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June 2012

Vol. 1, Issue 2

1st Annual Swimsuit Issue

FUN in the SUN

Stephanie Harrington



F o o d s

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this issue JUNE 2012

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Picking the right color for the interior of your home.

pg. 8

Living Green

Learn how to save money using solar energy

pg. 10

Artist of the Month

Meet Vickie Chilla, our staff photographer.

pg. 27

Dragon Boat Festival

The Tenth Annual Dragon Boat Festival splashes into Lake Dora.

pg. 32

Leesburg Bikefest 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Leesurg Bikefest. Bikes, food and wild entertainment

pg. 35

The Belle of Florida

Lakeside Inn is the oldest continuously operated Inn in the State of Florida.

pg. 38

Taste in Mount Dora 4

pg. 40

meet your leaders...

This Month: Sheriff

Dr. Susan SusanMoxley Moxley Dr.

Lake County Boaed Superintendent Lake County School School Board Superintendent


Where did you get started as an educator? “I was Assistant Principal at Minneola Elementary and Triangle Elementary, Principal at Seminole and Umatilla Elementary, Director at Lake Technical just to name a few positions ”. I have been in my current position since 2008”.

Lake County schools graduation rates reached an all time high, higher than state average and one of the highest in central florida, what do you think is the reason behind the success? “We have been diligent in implementing career readiness. We make it an area of focus, it has a direct benefit and it is free. We have a strong credit recovery program allowing students to have the credits needed to graduate high school”.

There has been talk of mandatory school uniforms. What is the school boards thoughts on this? “There have been various discussions on school uniforms and the decision was to not move forward. We needed to enforce the dress code we have and we have been very strict in doing so. We define the expectations and expect the students to follow it.”

Lake Minneola High School issued 1400 ipads to it’s students. Can we look forward to this spreading to the rest of the county? “Yes, Minneola piloted the ipads and has increased productivity with the students . We are also launching a program with various schools in which students work with their own hand-held devices that are approved by the teacher. Some of the devices that will be worked with are ipads, and kindles equipped with text book e-readers.”

Last summer Lake County schools consolidated school principals and staffers in a cost saving move, can we expect more of that this coming summer? “Last year was the first time and we are going to do it again this summer. We did a de-briefing and found areas we could take to the next level. We will be using technologies to help make work better and more efficient.” 5

staff meet the publisher

Al Asghar

I want to thank everyone for making the 1st issue of Everything Lake Magazine a success. It was great to hear all the great feedback from everyone. Thank you. As we moved to our next issue, we wanted to put out a pictorial that was different and original. I want to welcome everyone to our 1st Annual Swimsuit Issue. This was a lot of work but fun at the same time putting it together. The ladies that you see are from Lake County and the location was the Historic Lakeside Inn in Mt Dora.

Lew Clayton

creative director

Vickie Chilla photographer

James Hatcher photographer

Tony Lanzer webmaster

Contributing writers: Madison Clayton Ron Greene Derrick Holder Nathaniel O’Farrill

One of the biggest feedbacks we got was that people were happy to see a lot of pictures of events in our last issue. We have expanded that and covered more for this issue and will keep this growing as we grow. You will see our feature story is about gardening and landscaping. We are very thankful to our writer, the garden rebel, Vince Sims. Who better then him to share his knowledge As we cover a lot of Lake County, we will get your feedback and keep improving the magazine. As I tell everyone, this is a work in progress and your feed back is what we keep looking forward too.

Sincerely, Al Asghar Publisher

The goals of the writers at EverythingLake magazine is to provide great stories that are true and accurate from beginning to end. Please be forgiving if we make a mistake. We will make it right. EverythingLake is a monthly publication and can be located in various Schools, Chambers of Commerce, Businesses, Restaurants, etc. Any comments can be sent to EverythingLake Magazine at EverythingLake Magazine assumes no responsibilty for claims made by their advertisers. All letters and their contents sent to EverythingLake Magazine become the property of EverythingLake Magazine and may be reproduced at any time. All views expressed in our magazine are those of the writers and may not be of EverythingLake Magazine. Use of the material in our magazine is prohibited unless written approval is given by EverythingLake Magazine.






Bringing Lake Cou nty

E IN May 2012


Vol. 1, Issue 2

APRIL 2012 Volume 1 Issue 1




L ’12


s Questioners n’ Answ e Meet thArtist Cover 36 pgpg..36

rner Kids Co pgpg..5252

S. ... TAVARE Bright City of rows or m To pgpg..6262


FUN in the G& INSUN


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at er, w ...wat

Voted the Best View of Downtown Mt. Dora

Lake County’s

1st Annual Swimsuit Issue




Boatin Waterwga&ys ...water, wat er everywhere!

