DONNA’S HALLMARK 401 Washington Street Cape May (609) 884-0555

Every visitor in Cape May has a few friends or loved ones back home. Why not stop by and get them a keepsake? Donna’s carries a wide selection of cards and gifts like their Himalayan salt lamps, which cast a warm, soothing glow.

BIRD HOUSE OF CAPE MAY 109 Sunset Boulevard West Cape May (609) 898-8871

An extensive selection of bird houses, from Victorian and Colonial styles to urban and eclectic designs. They also offer scented wax pottery, Wind and Willow mixes, home decor and garden accents.

EXIT ZERO 109 Sunset Boulevard Cape May (609) 770-8479

The coolest Cape May souvenirs, a superb selection of local-interest books, designer T-shirts and bags, artwork, and an unrivaled collection of historic Cape May prints. Wear the Exit Zero logo with pride.

CAPE MAY BIRD OBSERVATORY 701 East Lake Drive Cape May Point (609) 884-2736

Everything a nature lover could want – from field guides, binoculars and scopes to clothing and books. They stock the best selection of binoculars in the area in all price ranges. Featuring beautiful Charley Harper merchandise.

FIBER ARTS YARN SHOP 315 Ocean Street Cape May Washington Commons (609) 898-8080

Knitting is quickly proving to be the cool new hobby for every generation. Fiber Arts have the tools and experience to get a novice started and the goods to supply an expert. Don’t miss their knitting classes.

CAPE MAY LINEN OUTLET 110 Park Boulevard West Cape May (609) 884-3630

The hand-picked deals and oldfashioned service at this store keeps customers coming back. Your source for everything linen, from aprons, sheets and tablecloths to curtains and linen by the yard.

FLYING FISH 130 Park Boulevard West Cape May (609) 884-2760

Owner Sue Lotozo hand-makes (and designs) a great collection of cool, off-beat shirts. You will find original, funky, retro designs on high-quality apparel, including a collection of T-shirts that celebrate local beaches.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reading Exit Zero Will Keep You Warm During These Winter Months...

OK, so maybe not, but you should read it anyway! Subscribe for only $50 for 52 awesome issues... and 5 of them in full color. Call (609) 770-8479 or order online at

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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The Exit Zero Guide To Shopping In Cool Cape May GAIL PIERSON GALLERY 658 Washington Street Cape May (609) 884-2585

This fine art gallery is as charming as the center city district in which it resides. It introduces new artists and art lovers to the beauty of Cape May. Art education and interactive online technology are a key focus.

PAT JACKSON JEWELERS 414 Bank Street Cape May (609) 884-0323

Pat Jackson has been designing jewelry since the 1970s and has had her shop since the 1980s. You won’t find anything synthetic or treated – just satisfaction. Try a twist on the seashell souvenir with an 18k gold scallop-shell bracelet.

GOOD SCENTS 327 Carpenter’s Lane Cape May (609) 884-0014

You’ll smell the sweet mix of candles and incense from the sidewalk. Good Scents also carry lanterns, jewelry, stationery, books and gifts to delight your senses. Check out their wide selection of jazz and world music CDs.

SPLASH 513 Carpenters Lane Cape May (609) 846-7100

A showplace for local handicrafts like woodwork, stained glass, pottery and prints, Splash also features several cases packed to bursting with glittering jewelry, and the largest collection of local sea glass on the island.

HENRY’S FINE JEWELRY 407 Washington Street Mall Cape May (609) 884-0334

Henry’s, Cape May’s landmark jewelers, carry the Original Cape May Destination Bracelet plus a huge selection of jewelry throughout the store, including selections from Pandora Jewelry.

SWAIN’S 305 Jackson Street Cape May (609) 884-8578

Swain’s Ace Hardware have everything you need to furnish, finish or refurbish your home. They also carry bath and cleaning products, paint, tools and hardware. It’s the friendliest, most helpful hardware store!

ITALIAN GARDEN 510 Carpenter’s Lane Cape May (609) 884-2300

Fine Italian exports, including the largest selection of L’Erbolario, a botanical skincare and fragrance line, in the US. Look for the Alviero Martini designer “World Map” handbags and Murano glass jewelry.

TEA BY THE SEA 405 West Perry Street Cape May (609) 898-4TEA

Few things liven up a dreary day or smooth out a hectic one quite like a hot cuppa. No matter how you take it, tea is good for whatever ails you. Tea by the Sea also offer delicious cobbler and scone mixes, and you can choose from 12 flavors.

KATE’S FLOWER SHOP 600 Park Boulevard West Cape May (609) 884-6181

Strangely enough, they sell flowers! But Kate and her staff dispense more than just beautiful floral arrangements. They also give advice on things like philosophy, good books and other stimulating subjects.

THE TOY SHOP 510 Washington Street Mall Cape May (609) 884-0442

For a selection of well-made toys that will take you back to your childhood while delighting the kids, stop in here. Check out their President’s Weekend sale which offers 20-50% off everything

MADAME’S PORT 311 Washington Street Mall Cape May (609) 884-5858

Entering Madame’s Port is like stumbling into a treasure trove at an exotic trading post. Be sure to check out their collection of trade signs (featuring mermaids and whales), wall art and beautifully crafted wooden watches.

WEST END GARAGE 484 West Perry Street Cape May (609) 770-8261

A hip new addition to shopping on the island, West End Garage has all the feel of an upscale flea market in NYC or Philly right in downtown Cape May. Whether you prefer art, antiques, jewelry, or all of the above, don’t miss this spot.

MARY ANN’S JEWELRY 511 Washington Street Mall Cape May (609) 898-8786

The smallest shop on the mall, but it’s packed with beautiful things – Rolex watches, pearls, sapphires, porcelain vases, cut-glass and pocket watches. Stunning estate and new jewelry, with a large selection of diamonds.

WHALE’S TALE 312 Washington Street Mall Cape May (609) 884-4808

Everywhere you look, something catches your eye – playing cards shaped like dog bones or fish, handtooled leather journals, Sailor’s Valentine’s and sterling silver baby rattles. It’s a browser’s paradise.

ORIGINAL FUDGE KITCHEN 513 Washington Street Mall and 728 Beach Avenue Cape May 800-23-FUDGE

Chances are good you won’t get past the front door without trying a piece of something delicious at this Cape May institution. Now is the time to think of getting some sweets for your sweet!

ZOO COMPANY 421 Washington Street Mall Cape May (609) 884-8181

For all the young and young-atheart, this cute toy store is filled with the fluffiest, most colorful stuff you can imagine. If your little one is looking for the hottest item – from Webkinz to Silly Bandz – you’ll find it here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011




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(609) 884-6181 600 Park Boulevard West Cape May

2/4: Wine And Craft Beer Tasting Fundraiser At Grand Hotel PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Chaz, Holly, Jethro

YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD FLORIST FOR 27 YEARS! Advertise Here and reach 15,000+ readers Only $70 for a quarter page ad like this

Karen, Russ and Jacki Buckingham

Contact Jason (609) 770-8470 Joanne Raucci, Susan Haury, Carol DeWeese

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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2/4: Wine And Craft Beer Tasting Fundraiser At Grand Hotel PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Window Fashions

NJ STATE LIC. 13VH03026600

Family-owned & operated since 1973!

(609) 884-2545 Advertise Here and reach 10,000+ readers

Marilyn Glenn, Dana Gehring, Mary Maloy, Pam Gentek

Only $30 for a sixteenth page ad like this

Contact Jason (609) 770-8470

Debbie & Mike Downes

Cape Winds

Florist & Gift Shop

860 Broadway (Broadway & Stimpson Lane) West Cape May NJ 08204 609-884-1865 • 609-884-2602 Fax email:

Nature Gifts for All Seasons Chattel House Village • 109 Sunset Blvd. West Cape May, NJ 08204 (609) 898-8871 • Hours: Saturdays 10-5, Sundays 11-4 Open Year Round • We Ship Anywhere. Bringing Nature Closer to Your Home Since 1995

Dave, Betsy, Mike, Kartney

Joyce “The Goddess” Gould, Kathleen Chiolo, Sue Walden

Page 52

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Re l a x i n o u r n e w C h a r l e s t o n S e a t i n g g r o u p! Available in many designer c olors!

indoor & outdoor furniture | candles | decorations | cushions | souvenirs

203 SUNSET BOULEVARD, WEST CAPE MAY (609) 884-1849 • 1930 RT. 9, CLERMONT (609) 624-3031

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/4: Wine And Craft Beer Tasting Fundraiser At Grand Hotel PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Page 53

snow sale ! 75% off

2010 stocks of unused snow

Tara and Joe Vallese, Anne–Maria Guevara

$5/sack * “Powder”, $9/sack * “Sticky”, drifting” * “Premium $8/sack * “Icy And Sore When

Mary Nell Murphy, Joanna Laciurta, Margot Murphy

* *

You Get Hit In The Eye” $3/Sack “Yellow Snow With Bits In It” $0.25/Sack Dustings To 12” Drifts Available

Call (609) 770-8479 or Visit The Exit Zero Store, 109 Sunset Boulevard!

