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CAT sample papers Reasoning CAT sample papers Reasoning The Common Admission Test (CAT) is the test which is given by the students to get admission in the Indian Institutes of Management abbreviated as IIMs for various Business Administration programs. The test is conducted by one of the Indian Institutes of Management according to their policy of rotation to get admission for various management programs in Indian Institutes of Management including IITs and IISC. Every year the examination of Common Admission Test is conducted in the months of October and November. During the 20 days testing window, this online examination is conducted for the admission in the post graduate programs. The written examination of Common Admission Test is designed to evaluate the candidate’s quantitative, verbal and nonverbal abilities. The Common Admission Test for the various management programs has two sections. The first section is to check the quantitative ability and the data interpretation techniques while the second section is for the verbal ability and the Logical reasoning. Candidates need to answer both the sections in 140 minutes. The candidates need to answer the thirty questions within seventy minutes. Know More About :- CAT Data Interpretation sample paper

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Reasoning is connected with thinking, Intellect and awareness. It is the mental process by which human being understands good or bad, cause and effect of any situation or thing. CAT Sample Papers Reasoning helps you to practice this knowledge area. You can learn the technique from the CAT Reasoning Books and then can practice it from the other question banks available on our portal in form of previous year questions banks and the CAT Reasoning Sample Paper. These sample papers covers all the topics of the reasoning syllabus as they are based on the previous year question papers which are framed from the CAT reasoning Books based on the CAT syllabus. CAT Sample Papers Reasoning have many questions from all the topics like Logical Sequence, Venn Diagram, Number and letter sequence, Binary logic etc. In the topic Logical Sequence many diagrammatical sequences in a box are given at one side of the page and at the other side two boxes are given. Out of these two boxes, in one box the images are given at different positions of the box following a sequence now the other box which is empty has to be filled by you with the images following the next sequence. So isn't it interesting! , same as all the other topics whose questions are been covered in these CAT Reasoning Sample Paper are also very interesting. Lets get an idea about an another interesting topic, from Seating Arrangement topic the questions framed are like , if A, B,C,D, E, F, G are the seven students seated on three benches I, II, III. They have to sit in a way that at least two students on each bench and at least one girl on each bench. C, a girl student, is not sited with A, E and D, F; a boy sits with only B. A sit with his close buddies on the bench I. On the bench III, G sits. C is the brother of E. Then find out the answers of the following questions: 1. who sits with C, ON which bench there are 3 students etc. These types of many questions are given in these CAT Sample Papers Reasoning.

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