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Neutrals & Whites!

Inspired Rooms & More!

Citrine Living: Ultimate Kitchen

DIY: Frame Your Bathroom Mirror

DIY Watercolor Canvas What’s Trending? When Neutrals Meet Daring

51 Pet Perfect EH Reader Pets

31 August Printable “Home”

15 NEW! Photo Corner Childrens Photography

Do you and your family have a fun holiday tradition? We want to hear about it! Share 4 your special or unique tradition with us by Note From the Editors using the hashtag #myEHtradition on your social media posts and your name and 10 tradition could end up in next month’s issue! Ready, Set, DIY! Frame A Bathroom Mirror

19 The Inspired Room: A Farmhouse Living Room

26 Maker of the Month: Francie & Co.

30 On the Cover: At Home With Kim Hazel

42 What’s Trending Now? Nautical Must Haves!

32 Feature Article: In The Kitchen: Citrine Living

67 50 Crafty Kids Pet Perfect DIY Watercolor Canvas

45 Fall Printable

16 Photo Corner 4 Note From the Editors 8 Room Renovations

33 By Arrangement:

64 Take a peek at a carriage house Tablescapes: DIY renovation Bright White Basics

13 Ready, Set, DIY!

DIY Wedding Bouquet

DIY Wire Pumpkins

38 Farm to Table Recipes:

17 The Inspired Room

Summer Roast Chicken

Wood & warm nature tones at The Wood Grain Cottage

47 Everything Found:

20 Makers of the Month

Reclaimed Wood: David Sheinkopf

52 Room Renovations: Love Grows Wild: Outdoor Reno

52 What’s Trending Now?

57 See the Fashion: Newest in Home Decor Everything Summer Accessories!

Simply Made by Erin Paint Me Pink Shop


25to Grow: Room Feature: Americano Bedroom

Fall at the Farm A fun peek at Happy Days Farm

A Note from the Editors

Summer Cool Down Collette Osuna Editor-in-Chief

Why does Summer move so fast?

It seems we were just announcing the start of summer festivities…time moves way too fast! A warm breeze, barbequing with family, and laughing with friends are just a few signs of true summer. This summer you may have even started a new “to do” list. If it is your summer goal to complete a vegetable garden or a new home decor project, go for it! Even though summer slips between our fingers before we know it, make the most of it, for summer will be a cold memory Daraka McCrackin far too soon! Managing Editor Be sure to visit the Our Contributors page to learn more about our wonderful contributors. Read their bios and visit the links to their blogs and Instagram accounts. Also, feel free to leave comments on the articles to share your thoughts or ask the particular author a question. They would love to hear your feedback. We appreciate your support and are so happy to have you as a reader of Everything Home Magazine.

From our homes to yours, happy August!

Collette Osuna info@everythinghomemagazine.com EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | AUG 2016

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Editor-in-Chief Collette Osuna Managing Editor Daraka McCrackin

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meet the contributors Cover

Farm to Table

Room to Grow

Laila Fazli

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Everything Fashion

The Inspired Room

Ready, Set, DIY

Anneke McConnell

Annie Anderson

Anneke resides in Seattle, WA with her husband and 3 kiddos. She is a designer, blogger at Coastal Collective Co., and life/biz coach that enjoys life on the water, reading, painting, and fashion. Find Anneke on Instagram @annekemcconnell. #EHfashion

Annie is a stay at home mom who loves cooking, painting, and decorating her home. She is passionate about sharing how to do it all on a budget. Find inspiration from Annie at her blog Zevy Joy. #EHroominspiration

Laila lives in Bay Area, Ca. She’s Prudy is a passionate home Brooke has 18 years design a home decor enthusiast and an cook from Wheatfield, New experience and recently online shop owner at Laila's York. She shares delicious, moved to Connecticut. She Boutique. She loves everything beautiful, and easy recipes with enjoys working on her 1950’s beautiful as well as her family and friends at her home with her husband and inspirational. She enjoys sharing blog butter, basil & 2 daughters. Find Brooke at photos of fashion & lifestyle. breadcrumbs. her blog Nesting with Grace.

Don Ricardo Massenburg Jr. Ricardo, also known as "Mr. Inkredible" is known for his use of bright, bold patterns and colors. He lives in Durham, NC where he owns an interior design business & can be seen on his Instagram feed @designinkredible. #EHdiy

meet the contributors Printables

Jennifer Reed Jennifer resides in Forney, Texas and is happily married to a Firefighter/Paramedic and has 2 young children. She is the Owner & Creative Director of an online gift & lifestyle shop called The Sister Studio.

Pet Perfect

Chloe Wisner

Feature Author

Jennifer Prock

Jennifer currently resides in Chloe is an avid beauty blogger and animal lover! She Texas and is passionate about interior design and golden loves everything beauty and fashion and designing jewelry. retriever rescue. She enjoys photography and loves all You can find Chloe reviewing the newest beauty products at things nature. Find Jennifer at her blog Chloe Does Glam. her blog Decor Gold Designs.


#EHpets & #EHbeauty


Crafty Kids

Trending Now


Loren Miller

Keila Bernowitz

Oscar Bravo

Loren is a wife and mother to 3 young children. She is an esthetician, make-up artist, and writer at The Society Letters. Loren runs her own farmhouse style Etsy shop, you can find her on Instagram loren_miller. #EHkidcrafts

Keila is a lifestyle blogger and currently resides in South Florida. She has a love for all things floral and classic. Find inspiration from Keila at her blog Home and Hydrangeas.

