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20-24 September 2010, Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow

IGTC 2010

        Over 500 Regional & International Decision Makers

20 & 21 September

        Over 50 Speakers - All Leaders in their Field of Expertise

2nd International Gas Technology Conference & Exhibition

RPTC 2010

9th Russia & CIS Petrochemicals Technology Conference & Exhibition 21 & 22 September

RRTC 2010

10th Russia & CIS Refining Technology Conference & Exhibition 23 & 24 September

        Insights on: - Current Projects - New Investment Plans - Latest Technology Developments         5 Days of Quality Networking

Sponsored by:

View the latest programme and register at EPC London:; Tel +44 207 357 8394; EPC Moscow:; Tel +7 495 517 77 09

MOSCOW REFINING, GAS & PETROCHEMICALS WEEK The Leading Technology Forum for Refining, Gas and Petrochemicals in Russia and CIS

“My colleagues and I never miss an EPC event in Moscow. The EPC conferences are a compass for understanding that helps moving in the right direction the development of our refinery.” Vladimir Nikolenko, Head of Department for Capital Construction, UKRTATNAFTA Russia and the CIS remains one of the few regions that continues to look at major investment programs in the downstream sector with the aim to increase the implementation of modernisation & upgrade programmes in Refineries, Gas and Petrochemical plants. Last year up to 500 international high level professionals including regional decision makers attended EPC’s Moscow Refining Gas & Petrochemicals Week. In September 2010 the industry will once more convene in Moscow’s Marriott Grand Hotel to network with peers, find the right business partners and get insight on: • Where major investment will proceed in the next few years • W hat are the latest technology & market developments which will enable new products to be produced from conventional & new feedstock • Current Projects and successful plant case studies that showcase: – How to generate value & improve plant efficiency – Increase productivity and profitability – Meet new legislations – Incorporate new technologies & increase plant flexibility

“IGTC is an excellent platform to learn a lot of useful information, especially about the strategy for Russian gas industry, which is very important for all companies involved in the downstream industries. A very useful conference for networking and business development.” Hans van Baal, Managing Director, Stamicarbon “Participation in the annual RPTC conference is a great opportunity to be updated on the petrochemical trends through direct contact with key industry decision makers.” Alexander Samoilovich, Deputy Director Refining & Petrochemicals, KazMunayGaz

Who You Will Meet • Heads of Refining, Petrochemicals and Gas Processing from Major Oil Companies • General Directors of Regional Refineries, Petrochemical and Gas Plants • Heads of Technical Departments • Heads of Planning and Strategy • Chief Engineers • Chief Technologists • Project Directors • Engineering Contractors • Technology & Solutions Providers • Equipment Manufacturers • Process Licensors • Industry Consultants and Analysts • Government Agencies View the impressive delegate lists from 2009 events on our website Follow the event group on LinkedIn for pre and post conference networking. All registered delegates will be accepted in the LinkedIn group dedicated for this event week.

“Organisation was of the highest standard. Friendly environment for networking with colleagues. Outstanding simultaneous translation.” Alexei Rodikov, Head of Refining Technology Division, GAZPROM NEFT Marriott Grand Hotel is located on Tverskaya Street in the heart of the city and a short walk from the famous Red Square with the Kremlin, the striking St Basil’s Cathedral with its distinctive domes and Lenin’s Mausoleum. The hotel has spacious rooms with WiFi. Guests have a choice of high quality restaurants and the cosy lobby bar. Health club facilities include a well equipped gym, spa and indoor pool.

