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slim aarons & His Most stunning Photographs of summer‘s society CHarlotte Dellal

the new Queen of Heels & Her label Charlotte olympia


why les Voiles de sainttropez is this summer’s Most spectacular regatta

islanD life

à la Hemingway island for sale off Key west, florida

How to enjoy your …

Spain € 6.80 portugal € 6.80

Summertime Playful in lonDon, soPHistiCateD in HollywooD, relaxeD in CHile



Shreve & Co Tel. + 1 415 860 4010

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KaDeWe Tel. + 49 30 21 01 65 80 Hotel Adlon Tel. + 49 30 20 45 52 88


ifc Tel. + 852 25 40 10 28

LONDON: Boodles • BEIJING: China World Mall, Phase 3 • DUSSELDORF: Königsallee 60 • ZURICH: Beyer VIENNA: Am Graben 14 • TOKYO: Mikimoto • Wellendorff, Tel. (+49) 7231 – 28 40 128 •

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Jobnummer: LRVN-N3001

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At the best Addresses in Germany and in London, Paris, Madrid, Vienna and New York.

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abc-Job#: 526616 · Kunde: Wempe · Motiv: Solitaire · Adresse: keine · Format: 225 x 297 mm + 3 mm Beschnitt (linke Seite) · Farbe: CMYK abc-opix#: 1203-048 · Titel: Grund Genug englisch · DU: 06.11.2011 · Das Dokument ist ohne Überfüllung/Trapping angelegt, vor weiterer Verarbeitung diese anlegen!

Give her a diamond before somebody else does. Solitaires from Wempe.

06.11.12 15:48

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abc-Job#: 526616 · Kunde: Wempe · Motiv: Solitaire · Adresse: keine · Format: 225 x 297 mm + 3 mm Beschnitt (rechte Seite) · Farbe: CMYK abc-opix#: 1203-048 · Titel: Grund Genug englisch · DU: 06.11.2011 · Das Dokument ist ohne Überfüllung/Trapping angelegt, vor weiterer Verarbeitung diese anlegen!

If you would like to lay Heaven at her feet, we have the perfect stars for you: Express your emotions in unique style with Solitaire jewellery from Wempe. Trust your heart - and more than 130 years of expertise.

06.11.12 15:48




Whatever you are planning for your home, one decision is clear from the start. With an exclusive kitchen from ALNO you can be conďŹ dent you have made the right choice even before the ďŹ rst brick has been laid. Supreme quality, award-winning design and useful innovations make every ALNO an unique product. Over 85 years of experience have gone into it. Discover VINTUCINA in shingle wood combined with elegant glass and many more kitchens at your retailer or at


T Dear Reader,

he wise take pleasure in water,” stated the Chinese philosopher Confucius as early as the fifth century BC. To him, water was nothing commonplace, but an extraordinary and special element. Something rare that people feel drawn to. Even after more than 2,500 years, the ingenious philosopher’s statement has lost none of its eloquence. Around the world, living on the waterfront has established itself as one of the most exclusive and desirable ways to live.

The large demand for high-end residential properties in unique locations close to the water is principally due to their small supply, which cannot be increased. Those who cannot find such properties in their hometown invest in a second home on an island, on the coast, or on an attractively situated lake. Exclusive residential properties – for example on the French Riviera, on the islands of Sylt and Majorca, or in Florida – fetch record prices these days. This is because they do not just provide the highest level of quality living, but also stability and intrinsic value. Only a few unique places in the mountains, such as St. Moritz or Gstaad, Kitzbühel or Aspen, represent exceptions to these desirable waterfront locations. Urban living on the water, in particular, has been a marked trend which can be traced back to the regeneration and transformation of commercial and industrial downtown areas close to rivers and bodies of water. Around the world, new neighborhoods located in former port areas have quickly established themselves as very desirable locations – as has happened in London, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Hamburg. Urban living on the waterfront offers the opportunity to combine the attractions of a city center location with calming views of the water. Maybe the unique attractiveness of water is ultimately explained by our longing for Paradise. Figuratively speaking, we all originated in Paradise, as all life once began in the water. In this edition, too, you will find the most stunning pieces of real estate from around the world. We may, thus, take you that little bit closer to finding your personal paradise.



Christian Völkers

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Playful summer Of all the personalities who I meet through GG, I like those the most who have managed to hold on to a certain childlike quality. The more playful a person, the more interesting their life tends to be and – for the most part – the more successful their career. One of them is our cover girl, Charlotte Dellal, who not only belongs to a fascinating family, but also designs today’s most beautiful, and undoubtedly playful, shoe creations, as well as handbags. Whether it’s her golden platform stilettos, cat slipper flats, or clear Plexiglass clutch bags – Charlotte Olympia currently has women all around the world in fits of delight! Just like some women rave about shoes and bags, men can be fanatical about sailing yachts. The largest of these can be seen in particularly spectacular fashion every year in late summer at the Voiles de Saint-Tropez in the South of France. Here, both the most modern and traditional yachts meet for the annual Rolex Trophy Regatta. Those who long for tranquility should take a look at our travel story. The Lanserhof center near Innsbruck in Austria has enjoyed a reputation as the best address for detoxing and revitalization for many years. Next spring, the extraordinary health and wellness institute will open its largest branch to date near Lake Tegernsee, while of late its Hamburg location has been offering Mayr treatments on an outpatient basis, to fit in with your everyday life. We hope you enjoy this summer’s edition of GG! Yours,


Michaela Cordes

Great summer jewelry! The New York jewelry designer Jennifer Creel made me this beautiful upper arm gold cuff with the names of my daughters engraved on it.

12 Edi-MC.indd 12

All names and addresses on page 176.

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ŠT&CO. 2013

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Tiffany_LL-Arizona-DaisyM edallionN L_GrundG enug_07J une_2013 Title: ZTCOZZC30238EX_Germany JOE300485_EPSON_ISO COATED_V2_300-ECI

Size: 225Wx297mmH_Bleed 3mm D: Tif_13-015



WOMAN There’s bound to be something interesting inside this “A Story” cabinet (So True).


18 Rejuvenation, anyone? The Lanserhof

health center is the place to go to relax and restore your inner balance.

AT HOME The new Louboutin: a visit with designer Charlotte Dellal in London, whose platform heels can never be high enough.


AT HOME The ultimate getaway: Architect Cristian Boza and his delightful vacation home on the Pacific coast.

24 Better look twice: a Barbie with a heart,

a floating island, King Karl and lollipops with an astronomical twist …


26 Oki Sato: the Japanese designer talks

about modeling clay, poetry, good stories and his excursion into art.


28 Shimmering beauty for her: this

year’s colors are green, glittering gold and olive tones.


30 Red hot: summertime gadgets for men with great taste.


32 Revisiting the past: the movie The Great Gatsby has brought the glamour of the Roaring Twenties back into style.



36 Blessed with success: the designer and

businesswoman Charlotte Dellal is taking the world by storm with her shoe label Charlotte Olympia.

44 Summertime scene: American photographer Slim Aarons took wonderful poolside pictures of celebrities. Jackie refused to pose …


52 Close to the wind: Guillaume Plisson


60 Cliffside retreat: When Chilean archi-

describes sailing, the magic of the famous regatta and fishing for images – even from the air. tect Cristian Boza wants to relax, he escapes to his house on the Pacific coast.




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FOR SALE It once featured in a James Bond novel: the idyllic private island Ballast Key is just a tenminute helicopter ride from Key West, Florida.



72 Island paradise: David Wolkowsky’s

private island is located off Key West.


80 Villas, mansions & business premises – the very best real estate around.



ART & DESIGN The Ron Mueck exhibition at the Fondation Cartier through September 29. Ladybug lollipops from Vintage Confections.



162 Duravit gets creative: bathtubs and more by international designers.


AT HOME Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez – the regatta for the world’s finest yachts & their skippers.

170 Hollywood in Berlin: the stars come out for the annual fi lm festival.


171 Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages offer visitors a truly unique experience.


172 Quaint, exquisite and exciting gems for coffee tables and nightstands – plus a piece of literary furniture.


178 Iceberg ahead: Eric Kuhne’s Titanic museum in Belfast.


10 A foreword to the new issue. 12 Summertime is playtime! Enjoy the best season of the year.

176 Where we found it all: names,

addresses and manufacturers.


175 Masthead.


AT HOME Slim Aarons once paid a visit to Babe Paley at her pool house in Jamaica.

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Breathe deeply – and escape the everyday

The babbling of a brook, the wind in the trees – guests at the Lanserhof health center are surrounded by nature and attended by medical professionals. “We don’t go in for la-di-da wellness,” says director Andreas Wieser, who founded the Lanserhof 27 years ago. “Nor do we let guests pick treatments based on the current fad.” The Lanserhof is the address for diagnostics and modern therapies. Lans-style rejuvenation is offered at the foot of the Patscherkofel mountain in Austria (photo), in Hamburg, and – coming soon – at Lake Tegernsee in Bavaria.

17 PG-Opener.indd 17

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A place of tranquility! The building is in harmony with its surroundings, and creates a connection between people and the environment.

18 PG-Travel.indd 18

07.05.13 10:49

Refueling & re-energizing à la Lans High above Innsbruck, Austria, a few minutes from the airport, you’ll find the world famous Lanserhof. Understatedly called a health center, this secret hideaway is frequented by exhausted political heavyweights and stressedout executives. The secret of Lans & how its therapies will restore your health and vitality. TEXT: Michaela Cordes

PG-Travel.indd 19

07.05.13 10:49

PlayGround Travel

HAMBURG The 1,500-square-meter LANS Medicum recently opened in the historic, former mail directorate building. In this elegant outpatient center, guests can spend a whole day “decelerating” and enjoying the Lans center’s 30 years’ experience – in the heart of the city.

LANS The “Lans method” is aimed at providing holistic wellbeing. The original health center is located at the foot of the 2,246meter Patscherkofel mountain in Tyrol, Austria. It fosters a new attitude to life by drawing on Nature, light and the local climate.

PG-Travel.indd 20

07.05.13 10:54

Tegernsee The latest and largest Lanserhof center is currently being developed near Lake Tegernsee, and is due to open in spring 2014. Its cornerstone – the 5,000-square-meter treatment center – will feature 70 exclusively furnished, lavishly designed rooms.

PG-Travel.indd 21

21 07.05.13 10:54


Complete revitalization the F. X. Mayr way

Extra-luxurious, or down-to-earth and as authentic as possible – at these establishments, you will not only enjoy the slowing down process but also gain a whole new outlook on life.

PALACE MERANO The 5-star Espace Henri Chenot hotel in South Tyrol, Italy won the “Condé Nast Spa Traveller Readers’ Award.” While its bio-energetic detox treatments do not strictly follow F. X. Mayr’s method, it is well known for its elegant atmosphere and interesting guests. GRÄFLICHER PARK OEYNHAUSEN Two spas await visitors in the luscious green, English landscape park in Bad Driburg, Germany: one medical, one cosmetic. Add to that the stunning scenery and the attentive, personal service. KURHOTEL LANDHAUS KÖNIG A sanctuary of tranquility with a family atmosphere, situated in Germany’s idyllic Westallgäu region. Here, wellness takes center stage: purge, cleanse, give your soul space to breathe and rediscover yourself. GOLFHOTEL AM WÖRTHERSEE It all began on the shores of Lake Wörthersee. This golf hotel in Austria is said to have been the first place to offer original Mayr treatments, and is still among the leading institutions for inpatient Mayr therapy.

PG-Travel.indd 22

07.05.13 10:58

view of the mountains, there is a semicircular blue sofa, on which I ery good! Ten days is just right,” says the am asked to take a seat. This is where patients are picked up for their cab driver affably, and continues to proudly list some of the illustrious personalities in appointments. “Ms. Cordes?” enquires a gentle voice. I follow an afwhose company I might be improving the state fable, young female doctor into a sun-drenched treatment room, and of my health at the Lanserhof. A former Gerexplain the reasons for my visit: chronic back pain, total exhaustion man secretary of state, “Putin and Abramovich and trouble sleeping – I just don’t feel myself anymore. First, I am exwere here, too….” amined thoroughly, after which the doctor issues my treatment plan. All of them have been visiting Lans for years. Oh To begin with, I will be given an ECG at rest to verify her diagnosis dear, I hope the whole thing does not end up being of burnout. Then blood samples are taken to test for any intolerancstressful, I think to myself. I long only for sleep – no es. I am prescribed four days of Mayr treatments and five days of the small talk, if at all possible. I would like to do lots of reading, and “cleansing diet” – after all, I am not here to lose weight, but to recharge do not want to have to care about what I look like while detoxing. my batteries. At noon on the dot, another small meal is served: spinThree years ago, I embarked on a course of F. X. Mayr therapy for ach soup – delicious! After the meal, I fall asleep on the sun terrace. the first time. The treatments are aimed at detoxifying the intesin the afternoon, the resident physician is amazed at my great tine, the largest organ in our bodies and the central part of our imECG results. They have never measured results as good as mine mune system. The golden rule is: chew, chew and chew again – up here! It almost feels like an affront – how can there be no disto 35 times per bite. Today, you can detox in style, in the most stuncernible cause for my state of exhaustion? At around seven that evening I am already fast asleep. ning places in Europe. Graydon Carter, the fantastic editor-inThe following morning after chief of Vanity Fair even makes breakfast, my doctor introducthe trip from New York, in ores me to a man who reminds der to shed a few pounds. Othme of a Native American shaers want to get away from it all: man, and who is supposed to after a difficult course of chemohelp restore my missing entherapy, or even as a preventaergy by esoteric means. I am tive measure to stave off burnlying down, while he whirls out. I myself discovered these around my body holding burntreatments because I was longing torches. “Completely emping for some tranquility and rety!” he declares, with an Ausjuvenation. When I arrived in trian accent. “Finally!” I think. Bad Oeynhausen at the time, I In my bathrobe, I shuffle along felt completely drained, but left to see the osteopath. I’m lying fighting fit and with my batterdown once more, while she ies recharged. I had a wondersoftly squeezes different arful time. Since then, the course eas on my head with her magThe “blue sofa” in the medical area at the heart of the of treatments is an annual fixical hands. Her assessment: Lans health center offers spectacular, panoramic views of the mountains. This is where patients wait for their treatments. ture in my schedule. This time, it is an old, deep-seated probhowever, I wanted to try somelem – we should schedule a where new. The Lans center is said to be the Rolls-Royce of health and few sessions. Even after the first of these, I already feel lighter and wellness clinics. Its success has grown to such an extent that it is exmore mobile. I report for my intravenous drip. Here, under soft panding, adding two additional locations: one near Lake Tegernsee lighting, six patients are already stretched out on deckchairs. In order to underpin the course of Mayr treatments, and in order to predue to open early next year, and a satellite branch in Hamburg, which has just opened. At the Hamburg location, patients can go for their vent headaches, I am regularly given a vitamin and mineral cockcourse of Mayr treatments on an outpatient basis. tail. Next to me, a Russian couple are talking, just a tad too loudly. I have arrived! At the top of the hill, I’m greeted by the sound of the They both have a tube in each arm, and are having their blood cells small fountain in front of the entrance. Through the huge glass wall, recharged with the aid of electric shocks. I can see the guests having dinner. I am shown to my room and given That evening, I make the acquaintance of a fellow patient. He is a a folder, which includes a book. Avoid television and other electronic former top athlete, but is now obese. When I tell him about my esdevices, if possible, the welcome letter advises. Exhausted, I collapse oteric treatment, he shakes his head: “It’s all nonsense! They sent onto the anti-allergenic pillows. Before I fall asleep, I remember thinkme to see this professor, and I just couldn’t take him seriously.” Proing briefly: there is a pleasant smell of wood throughout this place. fessor Heber is the insider’s tip among Lans-aficionados – and fully he alarm goes off at 6am. As if by reflex, I reach for the Glaubooked for months, I am told. “Not necessarily right for everyone,” ber’s salt, and fill the glass with hot water. I hold my nose and says my doctor, when I ask her about the professor the next morndrink. Then I head down to have breakfast. The sun rises over ing. “But you should definitely try him!” the mountains with spectacular hues of pink, while the guests slowAfter two sessions, I have become a die-hard Heber fan, but I unly congregate in the busy dining hall. A smiling, cheerful waitress derstand that you have to be open to his type of treatments. The folserves me warm spelt porridge and some tea. Then it is time for my lowing days pass quickly, and in a stable routine. After four days, I first medical appointment. The medical area of the Lans center is lofeel my energy coming back. I decide to forgo the customary “wakcated only a few steps below the guest rooms. It seems to be glued ing up in the forest” outings with the other patients. Instead, I sleep a bit longer in the mornings. I finish five books, go for solonto the underside of the hotel, like a white and light-blue spaceship. itary walks through the magnificent countryside, doze in the sun The patients almost seem to float toward their treatments. They are easy to spot in their bathrobes, and most of them are holding a glass and slowly recuperate. On the penultimate day, I even start looking of tea. Facing the large windows, through which you have a fantastic forward to… going back to my everyday life. MC



All names and addresses on page 176.

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23 07.05.13 10:58


Sophistication ahead!

A floating luxury island, a doll with a heart and survival training in style. DASHING DOLL! For decades we believed that Barbie didn’t have a heart! With his anatomical version of the cool blonde, New York artist Jason Freeny now proves the opposite: Barbie has bones, a liver, a spleen and – who knows – maybe even a soul.

LUXURY FLOTSAM 1,000 m2 of mobile living space on three decks, six bedrooms, an onboard cinema and a Jacuzzi – that’s the man-made Orsos Island, which is scheduled to “set sail” in 2014. Note: this chic island does not have an engine. No big deal… after all, yachts spend most of their time in the harbor.

BY NO MEANS MINI! The temporary MINI pop-up store in London’s Westfield Stratford City shopping center will only be open for a year, but it is much more exciting than any ordinary car dealership. There is even an “interactive mirror” in which you can try on different outfits virtually.

SURVIVAL OF THE CHICEST “The Trophy Helmet” by Atelier Ted Noten is one of a series of seven. It includes radar and a telescope to ensure your stylish survival. SWEET SOLAR SYSTEM In the beginning was the universe, then came these delightful lollipops by Vintage Confections: deliciously sweet but almost too heavenly to eat. On the front: Earth, Uranus, Venus (top row), Jupiter, Saturn (bottom row). On the back: the whole of the night sky.

24 PG-Art&Design.indd 24


FASHIONABLE FURNITURE Karl Lagerfeld not only has a keen eye for fashion, but also for interior design. Italian cult designer brand Cassina commissioned him as the photographer for a series of photo prints, which is being exhibited in the Cassina showroom in Paris. All names and addresses on page 176.

30.04.13 08:24

Anzeige_Setareh_Grund_Genug_May_3_RZ_2.indd 1

25.04.13 16:44



Everyday poetry


Contemporary Japanese designer Oki Sato is among the most sought-after in his field. He has a fondness for new ideas, beautiful stories and for Issey Miyake. What does the name of your studio “Nendo” mean? The Japanese word nendo loosely translates as modeling clay. I wanted to create something flexible and free, and convey the idea that you can fashion anything out of nendo.


Japanese design has been conquering Europe for sev-

I’m not sure, but Japanese design is said to be simple and functional, and a fun way to make aesthetic use of form. eral years now. What is its aesthetic appeal?

Where suitable, you add an extra, very poetic touch to your creations. How do you manage to include this

For me, new ideas and the story behind the form are always the most important things. Maybe this is what gives my work a poetic touch. special twist?

You grew up in Canada. Do you think that your background influences your designs? I grew up in the coun-



Everyone calls Oki Sato “Nendo” – in fact, it is the name of his studio 1 The “Farming-Net” lamps are made of nets used in agriculture (Carpenters Workshop Paris) 2 “Bird-Apartment” in Komoro City is a tree house with room for 78 nesting birds, which can be observed from the back 3 “Forest Spoon” created for the Japanese restaurant chain Coco Ichibanya 4 Table from the Splinter collection (Conde House) 5 “X-ray” vase (Lasvit) 6 “Bottleware” bowls made of recycled Coca-Cola bottles 7 Sitting down on the “Rakuyo” bench makes leaf-shaped lights appear below it 8 Pop-up shop for Starbucks in Tokyo.

try in Canada, so I got a real culture shock when I moved to central Tokyo at the age of ten. Everything was new and interesting to me. I think that because of this experience, I have a slightly different perspective on things to other Japanese people. I sometimes discover astonishing things in everyday life and I really enjoy that. And even though I have been living in Japan for 25 years, I sometimes still feel like a stranger in Tokyo – but it is precisely this that I enjoy! Your studio supplies designs for high-end labels such as Cappellini and Bisazza. And you have designed products and exhibition spaces, as well as stores for Spanish footwear brand Camper, and even a floor of the luxury department store La Rinascente in Milan. How do you manage to be successful in that many different

As a designer, I like moving between different disciplines, because – as mentioned before – I am interested in the stories behind the object. No matter which field it is in, design is always about human beings. So it does not matter to me what items I design – I’m interested in everything. design disciplines?


You also founded your own label K%. What does that allow you to

K stands for the color black in the modern four-color printing technique CMYK (editor’s note: the acronym derives from the component colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black which is referred to as “key”). And in our collection, we have exclusively used black for all items of furniture. I have tried to extend the scope for accepting limitations. do that you cannot do elsewhere?


At the London Design Festival, you exhibited your “Mimicry Chairs” in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Was that your first foray

I’m not an artist and I do not create things which my intuition tells me are beautiful or interesting. Rather, logic and meaning are the basis of my work. But the project at the Victoria & Albert Museum was a great experience, and we are planning to put together further exhibitions in galleries and museums. Is there a designer who you would say is your role model, or whom

Yes, Issey Miyake. He is the most inspiring designer I have worked with so far. From him I learned to recognize different levels of perfection. UA you admire especially?


26 PG-Interview.indd 26


into the art world – and will there be further projects?

All names and addresses on page 176.

30.04.13 14:15

LACE ring, SIGNATURE and Loopy® bracelet in 18K rose gold · +49 8022 7044 00 · Southampton · Lake tegernSee · SyLt · paLm Beach




Shimmering Beauties

It’s high time for summer: less fabric on our backs – more glamour in our lives. 9

1 CROPPED The only rule: the bellybutton stays under wraps. Balenciaga, price on request.


10 IT’S NATURAL A sprouting, bright green sign points guests toward the toilets... By Bodo Green, approx. € 70.



3 STRIP DOWN Get changed at the beach in style with “Exuma Cabana.” By Tuuci, price on request.


4 OH MY GOD! Green is the color of envy. Wear this “Savoyarde Verte” ring and you may encounter it. By Fabergé, price on request.

