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Geography Tours We have a range of specialised Geography trips, giving students the chance to learn and discover more about the world we live in. From geothermal springs and magnificent icecaps to some amazing world cities, our trips provide a wealth of exploration, wonder and learning.

New Y or k inerar y y It Human Geograph rt your trip with a

and sta ive New York g impress in d n a L : d offerin Liberty. n f la o Is Day 1 e u n State e Stat to th e d d n a ri n y ferr hatta as of Man rk ever panoram artest pa m ‘s e th t re abou ilt with cover mo Yards, bu Day 2: Dis visit to Hudson Line, a h he Hig ha T e it lk w a t’ W il . u b ind , one of th ts. bility in m nary public space jec ro p n o sustaina ti o voluti vitalisa re re d e n n a li rb tu plan ssful ost succe world’s m nter Trade Ce eals the e World v n re O e e d ri th g it Day 3: Vis y. This astonishin to today’s r y o it t Observa ew York C ation of N ers. transform forest of skyscrap le b a rk rema cling ity’s recy n w York C Brookly e N 0 t 6 u 3 o e b t a s a rn a W e e L Day 4: iscover th r. me and d n Cente program Educatio g n li c nd y c Re K, tired a l in the U a iv rr a g in rly morn Day 5: Ea inspired!

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the land of route to yo fire and ice ur accomm . En odation sto geotherma p off for a d l spring wat ip in the ers of the B lue Lagoo n. Day 2: Spen d a full day exploring o Shore Excu n the South rsion whic h includes country’s m some the ost beautifu l waterfalls. opportunit Take the y to strap o n some cra out onto th mpons and e ice fields head for a Glacie will never fo r Walk you rget. r group Day 3: Tou ring this aw e inspiring Golden Cir country on cle Excurs the ion, which awesome G includes th ulfoss Wa e te rfall as we Strokkur G ll as the eyser whic h shoots w up into the ater twenty air every fe feet w minutes. you may ev If you are lu en see the cky phenomen Northern on that is th Lights. e

Each tour was fant astic; students enjoyed each one, particularly the golden and south sh ore tour. Students were able to see the Northern Lights, w hich was the primary purpose of the trip and they loved the Blue Lagoon. Airedale Academy

Day 4: Spen d a little tim e in the cap before you ital Reykjav leave this a ik mazing lan unforgetta dscape wit ble memori h es and exp eriences.

London Human Geography It inerar y

West C oast USA P hysical Geography It iner ary

of the capital. il into the heart ra by el av Tr 1: Day re, an area Wetland Cent Visit the London ncrete 43 hectares of co transformed from rse wetland ve di impressively an to in rs oi rv rese or attraction. reserve and visit itor Centre, es Barrier Vis am Th e d th sit Vi Day 2: flood barrier, an largest movable ’s r ld de or or w e in th d re ill st onito ater levels are m e ov M . er st sa learn how the w di l ra pital from natu orld’s to protect the ca er one of the w ov sc di to l ta ys Cr e ing Th ot to om on ns pr gs with exhibitio greenest buildin y. ban sustainabilit the future of ur n d and the Quee e day in Stratfor k or w ld fie g Day 3: Spend th etin pic Park compl Elizabeth Olym e area following th of n tio ra ne ge on the urban re pics. the London Olym main sights pse of London’s im gl st la a t Ge Day 4: leave on the uise before you Cr es am Th a on train for home.