Tom Hunt, Joe Connor, Joe Vallese

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Image: Celebration. Photograph. © Blair Seitz.

Welcome Back! New Exhibits Open the Season. We’re celebrating an early spring with new exhibits and events. Women of Africa and Asia Photographs by nationally recognized artist Blair Seitz. Seitz is a resident of Cape May Point. For ten years he worked as a photojournalist in Africa and Asia (based in Nairobi and Manila), and these extraordinary pictures are from his extensive travel in the region. Seitz is the photographer of 21 books. Prickly Pear Week A monthly event, the Gallery dedicates its loft for one week each month to new work from the Cape May County Art League. Now through February 21. Six Realists of Baltimore Antique and vintage oils from Hugh Bolton Jones, Earl Hoffman and Melvin Miller, members of a classic art rebellion in Baltimore. Do not miss this unusual collection. SAVE THE DATE February 26 the Center for Community Arts returns to the Gallery with YAP 201: this one’s for the Franklin Street School.

The Gail Pierson Gallery is open all year and welcomes new artists and art lovers from all over to Cape May. Gallery Winter Hours : Daily NOON - 5 pm. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.


658 Washington Street | Cape May | 609.884.2585 |

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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This Week in Cape May

The Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities and Exit Zero have joined forces. We will be selling the advertising for MAC’s popular magazine, with almost 300,000 copies distributed every year. The great news is that MAC still benefits as much as ever while YOU save $$$ on last year’s advertising costs!

2011 Year-Round TWICM Packages 13 Issues « April 2011 to March 2012 AD PACKAGE

2 page spread Full Page Half Page Quarter Page Eighth Page Sixteenth Page


$400 $250 $175 $125 $88 $62



13 13 13 13 13 13

$5200 $3250 $2275 $1625 $1144 $806

Rates include ad design ISSUE April May June Summer A Summer B Summer C Summer D Summer E Summer F Early Fall Late Fall Holiday Winter

DATES April 1-April 28 April 29 - May 19 May 20 - June 16 June 17-June 30 July 1-July 14 July 15 - July 28 July 29 - August 11 August 12 - August 25 August 26 - Sept. 8 Sept. 9 - October 13 October 14 - November 17 Nov. 18 - January 5, 2012 Jan. 6 - March 23, 2012

# OF COPIES 13000 19000 27000 20000 23000 23000 23000 23000 23000 36000 29000 21000 15000

Exit Zero can also design a proposal for TWICM that will suit your business needs!

SPACE DEADLINE March 15 April 12 May 3 May 31 June 14 June 28 July 12 July 26 August 9 August 23 September 27 November 1 December 20

ADS DONE BY March 18 April 15 May 6 June 3 June 17 July 1 July 15 July 29 August 12 August 26 September 30 November 4 December 23



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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Cape May Crossword

None of that generic nonsense you see in other papers... a puzzle just for “Exit Zero”! By Dan Mathers SO YOU love crosswords? Great. Sit down, get a cup (or glass) of your favorite beverage, relax and enjoy this puzzle. The answers to the crossword are all related to this week’s issue. Our theme this week: Eskimos. The solution can be found on the front page of our website, ACROSS 1. This city, the northernmost in the United States, has a population of less than 4,000 and falls within a traditionally Eskimo region of northern Alaska. 3. In Greenland, the natives don’t refer to themselves as Eskimos (it’s considered a pejorative term), but rather use this selfexplanatory word. 6. Though it is widely disputed, Robert Peary, with the help of four Eskimo men, claimed to be the first to reach this geographic location. 8. The Eskimos are an ice hockey club established at this prestigious English university in the 1930s. 10. Although in their language this word refers to any type of home, most people imagine it to be a round, little house made of snow. 11. The Eskimo people are spread across Greenland, Canada, Alaska and the eastern portion of this huge Russian region. 14. When water could not be easily reached,

A precursor of modern outerwear... see 15 Down.

Eskimos would make a hole in the ice and do this. It is now a popular pastime in many frigid climates. 16. In this country, the Eskimo primarily live in the regions of Nunavut, Nunavik and Nunatsiavut. 17. This traditional Eskimo eyewear covered the eye entirely except for a small slit of visibility. They helped with the blinding light reflecting off snow. DOWN 2. This alternative rock group – famous for songs like “Under the Bridge” and “Californication” – also recorded a song titled “Eskimo.” 4. This is a correct – though antiquated – alternative spelling for “Eskimo.” 5. This large, aquatic mammal formed a significant portion of the Eskimo diet for centuries. Its bones were used to build homes and sleds. 6. Eskimo Pie is a brand of chocolatecovered vanilla ice cream bar wrapped

in foil that is currently marketed by this international food giant. 7. There are two main groups of indigenous people that we classify as Eskimo – the Yupik and this group of people native to the circumpolar region. 9. Homo sapiens made their way to the Americas (and eventually became Eskimos) when an ice age created a land bridge across this body of water. 12. It is thought that some groups of Eskimos, those settled in eastern Canada and Greenland, came in contact with these early settlers. 13. “Quinn the Eskimo (Mighty Quinn)” is a folk-rock song written by this popular American singer-songwriter for his The Basement Tapes album. 15. This heavy, hooded jacket was invented by Eskimos to protect the head and face from cold. It is often lined with fleece but was originally made from caribou or seal and lined with fur.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 57

The Dating Column


Stella Dixon’s take on romance on old Cape Island

HEN I was a little girl, I’d spend rainy Saturday mornings watching my beloved VHS copy of Father of the Bride. In the movie, the character of Steve Martin’s engaged daughter is only 22 years old. When I was twelve, I couldn’t picture it any other way. In my pre-teen mind, the age of this girl was as perfect as her bouncy hair. I decided I would be just like her. I announced to my parents that I, too, would be engaged by the very appropriate age of 22. One might think that a deadline a girl sets for herself as a teeny-bopper is likely to be replaced or forgotten by the time she grows up. But such a deadline is a lot like the stuffed and tattered panda bear you loved so much as a child, stashed under the bed in between pink rollerblades and old birthday cards. You haven’t even thought about it in years. You know it’s a silly thing to hold on to. But to toss it out entirely? That would be like tossing out a small piece of yourself. So there it was – this looming goal of matrimony by 22 – stitched to my subcon-

scious as tightly as my mother used to stitch an errant eye back into that panda bear’s face. Despite my best intentions, 22 came and went. As did 23 and 24. One day, I woke up closer to being 30 than to being a bride. I started thinking about the timelines we impose on dating. Marriage by a certain age – yes. Kissing on a first date – no. Constantly in a state of worry that our relationships are moving along too fast or too slowly – of course. A friend of mine told me

Special Offer 2 ONE HOUR MASSAGES Only $100 Get one as a gift and one for yourself!

recently that she can’t tell the man she’s dating that she loves him yet, because she’s only been seeing him for three months. “But you do love him,” I said, “so what does it matter?” It matters because we live in a society obsessed with rules. It’s the reason we wait three days after a date before calling. It’s the reason I’m shocked and just a bit judgmental when I meet a couple who runs off to a chapel in Vegas after dating only six months. We worry about appearances. We worry about artificial deadlines. We worry about the rules we learned from watching TV on rainy Saturday mornings. Then, one day, you realize that you’re not twelve anymore. You stop caring so much about whether or not you’re doing the right thing at the exact right moment. You learn to throw out expectations, along with the pink roller blades and stuffed panda bears from your childhood. Because you’re not the bouncy-haired star of that movie you loved so much as a kid. The script of your life might be something altogether different than you’d imagined. And, if you can give it a chance, it might turn out even better than that.

