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Innovation is the future. It is the fuel of growth, the foundation of economic success and human progress. EverEdge IP is a world leader in technology and intellectual property commercialisation. Our skill sets, experience and success are unique. We help our clients harness the power of innovation to drive growth and create wealth. This is our edge.


Our experience. EverEdge IP is a new breed of company. Our focus is simply to transform innovation into commercial success. We work with multinational corporations, medium-sized companies, small businesses, startups, research institutes, public sector organisations, investors and innovators to maximise returns from their investment in technology, new product development and intellectual property. We deliver specialist resources, objective and insightful advice and a global network of trusted relationships to enable our clients to identify, assess, develop and deploy breakthrough technology into major markets. Our talented multidisciplinary team brings the fields of business, technology and law together under one roof to assist our clients to successfully execute each stage of the commercialisation process  – from product inception to market expansion. This unique approach is driven by EverEdge IP’s highly experienced and international-award-winning team, who utilise the very latest commercialisation tools and methods to help our clients drive growth and create wealth. This unique blend of skill sets has led us to become a supplier of expert advice to ambitious technology entrepreneurs and the world’s largest companies. Our clients also gain direct access to an international network of commercialisation specialists via our membership of Global IP Law Group,

an elite network of firms who specialise in monetising intellectual property. With offices in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Global IP Law Group provides services, insight and resources to large and small companies, independent innovators, and research institutes seeking value for their intellectual property assets. However, we don’t just advise. We also directly invest in and actively commercialise innovation through the EverEdge IP Technology Investment Fund. Our extensive experience in research and development, intellectual property, law, finance and marketing has enabled us to successfully select, develop and commercialise a growing portfolio of highpotential innovation and intellectual property. We are now a supplier of ground-breaking business models, products, services and technologies to the world’s leading manufacturers and brands. This day-to-day work at the coal face of commercialisation provides our teams with crucial insights and valuable, reality-informed experience into commercialisation. We pass this knowledge directly to our clients to help them commercialise, quicker, faster, better. Commercialisation is about outcomes: ideas created, products launched, revenue generated. Year on year we help our clients deliver game-changing technologies and create wealth from innovation. The results speak for themselves.

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Our difference. EverEdge IP is different. We do not subscribe to the view that innovation is a gamble where four out of five projects must fail. Innovation and commercialisation can be made more certain and predictable by understanding the factors that drive innovation and changing traditional approaches to commercialisation. At EverEdge IP this difference is evident in everything we do. EverEdge IP was founded in 2003 to commercialise in-house proprietary technologies. Experience quickly demonstrated the need for a service that brought the resources that drive commercialisation together at a single point and deployed them via a clear and systematic strategic methodology. Using this approach EverEdge IP has grown significantly, building a highly experienced team which has gained a reputation for consistently identifying, evaluating and successfully deploying technologies into national and international markets. The team’s vibrant and innovative attitude and objective, robust advice has been recognised locally and internationally through many awards and competitions.

Today EverEdge IP serves clients across six continents. Our clients include Fortune 100 to medium-size companies, small businesses, individual innovators, private and public research institutes and local, regional and national governments. We have direct experience in industries as diverse as software, electronics, biotechnology, medical devices, aviation, manufacturing, commodities, media, food and beverage and financial services. We represent a substantial portfolio of intellectual property rights which we actively license or sell to major manufacturers and brand owners around the world. For these innovation buyers our reputation for successful commercialisation provides EverEdge IP access to a deep pool of innovation via its extensive network of leading innovators, researchers and creatives.

EverEdge IP / Our difference

EverEdge IP approaches things differently. Unlike other providers we don’t just advise from the sidelines: we directly fund and actively commercialise groundbreaking technologies. This handson involvement ensures that the advice we provide our clients is grounded in reality and informed by practical experience rather than theory. We ensure each EverEdge IP Project Team contains multiple, complementary skill sets from business, technology and law. Our experience across hundreds of projects demonstrates that this blended approach delivers greater success than a narrow focus on a single discipline. The way we engage with innovators is different too. Innovators and intellectual property owners are the most important contributors to economic growth. Recognizing this, we have developed a unique and transparent method of compensating those who create innovation according to the downstream revenue generated by the products and services derived from their ideas.


