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can develop as a young dog matures. Owners can help their dogs mature into confident, stable dogs by carefully and consistently introducing pets to other people, friendly dogs, and by introducing them to controlled environments. Doggy Daycare can be a productive means of reducing shyness. At Ms. C’s, we work with many shy and timid dogs. Contact with new people and environments are the key to successfully conquering shyness. Owners play an important role, as dogs develop perceptions based on their owner’s actions. At daycare, projecting a happy, relaxed posture and tone of voice and ignoring your dog if she clings to you or begs for attention promotes a secure feeling. Developing a strong relationship requires time. Starting with half, then full days, and finally overnight stays work wonders.

Our staff has been trained to recognize our guests’ individual personalities, earning a dog’s trust, as soon as the dog enters our facility. Simple steps include avoiding direct eye contact, staying quiet and still, crouching down or sitting on the floor, standing sideways to the dog, and letting the dog initiate contact and approach is important. When the dog builds confidence, it will touch our staff’s hand, initiating a bond, followed by eye contact and gentle touch, avoiding a fear response. Focusing on gentle, positive interaction makes for playful, happy dogs. Call to begin acclimating your dog to new environments.

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Knoxville Writers’ Guild 2017 Spelling Bee Intergenerational Spelling Bee promises challenge, community, and fun


OLLOWING THE success of

the Knoxville Writers’ Guild (KWG) first Spelling Bee, the KWG is happy to announce plans for a second bee, with even more intergenerational and challenging fun. The second annual Adult Spelling Bee will be held on Thursday, September 7, at 7:00 pm. The competition will be open to ages 15 and up, providing a great opportunity for high school age youth to compete with teachers, parents, and community adults. Words will be drawn from vocabulary used in great literature, as well as from other nontechnical sources. The Bee will be held at Central United Methodist Church, located at 201 East Third Avenue. The building is



accessible, and free parking is available. Major funding has already been received from the Pilot Flying J Corporation and Testprep Experts. Additional funding will be sought, as well as door prizes for spellers and supporters. Competitors will be limited to the first 40 registrations. The entry fee is $10. Participants do not need to be KWG members. Participants can register at the KWG website and pay the $10 entry fee. For more information, registration instructions, and Spelling Bee rules, visit www.knoxvillewritersguild.org/ events/kwg-2017-spelling-bee. There will be cash prizes for first and second place winners, as well as other door

prizes. Spectator admission to the event will be a suggested donation of $2. For more information on the Bee, contact Spelling Bee Manager, Michael K. Smith of Testprep Experts, at michaelks@aol.com. Proceeds of the Bee will help fund programs and operations of the non-profit Knoxville Writers’ Guild. Since 1992, the Knoxville Writers’ Guild’s mission is to facilitate a broad and inclusive community for area writers, provide a forum for information, support, and sharing among writers, help members improve and market their writing skills, and promote writing and creativity. For more information, visit www. KnoxvilleWritersGuild.org.

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Everything Knoxville August 2017  


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