Oscar is an interior decorator and blogger from San Diego, California. He has a passion to help people decorate their homes on a budget. Find Oscar at his blog Oscar Bravo Home.



meet the contributors Photography

Everything Found

Recycled & Reloved

Ashley Hale

Shannon Ingle

Laurie Scardina

Ashley is a lifestyle photographer, designer, and home decor blogger living in Seattle. She’s a wife to a veteran & mother of three who is passionate about photography. Find Ashley on her blog House of Five. #EHphotos

Shannon is a mother to four and works from home as a certified home stager and owns a custom furniture refinishing business. She’s always on the search for unique "found" items. Find Shannon on Instagram at @coffeepaintrepeat #EHfound

By Arrangement

Room Renovations

Sandra Downie

Holli Rodrigues

Sandra is the blogger behind the Holli is an interior decorator home + lifestyle blog called The and part time blogger at her Rustic Life. It’s her creative blog BeesNBurlap. Infusing outlet where she shares modern style with unique beautiful things that she loves vintage pieces is Holli's and that inspire her. She aims trademark. Wife and Mother of to share fresh ideas for styling 3 from Florida, you can follow your life in a pretty yet her for tips and inspiration on classically comfortable way. Instagram @beesnburlap. #EHfloral #EHroomreno

Laurie is a blogger who loves to show people that you can live a pretty life, on a budget! She shares the struggles and successes of their fixer upper journey on her blog The Glam Farmhouse. #EHrecycled

Written by: Kelly Fellin

at Painted Fox Home

ready, set, diy Creative Ideas for your Next DIY Project


Frame your bathroom mirror using molding!

Written by: Don Ricardo Massenburg If you're looking for an easy way to add WOW to your bathroom, then this quick project is for you! After painting, adding window treatments, and trying at least 3 different shower curtains, there still seemed to be something missing in the master bath. It turned out to be the huge builder grade mirror that didn't go along with the space. Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, I know you've seen it‌the huge unframed, flat piece of glass that covers almost an entire wall in your bathroom. Well, this month, I'm going to share with you how to frame that boring builder grade mirror using trim molding and completely transform the bathroom!

For my space, I decided to go with a black gloss frame. Yes, you read that correctly, I used BLACK GLOSS paint! Brace yourselves people! The farmhouse is going modern glam this month!

Meet me in the bathroom with the supplies listed below! Also, don't forget to share your finished product with us here at Everything Home Magazine by posting your photos with the hashtag #EHDIY on your social media accounts!


    


Crown or baseboard molding/trim with your preferred design Miter saw or handsaw with miter box Paint Paintbrush Paintable Caulk Caulk gun Liquid nails/heavy duty adhesive or mounting tape Pencil Measuring tape

MEASURE & CUT Measure the exact length and height of your mirror to determine how large of a frame you will need. Mark the molding pieces as needed for the length and height. In most bathrooms you will need two longer pieces for the top and bottom and two shorter pieces for the sides because the mirror is rectangular. Using a miter saw or hand saw with miter box, cut each piece at a 45 degree angle to create a frame.

After the pieces are cut, position them in a rectangle to be sure they are cut correctly. If the corners don’t fit perfectly, don’t worry. You can use caulk to fill in any gaps later.

PAINT Turn the cut pieces over and paint the back top edge of each piece. Do not skip this important step. The upper edge on the back of each piece will reflect in the mirror when the frame is installed, so you want to be sure that it is painted the same color as the outer frame. Turn the pieces over and cover them with one or two coats of paint. I used high gloss black paint.

FRAME THE MIRROR Start with the bottom piece and apply adhesive to the back of the piece using a caulk gun. For a less permanent frame that can be removed later, use mounting tape cut into small 2 inch strips. The adhesive will dry quickly so you don't have much time to apply it and get it in place on the mirror. Press the piece firmly against the mirror and hold until it is secure. Once the bottom piece is in place and secured, add the side pieces in the same way and then place the top piece last. Once each piece is positioned apply a small amount of caulk into any gaps at the corners. Wipe off the excess caulk and allow it to dry. Once the caulk is dry, sand the corners as needed and then apply touch up paint to the caulked area. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | AUG 2016

GLAM IT UP! For styling, I used oversized vases to cover more area and compliment the scale of the huge mirror. No glam space would be complete without metallic finishes. The beautiful chrome pieces add drama and go great with the sheen of the glossy frame. For an accent, I chose bright yellow and repeated the color in jars, candle holders and some of the decorative towels. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | AUG 2016

Check out my Instagram feed @DESiGNiNKREDiBLE and my website WWW.DESiGNiNKREDiBLE.COM where you can view my interior design work, custom headboards, and other DIY projects.

photo corner Monthly Photography Tips And Tricks

How to Look Great in Every Lighting Photo Model: Annie Anderson

Written by: Ashley Hale All Photo Credits: Ashley Hale #Momswithcameras: it’s the rapidly growing hashtag you’re seeing the mommy bloggers all over the world use. But it’s not just a hashtag. It’s every mom, with or Sliding barnjust doors add to capture every single moment they can. It’s the without social media, who wants character to the pantry. first time mom who takes 27 photos a day of her newborn and it’s the fourth time mom who is lucky enough to remember her iPhone, let alone her camera, for that unexpected trip to the beach on Sunday. Moms want to be great photographers because they know that life goes by quicker than they can say, “freeze! I’m going to take a picture” and they want to remember these moments before they are just fading memories.

Taking a photo of a child isn’t the easiest job in the world if you haven’t already noticed. Family photographers will tell you that a photoshoot of toddlers without some sweat and tears is no photoshoot at all. Young children can be distracted, cranky, uninterested, and simply too stubborn to smile for the camera. But still, it is a photographer’s duty to capture the child in the best possible light and hope it can be an enjoyable experience for everyone. I’m here to give you my best tips on how to get frame-worthy shots of the children in your life and have fun doing it.