12 HEAVY Let paperweight “Snake” guard those important things in life. Saint-Louis Cristallerie, € 1,900.


5 SEA AIR Designer Michelle Mason was inspired by 1950s railway posters. Cushion, approximately € 70. 6 PENDANT “Mikado Bouquet” in rosé gold with an aqua chalcedon. Tamara Comolli, € 3,700.


13 SWEET Floral fragrance by Hermès. The bottle was designed by shoe god Pierre Hardy! Approx. € 80.

6 14

7 HELLO AGAIN The new version of a classic from 1986: the miniature “Monceau BB” in olive green. Louis Vuitton, € 1,210. 8 ROCK ME Relax in this featherweight lounger “Fedro” by Dedon, price on request.

28 PG-Woman.indd 28

11 ORIGAMI This stool by Patricia Urquiola is inspired by the flower in the Louis Vuitton monogram, price on request.

14 ACAPULCO! Hot, even without Elvis: “Acapulco Chair” by Ok Design, approx. € 350.

15 16



15 KISSPROOF A cup that can hold its own against any lipstick. By Reiko Kaneko, approx. € 30. 16 PRECIOUS Sideboard “Diamond” with a gold leaf interior: brilliant! By Boca do Lobo, price on request.


2 TWIT TWOO! Owls are wise and pragmatic: contact lens case by Kikkerland. From, € 4.

9 BRAVO! A nafir is a trumpet, and these trumpets make amazing lamps. By Karim Rashid for Axo Light, price on request.


All names and addresses on page 176.

07.05.13 12:41


BOSS 0526/S

HUGO BOSS AG Phone +49 7123 940



Get ready for the Orange Crush 2

The color makes you feel like warm sunshine. These products will make you happy! 12

1 CASUAL CHIC Red-hot outfit from the Hermès Spring/Summer 2013 collection, price on request.

10 STEP ON IT A flaming Smart car courtesy of fashion designer Jeremy Scott, price on request.


11 SHADY Keep cool with the “OM Ocean Master Zero Horizon” sunshade. By Tuuci, € 1,500.



3 HANG LOOSE A cool nest for relaxing. “Swingrest” by Dedon, 4 price on request. 4 NICE Time to cook, honey! Wall clock, Vinyluse, price on request.

12 SPEED Bicycle-inspired coffee table “Alta” by Kenyon Yeh, price on request. 13 LIMITED to 12: Maracatu leather traveling cabinets by the Campana brothers. Louis Vuitton, price on request.


5 SCORE! Get your game on with this pétanque set by Hermès, price on request.



14 RED BULL Take your bike by the horns and hang it on “Bull.” Trophy, approximately € 100.


6 WAKE UP Never miss another date with these post-it Clocky Notes by dfp, € 5.

15 SOFTY Mix and match the “Four.Six” leather ottoman by Vibieffe, price on request.


7 FUNKY Check out this practical trivet, guys! “Evlan” by Ligne Roset, approx. € 54.


16 000PS … Vase, aquarium or just plain cool? “Bubble Tank” by Psalt Design, approx € 370.

8 TURBO Hand blender with – wow – five speeds. By Kitchen 9 Aid, approx. € 150. 9 NORDIC JAVA Wooden espresso machine. Øystein Helle Husby, price on request.

30 PG-Man.indd 30

16 10


17 GLOBAL Take on the world with the “BAM*BOO” globe by Atmosphere, approx. € 120.


2 NEAT! Restore order: cable marker “The Mark Brothers,” Monkey Business, € 12.

All names and addresses on page 176.

30.04.13 14:52


BOSS 0517/S

HUGO BOSS AG Phone +49 7123 940








Leonardo DiCaprio as “The Great Gatsby” with Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan in the new film adaptation by Baz Luhrmann.

Art déco is back!

From fashion to furniture, from accessories to beauty products – since the lavish adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic The Great Gatsby launched in cinemas on May 16, we’ve succumbed to the glitz of the Roaring Twenties – swell!





7 15


16 6 8

1 BRILLANT Original headdress from the fi lm. Unfortunately, Tiffany & Co. are adamant – it’s not for sale 2 SMART “Velo” cushion, Ferm Living, approximately € 67 3 GOOD AS GOLD For stylish water! THG Paris and Baccarat, approximately € 7,815 4 FASHIONABLE “Without a moustache, a man isn’t really dressed,” said Salvador Dalí. Here’s one to cut out. 5 EYE-CATCHER Cupboard “Checkmate,” So True, price on request. 6 OPEN AIR A classic Mercedes

32 PG-Look.indd 32

from the Daimler photo archive 7 GOT A LIGHT? Twenties-style cigarette tip by Denicotea, approximately € 45 8 ELEGANT Cover up like Gatsby, old sport! Cap by Stetson, approximately ca. € 129 9 NAP TIME For luxurious lounging. Daybed “Envy” by Koket, price on request 10 TRÈS CHIC Pearl bracelet by Hélène Zubeldia, from Monnier Frères, approximately € 385 11 BRIGHT Table lamp “Canopus,” Fashion for Home, approximately € 99 12 HANDMADE Mas-

terpiece with character. Table “Exotica” by Koket, price on request 13 SEDUCTIVE Eau de Parfum, “Coco Noir” by Chanel, from approximately € 90 14 CARPET DIEM Korhani rug from the “Gatsby” collection, from approximately € 79 15 MANNERS! Gentleman’s guide from the Brooks Brothers, approximately € 48 16 CLASSIC “Adjustable Table” by Eileen Gray, ClassiCon, approximately € 695 17 ELEGANT Ring by Warinka von Saucken, € 4,480.



All names and addresses on page 176.

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Made in Switzerland




The art of high heels …

Charlotte Dellal is the creative force behind the chic new Charlotte Olympia label – and has been hailed as the modern, new Louboutin. Her secret: a passion for color, gorgeous materials and a pinch of playfulness. The fun continues on the French Mediterranean coast this fall when the world’s most spectacular sailing yachts meet for the annual Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez regatta. Then it’s off to the vacation home of a famous architect in Chile, before heading back north for some glamorous society photographs taken poolside in the U.S. by none other than Slim Aarons.

35 AH-Opener.indd 35

30.04.13 16:51

Oh ‌


From New York to Paris, a new footwear label has bewitched millions of women: Charlotte Olympia. Behind the playful shoe creations is a woman who conjures up a new kind of glamour in the world of fashion, with her mixture of 1940s charm and her British-Brazilian background. Alex Bohn spoke to the unconventional designer in London, where the beautiful Charlotte works and lives with her husband and two children. ‌ Fotos: Christopher Sturman / Trunkarchive

36 AH-Coverstory.indd 36

02.05.13 07:21

A modern-day Rita Hayworth: water wave hairstyle and a gown by Oscar de la Renta – Charlotte Dellal on the balcony of her London home.

AH-Coverstory.indd 37

02.05.13 07:21

“Even as a child, I loved leopard print. I even got married in leopard print shoes!� Charlotte Dellal

38 AH-Coverstory.indd 38

02.05.13 07:23

Leopard high heels as far as the eye can see: Charlotte in her bedroom wearing a blouse by Diane von F端rstenberg and a skirt by Etro.

AH-Coverstory.indd 39

02.05.13 07:23

“I am a mother, a designer and a businesswoman. I often take my children to the office with me.” “ CHARLOTTE DELLAL

Playful creations: Charlotte with her son Ray. She is wearing silk pumps with a dress by Armani and bracelets by Tom Binns.

40 AH-Coverstory.indd 40

02.05.13 07:25

A small selection from the current Charlotte Olympia collection shows Dellal’s versatility as a designer, as well as her strong and distinctive personal touch. Today, Charlotte is famous for her pumps, which have become her trademark. Their distinguishing features include: extremely high heels with extra-high platforms (pictured here the “Josephine” and “Delphine” models). But Dellal is equally famous for her slipper flats, which she likes to adorn with cats’ faces or phrases like “Ooh La La.” Lately, Charlotte has also been causing a stir with her handbags and clutches, like the Plexiglas model below. Prices range from 595 to 1,195 euros (available at or at

“My mother repeatedly forbade me to wear high heels. She always wanted me to wear Birkenstocks instead.” CHARLOTTE DELLAL

AH-Coverstory.indd 41

02.05.13 07:28

“For my label, I first had to develop my own aesthetic concept. And that happened to be very high heels.” CHARLOTTE DELLAL

Charlotte, with her dog Marlon, wearing a Valentino dress and the shoes which made her famous: pumps with extra-wide golden platforms.

AH-Coverstory.indd 42

02.05.13 07:30


harming designs – reminiscent of colorful, at times childlike, fireworks. Charlotte Dellal, the woman behind footwear label Charlotte Olympia, is currently conquering the world. Maybe it is her interesting background which keeps inspiring the designer to continuously create new, glamorous highlights. Her father is Guy Dellal, the son of famous property tycoon Jack Dellal. Her mother Andrea is Brazilian and a former model. Together with her siblings Alex (an art gallery owner, who dated Charlotte Casiraghi for a long time), Alice (the wellknown model famous for wearing her hair cropped very short on one side) and Max (a famous artist), Charlotte grew up in South Africa, Brazil, France and Great Britain. In 1998, while a student at the London College of Fashion, she designed her first pair of shoes. “At the time my professor said: your skill is in the details!” Today, the 32-year-old businesswoman is the owner of two stores selling her designs in London and New York, and lives in London with her husband Maxim Crewe and their two children. Alex Bohn spoke to the extravagant designer... Ms. Dellal, shoes with dizzyingly high heels are your trademark. The heels usually measure five inches and over, and you yourself have a penchant for wearing them. Did you stay true to your high

No, I didn’t. My mother had already warned me during my first pregnancy. I think she was probably afraid I would fall over wearing the high heels and injure the baby. During my second pregnancy, I was only walking around in Chucks early on. But then, to me, Converse Chucks are classics. I wear them even when I am not pregnant. heels even when you were pregnant with your children?

You always look so glamorous: your hair has a beautiful reddish sheen to it and you wear it in carefully arranged waves. You are very rarely seen not wearing deep red lipstick. Sneakers almost look a little bit too mundane in that context. And then of course there’s your motto: “The higher the heel the

That’s right. It is a quote by Ellen von Unwerth. But I’m not all that serious when I say that. I don’t think that women should always be in high heels. I have a weakness for the glamour of the 1940s, for Hollywood divas like Rita Hayworth. Hence my hairstyle, my make-up and my passion for leopard patterns. For my label, Charlotte Olympia, I first had to develop my own aesthetic concept – and that happened to be very high heels. I now also design a flat counterpart for each high-heeled model. better I feel.”

I’m not particularly targeting older women. When I design shoes, I think of my grandmother, my mother and my sister Alice – that’s three different generations of women. I want all of them to be able to wear my shoes. On top of that, it annoys me when people pretend that certain fashions are only suitable for a particular age group. Whether someone can wear a specific item is a question of that person’s self-perception, and of how they feel. Is it true that you like it when older women wear your shoes?

“I would be lying, if I said that I wear five-inch heels to the playground. I’d rather wear sandals. But nothing too prim and proper!”

Sometimes you advertise your collection

ChArlOTTe DellAl

sign two collections a year, but also manage

You once said that only a woman could do your job. Your male colleagues like Brian Atwood and Nicolas Kirkwood design footwear that is reminiscent of sculptures – geometric, abstract and also

I’m a woman – I wear these shoes! My most important principle is: you have to be able to walk around comfortably in the shoes. Just standing around in a corner looking pretty – that’s no fun. I design shoes which are classic in some way. The shape is always a pump or a platform pump. Looking at the materials I use – leather, linen and printed fabrics – it’s obvious that I quite like nostalgia. dizzyingly high. What is it that you do differently?

Your mother, Andrea Dellal, was a successful international model.

On the contrary! My mother repeatedly forbade me to wear high heels. Instead, she wanted me to wear Birkenstocks. Pardon? She’s right, you know. In the long run, high heels are not conducive to having nice feet. My mother did get me into fashion, though. She took me to fashion shows, and I quickly realized that I wanted to start designing myself. Was she the one who taught you how to walk in high heels?

with a classic pin-up motif and other times you shoot a promotional film like To die for, a kind of Agatha Christie inspired murder mystery with exclusively female protagonists. Men do not feature in the Charlotte Olympia universe at all – only strong, glam-

I’ve never thought of it that way. Portia Freeman, who starred in the film and features in many of my campaigns, is indeed the epitome of a strong, independent woman. My work certainly isn’t girly or cutesy. All the women in my family, too, are self-sufficient and independent. orous women.

You yourself are the epitome of a modern woman. Five years ago, you founded the Charlotte Olympia label. You don’t just dethe business. Besides this, you are married with two children, have opened two stores and managed to get your collection into the

A true “Charlie’s Angels” fantasy, you mean? I am very close to my family – including the men. The fact that I manage the business at Charlotte Olympia has several reasons: I am not good at delegating. And my father asked me right at the beginning, too: “Is this a hobby, or is it a business?” I always knew it was a business. Me combining being a mother, a designer and a businesswoman only works because I am my own boss. I did not take any maternity leave, for instance. If you want the business to run well, you have to take care of it yourself. I often take my children to the office with me. People who are employed by someone simply cannot do that. Nevertheless it’s not easy. It is definitely a balancing act. New York department store Bergdorf Goodman…

Does the fact that you have begun designing flat shoes have anything to do with your children? As I said, I was wearing my Chucks leading up to the births of both of my children. But I would be lying if I said that I go to the playground in 5-inch heels. For that, I’d rather wear sandals from my collection, preferably the ones with leopard print, so that I don’t look too prim and proper. But great style doesn’t rise or fall with the size of the heels. AB All names and addresses on page 176.

43 AH-Coverstory.indd 43

02.05.13 07:30

The living room of summer

44 AH-Pools.indd 44

08.05.13 16:36


Slim Aarons had unprecedented access to the beautiful people for 50 years and he used it to photograph these international jet setters in gorgeous, unguarded moments – often poolside. TexT: Kristina Stewart Ward phoToS: Slim Aarons/Getty Images

Leonard Dalsemer, President of the International Paper Company, with his family (all photos from Slim Aarons’ La Dolce Vita, Abrams 2012).

AH-Pools.indd 45

08.05.13 16:36

1 2

46 AH-Pools.indd 46

02.05.13 11:35

“Those social swans were the standard bearers. They’re the ones who inspired today’s big-shots in fashion and beauty.” SLIM AARONS



5 8

AH-Pools.indd 47


7 1 Family idyll beneath palm trees: Cotton Bay in the Bahamas 2 Fountain backdrop: Lily Safra (with sunshade) enjoys visitors at her estate in southern France 3 A rocky affair: Carl Hovgard, a leading U.S. tax expert, cools off beneath gigantic boulders 4 Protected from the sun: Grand Marshall of the Court of Greece Dimitrios Levidis with his wife in the garden of their villa near Athens 5 Cliffhanger: Warren Avis, the car rental pioneer, had his pool near Acapulco built right into the rocks overlooking the sea 6 Behind a curtain of water: an unknown beauty photographed by Slim Aarons at the Caracalla Spa in Baden-Baden, Germany 7 Warm-weather thaw: CZ Guest, the “Ice Queen,” is all smiles here 8 Testing the waters: Designer Arturo Pani and his wife don’t appear to be quite ready for a dip.

02.05.13 11:38




48 AH-Pools.indd 48

02.05.13 11:40

4 1 Miss-understanding: this photo of Alice Topping drove men wild in 1959 because they thought the young heiress was posing in her underwear … 2 Reflections in a pool at dusk: on the Bermudas in the late 1950s 3 Sun worshipper: A guest relaxes poolside at architect Jacques Couelle’s villa on the Emerald Coast 4 A toast to youth and beauty: Marie-Louise Scio at Terme Tettuccio in Montecatini in 1980 5 Close to Eden: the Ocean Club on Paradise Island in the Bahamas 6 His Lordship as an Easy Rider: Lord Hesketh in front of Easton Neston House, the family residence in Northamptonshire in 1990; his bike, a suitably noble V1000 built by Hesketh Motorcycles.



“Hitchcock told me: ‘You need an opener, a closer, and the goodies in between.’” SLIM AARONS

AH-Pools.indd 49

02.05.13 11:43

“I never photographed Jackie poolside but I did coach her a little on photography – she was pretty good.” SLIM AARONS



1 Design enthusiast: Slim Aarons took this photo of a villa in South Africa in 1958. He liked the modern architecture, particularly the way the staircase swept gracefully down toward the pool 2 Western frontier: The California and Nevada state line runs right through this pool at Lake Tahoe, but the young couple doesn’t look too alarmed. Incidentally, the photographer learned to shoot from above from his mentors, who included film director Alfred Hitchcock 3 Pride of place: Alvin and Lilly Fuller posed for Aarons in front of their Palm Beach residence in 1970 – on either side of their Mercedes 190 SL, which has become a classic among automobile designs.


AH-Pools.indd 50

02.05.13 11:45


said that they used their pools as a kind of conference room and stage, of Slim Aarons was his ability to capture the international showboating their assets, whether it was beachfront property, beautiful homes and even prettier girls. Business deals were brokered pooljet set in their native habitat, and there was no habitat more native to the beautiful people than side, alliances made, feuds began and settled. the pool. These heiresses, tycoons, royalty and Slim traveled to Acapulco during its society heyday in the 1950s and celebrities chased the sun on a year-round ba’60s (even photographing Ronald and Nancy Regan there on their honsis, crossing global time zones in pursuit of it. eymoon). And they weren’t the only North American royalty taking And when they did, Slim Aarons, the lanky 6’4” advantage of Mexico’s warm climate and ample oceanfront properAmerican farm boy/World War I combat photies. It was here that John Paul Getty led his well-financed friends to tographer turned society historian was there to built sanctuaries centered around money, beautiful friends and the capture it. He did so as a photographer for Life magazine and Town & pool. Most of these gorgeous canvases were set just yards from the Country for 50 years from the end of World War II to the 1990s. ocean where the photographer could then paint in his favorite shades When he finally retired, Slim sold his entire archive to Getty Images, of azure: sky blue, ocean blue, pool blue, all blending into each other, and set about mentoring a new set of social historians. Everyone showed and with palm trees and gorgeous, bikini-clad women punctuating up at the door of his 1782 farmhouse in Bedford, New York where he his canvas. Slim was also there when the “Princely Resorts” began lived not far from Ralph Lauren – and emerging, with such leaders as Prince the fashion designer turned out to be a Aga Khan establishing Sardinia, Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe putting Marbelbig fan. So Ralph Lauren came over, followed by Bruce Weber and then Steven la on the map, Lord Glenconnor luring Meisel, all wanting to know the same Princess Margaret and Mick Jagger to thing: how did you ever manage to get his island paradise of Mustique. All of those beautiful, rich people to let you in them were centered around the pool. and photograph them in such private mong his favorite communities for pool-hopping were the moments. “And it doesn’t get more private than when they’re wearing almost Côte d’Azur and Palm Beach, no clothes,” Slim once said, laughing. and CZ Guest was among his favorite “Here’s the trick,” he confided to subjects. The “Ice Queen” beauty married into the prominent Phipps family me on one of our many visits. “First, you show up just with a pretty girl as and rivaled any of the fashionable, social beauties of the day. She ruled Palm your assistant. You both dress well Beach in the 1960s when her chief comand you mind your manners. While the pretty girl is distracting the host, petitor was the First Lady, Jackie KenI walk around and get my picture setnedy, whose own family compound, up ideas. Usually it involved shooting “The Winter White House” as it was from above – I learned that from my known, was located just down the beach mentors Alfred Hitchcock, Leland Hayfrom Villa Artemis where CZ stayed at ward and Orson Wells.” The legendary her husband’s family home. “I photoHollywood filmmakers taught him to graphed CZ poolside all the time,” Slim see things as a storyteller, to see things said, “with her son, with her dogs – she cinematically, dramatically. “Hitchcock always very relaxed and self-possessed. I told me: ‘You need an opener, a closer, never photographed Jackie poolside but I did coach her a little on photography – and the goodies in between.’ So that’s Slim Aarons counted his friends among his subjects, and she was actually pretty good.” what I looked for.” including the 20th century’s most well-known socialites and tycoons. He died in 2006 at the age of 89. lim also learned to work with Jackie’s next-door neighbor was Molwhat he found upon his arrival. ly Wilmot, and Slim photographed her “Do you think Babe Paley would have let me bring a truck load ocean-front pool on several occasions, but his favorite time was after a of clothes, props and hair and makeup stylists to the photo shoot we giant oil tanker ran adrift, pushing all the way up the beach, through did at her pool house in Jamaica?” he exclaimed. “She’d have thrown her lawn and right into her swimming pool. “Molly laughed, saying us out! And who better than this crowd to style themselves anyway that if it had only drifted a few yards over and hit the Kennedy compound that it would have been removed much faster!” – those social swans were the standard bearers; they’re the ones who One of Slim’s favorite photographs from Palm Beach was of Alice inspired today’s big-shots in fashion and beauty. Now… I would occaTopping, a young preppy heiress who agreed to be photographed if sionally go into their closets and ask them to wear a certain look, or she could wear a grey sweater over her white bathing suit because the maybe to pull the Rolls Royce onto the front lawn to make a good shot weather was turning cold. “Men always went ga-ga for that photo and – but I always worked with what I found there.” I finally figured out why. They all thought she was in her underwear! These are among the reasons Slim Aaron’s photographs have become such important cultural artifacts – they are authentic documenTo men, that was the sexiest photo I ever took – and I took plenty of taries of a bygone era of “attractive people doing attractive things,” a the topless bathing beauties!” They certainly had their place among phrase Slim was fond of saying. While Slim would follow this chic, the jet set, a group which distinguished itself by the mix of people in nomadic group off to the ski slopes of Gstaad and to the palaces of its membership: seasonally nomadic aristocracy, movie stars, literati, Europe, his favorite place to photograph them was poolside, which gigolos, exiled monarchs, heiresses, models, politicians, fashion dehe called “The Living Room of Summer.” signers, artists, and topless beauties, all of them coalescing into a gor“Where else are you going to find the people who have the time and geous mix that was best viewed poolside… especially if Slim Aarons KSW money to be anywhere they want to be? Where would you go?” Slim was there to record it all for posterity. he magic behind the photography



All names and addresses on page 176.

