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Innovation in Services

Knowledge-Intensive Services An innovative service sector

The European Innovation Platform on Knowledge-Intensive Services (KIS-IP) addresses the specific needs of innovative companies in the service sector. The second phase of the KIS-IP builds upon the structure established during the initial phase and adds new partnerships in four different sectors.


Mobile Services Innovation Platform

Mr Angelos Manglis President and Managing Director, Atlantis Consulting S.A., Greece

Innovation in Services MOBIP

“Mobile services have a huge economic potential for competitiveness, innovation and growth, and there is a strong need to build on this potential in the world markets.” MOBIP is seeking to identify and address the needs of high growth ventures that are active in mobile services. The overall goal is to support their competitiveness and help them to achieve their high growth potential. A further key objective is to facilitate their search

for investors. This includes identifying models for investment readiness and investor attractiveness of mobile services businesses both in relation to national sources of finance and cross-border investment. |

B Creative

Business kit for Creative start-ups in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Venture capital and Entrepreneurial skills

João Mena de Matos Director, European Design Centre, Netherlands Innovation in Services B Creative

“Creative industries are deeply linked with innovation, which is the core of Europe’s economic strength. B Creative will help foster the most promising start-ups in this strategic economic field by providing them with the right tools for growth and success.” B Creative addresses the needs of SMEs within the creative industries. The main objective for this project is to streamline different innovation support mechanisms for SMEs with a view to establishing closer links between knowledge creation, incubation, finance and

clusters. By removing existing barriers, it will encourage SMEs to better exploit their research results and facilitate the search for investors and potential business partners. Ten partners from six European countries will participate in the project. |


Greening the Construction Sector – Towards a Value-adding Service Industry

Katharina Krell Managing Director, Greenovate! Europe EEIG, Belgium

Innovation in Services GreenConServe

“GreenConServe will be instrumental in accelerating the paradigm shift of the largest European sector towards a green services industry. The project involves exciting and genuine European cooperation between the EU, the national innovation agencies, innovation professionals and the business community. It offers companies all the innovation support they need from one and the same hand.” GreenConServe sets out to improve the innovation support framework for green service innovators in the construction sector. The project will design, test and implement a two-step voucher scheme providing access to technical and business support for service innovators in the construction industry in Norway, France and

Germany. It involves a public-private partnership with professional associations organising training and national innovation agencies providing public funding for the vouchers. The intended long-term impact is the development of a truly European market for comprehensive innovation support services. |


Improving the value of Digital Media and Creative Industries through Innovative Business Models and Services

Michela Michilli Head of “EU Programmes & International Initiatives” Unit Filas, Italy

Innovation in Services ImMediaTe

“ImMediaTe will unlock the potential of creative and innovative SMEs by establishing a sectoral platform with a balanced mix of knowledge transfer, learning processes, investment attraction and collaboration within clusters.” ImMediaTe’s objective is to counteract the high market fragmentation within the digital media and creative sector, one of the fastest growing market segments with an annual turnover of 300 billion euro. The project will assist new ventures in finding and attracting public and private investment, with special attention being paid to international co-financing schemes. ImMediaTe will tackle the fragmentation of the sector value chain

by bringing together all relevant key stakeholders from the entrepreneurial and investment sides and supporting them with facilitators such as regional development agencies and clusters. The project will launch a new European enterprise equipped to create, deliver and maintain an integrated and standardised package of services including finance, education and business support to SMEs in the digital media sector. |

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“Mobile services have a huge economic potential for competitiveness, innovation and growth, and there is a strong need to build on this pote...