Butterfly added in Photoshop

Breaking the rules and jumping Lighting on the bed

It’s time to get silly If there were a team of people following me around with cameras and a microphone every time I took photos of children, it would be quite embarrassing. It’s just not enough to tell the kids to say “cheese” and often when we do, it causes a forced and taught looking smile. The key here is to get natural and real laughter from your subject. In order to do that, you may need to crack a joke, make a silly noise, or play a little game and usually the smiles pour out like sunshine. My camera is rather large so I can easily play a quickSliding gamebarn of peek-a-boo doors add with the little ones. With the older children, a silly face goes a long way and sometimes a good knock-knock joke will really get them character to the pantry. gut-busting laughing. For the more mature aged kids, you can try telling them to say “money” instead of “cheese”. The softer sound of the E actually creates a better looking smile and hey, who doesn’t like money?

No iPhone pics here to capture that colorful sunset

Sunset photo after bed time

Lighting Try a new angle Fun fact (and perhaps another embarrassing tidbit about me) is that I am rather sore the next day after a photoshoot with kids. Perhaps I need to hit the gym harder these days. My muscles are sore because I’m constantly finding myself in new positions to get the best angle. The ultimate view of a child’s best features are right down at their level. Practice those squats, mama! Get down to the ground and look for new angles you haven’t seen of your kids yet. They aren’t afraid of getting a little dirty and either should you be. Ditch the camera phone It may be difficult to part ways with the convenience of snapping your kid’s photos on your phone but I’m here to tell you that there are better ways to do this. The desire to simply shoot photos with your phone so you can upload them to Instagram is a temptation we all have. Unfortunately, the quality just isn’t up to par compared to a digital camera or DSLR. years Sliding Thirty barn doors addfrom now, your kids will appreciate it if you took the time to use a real camera once in a while to get the highest quality images of their character to the pantry. childhood. Lucky for us, there are some great cameras out there with wifi now so you can easily upload to Instagram and Facebook in a cinch. If you're not quite ready for a DSLR, try the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 with wifi. It will be a lifesaver for you and you can easily and quickly share your photos on the web and on the go.

Sleep all day, take photos all night Families seeking professional photos usually want to schedule photos around their kid’s nap times and bed times. While I’m a big supporter of sticking to schedules and early bed times, this often limits the window of time when you can get the best lighting for photos. For some families, changing the schedule around is not an option but if you have a little wiggle room to rearrange your day, consider taking photos when the light is just right. As for any kind of shoot, the best lighting is not in the middle of the day with the harsh sunlight hitting your subjects face. The best light is early in the morning or late in the evening around sunset. If you want to try a sunset shoot, plan your day accordingly and schedule an extra nap or a late nap so the kids are ready to be in front of the camera during the golden hour.

Break the rules We’ve already covered staying up past bed time but I’m going even further now and telling you to break the rules a little more. Some of the best shots I’ve taken of kids is when we have allowed them to be adventurous or playful and do the things they are normally not allowed to do. This is a no fail way to get the biggest smile out of your kids (what kids doesn’t love breaking the rules just a little?)! Of course we want to set limits that are safe and respectful but the rules can be bent to have a little fun once in awhile, right? Perhaps they aren’t allowed to jump on the bed normally or jump into puddles. Perhaps there is a no standing on the couch rule or skipping down steps. As long as everyone is safe and you feel comfortable, let the kids have a little fun. Let them be little. Let them jump on the bed this one time - you might just catch the photo of a lifetime.


It's all about the real, gut-busting giggles

Photo taken lying on the ground to capture the big sky

Extra Bonus If you’re feeling adventurous with Photoshop, try adding a little whimsy to your photos. Sliding barnkids doorsisadd The wonderful thing about that they bring back our imagination. Roll with it character to the pantry. and you just might find how much fun it is to see the world how they see it. Final Thoughts The best way to get better at taking photos is to practice. Kids are great subjects to practice with so grab your kiddos or niece or nephew and get snapping. Just remember, the more fun you are having, the better smiles you’re going to get in return!

the inspired room One Room Inspiration for All

A Neutral Farmhouse Living Room Written by: Annie Anderson A beautifully curated living room filled with antiques and neutral accents.



eely’s living space from @nn_humbleabode is a quiet mix of farmhouse beauty. It is the first place your feet land when stepping foot into her home and it creates a calm feeling with its neutral beauty.

This light filled room has been decorated with found antiques and some DIY projects completed by both Neely and her husband. They have worked on this space over time and now they can also rest and relax in this sweet space.

Neely found these pulley lanterns at a nearby antique shop. She filled them with floral stems and added a DIY barn door above the sofa! EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | AUG 2016

Special pieces call out when looking throughout the room. The large mirror constructed of aged barn wood and the unique coffee table are subtle showstoppers.

Similar Vintage Olive Buckets found at Painted Fox


The grand windows let the sunshine in and make it a perfect spot for where Neely says, “I spend my quiet time every morning with my cup of coffee and it is where my husband and I love to sit and chat without any distractions.”


It is a wonderful expression of this haven created just for them and by them. What a delight to be able to enjoy this inspiration!

For more design inspiration, visit Neely on Instagram @nn_humbleabode


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Available in Navy (Seen Here), Beige or Tuscan. Written by: Kelly Fellin

(Click the photo or here to visit our outdoor collection)

maker of

Written by: Daraka McCrackin

I am so thrilled to introduce this months Maker of the Month to all of you! Meet Nicole Rees, owner of Francie & Co., and her little guy Ivan! Nicole makes breathtakingly, beautiful teepees, nap mats, & dream catchers…just to name a few! With back to school upon us and Christmas in the near future, these would make amazing gifts for your little ones! I asked Nicole a little about her business and how she started!