51 AH-Pools.indd 51

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AH-Yachts.indd 52

02.05.13 09:39

Ever since Brigitte Bardot catapulted the sleepy fishing village to fame in 1956 with the film And God Created Woman, Saint-Tropez has been the meeting place on the Côte d’Azur. Now, instead of modest fishing boats, the harbor throbs with the sound of giant motor yachts all summer – floating castles up to 75 meters long. But at the end of September a different sound takes over when the traditional regatta Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez commences and sailing boats dominate TEXT: Eva Müller-May the bay for nine days. Photographer Guillaume Plisson captures classic yachts in full sail for GG.

And God created the ocean…


AH-Yachts.indd 53

02.05.13 09:39

The classic yacht scene is unanimous: the Mariquita (1911) is “as valuable as a dinosaur.� She is the only remaining 19-meter yacht designed by the legendary Scottish yacht engineer William Fife. Accordingly, authenticity is a must. This photo from 2012 with the owner Ernst Klaus at the rudder could equally well have been taken in the 1930s.

AH-Yachts.indd 54

02.05.13 09:42

guillaume plisson

“I would never come to Saint-Tropez outside of regatta week. And never board a yacht without permission.�


AH-Yachts.indd 55

02.05.13 09:42

At nearly 65 meters, the CrÊole (1927) is the largest privately owned classic wooden yacht. The shipping tycoon Stavros Niarchos restored her in 1948; in 1977 she became a training ship for the Danish navy until Maurizio Gucci bought her in 1983. Today, his daughters Allegra and Alessandra sail her in regattas – after lashing down the tables and chairs on deck.

AH-Yachts.indd 56

02.05.13 09:44

guillaume plisson

“You have to know the element water perfectly to capture the one moment that sums it all up.�


AH-Yachts.indd 57

02.05.13 09:44

Regatta sailing with classic craft takes incredible know-how and muscle power. As the crew approaches the buoy, an offshore crosses their path and leaves a roostertail with a wake. Sailing the Cambria (1928) close to the wind demands immense concentration from the crew of the J-class yacht with a rail only 10cm high.

AH-Yachts.indd 58

02.05.13 09:46

A dream harking back to the golden age of yachting: in the prologue to the Voiles de Saint-Tropez 2012 the 18-man crew of the Mariquita hoists the spinnaker with muscle power alone, but at the cost of victory: the smaller and more agile Tuiga (1909) from Monaco and the technically better equipped U.S. craft Elena (1910) were faster.


“My pictures don’t just happen – I fish them.”


AH-Yachts.indd 59

02.05.13 09:46



All names and addresses on page 176.

The names and stories of their boats are often as unusual as those of their owners: Tuiga, September 29, 1981; two sailing Creole, Magic Carpet or Open Season, to name but a few. boats, a boozy supper, a bet: Which is fastest? The hypermodern Swan 44 The dream boats bring thousands of spectators to Saint-Tropez at the end of the season, Pride owned by the American Dick Jayson or the classic Ikra, a 12 MJI untransforming the little town into a giant open-air fete. Boule is played, there are tug-of-war der the French skipper Jean Laurin? Back then, the bay of Saint-Tropez had contests or arm-wrestling, anchoïade and bouillabaisse. And, of course, there are the phonot yet become one of the world’s premier sailing areas, and it certainly did tographers. But not the paparazzi, lurking, hoping to catch a VIP. No, most of these phonot attract the crews of sleek racing yachts. In the straits between Saintetographers are themselves passionate yachtsmen, come to capture the breathtaking sailMaxime and the Plage des Canebier the wind has two settings: either the ing maneuvers during the regatta, often creating true works of art. north and west winds Mistral or Tramontane The Breton Guillaume Plisson has been coming here ever since the which are so strong as to rule out any form of Voiles de Saint-Tropez started. Armed with a digital camera and a water sports, or the gentle breeze of the special analog plate camera, he sets out to capture the combined Tropéziens, also called the “Bardot Winds” by locals ever since the magic of yachts, speed and waves from on board the craft, from film diva moved into her house “La Madrague” in the 1960s. Flashy the water or from a helicopter. His photos do not simply happen – motor yachts and “cigarettes” – highly tuned day boats – roaring he fishes them. This philosophy is reflected in his logo, which deout of the harbor towards the open Mediterranean set the tone: the scribes him as a “Pêcheur d’images.” He “captures the poetry of load roar of the engines was audible even far inland. a scene” or “takes that one fleeting, magical moment.” To achieve For sailors, Saint-Tropez at the end of September used to be a takes a good eye, intuition and – experience. “You have to know the pleasantly relaxed ending to a hard regatta season. There were still element perfectly, to be familiar with water and its moods, in order a few tourists here and there, but the harbor, restaurants and bars to be able to capture the one moment that sums it all up,” muses weren’t too full, the temperatures still mild. A handful of owners Guillaume Plisson. “For example, compared with the Atlantic, the and their crews would treat themselves to a few days of savoir-vivre waves are very short in the Mediterranean. And the thermals are before the boats were stowed for winter and the crews dispersed. more complex. The boats maneuver differently.” However, the skipper of the Pride had not quite yet shaken off his ver since he can remember, Guillaume Plisson – 40 years racing fever. The American insisted. old, mariner’s beard, black hair, jeans and a blue jacket, a Patrice de Colmont, owner of the Club 55 on the Plage de Pamnative of La Trinité-sur-Mer in Brittany – has been sailing pelonne, suggested a course on the open sea opposite his celeband taking photos. He snapped his first print-quality picture when rity beach club, across the wide Bay of Pampelonne. The shoal he was twelve. Plisson is completely at home in the world of sailing buoy Nioulargue was to be the turning point. Dick Jayson lost and and water sports, where mutual respect and a certain understated had to buy Jean Laurin dinner – and a new sailing regatta was distinguishedness are the rule. “I would never come to Saint-Troborn: the Nioulargue. In 1999, after a fatal accident, the regatta pez outside of regatta week!” One could almost say that the sailor’s was stopped, recommencing three years later with new rules and a code of conduct is part of his DNA: both Plisson’s father and grandnew name: Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez. Guillaume Plisson, ardent yachtsman father are passionate yachtsmen and photographers. Their shared he regatta has become a fixture, an end-of-season highlight and photographer, is always searching for credo is “Sail to photograph, photograph to sail.” for futuristic racing craft AND classic yachts. Some serious aesthetic purity, for magic moments. Guillaume Plisson would never set foot on a boat without besailing gets done! But unlike the two preceding contests, the ing given permission to come on board. When he approaches a yacht in his dinghy the boats race in different classes. Every year from the end of September the big-bellied mofirst thing he does is reduce his speed. After that, he waits for the skipper to make eyetor yachts are turfed out of the old harbor for nine days to make space for more than 300 contact and give a gesture of assent. Then, and only then, does he sail around the boat. sailing boats with around 4000 crew members. Carbon fiber rubs shoulders with old varOn board, the rule is never to get in the way and be as discreet as possible. The crews nished timber. The view is dominated by masts soaring more than 40 meters high. Firework together like well-oiled Swiss clockwork. Each hand movement – and on classic works announce the entry of the “vieilles dames,” the grand old ladies: classic boats that sailing yachts muscle power is usually required – has to be performed on command are often more than 100 years old. The other boats respond with horns, brushing away for in a very specific sequence at specific moments. “You can soon become a hindrance.” a moment the pungent smell of the motor yachts revving up their diesel engines. The most dangerous moment was on the Ecureuil helicopter. The “squirrel” is very light Suddenly, it no longer about seeing and being seen in Saint-Tropez. Docksiders take and agile; it is steered by a former military pilot with more than 17,000 flying hours unthe place of crocodile loafers and stilettos along the wharf; the motor yacht owners make der his belt, but it is fairly slow. The maximum speed is 200 km/h. “When you’ve got way for the gentlemen sailors. The latter need deep pockets to fund their hobby: annual wind speeds of up to 180 km/h you find yourself practically standing in the air when yacht maintenance and storage charges come to around 25 percent of a boat’s purchase there’s a seaward wind. We had almost no fuel left and only just made it back onto land price. The list of owners reads like a Who’s Who of the rich and famous, ranging from Euby the skin of our teeth,” remembers Guillaume Plisson. He laughs. “We knew it was ropean nobility to trust fund princes and CEOs: Albert II, Prince of Monaco, Alessandra the right moment to break out the champagne!” EMM and Allegra Gucci, ex-Bugatti boss Thomas Bscher, L’Oreal CEO Sir Lindsey Owen-Jones.

bar overlooking the harbor of Saint-Tropez,

Sanctuary by the Sea Chile’s economic boom has brought plenty of work for the country’s architects: since the 1980s Cristian Boza’s steel and glass towers have shaped the face of Santiago. But sometimes the bustle of the big city gets too much for Boza and he retreats to his holiday house near Los Vilos. The cubic building, built directly into the cliff-face over several stories, echoes the shape of traditional Chilean fishermen’s cottages. TEXT: Camilla Péus PHOTOS: James Silverman

AH-CasaBoza.indd 60

02.05.13 08:25

At one with nature: Cristian Boza’s house in Los Vilos almost looks like part of the cliff; only the yellow wall stands out like a beacon.

61 AH-CasaBoza.indd 61

02.05.13 08:25

An unusual entrance: the doorway to Boza’s house is on the roof. The path is lined with Saguaro cacti and succulents.

62 AH-CasaBoza.indd 62

02.05.13 08:26

“If you visit me, you must be prepared to take your time and stop to catch your breath.” CRISTIAN BOZA

AH-CasaBoza.indd 63

02.05.13 08:27

Most architects are interested in art and Cristian Boza, who collects old and contemporary sculptures, is no exception. Artworks are on display all over the clifftop property; pieces by primarily Chilean artists can be seen on the terraces and the viewpoints along the path leading down to the Pacific shore. The yellow and red men, the plump nude and the scorpion all look out to sea. The entrance to Boza’s house, accessed by a steep flight of steps, is hidden between two natural stone walls (right).

AH-CasaBoza.indd 64

02.05.13 08:32

“Architecture is all well and good, but one should leave center stage to natural spectacles.” CRISTIAN BOZA

65 AH-CasaBoza.indd 65

02.05.13 08:34

“I like straight lines. But here I have broken them up with bright colors.” CRISTIAN BOZA

66 AH-CasaBoza.indd 66

02.05.13 08:35

A house with a view: from the red couch, designed by Boza’s son, guests can enjoy the magnificent view over the Pacific Ocean.

AH-CasaBoza.indd 67

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ern architecture has in common with his vacation home hewn into Los the cliffs is the clarity of the lines. Although the walls were made usVilos and you’ll find yourself up on the roof ing only boulders and granite blocks found in the region, the anguwith no sign of a door anywhere to be seen. lar design is dominated by lines that are clear, if occasionally slightWhat to do? Peek behind the acid-yellow wall ly ragged due to the rough-hewn edges of the natural stone, and that seems to lean into the wind like a sail? Or perhaps balance along the narrow catwalk reduced shapes. Purist and craggy in all senses of the word, Boza’s 300-square-meter house blends into the background like a chameand leap straight into one of the two pools to leon. Only the bright yellow, undulating wall which provides patchswim inside the house through a secret enes of eagerly anticipated shade in the afternoon signals the fact that trance? The thought of a refreshing plunge is this house was shaped by a very creative mind. very tempting indeed: once you have reached the roof, you have already climbed down what feels like at least oza plays with the effect of using a few select, but clevera hundred steps descending from street level. ly placed color signals in the master suite. On each of the The unshaded path is lined with cacti and succulents with thick three levels of this loft-style room, which follows the slope leaves that cover the rocky slopes like a carpet. A few yards further of the hill, Boza has placed an eye-catcher: in the living space it’s down, just behind the edge of the roof, which alarmingly, does not the red upholstered sofa, which provides an inviting spot to sit and have a railing running around it, the Pameditate on the waves. Thanks to uncific Ocean lashes up against the rocks, derfloor heating in the concrete floor tamed only by a small rocky outcrop this vantage point is popular even in the just off the coast. Santiago de Chile, southern hemisphere’s cooler months the pulsating capital and metropolis of of June and July. Throughout the rest of the year the thermal characteristics six million, is in a completely different world 250 kilometers away. of the stone help to keep the house a Only at second glance do you spot the pleasant temperature, even at times steep steps that lead down, between the when the weather is hot. towering natural stone walls, to the enA few steps up, next to countless trance to “Casa Los Vilos.” Surpriscolored book bindings in the library ingly, the long vereda – a parting or gallery, the canary yellow front door path in Spanish – doesn’t seem constands out like an exclamation mark. stricting: the 69-year-old architect cut Right at the top, high above the kitchslits and windows into the walls, leten and dining area, stands a mustardyellow armchair. This is where Cristian ting in a flash of blue skies, a square meter of the sea, the sparkle of dazBoza sometimes likes to sit, unseen, zling sunlight. Cristian Boza also addwhen the house is full of visitors: ed another clever touch: he deliberatea sliding door ensures privacy. ly built the steps so high that one gets In addition to the tranquility affordout of breath while ascending them ed by its remoteness, the house has anand feels slightly off balance when deother advantage: the grounds provide scending. “This makes you take your the space to display his collection of old and contemporary sculptures. Numertime and stop to catch your breath,” explains Boza, opening one of the six ous statues and artworks, the majordoors that leads from the passageway ity by Chilean artists, stand on terracThe architect Cristian Boza has shaped the face to the various different levels of the es and viewpoints along the paths and of Chile and its emerging economy with his ideas and house. He wants his visitors to pause steps that snake down to the beach and buildings. He spends his weekends by the sea. and take in the landscape and the arthe fishing spot: horses, scorpions, and chitecture. Boza, with his signature red-framed glasses and cola steel wolf howling at the moon, a plump nude lounging in the grass, two striped heads by a local artist, and two life-sized statues of men ored suspenders, sinks down into the sofa with the muted red upholstery in the living room. The couch, designed by his son – who with red and yellow bodies, gazing with vacant expressions out to sea. is also an architect – runs along the entire length of the panorama For Cristian Boza, Casa Los Vilos is situated just far enough away window overlooking the white-capped waves of the Pacific. from the hustle and bustle of big city life and commercial architecture. It is a place for contemplation, a sanctuary he visits evhe Casa Los Vilos is a complete departure from what the faery other week to relax and unwind, to collect shellfish in the litmous architect and former deacon of the University of San tle coves along the foot of the cliffs, to barbecue freshly caught Sebastián usually designs and builds with his architects’ firm Boza Arquitectos. Glittering steel and glass towers, for examfish with his friends or simply to savor the solitude and the gentle ple. In Santiago his buildings include the skyscraper for the Edifroar of the waves from the roof-top terrace. His house bears a certain ico CorpGroup and the monumental Centro de Justicia with over similarity to typical Chilean fishing villages, the type that look like piles 200,000 square meters arranged around a plaza. At the moment, Boza of cubes stacked up along the narrow veredas that lead down to the sea. is building a vast office and shopping complex in the Chilean capital For an architect who has “the modern, avant-garde implementation and a social housing project in the southern part of the country. His of traditional architecture” as one of his guiding principles and cites ideas also include visionary concepts, like covering a five-lane highPalladio, Le Corbusier, Konstantin Melnikov, James Stirling and Álway with a gigantic pergola to reduce noise and carbon emissions. varo Siza as his inspiration, this reinterpretation of traditional shapes Since 1985 Boza has built more than 800,000 square meters of office makes complete sense: for his retreat, Cristian Boza has translated and residential space – and has decisively shaped the recent constructhe structure of a fishing village into a selfless modernist house that is tion boom in Chile’s expanding economy. The only aspect his modalways prepared to let nature take center stage. Cp ome visit Cristian Boza in his house in



All names and addresses on page 176.

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woven fake fur throws blankets bedspreads pillows accessoires

Luxury Home Objects

w w w. c a r m a - p l a i d s . d e made in Germany Anz.Carma_313.indd 2

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Roeckl IntellIgence SolutionS for your touch DiSplay

FOR SALE A D S E C T I O N O N P A G E S 7 2 -15 8

RESIDENTIAL presented by


Edited by Inken Becker & Melanie Klusmeier


The Finest Real Estate Worldwide

Ballast Key is a remarkable place in various respects: 15 kilometres west of Key West, the island is the southernmost inhabited place in the USA. It’s also the only patch of land in the whole of the Key West National Wildlife Refuge that is privately owned. Its owner David Wolkowsky covered his 110,000 sqm isle with palm trees and built a house for himself, plus a guesthouse for his many friends: Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, Tilda Swinton …

71 FS-Opener.indd 71

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The Old Gentleman & A dream. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s how David Wolkowsky sees his home, Ballast Key – the only private island in the Key West National Wildlife Refuge. It lies some 15 kilometres west of Key West and can be reached from there in just under 25 minutes by boat – or ten minutes by helicopter. Upon arrival, this idyllic island hideaway emanates a wonderfully wild and eccentric charm. TEXT AND PRODUCTION: Uta Abendroth PHOTOS: Mark Seelen

72 FS-Homestory.indd 72

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His Paradise Isle

Into the wide blue yonder: From the main house, the guesthouse or one of the many pavilions, ocean views are everywhere on Ballast Key.

FS-Homestory.indd 73

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Touchdown: David Wolkowsky’s island home was never merely a private retreat – it has always played host to his friends and guests.

74 FS-Homestory.indd 74

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“It’s just so beautiful here! The colours, the views, the calmness, the ocean …” DaviD WolkoWsky

FS-Homestory.indd 75

02.05.13 15:26


Ballast Key owes its name to the ship’s debris that was left strewn across the entire island after a Spanish galley sank here in these waters in 1630. When David Wolkowsky first acquired the island, it was overgrown with mangroves. He planted palm trees, built a main house, a guesthouse and pavilions, all providing shelter from the sunshine in which to cherish the sensational views. There is a large room on the first floor of the main house from which the vista sweeps almost 360º. All three floors of the wooden property are filled with furniture acquired from around the world, personal photos, exquisite paintings and thousands of books. A spiral staircase leads the way up to the very top of the house, where one is greeted by the joy of a ceiling painted in the colours of the ocean.

“My guests here over the years? The British prime minister Edward Heath, Nancy Sinatra, Leonard Bernstein, Prince Michael of Greece …” DAviD WolKoWSKy

FS-Homestory.indd 76

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“I could tell you a story about every single object in here. I always got the greatest pleasure from looking around the flea markets of Paris.” david wolkowsky

Before david wolkowsky started building on the 110,000 sqm island, he often came over with friends and enjoyed picnics here. Many artists have gathered on the island over the years, perhaps most notably the legendary author Tennessee williams, who visited the island on frequent occasions to paint. The large paravent on the terrace was painted by a student of Matisse. above the red and yellow sideboard in the top-floor room hangs a painting by the Belgian surrealist Paul delvaux, while small stone pugs also feature throughout the house. in the novel “licence to kill”, 007 rings wolkowsky from the island and says, “david, it’s James, James Bond...i’ve broken into your island. i hope you don’t mind”.

FS-Homestory.indd 77

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Arrived: David Wolkowsky on the landing stage to his island where Tilda Swinton, Rudolf Nurejew, the Bee Gees and many others have passed.

FS-Homestory.indd 78

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t is quite an unusual thing for an island to be given such

arranged countless statues, animal figures and amphorae in between a personal nickname. But, for very good reason, Ballast the island’s rampant green vegetation. And then he began work on Key is quite the exception: It is affectionately known a house at the southern tip of the island, inspired by an old lightamongst the locals as “Wolkow’s Key”, after its owner house on the Gulf of Mexico with an added touch of “Coach House” David Wolkowsky. He in turn has been given the epiflair. The wooden construction is built on stilts, comprising three thet “Mr. Key West” – a name that expresses respect and levels in total, and graced by a gently receding metal roof. The large admiration, as well as the gratitude that the residents of first-floor salon isn’t the only room in the house with a view either. Key West feel towards him. Had it not been for the now From every room (including the bathrooms), and from the balconies 94-year-old architect and investor, the 25,000-resident and verandahs, the vista sweeps across the ocean: a sea of colours town on the southernmost tip of Florida would in all ranging in nuance from hues of lapislazuli to shades of turquoise probability not look anything like it still does today. Ernest Hemingand stretching as far as the horizon. here is a wonderful sensation here of being completely alone for way’s house would still be standing in its wonderful tropical garden, but other than that… Many of the so-called Conch Houses, mostly oneself, joined only by the splashing of the waves, with the wind two-storey wooden structures on stilts and with shady verandas, were on one’s skin and the sight of the sun as it rises and falls over built in the 19th century. Immigrants from the Bahamas had brought the unhindered sky. “Isn’t it beautiful here?” says David Wolkowsky, with an undertone of enthusiasm in over this architectural style with them from their islands. Wolkowsky bought his voice that hasn’t wavered even afmore than 100 of these architectural ter all these years as the island owner. jewels over the decades and proceedFor some, Ballast Key, the southerned to refurbish them, thus saving most inhabited island in the USA, is them from decay or demolition. Tosure to evoke comparisons with what day they form an integral part of Key one would imagine Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island to be like. West’s image, or rather they are what It is hard to believe that civilization makes this little town so charming. is just a stone’s throw from here. David Wolkowsky’s grandfather Wolkowsky has certainly made sure arrived in Key West from Russia in 1880, opened a shop on Duval Street that the odd home comfort is to be and went on to acquire plots of land found here too: After years without that he then developed. David spent running water, he had a desalination his childhood in Key West, moving system installed on the island, which provides sufficient drinking water. to Philadelphia in the 1940s where He also had wooden decks built on he studied Medicine to begin with, posts with roofs in various peaceful and then Architecture, at the University of Pennsylvania. It was there spots dotted around the island so that that he first made a name for himself the views can be enjoyed here relaxing on a deckchair in the shade, whatby transforming Rittenhouse Square from a slum into a desirable neighever the position of the sun or the dibourhood. He returned to Key West in rection of the wind. And to make sure 1962. There wasn’t even a hotel there that his guests’ boats can moor here at the time – that is, until Wolkowsky even at low tide, Wolkowsky has also had an extra-long landing stage built opened his “Pier House” in 1968. It In his house in Key West too, David Wolkowsky can always out into the ocean. was thanks to this hotel that artists enjoy the view to the Ballast Key home he built in 1974: and writers such as Isamu Noguchi, And visitors came (and still come) amid his orchids stands this miniature wooden replica. Robert Motherwell, Tennessee Wilfrequently and with relish. Their host liams, Truman Capote and James Merrill discovered the laid-back had a guesthouse erected for them, comprising three bedrooms and charm of the Key West lifestyle, and it was in this very hotel that Bob a salon. Just like in the main house, the inimitable artistic sensibilMarley and Jimmy Buffett were to launch their careers. ity of the connoisseur and collector Wolkowsky is unmistakeable: ey West evolved into the place to be for eccentrics, hippies and There is hardly a wall that isn’t adorned with a painting by an artist bohemians. And always at the heart of it all: David Wolkowsky. of repute, while the furniture seems to have found its way to the isFull of energy, restless, and constantly on the lookout for a new land from all corners of the globe. And wherever one looks, ceramics, project. Then, at the beginning of the 1970s, an opportunity of a very books, photos and personal mementos fill the space. All testaments special kind was to come his way: The Navy was keen at the time to to an eventful life, which has played out for the most part since the 1960s between Key West and Ballast Key. dispense with an island it had used during the Second World War as a target for bombing practice. Wolkowsky paid 160,000 dollars and from Even though David Wolkowsky is bidding farewell to his island, it will forever remain inextricably linked with him: In the James Bond then on he was fortunate enough to call Ballast Key his own: a 110,000 sqm island with nothing but mangroves and a few dried up shrubs. novel “Licence to Kill”, the secret agent 007 seeks refuge on the island and calls Wolkowsky at his house in Key West: “David, it’s James, To begin with, he would travel over with a few friends for picnics – then he began work on his grand designs with characteristic gusJames Bond...I’ve broken into your island. I hope you don’t mind”. to. He had palm trees brought over and planted flora and fauna. He “My,” David replies, “How ingenious of you.” ua




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Designer Villas in Bodrum

The 21 luxurious, architect-designed villas on offer here lie in an exclusive location on an idyllic peninsula in the Turkish city of Bodrum, offering an outstanding quality of life and stunning views over the azure Aegean Sea.