We also take a different approach to intellectual property. Our experience shows that too many intellectual property owners focus on securing protection instead of creating value. Likewise, many advisors concentrate solely on patents and ignore or downplay other forms of intellectual property protection that may be more effective or less costly. Working with hundreds of clients has taught us that protection is only one step in the commercialisation process, that all forms of protection need to be considered, and that protection is only as effective as the value it creates. For this reason, we chose to be independent of the patent attorney industry. While our team includes experienced patent and trademark attorneys, we do not file patents or trademarks on behalf of clients. Consequently we are unique in being able to provide impartial and objective advice about if and how valuable ideas and technology should be protected, managed and commercialised.


While a great idea is a starting point, success comes from how ideas are commercialised. Working with hundreds of clients we have developed a suite of services that measurably improve commercialisation success outcomes.

EverEdge IP / Services

Ideation Typically ideas arise spontaneously within organisations. Although such ideas may be valuable, their indiscriminate nature and timing often means they are misaligned to the organisation’s broader goals and strategy. The result: great ideas are often ignored and safe ideas are promoted. Ideation is the strategic generation of new ideas, business models, technologies and product applications. The EverEdge IP Ideation Process™ is a tool that helps organisations to quickly generate, rationalise and develop new concepts that align with and add value to the organisation. The robust process enables multiple parties to collaboratively and transparently share knowledge and create and assess opportunities. Furthermore, by clarifying the different parties’ contributions and documenting the commercial arrangement, the EverEdge IP Ideation Process™ minimises the potential for future misunderstandings and disputes.

Assessment Resources, time and energy should be committed to the best projects, those that are likely to generate the strongest returns. This makes assessment a critical stage in the commercialisation process. Unfortunately, accurately assessing a concept or technology’s true potential early in its life can be extremely difficult and prone to significant error. Mistakes about the strength of intellectual property protection, freedom-to-operate risk and technology feasibility frequently prove very costly. EverEdge IP’s proprietary Technology Assessment Methodology helps clients understand the true potential of a concept or technology at the earliest possible stage. This enables organisations


to more precisely select those projects to advance, or discontinue, and ensures that future plans are based on strong and realistic foundations. Furthermore our independence from the patent attorney industry means each assessment is based on a clear, impartial and objective advice – if a project is unlikely to repay the costs of intellectual property protection or development we will not recommend it.

Management Intellectual assets are the pre-eminent source of competitive advantage in today’s knowledge economy. Like any asset, intellectual property must be actively managed and maintained to capture value, ensure long-term effectiveness and generate competitive advantage. Effective intellectual property portfolio management is a specialised discipline, not an administrative task. It requires time, care, commercial insight and expertise. It also needs independence: management of a portfolio should not be turned over to a provider who has a vested interest in filing patents or trademarks. EverEdge IP’s independence and commercial outlook eliminates this risk and ensures we manage our clients’ intellectual property in a way that adds value, not cost. Our intellectual property management service reduces intellectual property protection costs and frees valuable R&D staff from the complexity and day-today demands of managing a portfolio of legal rights. It also decreases overhead and training costs, eliminates role-succession risk, and provides access to a dedicated team of intellectual property professionals with a focus on value creation.


From mind to market. Figure 1. Commercialisation Process

Exploitation Protection Development Assessment Identification

Commercialisation is a challenging process – that’s why it helps to work with someone who has done it before. At EverEdge IP we have helped hundreds of individuals and organisations to commercialise technology and innovation. We understand each step of the process. It begins by Identifying innovation. Eureka moments occur, but frequently valuable innovations must be sifted from among many potentially promising ideas. Objective, independent and early Assessment is critical to ensure scarce resources are committed

to the best projects. Development is a complex process: iteratively converting theory to reality, it requires patience and a clear understanding of future market needs. Protection relies less on specific intellectual property instruments than on integrating multiple competitive barriers to create economic and strategic leverage. Exploitation, the most important stage, converts innovation into commercial value via intellectual property sale, licensing or market-entry and expansion processes.

