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Clearwater Camp Minocqua, Wisconsin 2008


The Bridge, Volume I

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely, and more temperate. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer’s lease hath all too short a date. Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines, And often is his gold complexion dimmed, And every fair from fair sometime declines, By chance or natures changing course untrimmed; But thy eternal summer shall not fade Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest; Nor shall death brag thou wander’st in his shade, When in eternal lines to time thou growest:

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,

So long lives this, and this gives life to thee. -William Shakespeare, Sonnet XVIII


Clearwater Camp 2008

Dear Friends, I’m sitting on Sunny’s porch, as usual. I’ve just finished laying out this magazine. What a pleasure it’s been to revisit the writings herein: to rediscover their beauty and strangeness and honesty and good humor, to relive the moments of their creation, to feel my soul brush momentarily against the souls of their creators. I’ve lingered over each one. In the poem on the facing page, Shakespeare describes poetry as the ultimate act of preservation. Summer gives way to fall, but poems live on unchanged as long as there are eyes to read them and voices to speak them out loud. And, in committing his beloved to his poem’s “eternal lines,” Shakespeare assures that golden youth of a kind of immortality. Right now, on Sunny’s porch, summer still reigns. I have my usual pen and my usual thoughts; the breeze and the shadows are doing the same peaceful dance they’ve done all summer. But a change has come--you’re gone--and many more are coming. Your dreams will change, your pride, your questions. The things and the ways that you love. Growing is a right and a wonderful thing, but still... You’ll never be the same. So I’m glad you committed some piece of your present selves to poetry this summer. And in years to come, I hope you’ll come back to find the person you were this summer, living on in these pages, golden and unchanged. With love, Lambs August 14, 2oo8 3

The Bridge, Volume I


Clearwater Camp 2008

FIRST SESSION Do you remember when the rain would come? The sadness in your heart. How you sometimes secretly wished that it would keep going as you didn't want to do your next activity. Or the feel of a rainy day at camp? When all the activities moved inside. The dreariness of all the people. How sad some of them felt to miss the activity. Do you remember sometimes the best bonding would happen on rainy days? Do you remember the rainy days at camp? -Anonymous

As I listen quietly, I hear the water lapping in rhythm on the sandy shore. I can hear loons, their call peaceful and warm. There's the clinking of the buoys, and every once in a while I can hear laughter in the distance. -Morgan Gaudet

Raindrops: A Haiku Raindrops. Clear, cold rain dripping down onto windows. When will it stop? -Marti McAllister


The Bridge, Volume I

Perfect Imperfection Do you remember how good it felt once you got through the toughness that felt like it was everlasting? Once you did the moment was amazing. Do you remember the elegantly carved landscape, more beautiful than any painting? Remember the exhilarating feeling of being on top of the world, a feeling of power but also humbling. How the sun kissed your cheeks, adding a glow and beauty nature can achieve. The breeze that carried a light scent of the surrounding area of plants and flowers. Remember how it gently brushed across your hair, causing perfect imperfection. Do you remember how free you felt, so far away from pressure and judgment. This is a time camp and nature stood hand in hand, creating a memorable moment: perfect imperfection. -Katie Gentry I jumped in the water, the ice cold chilling water, but I didn't mind because the water still seemed flawless to me. I was about to drop a ski. As I started skiing I did not feel nervous, but then I saw the finger, the finger that indicated it was time for me to drop my right ski that second. Without any hesitation, I let the ski fall off my foot and didn't even turn my head to watch it fly off. I put my foot behind the left one to rest it. Now I could relax so I put on a smile that went up to my ears!




Clearwater Camp 2008

As you sit in the Deck listening to the pitter-patter of rain on the roof, you look outside the window wishing you could be out on Lake Tomahawk, sailing under the warm afternoon sun. You think back to the day before, when you watched the crisp cool water pass by you. Now you wait for the rain to end so you can step back outside so you can enjoy the rest of your day. -Lexie Ziegler The Deck smells like camp. Like fresh air, wind, lake, dust, and cedar. It smells like the rows of rickety wood benches to my left, and the musty old piano to my right. It smells of strength and community, like all the campers who have trekked through the Deck over the years. It smells of old books and worn puzzle pieces. It smells like friendship in the Deck, remnants of all the friends who have laughed, cried, sung, and talked in this little room. There is a lingering scent of firewood burnt in the fireplace directly behind me. The faint scent of pine provided by the tall, strong trees outside completes the scent, one that can only be described as Clearwater Camp. -Daly Johnson When I first got up on skis, I felt water splashing my face. Splash, splash, splash went the water on my skis. I could smell the gas from the boat. The feeling was indescribable. It was the most fun I've ever had. -Abby Helme


The Bridge, Volume I

Inner Battle Imagine reaching towards your goal, hanging on for only seconds. The thing that keeps you going is the thought of triumph and success. Pushing a little harder; an inner battle with yourself. Breath become an odd rhythm of its own, balancing with the steady footsteps. The crushing gravel is the only sound you hear ringing in your ears. Every step you take becomes harder, but the closer you get to the sweet reward. Closer. Closer to tears, closer to greatness. Your mind is set on one thing, your destination. You ignore the pain and listen to the rhythm of breath, gravel and steady steps. Ignore the outside world, focusing only on yourself. When the air hits your lungs you are thankful for the cool bit of air to stimulate your body. Sad when it leaves, forming the warm air around you, but joyful when you inhale to the rhythm again. All of a sudden the rhythm stops. Stops as if you are frozen in time. Then you realize you are there. -Katie Gentry

The First Dip As I slip into the icy water, I try to shriek but nothing comes out; just air. The smell of early morning dew fills the air. There's just two of us dipping this morning, me and my counselor. It feels like a glacier just melted and filled Tomahawk Lake, that's how cold it is. -Hannah Adams


Clearwater Camp 2008

The First Time I Sailed There I sat -or perched, ratherSlanted diagonally, Clinging To hardly anything On the side of our boat. Nervous energy waved through my body Shook my foot And made me drum my fingers On the Sandy's hard shell. “Jibe ho!� My personal war With the leeboard rope Made my throat itchy and tight With that embarrassed frustration And desire to cry. I felt the boat around me Shift and pull Constructing a new balance To which I adjust In my usual manner Swiftly, but without grace. -Tori Wagner


The Bridge, Volume I

Can you remember when the candles are lit at final council fire? There are only the sounds of whispering trees and crackling fire. The sun has set and, as the fire spreads outwards, the circle illuminates. The sun is no longer missed, for the candles shine brighter, a window into our hearts. Slowly, we start to sing. And as we sing you can hear the sadness of an end, and the happiness of time well spent. Slowly, as council fire ends, you can see the candles of summer extinguish. -Maya Bulkeley-Krane

Clearwater Is To Me Cleansing of the soul Learning about new activities Early mornings I smell fresh dew All talents are recognized and weaknesses are strengthened Real friendships are made here that last a lifetime. Water lapping the shore lulls me to sleep All girls sing in harmony after meals Through rough waters our canoes will go Even the biggest wave won't touch CC4G Rare natural beauty in this technology centered world -Hannah Adams


Clearwater Camp 2008

The Deck smells of old wood, dust and dirt, and smelly feet stampeding over the floor. A syrupy, smoky smell hangs over it. The smell of breakfast wafts down, french toast and sausage. The benches make the smell of damp wood that has dried even stronger. A cool smelling breeze drifts in from outside. The smell of old books wafts from the bookshelf. The tangy smells come from the pine boughs trying to push themselves through the windows. As you breathe deeply, you smell a musky scent that has drifted down through the years, gathering in the Deck. -Anonymous

“Ready about? Hard to lee!” Clank, clank goes the boom as it makes its way across the boat. With the wind in my hair, the mainsheet in one hand, the tiller in the other, and a huge smile on my face, I sail my way across the waves of Lake Tomahawk. The crew is in control of leeboards and backstays and again we are ready to come about! I holler out one more time, “Ready about? Hard to lee!” And the boom swings over our heads again. Woosh! A gust of wind comes over the windward side of the boat, the boom was grazing the water and my crew could only scream. I let the mainsheet go out of my hand and shoved the tiller with extreme force toward the sail, and finally we were facing the wind, sailboat floating frantically on the water and the sail blowing from side to side. We were safe and continued on our journey! -Kaitlin Close 11

The Bridge, Volume I

75 Years of Clearwater Camp for Girls Seventy-five, Seventy-five. Girls, coming, drawn to a place that now feels like home. Seventy-five times. Seventy-five. Seventy-five. Cruising day. Going around, all the new girls wondering if this will be their favorite class. Seventy-five times. 12

Clearwater Camp 2008

Seventy-five, Seventy-five. Sunday Service. Everyone is in white. And the lesson is always a good one. Seventy-five times. Seventy-five, Seventy-five. Council fire. Singing. Learning. Old and new. Together. Seventy-five times.