80 FS_Bodrum.indd 80

02.05.13 14:13



T With a mooring berth for yachts, a private beach complete with a bathing platform and ample parking, these 21 designer homes – now ready for occupancy – afford exclusive comforts and the highest level of sophisticated living, in a quiet location with stunning views on a small peninsula just three kilometres from the vibrant city centre of Bodrum!

he picturesque port city of Bodrum on the southwestern tip of the Turkish Aegean has long since lost its status as a secret hideaway. Its characteristic white houses covered in the beautiful purple hues of bougainvillea and the landmark of the city, St. Peter’s Castle built in the 15th century, are known throughout the world. Here on an idyllic peninsula in the beautiful bay of Bodrum overlooking the castle, 21 luxury holiday residences are taking shape, which are set to offer the highest level of comfort, lifestyle and privacy. These superbly appointed residences have been designed by the acclaimed Turkish architect Emre Arolat, and stand out with their unconventional look from the local architecture. Clean sweeping lines, natural materials and spacious rooms with panoramic windows all come together here to form lightflooded living spaces, where the interior merges with the spectacular outlook to impressive effect. Each of the approximately 340 sqm threestorey living oases with four bedrooms has its own enchanting landscaped garden with a heatable outdoor swimming pool. Ready for immediate occupancy, these residences are set to bring about immense holiday enjoyment for parties of up to eight guests at a time!



81 FS_Bodrum.indd 81

02.05.13 14:13


Dream Home on Rhodes


Ancient cultures, Mediterranean lifestyle and crystal-clear waters – Rhodes, Greece’s sunshine isle, makes the paradise setting for this exceptional holiday home, not far from the city of Rhodes with spectacular views!

82 AD_Rhodos.indd 82

02.05.13 14:26


A holiday fit for the gods awaits in this sensational vacation paradise, located in one of the very sunniest corners of Greece. The joys of this domicile can be experienced for example whilst relaxing and enjoying the stunning vistas looking out over the beautiful landscape, sunbathing next to the exclusive pool, or trying some of the delicious fruits growing in the glorious grounds. There is a truly divine standard of luxury and comfort to be had here!


ccording to Greek mythology, the sun was a gift from the sun god Helios to the island of Rhodes. Even in modern times the sunshine isle of Rhodes still very much lives up to its name – as one of the sunniest islands in the Mediterranean with 300 days of sunshine a year! One of the very finest properties on the island is this 426 sqm villa in Ialisos, with breathtaking panoramic views over the bay reaching as far as the opposite-lying coastline. The beautiful single-storey house built in an American village style af-

fords grand, luxurious spaces finished using sophisticated materials. It can accommodate up to eight people comfortably. A separate, fully appointed guesthouse of approx. 40 sqm is also set within the paradiselike garden with its various palms and fruit trees, as is the wonderful 15-metre pool with mosaic decoration. The estate, covering more than 9,000 sqm in total, also encompasses a large garage offering space for three vehicles. The entire property is fitted with a security system – ensuring peace of mind so you can enjoy this holiday oasis to the full!


83 AD_Rhodos.indd 83

02.05.13 14:27


Grand Living in Prague

PHoto: getty images

Originally built in 1378 and featuring splendid period features dating from the Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque periods, the “House at the Golden Crown” now stands proudly in the very heart of Prague’s historic Old Town.

FS_Prag.indd 84

30.04.13 15:48



P Its golden crown and other façade ornamentations make this prestigious property, known as the “House at the Golden Crown”, a highlight of Prague’s beautiful Old Town, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. Dating back more than six centuries, the age-old city residence is reflective of the traditional architectural style of the time.

rague, the magnificent capital of the Czech Republic with a fascinating history stretching back more than 1,000 years, boasts an array of sights and leisure amenities. The age-old walls of Prague Castle, the world-famous Charles Bridge and the myriad of other historic buildings all make their mark on the beautiful Old Town, divided by the romantic meandering currents of the Vltava River. With its truly sensational 360° panoramas over the city’s rooftops, the “largest roof terrace in Prague” is of course a major feature of this prestigious townhouse. Spread over four floors spanning 2,000 sqm, high ceilings, traditional parquet floors and large window frontages bring about an airy and spacious atmosphere. Historic features such as intricate detailing, open fireplaces and a splendid vaulted wine cellar make this townhouse the perfect address for grand occasions. Modern comforts have been skilfully incorporated into this home in the form of an elevator, air-conditioning system, central heating and convenient parking facilities. A pearl of the past – and a jewel full of modern joys!



85 FS_Prag.indd 85

30.04.13 15:49


Carinthian Elegance

Surrounded by the mighty massif of the Nockberge Mountains, this luxurious wooden chalet property is located in Bad Kleinkirchheim in the very heart of Austria – where cosiness and well-being are an absolute way of life!

FS_Kleinkirchheim.indd 86

02.05.13 13:20



Set 1,100 metres above sea level, the approx. 190 sqm sun terrace and large window frontages of this traditional chalet home afford impressive outlooks over the idyllic valley with its phenomenal mountain panorama. The glorious nature of the Nockberge region, not far at all from the crystal-clear waters of the Millstätter See lake, makes ideal terrain for skiing, hiking and relaxing. Welcome to paradise – in the heart of Austria’s mountains!


his outstanding wooden chalet is set in one of the sunniest regions in Austria. Its south-facing position promises a great many relaxing hours in the sunshine, with beautiful views over the scenic countryside of the Nockberge region, very close to ski resorts. The luxury property has been built in a traditional style using pine tree logs, which can also be admired within the house thanks to its open plan interior layout. Inside the magnificent living/dining area, which spans more than 110 sqm, there is also a

freestanding fireplace that reaches right up to the ceiling, creating a welcoming cosiness and quaint homeliness within. Another highlight of this property, which is more than 2,000 sqm in size, is the luxury 60 sqm spa area, which features a sauna, steam room and exclusive whirlpool complete with a starry sky appointment. Five separate en suite guest rooms provide plenty of space for up to 12 people. Just one hour’s drive from Klagenfurt Airport, this is the perfect place in which to relax in the comfort of one’s own home with family and friends!


87 FS_Kleinkirchheim.indd 87

02.05.13 13:22


Splendour on the Baltic

PHoto: Getty ImaGes

Set directly on the Baltic Sea in the enchanting coastal spa resort of Heiligendamm, the newly built villa “Perle� exudes a classic lodging house flair, with eight exclusively appointed, family-friendly freehold apartments.

88 AD_Heiligendamm_InesHiller.indd 88

02.05.13 13:34


Heiligendamm, the white town by the sea, affords a wide variety of recreational amenities – from swimming and sunbathing, to relaxing on the white sandy beaches, walks through glorious nature, or a round of golf on the 27-hole course, not to mention the broad range of cultural highlights to be enjoyed in the town!


eiligendamm, the oldest coastal spa resort in Germany, is located on its Baltic coast in the state of Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania, and is an oasis for the body, spirit and soul throughout the year. For many centuries now, this chic coastal resort has enjoyed a great deal of popularity thanks to its health-conducive climate, its white sandy beaches and beautiful villas built in a historic bathing house style. The newly erected villa “Perle” is the latest of these magnificent jewels to be found right on the

coastline, not far from the legendary Grand Hotel. Behind the elegant, classical façade, there is a contemporary, lightflooded apartment to be found on the ground floor that offers the very highest levels of comfort and quality. The interior layout and overall appointment style of this approx. 105 sqm luxury domicile can still be adapted in line with the new owner’s wishes – ensuring relaxing holiday breaks with sensational sea views and truly unforgettable moments on the sun terrace, just a few metres away from the glorious Baltic Sea!


89 AD_Heiligendamm_InesHiller.indd 89

02.05.13 13:36


Lakeside Golf Estate

The 245-hectare grounds of this grand 16th Century castle known as Schloss Langenstein are also home to a renowned golf course and equestrian centre – culminating in a romantic fairytale on Lake Constance!

90 AD_Langenstein.indd 90

02.05.13 13:43




The splendid castle, whose name means “on the long stone”, features a gorgeous chapel and is surrounded by wonderfully landscaped castle grounds. The 245-hectare estate also hosts a tournament-sized riding arena, 60 horse boxes and various outdoor paddocks, plus a formidable 125-hectare golf complex with an 18-hole championship course and a 9-hole short course.

his romantic fairytale castle goes by the name of Schloss Langenstein, and is found in one of the sunniest regions in Germany, not far from the towns of Stockach and Singen amidst the beauty of the Hegau countryside. The foundation stone for the castle was laid long ago back in 1100 AD by the abbey of the famous cloisters on the island of Reichenau. Over the centuries that followed, the castle and its outbuildings remained for the most part in the ownership of German aristocrats, who expanded the property on a grand scale to its current size of approx. 7,400 sqm. Exquisite appointment details such as the resplendent vaulted ceilings, real wooden floors, golden ornamentation and the ornate furnishing of the historic halls are simply out of this world! The valuable works of art in the castle alone have a value in the region of several million euros. This is a truly magnificent property of great historic importance, with an impressive ancestral portrait gallery and a large number of different possible usages. Prepare to be enchanted by Schloss Langenstein!



91 AD_Langenstein.indd 91

02.05.13 13:44


Lofts in Wuppertal

PHoto: Corbis

Listed for its historical importance, the walls of this former factory are being rejuvenated with 31 industrial lofts close to the centre of Wuppertal. A unique opportunity both as an individual home and an interesting investment.

AD_Wuppertal_Klaus_Kipple.indd 92

02.05.13 14:04


W The world-famous “ELBA-Werke” factory used to produce office supplies from here in WuppertalElberfeld until the late 1990s. Now the industrial-style “ELBALofts”, ranging from approx. 85 to 286 sqm, will occupy this central location in the progressive yet traditional university town in North Rhine-Westphalia – right on the banks of the Wupper.

uppertal is in fact the littleknown capital of the Arts in the German state of North RhineWestphalia – as host to a very impressive range of international cultural events. The former “ELBA-Werke” factory lies in the heart of this creative melting pot, set right on the banks of the River Wupper with its attractive surrounding countryside. In order to preserve the industrial heritage of the site, investors are being granted the much sought-after capital allowance for listed buildings, which allows them to write off as much as 85% of the purchase price. This arrangement has resulted in attractively appointed lofts in every respect that skilfully combine the charm of its industrial past with contemporary design. In addition to 31 exclusively appointed lofts, vibrant commercial spaces are also taking shape on the ground floors of the three buildings, as well as car parking spaces with direct access to the living units. The interior layouts of the lightflooded ELBALofts can be customised, with their respective terraces, balconies and conservatories.



93 AD_Wuppertal_Klaus_Kipple.indd 93

02.05.13 14:05

Photos: James Florio


Idyllic Residence with a Private Park in Vitacura


his elegant home is situated in the idyllic surroundings of Vitacura, one of the most coveted residential areas of Santiago, surrounded by a centenary park dotted with trees such as sequoias and chilean palms. concealed from outside view and enjoying considerable privacy, the property enchants with expansive interiors connected by galleries with tiled floors and brick archways. the living area is divided over two

South AmericA, chile PRIce uF 54,000 InteRIoR aPPRox. 1,000 sqm Land aPPRox. 3,500 sqm e&V Id W-00QXmu contact VitAcurA (rch) inmobiliAriA PoSeid贸n ltdA. licence PArtner oF e&V chile S.A. teL. +56 2 22 28 76 99 e-MaIL

comfortable levels and boasts a wide selection of different vegetation species. the master bedroom leads on to the impressive lookout tower, which affords panoramic views over the city. Another highlight is the modern spa, which comprises a heated pool, Jacuzzi, gym and a separate studio. All of this presents the ideal dwelling for a family seeking a home in which to enjoy absolute tranquillity in the heart of nature.

94 RCH_VitacuraW00QXMU_313.indd 94

03.05.13 08:27

Photos: AndreAs PAwlik

Cape Coral

USA, FloridA Price US-$ 1.15 Mill. interior aPProx. 3,618 sqft Land aPProx. 0.295 acres e&V id E-0013AU contact CApE CorAl (US) E&V SoUthwESt rEAlty, llC liCEnCE pArtnEr oF EngEl & VoElkErS FloridA rESidEntiAl, llC teL. +1 239 541 13 33 e-MaiL CApECorAl@EngElVoElkErS.CoM

acing the Caloosahatchee river and just minutes from the gulf of Mexico, this one-of-a-kind home enjoys a southern exposure and superb waterfront panoramas. Fully remodelled in 2011, the property features new travertine floors throughout, updated bathrooms, a huge screened lanai and a gas-heated pool with an upraised Jacuzzi. the second-floor loft has a 35-foot glazed wall, a gourmet kitchen, fire-

place, bathroom and huge balcony. the first floor, comprising three bedrooms/two bathrooms, a new additional kitchen, a family and living room, opens up ample options for usage. the grounds boast a circular driveway, tropical landscaping and a large wraparound wooden dock with a 13,000lb lift and a beautiful seating area for fishing or relaxing. last but not least, the rooftop deck affords 360째 views over Cape Coral.

Luxury Miami-Style Home


95 USA_CapeCoralE0013AU_313.indd 95

03.05.13 08:51

Photos: travis Yednak

Key West

USA, FloridA PRiCe US-$ 3.6 Mill. e&V iD E-0013EW inteRiOR aPPROx. 4,184 sqft LanD aPPROx. 14,400 sqft COntaCt FloridA KEyS (US)

Custom Oceanfront Retreat

TrAdEWindS inTErnATionAl rEAl ESTATE oF MonroE CoUnTy, llC liCEnCE pArTnEr oF EngEl & VoElKErS FloridA rESidEnTiAl, llC MiChAEl MESSinA teL. +1 305 294 11 17 e-MaiL MiChAEl.MESSinA@EngElVoElKErS.CoM

his exceptional, highly detailed, three-level home was constructed in 2009. The oceanfront retreat boasts an air-conditioned interior of more than 4,000 sqft with five bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, elevator, rV garage, water collection system, 37 kilowatt generator, and much more. Custom-built using the finest materials and craftsmanship, it has a host of Victorian-style details inside and out.

other attractive features include hickory floors, Corian countertops, a granite bar, Viking appliances, 8’ raised panel doors, solid maple pocket doors, oversized mouldings and baseboards, and recessed stamped metal tiling on the living room ceiling. Besides fantastic waterfront views to the north and east with superb sunrises, a third-level balcony offers spectacular views over miles of open water and nearby islands.


96 USA_FloridaKeysE0013EW_313.indd 96

03.05.13 08:58

Photos: tasos KoKoris


USA, FloridA PriCE US-$ 5.95 Mill. intErior aPProx. 7,380 sqft Land aPProx. 9,570 sqft E&V id E-0013HK ContaCt WEllington (US) CArr SollAK rEAlty llC

Custom Home in Gated Enclave of Palm Beach Polo Club

liCEnCE pArtnEr oF EngEl & VoElKErS FloridA rESidEntiAl, llC CArol SollAK tEL. +1 561 791 22 20 E-MaiL CArol.SollAK@EngElVoElKErS.CoM

898 Hurlingham drive is a brand new, custom-designed dream home located in a gated enclave of the prestigious palm Beach polo Club in Wellington, Florida. the five-bedroom, seven-bathroom residence has many unique features, including a dramatic limestone staircase, custom-finished beam ceilings in the living and dining room, a wine room and an elevator. in addition, the property has a pre-wired sound

system throughout, a his & hers master bathroom, and wood-burning fireplaces in both the living room and library. Beautiful, professionally landscaped grounds form the ideal setting for outdoor entertainment. other outdoor highlights are the oversized covered porch with its barrel vault ceiling, a summer kitchen and barbecue area, plus an infinity edge swimming pool and spa. there is also a large four-car garage available.


97 USA_WellingtonW0013HK_313.indd 97

03.05.13 09:08


Breathtaking Residence ‘Casamar’ in Santa Úrsula


he villa ‘Casamar’ on Tenerife offers the ideal retreat in a grand and inviting setting in which to delve into the world of peace, harmony and rejuvenation. The property is spread over three large parcels of land, each spanning approx. 2,500 sqm. Only one of these plots has been developed – with an attractive two-storey villa with a cellar constituting a built-over area of approx. 1,350 sqm. in addition to the impressiveness

Spain, Canary iSlandS PRiCe EUrO 3.8 Mill. e&V iD W-00ddlr inteRioR aPPRox. 1,000 sqm LanD aPPRox. 7,250 sqm ContaCt TEnEriffa-pUErTO dE la CrUz (E) CaSa COn aMbiEnTE HECHT S.l. liCEnCE parTnEr Of EngEl & VölkErS rESidEnTial gMbH teL. +34 922 37 80 83 e-MaiL pUErTOdElaCrUz@EngElVOElkErS.COM

of the formal reception hallway, the spacious living and dining area are also particularly admirable, as well as the generously sized bedrooms that include en suite bathrooms and each boast panoramic views over the town of puerto de la Cruz and the island’s northwest coast. relaxing walks can be enjoyed in the tropically landscaped garden, which is also large enough to accommodate an extension to the property.

98 E_TeneriffaPuertoDeLaCruzW00DDLR_313.indd 98

03.05.13 09:36

Photos: AbAmA terrAces s.L.


Abama Residences – An Incomparable Place by the Sea


elcome to a land where time seems to stop and pause for breath. Hidden away on Tenerife’s glittering southwest shore, near Guia de isora, lies one of the island’s best-kept secrets. in this unspoilt corner of coastline, the “Terraces of abama” are the embodiment of exceptional exclusivity. The project consists of 14 blocks, each consisting of 10 units with apartments featuring two or three bedrooms. Each comes with a

Spain, Canary iSlandS PRIce fRom EUrO 800,000 InteRIoR fRom APPRox. 130 sqm no. of bedRoomS 2 – 3 e&V Id W-00yCGi contAct TEnEriffa-COSTa adEjE (E) CaSa COn ambiEnTE HECHT S.l. liCEnCE parTnEr Of EnGEl & VölkErS rESidEnTial GmbH teL. +34 922 71 95 73 e-mAIL adEjE@EnGElVOElkErS.COm

unique architectural concept, design and layout, as well as inviting, fully fitted interiors. The spacious terraces or private gardens boast superb 180º views over the atlantic Ocean and golf course. besides the apartments, there is also the opportunity to build customised villas with an individual touch. Owners also benefit from privileges such as a discount on green fees and Vip cards, to enjoy all hotel facilities to the full.

99 E_TeneriffaCostaAdejeW00YCGI_313.indd 99

03.05.13 11:06

Photos: Pht Gmbh AirPicture, tinA mAnresA, michAel Pf盲ndler


Traditional Country House with Mountain Views in Alar贸


his rural property lies in the foothills of the tramuntana Mountains and boasts spectacular views over the countryside towards the famous twin peaks of alar贸. the property is entered through a wonderful rustic courtyard. renovation work in 2006 has seen skilled restoration of many parts of the house, preserved in their original state. Open plan interiors feature high ceilings with exposed beams and flooring with terracotta

Spain, Balearic iSlandS PriCe eUrO 2.39 Mill. inTerior APProx. 500 sqm LAnd APProx. 17,000 sqm e&V id W-011iaQ ConTACT MallOrca-Santa Maria (e) eV MallOrca prOperty S.l. licence partner Of BaleareV GMBH TeL. +34 971 62 16 29 e-MAiL SantaMaria@enGelVOelKerS.cOM

tiles, creating an elegant and at the same time comfortable ambience. each individual bedroom affords a great deal of privacy and its own en suite bathroom. the house is surrounded by numerous terraces that are ideal for relaxing and admiring the beautiful mountain views. there are also covered terraces where al fresco dining can be enjoyed to the full. the plot also comprises a pool with a covered terrace, and a guesthouse.

100 E_MallorcaSantaMariaW011IAQ_313.indd 100

03.05.13 11:14

Photos: Duet AuDiovisuAl


Gorgeous Property in Puerto de S贸ller


his enchanting country house lies in a privileged position affording splendid outlooks over the sea, the port of S贸ller and the mountains. Upmarket Majorcan materials have been used in the construction of this property, which has only recently been completed. particular attention has been paid to ensuring an authentic and rustic Majorcan flair, without foregoing contemporary comforts and practical needs.

