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The Expert Validation Platform The TAKE IT UP Expert Validation Platform (EVP) is a high profile panel of innovation support practitioners which facilitates the uptake of novel tools and services developed within Europe INNOVA by providing expert feedback on improvement of tools/services and support for the testing process. The panel is meant as a practice-oriented working group which will assess and provide advice on the further development of the novel tools services presented by Europe INNOVA partnerships during the nine planned EVP meetings. Key objectives of the EVP are:  Capture emerging needs;  Provide user feedback for tool/service improvement;  Define better promotion and transfer mechanisms;  Act as a facilitator for the testing process by providing access to potential users;  Identify tools/services with a high potential to be subject of labelling/standardisation process;

Novel Tools & Services TAKE IT UP

Better exploiting

Europe’s innovation potential ! TAKE IT UP is the promotion pillar aiming to turn the tools and services developed by Europe INNOVA partnerships into support packages widely adopted by European Innovation Service Providers (ISPs) for the benefit of SMEs. A market and partnerships in:



Fuelling Innovation Support !


e  ngaging ISPs and potential users to participate in the development and testing of tools/services (Expert Validation Platform);  fi  ne-tuning tools/services to comply with the 6 Europe INNOVA quality principles and identifying the most appropriate exit strategy;  s howcasing “best in class” tools/services for innovation support to wide audiences (Warhouse for Innovation Support).

Novel Tools & Services TAKE IT UP

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Turning novel tools and service concepts into widely employed business practices for Innovation Service Providers

 Shape policy recommendations.

This project is financed under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) which aims to encourage the competitiveness of European enterprises.

Novel Tools & Services TAKE IT UP

Targeting support tools to the needs of companies

 Targeting support tools to the needs of companies  Accelerating their uptake in the regions, the resourceware for better innovation support, is a space totally dedicated to Innovation Service Providers (ISPs). The resourceware contains:

Coaching Service


 testing guidelines and toolk e  exit strategy support packag  peer review cycles

hops Events and Works

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co N, EACI. INNOVA, EURADA, EE ndtables 9 EVP meetings-rou sessions 2 capacity building

Access to N etworks

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 over 500 ISPs from

the TAKE IT p network

UP partnershi

 L  earning Corner, where you can find tested methodologies and toolkits, documents and papers, capacity building and training opportunities and get the latest update on innovation support services.

Join the TAKE IT UP community area!

Online res

 www.takeitup



warehouse  of top perf too o ls and serv

 learning corn

 arehouse for Innovation W Support, a database of top performing tools and services for innovation support developed by ISPs to accelerate the growth of innovative SMEs;


community er and area


Joining the TAKE IT UP community of innovation professionals allows you to engage in group discussions, build contacts and exchange experiences with peers, better serving your client SMEs thanks to new business and partnership opportunities.

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TAKE IT UP A market and user-centred platform assisting partnerships in:  engaging ISPs and potential users to participate in the developme...

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