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glamour, which is much different from some the ways we see the stars of Hollywood dress today.

Music’s Influence on Fashion...Then and Now

The styles of the Rat Pack consisted of: impeccable tailoring, sharkskin suits, slim ties, and fitted dress shirts. Sunset Boulevard was the shopping destination for these trend setting men. Despite the fact that these men

Written By: Jessica Myers

did live in the most gentlemen-like of manners, they always dressed the part of a sophisticated gentleman. The

Music and fashion have a direct correlation to each other. Music icons, such as Lady Gaga, Michael Jack-

most casual you would ever find them would be with an undone, but done strategically, bow tie.

son, The Beatles, and The Rat Pack, have had their perforMost young men today dress much more frat-like mance fashion style, reflected among popular fashion for and also significantly more casual. There is a standout, the masses. young musician who has a style similar to that of the Rat The Rat Pack is an iconic, late 1950s and 1960s “in” crowd that had a hug impact on popular culture and

Pack. Maybe being a musician helps you to have an actual sense of style?!

society. The Rat Pack consisted of: Frank Sinatra, Dean Bruno Mars has made a huge impact on the music Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop. scene but has also made quite an impact on the fashion Humphrey Bogart, a major movie star during this era, led scene as well. At one appearance during the VMA’s, Bruthe iconic group as their public relations manager. Many no, and his modern day Rat Pack, came looking very sharp attribute the creation of the Las Vega strip as a celebrity with a definite Rat Pack fashion influence. Bruno’s style hotspot to the entertainment troupe. can be classified as very Rock n’ Roll but with a definite In order to gain access to this elite, star-studded

hint of the Rat Pack sophistication.

group, you had to have more than just entertaining talFlip through the next couple of pages of this artients, but you had to dress the “Rat Pack Way”. The styles cle and you will find the recipes to creating your very own and fashions of the Rat Pack defined the men and marked “Classic Rat Pack Ensemble” as well as a “Rock N’ Roll an era in fashion history. This time in fashion history is Edge A La Bruno Mars Outfit”. considered to be some of the last days of true Hollywood

Recipe for One, Classic Rat Pack Ensemble

Ingredients: (1) Pair of Pencil-Thin Trousers (1) Fitted Dress Shirt (1) Skinny Tie (1) Piece of Silk Fabric (1) Fedora Step One: Wear trousers pencil thin, channeling the late, Sammy Davis Jr. If pencil thin doesn’t fit your body type, which is not unusual, then try a straight-legged, fitted pair of slacks. The goal in this step is to find yourself a pair of pants that are not baggy or loose, but one’s that fit the mold of the Rat Pack sophistication. Step Two: Get your dress shirts fitted to your measurements. The Rat Pack would never be seen in a baggy shirt, so try to find a shirt that looks like it was actually made for you, or, better yet, get your dress shirts tailored to your measurements. You can also add special details to make the look complete. French cuffs, pleated fronts, and personalized embroidery make your look all the more Rat Pack-esque! Step Three: Add a skinny tie. Skinny ties are still a tie of choice for many men and are quite popular on the fashion scene. Skinny ties add a hint of sophistication to any outfit! You can try the classic, black, silk skinny tie, or be bold and try a skinny tie with a retro-inspired fabric. Step Four: Mix in a pocket square with your daily jacket. Be fashion forward and add pocket square folding to our list of talents. Seeing a man with a tiny bit of silk fabric tucked into his jacket pocket reads total gentleman. And when trying to look the part of a Classic, Rat Pack gentleman, you need to take every risk you can! Step Five: Finally, finish the ensemble with a hat. A fedora is the classic hat of choice that the group characteristically worse. With the fedora recently having an emergence back on the fashion scene, it should be quite easy to find a couple that suit your fashion image the best.

You now have the ingredients and steps to creating the Classiest, Rat Pack ensemble!

Recipe for One, Rock N’ Roll Edge A La Bruno Mars

Ingredients: (1) Pair Slim Jeans (1) White or Plaid Shirt (1) Leather Jacket (1) Fedora Accessories, i.e. rings, bracelets, necklaces, and sunglasses

Step One: Like the Rat Pack, get yourself a pair of slim, straight leg jeans.

Step Two: Pair the jeans with a basic white t-shirt or, if you are feeling extra fashion adventurous, a check or plaid shirt.

Step Three: Find yourself a classic, leather jacket. This item is a must-have in any fashionable mans’ wardrobe.

Step Four: Top it off with a fabulous fedora. Just like that of the style of the Rat Pack, a fedora is key to achieving the Bruno Mars look.

Step Five: To complete the look, accessorize with simple jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces. To properly finish the look, get yourself a pair of classic sunglasses from a fashion forward sunglass company, such as Ray Bans.

With either Rat Pack inspired recipe, you can’t go wrong! Try the classic Rat Pack ensemble for a more dressed up look, or give the rock n’ roll edge a la Bruno Mars look a shot if you want a more casual and laidback look.

Music's Influence On Fashion  

A Look AT The Rat Pack And Their Modern Day Equivalent