Spain, Balearic iSlandS Price eUrO 8.9 Mill. interior aPProx. 450 sqm Land aPProx. 175,000 sqm e&V id W-00Xrpr contact MallOrca-S贸ller (e) BalearicS prOperty partnerS S. l. licence partner Of Balearev GMBH teL. +34 971 63 30 63 e-MaiL SOller@enGelvOelKerS.cOM

the lightflooded interior has been designed on a grand scale with the utmost taste, and this exclusive spirit is reflected in the outdoor plot as well. in the midst of peace and tranquillity, the pool area and the large terraces boast absolutely sensational vistas that are a joy to behold. this is undoubtedly one of the few remaining properties in the entire region with a particularly exquisite character all of its own.

101 E_MallorcaSollerW00XRPR_313.indd 101

03.05.13 12:30

Photos: tina Manresa


Seafront Villa in Unique Setting


his property is situated directly by the sea on the sandy beach of Sant elm in the southwest of Majorca, and affords a paradise lifestyle with Mediterranean flair right on the doorstep. the villa consists of two separate apartments, which could easily be merged together via an indoor staircase if so desired. the location is truly exceptional, as it is literally only a few steps from the terrace to the sea. al fresco

Spain, Balearic iSlandS Price eUrO 1.65 Mill. interior aPProx. 257 sqm Land aPProx. 414 sqm e&V id W-00ydV8 contact MallOrca-andratx (e) engel MallOrca inVeSt, S.l. licence partner Of BaleareV gMBH teL. +34 971 67 26 50 e-MaiL andratx@engelVOelKerS.cOM

sophistication enjoying the magnificent sunsets in the evenings is a way of life here. the pedestrian precinct with its traditional Majorcan restaurants and shops, and the small picturesque fishing port of Sant elm are just moments away from here. in addition to the fantastic outlook and the lush garden by the sea, this property offers a host of extras including an outdoor fireplace, a basement and a carport.

102 E_MallorcaAndratxWW00YDV8_313.indd 102

03.05.13 11:39

Photos: oliver NeilsoN


Home Life in Pure Harmony


on Vida is now graced by another architectural masterpiece. the design and excellent appointment of this home are the result of a combination of sleek design and vertical alignment. fluent transitions between the interiors and from the inside to the outdoors are owed to the huge windows, reminiscent in size to those in a cathedral. the views to the front over the sea, the cathedral and the palma cityscape are

Spain, Balearic iSlandS Price eUrO 9.8 Mill. interior aPProx. 900 sqm Land aPProx. 2,300 sqm e&V id W-00ZWSr contact MallOrca-palMa UMland (e) eV palMa WeSt Sl licence partner Of BaleareV GMBH teL. +34 971 60 91 41 e-MaiL palMaUMland@enGelVOelKerS.cOM

simply breathtaking. in the heart of hanging gardens, a waterfall forms a cooling element on the patio side. another highlight is the spa suite with a salt and finnish sauna, Jacuzzi and indoor pool. each room has sea views, as well as a balcony or terrace leaving nothing to be desired. all the technology in the property is controlled by touch panels set into the wall in every room, and can even be operated via tablet devices.

103 E_MallorcaPalmaUmlandW00ZWSR_313.indd 103

07.05.13 13:13

Photos: Pere CatalĂ


Country Estate in Pollensa


his noble residence enjoys absolute privacy, enclosed by beautifully landscaped gardens and set within approx. 66 acres of thriving oak forest. The luxurious interiors are a fusion of formal rooms and informal family spaces, all comfortable, with air conditioning and central heating. Six wonderful bedrooms and four bathrooms include a master suite that is a graceful delight with a walk-in dressing room and five-star

Spain, Balearic iSlandS PriCE eUrO 3.95 Mill. E&V iD W-00rTXn intErior aPProx. 600 sqm LanD aPProx. 270,000 sqm ContaCt MallOrca-pOllenSa (e) eV nOrTh MallOrca real eSTaTe S. l. licence parTner Of BaleareV GMBh tEL. +34 971 53 20 50 E-MaiL pOllenSa@enGelVOelKerS.cOM

bathroom. There is a large executive study and separate reading room, while the kitchen is a wonderfully large family affair featuring both a separate utility room and workshop. aesthetic exteriors in harmony with this beautiful home present irresistible pleasure zones at any time of the day or night, with warm sun terraces, romantic porches, a barbecue terrace, fabulous pool area and lush green landscapes.

104 E_MallorcaPollensaW00RTXN_313.indd 104

03.05.13 12:03

Photos: Manuela Muñoz


Contemporary Property with Direct Access to the Sea


eaturing direct access to the Mediterranean, this spectacular one-ofa-kind home is concealed from outside view on the tip of the entrance to the port, with breathtaking views over the water. it ranks amongst the finest homes in the Mediterranean, impressing with its modern elegance, and its clean and contemporary architecture. the magnificent living area with a fireplace and adjoining dining room forms the centrepiece, looking

Spain, Balearic iSlandS PriCe eUrO 10 Mill. interior APProx. 732 sqm LAnD APProx. 1,839 sqm e&V iD W-0136c6 ContACt MallOrca-Santanyi (e) engel & VölkerS Süd-OSt S.l. licence partner Of BaleareV gMBH teL. +34 971 64 21 01 e-MAiL Santanyi@engelVOelkerS.cOM

out over the superb infinity pool designed in the colours of the sea to the ocean itself beyond. the villa comprises four guest suites, as well as a large kitchen, utility rooms, a master suite, a total of 11 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, and staff quarters. appointments include underfloor heating, air conditioning, video surveillance, and pool/garden floodlighting. there is also a bathing platform, as well as a buoy in the sea with a zodiac.

105 E_MallorcaSantanyiW0136C6_313.indd 105

03.05.13 12:16

Photos: Merce carrera


Inspirational Designer Villa in San Luis


his sensational designer villa coalesces in perfect harmony with the peaceful southern Menorcan countryside and the sea stretching along the horizon. fa莽ades of Venetian stucco inspired by the colours of the island are coupled here with white marble floors, panoramic windows, endless space, contemporary sun-drenched interiors and perpetual views over the Mediterranean. this is a beautiful home in

Spain, Balearic iSlandS PrIce eUrO 3 Mill. e&V ID W-00BJVB InterIor aPProx. 450 sqm LanD aPProx. 38,000 sqm contact MenOrca-Mah贸n (e) eV MenOrca real eState S.l. licence partner Of BaleareV GMBh teL. +34 971 36 92 75 e-MaIL MenOrca@enGelVOelKerS.cOM

pristine condition with a grand total of seven bedrooms, plus a living room, dining room, first-class kitchen and a guesthouse with private pool. excellent exterior spaces encompass superb comfortable terraces and enchanting gardens. the highlight though is the deluxe infinity pool that appears to merge with the sea beyond. there can be no better place to spend memorable moments with family and friends.

106 E_MenorcaMahonW00BJVB_313.indd 106

06.05.13 14:05


Spanish Dream Directly By the Sea


his jewel of a property enjoys a very private setting at the end of a cul-de-sac. Set over some 300 sqm, the future owner will have two painstakingly modernised living levels at their disposal. a number of different terraces and outdoor spaces are ideal for making the most of the Spanish weather in the privacy of one’s home. the orientation of the villa is perfect, guaranteeing sunshine even during the winter months as

Spain, CoSta BlanCa Price EURo 1.25 Mill. interior aPProx. 300 sqm LanD aPProx. 1,175 sqm e&V iD W-00QZlY contact JávEa (E) napolon SERviCioS intEgRalES ESpaña S.l. liCEnCE paRtnER of EngEl & völkERS RESidEntial gMBH teL. +34 96 646 03 67 e-MaiL JavEa@EngElvoElkERS.CoM

well. the pool area has been skillfully positioned at the edge of an area of natural beauty. the large covered terrace offers protection from the midday sun and a befitting setting for coming together with family and friends. the dream of life in a southern climate with incomparable views over the Mediterranean becomes a reality here in Javea, where people have flocked to their prestigious holiday properties for many decades.

107 E_JaveaW00QZLY_313.indd 107

03.05.13 10:56

Photos: Lucia aronsky


Centuries of Heritage for Rent


rchitect kurt lazzarini has preserved the original period features of this former engadine house dating back to 1603 such as the parlour room, whilst at the same time installing a contemporary cube structure with a gallery in the hay barn. the original materials used here have been complemented with first-class, modern-day elements. the two kitchens and the bathrooms are fitted to a luxurious standard and exude a parti-

Switzerland, GriSonS Rent pRiCe peR montH CHF 4,500 inteRioR appRox. 494 sqm no. of Rooms 8 e&V iD w-017XlH ContaCt St. Moritz (CH) eV rĂŠSidenCeS SuiSSe Sa liCenCe partner oF enGel & VĂślkerS woHnen SCHweiz aG teL. +41 81 837 51 51 e-maiL StMoritz@enGelVoelkerS.CoM

cularly pleasant flair. directly next to this house is a renovated building spanning some 100 sqm and dating from 1606 with a chapel, four rooms, a modern kitchen and a bathroom, which is available for rent for CHF 1,450 per month. Both properties are subject to a minimum lease of five years. the exceptional restoration standard carried out over the past two years has resulted in an outstanding overall grace with a host of surprising details.

108 CH_StMoritzW017XLH_313.indd 108

03.05.13 12:39


Beautiful Chalet in Rougemont


his splendid chalet is located in the heart of rougemont, in a quiet and sunny setting with breathtaking views over the mountains, meadows and village. the centre of rougemont and the Videmanette cable car station are just a short walk down from here. rougemont stands on the border between the Bernese Highlands and the Vaud alps, in the midst of a region that offers a wide variety of sporting

Switzerland, Bern PRiCe CHF 3.3 Mill. inteRioR aPPRox. 285 sqm Land aPPRox. 336 sqm e&V id w-01eFV6 ContaCt GStaad (CH) e&V GStaad ProPertieS aG liCenCe Partner oF enGel & VĂślkerS woHnen SCHweiz aG teL. +41 33 655 65 05 e-MaiL GStaad@enGelVoelkerS.CoM

activities and treasures to discover. the village is only ten minutes’ drive from Gstaad. this charming chalet was originally built in 1657. a building permit has been approved to renovate and extend it to 285 sqm of living space with a total interior of 336 sqm. the chalet occupies four floors with six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a large living area, dining area, kitchen and library.

109 CH_GstaadW01EFV6_313.indd 109

03.05.13 12:47


Luxurious Villa with Dream Panorama


his prestigious home was built in 1993 and extensively renovated in a country house style in 2001. it presides over seven generously sized rooms, three bedrooms and a luxury kitchen amongst other interiors. the impressive fireplace in the living and dining area and the welcoming master bedroom suite with adjoining dressing closet and luxury en suite bathroom offer a high standard of living comfort. the beautiful

Switzerland, Bern Price CHF 2.5 Mill. interior aPProx. 410 sqm LanD aPProx. 1,270 sqm e&V iD w-0196J5 contact Biel (CH) PKr GMBH liCenCe Partner oF enGel & VรถlKerS woHnen SCHweiz aG teL. +41 32 333 20 66 e-MaiL Biel@enGelVoelKerS.CoM

outlook over the alps can be enjoyed both from the idyllic garden and the first-floor terrace. Meanwhile on the lower ground floor there is a fitness and spa suite complete with a steam room and whirlpool, plus a spacious party room with an integrated bar for entertaining. a double garage and parking spaces, plus an elevator installed in the house, round of this offering in sophisticated style.

110 CH_BielW0196J5_313.indd 110

03.05.13 12:54


Apartment Amid Magnificent Grandeur


rected in the 18th century in a renaissance style, the palatial “Schloss greng” underwent extensive renovation work in 1991 in line with the original style of the property. the estate boasts a sprawling French garden complete with fountains and lovingly landscaped park grounds. this duplex freehold apartment overlooking the park can also be accessed via an elevator. it has been conceived on a grand scale, and

Switzerland, Freiburg Price CHF 3.3 Mill. interior APProx. 360 sqm no. of rooMs 9 e&V iD w-017aXu contAct Murten (CH) PKr gMbH liCenCe Partner oF engel & VölKerS woHnen SCHweiz ag teL. +41 26 655 10 30 e-MAiL Murten@engelVoelKerS.CoM

comprises six bedrooms, three bathrooms, a sauna and two kitchens. the master bedroom with its en suite bathroom affords beautiful views over the park. the spacious living room with fireplace offers the highest level of living comfort. on the ground floor there is a knight’s hall and a chapel dating back to the time the palace was originally built. the wine cellar in the basement is regulated at precisely the right temperature.

111 CH_MurtenW017AXU_313.indd 111

03.05.13 13:05

Photos: APiX, AleX Buschor

Near Zurich

Substantial Home with Park Grounds & Pool


his well-maintained and tastefully designed mansion is guaranteed to impress residents and visitors alike. a property with plenty of space, a pleasant atmosphere, spacious rooms and a beautiful park plot with an outdoor pool, pergola and an abundance of mature trees. the appointment lives up to sophisticated standards. a modern, half open plan kitchen, generous dining area and striking living room featuring

Switzerland, zurich Price chF 3.25 Mill. interior aPProx. 325 sqm Land aPProx. 1,331 sqm e&V id w-017z3a contact zürich nord (ch) iMMobilien zürich nord aG licence partner oF enGel & VölkerS wohnen Schweiz aG teL. +41 43 500 38 38 e-MaiL zuerichnord@enGelVoelkerS.coM

a cheminée fireplace form the ideal setting both for representative occasions and family time together. Separate living quarters on the upper floor of the property could, for example, be used to accommodate an au pair, while a large room leading to the pool could serve as an office or guest wing. other highlights of this offering include an underground garage, bicycle room, sauna, wine cellar, and much more besides.

112 CH_ZurichNordW017Z3A_313.indd 112

03.05.13 13:16

Oetwil on the Limmat

Country Mansion Near Zurich


onceived on a substantial scale to a high specification, this country house lies in idyllic surroundings directly on the edge of woodland. the long-projecting roof with its old, hand-made plain tiles creates a sense of protection and security for those who reside within. the floor plan has a practical design. the space currently used as a very large office with a separate entrance could also be converted into a

Switzerland, zurich PriCe chF 3.3 Mill. e&V iD w-01FF2z iNterior aPProx. 225 sqm LaND aPProx. 1,499 sqm CoNtaCt liMMattal (ch) iMMobilien liMMattal & KnonaueraMt aG licence partner oF enGel & VรถlKerS wohnen Schweiz aG teL. +41 43 500 25 25 e-MaiL liMMattal@enGelVoelKerS.coM

separate, self-contained apartment. the exposed roof construction made from solid wood, combined with the wonderful natural stone flooring, emphasizes the homely atmosphere of the property, making an impact on the individual and unmistakeable style of the interior. affording far-reaching views, the large, beautifully landscaped gardens form an unparalleled oasis where privacy is guaranteed.

113 CH_LimmattalW01FF2Z_313.indd 113

03.05.13 13:36

Photos: Bodo Walther




hese outstanding freehold apartments were built in 2012-2013 near the city of zurich, directly next to the lake where forces of nature have carved out a unique backdrop over the course of thousands of years. Boasting breathtaking panoramic views overlooking lake zurich and reaching as far as the Swiss alps, these apartments are the result of superior modern architecture realised down to the very last detail.

Switzerland, zurich Price from chF 2.695 Mill. interior from aPProx. 205 sqm no. of rooms 4.5 e&V iD w-0156wt contact GoldküSte-küSnacht (ch) wohnen zürichSee aG licence partner oF enGel & VölkerS wohnen Schweiz aG teL. +41 43 210 92 30 e-maiL kueSnacht@enGelVoelkerS.coM

lightflooded interiors, variable ground floor layouts, conservatories, and large terraces and balconies all help to create a harmonious overall scene in these residences. First-class materials, juxtaposed together with cubist forms and the colour white, set the highest standards for an exclusive ambience that offers a magnificent quality of life to be enjoyed within the sumptuous confines of one’s own private home.

114 CH_KusnachtW0156WT_313.indd 114

03.05.13 13:53

Photos: Alex Buschor


“Golden View Living”


his architectural gem is perhaps most remarkable for its unparalleled position, affording dream panoramic views over the Swiss alps and an unobstructable 180° outlook over lake zurich. the golden light of the sun can be enjoyed in all rooms throughout the day, and at night the glistening of the lake makes for an equally enchanting scene. the warm and welcoming charm of this home is complemented by the beautifully

Switzerland, zurich Price chF 11.25 Mill. interior aPProx. 305 sqm Land aPProx. 1,723 sqm e&V id w-01ehct contact GoldküSte-küSnacht (ch) wohnen zürichSee aG licence partner oF enGel & VölkerS wohnen Schweiz aG teL. +41 43 210 92 30 e-MaiL kueSnacht@enGelVoelkerS.coM

designed and illuminated terraces and gardens, complete with a lounge and a Jacuzzi. the overall interior of approx. 450 sqm also leaves nothing left to be desired. a wine gallery, fitness suite, lightflooded living room with a large cheminée fireplace, an exclusive kitchen and private bedroom wing create a luxurious setting in which to enjoy a sophisticated standard of home life to the full in the exclusive ambience of lake zurich.

115 CH_KusnachtW01EHCT_313.indd 115

06.05.13 11:19


Grand Home Eight Minutes from Zurich’s Centre


licence partner oF engel & VölkerS wohnen Schweiz ag tEL. +41 44 533 12 12 E-MaiL zuerichSeethalwil@engelVoelkerS.coM

house is also suitable for holding grand social events in a private atmosphere with various opportunities to retire to private quarters. Sheer luxury is reflected in the marble bathrooms with decorative inlays, walls in stucco veneziano or silk wallpapers, high panelled ceilings with gold leaf, indirect lighting, state-of-the-art fittings, security alarm, indoor pool with sauna/ steam room, air-conditioned wine cellar, conservatory and much more.

Photos: Alex Buschor

nly around 15 minutes’ drive from zug and 8 minutes from zurich lies this sophisticated residence in the upmarket district of rüschlikon. the area is set on an incline and affords breathtaking 180° views over lake zurich stretching from the city as far as the glarus alps. the interior, spanning more than 900 sqm, makes for a prestigious home, offering ample scope to accommodate guests and domestic staff in absolute comfort. the

Switzerland, zurich PriCE chF 15.5 Mill. intErior aPProx. 926 sqm Land aPProx. 1,663 sqm E&V id w-01eiai ContaCt zürichSee-thalwil (ch) engel & VölkerS reSidential ag

CH_ZurichseeThalwilW01EIAI_313.indd 116

06.05.13 14:12


Exclusive Plot on the Banks of Lake Zurich


hese two lakeside plots with mooring berths set directly alongside one another are located in an exclusive location at the upper end of lake zurich. the municipality with its grand mansions lies on a peninsula in the tax haven of Schwyz, with a great deal of privacy on offer. both land parcels are south-facing and benefit from optimum sunlight throughout the day, as well as a unique outlook over the lake

CH_ZurichseeFreienbachW01FOR5_313.indd 117

Switzerland, Schwyz PricE chF 8.4 Mill. Land aPProx. 2,095 sqm E&V id w-01FOr5 contact zĂźrichSee-Freienbach (ch) Seeperlen iMMObilien aG licence partner OF enGel & VĂślkerS wOhnen Schweiz aG tEL. +41 43 888 11 11 E-MaiL zuerichSeeFreienbach@enGelVOelkerS.cOM

and far-reaching views of the mountains. each plot currently features a charming wooden house with potential for development. if both plots were to be turned into one, a new development with an interior of up to 900 sqm would be possible. the two lakeside plots have building rights on a land lease basis and can be acquired individually or as a unit, presenting the chance to create a personal lakeside paradise here.

06.05.13 11:37

Photos: Florian Mitterer


Traditional Dwelling for Discerning Tastes


his residence is situated in a quiet, extremely sunny and soughtafter residential area of Kitzbühel. style and elegance, coupled with unobstructable panoramic views that are out of this world, make this property something very special indeed. the house has been finished in an exceptionally exquisite tyrol style. the interior design is distinguished by the highest level of quality, old handcrafted wooden fittings and the

AustriA, tyrol Price Euro 9.8 Mill. iNTeriOr APPrOX. 800 sqm SHAre OF LAND APPrOX. 892 sqm TerrAceS APPrOX. 171 sqm e&V iD W-00WW8E eNergy VALue HWB 54 KWh/m2a cONTAcT KitzBüHEl (A) EngEl & VölKErs KitzBüHEl gMBH licEncE pArtnEr of EngEl & VölKErs rEsidEntiAl gMBH TeL. +43 5356 716 15 e-MAiL KitzBuEHEl@EngElVoElKErs.coM

very latest technology. the living/dining room and eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms are divided over various different levels. A fully fitted luxury kitchen, a commodiously sized spa area, wine cellar and elevator, plus a penthouse apartment with exposed roof beams leave nothing to be desired. Another highlight is the garage, which is finished in the style of a barn with underfloor heating and parking for up to six cars.

118 A_KitzbuhelW00WW8E_313.indd 118

06.05.13 11:43


Magnificent Home for Discerning Residents

AustriA, Oberösterreich PRice eurO 2.49 MiLL. inteRioR aPPRox. 770 sqm LanD aPPRox. 4,600 sqm e&V iD W-00bN12 eneRgy VaLue hWb 101 KWh/m2a/fGee 1.432 contact LiNz (A) cc-h GMbh LiceNce pArtNer Of eNGeL & VöLKers resideNtiAL GMbh teL. +43 732 73 20 32 e-MaiL LiNz@eNGeLVOeLKers.cOM


his magnificent residence impresses with its breathtaking views looking out over a spa resort with the strongest saltwater source in europe. timelessly classic, elegant architecture and the highest-quality materials and execution underline the lightflooded grandeur of this home. those who enjoy the finer things in life will find ample sophistication here. in addition to various technical fittings, other highlights

of note are the master suite spanning some 100 sqm with a walk-in dressing closet and en suite “bathing cathedral”, as well as the luxurious spa and fitness wing, and two apartments each with separate entrances. the overall flair of the property is rounded off with five open fireplaces, a drawing room, a wine and tasting cellar, an outdoor pool with farreaching views, and a party deck in the park grounds.