ANIMAL OUTREACH Shelter Shindig Saturday, February 19, 2011 • 6-10 p.m. Cape May VFW Congress Street

Dr. Arlene Hughes Gorny Optometric Physician


20-30% Off Selected Frames Comprehensive eye exams O Treatment of eye disease, injury and infection O Unique frames O Contact lenses Quality sun wear O Optical lab on premises NJ#5336

937 Columbia Avenue, Cape May




Food - Beer - DJ Ed McDonough And as always Great Prizes! Tickets $25 At the door or online: For More Info Call 609-898-1738

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 59

2/4: Wine And Craft Beer Tasting Fundraiser At Grand Hotel PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

re: think Health Insurance Linen Ladies of Cape May

Millennium Administrators, Inc.

Suppliers of Household Linens for Cape May Vacation Home Rentals

(A insurance agency that is focused exclusively on health insurance for the Independent contractor, individual and employer; large or small)

Cribs - Strollers - Concierge Service

Call 609-884-3246

For a free quote: Call (866) MHG-2489 or Email:

order online at:

Nick Sorino, Nancy and Danny Bivona

Spread the Word... We Now Have 14 Stylists including the Former Staff of Lisa Renee’s! 600 Park Boulevard, West Cape May 609-884-4499

ABE LINCOLN said, “Most Folks are about as Happy as They make up their Minds to Be.”

Janice Campise, Donna Smith

All Folks who Come to Us leave Happy. In honor of Abe, come in on Monday, Presidents’ Day, and get 10% off any massage or facial, or treat yourself to one of our monthly specials.

Jacqui, Wilbur, Jason

607 JEFFERSON STREET, CAPE MAY, NJ 08204 609.898.1003 •

Page 60

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Cape May Health And Beauty Guide The Place

Any Particular Service That I Should Try Here?

Hours of Operation

Credit Cards

ACCENT ON BEAUTY 128 Sunset Boulevard West Cape May (609) 884-7040

They currently have some great Massage Specials going on... A 45 minute massage for only $38 plus tax... or a 60 minute massage for only $48 plus tax. Give yourself a treat by indulging in a relaxing massage. They make great gifts too!

ARTIZAN SALON AND SPA 600 Park Boulevard West Cape May (609) 884-4499

Artizan specializes in Wedding Parties and Special Occasions. They will handle all of Tuesday-Saturday @ 9am your makeup and updos. Trust them to make you look your best when it counts. Closing times vary.

Mastercard Visa American Express Discover

CAPE FITNESS 600 Park Boulevard West Cape May (609) 898-1515

They offer classes in a comfortable, unintimidating environment and skilled Personal Trainers who will work with any member looking to be pushed to their personal best.

Monday-Friday 5:30-9, Saturday 7-6, Sunday 8-2.

Mastercard Visa American Express Discover

CAPE MAY DAY SPA 607 Jefferson Street Cape May (609) 898-1003

This award-winning spa offers the Couple’s Victorian Experience, beginning in an oversized whirlpool, followed by a Swedish massage, and ending with light refreshments.

Monday-Friday 10-6 Saturday 9-6 Sunday 9-5

Mastercard Visa American Express Discover

DR LOUIS J. FELDMAN 741 Washington Street Cape May (609) 884-4260

Dr Feldman and his team provide top-notch cosmetic and restorative dentistry. The Call for an appointment. office is on call for your Dental Emergencies and endorsed by Cape Island Urgent Care.

Call for more details.

DR GORNY 937 Columbia Avenue Cape May (609) 898-0800

Dr Gorny will help you with your greatest asset - your eyes! She offers Comprehensive Eye Exams, contact lens fittings and a wide stock of unique frames to keep you seeing clearly.

Call for an appointment.

Mastercard Visa Discover


Millenium Administrators is an insurance agency that handles Health Insurance for individuals, companies and employers both large and small.

Monday-Friday 9-4:30. Agents on call 24/7.

Cash and check only.

NICOLE GIORGIO (609) 972-3885 Miracle Fitness Rio Grande

Entrust those sore muscles to the qualified hands of Nicole Giorgio, a member of the Association of Massage and Bodywork Practitioners with 15 years of experience. For a limited time, she’s offering Two One-Hour Massages for $100.

Call for an appointment.

Call for more details.

NORTH BEACH HEALTH CLUB 3860 Bayshore Road (609) 886-4842

They have great equipment, a clean environment and attentive instructors. Try their Boot Camp, an effective, easy-to-follow routine guaranteeing lost pounds in the first week.

Monday-Friday 7-10, Saturday 7-6, Sunday 8-4.

Mastercard Visa American Express Discover

SEA SPA 251 Beach Avenue in Congress Hall Cape May (609) 884-6543

Sea Spa is a full-service luxury destination spa. Spending a day there is like taking your own personal mini-vacation. They have a full line of Massages and Facials available.

Open & Saturday from 9:30am-6pm Sunday 9:30am-3pm

Mastercard Visa American Express Discover

SHEAR SUNSATIONS 1400 Texas Avenue Cape May (609) 884-3011

Owner Marie Conway prides herself on a friendly, skilled staff and fair prices. Everyone likes the Foils and Cuts. Patrons are often asked, “Where did you get that done?”

Wednesday 9-4, Thursday-Sunday 9-5.

Mastercard Visa Discover

Open 7 days Monday-Saturday @ 10am Sundays @ noon

Mastercard Visa

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 61


In 2011, we will be publishing FIVE beautiful full-color issues

«May/June «July «August «Sept/Oct «Nov/Dec

Deadline To Reserve Space For First Color Issue is Friday, Feb. 18

4000 copies of these sumptuously produced issues will be GUARANTEED to reach your customers. That’s a minimum per-issue readership of 12,000! EFFECTIVE, CONTROLLED DISTRIBUTION 2000 Hotel/motel/B&B rooms 750 Condo/rental units 1250 Retail/wholesale/subscriptions

DEADLINES Issue May/June: July: August : Sept./Oct.: Nov./Dec.:

Deadline Friday, February 18 Friday, April 22 Friday, May 20 Friday, June 24 Friday, August 19

Lock into all 5 issues for the best rate! AD SIZE

Cost of Just One Issue

Cost per Issue if in All 5 Issues

Sixteenth Page Eighth Page Quarter Page Half Page Full Page

$50 $80 $125 $225 $350

$40 $70 $100 $180 $300


Page 62

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SPRING IS COMING 3 months with all classes included Only $99 Buy a second 3 month membership for $50

+ tax

2/4: Wine And Craft Beer Tasting Fundraiser At Grand Hotel PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV


Second membership can be for friend or give it to yourself and really save $$ There are just 15 weeks left until memorial day so dont delay! Offer good until February 24

Sparky Preston, Stormy Oceans, Tiger Fernwood

Melissa, Joanne, Mandy

CAPE FITNESS 600 Park Boulevard, West Cape May (609) 898-1515 Check us out on Facebook for schedules and other news Sue Haurey, Stephanie Wiscott, Dawn Budd, Mike Budd

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 63

Activity Of The Week


A weekly column by Catherine Dugan. This week: Party Like the Presidents.

N PRESIDENT’S Day, it’s easy to be cynical about American politics. Few of our leaders live up to the standards set by Washington or Lincoln, but as people in Egypt struggle for the right to hold free elections, it’s important to celebrate the peaceful transition of power we take for granted. Salute our American presidents with some presidential-style activities. As America’s oldest seaside resort, Cape May has experience entertaining presidents. Pierce may have been the first to visit, and there is a lingering myth that Abraham Lincoln slept here. 19th-century presidents believed in a blend of recreation and work for optimum health. Since then, presidents have taken advantage of improved travel to get away from it all. For presidents with family estates, vacations were easy. We think of FDR at Hyde Park, Reagan at his ranch, Kennedy on a sailboat near Hyannisport, and Eisenhower at his Gettysburg farm. Presidents without such properties had to mingle with the masses,

and the masses led them to Cape May. Presidential activities abound here. Surely, George Washington, who operated his own distillery, would visit one of Cape May’s taverns for a sample of fine spirits; while Rutherford B. Hayes, who kept the White House dry, would recommend a nice afternoon tea. Visit a local restaurant and indulge your inner gourmand like Ulysses S. Grant, who liked 29 courses with at least nine different wines. Or, emulate Woodrow

Wilson’s “Meatless Mondays.” While his plan was designed to save meat for the troops fighting World War One, you can do it for health. Try Higher Grounds or Bella Vida for some vegetarian fare. Share Chester Arthur’s love of fashion? Hit the stores until you can match his flair – he owned 80 pairs of trousers – and celebrate, as he would, with a fine cigar – try Up In Smoke. Give a nod to the music-loving presidents and sample a band like Blondage at the Mad Batter or Marnie & Nate at the Brown Room. Or exercise in Theodore Roosevelt’s style with a vigorous hike along the beach. Share Teddy’s love of animals? Head to the zoo to see exotic species. FDR caught his cousin’s interest in conservation, and you can too – visit the Nature Center for information on preserving the native plants in your backyard. Presidents who find that it’s lonely at the top are told, ”If you need a friend, get a dog.” If you need a friend, you can find one at the animal shelter. Make an executive decision to spend President’s Day in Cape May. Next week: The Kids Can Expo

Crazy Good Specials!

