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The Meeting Place for the Middle East Downstream Industry: Exhibition, Tradeshow & Conference. Focus on Latest Technology Developments for Gas Processing, Oil Refining, Residue Upgrading & Petrochemicals

Special Presentations by TAKREER · DOLPHIN ENERGY · SABIC · GPCA

Key Conference Topics GAS SESSION


• Post Economic Crisis Global & Middle East Gas Markets • Shale Gas • Technology Developments for Long Distance Gas Transportation • Integrating Technologies – Large Scale Gas Treatment Complexes in Middle East

PETROCHEMICALS SESSION • Petrochemical Industry Review & Future Prospects • Technology Advances in Olefins, Polyolefins & Aromatics • Investigating options for Olefin Technology – Refinery Integration

REFINING SESSION • Global & ME Refining Outlook & Strategy options • Technology & Catalyst Advances for Clean Fuels • Innovations in Hydrocracking to maximize High Quality Distillate Fuels • Energy Management Strategies & Programs

RESIDUE UPGRADING SESSION • Bottom of the Barrel Project Implementation Options & Challenges • Advances in Residue Upgrading Technologies • Innovations in Residue Cracking: Operation & Catalyst Strategies

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Pre-conference Seminar 24 JANUARY 2011

We are strongly convinced that all of EPC’s events are an excellent school for industry professionals and the birthplace of numerous effective ideas. Anatoly Artukh NAFTAN

An excellent platform to learn a lot of useful information, especially about the strategy for the gas industry, which is very important for all companies involved in the downstream industries. A very useful conference for networking and business development. Hans van Baal, Managing Director, Stamicarbon

500+ Attendees 40+ Exhibitors Parallel Conference Sessions VIP Hospitality Suites Private Meeting Rooms Networking Opportunities Marketing Opportunities Social Functions Press Office & Media Corner

The Meeting Place for the Middle East Downstream Industry: Exhibition, Tradeshow & Conference. Focus on Latest Technology Developments for Gas Processing, Oil Refining, Residue Upgrading & Petrochemicals

Welcome to ME-TECH 2011 The Middle East is undergoing rapid development with many ongoing and newly planned projects in the Gas, Refining and Petrochemical sectors. The region is of great interest to technology suppliers, contractors and equipment manufacturers and for this reason EPC have decided to organize ME-TECH in Dubai. METECH will be the first event in the region to focus on technology developments in all of these sectors. Leading technology companies will present their latest developments as well as case studies on commercial experience. ME-TECH will provide an opportunity for specialists from regional Oil & Gas Companies to become updated with the latest technological developments for improving profitability in each of the downstream sectors.

EPC Conferences are the most interesting forums for oil refiners, where the most up to date technology developments are presented. Such conferences allow specialists to exchange fresh ideas and keep up to date with the development of the Russian and international downstream industries. Rinat Galiev General Director, VNII NP

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Pre-conference Seminar MONDAY 24 JANUARY 13:00 – 17:30 UOP is pleased to host a pre-conference seminar at ME-TECH, with parallel sessions focused on developments in refining technologies, and advances in gas processing & petrochemicals technologies. Attendance is complimentary and is open to representatives from refining, gas processing and petrochemical operating companies. Details and registration information will be available shortly on UOP website. We hope you will be able to attend and look forward to meeting you in Dubai.

ME-TECH is proudly supported by the Gulf Petrochemicals & Chemicals Association – GPCA The Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) represents the interests of the industry in the Middle East by creating a forum for discussion and a place where executives from the industry and its allied services can meet and share concepts and ideas. Established in 2006, the GPCA is responsible for steering the regional industry towards a new level of co-operation and raising the standards in terms of common ground interests. The GPCA’s mission is to support the growth and sustainable development of the petrochemical and chemical industries in the Gulf in partnership with its members and stakeholders and be both a sounding board and a meeting point for debate and discussion. Additional information is available at

ME-TECH Pre-registration & Welcome Reception MONDAY 24 JANUARY 18:00 – 19:00 SPONSORED BY

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Who you will meet • Oil & Gas Co. Senior Management • Oil & Gas Co. Operations Staff • Process & Technical Experts • Technology Licensors • Catalyst Suppliers • Engineering Contractors • Equipment Suppliers • Strategic Planners • Project Management • Industry Consultants & Analysts Join the ME-TECH Group on LinkedIn for regular news updates and pre-event networking.