119 A_LinzW00BN12_313.indd 119

06.05.13 11:50

Photos: J. IfkovIts


Breathtaking Villa with Excellent Lake Views in Velden


here is no denying the wow factor of this breathtaking villa. With an infinity pool set into the balcony, a large dressing closet, beautiful views overlooking the lake and Karawank Mountains, the open plan layout of the interior, the cosy fireplace and much more besides, this designer villa leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. spanning some 850 sqm in total, the interior of this special property offers plenty of space in which

AustriA, CAriNtHiA PricE EurO 4.5 MiLL. intErior aPProx. 750 sqm Land aPProx. 1,264 sqm E&V id W-01668u EnErgy VaLuE HWB 38.51 KWh/m2a contact VELdEN AM WรถrtHErsEE (A) HANs HEiN iMMOBiLiEN LiCENCE pArtNEr Of ENgEL & VรถLKErs rEsidENtiAL gMBH tEL. +43 4274 23 55 51 00 E-MaiL WOErtHErsEE@ENgELVOELKErs.COM

to relax, work and host guests. the entire residence has been built from top-quality materials and appointed throughout with designer furniture. these furnishings are included in the sale price. thanks to the latest technologies, the heating costs are very low in this property, amounting to just 600 euros per annum. the future owner can make the very most of the magnificent views with a glass of wine on the expansive terrace.

120 A_WortherseeW01668U_313.indd 120

06.05.13 11:59

Photos: Lisa scott


A Former King’s Apartment Overlooking Eaton Square


his prestigious lateral apartment is located in a grand white stucco fronted regency townhouse on the corner of eaton square in the heart of Belgravia. this beautiful period building was the historic home of the eldest son of King William iV and the house retains much of its regal grandeur. one of only six apartments in the building, the flat is located on the second floor and benefits from exceptional views over

Great Britain, London pricE ÂŁ 4.6 MiLL. intEriOr ApprOx. 135 sqm nO. OF rOOmS 2 cOntAct London-CheLsea (GB) Luxury house (London) Ltd. tEL. +44 20 75 84 11 00 E-mAiL CheLsea@enGeLVoeLKers.CoM

eaton square, dramatic 3.3-metre ceilings and grand common parts, including an ornate entrance with intricate plasterwork lit by a large cupola. over the past year this two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment has been carefully restored and reconfigured into a truly exceptional flat with dark wooden floors, marble tiles, back-lit onyx in the bathroom, silk carpets, the latest plasma tV screens and Gaggenau kitchen appliances.

121 GB_LondonChelsea_313.indd 121

06.05.13 12:04


The NeTherlaNds, Noord-hollaNd PrIce eUro 2.3 MIll. InterIor APProx. 923 sqm LAnd APProx. 4,000 sqm e&V Id W-010roU contAct aMsTerdaM soUTh (Nl) hoMe VIeW INT. BV

Attractive Mansion with Indoor Pool

lIceNce parTNer of eNgel & Völkers resIdeNTIal gMBh teL. +31 20 716 24 18 e-MAIL aMsTerdaMsoUTh@eNgelVoelkers.coM

ust 25 minutes’ drive from amsterdam, this detached home was built in 1992 in a traditional style with contemporary fittings. It is ideally located in a cosy neighbourhood just minutes from the many shops of hilversum and easily accessible by various connecting roads, as well as benefitting from beautiful green surroundings with forests nearby. Its immaculate condition, fantastic modern amenities and bright interiors

set this stylish family home apart, as well as the large indoor pool and the beautifully landscaped garden. favourably situated on the plot with sun rooms opening on to sunny terraces, and offering the ideal setting for family life – possibly with an au pair –, the five-bedroom, four-bathroom property has plenty of other virtues including a large basement, a threecar garage, an elevator, alarm system and ample storage space.


122 NL_AmsterdamW010ROU_313.indd 122

07.05.13 13:23


Beautiful Canal House Designed with Natural Elements


his magnificent 18th century canal house is located on one of the finest and amenable canals in amsterdam. The property has been recently renovated to perfection both inside and outside by obumex, the renowned Belgian interior design company. Its style rests on inner beauty and the essence of natural elements, forming an environment that exudes absolute calm and serenity. availing of the most luxurious

The NeTherlaNds, Noord-hollaNd PriCE eUro 1.94 MIll. iNtErior aPProx. 275 sqm No. of rooms 8 E&V iD W-017lsF CoNtaCt aMsTerdaM soUTh (Nl) hoMe VIeW INT. BV lIceNce parTNer oF eNgel & Vรถlkers resIdeNTIal gMBh tEL. +31 20 716 24 18 E-maiL aMsTerdaMsoUTh@eNgelVoelkers.coM

materials and products, the interior of this home is a beautiful and sleek totality. The offer includes all furniture and lighting. It encompasses an entire building comprising a basement and a mezzanine floor with a terrace garden. on the first level is a separate apartment with a small terrace to the rear. The three-storey property would be suitable for use as a private home with separate guest quarters on the first floor.

123 NL_AmsterdamW017LSF_313.indd 123

06.05.13 13:05


Design, Privacy and Exclusivity


his unique, architect-designed house is situated in the highly exclusive 2nd district. Built in 2005, this minimalist-style home stands on an approx. 2,225 sqm plot. the location offers all the benefits of living in the countryside, while at the same time being within easy reach of the city centre. the property faces west and opens up to the southwest, and is especially impressive for its outstanding architectural design,

Hungary, Budapest PricE eurO 1.89 MILL. intErior aPProx. 525 sqm LanD aPProx. 2,225 sqm E&V iD W-00CpQ3 contact BudaHILL Center (H) sky IngatLanközvetítö kft. LICenCe partner Of engeL & vöLkers resIdentIaL gMBH tEL. +36 1 392 03 88 E-MaiL BudaHILLCenter@engeLvOeLkers.COM

spacious layout and the exceptionally high quality of the materials used. the tastefully finished living area and surrounding terrace provide panoramic views, which can be enjoyed whilst sitting in front of the fireplace. the ceilings in the lightflooded living room are over 5.7 metres high. the approx. 525 sqm interior is divided over two levels, with a large triple garage rounding off this residence.

124 H_BudahillCenterW00CPQ3_313.indd 124

06.05.13 15:19

Photos: Engin AydEniz


Exceptional Stone Villa with Sea Views


erched high on the hills in a particularly beautiful setting, this grand villa enjoys some of the most spectacular views on the entire peninsula. The outlook from here stretches out as far as the greek islands, taking in the harbour with its marina, and several bays. Besides separate staff quarters and a double garage, there is a generously sized guesthouse in the grounds that is ideal for accommodating family and

Turkey, Bodrum PricE euro 2.1 mILL. intErior aPProx. 500 sqm Land aPProx. 13,100 sqm E&V id W-007910 contact Bodrum (Tr) TPS ProPerTy ConSuLTanCy a.S. LICenCe ParTner of engeL & VรถLkerS reSIdenTIaL gmBH tEL. +90 252 358 72 72 E-MaiL Bodrum@engeLVoeLkerS.Com

friends in the utmost comfort. altogether, the main villa and guesthouse offer eight double bedrooms. The property also affords the ideal amenities for enjoying al fresco living in the glorious climate to the full, with several covered terraces and seating corners amounting to a total of approximately 450 sqm, complemented by a large outdoor swimming pool, excellent landscaped gardens and wonderful vistas.

125 TR_BodrumW007910_313.indd 125

06.05.13 15:38

aqua life

sales consulting

Anzeige Aqua Life.indd 126

14.05.13 15:07

Photos: Ukit hanamonset


Exquisite Villa with Sea Views


ne of the best-kept secrets in Phuket, this villa high on the surin hill is built in a classic Thai style with breathtaking panoramas across the bay. This exclusive home brings together elegance, luxury and traditional Thai influences, affording the utmost opulence in every sense. The property is graciously decorated with precious antiques, paintings and the finest local heritage appointments. a spacious living, dining

Thailand, PhukeT PricE ThB 150 Mill. intErior aPProx. 1,780 sqm Land aPProx. 2,484 sqm E&V id W-01eG0C contact PhukeT (T) d.W.k. RealTy Co.,lTd liCenCe PaRTneR of enGel & VĂślkeRs ResidenTial GMBh tEL. +66 76 27 17 51 E-MaiL PhukeT@enGelVoelkeRs.CoM

and entertainment area, infinity-edged pool, sala, office and master bedroom are lavishly spread across the top level. The lower levels of the villa accommodate well-appointed guest bedrooms, a living area and a bar with ocean vistas. located in the sought-after area of surin on Phuket’s west coast, the villa has convenient access to the white sands of surin Beach and its restaurants, boutiques, spas and beach clubs.

127 TH_PhuketW01EG0C_313.indd 127

06.05.13 15:47


Prestigious Residence with Sea Views


his architectural gem with all the charm of an english country manor is perhaps most notable for its prime location, as well as its beautiful period details. these include well-preserved herringbone parquet, high ceilings, various sliding doors, two functioning fireplaces, and much more besides. in recent years, modernisation work has had a positive impact on energy-related appointment standards in the house.

D_EutinW00SKJJ_313.indd 128

Germany, SchleSwiG-holStein PRice eUro 1.2 mill. inteRioR aPPRox. 390 sqm Land aPPRox. 11,877 sqm e&V id w-00SKJJ contact eUtin (D) mr immobilien manaGement licence partner of enGel & VĂślKerS reSiDential Gmbh teL. +49 4521 830 47 24 e-MaiL

the property comprises ten rooms with four bathrooms spread over a total of three floors. the offering also includes two additional buildings in the mature parkland grounds: an unusually large garage built in the year 2000 and a gatekeeper’s lodge with its own parcel of land, which is in need of renovation. the property is close to urban life, yet idyllically peaceful, affording dream views over the large lake in eutin.

06.05.13 15:55

Photos: Wilfried finke


Thatched Home with Wadden Sea Views in Keitum


uality of life abounds here, where the harmonious blend of space, form, materials, decorations and domestic technology culminates in a home ambience that is both tasteful and inviting in equal measure. a renowned architect was commissioned to develop both the impressive interior layout concept and the overall architectural design of the house. in addition to the impressive electrical fittings, sound and lighting

Germany, SchleSwiG-holStein Price eUro 12.9 mill. inTerior aPProx. 466 sqm Land aPProx. 1,424 sqm e&V id w-011wmK conTacT Sylt (D) BlUme & haGenah immoBilien GmBh & co. KG licence partner of enGel & VรถlKerS reSiDential GmBh TeL. +49 4651 985 70 e-MaiL

technology, there is also a spa suite featuring a luxurious 10-metre indoor pool that can be reached via the private elevator. the double garage, adjoined to the main residence, blends in wonderfully with the beautifully landscape gardened grounds. the residence is surrounded by expansive and sun-drenched terraces, while an enchanting little pavilion makes for an idyllic spot to while away the hours in peace.

129 D_SyltW011WMK_313.indd 129

06.05.13 16:00


Prestigious Country Residence


his outstanding country home was built in 1995 on a grand scale and to a solid building specification with much loving attention to detail. its modern ambience and open plan interior concept are particularly outstanding. the combination of incredibly tasteful and high-quality materials and fittings makes this property something quite special indeed. the generous dimensions of the space have been created with

Germany, SchleSwiG-holStein PRiCe eUro 1.95 mill. inteRioR aPPRox. 682 sqm Land aPPRox. 2,500 sqm e&V id w-00Q7m7 ContaCt hamBUrG-VolkSdorf (d) enGel & VรถlkerS alStertal GmBh licence partner of enGel & VรถlkerS reSidential GmBh teL. +49 40 60 32 90 00 e-MaiL

an inherently consistent concept, making this property the ideal setting both for sophisticated private residency and social entertaining on the edge of hamburg. the technical and decorative appointment meets the discerning standards of the highest end of the market. Six garages provide ample space for the safe storage of rare automobiles. and there is plenty of summer fun to be had in the outdoor pool as well.

130 D_HamburgMarienthalW00Q7M7_313.indd 130

14.05.13 13:57


Grand Abode with Fabulous Lake Views


he address known as “Schöne aussicht” or “Beautiful View” is one of the finest and most exclusive residential locations in Hamburg, and is highly sought-after as a result. The freehold apartment on offer here is situated on an attractive plot of land between the feenteich pond and the Outer alster lake, impressing with its idyllic and unobstructable outlooks over the water. The quiet and yet central location in particular and the

Germany, HamBUrG Price eUrO 3.4 mILL. interior APProx. 243 sqm no. oF rooms 4 e&V iD W-01eSCP contAct HamBUrG-WInTerHUDe (D) e+V HamBUrG ImmOBILIen GmBH LICenCe ParTner Of enGeL & VöLkerS reSIDenTIaL GmBH teL. +49 40 471 00 50 e-mAiL WInTerHUDe@enGeLVOeLkerS.COm

generous dimensions of the park-like plot with an adjoining boathouse and pavilion give this property a particularly exclusive flair of its own. The elegant apartment is a joy to behold with its beautiful entrance area, floor-length windows, two large balconies with splendid views, and its upmarket appointment. a fireplace, two bathrooms, a guest WC and a modern Bulthaup kitchen also come as standard in this exquisite dwelling.

131 D_HamburgWinterhudeW01ESCP_313.indd 131

06.05.13 10:02


Germany, HamBUrG Price eUrO 12 mILL. e&V iD W-00eP24 interiOr APPrOx. 1,122 sqm LAnD APPrOx. 2,797 sqm cOntAct

Outstanding Home on the Banks of the Alster Lake

HamBUrG-PremIUm aLster (D) e+V HamBUrG ImmOBILIen GmBH LIcence Partner Of enGeL & VรถLkers resIDentIaL GmBH teL. +49 40 46 86 31 20 e-MAiL HamBUrGPremIUm@enGeLVOeLkers.cOm

uilt in 1860 and completely gutted and elaborately refitted in 2002, this unique townhouse boasts striking and contemporary elements with a very high technical appointment standard behind its impressive faรงade. terraces, fireplaces and distinctive fittings are just as much a part of the interior here as the wooden floors, designer bathrooms and security alarm. the elevator connecting all floors makes for convenient,

barrier-free movement throughout the property. a spacious spa area featuring a large indoor pool area spanning approx. 210 sqm, with the pool itself measuring 27 x 5 m, lives up to the prestige of this house as a whole. the views from the large roof terrace over the lake panorama are an absolute joy to behold. the location of the parkland plot directly on the banks of the Outer alster lake is absolutely second to none.


132 D_HamburgPremiumAlsterW00EP24_313.indd 132

06.05.13 10:15


Germany, HamBUrG PRice eUrO 2.15 mILL. e&V iD W-00yDQW inteRioR aPPRox. 450 sqm LanD aPPRox. 584 sqm contact

Lavishly Refurbished Mansion in Rotherbaum

HamBUrG-PremIUm aLster (D) e+V HamBUrG ImmOBILIen GmBH LIcence Partner Of enGeL & VĂśLkers resIDentIaL GmBH teL. +49 40 46 86 31 20 e-MaiL HamBUrGPremIUm@enGeLVOeLkers.cOm

uilt in 1876 as a grand family residence, this townhouse underwent comprehensive refurbishment throughout in 2011/2012. Inside, the house is characterised by its large, resplendent and very well-lit rooms, which meet today’s standards of prestigious living in every respect. the original period features of the property have been preserved, restored and supplemented wherever possible. the entire house has been re-

wired and installations brought up to modern standards. modernisation work has centred around ensuring that the property can be used for various purposes. Just like when it was first built, the entire property could be used either as one single home or split into two separate living units. Despite its location at the centre of the city, its large and abundant garden forms a veritable oasis of peace and serenity.


133 D_HamburgPremiumAlsterW00YDQW_313.indd 133

06.05.13 10:22


Exclusive Living with Alster Views


he lightflooded penthouse on offer here is situated in an upmarket residential complex set within landscaped park grounds with direct access to the alster canal. Built in the year 2000, the apartment boasts both a modern appointment and wonderful views over the alster Valley. The spacious living/dining area with floor-length windows gives on to the large south-facing balcony, which features a delightful outlook over

Germany, HamBUrG PricE eUrO 720,000 E&V iD W-00DTV2 intErior APProx. 148 sqm no. of rooms 4 contAct HamBUrGVOlksDOrf (D) enGel & Vรถlkers alsTerTal GmBH licence parTner Of enGel & Vรถlkers resiDenTial GmBH tEL. +49 40 60 32 90 00 E-mAiL VOlksDOrf@enGelVOelkers.cOm

the alster meadows. all the rooms in this property have been laid with parquet, together with underfloor heating. The two bathrooms and the modern fitted kitchen are exclusive and contemporary. leading out from one of the bedrooms, another balcony can be found facing west. an elevator leads from the basement and underground garage directly into the apartment. The offer also includes two car parking spaces.

134 D_HamburgVolksdorfW00DTV2_313.indd 134

06.05.13 10:31

Baltic Sea

Delightful Thatched Residence in Ahrenshoop


he baltic sea village of ahrenshoop first came into existence after being discovered more than 100 years ago by painters for the unspoilt natural beauty here, the white sandy beaches and the expanse of sky with its special light. this thatched house is located in this well-known artist’s colony, on a slight slope enjoying ample sunshine on the peaceful mudflats with a superb outlook. it was built in circa 1890 and rebuilt

Germany, mecklenburG-Western Pomerania PRice euro 1.6 mill. inTeRioR APPRox. 300 sqm LAnD APPRox. 2,952 sqm e&V iD W-011ybe conTAcT Darss (D) V8 immobilien® GmbH licence Partner of enGel & Völkers resiDential GmbH TeL. +49 38220 66 99 88 e-MAiL

in 1999 according to the original plans, preserving all the charm of the old house. the reception rooms have floor-length windows allowing in plenty of sunlight. Views looking out over the picturesque meadows to the “bodden” sea beyond can be enjoyed from all levels of the house. a sauna and fireplaces make this a cosy and relaxing home indeed. the approx. 3,000 sqm parkland grounds feature a large number of old trees.

135 D_DarssW011YBE_313.indd 135

07.05.13 13:33

Photos: Maria Leska


Germany, Berlin Price eUrO 750,000 e&V iD W-00aTrD inTeriOr aPPrOx. 187 sqm nO. Of rOOms 3 cOnTacT Berlin-

Luxury Over Two Levels

GrUneWalD (D) enGel & Vรถlkers GrUneWalD-ZehlenDOrf GmBh licence parTner Of enGel & Vรถlkers resiDenTial GmBh TeL. +49 30 897 30 90 e-maiL BerlinGrUneWalD@enGelVOelkers.cOm

he apartment for sale here is set over the upper and rooftop level of a well-maintained living ensemble in the exclusive and sought-after district of Dahlem-schmargendorf. shopping amenities for everyday convenience can be found at the nearby roseneck junction. The interior layout has been designed on a grand scale and is particularly impressive for its visual axes and superb lighting. The living area is absolutely

breathtaking, spanning some 61 sqm in size with a ceiling height of 5.2 metres. The open plan kitchen and dining area has been skilfully sectioned off from the living space. On the rooftop level there is a master bedroom with an en suite bathroom and dressing closet to be found. parquet floors, a fireplace and a west-facing sun terrace are all reflective of the luxurious standards that set this residence apart.


136 D_BerlinGrunewaldW00ATRD_313.indd 136

06.05.13 10:51

Photos: Maria Leska


Germany, Berlin PricE eUrO 1.29 mill. E&V iD W-0194l7 intErior aPProx. 330 sqm LanD aPProx. 1,270 sqm contact Berlin-

Modern & Exclusive Dream Home

lichterfelde-Ost (d) enGel & Vรถlkers frOhnaU-kรถpenick GmBh licence partner Of enGel & Vรถlkers residential GmBh tEL. +49 30 40 60 56 90 E-MaiL BerlinlichterfeldeOst@enGelVOelkers.cOm

n lichterfelde-Ost, one of the longest established mansion districts in Berlin, a successful symbiosis of modern architecture and classical design elements has culminated in a unique home ambience. this generously sized property offers a variety of possible usages thanks to its variable interior layout. the elevator, broad door openings and barrier-free spaces offer solutions for any kind of living situation, as well

as adding to the unparalleled atmosphere that pervades throughout. the underfloor heating in the entire building and a fireplace in the living area upon request enhance this atmosphere yet further. the lightflooded, open plan living/dining area conveys a sense of expansive spaciousness. the finest materials like marble and granite, crafted to the excellent standards, round off the superb appearance of this home.


137 D_BerlinLichterfeldeOstW0194L7_313.indd 137

06.05.13 11:03

Photos: thomas Raddatz Fotodesign


Marvellous Apartment with Lake Views


n historic stairwell forms the entrance to this grand villa property. the first floor can be reached via a staircase or elevator, which also transports residents and guests straight from the underground garage to this level. the prestigious reception rooms including a dining room, living room and library, with access to two opposite-facing terraces, are situated along the lakeside elevation where the surrounding greenery,

Germany, BrandenBurG Price eurO 3 mILL. interior APProx. 308 sqm no. of rooMs 8 e&V iD W-01eyKX contAct POtsdam (d) FIscher ImmOBILIen GmBh POtsdam LIcence Partner OF enGeL & VรถLKers resIdentIaL GmBh teL. +49 331 27 91 00 e-MAiL POtsdam@enGeLVOeLKers.cOm

waterfront views and sunsets can be enjoyed. Guests are accommodated in a living room and bedroom suite complete with a full-sized bathroom and dressing closet. the grand bedroom boasts an outstanding en vogue master bathroom. meanwhile, the modern, upscale fitted kitchen leaves absolutely nothing left to be desired. the apartment also comes with four underground parking spaces and a basement room.