The Bridge, Volume I

Seventy-five, Seventy-five. Tears. Leaving Time is gone. But in the sorrow, hope. Seventy-five times. Seventy-five times. -Alexa Diehl

At night, the soft lapping of the lake reaches your ears, and the thoughts of your day swim into your mind. You feel so thankful to be at camp. You smell that sweet smell of pine, and sometimes, only sometimes, you will hear the loons call in the moonlight. Get warm under your covers and all of that will sing you to sleep. -Emma Pinto 14

Clearwater Camp 2008

Water Skiing As you sit there in the icy cold water with your feet strapped into a pair of neon yellow skis, you feel as if you are a piece of shark bait about to be dragged behind a boat. The triangular handle becomes parallel to you as the Nautique ski boat turns toward Seymour Island. You lunge for the handle as it passes you, barely grasping the rubbery edge, and feel yourself slowly being dragged forward. You shout, “Hit it!” and the boat rumbles. The next thing you know, you are flying above Lake Tomahawk with foam in your face. Electricity shoots through your body, because you are a loon, completely free and pure. -Anna Levy

The Swim Area It is a beautiful place where all girls play. They all splash and come out so fast because it is so cold. It has the smell of fish in the lake that swim around and the smell of liquid. You look around, relax on shore and smell everything around it: the smell of grass and dirt and the fabulous smell of lilies. You see the kayaks having fun all soaked and wet that smell like the lake. If you look so far out it looks like a picture of clouds trees and water. The clouds look like you can touch it and smell it. I bet it would have smelled like cotton candy. Wait—you look down. You see a fish that gives the lake the fishy smell. You may have noticed I told you about the swim area. -Kayleen Kellogg


The Bridge, Volume I

Do you remember your first few days at camp? All the happy counselors pleased to meet you. The graceful Lake Tomahawk there to greet you with a few waves and a calm breeze. Then the first bus arrives and the excited campers, ecstatic to be at camp. On the first day those are some of the things that I felt. I was settling in to my cabin. Then the campers came in. I didn't know anyone and I was the only first-year in my cabin. The whole ride there I was worried about not fitting in; then, after I introduced myself, my cabinmates were very happy to include me. I also was very happy because that funny feeling was gone. The days passed quickly, and Sunday Service was less than 24 hours away. Our cabin decided to do a skit on how life relates to a game called Hungry Hippos. My cabinmates and I were rushing to throw it together and it turned out really well. My first Sunday Service was very interesting and I got to spend it with my new friends. -Anonymous

Getting There We went down Clearwater Road. I could almost smell the pine outside the window. But unfortunately I could smell icky bus smell. Then we came around the bend and we could see and hear people yelling and we could see camp. The camp we have been waiting to see for almost seven hours. -Lucy Fogel 16

Clearwater Camp 2008

Do you remember the busy smell of water while passing the lake? The smell of the air in the moment before you plunge into that lake. The rich scent of life full of possibilities and full of wonder And the next moment while engulfed in the water with nothing to smell. With only the feel of a peaceful calm within the cold and the dark Come to the surface where you can breathe in the smell of accomplishment. -Anonymous


The Bridge, Volume I

The waterfront on a warm sunny day. Wherever you may be, tennis or swimming, creative writing or kayaking, you can smell how bright everything is. You hear the girls shrieking from the raft, after they land in the lake, on top of a school of minnows. The smell of dust coming from all around you. You hear flags flapping, halyards clanking, and the motorboat pulling skiers around. You see kayakers paddling along, watching girls on the tennis court swing their rackets, ball after ball after ball. The smell of success is everywhere, from the waterskiing bay, where a skier just got up, to the tennis court where someone had just won a set. The waterfront smells of happiness, brightness and peace. -Annaka Stoeckel

Say “Hit It” When You're Ready I hopped into the water off the ski dock and made my way toward the skis, knees trembling. I put on the skis and curled myself into a ball, holding onto the rubber handle of the ski rope. “Say 'hit it' when you're ready,” said Sarah. “Hit it!” I said. The boat pulled me up and I was skiing! Knees bent, arm straight, I remembered through my delight of getting up. I shifted my weight to one side and went over the wake, skiing on the cool glassy surface of the water undisturbed by the wake. I got back in the wake without error and without falling. Now we had gone around the bay two times and were back at the dock. I headed back to land and the congratulations of my friends. -Laura Wilcox 18

Clearwater Camp 2008

The Best Medicine Sadness, loneliness Sick of sorrow and misery. There is one medicine, laughter. Fresh giggles, a smile on her face. Fun and games, it never stops. Laughter. -Marti McAllister

The Island One of the most beautiful places in the world, or at least to me. I write this for a reason. I, Mo Monahan, am on the Island this year and for years to come. I hope this can travel just like the trav'lers on a sailboat or as the name of the cabin on the Island.

The Island is like no other.

It is more beautiful than any other, well that I've seen so far. With the exhilarating lake around you, and the lovely trees around you. With all of the animals that live there with you. You are definitely in for the time of your life. The smell, the look, the surroundings.

Clearwater is a place of peace and happiness.

Clearwater Camp is for you and me.


-Mo Monahan

The Bridge, Volume I

Do you remember sitting on the waterfront? As you look around, you breathe in deep. Damp grass and a gasoline motor filled your memory as a cool breeze danced across your face. Far of in the distance, the gentle clink of masts rides another wave of wind and reaches your ears. You squint your eyes and turn your face skyward to feel warmth on your cheeks. In a split decision, you peek open one eye. Bad idea, you look back down quickly to avoid frying your eye. Your legs are thrown across the arm of the bright blue lawn chair, your book resting across your knees. You would never be able to sit like this at home, your skirt abandoned for a pair of simple cotton shorts. You almost wish your mother could see you. At the thought of your family, you decide you don't miss them; you just wish they could be in this amazing place too. -Anonymous

The Smell of the Lake Wind carries the smell right to my nose, bathing me in it and leaving a clean sensation. The smell is fresh and surprisingly metallic, subtle yet sharp. Its also ripe and fruit scented, but the two impressions of fruity and metallic combine instead of contradict. It almost smells earthy, but it seems too much like air. The fresh sensation never fades. Its a cold smell, a deep smell, and it never spoils, no matter how hot the sun. It reminds me of air-dried hair, laundry blowing in the wind, and pennies in a fountain. -Ellen Friedle 20

Clearwater Camp 2008

Do you remember waking up in the morning when the cold air swipes your face? Your blankets are warm, the air smells like pine, you're eager to jump out of bed and slowly start to smell the oatmeal as it is placed on every table. Do you remember lining up with your cabin for flag raising, the silence as they are raised, the the hum of everyone's voice awaiting breakfast. The grass under your toes and the sunlight in your eyes. Greeted with a good morning, then everyone's off to breakfast. Do you remember jumping into the crisp, cold lake, the shock lasting only for a second but warming up fast. So refreshing and calming. When you get out, a blast of cold air hits your body but soon the sun takes over and warms you up. -Anonymous

Oh yes, the wonderful smell of the lakeshore. The smell of a fresh breeze will fill you with energy. The gentle sound of waves lapping against the shore will wash away your troubles. The soft grass and cool water will make you feel like you are in heaven. You can't forget the view. A beautiful blue lake surrounded with thousands of trees make you feel like you're in a painter's picture. When you get in the water, whether sailing, water-skiing, canoing or kayaking, there is no end for fun. -Bridget Wallace


The Bridge, Volume I

Water: A Poem Rivers, lakes and streams, even oceans where fish swim, are all different. But one thing is present for all... Water, Cold, clear, crystal water, used for many things. Drinking, swimming...... Water. -Marti McAllister

I Got Up on Waterskis I got into the water and pulled on my skis as the people on the boat threw the rope to me. A surge of excitement passed through my body as I yelled “Hit it!� The boat started quickly and I rose out of the water like I was standing up out of a chair. As I whizzed by the dock, I could hear my friends cheering me on. Then I was overcome by such a sense of accomplishment that I fell down, but I got up again. -Amanda Wilcox


Clearwater Camp 2008

Coming to Camp We were on the Clearwater Road! The car moving so slow but it felt so fast! My legs were moving up down so fast! My teeth were chattering! I had goosebumps! mouth tasted inside like a new taste that I never had before! were at the end of the bumpy road! Finally, I was there!

was and My We

-Catherine Mulshine

When I started trotting on a horse, I felt happy and proud. I felt the horse. I smelled the dust and the dirt. I looked down and saw the horse moving and running so quickly. I heard the horse feet thumping like wild on the ground. I was having so much fun. The feeling is almost indescribable. It felt like magic. -Alison Gern

The most exciting moment at camp has been the first time I went sailing. It was very exciting for me because I had never been able to sail before. I had been on a sailboat before but I had never been able to help make it move through the water. So it was really fun for me to be able to learn how to make the sail woosh up into the clear blue sky. -Morgan Mansur


The Bridge, Volume I

Never Letting Go I'm never gonna stop. I've tried so long. Here is where I'll stay until that happy day. I'll see our problems solved with courage. I'll see the happy faces of children. Now I'm never letting go. Don't you know how to make dreams come true? I know you can. I've been there too. It's all around. It's in your eyes. It's never gonna stop. Cause it's love. What about love. You ever been in love? Cause if you have, you know That love never can stop our dancing feet. No challenge it can't beat. No time it can't change. Don't say no if you wanna help! -Nikki Levy


Clearwater Camp 2008

The Strongest Ship The strongest ship, it takes two people to build, Friendship. The ship that can cross storms and raging waters. Friendship. The ship that always stays together, The ship with the strongest glue, Never parting. -Marti McAllister