“I'm lucky enough to be a stay at home mom. I have 4 kids. 3 girls, 1 boy, and a very supportive husband. To say my life is chaos is an understatement! And I couldn't imagine it any other way. I've been making teepees for 2.5 years and I love every time I get to create a new teepee.” --Nicole EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | AUG 2016

the month Can you tell us a little about you and how your business was established? My kids were forever building their own forts. This involved bringing out every blanket in the house, draping them across chairs, and then having loads of fun. This is something we also did as children but what a mess! We thought it was time to build them their own but it had to be easy to handle, lightweight, and have enough flare to be a fun place for imaginations to run wild. Our unique and stylish version of the children’s play teepee is the result. Little did I know that it would turn into a business!

What products you offer? My main products are teepees. I have 3 options‌a 6ft and 8ft large teepee, and a play 3ft teepee. I also sell accessories to go along with any teepee. Dream Catchers, Mats, and pillows.

Does your daughter's heart skip a beat at the sight of a horse? If so, giddy up partner,... you can saddle up her imagination as she enters THIS beautiful Francie & Co handmade teepee.

What would you say makes your products unique? I see each teepee as works of art meant for play and fun. Each teepee is a handmade labor of love for me. I do all of the work inclusive of painting of the sticks and tassels, hours of sewing, down to boxing and shipping them. No two teepees are alike. Our custom ordering allows customers to give some personal input into what they want and we take it from there. They are full of ruffle, trims, and lots of details. I want each one to be unique just like the person it’s going too. They are kid tested and approved as my own kids spend hours in them.

Do you ship worldwide? As of right now I ship in the US. And upon special request I can ship to other places.

Back to school! Francie and Co 6ft, shabby chic, ivory, cream Ruffled teepee.


Francie and Co. 8ft woodland inspired elk, deer, arrows, and antler teepee.

Francie and Co. Pink, white, gold, 6ft glam teepee. Full of Ruffles, flowers, and trims.

For more designs and to see more of Nicole’s creations, visit her on Instagram or her Etsy store by clicking on the icons below!


on the august cover

At Home with Kim Hazel Written by: Laila Fazli

Kim’s neutral and white home is absolutely stunning! She enjoys keeping her home neutral and white by bringing in more bright accessories, throw pillows, and adding fresh blooms from her garden. Especially now that her hydrangeas started blooming…she enjoys adding her fresh blooms through out her home! For Kim, summer is also a great time for flea markets and antique shopping. She loves using her vintage finds in decor. Over time, Kim has collected old windows, chippy candlesticks, mason jars, ironstone pitchers and old books. She likes to mix them in with more glam and contemporary pieces. Her favorite style is a vintage glam mix….and Kim does that just beautifully!! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous home with us Kim! For more inspiration, you can find Kim on Instagram @kimkhazel and her blog at Styled with Lace

august printable

This issue of Everything Home Magazine is all about celebrating the neutral shades, bright whites, and natural light. There is something about this home trend that is very peaceful and inviting. To help you incorporate these colors into your home, we’ve taken one of our most popular prints and changed the colors to blend into your neutral or bright white space. We can’t wait to see how you style these! Please remember to tag any photos of your printable using the hashtag #EHprintable for a chance to be featured on the Everything Home Magazine Instagram account. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM AUG 2016

Created by: Jennifer Reed

august feature article Ideas to Beautify Every Room in Your Home

The Ultimate Kitchen Written by: Jennifer Prock EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | AUG 2016

Today, I have the privilege of sharing with you the beautiful work of Tamara Anka. You may have found her sense of style prior to today on her website and blog, Citrine Living. If you have not visited her site, I highly encourage you to put that on your "to do" list. Her talents are tremendous and they were truly on display in her fabulous kitchen reveal. First, let me say that every aspect of this space works very well together. The contrasts of color, materials and textures are on full display in one of the more sophisticated, elegant, yet comfortable kitchens I can recall. While having multiple colors in the space, her kitchen draws your eyes to all of the main components. The wood flooring is a very nice warm color and the plank size is perfect for not only this space, but throughout the rest of her home as well. Consistent flooring creates seamless flow from one room to another.

I am a huge fan of multi-colored cabinets working together within the same space. Upon entering the kitchen, your eyes are immediately drawn to the magnificent center island featuring sturdy legs while being adorned with stark black cabinetry. I would literally need to be pried away from one of the barstools here. While very subtle, the black paint color choice for the pantry door to the right of the refrigerator was spot on as it creates balance for the grand center island.

Speaking of the barstools, their color is a perfect match of the main shaker style cabinetry which flanks the walls. The warmth of this cream hue with the slightest of yellow influences is perfection. Just above the slide in gas range, a canopied vent hood of the same color adorns the back wall, flanked by two sleek picture windows which not only bring in natural light, but frame the aforementioned range and hood in elegant fashion. Notice the how she trimmed the windows here? This detail accent ties this back wall together quite nicely. The crispness of the soft white stone countertops offers a balance throughout the space. The continuation of the white color theme with the subway tile backsplash along the rear wall was a great option. By taking it all the way to the ceiling, it created a nice flow along this rear wall, which is a main focal point. Continuing with the white color and texture of the backsplash, the divided apron farmhouse sink was the ideal choice here. To the right of the sink is the newest addition to Tamara's kitchen: her brand new built in, open shelf. Prior to this improvement, a single floating shelf occupied this space. I must say that while I am a fan of floating shelves, this built in is a great upgrade. Designers love to move things around a good bit. Ask any of our spouses, they will confirm this rather quickly. This multi shelf built in is an impressive and positive change for this area as it will encourage creativity for her accent pieces.