45 min. massage $38* 60 min. massage $48* *plus tax we apologize for the pricing error in last weeks ad


beauty accent on

(609) 884-7040 • 128 sunset blvd., west cape may

Page 64

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy President’s Weekend!

2/4: Wine And Craft Beer Tasting Fundraiser At Grand Hotel PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Cindy Tenaglia, Vince Tenaglia, Jackie Johnson


Carole Deweese, Sharlyce Peterson, Megan Rogers, Kathleen Chiolo

Call Dr. Feldman’s office today! You’ll be glad you did... And so will the people you smile at!

LOUIS J. FELDMAN, D.D.S., LLC 741 Washington Street Cape May, NJ 08204

(609) 884-4260 Lori Basile, Tanya Bradley

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 65

The Movie Column


Tom Sims, Director of the Cape May Film Festival, reviews “True Grit”

’VE never been a John Wayne fan… Did I lose any readers with that opener? Sorry but I always feel like he’s playing… John Wayne. So when I heard a “reimagining” of True Grit was coming out, I wasn’t all that interested. The 1969 film won John Wayne an Oscar. But when I heard the remake was from the Coen Brothers, I was mildly interested. Having seen the film now four times, you could say I’ve become somewhat of a groupie. The first thing you notice about the film is its amazing attention to detail. Some will criticize the film for its language — not that there was any cursing (there was none) but the phrasing was awkward and sometimes difficult to follow. But you won’t hear me say that. Remember, I’m a groupie. To me, the film’s language was as important as the props used to give us a sense of the past. True Grit tells the story of a 14-year-old girl Mattie, played masterfully by Hailee Steinfeld. She hires a drunken, rundown US Marshall (Oscar-worthy performance by Jeff Bridges) to bring in her father’s killer (played by Josh Brolin). The two get some unwanted

Bridges and Steinfeld deliver fine performances, along with the rest of the cast in “True Grit.” help from a Texas Ranger (Matt Damon) to track down the killer, who is running with outlaw Lucky Ned Pepper (Barry Pepper). This film was marked by gold standard acting performances from the entire cast. The Coen Brothers have once again proven that their style of filmmaking and storytelling

Robert Panaccio, VMD Robert Moffatt, VMD Patricia Link, DVM

is among the best in Hollywood. Just out of curiosity, I did rent the 1969 original and was impressed by how much of the original was mimicked in the remake — but with more than 40 years between them, they’re difficult to compare. In the original, Glen Campbell played the ranger, and a very young Robert Duvall played Ned Pepper. Do I recommend the remake of True Grit? You might be okay with just one screening. Quick Review of Somewhere: This is the latest offering from Sofia Coppola (daughter of the great director Francis Ford Coppola). This film may have been better titled Nowhere — that seems to be where Coppola is taking us. There are great moments of acting genius from the leads, Stephen Dorf and Ella Fanning — especially from the young sister of Dakota, but that only makes you that much more ticked off that these talents were squandered on a shoddy storyline. For a free voucher to the 2011 Cape May Film Festival, email the answer to this question to For what other film did John Wayne win an Oscar?

THE DOGGIE NANNY Forget to tell your pets they are staying home? Better call The Doggie Nanny! Petsitting for ALL pets! In Your home! Pet Transportation too! (to the groomer or vet)

694 Petticoat Creek Lane, Cape May

References Available Insured & Bonded

884-1729 Hours by Appointment

e r w y


609-675-6384 •

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Enrich Your Life... Adopt An Animal

Three beautiful dogs from the Cape May County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center... call 465-8923


AUBREY is a sweet young gal who loves to be around people. She has lots of enthusiasm and will need lots of exercise. We recommend she go to a family with older children and to a home where she will get the proper training she needs. If you have the patience and are willing to dedicate the time needed for training, please stop by and meet Aubrey today. You’ll both be happy you did. Adoption fee is $95.


KEIKO and his brother Koby have had a lot to deal with these past couple of weeks yet they have somehow managed to remain sweet and friendly dogs. Both Keiko and Koby really love to be around people and are just fine with both cats and dogs. If you’re looking for a great family pet that has had a run of bad luck lately, please contact the shelter for more info on Keiko or Koby. Adoption fee is $35.


SICILY is a sweet eight-year-old gal who is not used to lots of human contact but when she does come around she loves to be petted. She has shown no aggression towards people but she isn’t fond of cats or unfamiliar dogs. All she needs now is someone who will treat her like the lady she is. If you’re searching for a quiet dog, Sicily may just be what you’re looking for. Adoption fee is $35.

Join Us for Exciting Winter Weekends!

Treat Yourself for President’s Weekend! (609) 884-3011 • 1400 Texas Ave., Cape May TUESDAY-SATURDAY 9-5 • THURSDAY 9-8

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Exit Zero Did Some Traveling During Its Break

Joan and Dane Wells in Chile before the turmoil mentioned in “Ramblings” (page 13)

Marlena Lustig and Roy Steinberg before boarding the Paris Metro


Visit Exit Zero on Facebook... You could have some fun and possibly win some great prizes


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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Enrich Your Life... Adopt An Animal

Three beautiful cats from the Cape May County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center... call 465-8923


FLURRY is an awesome little girl who is just as friendly as can be. She does well with other cats and is a pleasure to be around. Despite being abandoned by her owner, she is just so sweet and lovable. All she needs now is a home to call her own and someone to give her the love and attention she deserves. Adoption fee is $70.


MYRTLE is an amazing cat. She loves attention and affection and she would make an instant lap cat, especially for an older person looking for a companion. All she needs now to complete her life is a home to call her own. If you can offer her what she is looking for stop by and meet Myrtle today! Adoption fee is $35.


CALYPSO is a beautiful young female cat waiting to be plucked from shelter life and transplanted to her forever home. She is a friendly yet independent girl who is fine with cats, dogs and kids. If you’re looking for a great cat who is both an indoor and outdoor cat look no further. She’s right here waiting for you! Adoption fee is $70.







GYM HOURS: Monday - Thursday 5am till 10pm | Friday 5am till 9pm Saturday 7am till 6pm | Sunday 8am till 4pm



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FEBRUARYS GREEN TIP Used aluminum beverage cans are the most recycled item in the U.S. Other types of aluminum, such as Brought to you by siding, gutters, car components, storm window frames, and lawn furniture can also be recycled.

2/4: Soup-er Bowl Fundraiser For The Center For Community Arts PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Call 1-800-648-0138 to learn more.

A full service property management company serving Cape May since 2001

609.770.8357 Barry Bruno — Owner 609.602.4339 Licensed, Insured, and Bonded In NJ

Lynda, Jean

SENIOR CITIZENS... Mention This Ad For 10% Off! Dennis J. Spilker Manager/Funeral Director Dennis J. Spilker N.J. Lic. No. 4038 Manager/Funeral Director N.J. Lic. No. 4038

David M. Danaher Funeral Director David M. Danaher N.J. Lic. No. 3285 Funeral Director N.J. Lic. No. 3285



Ed and Pat Taylor

FUNERAL HOME 815 Washington St. • Cape May, NJ 08204 (Formerly Sudak-Danaher Funeral Home)

“ Cherishing L

ife’s MoMoments” ments” “Cherishing Life’s


609.884.3793 “Continuing A 90 Year Tradition Of Serving A The May & “Continuing 90 Cape Year Tradition Lower Township Area.” Of Serving The Cape May and Lower Township Area.”