The world suddenly flips upside down as I am plunged into the frigid waters. I squeeze my eyes shut tight and everything goes dark. With one of my senses eliminated, the others quickly pick up the slack. My fingers tighten their grip on the paddle and my arms frantically attempt to thrust it into the right position next to the kayak. My lungs are beginning to search for air, but the water is everywhere around me. But almost like clockwork, my body is twisting and bending, moving the water in currents around me as I emerge from underneath my boat and am once again sitting in the sunlight. -Anonymous


The Bridge, Volume I

The Smell of the Deck The floor and walls carry the scent of old wood, dusty, with a mellow, somehow fresh feeling. It's like a tennis shoe's sole, old and worn down from constant use to the point where it almost seems clean, but not quite. There's the faintest musky flavor to the smell, of objects stored away in a chilly attic, but not stuffy and sunwarmed. The breezes that spill in through the windows keep the wood airy yet that rich smell of dust and ancient tree never leaves. Its stirred up and carried on every puff of air, a subtle spice to our whole experience, interestingly familiar and not unpleasant. -Ellen Friedle

Dunk the Canoe I pulled on my lifejacket and waded into the water, dragging the canoe. I got in with two others as a shiver ran down my spine. I was quite frightened. We put one foot on one side and a hand on the other, rocked the canoe and fell out. Then we got under the canoe and dumped the water out, and I figured out that it was not scary at all. -Amanda Wilcox

Nothing to break an oh so serious

silence. -Julie Ball


Clearwater Camp 2008

Easy to imagine a perfect person would only live. -Annaka Stoeckel and Lambs

The fire had died down to just a few deep red coals, and the faces around the circle were barely illuminated. I looked around at all the faces of my friends, and realized how lucky I was. Clearwater is my home. Is this meant to be? Yes. The voices of my friends, the quiet sounds of nature in my ears were all comforting to me. But the night was dark and thick, and it was time to go. “I don't want to go,� I finally realized. When I return home I will lose the bright, cheerful smiling faces that are on people's faces every day in every way. I look across the circle to see sisters, sisters all around, but not just sitting, hand in hand, together. I am full of emotion, full of happiness, warmth, love, support, and admiration for the girls around me. I've come to know this as my home, the smell of pine trees and sunscreen the last things I remember before falling asleep every night. A gust of wind: the fire glows and then bursts, for a moment, back into flickering life. -Point collaboration


The Bridge, Volume I

When I was on waterskis I smelled the gas of the motor. I tasted the lake water. I felt the cold water going through me. It felt very good. I saw the water flying up at me. It was cool. I was so excited. I heard the sound of the motor. I love waterskiing. -Colleen Sliney

You can't capture Clearwater in a jar. You can't contain its sights, smells and sounds. There is no way to bottle that feeling of sailing for the first time with the wind in your hair, or the gentle heat of the sun on your skin. All your memories of camp, of weeks and years past, blend together and paint a canvas of both memories and new experiences. There's space to breathe. To think. To feel. To get away from home and live under your own set of rules. Every year things are a little different, you're a little older, a little wiser, but the soul of camp remains. The unnameable essence of time gone by, time to come, and right now, this moment to seize. It's yours and you can choose to live it how you want. Such freedom is existential and, like the rest of camp, uncontainable. -Kat Stott 28

Clearwater Camp 2008

Wind, wind rushing by me. Wind in my arms, around my legs, through my hair. I know when I'm not there, wind is. Wind is the reason for the rustle in the trees, the reason for the luff in a sail and the waves in an ocean. Wind is wind and I'm thankful it's in the arms of god and not pinned inside of a bottle that washed up on the beach. -Megan Dern

My sister, my sister, where is she? I am calling her name, wondering when she will be back. I need her by my side telling me everything is fine. “Today she will be back,� I thought to myself. The honking of the horn of the van made my heart beat hard. When she jumped out of the van she ran towards me soaking wet, her arms hugging me felt warm. The wetness I did not care about right now. All I could think of was my sister!! -Samantha Simpson


The Bridge, Volume I

Waterskis. She grabbed them, then went down to the dock and jumped in the water. She was thrown skis and rope but she had to get the confidence inside herself before she could go. And she did. She said, “HIT IT!” -Holly Palmer

Council Fire The breeze feels cold. The fire is lit. Smoke now fills the air. Now we are welcoming new campers. Some are young, some are old. But all of them come together as one, soon. Now the breeze is gone. The flames of the fire block all bad things. Now two campers are digging up the names of the campers, leaderships and counselors from last year. “Ding,” they hit the names. Now Sunny, Laurie, and Perry are reading the names. We sing a few songs to lead us into the final song. People are exiting. The fire is out. Everyone is in bed now, sleeping quietly. Everything is still. -Abby Helme 30

Clearwater Camp 2008

Rest Hour Oh, how rest hour was the best hour. Some days, or hours, were better than others. Have you ever stayed up late with your cabin, painting the leader's fingernails? Or just stared out the screen window all night, looking at the moon? Rest hour would be on your mind by breakfast morning. Soon your second activity would be over and you drearily walked over the bridge. Not even bothering to pick up a pen to say hello to your mother, you fall asleep before you hit the pillow. Although you knew quite well that your nap would be short-lived, it was more refreshing than a bath by the dippy dock. Though few nights went by when you actually went to bed at a decent hour, your 60 sleepy minutes reflected on this. You had nothing to clean, all the chores done by the morning inspection. You hadn't checked the mail yet, and although you loved getting cards from Mother and letters from Daddy, you dreaded all that you missed and questions that your family would feel contented by the answer. You've gotten two letters and a beautiful card written in Mother's lovely calligraphy. So many questions also, some even about the first day of camp. Taking out a pad of lined paper, you begin writing the longest letter of camp. And when the pitter of afternoon rain finishes washing off all the dust and slows to a stop, the hourly bell rings clearly, and you are ready for the afternoon. Many hours have passed during your camping experience. Hours filled with classes, eating in the main hall, sailing, cruising, painting fingernails, and singing the sun goodnight. But no other hour would pass as quickly as the one and only rest hour. -Sami Minard 31

The Bridge, Volume I

Waterskiing Whenever I waterski, I really love the feeling of the water splashing on my legs and on my face. I also love skiing because it feels like I am walking on the water. I love the sound of the motor whizzing through the water of Tomahawk. -Lydia Marshall When I take a breath of air, I smell summer in an unexpected place. It smells like old wood thats been used a lifetime. I smell trees and a moist shore along with a cool breeze. There is also a faint scent of damp, old lifejackets. There is only one place you can smell this strong but gentle scent. It's a place where, as soon as you smell it, you know its someone's sanctuary. -Montana Worthington

Deck Review If you were an explorer, the Deck would seem like some old, rickety house. The smell is similar to that of rotting wood, but mostly of books and cracked varnish. Your partner that came with you on the expedition notices an old diary, and suddenly, when you turn to look, it crumbles. A slight whiff of pine and paper wafts up, and you're lost in a world of books. Tables radiate odors, tickling your senses, and when the child's board games drift into view, you pick up a scent of people. It's not a stong smell, but it is in a way touching. Children have been here. -Lexi Wagner 32

Clearwater Camp 2008

I was not so excited when I had waterskiing. I was tired, queasy and cold. But when I got in the lake I felt confident; I smelled the fresh lake. I got my medium-sized skis on and I got up! My first time when I said “Hit it!” in a confident way, I fell pretty early. So I decided to do it again. I said even more confidently, “Hit it!” The boat started to drive faster. I stayed on for about 59 seconds! I thought it was pretty good. -Rachel Simpson Coming into camp Windows down Cool air in your face Counselor and kids waiting for your arrival, thoughts swimming in your head, so excited you can't stay seated, people laughing and smiling just as you are, wish your life could be this exciting every day, now that you're at camp the real journey begins. -Valerie Skaalrud and Julie Ball


The Bridge, Volume I

The fluttering wings of the exuberant bee came zigzagging patterns in the fresh foggy air, a bullfrog bellows a throaty groan while it sits atop its mossy throne, watching the flies swarm around teasing and scattered. -Megan Dern and Margot Beauchamp Because I know it means to sacrifice when you begin I know that I have to sacrifice things to continue my happy and stress-free time When work is done I know that I can live. -Megan Dern and Ellen Friedle 34

Clearwater Camp 2008

As I climbed up the stairs, it felt like an eternity that went by, the suspense of what was to come. Everyone around me cheering me on. I climbed, step after step, until finally I was at the top. “Plop” was the sound my butt made when I sat down. I let my legs dangle down. I counted down in my head. 5...4...3...2...1. I screamed so loud, I felt like the world heard me screaming. I twisted down and SPLASH. I was in the water. I had conquered the white giant slide. It went by so fast and the smile on my face was as wide as the Mississippi river. I climbed up the stairs and did it again. -Ashley Henderson

Lice refuse to cooperate with the truth. They only say lies to their friends and their feelings are easily hurt. Before, they didn't mind the truth, but one louse asked, “Why should we believe our parents?” -Natalie Fine and Lambs