“EPC’s events are certainly the best for the CIS and Baltic States’ refining and petrochemical industries. For me the most value is being able to meet so many clients and partners from Russia and CIS in one place. It is true that one EPC conference can substitute two months of continuous business trips.” Valery Kouznetsov, Regional Sales Manager, UOP

IGTC 2010

2nd International Gas Technology Conference 20-21 September, Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow

Sunday, 19 September

19:00 Welcome Drinks Reception

20 September, 19:00

sponsored by:

Networking Cocktail A joint event with RPTC Welcome Drinks

DAY ONE – Monday, 20 September 08:30 COFFEE & REGISTRATION 09:00 WELCOME ADDRESS: Colin Chapman, President, EURO PETROLEUM CONSULTANTS Outlook for the Gas Industry in Russia & CIS Outlook for the Gas Balance in Russia by 2030: Key drivers and scenarios; Potential risks for the industry and end users, what can be done today ERTA CONSULTING Short and Long Term Outlook on the Development of the Feedstock Business SIBUR Mid Term Outlook for Russian Gas and It’s Impact on Eurasian Energy Security Alexandr Berezikov, VP Strategy Development, ITERA

DAY TWO – Tuesday 21 September 08:30 COFFEE & REGISTRATION strategic developments AND industry Overview

Q&A Followed by Networking Coffee Break Hosted by:

Strategic Developments and Challenges Faced by the Gas Processing Industry – Gas Treating, Gas Chemistry, GTL ERTA CONSULTING

Gas Treating, Separation and Processing

Major Gas Processing Projects in East Siberia and Far East

Selective Removal of H2S Using FLEXSORB® SE and SE Plus Solvents. Case studies of successful applications including plants operating at low pressure EXXONMOBIL Research and Engineering

Denis Solomatin, Deputy General Director Business Development SIBUR

Technology Challenges for Complex Gas Treating for Producing LPG GAZSERTEC

CASE STUDY: Contemporary Design Methods for Utilizing and Preparing Associated Gases. ROSNEFT’S Experience in Vankorksk RUSGASENGINEERING

Contemporary Technologies and Equipment Developments for Separating C2 – C4 from Gases NIPIGASPERERABOTKA

Q&A Followed by Networking Coffee Break Hosted by:

CASE STUDY: New Gas Treatment Technology Implementations in Saratov Refinery HIMUNTECH / SARATOV REFINERY

Important Technology Developments in Transforming Natural Gas to Syngas, Methanol, Ammonia, Urea. Applications, Regional and International Practices LICENSOR & PRODUCER POINTS OF VIEW

Q&A and Discussions Followed by Networking Lunch Gas Dehydration with TEG Under Severe Conditions SIIRTEC NIGI Down Hole Sulphur Removal and Recovery GTC TECHNOLOGIES CASE STUDY: Associated Gas Processing: Overview of macro situation; Available solutions; Gas Processing Plant Construction in Khantymansiysky Region MONOLIT Networking Tea Break Hosted by: GTL & LNG Technology Outlook, Production, Transportation Is GTL a Serious Contender for Future-Proofing the Energy Industry? Recent Developments & Innovations in GTL Technologies EURO PETROLEUM CONSULTANTS SPECIAL PRESENTATION UOP Technologies for Production, Transport, Processing and Liquefaction of Natural Gas FLOWSERVE

Gas to Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Versatile Methanol Production Technologies by Lurgi GmbH, coupled with Sud Chemie’s catalysts and the industrial gases expertise of Air LIQUIDE. Examples showing production capacity ranging from 1000 TPD to 10000 TPD LURGI /AIR LIQUIDE Gas to Petrochemicals – Ethylene, Propylene, Polymers LICENSOR & PRODUCER POINTS OF VIEW Questions & Answers DISCUSSION FORUM: Common Problems Faced by Global Gas Producers and the Main Differences between Russian and International Gas Producers Networking Lunch 12:30 END OF EVENT

“This was a highly informative event, covering a wide range of special and specific matters in gas processing and gas utilization. The practical examples let us see the common problems from a non-conventional point of view.” Oleg Mishin, Head of Construction Development, GAZPROM

RPTC 2010

9th Russia & CIS Petrochemicals Technology Conference

20 September

22-22 September, Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow Hosted by:

18:00 Welcome Drinks Reception A joint event with IGTC Networking Cocktail

DAY ONE – Tuesday, 21 September

12:30 WELCOME LUNCH 13:30 COFFEE & REGISTRATION 14:00 WELCOME ADDRESS: Colin Chapman, President, EPC