Stephanie Harrington

Meet Lake County

Gary Borders


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Whether sipping your favorite wine or indulging in a steaming cup of coffee, One Flight Up has the perfect atmosphere to accomodate your every mood. Enjoy cozy, intimate seating on the inside or dine outside onthe second floor veranda. Choose from soups, salads,wraps and more. For dessert, a variety of cakes will satisfy your sweet tooth. Entertainment includes Trivial Pursuit on Thursday & Sunday nights, open mike on Tuesdayevenings and solo performers on Friday & Saturday.

If you come once, you’ll come again!

440 Donnelly Street, Mount Dora, Florida 32757

407.758.9818 Come visit us on Facebook


style Picking The Perfect Color For Your Home Interior by Madison Clayton

A color scheme brings cohesiveness to your home’s appearance. But how do you go about choosing one that reflects your personality and taste? It’s not as simple as choosing your favorite colors and then haphazardly painting. Creating your perfect color scheme takes time and research. You can create appealing color combinations that make rooms pop. The way we perceive color is very personal and emotionally charged. Colors can make us feel calm or energized, happy or sad, edgy or relaxed. They can affect the mood of a room as well, making it seem open and airy or small and cozy. The important part of choosing color is finding the colors and shades that are right for you and your family. Keep in mind that soft and muddy shades are beautiful neutrals of a more intense primary color. Peruse design/decorating magazines and books for ideas. Your closet is another great place to start. What colors fill your wardrobe? Do you see mostly brighter shades or quieter shades? Which colors stand out? See what works from these examples and choose colors you like. If you are not sure what color to start with, look at what is already in each room. A picture, a rug, bedspread, window treatments or the fabric on a favorite chair may provide a color pattern to come up with the color palette from which you will work. Unless you are replacing all of the decor in your home, you want to complement what is already there. Your palette should consist of three colors: a light, medium and dark color. These three colors will form the


foundation of your decorating project. Lighter colors should be used as a background, if a color seems too vivid you can blend in a touch of grey or white. This helps ground the room. Window coverings and furniture should carry the medium-tone from your color palette. Darker colors should be used to accent. Now that you have some ideas it’s time to open the paint can and get stated. Rememeber you can’t always just jump into painting. There’s a bit of prep work to do. You need to make sure the surfaces are ready to be painted and often you should consider priming the wall before applying paint. Good luck! You are now on your way to rejuvenating your home.

Festival of Speed

Amir Asghar, future Rolls Royce owner

It was a drivers paradise as onlookers oohed and aahed at the endless display of motorsport luxury set amidst miles of unspoiled countryside. A variety of dealerships were on hand giving once-in-a-lifetime ride experiences to attendees of the show. Festiuval goers got an up-close view and the chance to have their photo taken with the car of their dreams.


living green

Solar Power by Derrick Holder & Ron Greene

Recently I visited the west coast of the U.S. and being a resident of Florida for the past twenty-plus years I must say that I was totally exhilarated by what I saw in California, and totally disappointed with what I know to be the case in Florida. Over and over, I saw the rooftops of homes covered with solar panels. Compare that to what is the case in Florida where such a sight is barely nascent. The simple fact is that Florida (the Sunshine State) homeowners are virtually non-existent when it comes to distributive solar power or rooftop solar. How is this possible when you consider the following presumption? Take for example a homeowner with a home of 2500 sq ft of living area; probably pays between $250-$350 per month for their electric bill. Now we all know there is plenty of political nonsense going on in the energy world, especially when it comes to renewable or clean energy. On the one hand we have Big Oil supporting, if anything at all, a "centralized" model where renewable/clean energy would be controlled by the utility companies. This in essence means that all residents of Florida whether they are homeowners or not, would be required through their electric bill to pay for; the utility company's design, construction build-out and anything related to their deliver of their supplied renewable/clean energy production. They will also charge residents for the power they use, even though it costs them (the utility company) nothing to produce once they've constructed the project and delivery method. The majority of most utility companies currently produce power from fossil fuel derivatives. On the other hand, one not favored by utility companies and thus by extension Big Oil, small business owners such as solar installation contractors favor a "distributive" model. This model would place in the hands of each individual homeowner the control to go solar or not to. Homeowners could purchase a solar system and have them installed by a licensed solar contractor. This method would in fact


generate the least amount of money for the utility companies and Big Oil. From these two methods stems all of the “politicking�. So let me make my case for why the "distributive method" should win the argument and how it is by far the better for homeowners: If the U.S. could fix its trade policies with China (not an easy task) then there is an opportunity for every American homeowner and solar installation business, and even the U.S. in general to benefit. China can deliver to the U.S. solar panels for approximately $1 per watt (Cost Per Watt). Any other necessary materials ie; inverters, rails, wiring, etc., may at most come to $1.25 cpw (probably for much less than this). A typical installation by a licensed contractor is approximately $1.75 cpw. The grand total of which is: $4.00 cpw at most. Let's assume a 5Kw system (5000). Using the above sized home of 2500 sq. ft., this system would easily produce enough electricity during the day to where you would have enough to last the night as well. Although roofspace may be an issue in this setup but let's assume there is ample spacing. This system would basically cost the homeowner $20,000. Let's also assume that since we (policy-makers) have ironed out the politics and therefore, the 30% federal tax-credit is back in place. This means the net-cost of the system is $14,000. If this was financed at 7% over 60-months your payments would be