Joanne Paskar, Jean West, Joan Green

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Bird Droppings


The weekly report from the world’s birdwatching capital... by Seymore Thanu

VERYBODY is seeing red – especially if you forgot that Monday was Valentine’s Day. And local restaurant and lodging owners are looking for the red to turn black as they gear up for another tourist season. Me? I like to see both! Red and black are the colors of love in the bird world, too. Or should I say, two? Take the Northern Cardinal. You know. The “Cardinal red” bird. The all-red bird with a rakish crest and a narrow black mask that sits outside your window every morning and sings his heart out. Cardinals rank among the Cape’s earliest vocalists. January males hitch themselves onto a high perch with the obvious intent of catching a lady’s eye. Singing serves much the same ambition. The song sounds something like: “Two, two, two, two, two.” Translated, the song might go something like this: “Hi. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mr Right. Hey babe. You and me. How about it? You and me equals two. Just like the

notes in the bird’s song. For birds, as well as humans, two is the magic number. Like humans, in the bird world the number three means one too many. Singing Cardinals get this point in song, too. Translated, this underscoring counterrhyme might go something like this: “Beat it bub. This perch is taken. If I see your sorry crest in this corner of the

universe again I’m going to pluck you back to the age of amphibians.” What does the female Cardinal say about all this? She doesn’t. Only the male sings. How does she feel about being the center of so much attention? Not too bad. The population of Cardinals is doing fine and their range is expanding. Another bird that bears the red and black colors of the season (not to mention the hormonally elevated spirit) is the Red-winged Blackbird. Like Northern Cardinals, male Red-wingeds get into the courtship mood early. I’ve seen birds keyed up, vocalizing and displaying in December. How’s that for rushing the season? I actually find Red-winged Blackbirds more visually appealing than Cardinals. Maybe by February I’m sick of seeing Cardinals on the Christmas cards I’ve been too lazy to recycle. Maybe in a recent former life I was a female Red-winged Blackbird. Boot black with rust-edged feathers on

Continued On Page 74 ?

TOP NOTCH TREE CARE 427 James Street, Erma

481-7420 ISA Certified Arborist Fully Licensed & Insured Free Estimates Reasonable Rates


Matthew Notch PN-6107A

Consulting Pruning & Planting Cabling & Bracing Removals

Over 30 Years Experience Serving Cape May County and The Islands No Job Too Small. Licensed and Insured

(609) 886-9015 NJ Lic# 13702A

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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2/4: Soup-er Bowl Fundraiser For The Center For Community Arts

Drew Richardsen, Serafina Moore

Susan Russell

Jennifer, Susan









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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bird Droppings ? From Page 71 the back, the bird’s name-sake characteristics are its big showy epaulets; the red shoulder patches that bloom every time the bird fans its wings. It is pretty stunning. A glowing coal that f lashes and disappears every time the bird utters the magic, mate-catching incantation: “Tur-a-ling.” Sounds a little Irish doesn’t it? Well we’re closing in on St Patrick’s Day, too. We had a photo on display at our Sluice Creek Gallery at the Center for Research & Education in Goshen – a Red-winged Blackbird displaying from a cattail stalk. This image cut through everything else in the room and grabbed my eye. In fact, you can look for it on the cover of the next New Jersey Audubon magazine. That’s our quarterly magazine that gets sent to all NJ Audubon members. Not a member? Well, you can take a walk through The Nature Conservancy just off Sunset Boulevard. Walk down the center path. See real, live male Red-winged Blackbirds hitched up on cattail stalks. They’re courting now. Doing their best to catch the eye. Not yours, of course. But if you like to

The Red-winged Blackbird delivering love songs. watch, no harm done. Heck, next to something as showy as a male Red-winged Blackbird, you’re hardly competition. Would you like the opportunity to watch more birds, more often? Then head over to the Cape May Bird Observatory in Cape May Point. The CMBO offers naturalist-led field trips throughout the year; every day in spring and fall – sometimes twice a day! All you need to do is stop by the CMBO’s Northwood Center at 701 East Lake Drive overlooking lovely Lake Lily in

Cape May Point, THE information spot for anything to do with nature. The center is open daily from 9:30am to 4:30pm except Tuesdays through the end of February. Ask any of our staff – they are always glad to help with anything you need – even things you didn’t know you needed yet. We are always eager to help new birders! Check out the schedule of daily walks, pick up a free birding map and checklist and while you are there, don’t forget the newest books on and about birding and nature. Pick up a bargain from the vintage book selection, look at some of the wonderful Charley Harper merchandise, binoculars and spotting scopes. Need a gift for a nature enthusiast friend or loved one but are clueless as to what they want or need? Pick up a gift card, redeemable at any of our New Jersey Audubon Centers throughout the state. And if you aren’t fortunate enough to be in the area, visit us online at www. – where birding Cape May is only a click away. Seymore Thanu is none other than New Jersey’s own Pete Dunne, Director of the Cape May Bird Observatory and Chief Communications Officer for New Jersey Audubon. Author of several books on and about nature (available at CMBO), he has written for virtually every birding publication and for The New York Times.

Happy Presidents Weekend! From Your Friends At Exit Zero

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Beautiful prints of your favorite Exit Zero photos...

in glorious COLOR

or cool B&W!

4 x 6 in: $6.5o ÂŤ 5 x 7 in: $9 ÂŤ 8.5 x 11 in: $17 ADD $2.50 for a black easel card frame with silver EZ logo!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FREE Spring Lecture Series Get into the Spring swing of things and learn something new! All presentations are held at the Village Welcome Center at 7pm. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23: John Barry: An American Hero in the Age of Sail - Commodore John Barry played a vital role in our nation’s fight for independence on sea, land and even in Cape May County! Presented by Tim McGrath, author of the new biography on this sea-going Patriot.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30: Jersey Shore Place Names: Why Did They Name It That? - Ever wonder where some of the strange place names in Southern New Jersey come from? Author Lee Ireland will explain the unusual names found across the map of the shore area.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6: Nicky Fifth’s Garden State Adventures - History isn’t just for adults, it’s for kids, too! Lisa Funari Williver, author of the Nicky Fifth series of children’s adventure stories, will discuss how she uses books to stir children’s interest into local history by incorporating New Jersey’s many historic sites and events into her novels.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13: Monmouth Court House: The Battle that Made the American Army - Did you know that one of the biggest battles of the American Revolution was fought in New Jersey? Historian Joseph G. Bilby will look at the engagement outlined in his most recent book, titled above.

HCSV received funding for this program from the New Jersey Historical Commission in the Department of State. Funding has been received through a grant from the New Jersey Department of State, Division of Travel and Tourism.

720 Route 9, Cape May • (609) 898-2300 •

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 77

2/4: Soup-er Bowl Fundraiser For The Center For Community Arts PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV


Paul and Kathy Goldblatt, Phil Broder

PRE-OSCAR PARTY Jeff Nace, Amy Hufana

Sunday February 27, 5:30-8PM Mad Batter Food - Cash Bar - Prizes

FREE TO EVERYONE! Vote for your favorite movie and buy a chance to win great prizes. Questions: 6098846700 or Peg Wolfe, Sandy Hoskins, Gigi Embs

Page 78

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 105 FIRST AVE., CAPE MAY

2/4: Soup-er Bowl Fundraiser For The Center For Community Arts PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Washington Commons, 315 Ocean Street Suite 2B, Cape May (609) 884-3050 Lee Marcotte Broker of Record

• One Block to Beach • 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bath • Central Air $592,500


Michelle, Ursula, Sava

WCFA-LP • Serving the Lower Cape with Jazz and More.

Ray Reyes, Nick Beamon, Chase Jackson

Vicky and Michael Clark, Joyce Gooch

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 79

2/4: Soup-er Bowl Fundraiser For The Center For Community Arts

Gail Pierson

Richmond Shreve, Marguerite Chandler

Richmond Shreve



Gilmartin & Company

1382 Lafayette Street Cape May, NJ 08204 (609) 884-1800 800-648-5558

·SALES· ·RENTALS· ·INVESTMENTS· ·PROPERTY MANAGEMENT· To See Full Listing Details Text Mobile ID# to 88500



108 Chestnut C. M. Court House 2/19 & 2/26 11am to 4pm 3Bds 1 Bth $99,900

2 Bedrooms 1 Bath 75 x 100 Lot Handyman’s Dream

Text ID #3216

$120,900 (32r) No Text ID#



2 Bedrooms 1 Bath Detached Garage TLC Needed

5 Bedrooms 3 Baths 3 Floors, Spacious 1 Block from Beach

$279,999 (703a) Text ID# 3219

$1,750,000 (1201n) Text ID# 3222



3 Bedrooms 1 Bath 100 X 100 Lot Rental History

$329,999 (24e) Text ID# 3220

2 Bedrooms 1 Bath 66 x 125 Lot Overlooks Del. Bay

$475,000 (311b) Text ID# 3194

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Advertise Here

Realty, Inc.