Day 1: Out of the desert th e lights emerge you land in La as s Vegas! Expl ore the Strip see the famou and s dancing Bella gio fountains. Day 2: Head ou t into the dese rt to see the amazing arch es, canyons an d “hoodoos” of Zion Nation al Park and B ryce Canyon . Day 3: Be amaz ed by the awe inspiring Gra Canyon Natio nd nal Park and tick off one of seven wonde the rs of the world ! Day 4: See ho w precious w ater is manag the desert at ed in the Hoover D am Visitor Centre. Retu rn to the airp ort with some amazing mem ories. Day 5: Early m orning arrival in the UK, tire and inspired! d

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Bay of Naples P hysical Geography It inerar y


The visits were supe rb! The students were amaz ed at the Grand Canyon and th oroughly enjoyed our trek thro ugh Zion National Park. University Academy Holbeach

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Our partnership means we’ll secure your places before le seats even go on sa and guarantee your flight price won’t change



Day 1: Arriv e in Naples and transf in Sorrento er to your h before enjo otel ying some and an eve sightseein ning meal in g a local rest aurant. Day 2: Spen d the day e xploring th geography e seismic of this area starting off Pompeii, w with a visit hich was o to nce buried ash, before under volc climbing up anic to the crate Vesuvius r of Mount the disaster. Ret active volcano that ca used that urn to Sorr ento for piz za making. Day 3: Take the hydrofo il to the isla to see the u nd of Capri nique rock , formations Caves whic and Blue h line the is land’s coast by rockslid line formed es, water e rosion and wave actio n. Day 4: Stop off at Solfa tara, a live filled with volcanic cr steaming, ater bubbling, su volcanic m lfurous ud before re tu rning to th your flight e airport fo home. r

mpeii, Our tour guide for Po tara was lfa Herculaneum and So le know dgeable, outstanding, very e it a really funny, kind and mad e for the students. enjoyable experienc service. Many Excellent tour and d that it was the students commente er been on. best trip they had ev Ormskirk School


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Travel Smart With The EST Travel App The EST Travel App is the secure on tour app for groups travelling with European Study Tours – it’s free and is personalised to your tour. Gone are the days of carrying bundles of paper. Download the app to your mobile device and you’ll have instant access to everything you’ll need whilst you’re away. Worried you’ll have no signal or concerned about data usage? It’s available offline.

We’re With You All The Way With Locate My Trip Locate My Trip is the easy, convenient way to trace your group’s location, and has been specifically designed to provide reassurance to both parents and teachers Your school can log in and locate your group’s whereabouts - where you’ve been and your current location Your school and European Study Tours can react quickly to travel issues and other events which may affect your tour plans

The app was excellen t, all members of staff downloaded the app and it made organising where we needed to be and when very easy. I would definitely recommend the app to anyone travelling wi th EST Ormiston Horizon Ac ademy

t - all Perfection throughou te, ura acc s information wa e Th ar. cle d an up to date, app is cool! South Essex College

Easily provide parents with relevant information should travel plans be affected We investigated six companies and EST provided by far the best value for money with impressive organisation and support structure. Thank you very much for making this an outstanding trip for every member of our party - Beech Hall School

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As founder members of the School Travel Forum, and Learning Outside the Classroom accredited, we are fully committed to providing the highest possible safety standards for all our customers.We adhere to rigorous safety management standards and are externally verified each year. Risk Assessments Choosing us as your travel partner will save a considerable amount of work, show due diligence and demonstrate good practice. With our experienced auditors and regular safety training, we are able to make accurate and informed decisions on the suitability of your tour components. Teacher Inspection Visits We understand the importance of being as well prepared as possible which is why we provide the perfect opportunity to explore your destination before taking your group away. We provide two nights’ accommodation for two staff for you to familiarise yourself with the hotel and perfect your itinerary. “The management team at EST are very proactive in their approach to health and safety”

We Share Our Knowledge and Experience With You Our knowledgeable and experienced team have travelled the world seeking out the essentials for your next trip and are keen to pass on other teachers’ recommendations on the best options for your group. As part of our personal service for each group leader, we give you a dedicated Tour Consultant and Tour Planner ensuring an effortless booking process. Make Your Trip Rewarding For over 35 years our trips have inspired hundreds of thousands of imaginations and have also helped students improve their attainment and reach their potential.

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“The first-hand experiences of learning outside the classrooom can help to make subjects more vivid and interesting for pupils and enhance their understanding. It can also contribute significantly to pupils’ personal, social and emotional development.” Ofsted

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