living green

to pay the utility companies for power that which you are not using, ie; the “centralized method” we all pay for every body else’s power too, kind of like insurance. Haven’t we had enough of paying for what others use, what we don’t? These are the basic differences between the two political positions; one that puts all the power in your hands, the other keeps the power in the hands of the utilities and Big Oil. Which one do you think you will come out ahead. Here’s something to think about... why do Californians pay the highest price for gasoline? Could it be that they give the least amount of money to utility companies and Big Oil... roughly $277 per month for 5-years. But the good news is that since your producing way more energy than you consume (done by doubling the required system size), you will most likely never have another electric bill. Can you see how the $277 per month basically offsets your current electric bill? Let’s fast-forward the clock 5-years... you’ve finished your payments and now never have to pay an electric bill again. With today’s rising cost of energy (fossil fuel method) you can either continue to live in the home without paying for electricity anymore or, you can sell the home at a presumed premium to the next person who also will not have to pay an electric bill.Now this is all a very rudimentary way of figuring this out but, the bottom line is the cost for solar has come way down to that less than the cost for an automobile with some obvious benefits. For example, your system’s value will increase over time whereas your car will not. Also, by choosing a “distributive method” you will not be forced

Whatever the answer, I think the Sunshine State should be taking full advantage of its most prominent resource - the Sun. Nuclear... you’ve got to be kidding me! To continue this debate, chyme in or to find out valuable information that your utility company does not want you to know checkout “”. You can find this article and many more regarding the future of renewable energy!


living green 2nd Annual

Celebration Earth at the Windhorse

Photos by James Hatcher

Icehouse Youth Theater: L-R, Rachael Brown, Victoria Crabill, Sarah Neverton, Katherine Bartley, Sean on Stilts, Jake, Allie Novell

A Community Gathering of Sustainable Living “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

Angie Ringler, Jen Kelley, Cathie Bunzer,, Rose Plouf, Linda Cooper First Robotics Team”12 Volt Bolt” Frank, Ed, Benjamin, Daniel


Healthy Pet Foods & Eco-Friendly Pet Supplies Dog Boarding • Day Care Grooming

We’re moving to a neW location on June 1st! Visit our 7,200 sq. ft. facility at 3815 Lake Center Drive in Mount Dora, at the corner of 19A. Natural • Sustainable • Organic • Recycled • Made in the USA

3815 Lake Center Drive • Mount Dora, FL


❧ 24 Hour Staff On Site

❧ Free Doggie Cam

❧ Spacious Pet Suites That Accommodate Multiple Family Pets ❧ A 1/2 Acre, Grass Play Yard And 3 Indoor Play Rooms ❧ Boarding Rates Include All Day Play In Our Day Care Program! ❧ 10 Years Of Experience In Caring For Customers’ Pets

PAWS THERAPY DOGS PAWS Therapy Dogs is an All Volunteer Therapy Dog Club local to Lake County FL. All of our PAWS Teams are Registered and Insured with Therapy Dogs Inc, a non-profit organization based in Cheyenne Wy. PAWS visits Nursing Homes, Assisted Living and Rehab Facilities all throughout Lake County as well as doing Reading Programs for many Lake County Schools and Libraries. We also visit several schools for children with special needs. In addition PAWS in conjunction with the South Lake Animal League puts on Humane Education Talks to Lake County Schools and Clubs. PAWS Therapy Dogs is friends with all of Lake County Humane Societies and Rescue Groups and is not affiliated directly with the South Lake Animal League. We participate in many area Events.

For more information call

(407) 310-7869 or email


pups & friends Pups on the Patio is a pet rescue gathering that takes place on the first Saturday of each month through September from 6-9 p.m. Hundreds of pet owners and their dogs attend this event. Pups on the Patio is sponsored by Paul and Marni Lewis, owners of the Green K9 in Tavares.


Pups on the Patio Photos by Vickie Chilla

pups & friends For more information on Pups on the Patio, contact the Green K9 in downtown Tavares, located at 113 E. Main Street. Call 352-253-5205, email or visit their website


pups & friends

How To Prevent Dog Allergies by Jennifer Gretsone More dogs have allergies today than ever before. Estimates reveal that as many as one out every seven dogs displays symptoms of an allergy. In fact, dog skin allergies are the number one reason why owners bring their pets to a veterinarian. Herditary is believed to contribute to these problems. Breed also seems to matter, as some types are much more likely to develop issues than others. An allergy is the negative reaction experienced because of a food, inhalant or environmental based stimuli. Whatever the offending substance is that a dog is exposed to is termed an allergen. As a response to this allergen the dogs immune system initiates hypersensitive allergic reactions. Dogs must gain exposure to a substance at least two times before they can have a full reaction from it. The first exposure causes the immune system to manufacture antibodies. During the second time, an antibody based reaction occurs and histamine is produced, which is a chemical mediator. Humans normally have the majority have their symtons present themselves in the respiratory tract. Dogs develop skin symptoms instead. Frantically itching is a very telling sign of problems. Beyond scratching, dogs can also develop short tempers and be generally unpleasant because of their hypersensitivities. Hypersensitivities can be classified into two kinds. The first type happens minutes following exposure and normally presents itself as hives. In severe cases, immediate reactions can result in anaphylactic shock, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulty, collapse, weakness, and death. The delayed response type happens hours to days later. The main indicator of this is an intense itching. Canine allergies are due to four main causes. The first of these are fleas and other biting insects. The second