2505 Bayshore Rd. Villas, NJ 08251 • Broker Daniel J. Senico

Only $30 Per Week


3 Bedroom Home with a Private Lot!

Theresa Senico

ABR, CRS, GRI, SRES 609-408-4655

2/4: Soup-er Bowl Fundraiser For The Center For Community Arts PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Contact Jason 770-8479

Call on Us for All Your Real Estate Needs!

Nick B, Kathy K

501 LAFAYETTE STREET, CAPE MAY NJ 08204 TOLL FREE: 877-884-8907 • LOCAL 609-884-1007 FAX 609-884-4407 • WWW.WILSEYREALTY.COM

COLDWELL BANKER JAMES C. OTTON REAL ESTATE 3860 Bayshore Road, North Cape May NJ 08204 (609) 886-8101 • Fax: (609) 886-7176

888-284-3787 Toll Free

Each Office Independently Owned and Operated

If only the best address in town will do... Bill and Sue Causey, Carol Sabo


Within walking distance of the beach, this gorgeous contemporary offers spacious areas for entertaining or relaxing. The home sits on an oversized 150x120 fenced lot that gives you room for your pool or tennis court. The double door covered entry to the first floor opens to a sunken living room with fireplace and cathedral ceilings, dining room with domed ceiling lighting, large enclosed sun porch with radiant-heat tiled floor, open family room with fireplace and wet bar, kitchen with center cooking island and dining area, billiard room, full bath, generous single-car garage with workshop area. The second floor offers a master suite with two large walk-ins, private balcony for sunbathing, master bath with jacuzzi, separate shower and lav and double sinks. Two bedrooms with large closets, full bath, office/sewing room, circular staircase to the third floor room that could be a bedroom, TV room or great children’s space. Invisible pet fencing inside and out, emergency generator system, built-in double gas grill and patio area are just some of the amenities available! Call Kathy Kornick to set up your appointment today!

KATHLEEN KORNICK SALES REPRESENTATIVE Cell: 609-425-3571 Bud Swain, Vicki Watson, Pat Swain

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 81

2/4: Soup-er Bowl Fundraiser For The Center For Community Arts

Geno White

Peg and Bob Wolfe

Pat and Jim Hill


HOMESTEAD REAL ESTATE 846 Broadway, West Cape May Toll Free: 888-309-7454 • Local: (609) 884-1888 Dagmer Chew, Broker/Owner

125 FOURTH AVENUE, WEST CAPE MAY NEW CONSTRUCTION - This two story Victorian is designed to compliment the neighborhood, and your modern lifestyle. The first floor offers a kitchen with center island, dining area which opens to a spacious living room with fireplace, laundry room, and ½ bath. The second floor has a master suite with full bath and its own private deck. There are also three additional large bedrooms and a full bath. $595,000

6 CORMORANT WAY, NORTH CAPE MAY You don’t want to miss this wonderful 4 bedroom, 2 bath home located in the beautifully well kept subdivision of Mickels Run. The living room features high ceilings and opens to a spacious eat-in kitchen with pantry. This home sits on a large lot and includes a deck along the rear of the house, and a lovely front porch. Also included are 2 sheds and attic storage. Make your appointment today! $245,000

15 BROADWAY, #13, CAPE MAY Come and take a look at this pristine 1 bedroom, 1 bath unit at the Driftwood condominiums located half a block to the beach. You’ll enjoy top of the line stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and tasteful seaside décor. Outside enjoy the spacious rooftop deck with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. This unit comes with rental history and already has several weeks rented for the 2011 season. $359,000

1122 NEW JERSEY AVE., CAPE MAY Prime Beach Block Location - Live in this home and enjoy the ocean views from your front porch while you decide on the maximum potential this lot has to offer. Build your dream home or better yet build 4 units, one for you and one for a family member and pay for your units when you sell the other two. $3,500,000

Page 82

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sol Needles Real Estate

2/4: Soup-er Bowl Fundraiser For The Center For Community Arts PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

55 DENNIS CREEK DR., SOUTH DENNIS 3 bedroom, 2- bath rancher that includes living room, kitchen with breakfast bar, dining area, family room with full bar and utility room. New hot water heater and water conditioner, a 3 car drive way and deck for entertaining. Property being sold in “AS IS CONDITION,” Great Location. Listed by Thomas M. Perry for $179,000.


“Beach Front Jewel!” 7 bedrooms, 4 ½ baths nicely appointed home located on corner lot. Third floor completed renovated with 2nd kitchen, new roof on garage and entire house freshly painted. Sit on the covered front porch and enjoy the sea breezes, listen to the waves crashing on the beach. Excellent Rental History! Listed by Steven C. Cluff, Sr. for $1,650,000

Fred Long, Bernadette Matthews, Marge Matheny

512 Washington Mall, Cape May (609) 884 - 8428 • 800 - 441- 8428 w w


Relax and enjoy your stay; we will take your worries away... “One Call Does It All”

Johnnie Ponzie, Greta and Carole Mattessich

CONCIERGE • REAL ESTATE FULL SERVICE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Our resources are unlimited and our services are too many to list. Please call with any questions or requests. Services are available every day and around the clock.

(609) 884-8444 phone (609) 884-8455 fax 324 Carpenters Lane, Cape May NJ

James and Suzanne Cafiero

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/4: Soup-er Bowl Fundraiser For The Center For Community Arts PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEKSEY MORYAKOV

Page 83

What is a Fair Market Value? In Real Estate, Fair Market Value is the price a buyer will pay and a seller will accept for a property under reasonable and ordinary conditions. A Comprehensive Market Analysis and Cape May County Real Estate inquiries contact:

Heijung Park-Colameco

Broker Sales Associate Office: 609-884-3050 Direct: 609-602-8641

Email: Buying, Selling, & Renting with Integrity & Trust

Finn, Bobby Bear, Mariah




“Long Tom” built c. 1890 is a 6 bedroom, 3 bath original Cape May Point cedar shake Cottage with a rear massive two story addition that once was a warehouse for lumber, then a movie theater and an art studio. Beautiful large yard with covered front porch just a block from the beach.$699,000

Classy, modern, renovated 3 bedroom, 2 bath beach home with all the amenities you’ve been looking for and only 6 blocks to the beach. Granite counters, central air, hardwood floors. Ready to move in to, just pack your bags. $619,000

Happy and Emmy Lou, Johanna, Carol, Pat

1400 Texas Ave., Cape May, NJ 08204 Next to the Cape May Wawa Corbin Cogswell, Regina McCarren

Page 84

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/4: Soup-er Bowl Fundraiser For The Center For Community Arts Artfully uniting extraordinary homes with extraordinary lives.

201 Pittsburgh Ave., Cape May “The Cute Cape” Close to Beach 3 bedrooms, 2 baths $599,000.


913 Farmdale Dr., West Cape May Lovely and Spacious Home 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths $639,000.

Frank and Kitty, Gail Bridges

1129 Ohio Ave., Cape May Charming Cape May Home 4 bedrooms, 1.5 baths $640,000.

411 Sunset Blvd., West Cape May

Lighthouse Row home with views 4 bedrooms, 3 baths $845,000.

658 Washington St., Unit A Cape May 907 Stockton Ave., Cape May Victorian Charm with Modern feel Spacious home, 1 block to beach 1 bedroom, 1 bath 7 bedrooms, 3.5 bath $299,000. $1,880,000.

151 Stevens St., West Cape May Charming Country Setting 3 bedrooms, 3 baths $590,000.

Bonnie Jack, Barbara Wilson

2401 Bayshore Rd, Lower Township OPEN HOUSE!! SAT. 2/19/11 FROM 1-3PM MON. 2/21/11 FROM 10AM-12PM

 Join Us: Christina P. Clemans Licensed Real Estate Broker 1159 Washington St. Cape May, NJ 08204 Email: 609-884-3332 Toll-free 800-828-9751

Barbara Magee, Joan Brown, Marie Rice

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Page 85

Homes Of The Week

Check out these beautiful homes in the Cape May area




Imagine the arrival of spring, the warm air, the sound of the surf, a cool refreshing beverage and an unbelievable sunset. You can make this a reality as the owner of a waterfront home. This beautiful beach house is right on the dunes with direct beach access and offers such captivating views of the Delaware Bay. This fully remodeled home has a brand new roof, new windows, new tankless hot water heater, brand new natural gas heating system and so much more. $1,150,000.