138 D_PotsdamW01EYKX_313.indd 138

06.05.13 11:15


A Property of Exceptional Luxury


his extravagant and luxurious property is located to the southeast of Leipzig. completed in 2010, the mansion is perhaps most impressive for its spectacular private spa and its unobstructable views. boasting an interior of some 800 sqm, the two-storey property comprises a total of six bedrooms, two living rooms, each with fireplaces, two master bathrooms, a party room and a substantially sized eat-in kitchen. the

D_LeipzigW01EYDS_313.indd 139

Germany, Saxony PricE eUro 3.2 mILL. intErior APProx. 800 sqm LAnd APProx. 6,000 sqm E&V id W-01eyDS contAct LeIpzIG (D) LeIpzIG ImmobILIen GmbH LIcence partner of enGeL & VรถLkerS reSIDentIaL GmbH tEL. +49 341 910 49 80 E-MAiL

sauna and indoor pool area are adjoined directly to the main residence, as is the three-car garage. Grounds spanning approximately 6,000 sqm enclose the property, delighting with beautiful landscape gardening and a custom-designed heatable outdoor swimming pool complete with a waterfall feature inspired by nature. this residence is an absolute rarity promising a luxury home life in direct proximity to Leipzig.

07.05.13 13:41

Near Bad Zwischenahn

Enchanting Half-Timbered Property in Peaceful Location


uilt in 1997, this house features wooden floorboards throughout and an exposed wooden framework dating back to 1790. it is situated in the heart of the much-loved ammerland region, not far from the town of Bad Zwischenahn on a plot spanning approx. 1,300 sqm. it impresses with its high-quality and attractive appointment, which will appeal in particular to nature enthusiasts and all those who dream of retreating

Germany, Lower Saxony PricE eUro 295,000 inTErior aPProx. 170 sqm Land aPProx. 1,300 sqm E&V id w-016eoH conTacT Bad ZwiScHenaHn (d) JmS immoBiLienmanaGement GmBH Licence partner of enGeL & VöLkerS reSidentiaL GmBH TEL. +49 4403 62 36 90 E-MaiL

to a peaceful holiday paradise. the house has a fine “Groot dör” and a spacious living and dining area with a fireplace and exquisite wooden lattice window frames. three other welcoming and bright living rooms complement the interior layout. in addition to a bathroom with bathtub, the property also boasts a guest wc, a well-appointed kitchen, a large outhouse with a utility room, and views of the glorious nature all around.

140 D_BadZwischenahnW016EOH_313.indd 140

06.05.13 11:52

Photos: Dennis Gross


A Captain’s Cottage of One’s Own


his captain’s cottage is situated very close to the “nordstrand” beach, directly in “Januskopf”, the captain’s cottage quarter completed in 2006. The excellent location in the dunes, with its proximity to the main bathing beach and the town, sets the scene for unforgettable holidays. The corner house is perfectly positioned to enjoy maximum brightness from the sun. on the ground level, which is fitted with underfloor

Germany, Lower Saxony PriCe eUro 1.05 mILL. interiOr APPrOx. 101 sqm LAnd APPrOx. 185 sqm e&V id w-01eGyT COntACt norderney (d) SüdLIche nordSee ImmobILIen Gmbh LIcence parTner of enGeL & VöLkerS reSIdenTIaL Gmbh teL. +49 4932 869 68 60 e-MAiL

heating, there is a spacious and lightflooded living and kitchen area, a separate utility room, storage room and guest wc. The upper floor accommodates three bedrooms and a large family bathroom. The sun terrace makes for a delightful, spacious outdoor area in which to relax and unwind. The property is absolutely ideal for use as a holiday home, for short-term lease to holidaymakers, or as a permanent residence.

141 D_NorderneyW01EGYT_313.indd 141

06.05.13 12:04


Hanseatic-Style Property in Prime Position


LIcence partner oF enGeL & vรถLKerS reSIdentIaL GmbH teL. +49 511 510 59 78 e-MaiL

outside view and features a heated outdoor pool. the interior impresses with its substantially sized rooms, its superior appointment and its high security standard. the ground floor comprises five rooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a guest wc. on the upper floor there are seven rooms, two bathrooms and a loggia with a delightful outlook. a basement under part of the house and a large garage complement this rare offering.

Photos: Christian WyrWa

his grand property lies in a sought-after neighbourhood of Hanover known as Kirchrode, which enjoys an excellent local infrastructure. the prestigious residence was built according to plans drawn up by the famous architect arnold Leisner, in a mansion style typical of the city of Hamburg. the large plot spanning some 1,503 sqm resembles parkland with its mature trees. It is almost completely concealed from

Germany, Lower Saxony Price eUro 1.79 mILL. interior aPProx. 480 sqm Land aPProx. 1,503 sqm e&V id w-00LFGL contact Hannover-KIrcHrode (d) enGeL & vรถLKerS Hannover ImmobILIen GmbH

D_HannoverKirchrodeW00LFGL_313.indd 142

06.05.13 12:12

Photos: Christian WyrWa


Spectacular Bauhaus Home with Far-Reaching Views


uilt in a bauhaus style, this mansion is situated on the edge of a landscape conservation area, with superb views over the meadows and fields. Designed by a renowned Hanover architecture firm, the property is divided into several wings. the retracted living area with a sheltered terrace in the middle is flanked by an indoor pool with sauna and a two-storey bedroom wing. this part of the house has its own stair-

GERMANY, LowER SAxoNY PRice EURo 3.2 MILL. inteRioR aPPRox. 560 sqm Land aPPRox. 18,000 sqm e&V id w-0190ED contact HANNovER-KIRcHRoDE (D) ENGEL & vöLKERS HANNovER IMMobILIEN GMbH LIcENcE pARtNER of ENGEL & vöLKERS RESIDENtIAL GMbH teL. +49 511 510 50 78 e-MaiL HANNovERKIRcHRoDE@ENGELvoELKERS.coM

well and comprises several children’s and guest bedrooms each with their own en suite bathroom and balcony or terrace, in addition to the master bedroom with a dressing closet and two bathrooms. A separate, self-contained apartment is adjoined along the northwest part of the building. In addition to the various lower ground, utility and storage rooms, the property also includes a garage with space for six vehicles.

143 D_HannoverKirchrodeW0190ED_313.indd 143

07.05.13 13:50

Photos: Eckhard rahaus/dPIa

Bad Lippspringe

Outstanding Modern Mansion


his impressive property borders directly on to the idyllic spa forest of Bad lippspringe. Various individual concepts for usage of the house are possible within its 2.5 levels, which have been finished to a unique specification. the extravagant cubist form is interjected by a number of frameless windows, creating spectacular lighting within the house and a fluid transition into the sprawling gardens. materials

Germany, north rhine-Westphalia Price eUro 2.4 mill. interiOr aPPrOx. 530 sqm Land aPPrOx. 3,561 sqm e&V id W-01eGos cOntact Bielefeld (d) dr. BUse GrUndBesitz Und BeteiliGUnGs GmBh licence partner of enGel & Vรถlkers nrW GmBh teL. +49 521 525 10 90 e-MaiL

and technical fittings of the very highest quality have been integrated throughout the residence. highlights include the crestron technology system, the B&W sound system, energy management, a home cinema, an outdoor whirlpool, heated outdoor pool, boule lane, air conditioning system, a six-car underground garage with a heated entrance, a security and surveillance system, dumbwaiter, and much more besides.

144 D_BielefeldW01EGOS_313.indd 144

06.05.13 12:24

Photos: Eckhard rahaus/dPIa


Architect-Designed Home in Green Surroundings


his lightflooded house is located between Bielefeld and steinhagen, in a beautiful and secluded spot in the heart of the teutoburg Forest. the architecturally extravagant residence has a spacious and open plan layout, and is suitable for use for a variety of different purposes thanks to its two separate and self-contained apartments. the clean architectural lines and high-quality materials are dominating forces in this property.

Germany, north rhine-Westphalia Price eUro 900,000 interior APProx. 400 sqm LAnD APProx. 10,800 sqm e&V iD W-014FBC contAct BieleFeld (d) dr. BUse GrUndBesitz Und BeteiliGUnGs GmBh liCenCe partner oF enGel & VĂślkers nrW GmBh teL. +49 521 525 10 90 e-MAiL BieleFeld@enGelVoelkers.Com

the offer also includes a separate indoor swimming pool complete with a sauna. additional highlights include the grand driveway with electric gates, a sitting room with fireplace, sensational far-reaching views from the large roof terrace, and a separate garage with space for three cars. peaceful and idyllic, this offer presents the rare opportunity to acquire and reside in one’s own private section of the beautiful teutoburg Forest.

145 D_BielefeldW014FBC_313.indd 145

06.05.13 12:49

Photos: RaineR Jagusch


Historic Residence with Private Parkland


ocated on the left lower rhine, this exceptional mansion property dates back to the 1950s and has a rich history all of its own. it will appeal to anyone seeking the out-of-the-ordinary. the sprawling park grounds with a tennis court, pool and outbuildings are set on a slightly raised plateau known as the “annaberg”. the house itself is of special architectural interest and impresses by its sheer scale. 14 rooms occupy a

Germany, north rhine-Westphalia PRice eUro 950,000 inteRioR aPPRox. 680 sqm Land aPPRox. 39,000 sqm e&V id W-017U3B contact moers (D) eV moers immoBilien GmBh licence partner of enGel & Völkers nrW GmBh teL. +49 2841 169 38 30 e-MaiL

total interior of approx. 680 sqm. the living room, dining room and library alone cover an area of 140 sqm. meanwhile the utility space on offer is approx. 744 sqm, renovated as recently as 2012. terraces on the ground and upper levels are wonderful for spending time outdoors. rheinberg is an idyllic little town with good connections to the nearby cities of the ruhr region. the airport in Düsseldorf is approx. 30 minutes’ drive from here.

146 D_MoersW017U3B_313.indd 146

07.05.13 14:29

Photos: Ullrich hetzert


Modern Architecture Behind an Historic Façade


estled amidst idyllic countryside in the heart of an acclaimed golf club lies this country estate dating back to the 17th century. as it stands today, the former barn is the dominating force in the overall ensemble of three residential buildings due to its sheer size. in line with the original cubage and purpose of this listed property, the north and south elevation of the living area feature recesses. this has meant that

Germany, north rhine-Westphalia Price eUro 3.75 mill. interior APProx. 470 sqm LAnd APProx. 10,000 sqm e&V id W-01a2r9 contAct DüsselDorf-oberkassel (D) enGel & Völkers nrW Gmbh licence partner of enGel & Völkers resiDential Gmbh teL. +49 211 557 18 88 e-MAiL

the farmhouse character of the property has been preserved, underlined by its historic façades of brick masonry and the contemporary glass and aluminium design of the windows that allows in an abundance of light. the concept of sustainability has been maintained throughout the interior as well, with impressive interior layouts and high-end technical appointments that fulfil the highest standards of exclusive home living.

147 D_DusseldorfOberkasselW01A2R9_313.indd 147

06.05.13 13:24

Korbach Near Kassel

Modern Abode with Ample Light & Space for Ideas


ight, air and space for living form the points of focus for the design specification within this delightful, architect-designed property. Clean forms leave plenty of scope for adaptation to individual styles and tastes. floor-length windows and large terraces that can be reached from every level of the house ensure an immediate and omnipresent affinity with nature. Delightful outlooks overlooking the Old Quarter of

Germany, Hesse PrIce eUrO 750,000 InterIor APProx. 300 sqm LAnd APProx. 1,065 sqm e&V Id W-01eKJC contAct Kassel (D) e-V maKler & serViCe inH. DirK GOebel e. K. liCenCe partner Of enGel & VรถlKers resiDential GmbH teL. +49 561 703 40 00 e-MAIL Kassel@enGelVOelKers.COm

Korbach have a pleasant and relaxing influence on the overall ambience here. the combination of a well-conceived interior layout, high-quality materials and technical appointments culminate in a truly exceptional place in which to reside. the uncompromisingly open plan design of the living area and the many private retreats in this home form a perfect blend of stylish loft character and family friendliness.

148 D_KasselW01EKJC_313.indd 148

06.05.13 13:32


Luxurious Residence with Panoramic Outlook


his luxury property, which stands on a park-like plot of land with wonderful panoramic views over the Old town and the castle in marburg, is a one of a kind in the region. the expansive living and utility interiors of the house, which was built in 2001 in a mediterranean style, are spread over three levels. all rooms have extra-high ceilings and panoramic windows, and have been appointed to a high and luxurious

Germany, Hesse PRice eUrO 1.95 mILL. inteRiOR aPPROx. 483 sqm Land aPPROx. 6,500 sqm e&V id W-01eWrC cOntact marbUrG (D) GerOLD maUtHner ImmObILIen LICenCe partner Of enGeL & VรถLkers resIDentIaL GmbH teL. +49 6421 889 34 00 e-MaiL marbUrG@enGeLVOeLkers.COm

standard throughout. Individually controlled underfloor heating, cherrywood parquet floors, a bulthaup kitchen with Gaggenau appliances, marble bathrooms and a home cinema with built-in b&O loudspeakers are just some examples of the exclusive specification. the security alarm and all the electric fittings can also be remotely controlled via a central bUs system. the large spa area ensures additional home comforts.

149 D_MarburgW01EWRC_313.indd 149

06.05.13 13:36


Charming Family Home in Prime Position


his sensational family home is situated in one of the finest and most sought-after addresses in Wiesbaden. not far from meadows and fields, this offer entails a thoroughly pleasant home environment for potential buyers. the immaculate condition of the property is apparent at first glance and continued in the same vein within. commodious and welcoming spaces with appealing room sizes enjoy sunlight throughout

D_WiesbadenW01F5OR_313.indd 150

Germany, Hesse PriCe eUrO 998,000 interior aPProx. 154 sqm Land aPProx. 772 sqm e&V id W-01F5Or ContaCt Wiesbaden (d) eV-immObilien beran GmbH licence partner OF enGel & Vรถlkers residential GmbH teL. +49 611 54 10 00 e-MaiL Wiesbaden@enGelVOelkers.cOm

the entire day. the floor plan of the living area can also be customised to suit individual needs. the house has been adapted with a great deal of expertise and taste to suit the needs of a family with children. both the mature land plot and the large terrace make the ideal haven for whiling away the hours outside. the perfect place for relaxation, recuperation and absolute privacy.

06.05.13 13:44


Hurel_GG_211.indd 1

08.02.2011 12:31:36 Uhr

Kรถnigstein in Taunus

Lightflooded Residence in a Bauhaus Style


his impressive residence designed in a bauhaus style is located in an exclusive neighbourhood, affording generously sized interiors spread over two levels. the very best materials such as anthracite stone and solid parquet floors in oiled and smoked oakwood reflect the superior specification. Large window frontages make the natural surroundings an integral part of the property, merging the interior and

D_KonigsteinWW016K4M_313.indd 152

Germany, Hesse PRice eUrO 2.85 mILL. inteRioR aPPRox. 335 sqm Land aPPRox. 1,627 sqm e&V id W-016K4m contact KรถnIGsteIn (D) eUV taUnUs GmbH LIcence partner Of enGeL & VรถLKers resIDentIaL GmbH teL. +49 6174 959 00 e-MaiL KOenIGsteIn@enGeLVOeLKers.cOm

the exterior. the large Japanese-style garden with its precious plants and trees is an absolute dream and offers a high degree of privacy. there are several outdoor seating areas that are wonderful for relaxing outdoors. a second entrance means that an additional self-contained living unit could also be realised. the large spa wing with an indoor pool and sauna underlines the outstanding quality of life that this residence has to offer.

06.05.13 14:00

South of Frankfurt

Labour of Love in the Style of an English Country House


ocated to the south of Frankfurt in a peaceful yet central setting on the edge of a landscape conservation area, this home fulfills the highest standards of sophisticated living in the style of an english country house. the charm of the well-conceived property is apparent the moment one enters the splendid entrance hall. the balance between the mediterranean flair of the cotto flooring and the classical english appointment with high-

Germany, Hesse PriCE eUrO 1.39 mILL. intErior aPProx. 240 sqm Land aPProx. 1,071 sqm E&V id W-00ny2P ContaCt DreIeIcH (D) eV ImmObILIen FrankFUrter sĂźDen GmbH LIcence Partner OF enGeL & VĂśLkers resIDentIaL GmbH tEL. +49 6103 37 47 00 E-MaiL DreIeIcH@enGeLVOeLkers.cOm

end materials has been realised here to consummate effect. the loving attention to detail is also evident in the mahogany-paneled study finished in the style of a library. Large windows afford views over the park-like garden landscaped according to Feng shui and featuring a bathing pond. the spa area with an indoor pool, infrared sauna and steam room, Finnish sauna and adjoining english bar contribute to a sense of utter well-being.

153 D_DreieichW00NY2P_313.indd 153

06.05.13 14:06


Exclusive Living Directly on the River Rhine


his luxurious freehold apartment is located at a quiet yet central address on the riverside promenade known as “am Winterhafen”. the entire complex was built in 2012 and offers residents a relaxing and harmonious home environment. the apartment is situated directly on the waterfront on the raised ground floor level. the interior spans approx. 136 sqm and comprises a prestigious living/dining area with

Germany, rhineland-Palatinate PRicE eUrO 598,000 intERioR aPPRox. 136 sqm no. of Rooms 4 E&V iD W-01etZt contact mainZ (d) eV-immObilien beran Gmbh licence Partner Of enGel & Völkers residential Gmbh tEL. +49 6131 57 07 60 E-maiL mainZ@enGelVOelkers.cOm

a balcony, an open plan kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. the property also comes with its own large garden affording unique panoramic views over the river rhine. a whirlpool bathtub, electric window shutters and inset ceiling spotlights add still further to the sense of serenity and well-being here, which represents the perfect combination of peaceful harmony and proximity to urban life.

154 D_MainzW1ETZT_313.indd 154

06.05.13 14:15

Near Baden-Baden Extravagant Architect-Designed Home


his sun-drenched, architect-designed home on the northern edge of the Black Forest is a symbiosis of glass, wood and stone. the spacious room layout over three floors allows for a variety of different possible usages – as a multi-generational home or as a private residence with two separate office spaces each with their own entrance. Built in 1996 in a mediterranean style, the house is furnished in a selection of

Germany, Baden-WürttemBerG PricE eUrO 550,000 intErior APProx. 271 sqm LAnD APProx. 544 sqm E&V iD W-01FPd3 contAct Baden-Baden (d) Pamina immOBilien GmBH licence Partner OF enGel & Völkers residential GmBH tEL. +49 7221 97 08 60 E-MAiL BadenBaden@enGelVOelkers.cOm

top-quality materials that are finished in colours matching with one another. the two conservatories and glazed galleries dominate the design of the façade. the bathrooms, lined from floor to ceiling with granite and marble, blend in harmoniously with the high-end terracotta floors on the ground level. in addition to the underfloor heating, an open fireplace also caters for a cosy warmth and a pleasant ambience.

155 D_BadenBadenW01FPD3_313.indd 155

06.05.13 14:26

Near Heilbronn

Contemporary Home on the Edge of Fields


ffording the highest standard of comfortable living, this elegant villa boasts a host of impressive appointments including custom, built-in furniture handcrafted by carpenters in all rooms. ample parking is available in the spacious double garage, which is approx. 50 sqm in size and features direct access to the kitchen area and the garden. Besides the luxuriously appointed open plan kitchen, the ground floor also com-

Germany, Baden-WĂźrttemBerG PriCE eUrO 895,000 intErior aPProx. 351 sqm Land aPProx. 654 sqm E&V id W-01eB5X ContaCt HeilBrOnn (d) mB immOBilien GmBH licence partner Of enGel & VĂślkers residential GmBH tEL. +49 7131 279 38 00 E-MaiL HeilBrOnn@enGelVOelkers.cOm

prises a living room with an open fireplace, and a master bedroom suite with a walk-in dressing closet and an en suite bathroom. On the upper level there are three additional bedrooms. the lower ground floor of this house presents the opportunity to convert the space into a separate, self-contained apartment, or an in-house office. the sauna and fitness suite already in place could also be transformed into a private spa oasis.

156 D_HeilbronnW01EB5X_313.indd 156

06.05.13 14:43


Dream Home in an Exceptional Location


uilt in 1998, this house lies on the outskirts of augsburg in a highly exclusive location. it was extensively modernised with much loving care and attention in 2012 and 2013. this refurbishment has involved the repositioning of walls, the renewal of floors and bathrooms, the installation of a BUs system and an open fireplace, the re-landscaping of the garden, and much more besides. the prestigious living rooms meet

D_AugsburgW019OYG_313.indd 157

Germany, Bavaria PricE eUrO 1.45 miLL. intErior aPProx. 288 sqm LanD aPProx. 992 sqm E&V iD W-019OyG contact aUGsBUrG (D) Hรถpker immOBiLien Licence partner Of enGeL & vรถLkers resiDentiaL GmBH tEL. +49 821 46 09 33 30 E-MaiL aUGsBUrG@enGeLvOeLkers.cOm

the highest living standards. there are first-class wood fitted cupboards and technical details throughout. aside from six flatscreen televisions and the Bose sound system, the house has also been appointed and furnished with exceedingly good taste by interior designers. the indoor swimming pool is a particularly special highlight, featuring a wonderful play on light that transforms it into a luxurious spa oasis.

06.05.13 14:49


Germany, Bavaria Price eUrO 3.95 miLL. e&V iD W-00CeeT interiOr aPPrOx. 458 sqm LanD aPPrOx. 9,136 sqm cOntact

Mountain Jewel in Oberstdorf

KempTen (D) aLLGäU-immOBiLien KempTen eUGen JOsef maUCher LiCenCe parTner Of enGeL & vöLKers resiDenTiaL GmBh teL. +49 831 960 79 00 e-MaiL KempTen@enGeLvOeLKers.COm

his property stands proudly on the southern outskirts of Oberstdorf. The allgäu mountains and gently undulating hills of the pre-alps form the 360° backdrop to this luxury dwelling. The hallway forms the property’s central core, opening on to the stairwell and finished in estremoz marble with cast iron ornamentation. This space gives on to the living area and dining room on the ground floor, leading up to the three

bedrooms and two exclusive bathrooms on the upper level. The top floor is reserved for home relaxation, with spa amenities, a library and cinema. The lower ground level features a separate, self-contained apartment, wine cellar and three garages. a clear layout, elegant ambience, first-class technical fittings, large windows and superb terrace and balconies all contribute to the prestige and pleasure afforded by this home.


158 D_KemptenW00CEET_313.indd 158

06.05.13 14:55

OBJECT CARPET PURE SILK 100 % reine Seide. Purer Luxus. In 21 Farben.