16 12

is inhaling allergens like pollen, molds, grasses and dust mites. The third is from ingesting drugs or certain foods. Last, irritation can occur because of direct physical contact. Hives are a common problem in dogs. They occur with the immediate reaction type response and appear as raised circular areas. Hairs can start to stick out in patches. Eyelids may also start to swell. Hives can develop around half an hour after exposure and disappear by the same time next day. The cause of hives are soaps, insect bites, insecticides, vaccinations or antibiotics. If they appear, disappear, and then come back again it is likely an environmental based cause. If problems are believed to result from food, dietary modifications should be made. Complications following shampooing can be corrected by bathing pets and purchasing a different hypoallergenic product. Fleas cause both immediate and delayed responses, itching begins almost immediately after being bitten and continues as long as they are present. Flea control is typically the solution to this issue. All other pets must be treated to avoid reinfestation and antihistamines can help control itching. Medicated baths or antibiotics are often necessary forms of relief. Dog skin allergies are growing in occurence. They can happen from airborne substances, foods or anything animals come into contact with physically. Symptoms can occur immediately or be J17Jdelayed, happening days later. Flea allergies are a cause of both types of reactions.

Ist Annual Swimsuit Issue

Fun in the


Photos Courtesy of Vickie Chilla & James Hatcher

Stephanie Harrington


Brenna Spear


Photos Taken at Historic Lakeside Inn in Mount Dora


CHAMPIONS in Training Photos by Al Asghar

The London 2012 Olympics are less then 100 days away and some of the best athletes are training in our backyard. They have been training at the South Lake Hospital’s very own National Training Center Track & Field center in Clermont. Olympic hopefuls, such as American sprinter, Tyson Gay, 3-time Olympic medalist and Justin Gatlin just to name a few. More the 25 athletes from around the world have been training at this facility. Good luck to all at these summer Olympics in London.

German Track & Field Olympic Team Charonda Williams 100/200 meter sprint

Tyson Gay 100/200 meter sprints, holds the American record in the 100 meter sprint at 9.69

Future Athletes

Ocala High School Track Team Justin Gatlin 2012 World Indoor Champion 100 meter


“ name is Nellie. I am currently a senior at Tavares High School and this fall I will be transferring to Brigham Young University as a junior in college. For the past two years I have been dual-enrolled at Lake-Sumter Community College. It has been two years full of hard work, stress and alot of learning. But along the way I have picked up some valuable lessons that have helped shape me into the person I am today. I’ve learned that to succeed in life, you need to learn to work hard and always give your best effort. You also need to have alot of faith, not only in yourself, but that after all of your hard work God will help you through the rest and believe me, as a high school junior facing college level algebra, I needed all the help I could get. Another important factor that has been part of my high school experience has been work. I have held a parttime job (actually several) throughout my entire years of high school. Sometimes it has been really tough and I have had to sacrifice my “wants” at the time but in the end I have never regretted my decision to work while still in school. My education has always been very important and i have always known I wanted to attend college so I have been saving for college with the funds I have earned from my job. These past few years have really been a journey that although sometimes rocky, has helped shape me into a good, honest, hardworking student and person I am today.

Nellie Lugo

17, Senior, Tavares High School


“My name is Lauren and I have been attending Eustis High School for four years now. I absolutely cannot wait to graduate in June as it will definitely be the highlight of my school year. I’ve always loved sports and since high school I’ve done both soccer and cross country. Soccer was important to me because it built both leadership and teamwork, two things that I think are required in adult life. Cross country allowed me to test myself and push my limits to beyond what I thought possible. I am also a part of two different clubs at school: Beta Club and Future Educators of America or FEA club. Beta builds leadership through service, while FEA builds skills needed to teach people. I’m a happy part of both since they let us help others and build ourselves up to. Although much of my future remains undecided I am hoping to leave Florida and attend New York Univeersity. I want to become a part of their Global Liberal Studies Program, which teaches students to become global citizens as they learn about other cultures. To me, the world is absolutely fascinating and there is so much for me to learn. I may not know what I want to be when I grow up, but I do know it’s ana dventure i can’t wait to start. Cheers!!”