The lighting pieces were well chosen. Their scale and color are flawless and they accent the room just as they should. Specifically, the cream cabinetry color is really tied together with the pendants. Did you notice the black candlesticks within the pendant over the island? This is another subtle detail that creates the balance within her kitchen. .


Finally, the pulls chosen for this kitchen would lend one to believe they were part of the cabinetry. Their size and scale accent the drawers and doors just as you would expect them to. Their color also accents the ever so slightly darker stainless steel facades of the appliances. One quick footnote here: the microwave is located on the range end of the island and is installed low, right across from the oven. I must say, as you stand in this kitchen, you are enveloped into a welcoming space which is laid out for the chef and visitor alike. There is not a detail here that has been overlooked. What a pleasure it has been to introduce you to Tamara's kitchen reveal.

by arrangement Inspiring Ideas, Tips & Tricks to Fill Your Vase

DIY Wedding Bouquet Written by: Kelly Fellin


Written by: Sandra Downie

When it comes to weddings, many brides are taking the DIY route. That route isn't for everyone, but when you do decide to do it, there are options out there to help you crate a beautiful wedding that won't break the bank. So whether you are making a floral arrangement for your wedding or even something pretty to bring in and put on the coffee table, I hope these tips help you to tackle your own arrangement in confidence and with your wallet in tact.

1. Consider going to a wholesaler if you have a business or know a friend that does. By presenting a sales and use tax permit, you will be able to buy flowers at a discounted price. 2. Buy in bulk from your local upscale grocery store, such as Wegmans, Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. Not all of them will allow you to buy in bulk, but it is worth asking. You have nothing to lose. 3. Think about what you have right in your backyard (or a neighbors). In the bouquet you see here that I made, I was able to use queen anne lace flowersWritten and fern that by:leaves Kelly Fellin I found right outside my back door. I would suggest that you not cut the flowers until the night before, so that they are fresh and will last long. 4. Save money on greenery. Many people don't know this, but greenery, in a floral arrangement or bouquet can sometimes cost more than the flowers. Yes. When possible, and if you have hearty green vegetation that you have access to, use it. In the floral arrangement here, some of the green leaves are actually picked straight from one of the trees in our backyard. It's so easy and won't cost you a dime. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | AUG 2016

farm to table recipes Comfort Food For The Rustic Life

Written by: Prudy Blank


Some people might consider comfort meals more for the winter months than any other time of the year. But when your family strongly suggests that they’ve had one too many hot dogs on the grill this summer, the whole seasonal/winter thing goes out the window. You know it’s time to deliver a meal that will satisfy even on the hottest day.

Deceptively simple, this roast chicken is the perfect solution to a heat of the summer comfort meal dilemma because it can be thrown together in about ten minutes, giving you ample time to spend outside with your family and friends, and in keeping with the summer theme, you can serve it on paper plates, making the clean up next to nothing!

And honestly, coming home to the aroma of a chicken dinner roasting in the oven, no one will notice the thermometer outside, they’ll just be making a beeline to the kitchen!

Stuffed with lemons, onions, garlic, and thyme, the chicken stays moist and juicy inside, yet roasted to a perfect crisp on the outside. A little wine added to the pan of potatoes, onions, and lemons makes a delicious pan sauce to drizzle over the meal at the end…and the tender potatoes? Well, they just soak up those lovely flavors of wine and lemon.

Here are a few tricks that I use for the perfect roast chicken: Slather the chicken with olive oil. Separate the skin from the meat of the chicken, and work the olive oil between those layers. If you prefer, add some flavor under the skin such as lemons, thyme, rosemary, garlic, jalapenos, etc. These flavors will soak into the meat as the chicken roasts.

Be generous with seasoning both inside and out with Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper! Honestly? Use any seasoning that tickles your fancy! There are so many wonderful spices such as cumin, paprika, oregano, etc. etc. etc!!

Stuff the chicken with lemons or limes, or oranges. Onions and garlic. Thyme, sage, fresh oregano, rosemary, cilantro, or any fresh herb that you love, or have been wanting to try! Now is the time to get creative. These flavors will add an extra layer of flavor to the chicken with each and every bite! sing fresh vegetables, create a bed for the chicken to rest in while it roasts. This will help the chicken to remain crisp all over, but also adds to the flavor of the bird while it roasts. The best part is that all of those delicious flavors will marry, not only giving you the best pan gravy, but the vegetables will become a part of the meal laden with delicious flavor! Roast at high heat. Starting the oven at 475° for about one half hour, and then lowering the heat to 425° for the remainder of the roasting time will help to create a crisp skin quickly, and keep the juices flowing on the inside. Watch the chicken. Yes, this is a meal that you can throw into the oven and walk away, but don’t walk away and forget about it, because you want to be careful not to overcook, which results in a dry chicken. As soon as a meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the thigh registers 165°, remove the pan from the oven. Let the chicken rest after removing it from the oven for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Doing this will allow the juices to redistribute throughout the chicken making it so very juicy and tender!

Click here to view & print recipe!

what’s trending now Using The Latest Trends In Home Decor

When Neutrals Meet DaringThe Must Haves Written by: Keila Bernowitz Whoever said neutrals were boring, didn’t know how to play the game. Not only is this lovely bunch soothing to the eyes, they are warmth to the soul. The key to utilizing this color palette, is to think in terms of shapes, patterns, textures and textiles. We’ve gathered a few pieces and grouped into color category so that you can both stay and move out of your comfort zone. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | AUG 2016

The Basics: Beige and White Image via: Anthropologie

Image via: Pottery Barn Moroccan Wedding Pillows: A touch of fringe and a bit of sequin is all it takes to bump your accent pillows up a notch! Shop these pillows at Anthropologie

Tribal Inspired Indoor Outdoor Rug: This rug is a looker, without overpowering your room! Shop the look at Pottery Barn

Image via: Glitter, Inc. A neutral colored juju hat: African inspired accessories that can be showcased in just about any spot! Shop the look on Etsy

The Metallics: Gold & Bronze Image via: West Elm

Image via: Target

Image via: Crate & Barrel

Gold Quill Wallpaper: This quill patterned wallpaper would make for a great accent wall and compliment any neutral incorporated. Shop the look at Target. Bronze Wall Clock: Tell the time in a most stylish manner! Shop this item at Crate and Barrel. Gold Accent Table: This side show is sure to wow your guests! Shop this item at West Elm.