The Bridge, Volume I

Shivering in the ice-cold water, I felt like bait for the muskies living in the deep water below me. I had my left foot snugly in the boot and my right foot dangling on the side for balance. I waited patiently as the ski boat brought the rope to me. I grabbed it quickly and got into position, hoping to get out of the freezing water as soon as possible. With a little drag from the boat, I was ready to go, so I yelled “HIT IT!� Within seconds I could feel the boat yanking me out of the water. I could not see anything because of the spray until I was fully out of the water. As I looked around, I remembered why I loved waterskiing so much; the feel of being on top of the water with wind rushing by my ears, and the way the sun made the water look like someone had sprinkled diamonds on top of it. Determined, I point my ski to the right and zip across the wake. I feel free as I glide over the glassy water out of the wake. As I am coming back in the wake, I notice I am too quickly approaching the mound of water in front of me. I lose my balance and tumble into the icy water below me. Bummer, I think, back to the beginning. -Lindsay Boles

Waves slapped the shore. A chorus of birds rang through the silence of the night. The trees swayed slightly in the wind. Kids laughed with glee. Squirrels collected nuts for the winter. All was well. -Sarah Pinto 36

Clearwater Camp 2008

Come about! My love, sailing. Creative writing. Write your mind. 4-ever will I love. Girls of all types love Clearwater Camp for Girls. -Annaka Stoeckel As I jumped in the water, my heart dropped. I was about to do something I would never have thought was possible. Getting up on waterskis for the first time was one of my dreams. Once I had on my skis and the rope, it was all up to me. I was the one who could make this dream come true. I had hold of the rope and was ready to go. My knees were bent and my arms straight. All I had to do was say two words. “HIT IT!� The boat pulled me up, and I was off. I went around the bay a few times. I could hear everyone cheering. Once it stopped, I went to go write to my mom. Clearwater was able to make my dream come true. -Holly Palmer Trees rustling, kids playing. Motor boat running, kids swimming. Tennis balls bouncing, kids laughing. Pens writing, kids thinking. Birds chirping, kids singing. Kitchen staff working, kids dancing. KIDS HAVING FUN!!!! -Julie Ball 37

The Bridge, Volume I

Beauty on the lake, on the land See it everywhere where it stands Beauty look closely find your satisfaction or exceed it Beauty Learn something new. Explore, discover and look for more. -Hannah Friedle

Maintenance Shed Review It strangely smells like a carpeting warehouse. The tree bark speaks in wooden tongue, with fuzzy bark and sort of an artificial scent. Boxes upon boxes of packages give off odors of wood (mostly pine), house and home. The smell of laundry clings to the air, and one can strongly grip the thought of people dropping things off and scattering dust as the mountains of dirty camping clothes pile and build upon one another. There is a very faint scent of water and a strong one of dusty wood. Mothballs have surely made a short appearance in this area, and , somewhere, paint has found a place to dry. -Lexi Wagner 38

Clearwater Camp 2008

She can hear the birds singing. She calmed herself with the simplicity of their songs. Chirpity chirp chirp. But the noisy tennis players disrupted her and she could not concentrate any longer. Luckily, she found a way to the cabin. Phew! She said, “Tennis players, be quiet!� Then she smelled the fresh scent of brownies baking in the oven from the dining hall, and it reminded her of helping her grandmother in the kitchen. The vivid, happy memory filled her mind with happiness. Freely she walked out of a temple. A temple of nature that surrounded her, a place of worship filled with sage colored leaves. She loves nature and food! -Cape collaboration

After you taste the sweetness of desert spring, you find the middle of it, and happiness fills your heart as you taste dust. Your cracked lips dance inside, you are looking at the only flower. Taste. -Marilyn Simpson, Montana Worthington, and Lambs 39

The Bridge, Volume I

Sounds of Clearwater Halyards clanging against the metal masts lull me to sleep at night and awaken me in the morning. The water lapping and the leaves rustling calm me after an intense tennis match. Sneakers slapping the tennis court awaken me after rest hour. These are things I hear, here at Clearwater. -Hannah Adams

Clearwater Every year when my car drives into camp, I look around and see the tennis court, maintenance shed and the beautiful, glistening lake. When I walk towards the lake, the sailboats come into view along with the dining hall and harbor. I walk towards the bridge and through the maze of trees to the cape. I go up the stairs passing the point cabins. I sit down and think how lucky I am to have such a wonderful, beautiful place with so many loving and caring people. -Margaux Boles Forever seems like a few days of lonely nights -Annaka Stoeckel and Lambs


Clearwater Camp 2008

I think when I write I dance when there's music I swim when there's water I sail when there's a boat I ski when I have skis I eat when there's food I talk when there's someone with me I sleep when I have a bed. CC4G. -Julie Ball

Because I listen, children tell me their wildest dreams, their flights, their half remembered meetings, and I reminisce on my own dark journey up the hill, the glimmering stars above the only flower. Is this yours? -Margot Beauchamp and Lambs


The Bridge, Volume I

Alexa's Rules of Life. Live while you're alive. Never wait to be happy, find the happiness in your life. Don't spread rumors, and don't do payback. Never hold grudges. Let others talk. Say what you think, but don't be rude. Love everyone, try to make them happy. Remember to look for the little things hiding inside the big things. Find the funny side of Everything. Smile. Hug. Don't care if you're ugly, Don't care if you're pretty, Care about finding thie good in other people. Don't be afraid to do things you love. Let your spirit show. 42

Clearwater Camp 2008

Say, “I'm sorry.� Admit you were wrong. Show other people how special they are. Get your point across in a funny way. Accept what you can't change. Make good changes. Love. -Alexa Diehl

Waterskiing Hit it! You suddenly feel a rush of wind. You're skiing. You hear just the wind, the boat, and the voice of your inner peace. You know you were meant to do this. You've gotten up many times. This will be different. Plop. There goes your ski. This was truly the best feeling you've ever had. You can't wait until tomorrow. -Annaka Stoeckel 43

The Bridge, Volume I

The orange popsicle tasted delicious. Sitting on the steps of your house, licking away. Like a dog with an itch. Its very hard to get rid of. But once it was gone you wished it wasn't. You sang to the emptiness Soon making it full of life, not so empty anymore. So it was blue. -Valerie Skaalrud, Sarah Steinke, and Lambs

A Feeling The sparkle of the sun reflected on the water Filled your heart with joy as a Clearwater daughter. The calming pelting of the stays on the mast Fills your mind as you dream of the past. A past where new friendships were made, A place where you were not afraidFor you were at Clearwater: your secret escape Where your soul could truly take shape. Clearwater is a place among so few Where others can get to know the true you. So when you ask me what this place is, I cannot explain, For there is simply a feeling there

--without any name. -Mandy Kimm


Clearwater Camp 2008

Wood paneling and chair. I'm sore from a blister on each pinky toe. That's my feet, who are open to the air. My legs are tired from walking a lot each day, and covered in bug bites. My stomach is full from the delicious 4th of July breakfast. My chest is just like it always is. My right hand is tired from writing, and both are died purple from my packout last night. My hair is knotted, lips chapped. I've got a good taste in my mouth. I hear the rustling of leaves and sails, the bouncing of tennis balls. I smell lunch cooking. I think Taylor should stay, I think Leslie Foote should come back. -Hannah Adams

Through the Eyes of a First-Time Camper You look around when you get here for the first time. You look at the counselors smiling at you, but who will be taking care of you? You find out and go to your cabin. What bunk will you get, the top or the bottom? You then unpack and find out more about your cabinmates. Then the warning bell rings for dinner. After you eat, you sing songs with the whole camp. Then you go to bed thinking about the next day. -Kayleen Kellogg

Council Fire The old wooden benches surrounded by the smell of pine and birch trees. The large, bright fire in the middle of the campers singing blows smoke that envelopes you and takes you to a new place in your mind. -Ellen Toal 45

The Bridge, Volume I

If you don't know what a bof is, then I'll tell you. A bof is a furry ball that looks like bof: ball of fluff. I currently have one called Herbert. The colors Bofs are bred in are purple, orange, sky blue, turquoise, navy blue, blue, red, pastel pink, pastel blue, violet, maroon, lavender, pastel purple, yellow, yellowgreen, and MANY more. Herbert is lavender with sky blue polka dots. His favorite food is bagels smothered with gooey melted marshmallow. You can order them on a website called Hope you can enjoy them like me! -Sami Rasin

Wolves refuse to be tamed, for hunger pulls; and when wildness beats in their hearts, they leap as one. Their teeth flash and the wildness roars, a savage ocean pouring out. Howl. -Alexa Diehl and Lambs


Clearwater Camp 2008

beauty to see hear it all taste the sweetness of flowers dancing in the wind trees stand up tall rocks on beach to see music -Hannah Friedle

Together With friends Can trust them with all your life, and with all your secrets. They will not tell anyone else because they are true friends who do not betray. They are awesome, beside you forever. -Anonymous


The Bridge, Volume I

The pine trees towered above the girls gathered at Sunday Service. She quietly took the stage and began to read her thought-provoking poem. Her poem was thoughtful and magical. Why did it seem so right to be there and hear it? She heard a small noise, like a hum of understanding and her heart swelled with joy. This is peaceful. Then Sunny comes up saying, “I remember when I went to camp I did the same thing as you and I am pretty sure you are enjoying it like I do.” She smiled because she knew that it was true. -Harbor collaboration

After fire dies the faces are put on as masks and we ask them, “If you lived forever, what would happen?” Will you be honest? Say if you fear life. I do. I am so young. -Lexi Wagner and Lambs


Clearwater Camp 2008

A poem is words

A poem is a

A poem tumbles,




rolling, turning,

trying to show

turns, leaps,

over and over

you the world.

flies, and lands


on its feet.