Lauren Sage

18, Senior, Eustis High School

“This year has been a less than exciting year for me. If you want to complain I’d have to say that I had to take classes I already took, my favorite teacher left, only to be replaced by a hack. But if you’re looking for honesty I would say I enjoyed my senior year. Not the best school year but I have good memories of it. I spent more time with friends outside of school, auditioned for the Bay Street Players and more recently sang a Michael Buble song in the talent show. But if there was anything i enjoyed the most this year it was shooting and editing for my own films. I’ve always loved shooting films whether it was for school, a film project I’ve been working on or I’m just bored and want to film myself mocking a terrible movie or television. Even though my TV production class isn’t what it used to be, I can still find something to enjoy in it. I’ve always loved film and television. Even as a kid I saw something I enjoyed while watching a movie or television. When i was about 12 or 13 I really started to think about what makes a movie good and how I could incorporate that into my own work. And I had made up my mind to do film when I graduated high school. Although I didn’t get accepted into any universities this term, It isn’t gonna stop me, I’ll look for jobs as a production assistant or some kind of intern for a company. And yes, I will apply to more colleges in the Spring cause I still want to make my own movies. Because to get good at film you have to make something cool and show it to people. Because to get famous it’s all about who you know. “

Zach Sage

18, Senior, Eustis High School

This year’s speech contest winners are: • FIRST PLACE Alexandria Seelmeyer from Monica Burke’s fifth grade class with “The House that Spirits Built” • SECOND PLACE Natalie Carrillo from Michelle Work’s fifth grade class with “Fun Spot” • THIRD PLACE Emily Ball from June Rogers’ fifth grade class with “Free Lunch? Fair or Not!”

Fourth and Fifth graders at Sawgrass Bay Elementary shine in speech contest

CLERMONT — More than 350 fourth and fifth grade students at Sawgrass Bay Elementary School recently spent time researching, writing and performing speeches based on their personal experiences and interests as part of the Annual 4-H/Tropicana Public Speaking Program. Students spent time choosing topics, working with peers, and finally having the opportunity to present their speeches to their teachers and classmates. “Oral communication skills are strongly connected with being successful in life,” said Catherine Friedrich, Writing Coach at Sawgrass Bay Elementary. “We are grateful to Lake County Schools, 4-H and Tropicana for recognizing the importance of communicating effectively and how this public speaking education program can benefit our fourth and fifth graders.” Speeches needed to be original, student-written and between two and three minutes in length. This year’s topics ranged from dogs to divorce to iPods. Students pulled off of personal experiences and added facts that they researched. “This is one of the most exciting things I have ever done,” said Torian Clinton, fourth grader. “There were so many smart people in my class with great speeches, I couldn’t believe that I’m my class winner. I’m really proud to be able to represent my teacher and class at the school speech contest.” Class winners who participated in the school speech contest this year included: Juliana Torres, Natalie Carrillo, Torian Clinton, Brianna Garcia, Meghana Shanadi, Nayla Delgado, Michael Farrell, Daniel Van Marter, Isabel Chavis, Angie Bonilla, Hailey Boisvert, Laila Pickett, Bianca Silver, Bayleigh Miller-Ulrich, Alexandria Seelmeyer, and Emily Ball.

Alexandria Seelmeyer will move onto the next level of competition representing Sawgrass Bay Elementary School on May 1 at the Lake County 4-H/Tropicana Speech Contest.







APRIL 2012





Bringing Lake Cou nty


Vol. 1 Issue 1 April 201

ns Questio ers n’ Answ

Lake County’s


e Meet thArtist Cover 36 pgpg..36

rner Kids Co pgpg..5252

S.... TAVARE City of Bright rows Tomor pgpg..6262

ES & Lake s L AK County’ AYS W R WATE

Boatin Waterwga&ys ...water, wat er everywhere!

Meehere! everywt , water Lake County Sheriff ...water

Gary Borders

TA TAVA VARE RESS Ci City ty of of Br Brig ight To Tom mor orro rowwss ht pa page ge63 63



La Countyke ’s


E 1, ISS UE 1




...wat er, wa te

r ever


Qu Ques estio tions ns n’ n’ An Answ swer erss pa page ge19 19

M Mee eett th thee Co Cove verr Ar Artis tistt pa page ge36 36

Ki Kids ds Co Corn rner er pa page ge52 52



Check Out Our Website. It has so much to offer!


senior spotlight

Story by Nathaniel O’Farrill

There seems to be two things in life that are virtually impossible to achieve. Living long and loving long. One Eustis couple has conquered the odds. Hastings Bean, age 102 and Norma Bean, age 100, hold the recipe to leading a beautiful marriage. The Beans relationship began at the peak of the Great Depression when a loaf of bread cost 9 cents, Babe Ruth was more than a candy bar and Herbert Hoover was president. This month they will be celebrating their 82nd wedding anniversary. Who would’ve known when Hastings surprised his wife with a wedding instead of heading to a relative’s house, that they would enjoy such a long and joyous life together. “I said, ‘Hastings we are going the wrong the way.’ He said, ‘No we’re not.’ I said ‘How come?’ And he said, ‘Because we’re going to get married,’” Norma said. They drove in his model T Ford and were married in St. Mary’s courthouse that same day. 82 years later Hastings’ hearing is fading and Norma can’t stand for a very long time, but they have held on to a great sense of humor. When asked what their secret to life was they both answered, “Keeping a level head and not letting bad things bother one too much. A diet of fruits, vegetables and Kit-Kat bars helps.” Let this be advice for us all! The Beans have made a positive impact on both young and old in the community of Eustis with a daughter, five grandchildren, 10 greatgrandchildren and five great-great grandchildren. The Beans moved to Eustis in 1985 and still reside until this day.