The Highlighters: Grays and Blacks Charcoal Throw blanket: Deep in color, cozy in feel! Shop this throw at World Market.

Image via: West Elm


Light Gray Hide rug: A modern twist to a traditional classic! Shop this rug at Urban Outfitters .

Image via: Urban Outfitters

Sliding barn doors add character to the pantry.

Black and White Tile: Black pattern is always the new black! Shop this tile at Joss and Main.

Image via: Joss and Main

The Elements: Wicker and Wood

Image via: World Market


Image via: Soley House Image via: Ballard Designs Peacock Chair: The queen of accented furniture! Everyone needs a little boho in their life, wouldn't you say? Shop this chair at Hayneedle barn add A wooden ladder:Sliding Makes fordoors great display all on its own or with a few decorative character to the pantry. throws! Shop this item at World Market

Wooden Planter: Boy, will your plants feel lively in here! Shop this item at Ballard Designs These interesting accessories will inject life into your neutral decor and prove there’s ton of fun on this side of the color wheel.

everything found Inspiring Ideas For Antique & Vintage Finds

Reclaimed Woodwork


David Sheinkopf

David built this beautiful table and bed (next page) with reclaimed maple that had been salvaged from a barn on the East coast.

Written by: Shannon Ingle hen we talk about decorating our homes with found or vintage objects, most people immediately think about thrifting, junking, and garage sales. I wanted to share another idea of found dĂŠcor with you this issue, the beauty of building pieces with reclaimed/salvaged wood! I thought, "Who better to speak to about this subject then David Sheinkopf?" EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | AUG 2016

Not only does he share his love of everything old and worn through his photography, he is also a talented craftsman of beautifully designed furniture. I asked David what he thought the benefits to working with reclaimed wood were. "I think the benefit is the sustainability of it as well as the character it brings. I love the look and feel of something that is old and to give it new life."

David's creativity began at a young age while Photo of a living in New Jersey. His father, a writer/ poet, pile of helped David learn to build. Although his salvaged father did not have any carpentry experience, wood, taken he and David would work and learn together in by David. the cellar of their home. One of their first builds was for a third grade class project. At 10 years old David became a model for Ford Modeling Agency and by 14 his agent had him working with a theatrical agency. From there he landed roles on soap operas and commercials. After many television roles David became the host of HGTV's "Design on a Dime" and filmed 150 episodes over 4 ½ years! When I asked David if he had a favorite build from his time on the show he said one of them was a reclaimed wood table for a loft space. "The couple was really nice. They didn’t have any furniture so it was awesome to give them something so big and so useful!“ "I have always been a builder in one way or another. Even when I was acting I did it as a hobby, it turned into a full time career 15 yrs ago." David feeds both of his artistic sides by working on home remodels and furniture builds as well as voice overs when that acting bug bites. Even with his busy schedule he always finds time for family and

friends. He recently finished a custom dining room table for someone who was in need of help. This doesn’t surprise me at all. After my conversations with David I have found him to be down to earth, genuine and kind.

If you would like to learn more about David please visit his website, David Sheinkopf, as well as his Instagram account @davidsheinkopf

I asked David if he could share any future projects with us. He has been working on a new talk show called “Toolin Around" that will be coming soon! One World Technologies, the parent company for RIGID and RYOBI, wanted to showcase influencers and tool users alike. He explained it as being, "A great vehicle for the guests to express who they are and also give their fans a glimpse into who they are and get to know their personalities." The first set of guests will include some of your favorites television and social media names including: Shanty2Chic, Ana White, Brad Rodriguez (Buildthisfixthat) and Tom Bury. “The Toolin Around show is really exciting!" David told me, "I love being the host of such a great project. It is going to be groundbreaking in our field!" EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | AUG 2016


Vintage Home Shop OK Turn your handwritten family recipes into a treasured keepsake! Wood burned recipe cutting boards make the perfect gift for loved ones!

pet perfect Lovable Pet Friends That Steal Our Heart

Kiwi Sugar



Max & Tucker


Thank you so much to all of our Everything Home Magazine readers who share their adorable pets with us using the #ehpets hashtag. Be sure to check out these sweet fur babies (and their owners) by clicking the links above. If you have a pet that you would like to see featured in a future issue, be sure to tag your “Pet Perfect� photos using the #ehpets hashtag! Written by: Chloe Wisner

room renovations “Before and After” Room Makeovers

An Outdoor Room Reno with Liz from

Love Grows Wild Written by: Holli Rodrigues


I'm so excited to join the amazing group of writers, bloggers and DIY'ers that make up The Everything Home Magazine. My goal is to highlight Room Renovations and projects that are inspiring, budget friendly and spark creativity for you and your home! So let's get started.

With the long days of Summer still ahead and the cool nights of Fall to follow, I'm so excited to share this beautiful outdoor renovation project with you. Liz and Jeremy Fourez took a small area outside of their home with nothing but a concrete pad and created a completely new living area, perfect for family and friends to hang out. Like many, I love being outdoors as much as possible. I'm so motivated but what Liz did to her outdoor space, I'm already thinking about what I can do to mine. Check out this amazing, budget friendly renovation!