A poem

A poem

A poem

is a feeling

is something to listen

glides and




itself and

And remember.

and twists

making you think.

And love.

and turns.

A poem can change

A poem is beauty

And I hope

how you act, how

or sadness, or anger.

this poem

you think.

It is

is all

Or it can make

what you

of that.

you laugh.


A poem.

-Alexa Diehl 49

The Bridge, Volume I

Yesterday a deer told me, “I know.” I nod. Love. Her soft deer eyes were telling me what she means. Love. And I said, “Love is here,” and she knows. Why do we love? We must. -Alexa Diehl and Liambs Never ask me why I cry. The tears have voices telling a story. Just listen. They ring like bells, and if you, too, are crying, knowledge you already have will heard their silent resonance and peace. -Alexa Diehl and Lambs 50

Clearwater Camp 2008

In the beginning, I saw two hands. First fingers rose out of the water dissolving into opposites and light. They reached towards something, but what? Each hoped a different fortune. Each waited for their own destiny. They waited for their chance to do more than give away their prized possessions. They were lost in the canyons. -Point collaboration

Although I never thought I could say this out loud I'll change my mind now and whisper, “The only wooden ship is stronger than them all and it's lost.� Look at its value slowly sinking deeper. -Annaka Stoeckel and Lambs


The Bridge, Volume I

Sailing S-sometimes scary A-a great time I-in Tomahawk Lake L-lee boards I-I'd give anything to do it all day N-nothing more free G-going as fast as the wind -Hannah Traister

I love watching the baby ducks grow. They start so small But eventually they will all grow big and strong and fly away to the south, to the sky. He was headed there ready to fly. He wasn't able to concentrate. There were too many flowers. -Valerie Skaalrud, Sarah Steinke, and Lambs


Clearwater Camp 2008

SECOND SESSION When you feel crazy Breathe When you want to cry Breathe When you don't know what to do Breathe For in a single breath is the essence of life It pulses through you like an electric charge Through your bloodstream it travels Quieting the mind Calming the soul The power of the body is in the breath And the power of the breath is in the heart On the wings of a single breath You can soar You control its transformation And in turn it transforms you Catalyzes movement and thought When you fill with joy Breathe Breathe it everywhere. -Kat Stott 53

The Bridge, Volume I

How will I build this house? The work will teach you how to do it. What kind of work? Figure it out. What about the birds? Where will the birds live? In their house. How will they survive? Bird seed. The birds will thank us for their new house. -Natasha Harvey and Natalie Shinn

I have nothing to do today. Sometimes nothing is the right thing to do. I could do things that mean nothing, or maybe I could just do nothing. I don't know what nothing is, But who knows what nothing means? How can you do nothing? Even if you're sitting on the floor doing “nothing�, you're still doing something. You're filling space with your still soul. But sometimes nothing is the right thing to do. -Anonymous 54

Clearwater Camp 2008

Don't you wish parents would say, “Stay out all night!� if that really happened... And the teens would be happy. Children would follow along, and there would be chaos. But we all need parents! Because if we didn't, no one would lay down the laws. Amen. -Meg Dern and Natalie Fine

If you feel lonely, change your perspective. Take a warm bath, relax and eat apples every day, then smile. If you feel happy, jump up and down, dance all night long, and live your life again and again. Now you've changed your perspective. -Anonymous


The Bridge, Volume I

Jack started floating away as though he was trapped in a pink spiky bubble pushing through pitch black smoke. He was wondering about the breakfast the next morning. If the oatmeal would be not as thick and he could jump in and start swimming in it. Or if they'll be able to dance in the big snow globe. Or maybe if people jumped on big sponges so they wouldn't drown in big puddles of water. He wondered until he was in a deep deep sleep, while he was falling, falling into the big rabbit hole. -Liza Torrence If the world blows up, what would all the people do and where will they go? The cows will know what to do. The people should follow the cows. They'll know when the world will blow up and warn people. Then the humans will move to the moon with everything that was on the earth, including the cows. -Anonymous Why do you play?

Because old Mr. Gregory said so.

Why do you eat?

Because lightning struck the tree in the park—and it

fell soon after!

Why do you have food?

Because Mr. Moon said you were out too soon. -Katie Scribner and Gabi Janke


Clearwater Camp 2008

When facing a difficult time stay cool. Be patient. Don't let anyone tell you what you feel. Be your own person with your own thoughts. Learn from the mistakes of others. Don't judge, Learn to love. And when nothing here is constant, Explore. -Kat Stott and Lydia Alter

Hold tight. Hold air in a balloon. Hold a true friend with both hands. When it is sunny, go outside and dance When the wind blows, hold their petals for them. Hold songs. Sing if there are only storms. Have fun, have fun. The world can be a double fistful of cloud. The air is food. Hold air, hold light. Stand tall like the tree and branch out. -Ellie Purdy and Lambs


The Bridge, Volume I

Hope When everything else is gone,


When you feel like you're falling,


When you need a friend to hold your hand


For hope makes you fly with joy and helps the flowers stay alive in the winter and helps the water keep flowing, even if its going nowhere. So hope for flight and life and persistence for when you hope and pray, and look out for others a web is created and when you need it you will be enveloped in a web of others' hopes and then you will know that hope exists, you just need a spider to spin a web. -Tina Techar

The bridge: unbalanced, creaky, wooden, beautiful. -Hannah Peterson and Grace Hemmer


Clearwater Camp 2008

A Silly Story If Venice slips into the sea next week, I would have to get blubber. Just dreams, I guess, because everyone knows, only the silliest of all can get blubber. At least that's what Billy told me. Billy dreamt that Venice was an elephant and the elephant said, knock knock. Then Billy's mom opened the door. “Happy Hedgehog Day!” she cried. “Happy Kwanzaa to you, too,” said Venice and Blubber and his mom lived happily ever after. -Meg Dern Next time you see a loon, celebrate. Next time a loon sees you, celebrate. You say, “See you later.” But you and the loon will never meet again, most likely, so you might as well say goodbye forever and sing to the stars together. -Julianna Jarik and Lambs 59

The Bridge, Volume I

How To Get Used To Camp There are many things you could do to get used to camp: 1-Put on bug spray to avoid bugs. 2-Use sunscreen to avoid sunburns. 3-Make yourself comfortable, like meet new people. 4-Do some new activities. Thers are some activities you haven't done before, so give it a shot. 5-Swimming is hard once you try it. But if the water's cold, stay in for a couple minutes, then you would get used to it. 6-Think about having fun instead of missing your parents. Being homesick is okay. But everyday, it can be annoying and lead to depression for some people. 7-Have fun! -Christina Cook Think of all the good things in life and consider yourself a lucky dog. Don't be negative. Be a positive Patricia. Never let go. Hold on tight. Be yourself. Enjoy the ride. Go to a flower shop. Buy the biggest bunch you can and share them with the world. -Grace Williams and Charlotte Mellor 60

Clearwater Camp 2008

When you're a rockstar, dream on. When you're a garbageman, don't smash the bottle. When you're a nerd, leave your shirt on the beach. Grab a towel. Loose your trousers. Watch the sunset. Take a step in my shoes. -Grace Williams and Charlotte Mellor

After the day the last ship trailed away from land we watched in the silent stillness which was the dark night of uncertainty. We said, “We will meet again someday,� and we held our tears aloft. -Julia Baird and Lambs 61

The Bridge, Volume I

Jump Fly high Grab the sky Look down Fall -Kaitlin Close and Teddy Flynn

If the kitchen runs out of food, What will life be like?

No, every day is a new adventure.

Once upon a time there was a girl who went to Clearwater Camp for Girls. Her name was Sally. And one day when Sally was at camp, the kitchen ran out of food. And the camp went bonkers. People were going crazy because they were so hungry. During swimming class, you would have to try to catch fish with your hands. During creative writing, you ate the paper instead of writing on it. During kayaking and canoing you'd fish off the boats. One day Sally and her friends decided to sneak out one night and go into town to get real food. They snuck out and they got food. While they were getting food, they saw the kitchen staff buying food. The next day there was food on the table and Clearwater Camp never ran out of food again. -Anonymous


Clearwater Camp 2008

If it rains tomorrow Will I be on it? Will I fly away with the wind Or ride the drops like a roller coaster? Will I be like an anchor and stay put where I lay Or will I carry on with the rain to wherever it may be going? Will I enjoy the ride, Or will I wish I could have just stayed home? I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out. -Katherine Zimmel

Hurricanes are nameless but she who feels it, knows it. The rain pours down and the roaring wind says, “I think dreams are truth,” and you say “Maybe, but we will never really know for sure.” You turn away and look in the calm in the eye of the storm and watch the storm watch you. Maybe dreams are truth. -Julianna Jarik


The Bridge, Volume I

If I am the only flower, what would all the sharks do? It would be strange but good. Because everyone knows flowers give sharks the sniffles and make them have funny dreams. Like one day Bob ate a flower and looked at the shark and said, this is your dream! Flowers are also affected by eating sharks. They lose a petal and say, “For I am now a vegetarian.� -Meg Dern

Chicago is the windiest city ever. It is really great because all of the buildings are as tall as the sky. That's why they're called skyscrapers. All of the people rushing past you love Chicago because. -Katie Scribner and Annabel Doerr 64

Clearwater Camp 2008

This morning I woke up from bed. As I looked up at the sky, There was no sun over my head! I kept thinking this must be a dream. I couldn't believe it, If not, I was about to scream! Plain darkness drifted above That yellow, beautiful sun, That's the thing I loved, Not this deep darkness that I kept on seeing! This was scary, this was not fun! All I want is my beautiful sun! I looked back at my clock and sighed with relief. It was only 11 o'clock at night! Oh good grief ! That gave me a fright! -Anna Rowe

Why do we have freckles?