Hastings & Norma


artist of the month

Vickie Chilla

As long as I can remember I have always had a love for the arts . In high school I would look into the art classroom watching the students painting away wishing I was in there with them. But like most people I talk to , I didn’t think I was good enough to take an art class. My art spark wasn’t till after getting my Cosmetology and Nail licenses, I went to a fingernail art class in Orlando at the Premiere Hair Show were they offered a free one hour basic nail art in acrylic paint . Of course, I bought every video they had. My art progressed from there. Winning entries in the Nails Magazine “Mini Masterpiece Contest” for four consecutive years. Wanting to experience the joy of photography. That’s when I decided to take a basic Black and White 35mm Film Photography course at Lake Sumter Community Collage. I entered some photos in the Lake county Fair and won a First Place and other ribbons. That’s all it took I was off and running. Every contest and fair I could enter, I did. Always taking home more ribbons and prizes. Deciding to try the big league. I was accepted into juried art shows through the Maitland Center for The Arts, Mount Dora Center for the Art and National Women’s Art League. A fellow photographer told me about a great art league that she belonged to. So I decided to join the Eustis Art League to bond and learn form other artist. I became Show Chair ,Vice President, and then finally made it to President for two terms. During that time I expanded my art world to included acrylic and watercolor painting. No telling what else is next. I am currently a salon owner of Salon Therapy and substitute instructor at Lake Technical Center. Now living a dream as photographer for Everything Lake Magazine.

nail art


gardening & landscape

Landscape Design

by Robert Vincent Sims, photos by James Hatcher

Everyone has a green thumb, yours just may need ripening! Success with a lawn, fruit trees, flowering shrubs, perennials, and vegetables all has to do with knowledge. The more we know, the more beautiful our gardens and yards can be. Florida is a different ball game. We have big bugs, little aphids, fuzzy caterpillars, love bugs (which should be renamed “annoying bugs”, nothing loving about them), and the occasional garden snake. All these little monsters we might find all in one morning as we stroll the garden with our coffee. The trick is in knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Yes, gardening in Florida becomes a lifetime of learning. Oh, there is a fun side too. Copious oranges, grapefruits, grapes, papaya, and my beloved star fruit are the beginning of a fruit salad. The benefits of the fruit pays off in piled high bushels. Then there are the showgirl plants I love to landscape with: knock-out roses, drift roses, camellias, azaleas, plum loropetalum, and fragrant tea olive, just to start. A landscape that is pleasing involves not only responsible planning but also an artistic touch. It is many elements working together and in the end an earthy masterpiece evolves and gets prettier with age. Here is a Garden Rebel checklist. Garden Rebel Tips 1. Color – Flowering plants should be incorporated that bloom various seasons of the year. This is referred to as staggered blooming and keeps the landscape looking good year round. 2. Contrasting Foliage and Flowers – As a professional landscaper, I love bold contrasting foliage and flowers: • Loropetalum against a white fence • Red Drift Roses grouped with Yellow Gerber Daisies • Orange Gerber Daisy with Purple Queen is a combination that few are bold enough to do, but such a bright and happy look. • Pink Knock-out Roses grouped as a background for an island • California Bush Daisy and Purple Dwarf Mexican Petunias clustered in front of the Roses. 3. Drought Tolerant Plants – Water restrictions are here to stay so choose varieties that can take the heat and Florida sand. Drought tolerant plants: • Bulbine – seven or more months of blooming • Aloe – great for sunburns and stove burns and dry seasons