Build your own!! This DIY potting bench is on Liz’s blog!

Shop Joss & Main for chairs & bench

To give her "new" patio an "old" vintage farmhouse feel, she used lots of natural wood mixed with bright, crisp whites and old metals. Layering is the key to any great design. One of my favorite elements of this space is the DIY Potting Bench that she and her husband Jeremy designed and built. It created not only storage for her garden tools and pots, but also a space for serving food and drinks while entertaining. To add to the charm of this piece Liz added lots of little details like corbels, a decorative roof, and extra shelves. This potting bench is definitely a focal point to the whole space and a beautiful addition.

When looking at this area now it looks as if it's original to the home. Because it's an outdoor space, Liz didn't want to spend a lot of money on the furniture and decor. To add a comfortable seating area, she bought some new chairs and a bench from Joss & Main, but saved money by building her own coffee table. By doing this, she was able to customize these pieces and give them the farmhouse look she was going for. The amazing coffee table is made of old wood beams pulled from their barn! I never would have thought of that, but I love the rustic and creative look it has. You can't get much more farmhouse than that!

To give the area a more defined space, they created two trellis planters behind the bench. Not only does the greenery pop against all the white, but once the vines take off they will have a beautiful "living wall" as Liz calls it. This also created some privacy and a bit of shade for those hot summer days. Here is a simple but important tip! By adding accessories like throw pillows, cozy blankets, and candles, Liz created an environment that makes the exterior feel like an extension of the interior. It's little details like these that make the space feel more inviting and add interest. Even when it came to the plants and flowers, Liz chose a basic color palette of whites and greens, with a little bit of purple from the lavender creating a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.


Liz and her husband took a space that was bare and basically unused and layered it with form and function, pretty details and living plants. With their patio oasis finished, they spend much more time outside together, from drinking coffee in the mornings to having family dinner in the evenings. It's a space for the whole family to enjoy and it was done on a budget. My kind of project!

Many of us may have a space like this inside or outside our home...unused or not living up to it's potential. If anything, this renovation project shows that with some creativity, elbow grease and few new pieces you too can create a beautiful space with form and function. I hope this has inspired you to create a space for all to enjoy! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @beesnburlap and tag me with your Room Renovation projects Big or Small...using the #EHRoomReno tag. Who knows maybe you'll be the next one to inspire us!

Be sure to follow Liz on Instagram @lizlovegrowswild and see this transformation in detail on her blog at Love Grows Wild

everything fashion Featured Fashion Trends & Finds

Summer Accessories! Written by: Anneke McConnell

Check out our style editors picks for the must have summer accessories!

It’s pretty impressive how you can put on the most basic outfit (even your goto look) and change the it up entirely with accessories. Classic outfits can look a bit “on trend” with the addition of some new accessories!

Bonnie Pendant Necklace


Gold-Tone Pink Stone Teardrop Chandelier Earrings

Whether it’s your day-to-day jewels or a night out on the town, finding a few pretty pieces that go with multiple outfits AND make you feel your best are key!

Beaded Moonstone Pendant Necklace

Great Warrior Collar Necklace

Elisa Pendant Necklace

Kendra Scott Lizzie Hi Low Pendant Necklace in Gold & Iridescent Drusy EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | AUG 2016

Venice Layer Necklace

Stone Pendant Layered Necklace

Jewelry also makes the perfect gift, but don’t be afraid to try something new yourself - it may become your favorite!

Meteor Shower Chandelier Earrings


Gold Lantern Drop Earrings

room to grow Functional Spaces For Our Little Ones

I An "Americano" Themed Bedroom Written by: Brooke Christen, Nesting with Grace


asked Ashley from House of Five how she came up with the design idea for this darling "Americano" themed bedroom. She said that her husband is a prior service Marine and is currently enlisted in the Army National Guard. He has been in the military as long as she has known him and they have gone through several deployments. They are a military family through and through. When they found out that their second child would be a boy Ashley knew she wanted an "Americano" themed room to honor his Dad.

I love that they were able to use some of his military memorabilia and a large American flag that belonged to him. They also have the American flag that he brought back from his deployment to Iraq in the room.

Ashley also brought in some other truly American details like the baseball and football. The old lockers give it a boy’s locker room feel along with vintage baseball gloves and signs. She found those pieces at a local salvage stores.

Reading nook canopy from Blue House Joys!


Ashley said that her boys are no strangers to messes especially in a tiny house. They do their best to control the collection of toys by organizing large plastic bins by category in their closet. Very smart idea! They also have large bins assigned for Legos, cars, trains, music, and stuffed animals.

My favorite part is that her boys know where each toy is assigned to go when it’s clean up time. Ashley says that it is important to stay organized when you live in a small place. Each toy has its own home and that is how she stays sane! Ashley was inspired by Restoration Hardware’s “Americano” themed boy’s rooms. She loves how they use muddy faded tones and mixed metals and textures to create a perfectly cozy and masculine space for boys to grow up in. I think that Ashley did a pretty amazing job of creating that feeling but making it her own. One way that she created a unique space was to shop small businesses.

She said that although she gushes over Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn all day, in the end she likes to support small businesses. Her Instagram account has helped her to find businesses like Beddy’s, Lighting Design Company, 25:40 Love, Blue House Joys, Tempaper and Porter Lane Home. Thank you Ashley for sharing the story behind the inspirational kids bedroom and all the details.