Because plants need rain to live!

Why are teeth white?

People need to breathe to have oxygen to live!

Why are there earthquakes?

We come here to camp to have fun! -Emily Beedie and Olivia Burnside


The Bridge, Volume I

He was absentminded in most things but he drank his juice with care, because he didn't want to waste it and he said, “I only do this when juice is on sale. I get it once a week because I don't like cranberry and I can't have tea.� He loves his apple juice though. Because he drinks his juice with care, his teeth are healthy and his heart is strong. -Lindsey Close, Margaux Boles and Lambs

The ocean breaks where the islands lay. Water starts to flow where a river starts from a liquid seed. Fierce rapids hitting rocks make fierce noises and roll downstream. Then the rapids slow down and everything is calm. -Lindsey Close, Margaux Boles, and Lambs


Clearwater Camp 2008

No, I won't go chicken dancing in the moonlight. Instead, I will rock climb on Linzi for hours in the still wind. It BURNS! -Anonymous

Why don't trees fly?

Because the bell ringer won't stop pulling the rope.

Why do people wear sunglasses?

Because Trix are for kids.

Why do we sing songs after meals?

Because they help people not get cut.

Why didn't anyone invent the word voom-vam-toot-sat?

Because otherwise, time would make no sense. -Piper Burnside, Annabel Doerr, and Lambs


The Bridge, Volume I

Why don't unicorns exist in everyday life?

Because you can have fun.

Why was there no wind this morning for sailing?

Because it makes you weird.

Why did Maria go sailing in the middle of the night?

Because it gives you energy. -Katie Scribner and Gabi Janke

Why do tennis balls bounce?

Because Jessica Simpson got glasses.

Why do trees have leaves?

Because they keep the sun out of your eyes.

Why don't people have toenails?

Because otherwise we would forget them.

Why can paper be different colors?

Because Ms Suzy had a sailboat. -Annabel Doerr, Piper Burnside, and Lambs

If the marshmallow turns golden brown, then what are all the songs about?

Peaceful, quiet, lonely.

A golden brown marshmallow, soft and sticky and sweet. Songs sung around the campfire: harmony, melody and beat. A loon's call over the water; a perfect evening now complete. -Anonymous 68

Clearwater Camp 2008

Why won't the bell stop ringing?

Because it has rubber on the inside.

Why don't pencils wear shoes?

Because they make food out of light.

Why do people wear shoes?

Because you forgot to call your boyfriend back.

Why isn't yesterday tomorrow?

Because people dye them. -Piper Burnside, Annabel Doerr, and Lambs

What kinds of people will be good friends? It takes all kinds, you need a huge rainbow. The friend who is purple is loyal; the friend who is orange is unique. The friend that's green is adventurous. All different shades that you can make. Share your color with someone else, because at the beginning of camp, you come with no rainbow; at the end you leave with one. I chose the right colors. Make your rainbow as bright as possible. -Anna Rowe and Lucy Rees


The Bridge, Volume I

I've been looking for my place; I've found mine right here between the trees and the sky. This place is like a home to me. I look and see many creatures but the birds always remind me of actors speaking in a movie. I think about what they are saying and the dreams in their fluttering hearts. Sometimes I wish I was a bird so I could understand them. -Lindsey Close, Margaux Boles, and Lambs Mia is cute. She's a dog. She's a small dog. I miss her so much. Her color is white and gray. She is 9½ pounds. She is very pretty. I love her. She's awesome. Thanks. -Anonymous


Clearwater Camp 2008

The waves of the lake crashing onto the shore. The cry of the lonely loon. The sound of the wind, Whistling through your ear. The chirping of the birds, That cheerful old tune. The rustling of the leaves Rearranging the grounds. The sounds of Clearwater Are forever in my heart. -Anonymous

We stick together always and forever, though sometimes far apart. Memories bind us like chains, chains that have suffered the worst and experienced the best times. They reminds us that we can live like sisters always. -Meg Dern, Lindsey Boles, and Ellen Friedle 71

The Bridge, Volume I

Snickers is a very cute dog. He is rusty brown. He is eight months old. He's softer than you could imagine. He'll play with you lots. He likes to jump, but doesn't bite. He's beautiful. WOW! -Olivia Burnside and Piper Burnside

Be whoever you want. Whatever you are, be a good one. A rider, or a doctor, maybe even an astronaut. Do what you love, love what you do-always, forever, and follow your dreams. -Valerie Skaalrud and Olivia Pritchard 72

Clearwater Camp 2008

Do you remember the first Council Fire, when everyone who had been to Clearwater before told you about the barrel roll? How some were padded and some weren't, and how you wanted to be the first one, or somewhere near the front, to get the padded barrels because people got splinters in the nonpadded barrels. How imaginations flowed on and on just because of some myth someone in Clearwater history made up. All the mixed emotions each girl had because of it, whether it was scared, excited, frightened, or confused, it became the most talked about event of Council Fire. My first Sunday at Clearwater, I fainted at breakfast and was ill until the following day. All of my friends never stopped talking about the barrel roll. I can't remember exactly what my emotion was. All I remember is being annoyed afterwards, when I found out there wasn't a barrel roll because of how much my friends scared me and made me excited for it. It was the most memorable moment I had that year and all the years I have had and will have at Clearwater...for now. -Natalie Shinn

If there were no Australia and Sunny decided to close camp, the kangaroos could live in camp. Imagine that! They can play tennis, sail, eat, sleep and do each activity at camp! But this is not going to happen because we are at camp and Sunny would never do that. -Anonymous


The Bridge, Volume I

Why do we play sports? Because they are fun! Everyone needs fun in life. It's what keeps you going to see the world and to discover new things. That's why sports are important! -Olivia Burnside

The Windy is blue and white. She floated so gracefully. Will she ever crash? Hopefully not soon. Instead of admitting defeat, she was filled with new hope and carried on. A girl was swimming towards her. She could see a pale face with curly brown hair that reached her shoulders; where had she seen her before? But as she tried to remember, the girl introduced herself and it turns out they knew eachother from camp. She grabbed her by the red strap on her lifejacket and hauled her up into the boat. “Thanks...How did you end up in the water anyways?” She inhaled deeply, and caught a whiff of the northwoods. She said, “I tipped in the Sandy C,” and laughed. -Cape collaboration


Clearwater Camp 2008

Do you know who was homesick yesterday? Who feels it, knows it. Yes, I know. So are you going to tell me? No, I promised him not to tell anyone but he is ok! Please. Well, if you promise you won't tell anyone. I promise. Well, my dog was homesick. -Anonymous

Music sleeps

in all things

still potential

in every sound,

whispers, thuds, thrills and hums

running through the fabric of all minds. The souls eternally searching for beauty,

they look.

When their hearts and ears fall into sync,

sounds are assigned meaning,

music awakens. -Ellen Friedle


The Bridge, Volume I

Don't take your sweet time, But don't rush. Use it wisely. That is all you have. Be careful. Work quickly, but don't rush. Remember time doesn't wait, And always have fun! -Olivia Pritchard and Val Skaalrud

When the first bell sounds to wake me from my dreams, I open my eyes and am filled with all the exciting possibilities of the day. You know when you wake up at Clearwater you are going to do so many exciting, fun things that day. There are so many things to do at camp every day. Like learn to stern a canoe, or paddle a rowboat, or skipper a sailboat. You might learn to knit, or drop a ski, or bike over harsh terrain. You will laugh with friends and receive friendly smiles throughout your daily adventures. I know when I wake up at Clearwater I am going to do something really exciting. -Audrey Kennedy


Clearwater Camp 2008

A bell dings in the distance, echoing lazily. I open my eyes a sliver and they land on the shimmering wall of the cabin, light dancing and slipping across the green planks. I roll over onto my stomach, twisting in my sheets and pushing my face deep into my warm, defeated pillow. Inhaling, I can still smell slumber, dreams retreating deeper into the corners of my brain, stealing away from memory. I come up for air and steal a glance over the edge of the headboard, through the mesh windows. My eyes drink up the sight: the lake's on fire. The sun's ripping away from its nighttime home, screaming sunshine. It lights the lake like a handful of diamonds, cast out among the waves. I soak in the flames, imprinting the memory. I tear my eyes away, burrowing into my covers, feeling soft comfort tickle my nose and neck. Here I will remain, content until a friendly voice calls my name, breaking the magic. -Margot Beauchamp

Ocean Waves The wind in my hair feels great during heat. The sound of the ocean could never be beat. I like to sit quietly right on the beach because there is so much the ocean can teach. -Anonymous 77

The Bridge, Volume I

Don't change yourself; change your perspective. Love yourself, be yourself, live your life, trust yourself. Journey to new horizons. You are you, you are great. Explore every aspect. -Chandler Scoco and Liza Ziegler