Gala Evening TUESDAY 25 JANUARY All delegates are invited to attend the Gala Evening following Day 1 of ME-TECH. This will provide an opportunity to relax, network and discuss the events of the day with fellow delegates in an informal setting in a beautiful outdoor venue at the Madinat Jumeirah. The evening will be hosted by KBR Technology.

Tuesday 25 January – Day 1 Day 1 will consist of two parallel conference streams

Stream A: Gas Processing 08:30 Registration & Breakfast SESSION 1: KEYNOTE PAPERS – MARKETS OVERVIEW & MAJOR PRODUCER PERSPECTIVE Overview of Global and Regional Gas Markets: What are the Key Market Issues that will Impact the Development of the Gas Sector? • Post Economic Crisis Global Gas Markets – Has Anything Changed? • Unconventional Gas: A Game Changer • Implications for Middle East Gas Producers Chris Holmes, Vice President, PURVIN & GERTZ

Special Presentation by DOLPHIN ENERGY Major Gas Producer’s Viewpoint & Profile Ibrahim Al-Ansari, General Manager, DOLPHIN ENERGY

Networking & Refreshment Break SESSION 2: GAS TREATING, SEPARATION & TRANSPORTATION Integrating Technologies: Design, Operation & Value Realization of Large Scale Natural Gas Treatment Complexes in the Middle East Mark Schott, Industry Segment Leader, UOP Long Distance Gas Transportation: Dew-Point Control Technology Luciano Grisanti, Process Manager, SIIRTEC NIGI Cost Reduction using High Density Molecular Sieves Peter Meyer, Business Manager, CECA

Networking Lunch SESSION 3: SYNGAS & GAS TO CHEMICALS Desulphurisation and Mercury Removal from Natural Gases Tony Hood, Business Development Manager - Gas, JOHNSON MATTHEY Important Technology Developments in the Treating & Transforming Of Natural Gas to Syngas KBR TECHNOLOGY Cost Effective Methanol Plants HALDOR TOPSØE

Stream B: Oil Refining SPONSORED BY SESSION 1: KEYNOTE PAPERS – MARKETS OVERVIEW & MAJOR PRODUCER PERSPECTIVE Outlook for the Global Refining Industry • When will margins recover, and what will drive the recovery? • How can refinery projects in the Middle East position themselves to maximize returns? • Who Are the Main Competitors for the Region’s Refineries? Phil Packer, Principal, NEXANT Special Presentation by TAKREER: Development Strategy in the Refining Industry • Continuous Improvements in the existing Ruwais Refinery • Green Diesel Project - 10 ppm Diesel Production • Group III Project - TAKREER New Portfolio • New Refinery Expansion Project - Synergy with Borouge Fareed Al-Jaberi, Strategic Studies & Business Development Dept. Manager, TAKREER

SPONSORED BY SESSION 2: CLEAN FUELS TECHNOLOGIES Process & Catalyst Innovations in Hydrocracking to Maximize High Quality Distillate Fuels Gary Brierley, Technology Manager, UOP FCC: Higher Productivity and Profit with FCC Revamps KBR TECHNOLOGY Advances In Middle Distillates Hydrotreating Thierry Bircham, Product Line Manager, AXENS Diesel De-Aromatisation - Economically Favourable Method to Improve Diesel Quality: Deep De-Aromatisation for Certain HGO/LCO Blends Yassir Ghiyati, Technology Sales Manager, HALDOR TOPSØE

SPONSORED BY SESSION 3: MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS - SULPHUR, ENERGY & CO2 Hydrogen, The Lifeblood of a Refinery: Options for Refiners Luigi Bressan, Director, Process and Technology, FOSTER WHEELER Energy Savings Through improved Internals Technology For The Oil & Gas Industry Ravi Marimootoo, Application Manager, SULZER CHEMTECH Sulphur Management Strategies John Baric, Licensing Technology Mgr, SHELL GLOBAL SOLUTIONS

Networking & Refreshment Break SESSION 4: GAS TO LIQUIDS / LNG / XTL Carbon Capture & Storage - Options for LNG Liquefaction Facilities • CO2 Removed from the Natural Gas Feed Stream • CO2 Generated from Fuel Gas Combustion within the Plant Chris Sharratt, Manager, Midstream Services, FOSTER WHEELER Around Gasel – Technology Solutions for XTL Projects Stephane Fedou, XTL Senior Technical Manager, AXENS