Attention all investors!! Outstanding opportunity to take over a strong rental income property located on one of the most historic streets in Cape May. This charming, three story “Victorian” (circa 1890) home has been lovingly restored and comes with off street parking, five bedrooms and two full baths. A newly built Carriage House/Game Room equipped with a fully furnished kitchen, full bath and gas fireplace sits adjacent to a lovely fenced in yard. $995,000.

Beachfront spectacular 4 BR/ 3 BA Cape Plaza townhouse with awesome views! New carpeting, freshly painted! Extensive exterior renovations have recently been completed including new roof, siding, decks, railings and garage door. The 1st level offers a private garage, laundry center, 1 BR and 1 BA, the 2nd level includes the main living area with great room and 2 decks, while the 3rd level features the master suite with private bath, 2 additional BR’s and hallway bath. $787,500.

11 HOPPYS LANE, CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE Impressive 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home on an acre of land. Amenities such as deluxe kitchen, private office, formal dining room, his & hers walk in closets. The list goes on. If you want plenty of space and storage, this is the home for you. $499,900

46 HERON WAY, NORTH CAPE MAY Very well kept home on a large corner lot. Move the family right in and enjoy a great neighborhood and a location that is quiet and convenient. This home has 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths, an open floor plan that includes an eat in kitchen, dining area and living room. There is a bright Florida Room off the kitchen that opens to a deck leading to a detached one car garage. The roof was replaced in 2009 and new heat and air installed in 2010. This home is warm, inviting and well cared for. $264,900.

Wilsey Realty 501 Lafayette St., Cape May (609) 884-1007

DeSatnick Real Estate 324 Carpenter’s Lane Cape May (609) 884-1300

Coastline Realty Carol Menz, Broker (609) 884-5005 1400 Texas Avenue, Cape May






This Merry Widow condo unit features access from the large open wrap porch. There is a cozy foyer and a sun room looking onto Carpenter’s Lane. The sitting room opens to a circular living room which offers high ceilings and several wrap around windows. The adjacent dining area has an original brass Victorian chandelier and hand- crafted builtin china closets. The kitchen features custom cabinetry and tile flooring. $549,000

This historic Cold Spring farm house sits on over 2 acres of well maintained, high and dry land that features a variety of flower, fruit, and vegetable gardens. This home was built in the 1900’s and still conveys its colonial charm while having many updated, modern conveniences. Come experience country living at the shore! $372,500.

This lovingly restored, historic, 3-story beauty with ocean views combines modern convenience with old world charm. With 6 bedrooms and 3.5 baths there’s plenty of room. The gorgeous new kitchen features granite countertops & custom cabinets. Other outstanding features: a full formal dining room, marble baths with claw foot tubs, and heart pine flooring throughout.The relaxing back deck leads to a lovely in-ground heated pool with waterfall. This is a turn-key investment property! $1,399,999

Three story home located on quiet Windsor Ave. This 5 bedrooms and 2 full bath home was completely remodeled from top to bottom in 2009. All new electrical, plumbing, windows and doors and the eat-in-kitchen is fully equipped with new stainless steel appliances. Just a short walk to the beach and Mall. Listed by Marguerite Vogel for $800,000.

This elegant, federal style 3-story home 6 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and is just a short distance from beach & town. Spacious rooms include living room with fireplace, formal dining room with built-in corner cabinets, 2 family rooms and a sunporch. Laundry room & pantry off the eat-in kitchen, full basement. Guest apartment above 2-car detached garage. Central air completes the comfort in this home. $1,595,000.

HomeStead Real Estate 846 Broadway West Cape May 609-884-1888

By the Sea Realty 315 Ocean Street, Cape May (609) 884-3050

Theresa Senico Apex Realty 2505 Bayshore Rd., Villas (609) 408-4655

CENTURY 21 Gilmartin & Co. 1382 Lafayette Street, Joseph Gilmartin Broker/Owner (609) 884-1800

Coldwell Banker Sol Needles 512 Washington St. Mall (609) 884-8428 www.coldwellbanker

Chris Clemans Sotheby’s International Realty 1159 Washington St. (609) 884-3332

Jersey Cape Realty 739 Washington St., Cape May 609-884-5800

Page 86

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rentals Of The Week 609.884.1300 rice!!

New P

1208 LAFAYETTE ST., CAPE MAY 3 BR/1.5 BA ranch style single family home in the City of Cape May. $365,000

1202 MARYLAND AVE., CAPE MAY 5 BR/2.5 BA two story home located three blocks from the beach. Being sold fully furnished. $990,000


Dedication... Excellence... Professionalism

(609) 884-5800 739 Washington St, Cape May OPEN DAILY

Monday thru Saturday 9am to 5pm Sundays 11am to 3pm.

IMMACULATE RANCHER “Rolling Meadows” 2 Rossi Drive, Erma

OSPREY LANDING AT CAPE MAY MARINE!!!!! Furnished model is located at 7 Falcon Ridge, Cape May.

Shows like new!! One of 36 townhouse 3 BR, 2.5 BA, on units with a deepwater 1+ acre corner lot. boat slip included options Great room with to 70’. This unit has 5 BR, gas fireplace, for4.5 BA and private elevamal dining room, tor, 2-car attached garage, eat-in kitchen, rear deck, 2-car attached 3 decks. Complex will include two (2) swimming pools, a clubhouse, and beautifully landscaped garage, and storage building. $450,000. grounds. This unit is being offered at $1,495,000.

EXQUISITE TOWNHOME IN THE HEART OF TOWN 34 Jackson Street, Cape May HALF A BLOCK TO BEACH & MALL. 4 BR, 3 BA, office/ living area with custom marble floor, hardwood floors, gas fireplace, mosaic tile runner, central air, private front porch & balcony on Jackson St, and off street parking for 2 cars. $979,000.

CANYON CLUB CLEAN MODERN UNIT 902 Ocean Drive, Unit 1003 Lower Township Water and Marina views. 2 BR, 2 BA, unit offers a large open floor plan with living room & gas fireplace, dining area and kitchen. Shaded deck off the Great Room. 1-car attached garage + plenty of storage. Swimming pool and Tennis courts on site. $650,000.

Adorable homes in America’s Original Seaside Resort ready for your enjoyment

1 East New York Avenue, Villas Two bedroom, one bath home with propane heat. $850.00 a month + utilities.

42 Jackson Street, Unit 4, The Merry Widow - Cape May Beautiful Victorian with 3 BR/1.5 BA, sleeps six. Steps from downtown and beaches! $1,100-$2,300/week, $250/night

203 West Greenwood Avenue, Villas Two bedroom, one bath plus a den. Propane gas heat $950.00 + utilities.

588 Myrtle Avenue, West Cape May 3 BR/2.5 BA, sleeps six. Two block from the beach and downtown! $1,000-$1,850/week

Theresa Senico, Apex Realty (609) 408-4655

Desatnick Real Estate, LLC 324 Carpenter’s Lane, Suite 2C, Cape May 884.1300,

111 First Ave., Unit A, Cape May - 3 BR, 2 BA, C/A, BBQ grill, internet, parking for 2 vehicles, outside shower, porch, sleeps 6. $1045-$1650/ week, call for daily off-season rates.

608 Jefferson Street, Cape May 2011 Season- 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, Single Family sleeps 13. Starting from $2500 per week.

9 Broadway Ave., Cape May - 16 BR, 5 ½ baths, internet, outside shower, BBQ grill, porch, parking for 6 vehicles. $3000$5250/week, call for daily off-season rates.

321 Stites Ave., Cape May Point - 2011 Season- 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, Single Family sleeps 8. Starting from $1500 per week.

Coldwell Banker Sol Needles, (609) 8848428 •

Chris Clemans Sotheby’s International Realty 1159 Washington Street, Cape May 609-884-3332,

201 Ocean Street, Cape May Retail Space. $3,500 per month. Located in shopping district.

506 Atlantic Avenue, NCM - 3 Bedroom 2 bath, “Affordable, Steps to Bay, & Pet Friendly” Sleeps 6, $850-$1000/weekly

824 Stockton Avenue, Cape May 5 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, Sleeps 18 1 Block to Beach. $3,500 - $5,500

408 Atlantic Avenue, WCM - 2 Bedroom 1 bath, “Tranquil Cottage on a Nice Street” Sleeps 8” $800-$1000/weekly

Coastline Realty 1400 Texas Avenue, Cape May (609) 884-5005

Call Heijung for availability: 609-602-8641 Heijung Par-Colameco, Broker associate By The sea Realty, Lee Marcotte, Inc 315 Ocean Street 609-884-3050

914 Lafayette Street, Cape May - Year Round 3 Bd, 2 Ba w/enclosed front porch & rear deck. $1600/mo plus utilities, security required.

