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[ INTERNATIONAL NEWS ] Romania: Scientists stress the importance of healthy sturgeon stocks A three-day international workshop “Evaluation of survival and distribution in the Black Sea of young sturgeons stocked experimentally in the Lower Danubeâ€? was held in Galat¸i, Romania, on 8-10 September 2015. The workshop was organised by the University “Duna˘rea de Josâ€? of Galat¸i, project leader, with the aim of disseminating the results of a European-financed pilot project, dedicated to analysing the efficiency of sturgeon stocking. Over 40 participants from nine countries (Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine), gathered to exchange knowledge and experience on stocking procedures, survival and spread of critically endangered sturgeon species, as well as to discuss potential recovery plans that could be implemented in the future. During 2013-2015, over 200,000 young sturgeons of endangered species, beluga, Russian and stellate sturgeon, produced from wild broodstock, have been individually tagged and stocked in the lower Danube River. Their survival rate, growth and distribution in the Black Sea were surveyed by sturgeon researchers from Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine. Both information on young sturgeon stocked previously (2006 – 2009), as well as in connection to the stocking related to the pilot project, was gathered, as a result of experimental fishing and accidental capture in the Black Sea coastal waters and Sfântu Gheorghe (Danube River area). The analysis of the genetic diversity of the young sturgeons captured and their migration and distribution patterns

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The efficiency of sturgeon stocking in nine European countries is being studied in a pilot project supported by European funds.

were also investigated as part of the project. During a field visit to the Aquaculture and Fisheries Department of “Duna˘rea de Josâ€? University, participants met the staff and PhD students in their laboratories, including the new recirculated aquaculture system under construction. “The research of sturgeons is a priority for our university and the results of this pilot project are of both national and European importance for the conservation of these speciesâ€? said Dr. Eng. Iulian Gabriel BĂŽrsan, head of the university. Participants at the workshop drafted recommendations for the extension of the pilot project to achieve all the objectives as well as to disseminate its results, at both national and European levels.

species will not disappear in the future. Sturgeons are the greatest fishery wealth of Romania. The wild stocks of three out of

four sturgeon species spawning in the Danube River are healthy. Romania has an obligation to preserve these ancient species.�

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“The disappearance of sturgeons is a serious matter, with profound consequences for the humanity� says Dr. Radu Suciu, scientific coordinator of the pilot project. “To ensure the survival of these fish, there is a need for understanding and good will so that these ancient Eurofish Magazine 5 / 2015



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