Interactive Panel Session

SPONSORED BY SESSION 4: OPTIMISATION TECHNIQUES, SOFTWARE AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Prepare for Operational Excellence in the Hydrocarbon Industry Mansour Belhadj, Sales Director, HONEYWELL MIDDLE EAST Application of Refinery Wide Performance Optimisation Technology Chris Hotblack, Hydrocarbon Processing Industries Manager, INVENSYS The Effect of AVEVA NET Information Management Solution on Project Lifecycle & Data Management Mohamed Awad, Information Management Consultant, AVEVA

Interactive Panel Session

Wednesday 26 January - Day 2 Day 2 will consist of two parallel conference streams

Stream C: Petrochemicals 08:30 Registration & Breakfast

Stream D: Residue Upgrading SPONSORED BY



Global Overview of the Petrochemical Industry with Special Focus on Challenges Facing Middle East Producers Tony Potter, Managing Director, CMAI MIDDLE EAST Special Presentation – The GPCA’s Viewpoint on the Global Petrochemical Industry Dr Abdulwahab Al-Sadoun, Secretary General, GULF PETROCHEMICALS & CHEMICALS ASSOCIATION Special Presentation by SABIC – Major Petrochemical Producer’s Perspective & Developments Dr Abdulrahman Al-Ubaid, EVP for Technology & Innovation, SABIC

Market Factors Impacting Residue Upgrading - Bottom Of The Barrel Project Implementation Options & Challenges Colin Chapman, President, EURO PETROLEUM CONSULTANTS Special Presentation - Major Producer’s Viewpoint & Market Strategy MAJOR REGIONAL PRODUCER

Networking & Refreshment Break SESSION 2: OLEFINS and DERIVATIVES – Part 1 Update on Major Ethylene Project in the Region Klaus Nordgauer, Project Director Olefin Plants, LINDE Advances in Petrochemical Technologies • Opportunities for On-Purpose Propylene Production • Global Detergents Market - Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonates Michael J. Cleveland, Business Director – Petrochemicals, UOP Case Study - Uhde's Star Process® Technology • First Commercial Realisation of Propylene Production by Propane Oxydehydrogenation Dr Sascha Wenzel, Head of Technology Services, UHDE

SPONSORED BY SESSION 2: RESIDUE UPGRADING TECHNOLOGIES & CATALYSTS – Part 1 The Quintessence Of FCC Catalyst Design to Maximize Propylene • Understanding the Mechanism to Maximum C3 = In FCC • How FCC Catalyst Design Boosts C3= Production Carel Pouwels, Global FCC Specialist Resid, ALBEMARLE ROSE: Economic Bottom of the Barrel Processing KBR TECHNOLOGY Heavy Oil Vacuum Column Design Dr Darius Remesat, VP Business Development, KOCH-GLITSCH

Networking Lunch SESSION 3: OLEFINS & DERIVATIVES – Part 2 A Catalytic Cracking Process for Ethylene and Propylene from Paraffin Streams KBR TECHNOLOGY Olefin Technology – Refinery Integration David Chaplin, Technology Manager, SHAW ENERGY & CHEMICALS New World Scale Organometallics JV in Saudi Arabia: • Strategically Meeting the ME Petrochemicals Growth • Global PO Business Migration Trend favoring Unprecedented Growth of M-E Petrochemical Industry Sanjeev K. Rai, Sales Manager, ALBEMARLE Advanced Catalysts for Front end Acetylene Hydrogenation Applications CRI CATALYSTS

Networking & Refreshment Break SESSION 4: AROMATICS & DERIVATIVES Optimising the Project's Configuration: • Integrating Refining - Petrochemicals Units • Best Available Site Location - Optimum Configuration of Offsites and Utilities Andy Allen, Director, Petrochemicals, FOSTER WHEELER Refining / Petrochemical Integration - A New Paradigm Joe Gentry, Technology Director, GTC TECHNOLOGY Advances in p-X Production Leo Bresler, Product Line Manager - BTX, UOP

Interactive Panel Session

SESSION 3: RESIDUE UPGRADING TECHNOLOGIES & CATALYSTS – Part 2 Petropower – A Complete Bottom of the Barrel Solution for Refiners • Combining World Leading DCU and CFB Technologies • Economic Benefits - Converting the Petcoke to Power on Site Steve Beeston, Director of Technology, FOSTER WHEELER USA Innovations in Decoking – Ensuring Plant Safety Ihab Botros, Director, Global Special Products, FLOWSERVE H-Oil Technology – Integrated Solutions for High Quality Middle Distillates Cécile Plain, Deputy Product Line Manager, AXENS