gardening & landscape

• Juniper – rough and tough and green year round • Firecracker – reddish orange blooms all summer and fall • Asiatic Jasmine – great ground cover, stays low, grows thick • Ilex – easily trimmed and adapts well to sandy hot soil • Pindo Palm – silver grey color to fronds and gently arching, great as an island focal point • Nellie Stevens Holly – pyramidal shape, specimen plant only requires trimming once or twice a year • Dwarf Burfordi Holly – this is one of my favorite foundation plants • Rosemary Herb – many varieties can be used in groups as a groundcover 4. Bigger Beds, Less Grass! That means less grass to mow each week. Consider getting away from the big rectangles of grass look in the front yard. Instead, create an artistic island with gentle curves and it is much more interesting than a rectangle of grass. 5. Statuary – Less is More. Only use what is considered “forever” heirloom pieces. An ornate birdbath will last, a plastic one will fade and literally be a downgrade to the property. We always want to visually enhance. Cheap plastic statuary is like shag carpeting from the 70’s, it’s time to upgrade. 6. Landscape Mounds – I love to create elevated mounds in my designs. A “turtle” shaped mound or island can be created with enriched topsoil and some Black Kow cow manure and your plants will love you forever. 7. Pots - A few well placed dramatic pots loaded with six varieties of your favorite annuals can distinguish you from all the other homes. Yes, these pots are expensive but they will look good forever! 8. Water Feature - A fountain centered within a backyard is hard to beat. Also, a small wall fountain will provide sound near the front door. 9. Topiaries – A Topiary with multiple heads helps to create a rich, classic look and becomes a main focal point. 10. Boulders and Rocks – These are great contrast with the mulch and when you find a beautiful one, it becomes a great conversation piece. Garden Rebel Tough but Beautiful Plants You Can’t Kill: Drift Roses, Juniper, Walter’s Viburnum, Ilex, Coontie, Asiatic Jasmine, Crepe Myrtle, Bulbine Pindo Palm, Iris Garden Rebel Lawn Tonic First apply your favorite brand of granular lawn fertilizer, then water it in with this Garden Rebel tonic:

To a 20 gallon hose end sprayer add 2 cups lemon ammonia 2 cups beer 2 Tbs. Ivory soap Shake well. Apply before 9:00 AM.

Garden Rebel Potted Plant Tonic To one gallon of water 2 Tbs. Epsom salts 2 Tbs. bone meal 2 Tbs. coffee grounds 2 Tbs. Ivory soap 2 Tbs. rubbing alcohol Garden Rebel Indoor Plant Tonic To one gallon of tea 1 Tbs. Epsom salts 1 Tbs. Miracle Gro (water soluble) I Tbs. Ivory soap 1 Tbs. liquid iron


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Photos by James Hatcher

John Malik, Jr.


business spotlight

Walking into this 70,000 square foot facility, you get a warm comfort of a family owned Harley Davidson store. The facility started as a 2000 square foot building, and over the years to 6.000, then 16,000 and then to its current size. As I was walking in, I notice a hand full of customers having coffee at a table by the door. I realized that these guys were just hanging around and having fun. “We have been here since 1993 “stated owner John Malik Jr. Walking through the facility, I noticed a showroom full of Harleys. Right next to the them was an area full of motor clothes apparel, parts and accessories. Their state of the art service department is staffed by highly educated and experienced professionals. “Customer service is number one with us “John expressed. “We want the whole experience to a Harley ownership to be one of ease and then we look forward to servicing our customers for the long haul “explained John. John had started in the business when he was 12 years old and his dad was the biggest influence in his life. He had learned the ins and outs about the business from his dad. He also stated that his dad was the main force in keeping things loose around the dealership with his interaction with customers and staff. I asked him about how the current economy had affected business? John explained that they went from selling over a 100 motorcycles a month down to 30 per month. They had to trim expensive for the dealership. He had noticed that about 40 Harley stores closed around the country. He also noticed a lot of business closing around hm. But through all that they have maintained and have recovered to about 70 Harleys per month. Gator Harley employs 60 employees. They have a sister store, Stormy-Hill Harley Davidson, in Clermont which is run by John’s sister Janice. Gator Harley Davidson is a family run business that makes you feel at home when you walk in their dealership. 1745 US HWY 441, Leesburg, Florida 34748, phone: 352.787.8050


Photos by Vickie Chilla and James Hatcher

The Tenth Annual Central Florida Dragon Boat Festival splashes into Lake Dora on April 13 & 14, 2012. Well before this date, you can witness the “beating of the dragon heart” on Lake Dora as numerous local teams practice the sport of dragon boating in preparation for a full day of competitive racing! The event is the primary fundraiser for The Rotary Club of Tavares established in 1972. The Tavares Dragon Boat Festival was the first of its kind in Florida, now there are many such festivals held all year around in this state alone. Teams are comprised of 20 paddlers, a drummer, and a steersperson. The boats glide across the water with 20 people paddling in rhythm to the sound of a lead drum, which insures perfect synchronicity. On race day, the 43 feet boats are adorned with brightly colored dragon heads and tails. “The boats are beautiful, and a well practiced team is a sight to admire,” remarks Grace Genetia, team captain of the 1st place community championship team, Wun Fun Cru. “It’s the best team work that wins the race, not total strength. Synchronicity, teamwork, and competitive spirit are some of the necessary ingredients to a winning team.”


2nd Annual


Steven Mifflin

Mount Dora, Florida Steven Mifflin, 32, of Leesburg was the overall race winner with a time of 18:35

Participant Madison Clayton


16th Annual

Leesburg Bikefest Photos by Vickie Chilla


This free event was held in Historic Downtown Leesburg. It was packed with entertainment boasting eight stages, forty bands, and a slew of exhibitions featuring Wall of death, Rat’s Hole Custom Motorcycles Show, Trails Rider and Drill Team Demonstration. Local restaurants and over 250 vendors offering up a myriad of food, beer and beverage choices, with hundreds of friendly retail shops and vendors that were opened for shopping.