Live the life you want to have. Youth knows no age. Adults have no age limit. Decide what you want for yourself. Don't be burdened by age. Take your time, Have fun. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Never give up, follow your dreams. Age is just a number. -Liza Ziegler and Chandler Scoco


Clearwater Camp 2008

Once upon a time, Hannah, Grace, Liza, Chandler and Kim went with Liz and Aubrey to the Oaks to give Erica something special. Hannah screamed “ABEBE!” as loud as she could. Then Erica came out of the Oaks. We all gave her a pretty sign for the best leadership “award” from us. I said “abebe” and left. -Hannah Peterson and Grace Hemmer

Clearwater is my favorite place, and my favorite moment at camp is when I'm sailing. When first rowing out, in a little green boat, under the arched wooden bridge, I get excited for the adventure-filled sail ahead. I row up and catch the rowboat on the big, beautiful boat. We're clipped. I step on the boat, the wind already blowing. The boat sways back and forth. After the whole crew is on, the real action takes place. The tightly placed monkey stitch is taken off the sail, and the halyard gets clipped on. Feed, hoist, up the sail goes. One last tug and we're ready to go. I walk the rowboat down the port side, and we're off. The skipper takes control now, steering out of the bay, across the lake. Leeboards and backstays are my job! COME ABOUT! I undo the backstay and duck as the boom swings across. Out at sea, its a hectic, yet calming ride. Times up? We head in, one boat's length past the buoy, and make our last come about. I catch the buoy and hold on. Into stays we sail, as I clip the painter on. The sail comes down and we begin the roll. With the monkey stitch done, we hop in the rowboat. Until next time, farewell. -Megan Hollingsworth 79

The Bridge, Volume I

Welcome back from your search for the past. Did you find anything worth sharing with the family? Were the stories true? I hear you got lost in a dark valley. Were you scared or just shocked? -Liza Ziegler and Lambs

I yawn, wipe the hair from my sleepy eyes, and breathe. Rising in the morning. I am still very tired. It's dark out, peaceful out, the wind whispers to the trees. The clock glows from a distant corner. It surely is not time to get up. I just want to stay in bed. I can not hear the bell, but I know it's time. I rub my eyes once more, a better glance, clear the blur, and Oh, wait, it is only two am. -Margo Anderson 80

Clearwater Camp 2008

I have spent a lot of time at camp waiting. Waiting for activities to start and end, waiting for meals to begin and end, waiting for friends, waiting for letters. None of these have come close to the time I've spent waiting in front of the bridge that connects the mainland to the island. I've waited there for counselors to supervise our time on the island, and I've waited for friends to accompany me on the long walk out. Because of all the time I've waited, I've had a lot of time to admire the bridge. It was not until my last year as a camper that I recognized the beauty of the bridge that so often goes unnoticed. The beautiful blond wood is smooth, and it sparkles sometimes when the light hits it right. I bet you've never noticed that, have you? The bridge is so much more than planks of wood that can be walked on. I think the bridge is a symbol. A symbol for growth. When I was on the Cape, I thought it was SO cool that I lived on the island and got to walk across the bridge multiple times a day. As I got older, walking across the bridge and through the island to the Point became a chore. I was quickly annoyed with the trees that come right after the bridge and have to be carefully woven through, and I was very upset by the awkwardly uneven stairs that sometimes require one step, sometimes two, and maybe even one and a half. Now, as I recognize my last few walks out to the island as a camper, I have begun to appreciate the tangle of trees, and the familiar but often tricky stairs that are prevalent on the Point. The beauty and familiarity of this walk across the bridge and through the island is now something I love, and something I will be very upset to lose as I make the transition from camper to staff. -Jacqueline Jarik 81

The Bridge, Volume I

When I wake, the sun shines warm on my face. As I rise from my deep slumber, I am comforted by the quiet peace of the North. The birds chirp and the wind blows a peaceful melody of air across my face Slowly my senses come back to me and my eyes see, and my ears hear, and my body starts to feel. I feel the warm reassurance of my bed, and I feel the breeze play with my hair, tickling my face.


Clearwater Camp 2008

I rise from the warm comfort of my bed and I prepare myself for the day before me. I prepare my hands to spread my joy to others. I prepare my mouth to speak my peace to the world. I prepare my eyes to see what can be fixed This is my greeting to the day. -Audrey Kennedy


The Bridge, Volume I

Does anyone know why stars glow brightly in the night? The stars did glow brightly after the beautiful sunset. A couple would kiss romantically. You kiss when in love. Or you can hug someone, because hugging is a remedy. -Cape collaboration Sunny is very special! She means a lot to camp and everyone because she brings sunshine to all of us and we know she always will!! -Emily Phebus Why do people hate eachother? Why can't people just love? It would be much happier. Bunnies are happy! Bounce, Bounce! My little, funny, fat bunny. He will come out on the hot Fourth of July. With fireworks and marching bands, they paraded through Chicago. -Cape collaboration 84

Clearwater Camp 2008

The water was very blue. It looked beautiful and blue. The trees would be purple. The water would be orange. Did you drop orange juice? No, I didn't drop OJ. How could you say such kind things to a monster? -Cape collaboration

Camp changes you so that you're always being nice. At home you can be nice to everyone at school and then go home and not care what your family thinks of how you're acting. At camp, being nice all the time is the key to having friends. You don't have a break. You're with them 24/7 and everyone loves it. At camp you know that your friend is real. She's being herself. It's what happens when you sleep next to someone under the stars. When you not only have fun with her, but eat with her and really talk with her. It's a bond you share that's so strong, you reach for her when you're sad or lonely or just having a bad day. -Anonymous


The Bridge, Volume I

Crazy but calm, she usually has things under control. She is funny, outrageous, and I do care about her. She likes bringing back old traditions, and fun activities that go with awesome names, such as American Gladiator, always come from her mind. When around her you feel exhilarated and safe. I won't say her name, but remember, this gummy bear has been here for a while. -Hannah Lauster Annie B., Our living legend. She helps make the days here at Clearwater fun and bright. Without her the sun here would not shine as brightly as it does now. We love you, Annie B.! -Olivia Burnside Clearwater is the place to be, when swimming in Tomahawk Lake. The water is so calm when you swim. It might be freezing in the water, but it is a nice break from chlorinated pools. When you are in a pool, you can't canoe, kayak, waterski or sail. Tomahawk Lake has wide open spaces to do everything in. Tomahawk Lake is the place to be. -Kayla Steinke 86

Clearwater Camp 2008

The Lake I look at the lake. It moves like a crowd with fish and much more. Who knows what story or secret is hidden under its deep depths. Someday we will unravel it, but for now it swishes on and on. The lake. -Isabel Mayoras

The story begins here at the beach, when me and my best friend, Jessie, got a thumbs up in class. Then it all went downhill. All her plans had begun with winning the lottery, or catching a falling silver star. Catching it on a whim, it slipped through my toes. -Point collaboration 87

The Bridge, Volume I

I arrived at camp my second year point unsure of who I was becoming. I knew the facts about who I was: blond, green eyes, 14 years old, and about to be a freshman in high school. I thought that was enough. I was returning to camp, my safe place of five years, and was overjoyed to be there. Many things, however, didn't make sense to me. Was I really going to be in high school? All I could think of was the crazy, na誰ve harborite I remembered from many years before. I knew I was no longer that person, but I still had not felt that definitive moment that justified my age and the new responsibilities I would soon take on. The summer passed, and although the comfortable familiarities of camp remained, something felt different. I grew to embrace things about myself that I used to take for granted. I realized how independent I really was and I learned that, through embracing the freedoms camp had always offered me, I could live my life simply out of the pure self-fulfillment it brought. I wrote my parents of the change, and the pride I felt in their eyes only motivated me further. It was that summer, a summer of realization and change, of laughter and fun, of hardships and of coming to terms with myself, that I could define the feeling. I was truly growing up. -Kat Stott

The Cooks Without the cooks, we could not eat here at Clearwater. Without the cooks, we could not have dessert and breakfast, lunch and dinner, and other things, like muffin night. -Savannah Beebe 88

Clearwater Camp 2008

Do you remember the morning? The hollow clanging of the rising bell? Those moments, knowing that I didn't have to get up at the first bell, made me happy. A warm, flowing feeling of relief floods through me, and I sink back into my warm sheets. Sleep doesn't come, only foggy-headedness and an overwhelming feeling of sloth. When the warning bell rings, someone prods you, repetetively grunting your name, and you roll out of bed. If you're on the top bunk, it's even harder. Your tender feet must balance your entire body on a wooden plank ladder on the way down. Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, you grab a jacket and head down to flag raising. Breakfast drives you to move your feet once more. Finally, you sit down and enjoy the first meal of the day. -Anonymous

To the Cape You begin by crossing the bridge. Up, and back down again. The sparkling water passes underneath your feet. The breeze off the lake blows in your face. You have reached the edge of the island. There are towering birch trees scattering the pathway. As you weave your way through the trees, you spot Midship all alone. A friend waves hello from the window. You smile and wave back, and then keep walking. You haven't made it to your cabin quite yet. Suddenly, you pass by Port, Starboard, Foc's'l, Lee, and Win'ard. It is silent, except for a few girls heading to the brown. You make it all the way to Four Winds and open the door. You are at home, with a nice counselor and great friends to welcome you. -Anonymous 89