SPONSORED BY SESSION 4: RESIDUE UPGRADING TECHNOLOGIES & CATALYSTS – Part 3 VCC: Maximizing Liquid Yields and Conversion from Residue and Extra Heavy Oil KBR TECHNOLOGY Production of Clean Fuels by Heavy Oil Residue Hydroprocessing Technologies Gerrit Polhaar, Technology Manager, CHEVRON LUMMUS GLOBAL Latest Developments in Ebullating bed residue Hydrocracking Catalysts Mohammed Benchekchou, Technical Manager Resid, CRITERION CATALYSTS & TECHNOLOGIES

Interactive Panel Session

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BBTC is an excellent forum to understand quickly the challenges being faced by the refining industry as a whole and also to network with potential clients, vendors and competitors. I would highly recommend it. Sushant Jain Shell India Markets

Hellenic Petroleum was delighted to co-host BBTC 2009. Residue upgrading is an extremely important topic and the event provided an excellent opportunity for refinery personnel to discuss the latest technological progress and issues with industry experts. John Costopoulos CEO, Hellenic Petroleum



Euro Petroleum Consultants - EPC is a leading independent supplier of experienced consulting advice and assistance through all stages of project analysis and implementation. EPC has extensive knowledge based on over 20 years experience in Russia, CIS and Caspian countries and further operations in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Ask us about our Consulting Services at:

For over a decade Euro Petroleum Consultants - EPC has been producing high quality technology and business events for the downstream oil, gas and petrochemicals industries in Europe, Russia & CIS and Asia that combine technical and strategic expertise with the ability to network. Our strong technical programmes, quality driven approach and close relationships with key industry players has won us wide spread recognition as a market leader.

Forthcoming Conference

Oil & Gas industries and particularly those in Russia & CIS Republics.

This new High Level event will take place directly after ME-TECH 2011 at the same exclusive venue.

Senior officials from LUKOIL, ROSNEFT, TNK-BP, TATNEFT, VNIPINEFT, SOCAR, KMG, NAFTAN, UKRTATNAFTA, GAZPROMNEFT, SIBUR, ITERA, MOZYR, SAUDI ARAMCO and more have already confirmed their participation at this promising event.

The Summit will focus on the strategic issues; investment plans; managing and financing major projects; economic, management, technical and optimisation challenges that confront the senior leaders involved in the Downstream

The key points of interest in this conference were the various subjects which covered perfectly the concerns of today’s refining situation, and the high quality of the speakers. Additionally, the organization of the conference was quite perfect. Georges Edelga TOTAL

Please visit for further details on the programme, social events, who is expected to attend, marketing opportunities and prices.

Forthcoming events Russia & CIS Executive Summit 2011 The Meeting of Downstream Oil & Gas Executives 27 & 28 January 2011, Dubai

The Projects Forum 2011 Planning for Successful Project Implementation to Ensure Commercial Success 11 & 12 April 2011, Moscow

Russia & CIS BBTC 2011 Excellent Conference that balances both technology and commercial outlooks. An efficient conference that helps maximize your travel dollar for maximum customer impact. Vincent Rogers Zeolyst International

Russia & CIS Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference & Exhibition 13 & 14 April 2011, Moscow

China Downstream 2011 China Technology Forum for Gas & Coal Processing, Refining, Residue Upgrading & Petrochemicals 19 & 20 May 2011, Tianjin

CAT-TECH 2011 The Global Catalyst Technology Forum 13 & 14 June, Dubrovnik

SK Energy was delighted to co-host the Asia BBTC. The event provided a prime opportunity to hear cutting edge presentations and for industry executives to convene, network, share and discuss the latest challenges and opportunities. Ik Sang Yoo VP Production Technical Service, SK Energy

BBTC 2011 9th International Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference 15 & 16 June, Dubrovnik

The Green Forum 2011 2nd Green Refining & Petrochemicals Forum 17 June, Dubrovnik

Full details of all events are at

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Middle East Technology Forum for Gas Processing, Refining, Residue Upgrading & Petrochemicals  
Middle East Technology Forum for Gas Processing, Refining, Residue Upgrading & Petrochemicals  

ME TECH 2011 is the Middle East Technology Forum for Gas Processing, Refining, Residue Upgrading & Petrochemicals. This conference and exhib...