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Historic Lakeside Inn

The Belle of Florida Lakeside Inn stands proudly on the shores of Lake Dora in downtown Mount Dora on 5 acres. The 87 rooms and suites have lodged people from all over the world including celebrities, prominent historic figures and wellknown businessmen. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Lakeside Inn is the oldest continuously operated hotel in the State of Florida. It was founded in 1883 with 10 rooms and one building and has grown to five buildings, the pool area, two docks and a boathouse.

Lakeside Inn 352.383.4101


Many couples have pledged their troth in several different areas at Lakeside. One of the most romantic spots to host your wedding in Lake County, Lakeside Inn was voted the most beautiful place

to have a wedding by the Daily Commercial. Whether it is on the shores of Lake Dora as the sunsets over the water, under the large live oak trees, or the lobby, it will be a memorable day. Lakeside Inn gives companies and corporations a quiet and restful environment for their employees for corporate retreats. And for groups who gather for special reasons like class reunions, board meetings, business sessions, family reunions and a small group of friends’ get-a-way, Lakeside Inn is the perfect place. Centrally located, it is 4-5 hours from almost anywhere in Florida. Meet your friends here and enjoy each other at the spacious pool, take a boat trip on the lake, or enjoy a drink in Tremain’s Tavern or poolside at the Sunset Pool Bar.

Whether you want to have a special dinner with your spouse or a friend, the Beauclaire Dining Room is the perfect place to have a delicious meal. Celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, or a special event you will find yourself pampered by our wait staff. Or, we invite you to pamper yourself with dinner any time – no special occasion necessary! We have revived the historic tradition of taking afternoon tea in the Alexander Room on the second Tuesday of each month. It is a historically themed tea and is well attended. The Mount Dora Kiwanis Club meets each month for lunch as well. The Alexander Room also houses Birthday parties for young and old as well as Anniversary parties. If you want to enjoy a drink with a special friend or just relax - Tremain’s Tavern is the place for you to enjoy a classic cocktail and our weekly schedule of great entertainment of bluegrass, jazz or country music. Meet your friends here for a great time. The work of local artists, crafts persons as well as local Florida writers are all part of the array of items for sale at The Gatehouse gift shop. Stop by and meet “Buddy”, the manager’s dog and say “Hello”. Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as well as New Year’s Eve finds a delicious Champagne Buffet served to perfection at Lakeside Inn. Lakeside Inn has the longest running Mother’s Day Brunch in the area – 98 years and counting! Why not take a break at the Lake! We’d love to have you! We love to play host…anytime!


Eleventh Annual

Taste in Mount Dora

Photos by James Hatcher

Delicious aromas filled the room as hungry tasters eagerly waited to sample some of the finest selections of food in the area. Ten restaurants were represented including Lakeside Inn, Thai Sushi America and Saucy Spoon. Guests had the choice of appetizers, entrees and desserts. Held at Lake Receptions Sponsored by the Mount Dora Area Chamber of Commerce

Chef Graham Ellis of Red Tail Golf Club


Cody’s on Fifth

Merrill’s Market

Hungry Crowd

Saucy Spoon Thai Sushi


restaurant spotlight

Sol De Mexico Walking into this Mexican restaurant in downtown Eustis, I got a feeling of being in a restaurant in Mexico. “ Our food is influenced by the favors of Guanajuato state in central Mexico” explained owner Melina De La Paz. The decor inside was authentic and colorful and gave you that feeling too. Sol De Mexico opened in Eustis in August 2009. It is a family run restaurant with a lot of personal touches to it. “ Our guests are our main goal and providing them with good food and service is what makes them keep coming back” Melina stated.

Owner, Melina De La Paz

There is a full liquor bar in the restaurant. Sol De Mexico features a Mariachi night last Tuesday of every month and a traditional Mexican dance nights during different times of the month. “Our Cheese mix is our most popular appetizer” Melinda said. The Cheese mix is a combination of beans, ground beef or chrorizo and melted cheese. It is served with freshly made tortilla chips. After trying them, I am a huge fan.“ The Carne Asada is the most popular dinner dish “ explained Melina. The steak is served on a wood plank with a skewer of grilled vegetables on the side, fresh tortilla and rice and beans on the side. The steak was tender and perfectly done. If the rest of the dishes are as good as these, I can not wait to try them. I was very happy with the food and the service was excellent. I will be back for more. The restaurant is open 7 days a week fro 11am to 9pm. The lunch menu ranges from $4.99 Thur $6.49 and the dinner ranges from $7.99 up to $14.99. Kids eat free on Wednesday’s. Sol De Mexico is located at 125 N. Bay Street in Eustis. Their phone number is 352-357-0259. You can also visit them online at

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