The Bridge, Volume I

The kitchen doesn't cook, so remember, the food you eat is made by people who care not only about Clearwater, but you! You might think of them very little, but when you do, remember that they work hard and they always do their best, no matter what. The kitchen doesn't cook, so remember, the food you eat was made by the wonderful, skillful kitchen staff ! -Hannah Lauster Charlotte, my counselor, is very important to me. Without her, camp wouldn't be the same for me. She always helps me when I get homesick. She also makes camp even more fun for me. She plans great cabin nights. She is also one of the nicest counselors at camp. -Anonymous Aidenn is important to me at camp because she is my sister and has helped me get through it, even though I have been very homesick. She is 11 years old. She is pretty tall for her age. She has a lot of freckles and sometimes wears glasses that are pinkish-purplish in color. She is very pretty and she has brown hair with some blond strands. She has green eyes and mostly has her hair up in a ponytail. She is also important because if I didn't have her, I would still be crying all the time and I would be more miserable than I am. Aidenn is just the best person and the most helpful. Aidenn rocks my world. -Piper Burnside


Clearwater Camp 2008

The Bridge-how many feet have passed over your soft wooden planks? With unfailing might, you carry us all to a place of deep thought, and deep peace, where we sit, a silent white mass. You carry us to a place of mystery and adventure where smoke lingers on our skin and clothes, and shriveling pine cones recognize our dreams, so they may cross over into the realm of reality. You carry us to a place where we belong, transforming eager faces and skipping strides into a confident march that others will soon follow. And each time I cross, I slide my hand along your smooth railing, which wraps around me, so guiding me, and keeping me safe within your sturdy arms. Each time I cross, I grow stronger and wiser, and ever more faithful to your soft wooden planks that carry me home. -Nora Barr


The Bridge, Volume I

Do Not Fear the Night Do not fear the Night-Its darkness may seem Quite frightening. Do not fear the Night-Stars weave a tapestry Across the Great Sky. Loons sing of dreams, Prophecies, Poems, Tales. Life revives itself Under cover of Darkness. All anger at ease, The worlds troubles Cradled by sleep. Everything transported From Dark Reality to Sweet Dreamland. Peace rightfully Reclaims All realms and existence.


Clearwater Camp 2008

Do not fear the night. Within it, The Silent Beauties are Unveiled, Unleashed. Do not fear the Night. -Kim Cole

Do you remember lying in your bed, trying to fall asleep. Then you hear the sounds of the loons. The quiet calls to each other. Do you remember feeling happy, knowing that you're at camp, hearing the sounds you love? -Anonymous

Do you remember the splash as, one by one, campers dove into the water? The water chills you to the bone at first, but then your body adjusts. Do you remember swimming out the the raft as fast as you can, trying to get first in line to dive off the diving board? I have always loved the water, so when I think of Clearwater, this is always a memory that pops into my head. -Anonymous


The Bridge, Volume I

Camp for me is like a second home where I come to have fun and spend some time with my friends. I don't know if you remember the feeling of coming back and see your friends that you haven't seen them during the year. I hope this place stays forever for more girls to come here and have the fun I had this year. -Andrea Ortiz Rain pours on my head, while thunder's trumpets blow. Sadness flows through my thoughts And I will rise again And I will fly another day. -Mariel Tang Do you remember when you first arrived and you learned which cabin you were in? Then you walked into the cabin and inside you see the names of your cabinmates. You start to remember some and wonder who the others are, but you know they will be great friends, so you are happy. -Maddy Friedman 94

Clearwater Camp 2008

Do you remember first walking into camp? Maybe remembering from the last year, maybe not? Do you remember feeling the excitement creep slowly through your body? Do you remember seeing your friends, or seeing future friends? Do you remember meeting your cabinmates and counselor? I remember all of this and still experience it. Each year, as I drive down Clearwater Road, the memories come back one by one. I get so excited that once again I am home. -Anonymous

Late-Night Guitar Session A gold, almost fire-like light Bouncing and reflecting off the auburn wood. The air hangs comfortably and cool A warmth in the room reminiscent of a winter cottage Tucked away The only people on earth As the sultry warm sounds of guitar chords fill the space Resting heads, dozing The sounds of music float free Memories and fantasies twirl with each new phrase Every verse catalyzing a new image Feeling everywhere and nowhere at once Feeling at home in the arms of those you love Your little cabin in the middle of the woods. -Kat Stott 95

The Bridge, Volume I

Art is everywhere and anywhere and in our life. Our colorful and emotional thoughts are abstract paintings. The flowing waves of your voice is a calming ocean photo, or a colored page of your choosing. Everything is beautiful art. Art is in our heart. -Mariel Tang Without Anne Rothacker, camp would be no fun. There would be no plays, and no excitement at drama class. It would just be dark. Anne makes my entire life as bright as the brightest light. -Anonymous Wind never forgets your name and never turns away, unless you turn on it first. Wind is mother and father; it helps pull you through hard seas. You are just like you and I am everyone. -Danielle Bishop 96

Clearwater Camp 2008

The trip song from the inaugural “trail building trip” inspired these thoughts: “My trail begins today...from the earth with my own hands” Indicates our part in choosing that for which we will stand. The kindness, respect, and caring found here can be our

Firm foundation,

As our lives become an inspiration.

Unconditional love is what the world desires.

We have felt that around our Clearwater campfires. Now we can carry that light to all whose lives

We will touch;

Remembering that “Clearwater Spirit” involves so much. -Sunny Moore Scared, I held the tiller, shaking inside while the wind was blowing at my back and saying, “go.” The boat, like tipped only in my mind. It spread its wings, flew to its course. I won. -Danielle Bishop 97

The Bridge, Volume I

Red Moon Prophecy Red Moon rise, shadows flow out. Light fall upon thy fate-Bones rise again. Moonlit waters flow like mercury onto thy path in a silver vortex. White Lady rises from eternal slumber. Black Man unleashes curses, plague. Shadow and light collide, Brother against Brother. All is unmade; Deep Rules broken. Nothing is left but black ruin. Red Moon set. -Kim Cole


Clearwater Camp 2008

Banquet Beauty. I walk in and see the pine boughs hanging above. Looking around for a theme, I realize it’s right in front of me. The light filters through, casting shadows everywhere, the beauty taking my breath away. The evening will be filled with laughter and joy, but we know that in the end, our eyes will be filled with tears. Surrounded by my sisters, I take a seat, appreciating the moment. I look across the table and smile, realizing that this is the place where I belong. -Elly Vitek and Sally Glowiak


The Bridge, Volume I

Sailboats brush against the water. The sail luffs and then straightens, pushing us farther and farther. Towards my goal I reach. Should I follow my goal? Yes, I will achieve it. My dreams are like birds. They spread their wings, and they flew off the sand and landed like birds that traveled from sea to sea. -Danielle Bishop

Oh little cabin, where do I begin? Over time, my laughs, tears, and secrets have seeped in. Into your walls and into your floor, Into the ceiling, held in by the door. You've given me shelter from wind and from rain And each night you guard me, as to sleep I am lain. But now as it comes time to say farewell, In your safe clutches I'll no longer dwell. Dear little cabin, your roof has been my sky, But now I'm leaving, little cabin, with love, goodbye. -Daly Johnson 100

Clearwater Camp 2008

ALUMNAE WRITINGS Flames burnt up the Council Fire. Fire men nowhere. -Beets McMahon and Ian Campbell Once you’ve slept on an island, you’ll know what an island feels like at night when the wind blows. And you’ll know that I don’t know whether this weather will come or go. Friendships are so strong. -Alumnae collaboration Patterns of leaves. Mother Nature’s wallpaper. Speckled, dancing solace. -Donna Draves and Debby Gray 101

The Bridge, Volume I

Surprise, they said as they handed me their loving creation: homemade mud-worm birthday pie, and a turtle shell. Did they or will they ever know how my feelings changed, melting judgments from frustration to delight? -Donna Draves and Lambs Anxiety and anticipation. Camp friend Judy at home in Winnetka. I must talk to strangers: a long distance operator between me and Judy, an overnight together. I wanted so badly to see her. Mom said, Call! -Debby Gray and Sue Ferguson 102

Clearwater Camp 2008

A starlit night and a campfire. Young tripper enjoying all the fun and laughter but counsies call, “time for bed everyone,” and I couldn’t leave the twinkling stars, crackling fire. They let me stay up quietly. -Debby Gray and Sue Ferguson Wind troubled our crossing the lake but Clearwater daughters are resourceful: lash the canoes and use a tarp for a sail. We ran before the wind. We outsmarted the wind. High Lake trip. Remember the song. -Beets McMahon and Onnalee Kelley 103

The Bridge, Volume I

Shooting Stars Instantaneous moment of delight. We see beauty in darkness. -Molly Kinsella and Sue Ferguson

Around the lake we go in endless circles, wondering how fast to go wandering through wild brambles and pine glories of the sky. Camp so infects my being. -Alumnae Collaboration

breeze lettuce crispness clouds piled high songs of wind. -Debby Gray and Donna Draves


Clearwater Camp 2008

Laughter sometimes feels like emotion pushing wind through joy. -Onnalee Kelley and Lambs

After the sunset a wild storm encompassed our tent. We were so tired. Outside, rain surrounded our dwelling, but together she and I were a silent unified moment of peace. When morning came, renewed anew again. -Donna Draves and Lambs


The Bridge 2008  
The Bridge 2008  

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