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Legislation to prevent overďŹ shing is working, but more time is needed for assessment

The signals from the sea are positive Administration of the Croatian ďŹ sheries sector is the responsibility of Ante Misura, Assistant Minister in the Directorate of Fisheries. Together with his team he is responsible for the implementation of all the national, regional, and international legislation that governs the sector. Here he explains the impacts on ďŹ shermen of some of the changes and potential changes to the rules.

Ante Misura, Assistant Minister, Directorate of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Croatia.

By 2019 all species subject to Minimum Conservation Reference Sizes in the Mediterranean will be subject to the landing obligation. How does the fishing sector react to the landing obligation? What impact will this have on the demersal fishery? And what use can be made of the fish

that is collected by the landing obligation? Like in all questions related to fishery we need to be aware of the regional contest and specificities of fishery concern. Starting from 1th January 2019 we should apply landing obligation to all Annex III species. Species listed within Annex III are representing

core of the Adriatic fishery, both large scale and coastal. Considering geographical features of Adriatic coast and the fact that we have more than 200 landing places, out of which large number is located on the islands, it is clear that collecting of discard would be extremely difficult and expensive. This was the ground

for de minimis exemption to be implemented though EU Delegated act which will allow us sufficient time for finding long term solution. Dealing with this issue we need to take into account that solution is realistic and tailored to specific region and fishery. Important part of this problem is collection of landed discard. At Eurofish Magazine 6 / 2018

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