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Spree across Scotland

When I’m called home, my family will benefit, but so will people in extreme poverty. Hilary Frances

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Urban Saints in Scotland is making its Spree holidays a major focus of 2011. Building on the success of Spree in the Borders since 2006 and Skye Spree since 2008, plans are underway to introduce a new Highlands Spree in September 2011 based in the Abernethy Trust centre in Nethy Bridge near Aviemore. Spree is a high-energy, low-cost evangelistic weekend designed for youth groups. Another new initiative is working to take Spree on the road, training young emerging leaders who will bring the Spree experience to places beyond the reach of current weekend events. The idea is to have a team of 30 people with a truckload of equipment driving around Scotland running mini Sprees in partnership with local churches. Charlie Morris, director of Urban Saints in Scotland, said, “One of the key secrets of Spree is that busy youth leaders can bring their children and young people and spend the weekend having fun alongside them. They are then able to follow up and build on steps of faith made at Spree.” CHURCHES PREPARE FOR DEMENTIA. In response to research showing that the number of people with dementia will double between now and 2050, churches are preparing for the challenge of ministering to ageing congregations. Even as memory and concentration go, the feelings remain intact, so Scripture Union has published Being With God, a series of three daily devotionals. Designed to reach this growing segment of the Church, the books use familiar Bible readings, simple prayers and “cues and clues” with picture suggestions to help unlock memories and engage with the day’s theme. Each book also comes with an audio CD.

Hilary Frances knows that life is fragile: she went to bed healthy and woke up seriously ill. “My heart problems prompted me to make a Will, and I enjoyed doing it.” she says. Hilary settled her affairs and provided for her family, but she also realised she could help others she cared about too. So she included Tearfund in her Will. “I hope my Christian legacy will help people have a better life and know the love of Christ.” Through ordinary means, Hilary has done extraordinary things with her Will. By leaving a legacy to a Christian charity, so could you. Find out more at

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