EverEdge IP / From mind to market


Figure 2. EverEdge IP Commercialisation Methodology



Every commercialisation journey is different. Each technology is new, every market application is unique. The uncertainty can be daunting. The EverEdge IP Commercialisation Methodology reduces unknowns and converts activity into progress but remains flexible enough to respond to the unexpected. Ideation is the starting point: strategically creating and aligning innovation to the organisation’s broader goals. Assessment enables clients to understand what they really have and provides data so that they can


make key decisions about innovation options. Planning is essential – too many commercialisation initiatives proceed without a clear path to create and sustain value. Based on engagements with hundreds of organisations, we understand that Execution is critical. Unlike other providers, we work directly alongside our clients, tackling challenges together to ensure success. Our goal is simple: to move client innovation from Mind to Market.



We work alongside our clients at every stage of the commercialisation life cycle, from idea inception to market execution. Our blend of skills and practical experience transform technology and innovation into commercial success.

EverEdge IP / Services

Commercialisation Commercialisation is the stage at which the strongest innovations, after careful assessment, development and management, are converted into commercial value. There are two core phases to commercialisation: planning and execution. Planning involves the development of a comprehensive commercialisation strategy which guides the project from its current state to generating its first revenues and on to full market expansion. Execution converts that commercialisation strategy into action – it is the doing phase. It is both exhausting and exhilarating and is where most ventures succeed or fail. We help clients to plan and execute an effective Commercialisation Strategy, drawing on our experience and work with hundreds of companies. The risks are great but the rewards are enormous which is why having a partner like EverEdge IP makes all the difference.


structuring a deal that improves leverage and creates the best possible outcomes, considering the parties’ respective positions and strengths. EverEdge IP has conducted hundreds of commercialisation negotiations and provides the objective, insightful and robust advice needed to successfully close deals that drive commercialisation forward. We work with clients to develop a clear framework to guide each negotiation and ensure that deal parameters are aligned with broader organisational goals.

Transaction services EverEdge IP provides the full spectrum of technology-related transaction services to technology start-ups seeking capital, investors requiring due diligence, businesses needing to value intangible assets, and technology owners monetising intellectual property. Our highly experienced transaction team helps clients to reduce risk, maximise opportunity and complete the deal.


Policy advice

Every commercialisation process is built on a series of successful negotiations. These negotiations typically result in: / Manufacturing or distribution agreements / Joint-venture arrangements / Strategic alliances / Technology-development agreements / Royalty bearing licenses / Technology transfer or sale of intellectual property

Based on our extensive experience in research and development, innovation and commercialisation, EverEdge IP has built a strong practice advising local, regional and national governments as well as publicly funded agencies on a broad variety of issues and policy related to: / Technology development / Research and development / Publicly funded science / Commercialisation

However, many technology owners have little direct experience in commercial negotiations involving technology and intellectual property assets. This puts at risk a critical stage of the commercialisation process. Understanding the other side’s approach and perspective is critical to

We provide our clients comprehensively researched and insightful advice on key strategic issues, helping create policy and economic frameworks that promote knowledge-based entrepreneurial activity and commercialisation.


Our clients. Our clients span a wide range of sectors, sizes and developmental stages. They include Fortune 100 corporations, medium-size companies, small businesses, individual innovators, private and public research institutes and local, regional, and national governments. We have direct experience in industries as diverse as software, electronics, biotechnology, medical devices, aviation, manufacturing, commodities, media, food and beverage and financial services. Headquartered in New Zealand, we serve clients around the globe, from the United States to Denmark, from China to Brazil. Our clients all have one thing in common: an unambiguous commitment to innovation and the passion to see it successfully realised. We have one goal: to help them achieve that.

Corporations understand that driving growth means investing in innovation, yet historically, returns from traditional innovation and commercialisation processes have been poor. We have pioneered an approach that enables corporations to profit from more successful and predictable innovation and commercialisation outcomes. We help corporate clients leverage the potential of technology and intellectual property to create new revenue streams, build competitive advantage and accelerate product development and we reduce risk and liability by assisting management to develop their own internal commercialisation capability. For medium-sized companies, research and development is frequently a highstakes gamble – it is expensive, prone to delay and often fails to deliver on expectations. Surprisingly, the challenge is often not insufficient development capability but a shortage of experience at converting research and development outputs into profitable outcomes or strategic advantage. We remove gambling from the equation by providing senior management with robust, objective advice and the latest tools needed to avoid common commercialisation errors and extract strong returns from investments in innovation.

