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• Key Ministry’s Priorities: Energy, Tourism and Innovation • Investment Agency Serves as Gateway to Bulgarian Market • Netherlands Ambassador Cites Investment Opportunities

Business & Investment Opportunities

“Bulgaria’s cultural attractions are among the richest in the world. We have architectural landmarks and artifacts from Byzantium, Roman and Thracian times. Our main goal is to add value to Bulgaria’s tourism offerings.” Traycho Traykov, Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism

• Stock Exchange Adopting Proactive Strategies to Attract Investors • AmCham Forging Stronger Ties Between US and Bulgaria • Bulgarian Swiss Chamber Promoting Bilateral Partnerships

Finance & Banking

“The government is beginning to think ahead to 2014, and it must continue to demonstrate the commitment it has shown during the last year.” Markus Repnik, Country Manager World Bank

• Vast Potential to Boost Foreign Trade

Trade & Industry

“We believe that as long as Bulgaria retains its autonomy, the stronger the EU’s influence on Bulgaria is, the better it will be for business.” Bojidar Danev, Chairman Bulgarian Industrial Association

• New Legislation Bringing Positive Change to Education Sector


“We want to focus on developing each student’s individuality, which cannot be done in a teacher oriented system.” Sergei Ignatov, Minister of Education

• Widespread Healthcare Reforms Underway • Spa and Health Resorts Attracting More International Travellers


“We want the people of Bulgaria to be confident that the funds they contribute to the healthcare system will bring them benefits.” Dr. Stefan Konstantinov, Minister of Health

• Capital of Culture, Business and Tourism

City of Sofia

“Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and we want to make sure that it is a very attractive choice for international business and leisure travellers.” Jordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia

• High Potential Agriculture Sector Offers Significant Opportunities • Protecting the Interests of Bulgaria’s Agricultural Producers • Bulgaria among EU’s Top Eight Countries in Agriculture Revenues

Agriculture & Food Industry

“We have a great diversity of nature, great resources, and high quality products. Bulgaria will continue to fight to become more transparent and open.” Dr. Miroslav Naydenov, Minister of Agriculture

• A Natural for Upscale Cultural and Alternative Tourism • Association Building the Right Foundations for Tourism Development • Outstanding Attractions throughout the Country


“One of the key strong points in Bulgaria’s tourism sector is that this country has still not been discovered and exploited as a tourism destination, yet it offers rich cultural tourism attractions and much more.” Irena Georgieva, Chairman Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Travel Agents

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