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OVERVIEW The OCR A Level course is designed for pupils who are fascinated by the Greeks and Romans, but prefer to read about them in English. We study selections from their literature and history and gain an overview of how they saw their world, of their extraordinary achievements and of how they influenced the world we live in now. Anyone who has enjoyed studying English and History should enjoy this course, which involves a great deal of imagination, enquiry and debate. There is no Latin or Greek language requirement and it is not necessary to have studied the subject at GCSE. THE A LEVEL COURSE The A Level course consists of three exciting components, giving pupils the opportunity to explore the Ancient World through both literature and visual/material sources. Pupils study one set text and one cultural topic during the L6 year and expand on these during the U6 year. One new component, the study of ancient beliefs and ideas, is added during the Upper Sixth. 1. The world of the Hero (40%) Using English translations, pupils will study the epics of Homer and Virgil by appreciating the texts as literary pieces of their own unique cultures. Assessment Method: 2 hour 20 minutes written paper 2. Culture and the Arts (30%) Pupils have the opportunity to study fascinating topics, such as Greek Theatre or Greek Art, by looking at a variety of sources taken from both literature and visual material. Assessment Method: 1 hour 45 minutes written paper 3. Beliefs and ideas (30%) Pupils will look into the belief frameworks which shaped the Ancient World. Topics include Love and Relationships, Democracy and the Athenians and Politics of the Late Roman Republic. Pupils will also study relevant literature and visual/material sources. Assessment Method: 1 hour 45 minutes written paper

ENTRY / APTITUDE REQUIREMENTS Pupils require a minimum of Grade 6 English at GCSE level, as assessment is by essay. They do not need to have studied GCSE Classical Civilisation. There is no requirement for any knowledge of Classical Greek or Latin. An interest in literature and history and an ability to write analytical essays is essential. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION An A Level in this subject is an excellent preparation for a Classics, Classical Studies, Ancient History or Archaeology degree course. Nearly all university Classics Departments now offer courses to candidates with no prior knowledge of Greek or Latin. An A Level in Classical Civilisation is also an excellent background for the study of English, American or European literature, as so many writers have been influenced by Greek and Roman literature, ideas and mythology.

Exam Board: OCR Specification Name: Classical Civilisation

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