850 Broadway, #4, West Cape May 3 br, 2.5 ba, w/d, d/w, cac, sleeps 8 Low $1000/High $2100

817 Seashore Road, North Cape May Yr Rd, 3 Bd, 2 Ba house w/ large yard and storage shed. $1300/mo plus utilities, security required.

1034 New York Ave., Cape May 3 BR, 2 BA, w/d, d/w, cac, internet, sleeps 6 Low $900/High $1750

Homestead Real Estate 846 Broadway, West Cape May (609) 884-1888 • 104 Whilldin, 1st Floor, Cape May Point 2 bdrm, 1 bath, sleeps 4, Great Location $1550per week 1007 New Jersey, Cape May- 4 bedroom, 2 bath, sleeps 8, One Block to Beach $3200/per week Wilsey Realty 501 Lafayette Street, Cape May (609) 884-1007,

Jersey Cape Realty 739 Washington Street, Cape May (609) 884-5800 1036 Maryland Avenue, Cape May 6 bedroom 3.5 bath, Pool 205 Princeton Avenue, Cape May Point 3 bedroom 2.5 Bath Pet Friendly By the Sea Realty 315 Ocean Street, Suite 2B, Cape May 609-884-3050

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A Little Bit About Exit Zero Publishing Who we are, what we do, and where we go

Established July 4, 2003, proudly inspired by the late, great Pennywise magazine. Exit Zero Publishing is owned by Jack Wright and Jason Black. We also publish high-quality books as well as this fine periodical. Telephone: (609) 770-8479 Fax: (609) 770-8481 E-mail: Website: Mailing address: 109 Sunset Boulevard Suite D, Cape May, NJ 08204 Editor/Publisher: Jack Wright, Advertising Manager: Jason Black, Manager of Assorted Necessities: Dan Mathers, (610) 984-2874 Assistant Editor Jon Roth, Photographers: Aleksey Moryakov, Sandy Maloney, Danielle O’Neal, Alex Steiger Graphic Artist: Doree Bardes Distribution People: Richard Hemenway, Amy Wingate, Debbie Hudson Columnists: Kate Chadwick (advice), Catherine Dugan (activities), David Gray (Old Fogey), Molly Stone (food), Diane Stopyra (dating) Labeler: Mary Smith Every Wednesday, Exit Zero is delivered to around 300 places. Get it delivered to your mailbox in a plastic mailer. It’s $50 for 47 great B&W issues, and five in glorious color. Call (609) 770-8479 to subscribe. DOWNTOWN CAPE MAY Swain’s, Mariah’s, Bath Time, Guardian, Bamboo Shack, Cape Savings Bank, Collier’s, All Irish, Cape May Stage, Wilsey Realty, Nest, Pat Jackson Jewelers, Washington Commons Gallery, Celebrate Cape May, Go Fish, Sea Weeds, Oma’s Doll Shop, Cape Orient, Fiber Arts Yarn Shop, Acme, By The Sea Realty, Oyster Bay, Cape May Welcome Center, Depot Market, Congress Hall, Victorious, Pink, Star Inn, Bayberry Inn, Bank of America, Victorian Hotel, SOMA Art Gallery, Magicbrain Cybercafé, Island Grill, Trade Winds, Primrose, Center For Community Arts. WASHINGTON STREET MALL The Fudge Kitchen, Mary Ann’s, Dellas 5&10, Lace Silhouettes, Center City Mall, Second Story Sweets, Casale’s Shoes, Free Shop, Happy Baby, Cape May Sandal Shop, It’s a Breeze, Madame’s Port, Swede Things, Cucina Rosa, Whale’s Tale, Cafe Tuscany, Italian Garden, Andrew’s Ltd, Jackson Mountain Cafe, Love The Cook, Ugly Mug, Pilot House, Caroline Boutique, Atlantic Books, Carli’s, Kaleidoscope,

Coldwell Banker, Colors, A Ca Mia, A Place On Earth, Between the Lines, Good Scents. WASHINGTON STREET Southern Mansion, MAC, Chris Clemans’ Sotheby’s International Realty, Bill Mae Cottage, Thomas Webster Inn, Inn at the Park, City Hall, Sturdy Savings, Washington Inn, Dr. Feldman Dentistry, Jersey Cape Realty, Victorian Towers. BEACHFRONT Sean’s Restaurant, King’s Cottage, Blue Moon Pizza, Hot Dog Tommy’s, Coachman’s Motor Inn, Carney’s, Martini Beach, Virginia Hotel, Mad Batter, Poor Richards Inn, Inn at 22 Jackson Street, Saltwood B&B, Windward B&B, Uncle Bill’s, Ocean View Restaurant, Sandpiper, Hotel Alcott, Summer Station, The Original Fudge Kitchen, Montreal Liquor, Montreal Inn, Capri Motor Lodge, Bloody Mary’s, Periwinkle, Grand Hotel, Palace Hotel, Mission Inn, Angel by The Sea, Peter Shields, Hotel Macomber, Marquis de Lafayette. COLUMBIA AVENUE Columbia House, Sun Bank, Dr. Gorny, Victorian Abstract, MP Myers, Cape May Day Spa, Twin Gables, Henry Sawyer B&B, Linda Lee, Brass Bed Inn, Mason Cottage, Mainstay Inn, Delsea B&B, White Dove Cottage, Manse B&B, Merion Inn, Cliveden Inn, Pharo’s B&B, Summer Cottage, John F. Craig House, Majestic Star. GURNEY/OCEAN/STOCKTON Avalon Coffee, Cape May Beach & Kite, John Welsey Inn, Louie’s Pizza, Beach Massage, Inn of Cape May, Beauclair’s, Queen Victoria, Fairthorne, Cheeks, Cape May Library, Whiskers, Freda’s Café, Victorian Lace, Camelot Hotel, Bedford Inn, Chalfonte Hotel. EAST CAPE MAY Nature Center, Model Cleaners, Cape May Laundromat, Wawa, Coastline Realty, Cape Bookkeeping, Shear Sunsations, Rizzo Chiropractic, C-View Inn,

Century 21 Gilmartin. WEST CAPE MAY VFW, Godmother’s, Cape May Bakers, Higher Grounds, Tea By The Sea, Cape May Linen Outlet, Flying Fish Studio, CVS, Albert Stevens Inn, Weddings by the Sea, Kate’s Flower Shop, Seaside Cheese Company, Ocean Crest Printing, Kasey’s Kanines, Cape Fitness, Dr. Goldstein Dentist, Cheeks, Artizan Salon & Spa, Westside Market, Cape Island Home and Garden, Bella Vida Cafe, Flanegan’s Framing, Seven Eleven, Homestead Real Estate. SUNSET BOULEVARD Vanthia’s, Bird House of Cape May, Butterfly Tea Room, Cape May Wicker, The Exit Zero Store and Gallery, Accent on Beauty, Cape Winds Florist, Cape May Bird Observatory, Cape May Point Post Office, Sunset Beach Gift Shop. ROUTE 109 South Jersey Marina, Lobster House, Tony’s Marine Supply, Sea Gear Marine, Captain’s Cove, Cape May Whale Watcher, Lucky Bones, Tony’s Pizza, Cape May Antique Center. NORTH CAPE MAY Laundromat, Heart to Heart Flowers, Le Gates, Harpoon Henry’s, Mr. J’s Music Shop, Cape May– Lewes Ferry, Gorman’s, Hair Cuttery, Italian Affair, Cape May Veterinary. OFF THE ISLAND The Canyon Club, Harbor View Restaurant, Axelsson’s Blue Claw, Cape Liquors, Moose Lodge, Old Grange, Historic Cold Spring Village, Hawk Haven Vineyards. VILLAS Lower Township Construction, Lower Township Municipal, Apex Realty, Curl Up and Dye, Fish and Fancy, Villas Liquor, Snippers Salon, Jake’s Bar and Grill, Kiddie Closet, Cape Savings Bank, Cohwen’s Ink Emporium, Wawa, Wing It, Bella Mangiata.

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Profile for Exit Zero Publishing

Vol. 9, No. 2 - February 16, 2011  

A sprightly sheet full of the sprays of the old ocean.

Vol. 9, No. 2 - February 16, 2011  

A sprightly sheet full of the sprays of the old ocean.

Profile for exitzero