DAY TWO – Wednesday, 22 September 9:00 COFFEE & REGISTRATION

POLYOLEFINS - OVERVIEW AND TECHNOLOGIES Polyethylene 2009-2010 Production Growth and Prices in Russia & CIS NOVOVOURENGOY GAZPROM


A Comprehensive Journey through the Polyethylene Technology Market: Exploiting the full potential of LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE LYONDELLBASELL

Outlook for the Global Petrochemical Industry and for Russia and CIS NEXANT

DISCUSSION FORUM: Current & Future Competitiveness of Production in the Region; Impact of the Various Developments on the Costs and Profitability

The Potential for Gas Based Petrochemical Projects in a Global Context CMAI

Networking Coffee Break

Outlook and Challenges Facing the Petrochemicals Industry in Russia and the CIS Countries EURO PETROLEUM CONSULTANTS [EPC] Q&A followed by Networking Tea Break OLEFINS TECHNOLOGIES UPDATES

Novolen Technology - Innovations in Polypropylene LUMMUS NOVOLEN A New Face to the Innovene PP Technology: Increased single reactor capacity and reactor staging technology; New PP catalyst family INEOS SPECIAL PRESENTATION FOSTER WHEELER

Technology Upgrades for Optimum Pygas Processing. Innovative Solutions for the Olefins Producers for Upgrading All of the By-products from their Steam Cracking Operations GTC TECHNOLOGIES

DISCUSSION FORUM: Regulations & Legislations – Their Impact on Business

Advanced Technologies for Butene-1 and Hexene-1 Production AXENS

High Severity Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (HS-FCC) – Go for Propylene! AXENS



Gas to Petrochemicals Industry from Methanol to Ethylene/Propylene and then Plastics. Complete Engineering Solutions for the Associated Gas Petrochemistry in Russia & CIS TECHINT

Market Developments and Outlook for Aromatics and Derivatives. Demand/Supply Balance. Long Term Sustainability EURO PETROLEUM CONSULTANTS [EPC]

DISCUSSION FORUM: Planning for New Investment - The Main Issues.

21 September, 18:00 RPTC 2010 Networking Cocktail “I’ve been participating in petrochemical and refining conferences organized by EPC throughout the years. Once again I would like to mention the perfect organization, interesting and useful presentations, and fine atmosphere for networking.” Grigory Patashnikov, Head of Development Department, SIBUR Holding


CASE STUDY: Differentiating the Two Xylene Isomerization Technologies: How does a PX producer achieve high feed efficiency; Reducing feed costs; Improving economics when the margins are under pressure ZEOLYST Networking Tea Break SPECIAL PRESENTATION UOP CASE STUDIES: Recent Aromatics & Derivatives Applications in Russia & CIS LUKOIL STAVROLEN - TBC DISCUSSION FORUM: Phenol, PTA and PET - Global market trends and growth prospect in Russia & CIS - Available technologies and applications - Are there any new applications that may rejuvenate the sector or will growth remain limited? - Can stimulus investment by governments help to influence demand? 17:30 End of Event

RRTC 2010


22 September

19:00 Welcome Drinks Reception

23-24 September, Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow Hosted by:

DAY 1 – Thursday, 23 September 08:30 COFFEE & REGISTRATION 09:00 WELCOME ADDRESS: Colin Chapman, President, EPC 09:15 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Senior Official from MINISTRY OF ENERGY OF RUSSIAN FEDERATION Industry Overview and Outlook Outlook and Challenges for the Refining Industry in Russia and CIS Countries EURO PETROLEUM CONSULTANTS [EPC] Keynote Presentation: Short and Long Term Industry Challenges: – How Refiners Can Aim for Top Quartile Performance Achieving Better Positioning Compared to Competition – Striving for Long Term Viability Shell Global Solutions International Industry Overview: Refined Product Market Developments and Opportunities for Russian Refiners Nexant Projects Update: New Planned Refineries and Refining Units in Russia & CIS Vnipineft Q&A and Discussions Networking Coffee Break Hosted by: CLEAN FUELS TECHNOLOGIES - part one CLG ISOCRACKING® Catalysts for Maximizing Hydrocracker Economics. Operational Benefits as a Result of Catalyst System Replacement and Optimization. Commercial Applications CHEVRON LUMMUS GLOBAL Advanced Technologies for Reformulated Gasoline Production AXENS Special Presentation UOP Q&A and Discussions Lunch Hosted by: “This is event that always performs at a high level and can be a reference for all other conferences.” I M. Gerzeliev, Leading Research Fellow, Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis, RAN