For more amazing design ideas, visit Ashley on Instagram @houseof5five or her blog House of Five. EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | AUG 2016

tablescapes Inspiring Ideas For Every Tabletop

Bright White Basics Written by: Oscar Bravo


Dining on a well-appointed table is always such a treat. It forces us to slow down to really enjoy our meal and the people we share them with. Owning basic tableware pieces in neutral shades of color makes it a bit easier to set a table for any occasion; even if it’s just a weekend lunch at home! Interior designer, Zabrina Hancock knows the benefits of investing in neutral pieces for the home. She has decorated her place in soft shades of whites, creams and tans and added splashes of color through accessories for interest. You can tour Zabrina’s home by visiting her blog, Z Design at Home. If Bree feels like having a new look in her home, all she has to do is switch up the accessories! One of my favorite spots of Zabrina’s house (or Bree, which is what her friends call her) is her amazing eat-in kitchen! When I thought about sharing a neutral tablescape, Bree’s kitchen and dining area immediately popped into my head. “I love the versatility of neutral colors” says Bree, “I use texture to spice things up a bit, like my carved wooden chairs and cowhide rug”.

For her centerpiece, Bree gathered a bunch of white hydrangeas in a glass vase and layered it over one of her favorite platters. “I love the shape and subtle texture that the platter brings to the table” says Bree. The white hydrangeas fill the center of the table and also adds a soft texture to the tablescape. Fresh Hydrangeas can easily be found in grocery stores and a few stems are all you need to make an eye-catching arrangement. Bree added her go-to dinner plates and bowls that she purchased at a major department store we all know and love, Target! The beaded plates and beaded bowls come in a pack of four and are less than $20.00 for each pack! Bree placed her dinner plates over white chargers. Not sure what chargers are? Chargers are (basically) plates for your plates! It’s a fancier version of a placemat. Charger plates (also called service plates) are never used for food. They provide a decorative element to the table and also help to catch any spills. Charger plates are usually 12-14” in diameter. Your charger should peek out and frame your plate with no less than about 1” of the charger’s rim.

Bree added some warmth to her table by using gold-colored silverware and napkin rings. Gold is all the rage these days and I really feel that these gold utensils aren’t going out of style any time soon. If you’ve been thinking of picking up a set of gold silverware it’s safe to say you’ll be using them for a very long time. To keep her tablescape from feeling too formal, Bree picked linen napkins in a neutral greige color. Choosing a casual fabric like linen gives her table a relaxed look. All of these items can be used during spring, summer, fall and winter or for any occasion and if you feel like changing your look up for a holiday, all you might have to do is add a festive centerpiece or table runner! Investing in neutral-colored tableware pieces allows you to get a lot of use out of them. There are some great-looking items out there that are very affordable, and Bree’s tablescape is an excellent example that amazing style doesn’t have to cost a lot of money!

Shop the Look! Bowls, Plates, Flatware, Napkin Rings, Linens, Table

crafty kids Simple And Creative Crafts For The Littles

DIY Water Color Canvas

Summer mode is in full swing, and sometimes it's hard to think of things to fill in all the extra hours of the day that this time of year seems to hold. I cannot tell you how many times a day I hear "Mom, I'm bored!" I am here to bring you a sweet relief in the form of a kid craft to help not only fill up some of those hours, but also create some quality time with you and your kids. Now that is a win-win in my book! Written by: Loren Miller EVERYTHINGHOMEMAGAZINE.COM | AUG 2016

My darling friend Alex is so crazy talented. She is an interior designer turned wife and full time momma to two insanely cute littles, and one on the way! She told me that a big part of her degree is with the arts. It is truly why she enjoys creating crafts for her and her children to do together. With her oldest being 3, she's finding it harder to get him to sit still. Can I get an amen? Her love for the arts must have rubbed off on him because he loves water colors. Their love is our gain, let's get started on this pretty craft!

SUPPLIES o Canvas (any size you'd like) they decided on 3 small square ones. o gesso medium o watercolor (even Crayola works) o paintbrush o jar of water o stencils (any shape or pattern) o painter tape (optional to keep stencil in place without holding) o paper towels

Step 1.

Alex told me that to help the watercolor sit on the canvas easier, prepping the canvas is very important. She decided to use a basic gesso medium. Gesso is inexpensive and will do the job of prepping the canvas prior to painting. She said that she just painted a thin layer on each of her canvas' the night before this project, or even a few hours before will do.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Alex said "When you are ready to paint have your supplies all ready for your littles. I had the station ready with the prepped canvas', small jar of water, paint brush and watercolors near. I let my son pick out the stencil he wanted. We taped it to the canvas. We choose a cherry bloom looking stencil but other fun ones would be leaves, feathers, or a big detailed flower." Since Alex's son is familiar with water color, this was easy for him. Water colors are fantastic for younger children. They chose two colors to blend into the stencil. If you want a darker hue color after you dip your paint brush in water, she suggests you wipe it on a paper towel, then mix with watercolor. If you want a lighter hue to your watercolor, Alex says to keep your paint brush very damp. Once, her son had all the stencil filled in, they lifted it to dry for a few minutes. Then she said they layered on the stencil again and did another design with new colors. This was repeated on the 3 canvas.


They let the canvas' dry on the deck for an hour before they displayed them. Her adorable son was super proud and was excited to show his Dad what he had done that day. And isn't that what these cute projects are for? Oh the memories!

You can find Alex on Instagram @prayplaypaint or at her fabulous blog Pray.Play.Paint


CanvasHQ & Everything Home

Photo courtesy of @francieandco


Win this layout!!

Each month one lucky subscriber to Everything Home Magazine will receive a gallery wall courtesy of CanvasHQ! This months layout is valued at over $1000! Winner will be picked at random and announced August 25 th 2016! Be sure to subscribe to receive the latest issue monthly to your inbox for your chance to win! Visit www.everythinghomemagazine.com to subscribe or CanvasHQ to order!


Sliding barn doors add character to the pantry.

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