EverEdge IP / Our clients

The close connections small businesses enjoy with customers and suppliers provide unique insights into where and how technology evolution and revolution is occurring. Such insights frequently see smaller companies creating products, technologies and services that are significantly more innovative than larger competitors. EverEdge works closely with small business owners through every stage of the commercialisation process – from identifying and assessing intellectual property to development of a comprehensive commercialisation strategy to closing key deals and creating revenue. Innovators and start-ups provide the creative fuel that powers business success and the broader economy. EverEdge IP has worked with hundreds of innovators and start-ups to convert new concepts, business models and technology into wealth. Our team works with each client to establish the business case, understand the commercial opportunity, identify target markets and successfully launch the product or close deals. We also directly invest in high-potential new technologies via the EverEdge IP Technology Investment Fund.


The challenge for technology and intellectual property investors is that the potential for large returns go handin-hand with high levels of risk and uncertainty. Technology and intellectual property due diligence in particular presents many unique and complex issues: from detecting relevant prior art to correctly assessing freedom to operate risk. Our wide-ranging experience in technology and intellectual property due diligence enables EverEdge IP client’s to substantially reduce investment risk, better assess value and reveal opportunities to drive increased investment returns. Public sector organisations have helped develop many of the world’s most important scientific and technical advances. However the full commercial potential of publicly funded research often goes unrealised. A key challenge is that the skills sets needed to create innovation are not the same as those required to commercialise it. We work closely with public sector research institutes to achieve successful commercialisation, technology transfer and patent monetisation. At a policy level we engage with local, regional and national governmental organisations to research, develop and implement innovation, technology and commercialisation policies to promote economic growth.


Our technology. EverEdge IP isn’t simply a thought leader and advisor – every day we actively invest in, develop and commercialise new technologies. We have established the EverEdge IP Technology Investment Fund to fund the commercialisation of gamechanging technologies. Every quarter we see hundreds of new concepts, business models and technologies sourced from our extensive innovation network. We identify the highest-potential ideas then invest in and actively commercialise each. Each project draws on our experience of working with hundreds of companies and our extensive capabilities in research and development, intellectual property and law, finance, product development and technology marketing. The result is a rapid acceleration from concept to technology solution, from idea to market. The EverEdge IP Technology Investment Fund is unusual. Unlike other funders we: / Enable technology owners to retain full ownership of their intellectual property. / Do not take an equity position (shares) in our investment ventures. / Don’t just invest cash – we directly invest the human, technical and network resources required to achieve successful commercialisation. This provides technology owners with benefits that add far more value than money alone. We are deeply involved in each project, working alongside the technology

owner to create a multidisciplinary team to achieve successful commercialisation. Using this model we have gained an international reputation for introducing technologies that redefine industries and have become a major supplier of intellectual property to leading manufacturers and brands across dozens of industries. Technology buyers gain access to our network of leading innovators, researchers and creatives. This rich flow of innovation and our intensive commercialisation programme enables EverEdge IP to deliver technology buyers turn-key, industrychanging technology solutions that build sustainable competitive edge and longterm value, founded on strong intellectual property rights. For technology owners we are a source of hands-on expertise and capital that dramatically reduces commercialisation risk, cost and time and magnifies wealth creation. Fund successes to date include several eight-figure annual revenue commercialisation deals involving leading multinational manufacturers and brands. Technologies that meet all the following criteria may qualify for investment: / A foundation technology with multiple industry or market applications. / A strong and durable intellectual property position. / Potential to generate a minimum of 50m US dollars in earnings in under five years. / Targeted to large, preferably international, markets.

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EverEdge IP Level 2 2 Fred Thomas Drive Takapuna North Shore City 0622 New Zealand PO Box 36 276 Northcote North Shore City 0748 New Zealand Phone: + 64 9 489 2331 Fax: + 64 9 489 2313 Email: Web:

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