Showrooms: Stuttgart I M端nchen I Leipzig I D端sseldorf I Hamburg I Berlin I Frankfurt I Moskau I London Hongkong I Shanghai I Wien I Dubai I Stockholm I Sydney I Z端rich I Prag I Warschau I Helsinki I Tokyo OBJECT CARPET I Rechbergstrasse 19 I 73770 Denkendorf I Fon +49 (0) 711/34 02-0 I

ObjectCarpet_GG_213.indd 11 OC_AZ_Pure_Silk_GG.indd

30.01.13 10:53 09:02 02.05.12



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A modern comfort zone

There’s much more to a bathroom than a sink, a toilet and a tub. Bathrooms are turning into miniature home spas, thanks in large part to Duravit, a company based in Hornberg, Germany. Duravit is a trendsetter in the field of bathroom design. The company has, for many years, worked closely with star designers such as Philippe Starck and Matteo Thun, as well as Sieger Design. Currently en vogue are: nostalgic shapes, free-standing tubs and materials such as wood – which designers used to avoid, as it swelled when wet.

161 CU-Opener.indd 161

07.05.13 14:39


Mission: Design! The bathroom as a living space, an oasis of well-being. What would have sounded like a vision of a far-off future not long ago, has now been turned into reality with the aid of modern design – by Duravit. The sanitary goods manufacturer, who has been collaborating with international designers for many years, has elevated the idea of “living bathrooms” to its brand philosophy. TEXT: Jörg Zimmermann

162 CU-Offices.indd 162

02.05.13 15:11

Philippe Starck

PHoto: © Jean-BaPtiste Mondino (1)

The 64-year-old Frenchman is a superb designer, whose work continues to be trendsetting. Starck has just finished reworking his ceramics line “Starck 2” for Duravit. This product line was first introduced in 1998. Its use of form takes its inspiration from the movement of water. Many tried and tested details, such as the generous size of the washbasin, have been preserved, but the redesign surprises with interesting modifications. Small deviations from perfect symmetry underline the organic character of the product line. What does Starck think about these ideas? “I have this mental sickness called creativity,” says the design virtuoso.

CU-Offices.indd 163

02.05.13 15:11

Close Up offiCes

164 CU-Offices.indd 164

02.05.13 15:11

Sieger Design

PHoto: © Sieger DeSign (1)

More than 25 years ago, the collaboration with Dieter Sieger heralded the start of a comprehensive reorientation towards design for Duravit. Today, Sieger’s sons Christian (left) and Michael manage the design company based at Harkotten Castle in Germany’s Münsterland region. The current product line “Happy D.2” addresses all desires and needs regarding bathrooms. The simplified, architectural forms are elegant, and at the same time distinctly feminine. The soft curves are pleasing to the eye. This includes not just the washstands, bathtubs and toilets, but also the bathroom furniture. All the technical details are aligned perfectly.

CU-Offices.indd 165

02.05.13 15:11

Close Up offiCes

Matteo Thun When approaching his work, the Italian designers draws on a great deal of experience. Together with Ettore Sottsass, he was one of the founding members of the Memphis group, and a partner at Sottsass Associati. His architectural projects around the world have received much praise. With “Durastyle,” Thun has now set a completely new standard for Duravit. The product line combines a visual lightness with technical simplicity, which is exactly why it is so well suited for use both in private homes and in commercial buildings. Matteo Thun: “Durastyle is a bathroom product line that fulfills all the tasks required.” The many elements thus combine to form a perfect whole.

CU-Offices.indd 166

02.05.13 15:12

PHoto: Š Matteo tHun (1)

167 CU-Offices.indd 167

02.05.13 15:12

Close Up offiCes

man had done in-depth research and had diligently investigated peoDuravit recognized ple’s bathroom needs. He reduced typical sanitary goods down to this early on. For this reason, the simple, essential forms. A washbowl was the model for the washstand, while a bucket and a tub provided the inspiration for the toisanitary goods manufacturer has been making strategic use of design let and the bidet respectively. “Starck 1,” as the product line was for many years, and in the best possiunpretentiously called, marked the start of a collaboration which conble way. This is because the company tinues to the present day. In 2004, Philippe Starck was also able to based in Germany’s Black Forest region prove his skill at designing something bigger. has its eye firmly on the fact that bathAt Duravit’s company headquarters in Hornberg, Baden-Württemrooms warrant great design and should be berg, there was a growing need for more space, and a desire to be a living space that fosters a sense of well-being. A living space that able to showcase Duravit products in a special environment. So the people like to use often. With this decision, Duravit had its finger company commissioned Starck to design the building. The master of firmly on the pulse. An ever-increasing number of people want their provocation duly supplied plans in which he had played around with bathroom to be a special place, a kind of home spa in which to unthe scale of the different elements. In the end an over-sized toilet was wind and relax – almost akin to a little included in the frontage of the trapoasis, which makes you forget about ezoid-shaped Duravit Design Ceneveryday life and which revives both ter. It dominates the exterior of the body and mind. Against the backdrop building and also serves as an observation platform – much to the delight of this trend, it was only logical that of the center’s visitors. Duravit made “living bathrooms” its company philosophy early on. y all accounts, design has finalBut what today looks like a consisly found its long-coveted role tent, successful strategy that had a in residential bathrooms. But in commercial buildings, too, well positive impact on the company’s economic strength – and a godsend for thought-out bathroom facilities have long been de rigueur for both archimany bathroom users – was by no means self-evident a few years ago. tects and project developers. Unlike When Duravit started its design ofin private residences, where bathfensive in 1987, the manufacturer, room furnishings and fittings are – with its range of products for a large to a large extent – an expression of group of users, undoubtedly ventured individuality, the efficiency of their into uncharted territory. It was no lonbathroom facilities is among the top ger just pure functionality which was priorities for hotels, wellness estabsupposed to prompt customers to purlishments and office buildings. The chase the products. Rather, the use use of a well though-out and carefulof design was intended to imbue the ly coordinated product range ensures functional furnishings with aesthetic quick and cost-effective installation. A nd when, thanks to their robust asattractiveness. The harmonious interplay of design and function was aimed sembly and timeless, sustainable deat benefitting all bathroom users – and sign, the use and maintenance of the the company profited as well. “Form toilets, showers and washbasins helps follows function,” the creed first esto decrease cost, it is not only the propIn his designs for Duravit, Philippe Starck combines poused by American architect Louis design-oriented elegance and comfort. The large pullouts erty developers and building managin the base cabinets are very practical. Sullivan at the end of the 19th centuers who will be satisfied. Tenants and ry and handed down by industrial dethe users of the facilities will also be signers, was the motto which provided Duravit with the starting point happy. These needs can only be met if experienced engineers, skilled for a success story that is still being written to this day. technicians and innovative designers all work hand in hand on new o when Duravit made design a cornerstone of its strategy products. And this is exactly what has happened in the new “Duramore than 25 years ago, it quickly found the right designer style” range, for which Italian designer Matteo Thun is responsible. in Dieter Sieger. A Westphalia native, Sieger had been workThun is respected as an architect around the world. His credentials ing as an international architect for many years, but was also well are manifold, and include the Vigilius Mountain Resort in Merano, versed in industrial design. With a lot of trust, Duravit gave him Italy. He has brought his extensive experience to bear on a number the freedom to work on new design ideas. In the end, Dieter Siegof Duravit product lines. With the latest “Durastyle” range, Thun er delivered “Giamo,” a complete line of bathroom furnishings has developed a hybrid design which meets the needs of both resiwhose success impressively proved the potential of great design dential bathrooms and commercial properties. Design represents in bathrooms. Sanitary ware, bathroom furniture and accessoa substantial part of the Duravit brand, and is nurtured and develries all fit together perfectly and created a new image of what was oped further with a large degree of continuity. The long-standing possible in contemporary bathroom design. collaboration with Sieger Design clearly proves this. Since the retirement of founder Dieter Sieger, his sons Michael und Christian The positive experience of collaborating with Dieter Sieger quickly led to further partnerships with other designers. From his base have been working at the company headquarters in Harkotten Castle. in Paris, Philippe Starck had firmly shaken up the world of inter“Happy D.2” is a fresh and feminine re-interpretation of its predecesnational design with his mischievous work in the mid-1980s. In sor. Starting the day with elegant forms in the bathroom – this is a wish which these days can be turned into reality. 1994, Starck presented the first products for Duravit. The FrenchJZ ithout a clear aim, no strategy

makes sense.




All names and addresses on page 176.

CU-Offices.indd 168

07.05.13 14:40

Above all. Miele – Premium home appliances from Germany.

Miele & Cie. KG, GĂźtersloh, Germany 15 years experience in the project business



When the German capital puts out the call, everyone heeds it: for the 63rd time, the Berlinale film festival wowed visitors with premieres and parties.



Rendezvous in Berlin

i 6



1 Anne Hathaway attended the pre­ miere of Les Misérables 2 Interna­ tional stars Louise Bourgoin, 3 Jude Law and 4 Matt Damon 5 Nazif Mu­ jic with the Silver Bear he received for “best actor” 6 Rooney Mara at the premiere of Side Effects 7 Birgit Kroencke and her husband Chris­ topher Lee 8 Jane Fonda 9 Ethan Hawke at the “Before Midnight” press conference 10 Impressions of the 63rd Berlinale 11 Isabel­ la Rossellini 12 Bruno Dumont and Juliette Binoche at the premiere of Camille Claudel 1915 13 Julie Del­ py introduced “Before Midnight” 14 Jeremy Irons attended the pre­ miere of Night Train to Lisbon 15 Fal­ lon Goodson, the star of Maladies 16 President of the Jury Wong Kar­ Wai and his wife Esther.


t is no surprise that the perpetually cheer­

was once again visibly pleased. The 63rd film festival was characterized by the mix of big studio productions and independent films. Cult director Wong Kar-Wai from Hong Kong was the President of the Jury, and had the final say on who won gold. Considerably colder than Venice, and less chic than Cannes, the Berlin international film festival has, nevertheless, been among the leading festivals globally since its inception in 1951. For ten days, a hundred black vehicles, featuring the Berlinale logo, and produced by the festival’s main sponsor BMW – Minis, BMW and Rolls-Royce limousines – dominated Berlin’s streets. They chauffeured Jane Fonda, Sir Christopher Lee, Matt Damon and many other stars to the red carpet. The winner of the “best director” award David Gordon Green summed up the Berlinale perfectly: “Berlin is a magical place: great films, great parties, a great festival. Keep up the good work!” ful festival boss Dieter Kosslick








All names and addresses on page 176.



text: Kristin schrumpf, photos: Joe termini, Getty imaGes for mercedes-Benz (14)

Close Up

170 CU-Society.indd 170

02.05.13 14:45

Close Up shopping

Service with a capital “S”: visitors to the Chic Outlet Shopping ® Villages enjoy a uniquely welcoming shopping experience.

shopping de luxe huge choice, loads of charm and a relaxing shopping experience: at their nine european locations, Chic outlet shopping® Villages offer collections by leading fashion and lifestyle brands. plus, a host of special services for their growing international clientele.


says least one boutique in the nine locations. The villages Desirée Bollier, Chief Executive of Value Retail are located close to some of Europe’s most popular meManagement. “Our goal is to surprise customers tropolises: London, Dublin, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, with our hospitality and with the services we offer, Milan and Bologna, as well as Ingolstadt Village near and turn their visit into an extraordinary experience. Munich and Wertheim Village near Frankfurt in GerWe want to interact and communicate with our cusmany. In 2014, the first Chic Outlet Shopping® village is scheduled to open in the historic city of Suzhou, Chitomers – in short, to create an emotional connection.” Chic Outlet Shopping® is a network of luxury outlet na, 50 miles west of Shanghai. Each luxury shopping villages created by Value Retail, the only company village boasts between 60 and 140 boutiques arranged specializing exclusively in developing and operating along both sides of open-air pedestrian streets. The look luxury outlet shopping villages in Europe. Across a of each village draws on the architectural traditions of total of more than 900 boutiques, leading high-end the region it is located in. The restaurants also primariDesirée Bollier, CEO of Value ly serve local specialties. fashion and lifestyle brands offer items from the preRetail Management, turns vious season’s collections at discounts of up to 60% Shoppers who prefer not to travel to a shopping vilshopping into an experience. off the suggested retail price – sometimes even more lage by private car have the option of taking a special – all year round. Alexander McQueen, Baccarat, Belstaff, Bose, Burbershuttle bus or using a chauffeur service. At the villages themselves, ry, Dior, Givenchy, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, Loewe, Loro guests can take advantage of services such as personal shoppers and Piana, Missoni, Mulberry, Prada, Polo Ralph Lauren, Smythson, Tod’s, private VIP suites. For more information (available in 14 languages) please visit MM Valentino and Versace are just some of the brands that have opened at t’s not just about buying a great handbag,”

171 CU-Shopping.indd 171

13.05.13 08:05




S tA R N b E Rg E R S E E – 20 0 8

beach house fischerhütten bieten die möglichkeit, zwischen tradition und gegenwart zu vermitteln. Architekt Till boode va ar und arnold Werner Innenarchitekten erkannten am Starnberger See bei der Neugestaltung eines kleinen Holzdomizils das Potenzial für ein lässiges Strandhaus.

Dream Houses on the Waterfront Alexander Hosch, Callwey, approx. € 70

“Down by the river” or “On the beach”– popular music has supplied many an iconic turn of phrase. Now literature is catching up, thanks to author Alexander Hosch who introduces dreamlike homes located on the waterfront. The 192 pages feature picturesque symbioses of architecture and the aquatic. A total of 30 residences vie for attention, with water babbling softly in front of them, or the sun lazily sprawled along their walls.

The Label Book Thomas Rusche, Daab, € 70

Clothing culture instead of trend clashes: Thomas Rusche presents forty labels which are stalwarts of the fashion industry. Rather than darting about wildly in between different trends, these labels display stylistic consistency. They cherish craftsmanship, quality and values – and have done so for decades. 296 pages of, among others, Brioni and Cerruti, Roeckl, van Laack, and Allude …

Dive in Style

Tim Simond, Thames & Hudson, € 34.95

Splash! This illustrated book presents the best locations for diving: Fiji, Bora Bora and the Seychelles. With 800 images, author and marine photographer Tim Simond reveals treasures of the deep and heavenly skies. Beautiful and informative, this work also provides the inside scoop on the most exclusive hotels, the best diving schools and most secret hotspots. Tempted to take a look? BOO


Tree Houses


Philip Jodidio, Taschen, approx. € 50


Fascinating to children, for adults tree houses conjure up feelings of nostalgia and take us back to more carefree days. Little wonder then, that tea houses, restaurants and even entire hotels have been lifted off the ground. Tree Houses. Fairy Tale Castles in the Air showcases 50 buildings of the aerial variety created by renowned architects, or by inspired amateurs around the world. Going up!

Álvaro Siza Job done! All your large books can now be stored in one fell swoop. This animated affair is available from Kenyon Yeh, price on request.

Philip Jodidio, Taschen, approx. € 100

“On closer inspection, this simplicity turns out to be greatly complex. What seems to be a natural creation is rooted in subtle mastery,” said the jury of the Pritzker prize in 1992 about Siza – that year’s winner. In his native Portugal, he has designed whole neighborhoods, as well as the summer pavilion at London’s Serpentine Gallery. In 2012, Álvaro Siza received the Golden Lion lifetime achievement award. A 500-page monograph.

Harpa And Other Music Venues Henning Larsen Architects, Hatje Cantz, € 35

They compose sound spaces – even the concrete in their buildings resonates in tune. Danish architecture firm Henning Larsen Architects is truly dedicated to music. This tome illustrates why, by introducing four of its buildings: Harpa – Reykjavík’s concert hall, the Copenhagen opera house, the Uppsala Concert and Congress Hall, and the Palacio de Congresos in Lanzarote. Photos, models and essays provide an insight into how the architects skillfully balance music and architecture.

172 CU-Books.indd 172

All names and addresses on page 176.

30.04.13 16:32

Thank you for your love

MA L LO RC A · I B I Z A · M A R B E L L A · VA L E N C I A · B E I RU T · J E D D A H · DUBAI

Thank You ConTribuTors

People and golf

Christopher sturman His father had a professional connection to photography, albeit in a broader sense: as a detective specializing in forensics. And although he chose a different career path, it was through his father that the photographer of our current cover story first found his way to the profession. Christopher loves photographing people. Having always had a keen interest in art and painting, the Briton felt drawn to New York, where he has been living for 17 years. When he is not taking pictures, he can usually be found on the golf course…

Julia’s world

Julia Kuhl Boredom, stubbornness or a lack of imagination? Try as she might, Julia simply cannot abide these. Photography, graphics and books – design in any form is a passion of this Munich native, who has been living in Hamburg since 2003. Before that, her motto had long been “I go where my fancy takes me.” Julia spent some time living and working in Milan and Athens. She set up her own business as a freelance graphic designer in 2012, and has dynamically supported the GG team in putting together this edition. Many thanks, Julia – until next time!

Design expert

boundless energy

Jörg Zimmermann Whether it is furniture, manufactured goods or communication design, Jörg Zimmermann knows his stuff. Having created designs for international companies like Italian cult brand Edra, the qualified designer spent many years developing corporate identity and corporate design solutions. Yet, he has also stayed true to the written word, most recently as the editor-in-chief of web platform His real passion, however, lies in brand consultancy work. For GG, the Cologne native cast his eye over Duravit’s design strategy (page 162).

The daredevil

nadJa ConKlin Nadja always has her finger firmly on the pulse. Having studied French literature, she has been working at image licensing agency Trunk Archive since 2010. Her passions are: her work with the many renowned photographers that she represents; liaising with clients from all over the world, who she supplies with fantastically photographed stories (for example our GG cover story about Charlotte Dellal); and trying out new restaurants. She would, one day, like to travel the world and then settle down, close to the beach, in her home state of Florida.

moniKa sundström Six years ago, Monika moved from Germany to Florida to live her “American Dream” under palm trees in the sun. With lots of panache, the mother of a fouryear-old son soon made a name for herself as a successful real estate consultant in Key West. It was Monika who drew our attention to the very special property featured in this edition’s “For Sale – Home story” section. On page 72 you will find the private island owned by “Mr. Key West” David Wolkowsky himself. The island even featured in the James Bond novel Licence to Kill.

James silverman He currently has more than 100 internationally published book titles to his name. And we know exactly why: the Briton, and resident of Sweden, is famous for climbing onto roofs, towers and cars to get the shots he wants. If there are no towers or roofs available, Silverman approaches the issue pragmatically: he has his own scaffolding put up, in order to photograph the architectural structures from the best angle possible. Silverman also used this approach to capture the best views of Chilean architect Christian Boza’s vacation home. The impressive building clings to a cliff which juts out into the Pacific Ocean. (page 60).

photos: tommy ton (1)

new York girl


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Automatic chronograph “Tambour LV 277” from









www.graefl TUUCI,



















OFFICES page 162








“Swing Chair” by Patricia Urquiola for the Louis Vuitton “Objets Nomade” Collection www.louis KOKET, KORHANI,



Last Minute

LOOK page 32


YACHTS page 52

PERSONAL page 178






We just couldn’t resist including these attractive items. Can you think of anyone who might like them?






1 Luxury bathroom, 2 “Feathers Ring,” approx. € 150, 3 The Grassi Museum in Leipzig is exhibiting unusual footwear from around the world through September 29, 2013 4 Aqua Life whirlpools and swim spas, approx. € 4,000 from www. 5 Calfskin bags from BOSS Orange, approx € 279, 6 “Rouge Coco” by Chanel, approx. € 29,

176 CU-Addresses.indd 176

07.05.13 09:41

*On the former recommended retail price. **For the latest list of boutiques please visit the respective webpage.

SEEN on the High Streets...

…BOUGHT at Chic Outlet Shopping


The high streets of the world’s metropolises conjure dreams of style, elegance and pulsing life. Free of stress and close to the global cities of Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne, each CHIC OUTLET SHOPPING® Village offers over 110 international designer and lifestyle brands. Visitors enjoy luxurious, relaxed shopping and year-round savings up to 60%*. Whether it‘s high heels in elegant black-and-white or clutch bags in pale pastels, summer will surely be light and colorful under the motto “Head Over Heels”!


just 40 minutes from Frankfurt, A3, exit Wertheim/Lengfurt


just 40 minutes from Munich, A9, exit Ingolstadt-Ost


just 50 minutes from Cologne, E314, exit 33 – open on Sundays



IVWVMMV-ADV-GG-225x297-0513.indd 2

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ClosE Up pErsonal

Iceberg ahead!


The Titanic visitor center – simply called “the Iceberg” by many Belfast residents – opened on the grounds of the historic Harland and Wolff shipyard, 100 years after the sinking of the steam-powered ocean liner in 1912. The iconic tourist attraction was designed by London architecture firm CivicArts/Eric R. Kuhne & Associates, with Todd Architects in Belfast also involved in the implementation of the project. “I would like to revive the art of story telling, which is inherent in architecture,” says Eric R. Kuhne. “Moreover, by constructing this building, we recognize Belfast’s heritage as one of the world’s major shipbuilding cities.” The 11,000-square meter attraction boasts four wings, which each resemble the hull of a ship. These rise roughly 27 meters toward the sky – the exact height the Titanic measured from her keel to her upper deck. The façade of the building is clad in 2,000 aluminum panels, thus creating the iceberg look. Inside the visitor center, the six floors are dedicated to the legendary vessel, with nine galleries showcasing the different stages of the ship’s story – from her construction to the sinking, and the discovery of the wreckage. In the design of the exhibition spaces the Titanic theme takes center stage. The recreated staircase and cabins invite visitors to take a journey back in time. UA he building acquired its nickname almost instantly.

text: Uta abendroth

All names and addresses on page 176.

i c, it a n e T r g: h t l of i c e b e B e l hul he ike an ter in ne. t s l n a Ku h r ce lin g t a ll A s s p a r k v i s ito r ic R . E c d i y a n Tit a n e d b n t he desig t fas

178 CU-Personal.indd 178

02.05.13 14:58


DEURS GmbH | Telefon 07221 LES AMBASSADEURS 30 21 50 | GmbH | Telefon 07221| 30 21 50 | |

Unbenannt-1 1

06.11.12 09:20

A genuine Starck! The bathroom by Philippe Starck.

More nuances. More elegance. More versatility: The Starck bathroom series with the coordinating furniture programme. Just one example from the comprehensive Duravit range – sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, accessories, bathtubs, wellness products and saunas. Free brochure available from Duravit AG,,

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