“EPC Conferences are the most interesting forums for oil refiners, where the most up to date technology developments are presented. Such conferences allow specialists to exchange fresh ideas and keep up to date with the development of the Russian and international downstream industries” Rinat Galiev, General Director, VNII NP FCC Technology Update FCC - The New Go Ultra Catalyst Albemarle Fourth Generation FCC SOx Reducing Additives. Enabling the refiners to overcome poor SOx additive performance caused by low reactor temperature Intercat CASE STUDIES of Third-Generation EnhanceR FCC Catalyst Families: NACER: an FCC catalyst for low-metal feeds; DieseliseR - an LCO maximisation FCC catalyst; ResidCrackeR - an FCC catalyst family for deep resid cracking Grace CASE STUDY: Novel Product Platform – Meeting the Challenges of the New Market Demands with Existing Assets BASF Q&A and Discussions Networking Tea Break Hosted by Resid Upgrading – Projects and Solutions Residue Processing Options - Current and Future Opportunities for Refineries FOSTER WHEELER Completion of the New Hydrocracking Complex Construction. New Level of Residue Upgrading Kirishi Nefteorgsyntez Slurry Phase Hydrocracker Processes for Converting Petroleum Residues at Very High Conversion Rates KBR Shell Gasification Technology – Part of Refinery Upgrading Strategies. Case studies on Shell’s own refineries’ experiences Shell Global Solutions 17: 30 pRODUCERS Panel Discussion

23 September, 19:00


at the fountain area with live music entertainment, buffet and full bar Hosted by:




23-24 September, Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow CLEAN FUELS TECHNOLOGIES - part three Hydrogen Management for Clean Fuels Projects. Case Studies Demonstrating Hydrogen Plant Improvements AIR LIQUIDE / LURGI Advances in Middle Distillates Hydrotreating AXENS

DAY 2 – Friday, 24 September 9:00 COFFEE & REGISTRATION Special Presentation: Experience in Developing Long Term Investment Strategies for Refineries and Petrochemical Plants in Russia & CIS HONEYWELL CLEAN FUELS TECHNOLOGIES – part two Alternatives for HF Alkylation. Complete Revamp of a HF Alkylation Unit to a Sulfuric Acid-based Process. Alternative Outlets for Light Olefins. CD TECH Latest Advances in Commercialised Sulphuric Acid Alkylation Technology DUPONT CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES

New Catalyst KF 771. Results of Current Industrial Hydroprocessing Applications and Experiences with KF 770 ALBEMARLE Q&A and Discussions Networking Coffee Break Hosted by: MEETING THE ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES SPECIAL PRESENTATION HALDOR TOPSOE CASE STUDY: Claus Plant Upgrading with Oxygen-Enriched Air SIIRTEC NIGI CASE STUDY: Reducing the Emissions and Negative Environmental Impact to Moscow City MOSCOW REFINERY Q&A and Discussions

Q&A and Discussions Networking Coffee Break Hosted by: INCREASING EFFICIENCY AND OPTIMISATION Real Time Efficiency Process Control Solutions for Increasing Profitability INVENSYS Enhanced Decision Making by Leveraging Real-time Performance Data: Demonstration of a plant-wide view of actual performance against real-time targets for improving the decision-making processes; Supporting the safe, timely, and optimized start-up of a new process facility KBC Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Crude Distillation Unit: Practical improvement strategies will be introduced and illustrated as well as a detailed process evaluation and energy efficiency equipment implementation GTC TECHNOLOGIES Monitoring System Compax DYNAMICS Q&A and Discussions Lunch Hosted by:


Special recognition prizes will be presented to our most loyal delegates who attended the most RRTC events in the past, over the last 10 years. 18.00 END OF EVENT

“This is one of the best forums on refining and it is always a pity when it ends. Crucial topics were covered and the event has been run at the highest efficiency and organization level as usual. We look forward to next year’s event already.” Anatoly Artyukh, Chief Engineer, NAFTAN

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MOSCOW REFINING, GAS & PETROCHEMICALS WEEK 20-24 September 2010, Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow About Euro Petroleum Consultants [EPC]

MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES “It was a great conference for Gayesco!!! I met a sufficient number of the right quality people and I am already feeling the benefits of having an exhibition stand.” Mark H. Taylor, Regional Technology Manager, GAYESCO What makes us stand out from all the rest and makes investing in high profile promotion at EPC events worthwhile are our long-standing relationships with many of the key operating companies, which means that we can facilitate introductions and assist with setting up meetings – a privilege that our sponsors and regular exhibitors always benefit from. We go one step further in ensuring that your experience with us is a valuable one.


Consulting: Euro Petroleum Consultants - EPC is a leading independent supplier of experienced consulting advice and assistance through all stages of project analysis and implementation. EPC has extensive knowledge based on over 20 years experience in Russia, CIS and Caspian countries and further operations in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Ask us about our projects portfolio at: Conferences: For over a decade Euro Petroleum Consultants - EPC has been producing high quality technology and business events for the downstream oil, gas and petrochemicals industries in Europe, Russia & CIS and Asia that combine technical and strategic expertise with the ability to network. Our strong technical programmes, quality driven approach and close relationships with key industry players has won us wide spread recognition as a market leader.

– Enhanced logo branding sponsorship options – Opportunity to host a networking function – Excellent level of brand exposure for elevating your profile – Standard and tailor made packages available


An exhibition stand package includes: – A fully equipped stand built by us or a space if you have your own pop-up – A complimentary delegate place – Your company profile listed in the conference brochure


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Includes full page (A4), colour advertisement in the Conference Brochure, your logo on the opening page of the Conference CD with link to your advertisement.


Includes all of the above advertising options and your selection of the following options: your presentation on the CD, your company profile in the Brochure; corporate promotional video on the website and/or in the conference hall. Significant discounts are available for all packages if applied for more than one event. Ask for details. First time in Moscow? Ask us for our Welcome to Russia package to include interpreter, airport transfer and more. Don’t speak Russian? We recommend that you have an interpreter in order to maximize your networking. Ask us for the conditions and how we can assist.

Forthcoming EPC Events in 2010 Seminar: Managing Projects in Russia & CIS through All Stages 12-14 July, Moscow AUTUMN DOWNSTREAM WEEK 4-6 October, Royal Garden Hotel, London incorporating:

The Green Forum for Refining & Petrochemicals 4 & 5 October 8th International Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference & Exhibition - BBTC 5 & 6 October Visit for more information and to register. Ask us about our provisional list for 2011 events at:

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ORGANISERS Euro Petroleum Consultants Ltd (EPC) is a UK based consulting organization supplying consulting & project management services to the oil & gas industry. President: Mr Colin Chapman

CANCELLATIONS Cancellations made before 20.08.2010 will be refunded in full less an administrative charge of GBP 150. We regret that cancellations made after this date cannot be refunded or credited. Substitutes are acceptable at any time.

CONTACT DETAILS For further information, visit our website or contact us by telephone: EPC Office London: Ms Rumyana Dimova tel: +44 20 7357 8394 or fax: +44 20 7357 8395 EPC Office Moscow: Ms Maria Zaytseva tel: +7 495 517 7709 or fax: +7 495 662 3387

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Moscow Refining & Petrochemicals Week  

Russia and the CIS remains one of the few regions that continues to look at major investment programs in the downstream sector with the aim...